COMPLAINT NUMBER: 2009-862764 PROSECUTOR: Justin S Chisholm DEFENDANT: Brett Christian Harrison


STATE OF TENNESSEE, COUNTY OF DAVIDSON AFFIDAVIT FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE T.C.A 40-9-103 Personally appeared before me, the undersigned, [Select one] _x__ Commissioner, ___ Metropolitan General Sessions Judge, the prosecutor named above and made oath in due form of law that on 10/24/2009 in Davidson County [Select one] _x__ he ___ she [Select one] ___ personally observed __x_ has probable cause to believe that the defendant named above is a fugitive from justice, having been charged in the State of Mississippi by committing or engaging in the following act or acts: Fraud and has fled therefrom and is to be found in the State of Tennessee, County of Davidson, that said probable cause is as follows: The defendant was stopped for making a restricted turn. The defendant was run

and found to have an NCIC hit for an outstanding warrant for fraud from De Soto County, MS. Full extradition was confirmed by records. The NIC number is W647251259 and the warrant number is CR2009-0816CD

(ATTACH COPY OF N.C.I.C. HIT, TELETYPE OR COPY OF COMPLAINT, AFFIDAVIT) ESignature ___________________________________________ PROSECUTOR: Justin S Chisholm 0000010440 200 James Robertson Parkway Nashville, Tennessee 37201-

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ ARREST WARRANT _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Information on oath having been made, that on the day and year aforesaid, and in the County aforesaid, the offense of Fugitive From Justice- With Warrant , as aforesaid, has been committed and charging the defendant thereof, you are therefore commanded, in the name of the State, forthwith to arrest and bring the defendant before a judge of the Court of General Sessions of Davidson County, Tennessee, to answer the above charge. Sworn and subscribed before me on ___________________________________________ Commissioner/General Sessions Court

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