Clue 1

The Amazing Race

Bike south to a sign describing a highly focused beam of synchronized single wavelength radiation. Turn right on a bent tree. Ride to a road named for a hexagon and turn right. Look for the sign to find your next challenge.

.Clue 3 .Biker The Amazing Race Climb The Cliffs and find your challenge at the top.

Clue 3 . .Runner The Amazing Race Run along the lake path until you find the railroad. Wait at the parking lot for your partner to pick you up.

Clue 4 The Amazing Race Go get your car and pick up your partner at a boatyard in the Bay. Then go to a place in Lake Geneva where you can learn some history about the area .

Clue 5 The Amazing Race (Not used) .

Clue 6 The Amazing Race Find a farm in a town south of here named for Caleb·s inheritance. Confused? Ask Joshua. .

but you don·t have to go very far to find one around here. .Clue 7 The Amazing Race If you were in NYC you·d see one of these.

Clue 8 The Amazing Race Go to a park within a 13 mile radius that·s been around since the Ice Age. Enter through the eastern gate and look for a person near a barn to explain your next challenge. .

.Clue 9 The Amazing Race Go north to a place within 10 miles where you can Skoop a frozen treat.

Follow it until you find a place where God lives. . Look carefully for a sign or you may miss it.Clue 10 The Amazing Race Go north to GC to find yoUr next road.

. and learn about the Bible.Clue 11 The Amazing Race Go to the near side of LG and find a place where young people swim. climb.

.Clue 12 The Amazing Race Get an amazing. view of the lake from the south side. perhaps once described as Majestic. Find it on a road named for a tree called SODWASBO (unscramble).

It is located at 87 degrees West of North at a distance of 3.26 miles. Use the binoculars and compass to locate your next challenge site.Clue 13 The Amazing Race Welcome to the finest view in the Lake Geneva area. Leave the compass and binoculars for the next team. Look for a large distinctive building. You may have been to this location before« .

hurry.Clue 14 The Amazing Race You are almost done! Hurry. hurry and get to the Amazing Race tent in Reid Park and the finish line! .

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