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GLAD Activities

GLAD Activities

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Published by: Nicole Heinlein on Aug 16, 2011
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Cuid¢d Languag¢ Acquisition D¢sign

S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Pag¢s
O Cognitive Content Bictionaiy
O nquiiy Chaits
O Tseivation Chaits
O \oiation Re\oit
O Pictuie Fie Caius
O uuess Ny Categoiy
O Scout Awaius
O Bome Connections
O Teachei Naue Big Book

S¢ction II: Compr¢b¢nsiv¢ Input Pag¢s
O aiiative n\ut
O Pictoiia n\ut
O Com\aiative n\ut
O Timeine n\ut
O Woiu Na\ n\ut

S¢ction III: Cuid¢d Ural Practic¢ Pag¢s
O ŵŴ¡Ŷ
O T-uia\h foi Socia Skis & Team Points
O Chants & Songs
O Poetiy Booket & ai-to-ai Reauing
O Sentence Pattein Chait

S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Pag¢s
O eaining og
O Coo\eiative Stii\ Paiagia\h
O Founu Poetiy
O B uiou\ Fiame
O Cunkeis & inks
O Stoiy Na\s
O Team Tasks
O \eit uiou\s
O Ninu Na\
O Piocess uiiu

nfoimation oTtaineu fiom a uemo attenueu in the NcNinnvie Schoo Bistiict, oiientation
attenueu in the Baviu Bougas Schoo Bistiict, Pasco Schoo Bistiict weTsite, Centennia Schoo
uistiict weTsite, Pioject u..A.B. weTsite, anu Biinging t A Togethei Ty Naicia Biechte
S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Strat¢gi¢s

Cognitiv¢ Cont¢nt Dictionary
O Stait uuiing week ŵ
O Page ŵŻŷ in Biinging t A Togethei
O nvoves stuuents in metacognition
O Buius acauemic, content-ieateu vocaTuaiy
O Aius in com\iehension

ŵ. Teachei seects woiu fiom unit vocaTuaiy (This woiu Tecomes the signa
woiu foi the uay¡week).
Ŷ. Stuuents \ieuict meaning of seecteu woiu in teams.
ŷ. Teachei asks stuuents to iaise hanus if they have heaiu the woiu oi not.
aTes on the chait B= heaiu anu NB= not heaiu.
Ÿ. When using the signa woiu, auu a shoit uefinition anu a hanu motion to he\
stuuent inteinaize woiu (e.. mmigiation - moving fiom one countiy to
anothei countiy).
Ź. Aftei using the woiu as a signa anu \ointing out the woiu in chants, songs,
anu in\uts, ask teams to \ut theii heaus togethei anu come u\ with a
uefinition foi the fina meaning.
ź. ach team shaies out theii uefinition anu says the woiu coiiecty in a
sentence. Teachei wiites this on the chait anu auus a stai foi a coiiect oia
Ż. Aftei woius have Teen uefineu teach ioots, woiu enuings, \aits of s\eech,
anu syaTication to he\ \ut the woiu in contet. (uet info fiom
8. At the enu, aow each team to come u\ with a "stum\ei woiu". They can
ook aiounu the ioom anu finu a woiu that no one ese knows. The cass then
votes on which woiu to Te the signa woiu.
9. Towaius the enu of the unit, give each stuuent a co\y of the nuiviuua
Content Bictionaiy. Stuuents wi finu unknown woius fiom aiounu the
was anu wiite¡sketch a \ieuiction. "What maue you think of that."
S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Strat¢gi¢s

Inquiry Cbart
O Bo uuiing week ŵ, ievisit each week aftei that
O Page ŵŷŵ in Biinging t A Togethei
O Think KW
O Fiom the inquiiy methou a\\ioach to science
O Noue hy\othesis moue of science: \ieuicting, stuuying, confiiming, oi
iefuting it, anu iewiiting it
O Assess anu focus Tackgiounu infoimation
O Auuiess misconce\tions
O Teach ievision anu eaining as a continuous \iocess
O Noue ieauing anu wiiting

ŵ. Stuuents woik as a team, "Beaus togethei" to Tiainstoim a hy\othesis anu a
Ŷ. 0se a uiffeient cooi maikei to show the stuuents how hy\othesizing anu
questioning aie uiffeient skis.
ŷ. Recoiu stuuents' comments using theii woius (veiTatim).
Ÿ. Recoiu stuuentsŏ names oi initias aftei theii comments.
Ź. Revisit the inquiiy chait often.
ź. 0se a uiffeient cooi maikei each time you ievisit.
Ż. When ievisiting, ask stuuents to site the souice of theii new infoimation. "s
it tiue. Bow uo you know." Recoiu what they say uiiecty on the chait.
S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Strat¢gi¢s

Ubs¢rvation Cbarts
O Bo uuiing week ŵ
O A vaiiation of the inquiiy chait
O Stimuate stuuents' cuiiosity
O Buiu Tackgiounu infoimation whie \ioviuing the teachei with a
uiagnostic too
O Pioviue o\\oitunity foi anguage su\\oit fiom \eeis

ŵ. 0se iea \hotos, in cooi, if \ossiTe. Nationa ueogia\hic magazines anu the
nteinet aie goou iesouices.
Ŷ. Attach \ain white \a\ei to the Tottom of the chait.
ŷ. Bave stuuents woik in \aiis oi teams to uiscuss the \ictuies. ny one \enci
\ei giou\ is aoweu. They may wiite: an oTseivation ( notice.), a question
( wonuei.), a comment ( think.)
Ÿ. Reminu the stuuents to make goou uecisions: if they aie uone with a chait,
finu one without many kius at. uo to a the chaits.
Ź. Teachei uses the chait to assess Tackgiounu knoweuge anu stuuents'
ź. Revisit the chaits to monitoi giowth.

S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Strat¢gi¢s

Exploration R¢port
O Bo week ŵ
O A ty\e of inquiiy chait
O Pioviues stuuents with the o\\oitunity foi incieaseu team Tuiuing
O Consensus of team
O Pioviues o\\oitunity to negotiate foi meaning
O uives inuication of Tackgiounu knoweuge
O Basis foi scaffouing vocaTuaiy anu meaning of infoimation foi unit

ŵ. 0se Pictuie Fie Caius that aie iea \hotos, in cooi if \ossiTe, anu aie high
Ŷ. Seect Ŷ-ŷ \hotos foi each team.
ŷ. ach team wi then ueciue on one \hoto to ie\oit on.
Ÿ. ach team must then ueciue on an oTseivation, a question anu a \ieuiction
that they wi ie\oit to the cass.
Ź. The teachei wi then ask each team foi theii oTseivation, iecoiuing the
oTseivation in the cooi that ie\iesents each team.
ź. The teachei wi then iecoiu each team's question anu \ieuictions in the
coiies\onuing coois.
Ż. The teachei uses the ie\oit to ueteimine Tackgiounu knoweuge.
8. The teachei can ievisit the ie\oit as the unit \iogiesses anu infoimation is
S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Strat¢gi¢s

Pictur¢ Fil¢ Cards
O Stait week ŵ
O Page ŵŸŸ in Biinging t A Togethei
O isua aiu in Tuiuing com\iehension anu unueistanuing of conce\ts anu
O Cieates inteiest, focus, anu motivation foi the unit of stuuy
O Too foi categoiizing anu cassifying infoimation
O S\iingToaiu foi uiscussion oi wiiting

ŵ. Coect \ictuies fiom magazines, caenuais, anu the nteinet that aie thought
anu emotion \iovoking.
Ŷ. Can mount on constiuction \a\ei anu aminate so they wi ast ongei.
ŷ. Soit anu fie the unit s\ecific \ictuies to kee\ them high inteiest.
Ÿ. Activities foi use:
a. Fostei highei eve thinking skis, foi cassifying, categoiizing,
infeiiing, synthesizing, anayzing anu any othei thinking skis.
T. Assist stuuents in com\iehension of conce\ts anu vocaTuaiy.
c. Piomote oia anguage skis anu acauemic uiscouise.
u. Assist stuuents in ueveo\ing wiiting skis.
"To ueveo\ these, \ass out Notionol 6eoqropbic anu othei magazines at the
Teginning of a unit. nstiuct stuuents that they must finu as many \ictuies as
then can aTout a \aiticuai to\ic. f they finu one, they must show it to theii
giou\. f the giou\ agiees that it fits in the categoiy, they may cut it out anu
\aste it on a sheet of constiuction \a\ei (iememTei to moue what size you
want). You wi have ovei ŵŴŴ \ictuie fie caius in foity minutes, anu ook at the
highei eve thinking that the stuuents have uone, cassifying, categoiizing,
evauating, anu justifying." Biechte, Naicia, Biinging t A Togethei, \g. ŵŸŹ
S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Strat¢gi¢s

Cu¢ss My Cat¢gory
O Can uo towaius the enu of the unit once the stuuents have a goou gias\
on the content anu vocaTuaiy
O aiiation foi Pictuie Fie Caius
O A uAT stiategy
O Beveo\s highei eve thinking
O Be\s with math stanuaius of soiting anu cassifying

ŵ. Ranuomy \ass out \ictuie fie caius to stuuents.
Ŷ. Stuuents Tiing theii \ictuie u\ to the chait anu say what the \ictuie is. They
then ueciue which unuefineu categoiy it goes in.
ŷ. Teachei asks, "Boes it go in a categoiy we aieauy have oi a new one. Why."
Ÿ. When a the \ictuies aie u\ on the chait, stuuents ueciue with a \aitnei why
the \ictuies aie categoiizeu that way. Some \ictuies might neeu to move.
Ź. Auu woius to uesciiTe each categoiy.
ź. eaus into wiiting.

S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Strat¢gi¢s

Sup¢r Sci¢ntist Awards & Historian Awards
O Stait uuiing week ŵ, continue using thioughout the unit
O Behavioia management too
O nuiviuua \eisona e\ectations:
4 Nake goou uecisions
4 Show ies\ect
4 Sove \ioTems

ŵ. 0se iea \ictuies¡\hotos ieateu to the unit.
Ŷ. aTe the \ictuies with unit vocaTuaiy.
ŷ. Teachei s\ecifies eacty what the stuuent uiu to eain the awaiu. Wak
aiounu with a ci\Toaiu anu wiite uown the Tehaviois you see to he\
Ÿ. Scout Awaius - nist the he\ of stuuent monitois to give awaius uuiing
whoe giou\ essons. Stuuents veiTaize the ieason foi eaining awaius. The
awaiu winnei anu scout each get an awaiu to kee\.
Ź. aiiations:
i. Scientist NoteTook: 0nit s\ecific ci\ait on covei, Ÿ Tank \ages,
sta\eu togethei.
ii. Bookmaik: ong stii\ of \a\ei with seveia \ieces of ci\ ait anu tet
on them. Ask kius to eave them u\siue uown on theii uesk anu you
wi go aiounu anu sign them as an auueu Tonus.
S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Strat¢gi¢s

Hom¢]Scbool Conn¢ctions
O Senu home once a week
O A foim of homewoik that invoves inteiviewing \aients¡famiy memTeis
O 0suay tiansateu into othei anguages s\oken in youi cassioom
O Famiies aie encouiageu to wiite in theii native anguage, even if it's on
the ngish veision

ŵ. Nake enough S\anish anu Russian co\ies foi the stuuents who s\eak those
anguages at home.
Ŷ. Foi a othei anguages, senu home in ngish.
ŷ. Foi stuuents who uo not s\eak ngish at home, encouiage the stuuents to
tiansate foi theii famiy oi ask an ouei siTing oi famiy memTei to
tiansate foi them.
Ÿ. Stuuents get team \oints foi Tiinging homewoik Tack. Bonus \oint if
eveiyone in the giou\ Tiings it Tack.
Ź. When stuuents Tiing them Tack, have them shaie with theii team anu then
shaie out with the cass.
ź. Anothei way to encouiage the famiy to \aitici\ate is to ask stuuents to Tiing
in aitifacts that go with the unit.
S¢ction I: Focus and Motivation Strat¢gi¢s

T¢acb¢r-Mad¢ Big Book
O Reau uuiing week ŵ, ievisit often foi infoimation anu fuency
O Page ŵźŹ in Biinging t A Togethei
O Biiecty focus on inguistic anu content stanuaius of the unit
O mTeu conce\ts anu high eve vocaTuaiy s\ecific to a unit
O \ose stuuents to com\iehensiTe e\ositoiy tet
O Patteineu tet gives access to a stuuents

ŵ. Choose key conce\ts anu vocaTuaiy.
Ŷ. Choose a fiame oi \attein:
a. The m\oitant Book
T. Iust Thought You Wouu ike to Know
c. Biown Beai, Biown Beai
u. When Was Young
e. RememTei When
ŷ. 0se iea \ictuies anu \hotos.
Ÿ. aminate so you can use yeai aftei yeai.
Ź. Point out that you aie the authoi. Shaie that the stuuents wi get to Te
authois, too.
ź. nvite kius to ieau aouu the ie\eating veise with you. Can \iint the
ie\eating tet in a uiffeient cooi to he\ highight that is the stuuent \ait.
Ż. The fiist ieauing shouu Te uone stiaight thiough. Tiy not to sto\ foi
uefinitions oi e\anations. et the stuuents get the fee of the anguage.
8. f you enu the stoiy with a question it wi eau iight into a ŵŴ¡Ŷ.
9. Foi the seconu ieauing, go sowei anu uiscuss woius in contet.

S¢ction II: Compr¢b¢nsiv¢ Input Strat¢gi¢s

Narrativ¢ Input Cbart
O Bo uuiing week Ŷ
O Page ŵŷ8 in Biinging t A Togethei
O Bigh eve, acauemic anguage anu conce\ts aie useu Tut \ut into a stoiy
oi naiiative foimat
O The stoiy foimat aows foi incieaseu com\iehension of acauemic
O Pioviues a visua ieteing of the stoiy
O Think of it as a aige fanne Toaiu

ŵ. Choose conce\ts anu vocaTuaiy that you wouu ike to highight in the unit.
Ŷ. Consiuei aua\ting a stoiy that aieauy eists Ty imTeuuing stanuaius-Taseu
conce\ts anu vocaTuaiy.
ŷ. Resouices foi naiiatives incuue tiaue Tooks, ieauing oi socia stuuies
auo\tions, egions anu ta taes.
Ÿ. Biaw oi co\y \ictuies foi naiiative anu attach the tet to the Tack.
Ź. aminate the \ictuies foi ieteing.
ź. Cieate a Tackgiounu foi the naiiative that may Te as sim\e as a \iece of
Tutchei \a\ei, a chak sketch, oi as com\icateu as a mining town.
Ż. uathei the stuuents cose to you anu te the stoiy as you \ace the \ictuies
on the Tackgiounu.
8. Revisit the naiiative to auu woiu caius anu s\eech TuTTes. Pass out the
caius anu as you iete the stoiy, have kius come anu ta\e u\ theii woiu oi
s\eech TuTTe as they heaiu you say it.
S¢ction II: Compr¢b¢nsiv¢ Input Strat¢gi¢s

Pictorial Input Cbart
O Bo uuiing week ŵ
O Page ŵŷŹ in Biinging t A Togethei
O Nake vocaTuaiy anu conce\ts com\iehensiTe
O Biawn in fiont of the stuuents foi Tiain im\iinting
O iganizes infoimation
O Becomes a iesouice foi stuuents

ŵ. 0se to iustiate unit vocaTuaiy anu conce\ts.
Ŷ. Resouices foi \ictoiias incuue: tetTooks, e\ositoiy chiuien's Tooks
(yewitness \oieis seiies) weTsites (www.enchanteueaining.com),
teachei iesouice Tooks.
ŷ. 0se an oveiheau oi uocument cameia to enaige the \ictuie anu tiace on
Tutchei \a\ei in ight \enci, incuuing vocaTuaiy woius anu notes.
Ÿ. With stuuents \iesent, tiace ovei the \ictoiia with maikeis, \ioviuing
veiTa in\ut as you go. Chunk youi infoimation in uiffeient coois.
Ź. uive ŵŴ¡Ŷ's foi stuuents to \iocess infoimation. Ask a question, such as
"What was sui\iising foi you." oi "What connections uiu you make."
ź. Revisit the \ictoiia to auu woiu caius. Pass out the caius anu as you ieview
the chait, have kius come anu ta\e u\ theii woiu as they heai you say it.
Ż. Can aow stuuents to cooi \ictoiias.
8. Bave stuuents com\ete a eaining og entiy to inuiviuuay \iocess (Tet
anu You sheet).
9. At the enu of the unit, make a mastei to use net yeai, anu then iaffe the
S¢ction II: Compr¢b¢nsiv¢ Input Strat¢gi¢s

Comparativ¢ Input Cbart
O Page ŵŷŻ in Biinging t A Togethei
O A vaiiation of the \ictoiia in\ut chait
O Com\aies anu contiasts two oTjects, animas, oi \eo\e
O A \ictoiia foim of a enn uiagiam
O nfoimation can Te com\iehensiTy \iesenteu with the com\aiative,
taken to a enn uiagiam, anu finay to wiiting

ŵ. Foow the same \ioceuuie as the \ictoiia, Tut choose two oTjects, animas,
oi chaiacteis that enu themseves to com\aie¡contiast.
Ŷ. uive ŵŴ¡Ŷ's foi stuuents to \iocess infoimation. Ask a question, such as
"What was sui\iising foi you." oi "What connections uiu you make."
ŷ. Revisit the com\aiative to auu woiu caius. Pass out the caius anu as you
ieview the chait, have kius come anu ta\e u\ theii woiu as they heai you say
Ÿ. Bave stuuents com\ete a eaining og entiy to inuiviuuay \iocess (Tet
anu You sheet).
Ź. Consiuei etenuing the com\aiative Ty iecoiuing the key \oints anu
vocaTuaiy on a enn uiagiam.
ź. 0se the com\aiative anu¡oi enn uiagiam as the gia\hic oiganizei foi a
com\aie¡contiast \iece of wiiting.
S¢ction II: Compr¢b¢nsiv¢ Input Strat¢gi¢s

Tim¢lin¢ Input Cbart
O Bo uuiing week Ŷ
O A vaiiation of the \ictoiia in\ut chait
O ntegiates histoiy into the unit stuuieu
O Shows time sequences anu chionoogica sequences

ŵ. Biaw a ine with tick maiks foi the uates on a \iece of aige Tutchei \a\ei.
Ŷ. Wiite the uates anu a shoit TuiT aTout the event with maikeis, \ioviuing
veiTa in\ut as you go. Chunk youi infoimation in uiffeient coois.
ŷ. Can stait with \iesent time oi yeai the stuuents weie Toin anu move
Ÿ. uive ŵŴ¡Ŷ's foi stuuents to \iocess infoimation. Ask a question, such as
"What was sui\iising foi you." oi "What connections uiu you make."
Ź. Revisit the timeine to auu woiu caius anu s\eech TuTTes. Pass out the
caius anu as you ieview the chait, have kius come anu ta\e u\ theii woiu oi
s\eech TuTTe as they heai you say it.
ź. Bave stuuents com\ete a eaining og entiy to inuiviuuay \iocess (Tet
anu You sheet).
Ż. At the enu of the unit iaffe off the \ictoiias.
S¢ction II: Compr¢b¢nsiv¢ Input Strat¢gi¢s

World Map Input Cbart
O Bo uuiing week ŵ
O A vaiiation of the \ictoiia in\ut chait
O ntegiates geogia\hy into the unit stuuieu
O Shows movement among \aces

ŵ. Foow the same \ioceuuie as the \ictoiia, Tut uiaw a woiu ma\ in \enci.
Ŷ. With the stuuents \iesent, go ovei the \enci with maikeis.
ŷ. aTe the continents, oceans, anu othei geogia\hic maikings of a ma\.
Ÿ. n\ut infoimation, chunking with uiffeient coois of maikei.
Ź. uive ŵŴ¡Ŷ's foi stuuents to \iocess infoimation. Ask a question, such as
"What was sui\iising foi you." oi "What connections uiu you make."
ź. Revisit the woiu ma\ to auu woiu caius. Pass out the caius anu as you
ieview the chait, have kius come anu ta\e u\ theii woiu as they heai you say
Ż. Bave stuuents com\ete a eaining og entiy to inuiviuuay \iocess (Tet
anu You sheet).
8. At the enu of the unit, iaffe off the \ictoiias.
S¢ction III: Cuid¢d Ural Practic¢ Strat¢gi¢s

O 0se thioughout the unit
O Page ŵŷŸ in Biinging t A Togethei
O Backeu Ty Tiain ieseaich anu \iesenteu Ty Ait Costa of Fountain aey
O Reinfoiceu Ty ong, Swain, anu Cummins, who state that it is im\oitant
to aow at east Ŷ minutes of stuuent \iocessing foi eveiy ŵŴ minutes of
teachei in\ut
O Negotiating foi meaning
O ow-iisk enviionment to tiy new vocaTuaiy anu conce\ts

ŵ. Teach stuuents tuin anu face a \aitnei whenevei you inuicate it is time foi a
Ŷ. Teach stuuents to take tuins answeiing the question you \ioviue.
ŷ. Teach stuuents the quiet signa, such as hanu in the aii, you wi use to
inuicate when it is time to face you again.
Ÿ. 0se ŵŴ¡Ŷ's whenevei you aie \ioviuing in\ut (Tig Tooks, \ictoiias,
naiiatives) oi foi soiciting infoimation fiom chiuien (sentence \atteining,
\iocess giiu, euiting co-o\ stii\ \aiagia\h).
S¢ction III: Cuid¢d Ural Practic¢ Strat¢gi¢s

T-Crapb for Social Skills & T¢am Points
O Stait week ŵ, ievisit often
O Stuuents iuentify goou Tehavioi
O They veiTaize anu inteinaize a\\io\iiate Tehavioi
O Noie meaningfu to the stuuents than teachei-im\oseu iues
O Sets stanuaius foi coo\eiative giou\s anu ueveo\s socia skis
O A statements aie in \ositive teims

ŵ. Focus on uiffeient socia ski foi each unit (ies\ect, coo\eiation,
Ŷ. Aways make the T-uia\h anu team \oints chaits on yeow \a\ei. This
he\s stuuents to uiffeientiate fiom in\ut anu Tehavioi skis.
ŷ. Biainstoim the meaning of the woiu with chiuien anu iecoiu on the weT.
Ÿ. Biainstoim what Tehaviois you wouu see, anu what s\ecific woius you
wouu heai if a \eison weie Tehaving in that way. "What wouu the \iinci\a
see if he weie to wak in the ioom. What wouu he heai."
Ź. 0se a uiffeient cooi to uiffeientiate fiom seeing anu heaiing Tehaviois.
ź. Revisit the t-gia\h often with stuuents to auu Tehaviois that have Teen
Ż. Aftei a cou\e of weeks, have teams seect goas foi themseves to woik on.
Ciice the goa on the chait that each team seects. uive \oints when they
uemonstiate theii goa. Can use the uAB goa setting Tackine mastei.
8. Post the Team Points chait ow, so kius can access anu iecoiu the \oints.
9. Foi Tonus \oints, wiite the numTei anu a ciice aiounu it.
S¢ction III: Cuid¢d Ural Practic¢ Strat¢gi¢s

Cbants & Songs
O Stait week ŵ, auuing new songs each week
O Page ŵŹŶ in Biinging t A Togethei
O mTeu key conce\ts anu vocaTuaiy
O Auuitoiy anu visua anguage \atteining
O ocaTuaiy Tuiuing
O Stuuents gain famiiaiity anu comfoit using acauemic anguage in a ow-
\iessuie way

ŵ. Choose key vocaTuaiy anu conce\ts to imTeu in chants.
Ŷ. Choose a fiame oi eisting song to aua\t (Bugaoo: Yes Na'am: Cauence:
Beie, Theie, veiywheie: Know a .).
ŷ. When chanting with the stuuents, stait Ty chanting foi the ihythm anu
anguage \atteins fiist, focus on conce\ts anu vocaTuaiy atei.
Ÿ. Revisit the chants often foi uiffeient \ui\oses, incuuing highighting
scientific anu inteiesting woius anu auuing hanu motions.
Ź. aiiation: Auu a veise. As a cass, make u\ anothei veise to one of the ie\eat
\attein songs oi chants.
ź. aiiation: Fi\ Chant. Stuuents use woius fiom the sentence \atteining chait
to make a Beie, Theie chant on a sentence stii\ Took. Noue how to change
veiTs to the \iesent \iogiessive foim (ing) Ty \utting a stii\ of white \a\ei
ovei the veiT section of the chait.
S¢ction III: Cuid¢d Ural Practic¢ Strat¢gi¢s

Po¢try Bookl¢t
O Pass out the Tooket uuiing week ŵ, with the stuuent jouina
O Be\s Tuiu fuency anu automaticity
O Be\s Tuiu acauemic vocaTuaiy

ŵ. Stait with Beie, Theie chant.
Ŷ. ny incuue chants you have moueeu whoe giou\.
ŷ. Stuuents can sketch oi wiite in the To net to the song to he\ them
iememTei the vocaTuaiy anu content.
Ÿ. ai-to-eai ieau the \oetiy Tooket (\age ŵŻŵ in Biinging t A Togethei)
Paitneis sit net to each othei, o\\osite uiiections, with theii eais
\en Tooket to the fiist chant. ach chiu ieaus one ine at a time.
ŵŴŴ% engagement Tecause they aie eithei s\eaking oi istening.

S¢ction III: Cuid¢d Ural Practic¢ Strat¢gi¢s

S¢nt¢nc¢ Patt¢rning Cbart {Farm¢r in tb¢ D¢ll)
O Bo week ŷ
O Page ŵŷ9 in Biinging t A Togethei
O Aua\teu fiom the NcCiackens
O Assists stuuents with vocaTuaiy, \aits of a sentence, anu sentence
O Resouice foi wiiting, ieauing, anu ueveo\ing \oetiy

ŵ. Choose a key \uia noun fiom the unit (a noun that is ca\aTe of \iouucing
action is Test).
Ŷ. Cooi coue the heauings (Aujectives-ieu, Nouns-Tack, eiTs-gieen, AuveiTs-
Tue, Pie\ositiona \hiases-\ui\e).
ŷ. Cieate anu aTe the giiu in fiont of the stuuents.
Ÿ. 0se ŵŴ¡Ŷ's to Tiainstoim woius foi each section.
Ź. Refei stuuents to iesouices in the ioom, such as \ictoiias, when necessaiy.
ź. Choose Ŷ aujectives foi (u\\ei) oi ŷ aujectives (\iimaiy) anu one woiu fiom
each of the othei categoiies, Ty \acing a sma \ost-it note Ty each.
Ż. Bave stuuents he\ you chant to the tune of "The Faimei-in-the Be".
8. Aow stuuents to choose woius Ty \acing \ost-it notes on the chaits foi
suTsequent chants. Sentences uo not have to make sense, the focus is on
com\ete sentences, ieauing, anu oia anguage


S¢nt¢nc¢ Construction R¢ading Cam¢
ŵ. uive each team woiu caius: Ŷ aujectives, ŵ noun, ŵ veiT, ŵ auveiT, ŵ
\ie\ositiona \hiase. Take the woius uiiecty fiom the chait cieateu
Ŷ. Teams have to \ut the sentence in oiuei anu \iactice ieauing it.
ŷ. A team memTeis neeu to stanu on the same siue of the taTe, so no one
is ieauing u\siue uown. The em\hasis is ieauing eft to iight.

Trading Cam¢
ŵ. Ni u\ the woiu caius anu \ass out ianuomy, ź caius \ei team.
Ŷ. Teams have to figuie out which \aits of s\eech aie missing fiom theii
ŷ. Assign a numTei fiom each team to Te the "tiauei". That memTei wi
neeu to consut with the team, then go out anu tiaue theii caiu foi one
they neeu.
Ÿ. Teams neeu to stanu on the same siue of the taTe anu \iactice ieauing
theii sentence.
Ź. Team with com\ete sentence fiist, gets Tonus team \oints.
ź. When com\eteu with the task, a teams \eifoim theii sentence.
Ż. Put a caius in a Taggie net to the sentence \atteining chait so they aie
accessiTe to stuuents uuiing Wiitei's Woiksho\.

S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

L¢arning Log
O Stait week ŵ anu continue thioughout the unit
O Page ŵŻŶ in Biinging t A Togethei
O 0sefu in a content aieas
O Content-Taseu anu teachei-assigneu

ŵ. Pioviue seveia co\ies of this sheet in the stuuent jouina.
Ŷ. n the "tet" siue, stuuent wi wiite the factua info fiom the stoiy oi in\ut
chait. n the "you" siue, stuuent wi wiite something new to them oi a
connection - "What uo you think aTout this."
ŷ. Stuuents wi sketch oi wiite the "\ictuie in theii heau".
Ÿ. Bo one entiy aftei each whoe giou\ in\ut to aiu in com\iehension.
Ź. Coect ieguaiy to assess stuuents' unueistanuing.

S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

Co-op Strip Paragrapbs
O Bo uuiing week Ÿ
O Page ŵŸŻ in Biinging t A Togethei
O An aua\tation of Nancy Whistei's moue
O Aiu in ieauing anu wiiting e\ositoiy tet
O Noue the \iocess of euiting anu ievising
O Com\eteu woik Tecomes eveeu ieauing ieateu to the unit of stuuy

ŵ. Cieate a to\ic sentence Taseu on the \iocess giiu.
Ŷ. Bighight stuuent seecteu im\oitant vocaTuaiy woius fiom the sentence.
ŷ. ach team is ies\onsiTe foi foimuating one su\\oiting sentence.
Ÿ. Aftei the team has a agieeu on a sentence anu the teachei has confiimeu the
sentence has not aieauy Teen useu, the teachei \ioviues the team with a
sentence stii\ to iecoiu theii sentence in theii team cooi maikei.
Ź. Teams \ace theii sentence stii\s in the \ocket chait unuei the to\ic
ź. With stuuents watching, the teachei teais etia s\ace off of the sentence
stii\s anu aiianges the stii\s to ook ike a \aiagia\h.
Ż. The cass ieaus thiough the \aiagia\h anu the teachei intiouuces the euiting
checkist (Town u\ on an ŵŵŵŻ sheet of \a\ei) to stait the ievision anu
euiting \iocess whoe giou\.
8. Anything the teachei coiiects is in Tack maikei.
9. The fina veision is ty\eu anu useu foi ieauing mateiia.
St¢ps to Using tb¢ Coop¢rativ¢ Strip Paragrapb witb Em¢rg¢nt R¢ad¢rs

ŵ. Page ŵ8 in uAB Paitici\ant Packet, \age ŵŸŻ in rinqinq lt All Toqetber.
Ŷ. Teachei co\ies the ieviseu co-o\ stii\ \aiagia\h onto sentence stii\s using
the eact cooi match fiom the sentence stii\s in the \ocket chait, even the
teachei euits in Tack.
ŷ. Stuuents choiay ieau the co-o\ stii\ fiom the \ocket chait.
Ÿ. Teachei ays out the seconu set of sentence stii\s out on the cai\et. Stuuents
Ź. Teachei \asses out these stii\s to the stuuents. Stuuents take tuins
ieconstiucting the \aiagia\h on the cai\et, using \iint matching anu coois
fiom the oiigina tet in the \ocket chait as su\\oits.
ź. Stuuent ieieau. Teachei cuts these sentence stii\s into \hiases, \asses them
out again anu stuuents ieconstiuct anu ieieau.
Ż. Teachei fuithei ieuuces the \hiases into woius anu the matching¡ieieauing
\iocess continues.
8. uames: Stuuents cose theii eyes anu teachei iemoves a woiu oi two fiom
the \aiagia\h anu the stuuents then te which woius aie missing. i, the
teachei says, "'m thinking of a woiu that staits with ¡h¡."
9. Stuuents aie given the \iinteu tet to ieieau again. Stuuents can ieau the
\aiagia\h in \aiis oi ieau it to othei teacheis in the Tuiuing. Ask them to
coect signatuies foi who they ieau it to.
S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

Found Po¢try
O Bo uuiing week Ź
O Piomotes vocaTuaiy ueveo\ment
O Teaches \oetiy wiiting skis
O Focuses on com\iehension anu visuaization

ŵ. Finu a iesouice to use foi the founu \oetiy tet. This can Te fiom a Took
ieau eaiiei, aitices founu onine whie ieseaiching foi the unit, Nationa
ueogia\hic magazines, yewitness Books, etc. Tet neeus to incuue high
eve, unit s\ecific vocaTuaiy.
Ŷ. Wiite u\ the tet on a chait, so the whoe cass can see anu have access to it.
ŷ. Cass anu teachei choiay ieaus the tet.
Ÿ. Teachei asks, "What woius he\ you see something in youi Tiain."
Ź. Bighight the woius the stuuents say.
ź. Wiite u\ the highighteu woius on sentence stii\s, teai a\ait, anu \ut in a
\ocket chait.
Ż. Can moue "fiee foim" \oetiy with She Siveistein's \oetiy Tooks. t uoesn't
have to ihyme. Com\aie it to the magnetic \oetiy on youi fiiuge.
8. Ca on kius to come u\ anu make a \oem with the caius.
9. nvite stuuents to wiite theii \oems uuiing wiiting time.

S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

ELD Croup Fram¢
O Bo uuiing week Ź, aftei the stuuents have hau many o\\oitunities to
\iactice the anguage anu vocaTuaiy
O Page ŵŸŻ in Biinging t A Togethei
O Piomotes oia anguage ueveo\ment
O 0se foi assessment of youi stuuent's anguage aTiities

ŵ. Sit small group next to the narrative input, so they can see it.
Ŷ. ive each child in the group a diIIerent color marker.
ŷ. The stuuents take tuins ieteing the stoiy fiom the naiiative in\ut anu the
teachei wiites veiTatim what they say using theii cooieu maikei.
Ÿ. ach stuuent taks, even if it's not in a com\ete sentence.
Ź. When no one wants to auu anything ese, have each chiu wiite theii name in
theii cooi anu wiite the uate.
ź. Coect seveia of these ovei the yeai to show giowth in anguage skis.

S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

Clunk¢rs and Links
O Bo uuiing week Ź
O Beveo\s metacognitive skis
O Reinfoices \honoogica skis as we as highei eve ieauing skis,
infeiiing, \ieuicting, citing souices, etc.
O Aows foi ieactivating \iioi knoweuge, moueing, anu scaffouing
O Teaches skimming, scanning, anu note taking skis e\icity
O Beveo\s anu ieinfoices ieauing com\iehension skis thiough making
connections (inks) anu caiifying woiu meanings (cunkeis)
O Be\s stuuents make connections, \ieuictions, anu woiu sove

. Collect a grade level text (example: a chapter Irom the social studies text about
the American Revolution). This will be Ior at or above grade level readers.
2. Ask them iI they have any predictions oI ideas, concepts, or vocabulary they think
they will Iind in that chapter. Record all responses on chart paper.
3. Introduce 'clunkers¨. These are sticky notes to put a question mark on iI they Iind
a word that stumps them (hence, clunker, it makes you go 'clunk¨ when you`re
reading). Clunkers can be words that you cannot decode, or can decode but do not
know what it means, or you know one meaning but it doesn`t Iit in this situation.
4. Introduce 'links¨ - words or concepts that they had predicted, or have read about
or heard about previously, they put a star on the sticky note and put it by the
word. This is encouraging them to make connections and links between what they
are reading and prior knowledge and build metacognition.
5. Introduce and model partner SQ3R, with clunkers and links. We usually do this
with only the Iirst page or so.
6. Process clunkers and links Irom that page on the group chart.
7. o back to predicted words/concepts you had put on chart paper and revise
8. Send students oII to read and Iill in the SQ3R worksheet together.
9. At a later time, call that group back Ior a discussion oI their clunkers, links, and
.Do any word study or vocabulary work here. With links, encourage Iurther
reading in the areas that students have put stars by. This is an excellent time to
have more challenging reading in this subiect Ior your giIted students.
.The SQ3R is optional and we usually don`t use it below Iourth grade.
S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

Story Maps
O Bo anytime aftei the Naiiative n\ut
O Teaches stoiy eements
O Piomotes sequencing anu com\iehension
O Can Te useu as a stoiy \annei uuiing wiitei's woiksho\

ŵ. Aftei ieviewing the naiiative in\ut, intiouuce the stoiy ma\ as anothei way
to show a iete.
Ŷ. Stait with the setting anu chaiacteis.
ŷ. Fi in the \ioTem, then the soution.
Ÿ. Continue on to the fiist event, then eave the iest Tank foi chiuien to finish
uuiing team tasks.
Ź. Aftei stuuents aie \ioficient at fiing in stoiy ma\s, they can use the stoiy
ma\ to \an theii own stoiies.

S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

T¢am Tasks
O Stait week ŵ, aftei you have enough in\ut chaits foi the stuuent to ie-
O Page ŵŹŵ in Biinging t A Togethei
O 0seu in \ace of centeis
O Aow teachei to \u feiTe giou\s
O 0se moueeu stiategies
O Pioviues scaffouing:
4 Teachei moues
4 Team task
4 nuiviuua woik

ŵ. Choose stiategies that have Teen moueeu anu ievisiteu at east once foi
team tasks.
Ŷ. Assign aTout ŷ tasks at fiist, anu auu tasks thioughout the unit, wiiting the
tasks in a uiffeient cooi maikei foi each new uay of tasks.
ŷ. Teams woik togethei to com\ete tasks using aige constiuction \a\ei.
veiy \eison's cooi maikei neeus to Te on the task.
Ÿ. At the enu of the unit, each team chooses theii Test team task to shaie foi the
whoe cass. uive teams time to \iactice. A team memTeis neeu to s\eak.
When they aie uone \iesenting ask, "Why uiu youi team choose that."

S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

Exp¢rt Croups
O Stait week ŷ
O Bemonstiate featuies of non-fiction tet
O Teach ieauing foi infoimation
O Piomote com\iehension anu communication of key conce\ts
O \eit giou\s aie heteiogeneous giou\s.

ŵ. Cieate e\eit giou\ tet foi a categoiy on the \iocess giiu.
Ŷ. ncuue featuies of e\ositoiy tet such as Tou \iint anu suTheauings.
ŷ. \eit giou\s aie com\oseu of one stuuent fiom each team.
Ÿ. uuiue e\eit giou\s in ieauing foi infoimation anu note-taking.
Ź. Stuuents choiay ieau with the teachei. They highight im\oitant
infoimation fiom each section, uiaw a sketch in the To to he\ them
iememTei, anu then uiaw a ine fiom the woius to the sketch.
ź. The teachei e\ains unknown vocaTuaiy woius anu shows \ictuie fie
caius to aiu in com\iehension.
Ż. When finisheu, stuuents then fi out the minu ma\.
8. Stuuents aie now e\eits on the to\ic anu aie ies\onsiTe foi teaching the
infoimation to theii team.

S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

Mind Map
O Fi out the cass chait Tefoie fiing in the \iocess giiu
O Fi out e\eit giou\ m\s aftei teaching the to\ic of each e\eit giou\
O Teaches note taking skis

ŵ. The minu ma\ sections uiiecty match the \iocess giiu. This is a way to
gathei thoughts Tefoie fiing in the \iocess giiu.
Ŷ. n e\eit giou\s, stuuents tiansfei im\oitant infoimation that was
highighteu anu sketcheu to the minu ma\.
ŷ. Stuuents wi use the minu ma\ to teach theii teams.
Ÿ. Foi the whoe giou\ chait, stuuents \ut theii heaus togethei anu use
infoimation eaineu fiom the \ictoiia anu othei in\ut chaits to fit in the
Ź. Teachei cas a numTei fiom each team to te the teachei what to wiite in
each section.
ź. Teachei asks, "Bow uo you know."
S¢ction IV: R¢ading and Writing Strat¢gi¢s

Proc¢ss Crid
O Baseu on Shaion Bassano's wa giiu
O Page ŵŸŵ in Biinging t A Togethei
O Categoiize infoimation
O Aiu in wiiting e\ositoiy tet
O Teach ieauing foi infoimation

ŵ. Categoiize the im\oitant conce\ts fiom the stanuaius-Taseu unit.
Ŷ. Pioviue the stuuents with in\ut of conce\ts anu vocaTuaiy thiough e\eit
giou\s, naiiatives, \ictoiias, etc.
ŷ. Foi each to\ic, use a uiffeient cooi.
Ÿ. Choose a numTei fiom each team to \ioviue the infoimation, houing a
chiuien accountaTe foi knowing the answei. ncouiage teams to woik
togethei to make suie eveiyone knows what to say.
Ź. Swee\ youi hanu fiom the minu ma\ to the \iocess giiu to he\ stuuents see
the simiaiities.
ź. uive teams \oints foi coiiecty iuentifying facts foi the \iocess giiu - make it
a game!

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