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We communicate openly about our plans, processes, decisions and progress.

We treat all of our stakeholders, internal and external, with respect and courtesy. Our decision making and action is guided at all times by our expressed values.

We maintain high standards of accountability to our members, funders and the wider community.

Inclusive and fair

We aim to break down all barriers to inclusion and respond to the whole person. We do not judge on the basis of gender, age, cultural background, religion, sexuality or ability. When we positively discriminate we will make our criteria and reasons transparent.


A United Voice Leading Mental Health Participation and Advocacy

Our Mission
Is to be an active Voice that positively promotes the health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders through advocacy, co-operation and education.

Our Mandate
Is to implement a sustainable mechanism that enables ongoing meaningful participation by consumers and carers in health services planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation processes at the national, state and local level. Queensland Voice for Mental Health Inc. has been formed from an alliance of consumers and carers who have lived experience of mental health issues. We aim to encourage and support our state wide consumer and carer membership through the voice of representation. We aim to encourage and support consumer and carer representatives throughout Queensland, including CALD and ATSI communities. We will proactively consult with individual consumers and carers, organisations, and their communities, and promote needs and goals identified through advocacy. We will research frameworks for policy development for consumer and carer participation within the Government and Non-Government sectors. We will advise Government and Non-Government Organisations in best practise for consumer and carer participation. We will skill consumers and carers in participation in service delivery, promoting a holistic approach to recovery for individuals and families. We will develop quality systems and support services through the accreditation process, in particular the National Mental Health Standards: Standard 3 Participation. As a voice for mental health, we will seek to facilitate change for the empowerment, recovery and wellbeing paradigms to promote a mentally healthy community.