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Multicultural Publications

Access and Equity Reports (June 2011) The People of Australia – Australia's Multicultural Policy (February 2011) ( 1.1M B PDF file) The Response to the Recommendations of the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council in The People of Australia (February 2011) ( 1.2M B PDF file)

Inequality, Discrimination and Social Cohesion: Socio-Economic Mobility and Incorporation of Australian-born Lebanese and Turkish Background Youth (2010) ( 1.0M B PDF file) Meeting the Needs of Australian Muslim Families: Exploring Marginalisation, Family Issues and 'Best Practice' in Service Provision (September 2010) ( 883K B PDF file) Social & Civic Participation of Australian Muslim Men (August 2010) ( 971K B PDF file) Political Participation of Muslims in Australia (June 2010) ( 1.7M B PDF file) The People of Australia - The Australian Multicultural Advisory Council's statement on cultural diversity and recommendations to government (April 2010) ( 1.0M B PDF file)

Muslim Voices – Hopes and aspirations of Muslim Australians (September 2009) ( 766K B PDF file) Mapping employment and education among Muslim Australians (September 2009) ( 610K B PDF file) The Australian Journey – Muslim Communities (2009) ( 2.9M B PDF file)

2008 and earlier
The Civil and Social Participation of Muslim Women in Australian Community Life (July 2008) ( 1.2M B PDF file) Muslim Australians and Local Government: Grassroots Strategies to Improve Relations Between Muslims and non-Muslim Australians (April 2008) Understanding Muslim Identities: From Perceived Relative Exclusion to Inclusion (May 2008) ( 2.1M B PDF file) Tapping the Pulse of Youth in Cosmopolitan South-Western and Western Sydney

(2007) ( 406K B PDF file) Community Information Summaries (Based on 2006 Census Data) Muslims in Australia – a Snapshot (Based on 2006 Census Data) ( 354K B PDF file) The Effectiveness of Cross-Cultural Training in the Australian Context (November 2006) Faces of Australia (January 2006) Multicultural Australia: United in Diversity (Updated 2003) ( 523K B PDF file) The People of Australia (2003) ( 485K B PDF file) Life in a New Land: The Experience of Migrants (2002) Second Generation Australians Report – Australian Immigration (April 2002) A New Agenda for Multicultural Australia A New Agenda for Multicultural Australia – PDF Version (December 1999) ( 86K B PDF file) Australian Multiculturalism for a New Century: Towards Inclusiveness (April 1999) Multicultural Australia: The Way Forward (December 1997) Multicultural Australia: The Way Forward – PDF Version (December 1997) ( 483K B PDF file) Australian Immigration – 1995 Global Cultural Diversity Conference (1995) National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia (1989) National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia – Sharing Our Future (1989) ( 838K B PDF file)

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