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ProjectDesign 8

ProjectDesign 8

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Published by: Srikanth Sri on Aug 16, 2011
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You can integrate aggregate tables in your project using the
Warehouse Catalog in MicroStrategy Desktop, as outlined in
the following procedure.

Project Design Guide

Optimizing and Maintaining Your Project 8

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Using summary tables to store data: Aggregate tables 249

To use an aggregate table in an existing project

1Using the Warehouse Catalog, add the table to the project.
For steps to add tables using the Warehouse Catalog, see
Adding and removing tables for a project, page220.

2Use the new table in the desired fact expressions and
attribute form expressions.

If your aggregate table structure is consistent with your base
fact table structure, Architect automatically adds it to the
definitions of your existing attributes and facts. In other
words, Architect is aggregate-aware. How does Architect
know to use the aggregate table rather than the base fact
table, when either could provide the answer to a query? The
answer is logical table size.

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