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• Efficient Replica Maintenance for Distributed Storage

• Proactive replication for data durability
• On object Maintenance in Peer-to-Peer systems
• Enforcing Routing Consistency in Structured Peer-to-
peer Overlays: Should We and Could We?
• High Availability in DHTs: Erasure Coding vs. Replication
• Toward Fault-tolerant Atomic Data Access in Mutable
Distributed Hash Tables
• Kademlia: A Peer-to-peer Information System Based on
the XOR Metric
• Total Recall: System Support for Automated Availability
• Designing a DHT for low latency and high throughput
• Fallacies in evaluating decentralized systems
• Anatomy of a P2P Content Distribution system with
Network Coding
• Comparing the performance of distributed hash tables
under churn
• EpiChord: Parallelizing the Chord Lookup Algorithm with
Reactive Routing State management
• Bandwidth-efficient management of DHT routing tables
• Improving Lookup Performance over a Widely-Deployed
• Failure Recovery for Structured P2P Networks: Protocol
Design and Performance Evaluation
• Handling Churn in a DHT