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Interview With Malcolm X

Interview With Malcolm X

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Published by Jimmy Lio Park

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Published by: Jimmy Lio Park on Aug 16, 2011
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Jimmy Park Ms. Slough IB English A2 SL Grade 12 Thursday, August 4th, 2011 Interview with Malcolm X July, 1953.

Teddy: First of all, our TV show “Amazing” is delighted by having you in this place today. It is an honor for us to interview you in our program. Once again, thank you for coming to our show. Please Mr. X, can you introduce yourself to the audience? Malcolm X: Well, thank you for receiving me courteously. I have been in many interviews but not like this one. It really amazes me that there are people who appreciate my debates. I am a politician who finds justice for everyone no matter the color skin. (Audience: Applause). Teddy: Mr. X, you said that Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam, is your role model? How did that happen? Malcolm X: Well, no one has asked a question like this before, but during my spell in jail I started to follow Elijah Muhammad’s writing and lectures. Shockingly, this led me to discover the world of language and later I became obsessed with every written word and books. Nowadays, I am one of the administrators of the Nation of Islam. I really appreciate the religion of Islam. Teddy: That is absolutely impressive of your part. Teddy: Mr. X, you sent many letters to some random people. Have those people ever replied to your letters?

(Audience: Applause). X. Teddy: Can you tell your secret behind it to the audience? Malcolm X: Well.Malcolm X: No. X. the secret is having a dictionary and a pen every time you have a doubt. Mr. none of them replied until today. And the most important aspect is reviewing the words everyday. and the reason is because I know which words correspond to certain . I actually did find a solution. Also. So. prison is a place in where you experience many things about life. Malcolm X: Yes. Teddy: What an outstanding story from you. read the words out loud to yourself. I think that is my hidden secret. Sometimes. please give a round of applause to Mr. Learning and exploring new words that I never understood. I had never been so truly free in my life. Teddy: Did you find any solution for that frustration? Malcolm X: Thanks to Elijah Muhammad. the magic trick is reading page by page and annotate those words that you have not seen at any circumstance. I became increasingly frustrated because I was not able to express myself. Teddy: Wow. the reason why they did not reply is because my letters were not written appropriately. X. I realized that my writing did not have the best quality words. Teddy: Mr. it seems that you had some fun in jail. Teddy: What aspects transform you into a powerful speaker? Malcolm X: I think that using smart words makes me powerful. What can I say. And let me tell you.

” What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with it? Malcolm X: What an interesting question you just gave me! Who is the genius person who stated this. There are many descriptions for them.situations. I speak American-English which means that it makes me fully American. For example. Power X. I am part of the African-American culture which draws my physical features. Your speeches are encouraging. I absolutely agree with that phrase! First of all. X. Language is the key that depicts who we really are. I realized that in my heart there is something special of my native culture that I have to progress on. Teddy: It has been a pleasure to talk to such an ingenious speaker like you Mr. Teddy: I can remark that you have something of your native culture. I can conclude that words develop a person in terms of physical and psychological features. . In other words. powerful. I really feel ashamed of not being able to speak my ancestors’ language. Give a round of applause to Mr. X. Furthermore. X. inspiring. Teddy: It is impossible to discredit one of your speeches. Teddy: Mr. Despite not knowing my ancestor’s language.. but none of your originally native language? Do you know anything about your ancestors’ language? Malcolm X: I was born in the United States. this phrase might be the most debatable across the world: “Language and Culture are part of the development of a person physically and mentally. language is what we speak and culture is our identification. your native language and culture is the original YOU! Teddy: We are really thankful for your powerful answers Mr. (Audience: Applause)..

your program is supremely amazing! Teddy: Thank you Mr. Thank you for being a great host. . X. and thank you Audience for attending the program “Amazing. PD: “Amazing” program ends.” see you next time! (Audience: Applause).Malcolm X: The pleasure is mine Teddy.

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