Buddy Ministry

We all need a buddy don’t we? This Fall in Generation Hope Youth Ministries, we will see an unprecedented amount of 6th graders join our youth group. This can be a difficult transition and we need to do whatever we can to welcome them and make them feel comfortable. One way to do this is to assign each new 6th grader to an older Buddy. Buddies will make sure the new 6th grader they have been assigned is making a smooth transition into Generation Hope. Buddies are special people and they need to meet the following requirements: 1. Be a regular attender of Generation Hope events especially Wednesday Nights. 2. Have a welcoming personality willing to sacrifice a little of their time to make sure their 6th grader is welcomed and included. 3. Encourage their Buddy to participate in other events of Generation Hope. 4. Understand that they are leaders and need to set a good example for their 6th graders both in church and outside of church. This example should lead people toward a deeper relationship with Jesus. Please be aware of your online personalities. 5. Be a High School student. 6. Female Buddies will be assigned female 6th graders and male buddies will be assigned male 6th graders. If you are interested in being a Buddy, you must let Dennis know and write a short note (1 or 2 paragraphs should be enough) explaining why you would be a great Buddy. You can contact Dennis by either email at dennis@bethanylanebaptist.org or send him a message via Facebook. Dennis Allen Minister to Youth