SAP PM Certification - Plant Maintenance Certification To find out the latest certification topics or where to attend your SAP

PM Certification course at your country, refer to the SAP Education site: The certification test for becoming an application consultant for the SAP Plant Maintenance area is intended to provide candidates with the opportunity of proving that they have a fundamental knowledge of this particular area of the PM component as well as that they are able to apply this knowledge within a project environment. The examination questions are based on the functionality and features of the SAP PM. The possible topics covers are: 1. Organizational Units and Master Data in Plant Maintenance Organizational Units - Maintenance Plant and Planning Plant - Work Centers - Storage Locations Functional Locations - Structure Indicator - Reference Location and Functional Location - Creation Options - Data Transfer Equipment - Installation/Dismantling at Functional Locations - Equipment Hierarchy - Change Documentation - Equipment Category Material and Serial Numbers - Serial Number Profile - Goods Movement and Warehouse Stock - Valuation Batches Bills of Material (BOM) - Assemblies - BOM Categories - Item Categories - Change Documentation Additional Functions - Configuration - Classification - Measuring Points and Counters - Partners and Addresses - Document Link - Status Management

Completion.Planning and Executing Maintenance Projects .Notification Types .Data Transfer Capacity Planning .Cross-Application Time Sheets . Settlement.External Services with External Work Centers .Operation List .Material List .Order Type .Valuation Type and Valuation Category in the Material Master .Refurbishment with Serial Numbers .Data Entry Sheet .Data Transfer 2.Employee Assignment 3.Permits and Warranties ..Completion Confirmation in Time .Material Withdrawal .External Services with Service Entry Sheets Processing Refurbishment Tasks . Controlling Functions in Plant Maintenance .Object List .Refurbishment Without Serial Numbers .Action Log and Document Flow Processing External Services . Maintenance Processing Breakdown Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Processing .External Services as Individual Purchase Order . and Monitoring of Maintenance Projects CATS .Capacity Leveling .Catalogs and Catalog Profiles .List Viewer for Notifications and Orders .Relationships .Inventory Management and Controlling Processing Maintenance Projects .Objects and Object Information .Scheduling .Availability Check .Technical Completion Confirmation .Work Center and Available Capacity .Technical Completion .Order Release and Printing .Data Entry Profile .

Maintenance Plan Scheduling Maintenance Planning with Several Counters .Profile and User Fields .Cycle Sets .Task List Types .Counters and Measurement Documents .Enhancement Options 4.Joshua .Budget Planning and Monitoring .Task List and Order Single Cycle Plan .Cost Estimation .Logistics Information System (LIS) .Plant Maintenance in the Organizational Structures of Accounting .Component Assignment .Link Type *-.Maintenance Strategy .Order Settlement .Planned/Actual Cost Determination .Plant Maintenance Information System (PMIS) .Deadline Monitoring Strategy Plan .Scheduling Indicator .Structure .Task List and Maintenance Strategy Performance-Based Maintenance Planning . Preventive Maintenance Task List Management .

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