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Ansoff Matrix

Ansoff Matrix

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Published by: kandradet on Aug 16, 2011
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Ansoff Matrix

Karen Andrade

It suggests that a business’ attempts to grow depend on whether it markets new or existing  products in new or existing markets .What it is… The Ansoff Growth matrix is a tool that helps businesses decide their product and market growth strategy. .

Remain in the existing market Enter new ones selling existing products developing new ones Product the product intended for sale.Variables in the matrix Market the market in which the firm was going to operate. .


Tekno’s motocycles entered our market years ago and now are one of the first choices of ecuadorians having a high market share.The objective is to have a higher market share in existing markets.Market penetration Market penetration occurs when a company enters/penetrates a market with current products. Mitsubishi announced a 10% reduction in prices in the UK in order to encourage purchases. targeted hardworking people those who relatively earn less money but give more labor. minimum profit margin and simple marketing message. But it still have a high percentage of the market. . In Bangladesh’s market Lifebuoy shop. In 2000. introduced by the unilever. Being one of the oldest shops in the market. Having a strong distribution channel. They have big competitors as Susuki.

DS) appeal to the adult/grey market by introducing games such as Brain Train.g. then repositioned itself to target kids by promotional campaigns in schools. Lucozade was first marketed for sick children and then rebranded to target athletes as an energy drink. Nintendo are making hand held games consoles (e.Market development This is the strategy of selling an existing product to new markets. This could involve selling to an overseas market. Maggie noodles initially targeted to working women. advertising strategies . or a new market segment.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Least risky of all four strategies This involves taking an existing product and developing it in existing markets Coca-Cola developed to have vanilla. "Skinny Lattes" and low fat/calorie syrups at Starbucks. lime. They developed the new product. . Starbucks introduced new product developments in order to compete with companies aiming to offer consumers more health conscience drink options. cherry and diet varieties (amongst others) in the SOFT DRINKS market. this year they developed this product trying to achieve the play station customers. adding to the xperiasmartphone the option to play in another level. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

DIVERSIFICATION This is the process of selling different. . unrelated goods or services in unrelated markets This is the most risky of all four strategies Virgin Media moved from music production to travel and mobile phones Walt Disney moved from producing animated movies to theme parks and vacation properties Canon diversified from a camera-making company into producing an entirely new range of office equipment.

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