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Shimshon, Superheroes, and Leadership

Shimshon, Superheroes, and Leadership

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Published by Aqibha Y Weisinger
A Chabura comparing Shimshon's story to the idea of a superhero, asking whether superheroes are necessarily always so great.
A Chabura comparing Shimshon's story to the idea of a superhero, asking whether superheroes are necessarily always so great.

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Published by: Aqibha Y Weisinger on Aug 16, 2011
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A Jewish Perspective

CHAVRUTA FEST 2 !! M"shevet Chev#ei M$shi$ch %r"&'ht T" ("& %) T*evet %eit Mi+r$sh
,Resp"-si.i#it) /"r e're'i"&s err"rs, .$+ i-terpret$ti"-s, $-+ $-)thi-' h"rri.#) "//e-sive0 A1iv$ 2eisi-'er3

Let &s s&''est $ p"ssi.#e $-swer .) $-$#)*i-' $ ch$r$cter i- T$-$ch wh"se st"r) .e$rs $ stri1i-' rese6.#$-ce t" the .$sic "&t#i-e "/ the s&perher" st"ries we $## h$ve 'r"w- &p with7

,It 6$) he#p, .&t is-8t $.s"#&te#) -ecess$r), t" 9&ic1#) s1i6 thr"&'h the st"r) "/ Shi6sh"- i- $ T$-$ch .e/"re this7 It is i- Sh"/ti6 !:;!<3 2h$t +"es Shi6sh"- h$ve i- c"66"- with s&perher" st"ries5

O&r her" h$s $- "ri'i- st"r) i- which 're$t-ess is thr&st &p"- hi67
>? @AB C?DBEF ,@E@? ?G?HI HAJ KEFHL LMAF? ?GI EBN?E ,M B 0JGF C?HIAM C?KFLB O?I @E@? CGK?E ,EPFE ?GOJ KQBFPP JHARP OQM F?M ?J?E ,I JOL? MLE JA@H EKFME QEGP0 ,JGJ J?LM APM?E JFMJ LM @E@? SMLP MA?E ,> TI KOL?E K?AJE KOL? MLE JA@H KM MG0 ,LME AUFE T?? ?KFK LME MG ?APFJ JKHE ,O MPD LU ?LUMK0 ,LH JLH? ML JAEPE TI KOL?E JAJ SGJ ?U ,J MEJE TDIJ TP AHGJ J?J? C?JLM A?VG ?U EFMA C?KFLB O?P LMAF? KM H?FEJL LQ? 0 1 A-+ the chi#+re- "/ Isr$e# $'$i- +i+ th$t which w$s evi# i- the si'ht "/ the LORDW $-+ the LORD +e#ivere+ the6 i-t" the h$-+ "/ the Phi#isti-es /"rt) )e$rs7 {P} 2 A-+ there w$s $ cert$i- 6$- "/ X"r$h, "/ the /$6i#) "/ the D$-ites, wh"se -$6e w$s M$-"$hW $-+ his wi/e w$s .$rre-, $-+ ."re -"t7 3 A-+ the $-'e# "/ the LORD $ppe$re+ &-t" the w"6$-, $-+ s$i+ &-t" her0 Y%eh"#+ -"w, th"& $rt .$rre-, $-+ h$st -"t ."r-eW .&t th"& sh$#t c"-ceive, $-+ .e$r $ s"-7 4 N"w there/"re .ew$re, I pr$) thee, $-+ +ri-1 -" wi-e -"r str"-' +ri-1, $-+ e$t -"t $-) &-c#e$- thi-'7 5 F"r, #", th"& sh$#t c"-ceive, $-+ .e$r $ s"-W $-+ -" r$*"r sh$## c"6e &p"- his he$+W /"r the chi#+ sh$## .e $ N$*irite &-t" ="+ /r"6 the w"6.W $-+ he sh$## .e'i- t" s$ve Isr$e# "&t "/ the h$-+ "/ the Phi#isti-es7Y

S&per6$-8s Ori'i- St"r) ,C"-+e-se+3

O&r her" h$s $.i#ities th$t $re .e)"-+ -"r6$# h&6$- c$p$.i#it)
O? @AB C?DBEF ,EMI?E JKGPK EPME E?IME TEFPF OA?E ,J >MF KE?AM A?BU JGJE JKGPK ?PAU OH EKMA@L0 ,HNFU EJHNF?E @E@? QEA E?LH QLRKE ,E E?IML O?>J MLE EO?I T?M JPEMPE ?O>J JFH AFM KM EPMLE 5 The- we-t S$6s"- +"w-, $-+ his /$ther $-+ his 6"ther, t" Ti6-$h, $-+ c$6e t" the vi-e)$r+s "/ Ti6-$hW $-+, .eh"#+, $ )"&-' #i"- r"$re+ $'$i-st hi67 6 A-+ the spirit "/ the LORD c$6e 6i'hti#) &p"- hi6, $-+ he re-t hi6 $s "-e w"&#+ h$ve re-t $ 1i+, $-+ he h$+ -"thi-' i- his h$-+W .&t he t"#+ -"t his /$ther "r his 6"ther wh$t he h$+ +"-e7

A#th"&'h "&r her" see6s i-vi-ci.#e, he h$s "-e cr&ci$# we$1-ess, which wi## re-+er hi6 +e/e$t$.#e7
VD @AB C?DBEF ,LH JLH ML JAEP JL APM?E EIL LU KM JL O>?E ,V? ANE ?KQL> CM ?PM TDIP ?GM C?JLM A?VG ?U ?FMA COMJ LUU ?K??JE ?K?LQE ?QU ?GPP0 17 A-+ he t"#+ her $## his he$rt, $-+ s$i+ &-t" her0 YThere h$th -"t c"6e $ r$*"r &p"- 6) he$+W /"r I h$ve .ee- $ N$*irite &-t" ="+ /r"6 6) 6"therYs w"6.W i/ I .e sh$ve-, the- 6) stre-'th wi## '" /r"6 6e, $-+ I sh$## .ec"6e we$1, $-+ .e #i1e $-) "ther 6$-7Y

%ec$&se "/ his ["., his we$1-ess, "r [&st p#$i- c"-ve-ie-ce, "&r her" 1eeps 6$-) $spects "/ his i+e-tit) /r"6 "ther pe"p#e, "/te- e-+i-' &p #ivi-' $ +"&.#e #i/e, $-+ str$i-i-' his re#$ti"-ship with th"se c#"se t" hi67
\Mr. Incredible0 O/ c"&rse I h$ve $ secret i+e-tit)7 I +"-Yt 1-"w $ si-'#e s&perher" wh" +"es-Yt7 2h" w$-ts the press&re "/ .ei-' s&per $## the ti6e5 Helen0 O/ c"&rse I h$ve $ secret i+e-tit)7 C$- )"& see 6e i- this $t the, $t the s&per6$r1et5 C"6e "-] 2h"Y+ w$-t t" '" sh"ppi-' $s E#$sti'ir#, 1-"w wh$t I 6e$-5^ ;The I-cre+i.#es \Alfred Pennyworth0 I $ss&6e th$t $s )"&Yre t$1i-' "- the &-+erw"r#+, this s)6."# is $ pers"-$ t" pr"tect th"se )"& c$re $."&t /r"6 repris$#s7 Br ce !"yne0 ("& thi-1i-' $."&t R$che#5 Alfred Pennyworth0 Act&$##), sir, I w$s thi-1i-' "/ 6)se#/7^ \Br ce !"yne0 R$che#, $##; $## this, it; itYs -"t 6e, i-si+e, I $6, I $6 6"re7^ ;%$t6$- %e'i-s O? @AB C?DBEF ,F@IP MEJ JGMK ?U M?J @E@?P ?U EHO? ML EPME E?IME ,O LMAF?I C?LFP C?KFLB M?JJ KHIE C?KFLBP ,T?M JPEMPE ?O>J HNFU EJHNF?E @E@? QEA E?LH QLRKE ,E JFH AFM KM EPMLE E?IML O?>J MLE EO?I VD @AB C?DBEF ,FLF JV ?KM T?M SILE S?KIJM APMK S?M E?LM APMKE ,ED LEO> SQU JPI ?L KO>J MLE ?I KLKJ C?PHB 4 %&t his /$ther $-+ his 6"ther 1-ew -"t th$t it w$s "/ the LORDW /"r he s"&'ht $- "cc$si"$'$i-st the Phi#isti-es7 N"w $t th$t ti6e the Phi#isti-es h$+ r&#e "ver Isr$e#7 6 A-+ the spirit "/ the LORD c$6e 6i'hti#) &p"- hi6, $-+ he re-t hi6 $s "-e w"&#+ h$ve re-t $ 1i+, $-+ he h$+ -"thi-' i- his h$-+W .&t he t"#+ -"t his /$ther "r his 6"ther wh$t he h$+ +"-e7 15 A-+ she s$i+ &-t" hi60 YH"w c$-st th"& s$)0 I #"ve thee, whe- th) he$rt is -"t with 6e5 th"& h$st 6"c1e+ 6e these three ti6es, $-+ h$st -"t t"#+ 6e wherei- th) 're$t stre-'th #ieth7Y

O&r her" is -ever the #e$+er "/ $ $- $r6) "r $ /i'hti-' te$6, "r p$rt "/ $ p"#ice /"rce "/ s"6e s"rt, .&t r$ther $#w$)s /i'hts his .$tt#es .) hi6se#/ $-+ "&tsi+e "/ re'&#$r '"ver-6e-t $&th"rit)7
#i$ %ordon0 This '&) +i+ +e#iver &s "-e "/ the cit)Ys .i''est cri6e #"r+s7 &oeb0 N" "-e t$1es the #$w i-t" their "w- h$-+s i- 6) cit)7 U-+erst$-+5 ;%$t6$- %e'i-s ED @AB C?DBEF ,JHA CPH ?GM JFH ?U C?KFLBP CHBJ ?K?@G TEFPF CJL APM?E ,>0 ,KEIGVJ ?GF T?I OQM O?BL CF?E IGV LM IGV TB?E C?OBL Q@?E C?LHEF KEMP FLF OUL?E TEFPF SL?E ,O SEKI0 ,K?V CAU OHE JP@ OHE F?O>P AHI?E C?KFLB KEP@I QLF?E C?O?BLI FM AHI?E ,J0 ,C?KFLB ELH?E EJHAPL JGK?E EKFM KM Q@L ?U ?GPKJ TKQ TEFPF EAPM?E KMV JFH ?P C?KFLB EAPM?E ,E FMI J?IM KME JKEM EBAF?E0 ,LOQM AQME CUI ?KP@G CM ?U KMVU TEFHK CM TEFPF CJL APM?E ,V0 ,CD?H HLN `?HNI IF?E OA?E JLEO> JUP SA? LH @EF CKEM S?E ,Q 3 A-+ S$6s"- s$i+ &-t" the60 YThis ti6e sh$## I .e 9&its with the Phi#isti-es, whe- I +" the6 $ 6ischie/7Y 4A-+ S$6s"- we-t $-+ c$&'ht three h&-+re+ /"aes, $-+ t""1 t"rches, $-+ t&r-e+ t$i# t" t$i#, $-+ p&t $ t"rch i- the 6i+st .etwee- ever) tw" t$i#s7 5 A-+ whehe h$+ set the t"rches "- /ire, he #et the6 '" i-t" the st$-+i-' c"r- "/ the Phi#isti-es, $-+ .&r-t &p ."th the sh"c1s $-+ the st$-+i-' c"r-, $-+ $#s" the "#ive)$r+s7 6 The- the Phi#isti-es s$i+0 Y2h" h$th +"-e this5Y A-+ the) s$i+0 YS$6s"-, the s"-;i-;#$w "/ the Ti6-ite, .ec$&se he h$th t$1e- his wi/e, $-+ 'ive- her t" his c"6p$-i"-7Y A-+ the Phi#isti-es c$6e &p, $-+ .&r-t her $-+ her /$ther with /ire7 7 A-+ S$6s"- s$i+ &-t" the60 YI/ )e +" $/ter this 6$--er, s&re#) I wi## .e $ve-'e+ "/ )"&, $-+ $/ter th$t I wi## ce$se7Y ' A-+ he s6"te the6 hip $-+ thi'h with $ 're$t s#$&'hterW $-+ he we-t +"w- $-+ +we#t i- the c#e/t "/ the r"c1 "/ Et$6 ED @AB C?DBEF ,E?KEHEAV LH AFM C?KIHJ JG??JKE @E@? QEA E?LH QLRKE EKMA@L EH?AJ C?KFLBE ?QL OH MI MEJ ,O? E?O? LHP E?AENM ENP?E FMI EAHI AFM C?KFBU0 ,F?M `LM JI S?E JQ@?E EO? QLF?E J?AD AEPQ ?QL MRP?E ,ED0 ,F?M `LM ?K?UJ AEPQJ ?QLI C?KAPQ AEPQ AEPQJ ?QLI TEFPF APM?E ,VD0 ,?QL KPA MEJJ CE@PL MA@?E EO?P ?QLJ SLF?E AIOL EKLUU ?J?E ,V?0 14 2he- he c$6e &-t" Lehi, the Phi#isti-es sh"&te+ $s the) 6et hi6W $-+ the spirit "/ the LORD c$6e 6i'hti#) &p"- hi6, $-+ the r"pes th$t were &p"- his $r6s .ec$6e $s /#$a th$t w$s .&r-t with /ire, $-+ his .$-+s +r"ppe+ /r"6 "// his h$-+s7 15 A-+ he /"&-+ $ -ew [$w."-e "/ $- +"-1e), $-+ p&t /"rth his h$-+, $-+ t""1 it, $-+ s6"te $ th"&s$-+ 6etherewith7 16 A-+ S$6s"- s$i+0 2ith the [$w."-e "/ $- +"-1e), he$ps &p"- he$ps, with the [$w."-e "/ $- +"-1e) h$ve I s6itte- $ th"&s$-+ 6e-7 17 A-+ it c$6e t" p$ss, whe-

he h$+ 6$+e $- e-+ "/ spe$1i-', th$t he c$st $w$) the [$w."-e "&t "/ his h$-+W $-+ th$t p#$ce w$s c$##e+ R$6$th;#ehi \What should be emphasized in this story was the bravery of the Philistine soldiers, specifically
the ones in the back who kept charging even after seeing 700 or so of their comrades go down with shattered skulls. We're talking about guys who probably climbed over a pile of bodies !"feet high to get to him. #f this story seems improbable, you can always claim mistranslation .We like to think they merely made the mistake of confusing a donkey's $awbone with that of a %yrannosaurus &e'. (r, perhaps )donkey's $awbone) was mistranslated from the original *ebrew word for )minigun.)+ ",racked.com

!7 I- these tw" st"ries, +"es Shi6sh"- ever $ppe$r with $-)"-e e#se5 27 D" the P#ishti6 perceive Shi6sh"-8s $cti"-s $s $- $ct "/ w$r .) the Jewish pe"p#e, "r the 'riev$-ces "/ "-e i-+ivi+&$#5 VD @AB C?DBEF KQM C@G JP@GME C?JLMJ JVJ CHBJ SM MG ?G@VQE MG ?GAUV @E@? ?GOM APM?E @E@? LM TEFPF MA@?E ,QU C?KFLBP ?G?H ?KFP 2'A-+ S$6s"- c$##e+ &-t" the LORD, $-+ s$i+0 YO L"r+ =OD, re6e6.er 6e, I pr$) Thee, $-+ stre-'the- 6e, I pr$) Thee, "-#) this "-ce, O ="+, th$t I 6$) .e this "-ce $ve-'e+ "/ the Phi#isti-es /"r 6) tw" e)es7Y0 !7 2h" is the s&.[ect "/ Shi6sh"-8s pr$)er5 2h$t +"es he $s1 /"r5 27 %$se+ "- the c"-te-t "/ his pr$)er +"es Shi6sh"- view hi6se#/ $s p$rt "/ $ #$r'er /"rce, "r $s $ #"-e /i'hter5

QbJc I AED QG `O I @AB JGFJ FMA KUNP ?PLFEA? OEPLK O>GU T?LE@F TEFPF LFE QKB? LFE TEHO> LF EG?O K?IF SOPLL CLEH ?A?IM JFLFL CLEH ?L@ JFLF F?@J LMEPFE TAJME JFP The p$ss&1 c"6p$res three \#i'htwei'hts^ t" three \he$v)wei'hts^ t" te## )"& th$t the %$tei Di- "/ =i+"-, $-+ "/ (i/t$ch, "nd of (hi$)hon* is e9&$# t" th"se "/ M"she, Ah$r"-, $-+ Sh6&e#7 H"w is Shi6sh"- .ei-' c#$ssi/ie+ here5 2h" is c"-si+ere+ .etter th$- hi65 2h$t +"es th$t sh"w $."&t h"w J&+$is6 6i'ht view $ S&perher"5

ED @AB C?DBEF ,?QLI EFDG?E JOEJ?I EGQ?E C?KFLB ELH?E ,D0 ,EGL JFH AFMU EL KEFHL EG?LH TEFPF KM AENML EAPM?E EG?LH CK?LH JPL JOEJ? F?M EAPM?E ,?0 ,C?KFLB EGI C?LFP ?U KHO? MLJ TEFPFL EAPM?E CD?H HLN `?HN LM JOEJ?P F?M C?BLM KFLF EOA?E ,M? CJL ?K?FH TU ?L EFH AFMU CJL APM?E EGL K?FH KMV JPE0 ,CKM ?I TEH>BK TB ?L EHIFJ TEFPF CJL APM?E C?KFLB O?I SKKL EGOA? SANML EL EAPM?E ,I?0 ,EJELH?E C?FOQ C?KIH C?GFI EJANM?E SK?PG ML KPJE CO?I SEGKGE SANMG ANM ?U ML APML EL EAPM?E ,>? HLNJ TP + The- the Phi#isti-es we-t &p, $-+ pitche+ i- J&+$h, $-+ spre$+ the6se#ves $'$i-st Lehi7 1, A-+ the 6e- "/ J&+$h s$i+0 Y2h) $re )e c"6e &p $'$i-st &s5Y A-+ the) s$i+0 YT" .i-+ S$6s"- $re we c"6e &p, t" +" t" hi6 $s he h$th +"-e t" &s7Y 11 The- three th"&s$-+ 6e- "/ J&+$h we-t +"w- t" the c#e/t "/ the r"c1 "/ Et$6, $-+ s$i+ t" S$6s"-0 Y4-"west th"& -"t th$t the Phi#isti-es $re r&#ers "ver &s5 wh$t the- is this th$t th"& h$st +"-e &-t" &s5Y A-+ he s$i+ &-t" the60 YAs the) +i+ &-t" 6e, s" h$ve I +"-e &-t" the67Y 12 A-+ the) s$i+ &-t" hi60 Y2e $re c"6e +"w- t" .i-+ thee, th$t we 6$) +e#iver thee i-t" the h$-+ "/ the Phi#isti-es7Y A-+ S$6s"- s$i+ &-t" the60 YSwe$r &-t" 6e, th$t )e wi## -"t /$## &p"6e )"&rse#ves7Y 13 A-+ the) sp"1e &-t" hi6, s$)i-'0 YN"W .&t we wi## .i-+ thee /$st, $-+ +e#iver thee i-t" their h$-+W .&t s&re#) we wi## -"t 1i## thee7Y A-+ the) ."&-+ hi6 with tw" -ew r"pes, $-+ .r"&'ht hi6 &p /r"6 the r"c17 2h$t is str$-'e $."&t this st"r)5 Thi-1 $."&t $## the "ther st"ries )"& h$ve re$+ iT$-$ch7 2h$t sh"&#+ h$ve h$ppe-e+ i- this st"r)5 2h$t, i-ste$+, +i+ h$ppe-5 2h) +" )"& thi-1 the st"r) we-t this w$)5 Let8s c"6p$re Shi6sh"-8s #e$+ership t" the w$) The R$6.$6 +escri.es the &#ti6$te Jewish #e$+er, M$shi$ch,7 M? @AB C?ULP KEULJ CbIPA LU `EU?E ,JB LHIFE IKUIF JAEK ?BU ,E?IM OEOU KEERPI @NEHE JAEKI J>EJ OEO K?IP SLP OEPH? CME LU QRGE Q?LRJE JFH CM ,Q?FP MEJF K@VQI JV ?AJ ,YJ KEPQLP CQL?E ,J@OI @VQLE JI SL?L LMAF? ?MOEI Q?FP JV ?AJ LMAF? ?QOG dI@E EPE@PI FO@P JGIE E?I?INF KEPEMJ7 I/ $ 1i-' wi## $rise /r"6 the H"&se "/ D$vi+ wh" +i#i'e-t#) c"-te6p#$tes the T"r$h $-+ ".serves its 6it*v"t $s prescri.e+ .) the 2ritte- L$w $-+ the Or$# L$w $s D$vi+, his $-cest"r, wi## c"6pe# $## "/ Isr$e# t" w$#1 i- ,the w$) "/ the T"r$h3 $-+ recti/) the .re$ches i- its ".serv$-ce, $-+ /i'ht the w$rs "/ ="+, we 6$), with $ss&r$-ce, c"-si+er hi6 M$shi$ch7

I/ he s&ccee+s i- the $."ve, .&i#+s the Te6p#e i- its p#$ce, $-+ '$thers the +isperse+ "/ Isr$e#, he is +e/i-ite#) the M$shi$ch7 2h$t 9&$#ities +"es M$shi$ch h$ve th$t Shi6sh"- c#e$r#) #$c1s i-5 2h$t +"es M$shi$ch +" th$t Shi6sh"- +"es -"t5
"We have created a society where we freely allow men and women to take the law into their own hands. Cape or no cape, brightly colored logo or not, A superhero is a vigilante who is taking the law into his own hands....We empower other people to fight our battles for us, and then we wonder why it is we feel so powerless in our lives. To allow one man to act as judge, jury, and e ecutioner, to allow him to roam the streets to do as he pleases, with no worry from the police, from the !"#, the government, anybody, is a ridiculous shame to the concept of justice" $!rom "%owers", "y "rian &ichael "endis

\Mr. Incredible0 N" 6$tter h"w 6$-) ti6es )"& s$ve the w"r#+, it $#w$)s 6$-$'es t" 'et .$c1 i- [e"p$r+) $'$i-7 S"6eti6es I [&st w$-t it t" st$) s$ve+] ("& 1-"w, /"r $ #itt#e .it5 I /ee# #i1e the 6$i+W I [&st c#e$-e+ &p this 6ess] C$- we 1eep it c#e$- /"r777 /"r te6i-&tes]^ ;The I-cre+i.#es

Is there r""6 /"r S&perher"es i- J&+$is6 $t $##5

,B 0JGF C?HIAM C?KFLB O?I @E@? CGK?E @E@? ?G?HI HAJ KEFHL LMAF? ?GI EBN?E ,M ,JOL? MLE JA@H EKFME QEGP EPFE ?GOJ KQBFPP JHARP OQM F?M ?J?E ,I A-+ the chi#+re- "/ Isr$e# $'$i- +i+ th$t which w$s evi# i- the si'ht "/ the LORDW $-+ the LORD +e#ivere+ the6 i-t" the h$-+ "/ the Phi#isti-es /"rt) )e$rs7 {P} 2 A-+ there w$s $ cert$i- 6$- "/ X"r$h, "/ the /$6i#) "/ the D$-ites, wh"se -$6e w$s M$-"$h ,#it7 rest, p$ssivit)3 W $-+ his wi/e w$s .$rre-, $-+ ."re -"t7 2h$t 6i'ht %-$i (isr$e#8s $ttit&+e 6i'ht .e $/ter Z )e$rs "/ "ppressi"-5 2h$t 6i'ht the) -ee+5 \Br ce !"yne0 Pe"p#e -ee+ +r$6$tic ea$6p#es t" sh$1e the6 "&t "/ $p$th) $-+ I c$-Yt +" th$t $s %r&ce 2$)-e, $s $ 6$- IY6 /#esh $-+ .#""+7 I c$- .e i'-"re+, I c$- .e +estr")e+, .&t $s $ s)6."#, $s $ s)6."# I c$- .e i-c"rr&pti.#e, I c$- .e ever#$sti-'7^ ;%$t6$- %e'i-s 2h$t $re the $+v$-t$+'es t" .ei-' $ S&perher"5 \Br ce !"yne0 ("& 1-"w th$t +$) th$t )"& "-ce t"#+ 6e $."&t, whe- ="th$6 w"&#+ -" #"-'er -ee+ %$t6$-5 It8s c"6i-'7

-"chel ."we)0 %r&ce7 ("& c$-8t $s1 6e t" w$it /"r th$t7 Br ce !"yne0 It8s h$ppe-i-' -"w7 H$rve) is th$t her"7 He #"c1e+ &p h$#/ "/ the cit)8s cri6i-$#s, $-+ he +i+ it with"&t we$ri-' $ 6$s17 ="th$6 -ee+s $ her" with $ /$ce7^ ;The D$r1 4-i'ht 2h) +"es %r&ce 2$)-e thi-1 th$t \$ her" with $ /$ce^ is pre/er$.#e5 Are S&perher"es L8Ch$tchi#$h "r %8Dieve+, $cc"r+i-' t" %r&ce 2$)-e5 'The aggressive actions that (himshon takes against the %elishtim are not carefully planned and calculated military campaigns, but rather a series of impulsive actions based on his physical strength. Whether we are dealing with the smiting of the %elishtim with the jaw of the ass or with the tying together of the tails of the fo es, or the like, we are dealing with impulsive public displays, rather than a comprehensive strategy. As a first step to raising the spirit of the people and encouraging them, his actions are significant, but they cannot serve as a substitute for a long$term program. %ut simply, a valiant hero does not substitute for a political leader, and heroic acts, impressive as they may be, do not come in place of an overall campaign. Therefore, the verse does not speak of (himshon as saving #srael for the long term, but rather that he will begin to deliver #srael out of the hand of the %elishtim )v.*+. ,is actions can serve as a good start, but they do not constitute a long$term solution. #t seems that this is one of the reasons that Chazal referred to (himshon, -id.on and /iftach as 'lightweights0 and contrasted them with &oshe, Aharon and (hemu.el. The two groups are set apart not only in their spiritual greatness, but also in their political leadership.0 ;R$v M"she Lichte-stei-, \The N$*iriteship "/ Shi6sh"-^, htt/011www.2b$3 tor"h.or41"rchi2e1h"ft"r"136n")o.ht$


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