in violent activity against Hell's Angels motorcycle gang members or citizens in Lakeport. Approximately thirty to forty Vagos motorcycle gang members were observed on their motorcycles moving up and down Main Street. The Vagos motorcycle riders committed various violations of the law by manipulating their motorcycles on the roadway in an unsafe manner. The Lakeport Police Department was concerned that the actions of the Vagos motorcycle street gang could escalate a violent confrontation. Because of their concerns, the Lakeport POli.~e..1.tartment reqUested. mutual assistance from the Lake County Sheriffs Departmr' , ite Clearlake Poli~.~ Department, the California Highway Patrol, and the Car ~'~a. State Park Servi ~l.,.~1 the above agencies responded to the mutual assistane . uest.

Api s de' ~~e·dy the law enforcement leadership, including Sheriff b Rivero, to reducezh of traffic, including Vagos motorcycle gang members, to the Lakeport downto rea. Law enforcement erected barricades on Main Street and they were able to restric access to the downtown area and restore order. The Vag os motorcycle gang members proceeded to park their vehicles and entered a local bar on Main Street.




"l..'" .


CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of this report are confidential and protected pursuant to the "Attorney-Client" privilege. No portion of this report shall be reviewed, copied, duplicated, saved, electronically stored, forwarded or otherwise transmitted to any third party without the express written permission of County Counsel. County of Lake

Law enforcement maintained a presence in downtown Lakeport and a command post was established in the parking lot near the Lake County District Attorney's Office. While monitoring the Vagos motorcycle gang, a report was received from law enforcement that as many as one hundred to one hundred and fifty (100-150) Hell's Angels motorcycle gang members were traveling to the southern portion of Lake County. Law enforcement sources also produced information that the Hell's Angels could be heading to Lakeport for a confrontation with the Vagos motorcycle street gang. Multiple law enforcement sources contacted the Lake County Sgeriffs Department and reported various sightings of the Hell's Angels as that group ~<~eded towards Lake County. It was believed the approach of the Hell's Angels t,&:l"be retaliatory ~®¥e a against the Vagos. ., ~ ,} '" The prospect of one hundred to one hundr.,_eq gang members in Lakeport, or other areas of th~ unity, coupled ~~Q.. Vagos motorcycle gang members in Lakeport ¢f"e oed an environm fbr law enforcement that caused Sheriff Rivero to c~pt~iCl~rtaking necess,a teps to preserve order by keeping the motorcycle gangs sE?p~fmed.Law enforG~~eAt in the area totaled. approximately forty officers. The two"l3eting outlaw mQtQrGYclegangs far outnumbered available law enforce{ve ' n the scene. ~Q~{I'ff,iRivero was of the opinion that a confrontation between th~e!l11€l,r®rcycle angs woti'ld:f1ot be controlled by the g limited number of law enfor~e ,.e:J.personnel in the

~~a .:""

The first meeting with co ,"staff took plac~"', t~ th .' cing of the barricades on Main Street. Order W· ored to the streetgi"~ ..Lakep sequently, information was received by com st .at a la '~O'up~4io- ~. ngels were proceeding north towards ounty. ~ %t i . a ely, sr.Q_2JjJgroups f Vagos started to o depart Lakepo eactNQ.. 'south a Irectio~Some law enforcement units followed the Vagos. cle 9(aQ.g. Addrti' n infon:;o n was received that Hells Angels appear . t h ~~'t~the 'ount . When the Sheriff directed law entorss '~1to t Sl~i1lernJ; '.' of t nty his decision was done in the presence of 0 . and ff wi ' u'b>objec' Lakeport Police remained in Lakeport when Itlru>t~. "~ed to(;' uthel"f1 of the county

w: -


-She~}ero!~§learned of the potential arrival of one hundred to one hund."#, d fi~V-{i,,~ s A~~I~ ~ La~e County, he also observed that Vago.s outlaw motorcycle ,~ran. ~>cmem. ets.s.~ere leaving Lakeport and appeared to be heading to the b southern en\i .... Lake .... l}1ty (CAD Entry 1506:33). The actions of the Vagos outlaw 9J QQ.. motorcycle gang pad&.@,ei Sheriff Rivero additional concern because both outlaw motorcycle gangs' .. ipeared to be proceeding to a point that could lead to a violent e confrontation. Sheriff Rivero directed personnel to monitor the activities of the Vagos outlaw motorcycle gang by conducting surveillance as they proceeded to the southern part of Lake County. While proceeding south, the Vagos motorcycle gang took evasive action to elude law enforcement by separating themselves on various rural roads. The 19
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of Ihis report are confidential and protected pursuant to tile "Attorney-Client" privilege. No portion of this report shall be reviewed, copied, duplicated, saved, electronically stored. forwarded or otherwise transmitted to any third party without the express written perrnisslon of County Counsel, County of Lake


separation of their members diluted the presence of law enforcement and made it difficult to successfully track their activities. During the events of May 14, 2011, Sheriff Rivero was contacted by Deputy_ a membe.of he Lake County Sheriff's Department Gang Task Force (1612 ) Deputy reported to Sheriff Rivero that FBI Agent Dale Dutton advised him that the Hell's A s motorcycle gang were near Calistoga and appeared to be proceeding towards Middletown, a small town at the southern e . of Lake County. FBI Agent Dale Dutton also advised Deputy that he believe.~ Hell's Angels were proceeding to Lake County in order to confront the Vagos w motorcycle gal)9'through violent means. ~ ~V In response to the additional information fr.pf1ll~ (~uty $ ' Sheri . ~'ero directed units to respond to the southern portio . ounty to set ~\[.9adblock that would cause law enforcement to come into co :"WithHell's Ang etorcycle gang members. Sheriff Rivero made this decisio use he believed la ' enforcement would be outnumbered if both motorcycle...,g~" s were able to 'pegatein the same vicinity and they engaged in a violent~®jJlllontation. Sherif! Ifi ,0 did not direct law enforcement to detain any Heirs A els"gang member a!J3'1d'{1"&' issue any order to id not arrest Hell's Angels motorcycle,g embers without"l~,@~ble cause. At the time of Sheriff Rivero's decision, he hpQ\I', rmation of a pr~?\cfss~ult by the Hell's Angels against a Vagos motorcycl",·"'.of. The Vagos mot' ··;rClegapg had a significant , ',. --if -'\_ presence in Lake County, ongregated as a.., rp at ~[~f\1@"ar a time when one hundred to one hunds fifty Hell's Ange '~~,ere pr ' irfg toward the same vicinity. At the time S I Ri ,ff '" made ionlt®. ' ept the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang, was av$' ,I\at ~ otprJ~riders were proceeding towards the Hell's Ang.ele~·· tor<t~e ang arl,J.,(,l" take'~ evasive actions to avoid law d enforcemen ~~~ the )reedeo 0 tPlesOyj' portion of the county. , • t" ~ on,e: .t>nde of th ~ence, it appeared as if the rival outlaw mot« , e g iR S • re in'~" sn me ." 'c. ' a location in the southern portion of the fO(Jq~~l'" ris P nt a ' ~ al'r'a.' curred between the motorcycle gangs and it Vf8slwell th tion w~ known method employed by both gangs as part of their ceneo' cond Sherlff.P ivero expressed a desire to make contact with Hell's Ange ,'torcy ngs and to determine whether or not they possessed weapons t i1:"'c be or the purposes of an assault. If Sheriff Rivero discovered illegal wea ,~it w ,is,intention to arrest those persons in possession of the illegal weapons. Sherift",Ri~ did not issue a blanket order to arrest or detain any Hell's g ~ Angel because tl1e.J::~..entered County of Lake. the

When law enforcement arrived in the vicinity of the southern Lake County border, they did not make contact with any Hell's Angels gang members. Sheriff Rivero disseminated his officers to attempt to locate the gang members in the hopes of 20
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of this report are confidential and protected pursuant to tile "Attorney-Client" privilege, No portion of this report shall be reviewed. copied, duplicated. saved, electronically stored. forwarded or otherwise transmitted to any third party without the express written permission of County Counsel. County of Lake

preventing a violent encounter. Law enforcement also deployed a helicopter unit to search the southern area of the county. A helicopter was deployed but the unit was unable to locate the Hell'sAngels in any area of the county. Sheriff Rivero also directed law enforcement to proceed slightly south of Lake County to conduct reconnaissance and determine whether or not the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang had stopped moving north towards Lake County. Searches by law enforcement just south of the Lake County line did not generate any contact with the Hell's Angels. It became apparent near the end of the afternoon tha4~"situation in Lak?t1fqr,t and Lake ~ounty had d!ssipated and the peri;od of an irnjA~e,nt threat ha~ p~ss f{ By early evenlng,;~~heShenff's Command Post situated a 'Cake County Dls~ot.,.; Attorn~y's office ~arking lo~was ~uspend~d and .~ff&Eff-feturned to their;~s.g.ective agencies and duties. The investigation did not dj\,,®~ that any law eot~~ment officer, supervisor, or the Dlstrlct Attorney rais~:..afly objection to t~cti!Qn taken by Sheriff Rivero to maintain peace by initiatin €t5'1,tact with the jil"'s'~ngels motorcycle gang in the southern portion of the coun ere were no arrests-or detentions of any Vagosor Hell's Angels gang member~, On June 4,2011, it wasJ'ed that the Hell's~ s and the Vagos outlaw motorcycle gangs met at KonQG. sta Resort and Cat ,i'i'10 near Lakeport, California and engaged in a violent confrobt~Hoh. A Vagos motor :.13 gang member was assaulted by members of the Hell's,At!~:els and a positive~.iEl~,fificatio.~~off attackers was made the by the use of video su[Vei"llance tape. The Lage'"County."~:tleriff'sDepartment submitted reports to the Lake CO~fi-ltY £?i$tr.i~t Attom~"'£ffice/wH~'4~ r~commendation for prosecution. TO cj( no .ch~,r,ies~ ave enfil~d aga.ilhstthe alleged perpetrators of h the assault. S iver~{pllowed tt . j about the filing of th rQ.~ d that c!\ tat t did Jl! ,t~sult in any additional action by the District h\t y's 01tli,€ pro~' the s,Lfs:lZ-ects.






.riff/Riv~mad irles lb~~the pros~cution. of th~ H~II's Angels .sus~ects ' aff'e DI"" ttorn oss 'CI"h~was conducting an investigation of Shenff Rivero f&&,f!!)ossi.'t· " atin§, . ~ vii rig the Hell's Angels when Sheriff Rivero directed the Hell's be s~ '~'d and ~ estioned at the county line on May 14, 2011. In light of. that a,t, Shelit!\lZ' ero '_'d the District Attorney's Office had a duty to equally investigate ''fTd~Ji.bseC, ute~~ se involving the same motorcycle gang within Lake County.



The moto(£1e gang issue is significant in Lake County and was the subject of at least one presentation on July 1, 2010 by Clearlake Police Detectiv~Law enforcement within Lake County are concerned about the tensions between the Vagos and Hell's Angels motorcycle gangs, and Sheriff Rivero is of the opinion that aggressive prosecution of alleged violent activity by motorcycle gang members is appropriate and
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of this report are confidential and protected pursuant to the "Attorney-Client' privilege, No portion of this report shall be reviewed, copied, duplicated, saved, electronically stored, forwarded or otherwise transmitted to any third party without the express written permission of County Counsel, County of Lake

should be given a priority within the county. The investigation disclosed that after the incidents of May 14,2011, there was no debriefing held among law enforcement personnel, department heads, chiefs, or Sheriff Rivero. There was a consensus among staff interviewed during the investigation that a debriefing after events would be appropriate to resolve problems that emanated from the incident. A debriefing would also identify areas of training to improve a law enforcement response in the event of a similar incident in the future. Interviews




1. 2.


Sheriff Rivero Captain James Bauman Chief Brad Rasmussen District Attorney Don Anderson

Sheriff Frank Rivero Sheriff Rivero became lnvols contact motorcycle gang and their fail from Chief Rasmussen to ~. ing hours of May 14,

2011. Chief Rasmussen

f 30-40 Vagos outlaw

A pia traffic 0 motorc' taker T"~"" ~ 1110nJ '"
i;" }fr
,I'<?-i;. .....

beM en'~hief ussen and Sheriff Rivero to block educe t tiviti he Vagos group and to stop illegal -and streets were shut down. The actions . 1frica~\;;; e er n Vagos activity. The Vagos activities were In a '·~rPl redu enfo ·;:;tagd*tn , ommand post was manned as events unfolded.



try "identified 150 Hell's Angels heading towards Lake Coun ., inute~.>.~t~ learr;ltr,", 4 the Hell's Angels actions the group observed that Vagos gan9f'hl~{~r;l~ers st~it~ato leave Lakeport and head in the general direction. Sheriff Rive'lnQ,,,,~ickno~~~.gedhis aware~ess. of the animosity between. the Hell's Angels and the Vagos rG.y;:legangs. Sherrff Rivero feared there was gOing to be ' confrontation be ~hthe gangs and based on that belief he requested patrol units start to follow the V~Q_~""'iiijVand monitor their activities. Shortly thereafter, Sheriff Rivero received reports from his units that the Vagos group took steps to elude his officers by taking circuitous routes from the area. This activity caused further concerns to Sheriff Rivero.

" ,'"

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of this report are confidential and protected pursuant to the "Attorney-Client" privilege, No portion of this report shall be reviewed, copied, duplicated, saved, electronically stored, forwarded or otherwise transmitted to any third party without tho express written permission of County Counsel, County of Lake

At approximately 1612 hours Sheriff Rivero received a phone call from Deputy that he had confirmation from an FBI Agent (Dale Dutton) of the Hell's Angels movement in Calistoga, progressing toward Lake County. Deputy also informed Sheriff Rivero that the intent of the Hell's Angels was to fight the Vagos group. (This report was a second confirmation that felony activity could be anticipated if the gangs were allowed to meet in Lake County). . Based on the totality of the evidence of an impending vioJ...:nt assault between rival outlaw motorcycle gangs (with a history of violence towar;8.~ch other), and confirmation from a reliable law enforcement officer, believed his ~~.~ of 43 peace officers would be unable to control a major fig~..lilure to maintain tH~ . peace could have resulted in innocent citizens receivitt~~juries. Sheriff Rivero requested all available unltst . fif and intercept t~.:~e'll's Angels before the Vagos gang could reach the . gels. The Va, Qs\g,~ng had a head start and were progressing at unknown s~.. 'S to the south.. '1l!oalwas to place law enforcement between the two riv§i~:g~figsand eace. It was the intent of Sheriff Rivero ~~.oP and question ~e~eers of the Hell's Angels gang to learn their intentions a.[14. check them for w,~~·p·~'hs. Illegal weapons would be confiscated and those inpos§€ssion of the we~RQ.ii~Would arrested. The be Sheriff intended to suggest the.H~'ll~~"Angelsurn arouh'Gi:~\."'r t When law enforcement~~ffed the county n~E\ tl"le'y did not encounter the Hell's Angels or the Vagos outlaw' aJrcycle gangs. U . ~~re deJ:ailed try and locate the to gangs in case they met ~~ ere to fight eacl:lr . A re~eft was placed for a police helicopter to help in I ti·· the rival gangs. ~fi'en the 'g>pterconducted a search it did not locate the gan ~e~thern ~®'\e~!t®n s terminated by I~te afternoon ~nd .tb~.mmanqt~:s{ anJLtR~;peratIO' s ' Clearlakewere terminated by early evenlngA~ ~_, "".... ~ . . The S~e\iff re o'~.d 1n~t ?~urte 4, ~Q,0He. two gangs finally encountered each other 1~~~1\,€ouQt~ ...noctl~]Zt~eso a'~ C~SInO~ and.membersOf. oth ga~gs b engag?e~-Q""'§ phy~~1 mercaW~ at lee e Shenff to Identifysuspects Involved In the ass8<lj~.s~.1he;&herftfl>s Ef~bmittE;..~'U quest for charges to be filed by the District offi ~n~Df t~e '0 ccr .... ~)have been filed .




se)rt!, ca'?(~q~::f~mesBauman

...l... ~!IbiA&M

I,!III 1!I<1I

capC~BaumF' rned of the Vagos Lakeport incidentfrom Sheriff Rivero and he was deployedjte f. istrict Attorney's parking lot to establisha Command Post and assist Lakeport p~0JiG~ officers. District Attorney Don Anderson was also present at the Command Post during portions of the briefing session. LakeportPolice •••••• % . confirmed a request was sent for ass.istance form the Lak~ C~unty Sheriff's IJepartment because of the need to show a pollee presence and maintain a safe environment for the citizens of Lakeport. Captain Bauman reportedth~--23
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of this report are confidential and protected pursuant to the "Attorney-Client" privilege, No portion of this report shall be reviewed, copied. duplicated, saved. etectronically stored. forwarded or otherwise transmitted to any third party without the express written permission of County Counsel, County of Lake

was concerned about the size of the Vagos motorcycle gang and their violations of the lahw'bi~cfilud,ingriving infractions committed in their presence. J d &1 reported to t e ne Ing group that the Vagos motorcycle gang refused to obey the orders of the Lakeport Police Department. During the briefing, discussion was had about the reason the Vagos motorcycle gang was in Lakeport and provided details about the Vagos motorcycle gang member that was beaten by associates of.the Hell's Angels in Lakeport.



As a result of the briefing, a strategy was formulated'1luded setting up barricad~s on .~ain Street to re~uce tr.affic and control th~ ~m~rcycles. Captain~~ Bauman Identified Lakeport Police Chief Rasmussen, SQe(.I~lvero, Clearlake ce Chief Clausen, District Attorney Anderson, members Q,fiF1'e~california High ~, . trol and a canine handler from the California State p'irkag~epartment as bei ent during the above portion of the briefing, and wh ,~e ,Jl)lanwas mad~".~. .• trict the flow of traffic on Main Street. According to Captain . an, there was<lQJlob1ection to the plan as outlined above.

<2} ,




Captain Bauman pointed out t~C"1 5S w ',,<, sarqe of the situation in Lakeport. Even though District Att®(ney~nderson and . smussen were present, it did not appear as if the Dlstrict «,'t~ney directed the t ion on his own initia~ye or through Chief Rasmussen .• C~F>,,!aJRi'Bauman believ~C\ tne operation in Lakeport was handled well and as a resin ''Q}'tFfe show of force ~'~ enforcement, there were no incidents with the Vagos ~e",,3f>CYCle g,/{>, gan . ,(:;-\ ,Within approxi ely 0 .#._ two .j'f the ..6'ta'r:l,0f'the Lakeport incident, t!;ere ' "was radio traffic !~~t~he ,{ag'® torc ", ang w~Jeaving Lake~ in small groups and heading t~tQ~40uthEf~Q a~a of t unty.~e motorcycle groups were followed by Lake CouJflty~Sheri' e~artm - t personu. It marked patrol units, At or near the time Ca~! ~'au~n], s aiel' he ~R~~!ure of the Vagos motorcycle gang, he hear,d ~.·i. raffic~'taf one_~~ ~d to~~undr~d arid fifty hell's A~gel~ pot~ntially makJ; ~rrelr 'f'8 to'~Lake {Uhty via ay 101 In Santa Rosa, Caltfornia. Highway 110-' .' be,,\[Sl s a O,·i to pra Calistoga, Middle Town, Clearlake and ~," porO~~,roxifljlt ne ~~',,~r aft~r rec~iving information about the Hell's Ange wa~ta..~~ nfiIr~~~on via radio traffl~ ~that one hundred to one h ' ed al}dlii[j:} Hell'~~~ls were proceeding towards Lake County from Napa County .: AI\f;JrOU)J.lunco ~d, Captain Bauman believed the information received via police radios~as co from other law enforcement sources between Lake County. and Sonoma CO~'fl.l\t
. ;;; -.. #['. . .




Sheriff Rivero responded to the information about the Hell's Angels when he requested a Code Three response to the southern part of the county to intercept the Hell's Angels .. Most of the officers involved in the Lakeport operation proceeded south towards the county line (with the exception of a few Lakeport officers who remained to


CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE; The contents of this report are conftdenlial and protected pursuant to the "Attorney-Client" privilege. No portion of this report shall be reviewed. copied, duplicated, saved, electronically stored, forwarded or otherwise Iransmitled to any third party without the expres s written permission of County Counsel, County of LaKe

monitor the remaining Vagos gang members), Captain Bauman thought, based on radio traffic, that Sheriff Rivero intended to stop the Hell's Angels from entering Lake County, Captain Bauman did riot discuss the incident with St1eriffRivero~~riorto Sheriff Rivero departing for the southern area-of the county, Captain Bauman continued to monitor radio traffic and determined some units were positioned near the southern county line to observe the Hell's Angels' arrival. ~adio traffie later confirmed that no Hell's Angels motorcycles were spotte~1'Ueririg Lake County and no stops were initiated by any law enforcement personnel. . r: When the initial order was given by Sheriff Rivero to.r(.;l~~~erSonnel to so.Y{Q~rn Lake County, the Comm~nd Post was still mann~d by G_t~i'e~",~asmussen: DistrisfJ"' Attorney And~rsodn, andb'%t' 7 t Sih n:ffARt,that:Imde"9.:?~:taJncBatu~aBn ~t~§'el'.alltdhat did any person raise an 0 jec Ion 0 en ivero s~ ~G\slon, ap am aU,pJ;.~lQ)ue leve there was a consensus to proceed to the southerr~~'ar:t~ofthe county.• n.,t~"qero prevent L t a violent outbreak. Captain Bauman noted whep~ enforcement.Qr9d~€ded to their patrol units that members of the District Att9@E)9''S In'4~stigation ynit"\vere apart of the group of law enforcement personnel. C~,t~ii"Bauman did not ~ (,alllthe District Attorney issue any order for his pers~~l~o refrain from p~' atinq in the events at the southern portion of the cou:~y,



When questioned, cap:tal'A~uman confirmed~eputy-"was present at the Command Post at the initia ~I:e,fing and participa~e~Lakep.ort activities as they progressed, Cap,tain Bal.L11 1houg,ht Deputy ,~! and~~er deputy responded to the southern portion G~qe,county With other I(~~enforc~ t 'Personnel. We questioned the source.9fThe i+~ation~@t~he«PI€I(; gels motorcycle gang and Captain Bauman ifl)ij,.cated tUt6t"'l,i,tial reo ' ame fr~ plain clothed California Highway patro.l~~r whp~aSsed th8'( rma8~ directly to Deputy~ or ..

emIe· f



\,,;Chi C'"S)nusse int~fVi~~d as part of this investigation and confirmed inltfa;l'~ge,'_ orts~' , artme~~J~ceived about the Vagos motorcycle gang and their inten G'W for, .". ~akep..~r\because of the earlier assault on one of their members by a Angy.l~Ir;,p pec~~<~~t1r~f Rasmussen confirmed he requested assistance from the Lake CqH:l'n~Sheriff' "~epartment and other nearby personnel. A Command Post was establi~~,,_@j th ~ ict Attorney's parking lot and barricades were set up along in Main Street to blgei< .~ 'IC and control the Vagos motorcycle gang's street movements, The barricades e'$~1ished in downtown Lakeport had an immediate positive affect on the Vagos motorcycle gang and the situation was brought under control because of the immediate actions to restrict the movement of the motorcycle gang, and the show of force by law enforcement in the area, 25
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of .this report are confidential and protected pursuant to tile "Attorney- Client" prtvilege. No portion of this report shall be reviewed, copied, duplicated, saved, electronically stored, forwarded or otherwise transmitted to any third party without the express written pennissian of County Counsel, County of Lake


.' ~~ ,ri. . ~Q ml~~L.· n.a~..~6"(en



c-: .,:::" ~





A few hours after the initial incident, Chief Rasmussen received information about the one hundred and fifty Hell's Angels potentially traveling toward Clearlake, California. Additional intelligence was received that the Hell's Angels were observed in Santa Rosa and the gang was moving north toward the Lake County area. Information provided to Chief Rasmussen about the movements of the Hell's Angels were received indirectly from radio traffic and other officers. Chief Rasmussen received a call from either Police Chief Clausen or Clearlake Police. • to confirm they received intelligence that the Hell's Angels were riding north on HighWay~~ the vicinity of Calistoga. . . ~~


After Chief Rasmussen received information abo, O;:;;ovement of th ~\ Angels towards Calistoga, he stated that Sheriff River .g;~Miecision:to available units to the southern border of Lake Co~ '~A rder to intercep , ell's Angels and prevent a violent confrontation. Chi~ ~ussen believecj-t .§. ntelligence he received concerning the Hell's Angels was (. ed by reliable ehforcernent sources, and he later confirmed that inform as provided by a esnoma County Highway California Highway Patrol Speq~t . estigator and frq~~l'\' FBI agent (00rom the Sonoma County Gang Task Fracej'"thr0ugh Lake CouQtYr~SJ;terlff's Deputy~4 _-_ With a double confirmation about tt>1,e 'eTrsAngels mov H ~ mJ, Chief Rasmussen believed their presence created attla~itimate threat to p'i:! afety in Lake County. Subsequent information reporte,(j'1?1the local media dtr€ct y quoted Chief Rasmussen as having received credibl ... ~.Q~tsabout theH.el~~R'gels a~ the Vagos motorcycle street gang which led to a onse from the L53~€frt';e epartment and other agencies to prevent a:s .tially violent and ~~gerOldj~at on." ,_' , District AttorneYtOqn And~r~

DistriQ,fQbrne cm)l.nder n\vas int lewed and confirmed he was present at the Co ~PO~' p in tlq ing I . e District Attorney's Office. District ~tt?r " 'Iii.'" er~o~~ . pres . the nd PO,stduri~g portions of the Lakeport In~1 ~i'hcl'ln ~flqe tim n Sh~f"ff~lvero detalle~ units to t~e ~outhern po.rtlon of 'Iak. unt ef Ret senjl'l'ld,Qthers present raised no objection to Sheriff Ri~.e~o's"'" on t~ ylaw e"~.ts?Jcement.Chief Rasrnussenwas pleased with the effort enfo~~ ent ir:'_1..a.,keport because he believed the active response, includ e b~f, Q "aes, e,tf~~9~)3IYreduced the Vagos motorcycle gang members activities al'}d'<'O;_ .d addJti~n'al protection to ~akeport residents. ~fter the incident, ~ press relea5e_~as IS~l!~by the Lakeport Police Department and In that release, Chief Rasmussen offe\l~:~,t\,i.§Jappreciation to Sheriff Rivero and the Lake County Sheriffs' Department for a~[ing his agency.





'. X~

~ 'J

r: ~ ,


Mr. Anderson observed that the Lakeport Police Department were making the decisions about the law enforcement response for the Vagos incident. When the Vagos incident in downtown Lakeport subsided, Mr. Anderson recalled the Command Post

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of this report are confidential and protected pursuant to the "Attorney-Client" privilege, No portion of this report shall be reviewed. copied. duplicated. saved. electronically stored. forwarded or otherwise transmitted to any third party without tho express written permission of County Counsel, County of Lake

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