Motor Output Power MHPoutput
= (RPM x TRQ)/ 5252

Motor Input Power MHPinput = (Q x ∆P)/ 1714

Motor Efficiency Eff = Where: Eff MHPoutput MHPinput ∆P Q RPM TRQ = Motor Efficiency ( %) = Output Power (Hp) = Input Power (Hp) = Differential Pressure (psi) = Flow Rate (gpm) = Output Speed (rpm) = Output Torque (Ft-lbs) (MHPoutput / MHPinput ) x 100

Bit Displacement Lateral distance from the motor center line to bit center line (Bd) Bd = 12 x Bd x Lb x Sinϴ Where: ϴ Bd Lb = Motor Bend Angle ( °) = Bit displacement (in) = Length from center line of the bit lowest guage point to the center of the motor at the bend point .

Bit Interference Distance the bit would displace beyond the wall of the wellbore if not constrained by formation.Dh Where: Bi = Bit Interference (in) Db Dm Dh = Bit Size (in) = Motor Outer Diameter (in) = Hole Size (in) . Bi = Bd+ 0.5 x (Dm + Dm) .

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