Uln'it 1 Tense consoudatlon: present time

Ba:S,tC c:o'ntr:aJsn~
pres(l;n;t $i.mpl~ 1 Pt~:ilen~ llim:p.:l,e 'geneully rcf,er-s to:

and pr!:!H:WlIi1: eentinuoas

facts d:,uuare' Illwl!iYs '(ruG WateT' hQ~"tllt 100 degrees Ce,lsi~s. Ii Ibiu Bri~jsh p,eople anQ-A a lo~ ,f)/ ie'a.

I aMI: ~tlilieg~ng'smIi/mi,

:2 P:rcse,IU con'!:ln1JO'llS (p:rogl:'iessive) g;eru~r,all'Yrcf!l:'rs 10 actLon 'Which lIifCin

progrl.;Ss ,It dIe rnemeut, These c,an be temporary: 1 tm tt.y,ing in 4 bot,ei u ""il Ifind'~ f/$t, They canll ~ actually in p!!,'Ocgress: The ,(log udeeplng on our be,dl Or r'he')' CoUibe :gcneraUy in pr'ogre~s but no,C ilic~uaUy appe.n~ng at the momll!nt: h
/ tm: J':trndn, itl



verbs <l11~,'d even~l(a(:tion O't

1 St~ite vt:'rDs descri,"e a 'CQ:tilitiRuing stliliC', so de no'!: IlSn.h Uy have ,CQIIl1:u:nuolls,
form, Typrucal, exam.p,(,es are,: believ t b ion8t "~l'iJtj C'on:t.:Jn~ d.(jubt,fit~kaNe, ktlio-1iij.


,m.e,an, ,own, prefer, ,unJerdaruJ~ seem, s,;"o,se;

UkrJ, JO'Vr!j ma!i:or;,

sU:'!P(!ct~ 'W.liiotZl:.

2: Some' ve.rbf$ h~v~ II stative rlle.aning and a diH~rem iI!:£dVlIIJ Incarul1'g.

Typic!1I:1 ~.x!lJmp]es arc;
J,~p~nJiJe.fJ.h'a'U~; m~Ji!rei' j',!l'e,M.IItt, !hi'i1<kJweigh , Compare' ~~esg uses:


Jac-k is naif].
DIrJ",r;dre h'tlS, a P:fJ,srh,f2" Ilhi~1! I ,fike you!

rb{~ fish tatfes, ,a!U!fi~t!' ,lJeJ that ym.l; are wrong. This b,lI,g 'WlIi;gb.t.I lonl
It; aepen,tb

what 10ft mean.

and refe[l'e'll~~S Itoi£'he paist:aJTe usually srumprnmed.allY" J.ni'l~ .e 'historic .ays.tM1'ki"I to work .. ·atr:M bad' caused h tbe de. f.lo "reSlent s~mple.~th$oft-be /Q. I bet 10tH don't kn(lW lhe.. films .ha1iian4 .t.muies of events Plots of steries.naliJ'3. imomlru.in his e~T t mld.h'e-se dd]S . ].rflSm the fust one whY' be Ius .en aO"W1'i'.uic.ew:rif~ell in present simple imstead ol in jmm:H::r.~uyor repeated habiwa~ action.e se-ron:a man .emenu. Ship si.1'Opecof"'·est'O.U end.. On Jay' three' we 1)isit S~1'a!tfa7d-up"On-Avon~ .nies.fF Tb'.naL Finr you mlEMi .• s H~stOiricprfse!ln~II'I...iot:" s~mmaries oifbi5.e'tJ •. InsEructio'os and itlner-aries InstnlC[iollS. declaraticns Verbs dr:::scr~bing. .ci~.s.rin . '" So eh.t~lise that r.lw-aYlirn'lnp.e? 2: Compl.. bad.a .!t..eraciesaJ.~orm. !JO lam 1.aJbits: YOhi tD'.f't'&ipes can b.alints aholD.!ent" to de'scribe put: l eveJlts]esp~dally to mike narration seem moreimm~3:Ele and dram.....e .J!:l!¥t'!' and *~nn1 stories' In.$n:' €:fmJEandy" (Qmiml.in midnight mili5"ioWl.pres.din'gs tend 'to b C' seate verbs.the'M~ry..t.redescriptions of travel :amll1§.h'l!i.opi nions fe.{f.1Jd" more people at'e'gi"lling' up smokinR.hop'f'yoti·tl come Co my IUt'l'ry.e. My mT h'd~'brok'. Sum.e-n:h. Odler uses .hes:e are written in a!t~lliegram' sryJe.i b~e .orepeii'so..v..raJ'y oi repeated actions This use emphasis~s .ings are getting WON'€! JUOT€. :it is pO'5\Si~ble'EO lJiSlll:'il:m-:t.esenl pe:rtec[) 'tenses.tbr: end o/. •. An-ylJ\H enjoyingyo-ur sl~y ber.This s~ylt:is m.th'epl'ay bQth {tlmilies . 1. rMJfllJCY! uo 2 Head liaes T.torh:~1 events use present (and and pr.[.he first ~ne.31 te:rnpo'.. me .Orheruses 0'£ peeseru COlO. speech. l.. and .. h.iain:ins about my cook'-ng/ Other potss.of 1Il)]:'esent s~mp~e 1 Making. '\lVithverbs describing change and development: /O'rev. /1 e ..f'u. MdY 1941: Ihew:a.aJdverl)s.] nlillous 1 1"~mpo.r.

.. A) D{!J<Yoo r~.new Car or B'Ull. dI·j'l>j.>rery.. Rtf: •.) .. hopiog ~ 11 -..e) 'reTry ~is :i...•••.pe-n~!fI:g now'? :2 Cb:OQ~eilh..mwh a yo..e.doJng 1.. we turned on d~~oentral beat~g.lvie ibeen..l'lIi.'Wii:llSeBi) does irr::uy h) ladm~sand gernde~Jeni.lhi!l1 k.Abso:IUJte~)'·!:W ..j_fiIIg dus C<lf. does.. My IOId. e) Of (:nurse.J 1:1)' cllOej. A) nalDe: B):am mammg i) .•j usr fOil:" the woo~eru:i.':omg wna t·you re·d'-'·_·' • k../It is :liUiiog..r fnux .i£f~rub.a) Wh3il: ex...diJtIlotice': l A) does ..'stime.co..'~tde(.alj~~ 0) Aoo y'Q!I1.t. :rOll .. JJl 3.re~)I'n:ulpojki!iilgat me like dl'U:~' g~ The £il...i1ilnd one. tiNS sl!ip flMS f#ghligh.)1 B)a.but A) Isurv:ive8!} . A) IcomeS) I've loome . new :s'\.:lt b) AU:ri~lu~ you ny~o rm the 'Dli vls:~on~Bu~LI!9.ai!.i:rua.•".ru!'w reachru[l:gjob·i:s teal~}~' d.••. belolllg ro c} •.idifl you .l\! Lng ? b) Who exacdy phruleco oomple~e reach senrence. d) I'dlikeeo sta y ]onger.OlJu. .[itOi:i~ :a:PlPl'OlPtf!!iille w()f'dis a) I :h3.do esdcis ear A) A) Is tllis ieb irn'l'O..~. ..ar-eY0U. 'f.~!ll.~dedret . seco:lid-!b. h} .[ wha:tM :Jomu:lol.ined. ..A.om IIIb.emwt slllJ~tab~e 'WI1):r.•••.Qb h!tvulve B) .sij! '[ il:1l! ~alllymoR .~II:.1st the end ofltffille fiul: be pm of the pedtlirm:moe~WhalI: b!ilJ.ruJw uflde:rl..(5:.M iI:~:1~h...1Iu.u say mOlt your m()f]jllJi[l~~ u.d1r o . . .i!lgB:n~in~o ~mpltiQVl~ yE[lI[is~.• ".11 I:he01ln!elr!n!oonst ~) 1':mg(I_~n.ocdy .d~sing. one does!!?"!fi.". you're Maryt aren't ymmII m fClCOg:niSlen 1m fe'Q~m:si ng YOiJ. own llITl~s car o This.arevlery bu~y!: Bu..IIlPol'lvm!1.1 Cboooe 'the ....l .O'W...n:.OJIt. Do yo~ want to b~y ~lI:~ I sell B) I'm se~~ing .••..••..n bed.. here for SIX mmlllt'h:s aIIr.ef!. But.m3..ets/It m:grtfinG colder every day. .. g)Wb31t •.ctiviti'es .I1.dmming cosmme..is: havi!fl:g.~~m Sl.~elnis :nowli§ha.Oli'.~: b!Jy :ai.et m buya...•.h.e~.mp~ellel-y • ...A) agli!:e j)1 JIi.".·m....aJ.do XQU 1ookl.•. ii) 'That . A) has iii.m of tvar a~d Peace is .. f.O.f~I"m. Irlagsu..ilhout whe~m:..[ can 5'.... h g.110"...) Ev¢fY }fleaf' I'visitll"m vi:£iti.tfi.e~fro.cwe h. m d) l~..J~.eady! . f) Wh:n's the iliil<1Jn:er~ Why . .

..'~ 11 ". III•• " •• ILi'. f· t~]e..1'..or.-..o. . " . " (just be) sarcastic again.·W... IIfI.i .iiii!.....14) " (see) Betty Wills :fIlom the oV"'-'tleas department.know 1h......IIIJ •• h) There's a.jng. 11".~. n _. I m" (depeo.. .. together.... "Ii..''III1I1I1..~!_.m.At the moment she (6) (go out) wiih Kelth Ballantine'..of .. . 1m 11<... •A[i!.uing..'111 r:r"+.le~ !!1os... il.. "''9'... aad 'tthey (i) . ..(ddnk) mor~ and more'~ ine apparently.. i'~~""'! .." .. . " {continually .tJiw l k...enr .. 's. . n~ II !!. II". More' and mor.""11. .this room.:~.len (5) (run) the accounts depan:m."otr:rIl''''!"''4I'!!'.ntf'res..m<lke )ey~s.". n~ llIj"l! " II". _~. -. g) jane is away on hol.ut thirty otherp (lop.d .ndl plemy of other iEluerestin:g tll~ngs (15) . ~. at Susan p. d)1 The number o...~ _~" ..). :i) You've OInly [ust started dle job.e '.k ~Il a luge office 'W~thab~.ral.b. !!-!-!!' ~ What does... ".:rillckeu inro the rnostsu i'tilib1e preseac tense."'IIIi'ii'~i II'''!!I "lIi Put: eaehverbin I ~o:r.ays shOr'lj\i'Til.!"..ijogi. c) I hope: Sarah win be here soon.. iii 'of'!! II"''' "". ~ .". " (w.~ b} N~~e~keeps lnterrupting me.111 . (happen) 'liD . •. 4 Rewrite· each sentence. ... most suil:abh:: presern tense. .· .'.". II II"...'. haven't you? How .(:1 a) " .'. \ :1" JlOW} . " .l<1 He ..... 5 ."•••. .' .t) to -u!lk to you now... .a.dibesides" I know he (lJ) ..Sie) all '[he time!" she told me.IL.<1t Susan (11.." A..interrupt).t is th.......3 Pin eac::hverb in brackets into the a) 1. "iI.?9X (bearr)that you have been promoted.._n i·.!er. He (.m w1]] be here next week. i+- Paulis ..e be quiet:. "'. He..lii !· "''!O II!OJ. .. tl:ita..:... II". (know) that iKciuh (9') .d) on her.represem:ati:ves. one OJ the s~les... { . '.tson~ for example. l) Wbat is inside ths box? Wba't does ~ 'n"I1"'... b eginning as tha't the mea:n'ing :n......f ••• I••• i:i! 0... Hm l m .come friends..u.....i.. .. !!'!o •• ". III•• '" •• '~ •• 'ils. ...o!l"[.. 'Btu: everyone (uoeplI Helen app i1l:rently) (8) ..~~1J~"t!l !~4. ru} 1'0 be honest :r "" (doubt) whether Ji.~. Nigre] is c) Wha. . we~w~_~ ".. " . aT ~ii!~I II . k~.... .. This rOOim ... .. .t olf whom l ('l )..4 " •• " m."I) .mycoUeagues are so j.. (dLs:like) Keith. Jr. (ycUgcl on)?' D Pay no a..II ...'I!!.e peop[c'. :1 E-F'!o. smell of OTiioltS in. . in f.... ".. " (take) Helen W. qUJ...rl?~.•" " ..eem)' v~ry happy together.. . .. • • 11m."II.i ••• ... •• dl~s3me.'t[(1) " ..ii .think) of w~iting a book... a.. i IF!!!! ~ "... ..d? ~~Iii.iday 50 Linda """ .hat':s your opinion of Ted'snew book? _ IN"!'1ii _".. ~ t:"'!1. •• II ii ... •.n:~~. (you thjnk) you're dODng? f) Could Y'Olll come ihere please?' 1.fpeople who own bicycles is incr't.!.t...•• ..dwa Y5.i"!. m.. tdo 1:f!.fI..e mesningof this w.nJ~ has :Au..ii! ~ ."'... You .. e) Hey.!lI! .....• . " • ...... I can'~ stand peopie who ~12) (apo. .I't:[.! ~ F"' " . . (nandl€') her 'wou"k. ~~.'i I! !oil ...U I ":VI" .) . d) Pleru.••... COlllgntuladol"ls! b) British people ."'~" ~~ " .act... jusr buy it! The prilc:e!!ii"'. SQ W>h." 'IPI. ~"!.•• 'IJ.. "'. . •• •• "".. ~~ 11"' 'LII . " (deceive] poor Helen.~. g) Never mind about rhe price.0. abo. most .: 'Cspe~U! m0S[.t them! ( {4) . ~) Jl>3. so we have all be. e}Wihat aboutgolng to that new film at the Rextonigbd How do 'iJ •• "pill!i'!!. How much 'I .ttC'm~onto G.ay <... youl What " .\ b.

oose the most suilta..OI[ yet anyw01iy! 1 ) •••••• " •• .gmuch mo'neyrbeo.n.. . . LOOKS Rewri(je each :5:. (dis... The foodl<lI:!lttes worse nowlu$. every w.rotl.lwiliYs.w[~hC1I.[.i.~~Af~!I1.0} (:lRlISpeClI). Wtt nor. .eop]e c:oJl:tinlJJaUylrtvtdit]Q!)!al. <1i11e ~K<lc.aJt:~dy the babYI]jQw l[1ec.) .i!!.]ylf.ppe. ••••.dia}:::s/sofu this rear. 'You 've put toe much sah. . :g~~!J~~ ~9. in..ome..!. ' (!.dy~lik~. .I stomees by POS. FiQlltnn.t ('[ 8) . in thisoffkl~ <lIlIThis :r~a~J@11ii1m5} Are' you s't'LI. e are caned.li:l:' Easeer.ned.rt.WeU.l!the:r run dQw~.iv ptepaft' (.l...ngla:t the~mOlneD$? 1 am nOl: m<1lkin. .~~. (re.eek moneY' (W6....<¥y. I a..01(l!:'~d!eggs:.la:t1elx/at presem.. When YOoU (17) .m~I.~ntence$0 that rl:Qti~aiDS the b) The cost of excursiens i'l pan: ofrhe price Ij. Pete was ill bur he: is g~ttifl!g over his:iUness QlfJJ:.at's on your mind an:the m... dioctDr. j. .~~~ i~!.•••.ysdte :S01Ime.. stay on dUil:ysinc:e/un.a. 6 a) Charles and his fatiher i..(go Gil) 'F or' instanee. Bu~ I (19 (~ls g ~ry)lQ csech w hcever it is bdore tbe pOII." .f.. ill) b) c) d) e) f) g) j) o b) ~ 'Work. I'm feel i[lg ..l![pSi(1i1.:fs~ee:ps ~11night .li:lnver get in Ittouch.!..n Hnt.) YO'I. .diying French fodo.f 'the hoMd. THINK THE SUN g) Wh. . INC1UDIS wo'(·d Ul <:apnah. '.ar)' fromthe petty cash b ox.til six: o"clo~k.se .lJdy/oQw.ble W(!i!i'd Or plinse 'IilJ[]Iderli. ..nt? .~. .o·l. in. I"m not gOling retell yoru who I (1..alise) that semeeae illl YOUI" offiCII::: is a i[ibid.ually. and sethe meaning :n3.ABOUT ALWAYS GOnNG i) How long is thilJ[waU? DOlES 7 Cb..

go\\:'s wrong. ~.~. _': :...... p~"""II"I'" ~.8 Identify any a} I'm depending en you.."_ Ir- " "' •• '" ~ I.·..IlI" .u •• ~ I "'1 = •• "' ~ . ~IIIlI'''!'' " .: .. _" ~ -=".....:I" . so don 'r make any misrakesl ( i<.I~ •••• .fieyou feeling today? '"~~ &" "''''11.·..• d) These !pota." ." 1..'" _ •• _ "" • ... and correct rhem i/nece:scS(J."1" I ~..~.. I ~ ~"" __ LI I ~ ". .1 .. " " _.11 ~!la •• " .•• i ~~." .~ ..=.'[oesare castiug a bidunny... . " 1J.. .... ~ _ ..t: net» 5uuierw? this ~__ =~ "'II. II..n .:1..11 ~_ . ii...11 1011...."'~ •• "1 .lI. __!I'L =" ~ 1. IIIl •••• ~~ 0101 ••• "". II.."IIIII Il.~ __ MI.' I"'~ __ "~ ••• " "I .. h) \VI:u£s that you're e:atinl!!'f ~~<lIIIIII'P~'! =~. "1..oe-rro'rs) possible errors in ..ry .I!' " . I f) 1'look forw'uo •' _. I"..!! ~_"" r. '•• .... I .~ " Mil.. __ ... U!· ~.!!._y _ "'''11._" lin _n·'"I1- _oi ."..e sentences._ii ••• ""-. " " I!=~_ IN II..111.I~.ethlng.11. "I.11 _ ... b) Is this '~O-'[<I]including the new students? Does"I:"~"' weal inciuJe th.. i) Aze you hearing any'd1irng from Wendy these days? • I't !!!.. ~ •• ~ . II _~ "'.. ..oE .••.. r:: .I"'~~ =_!!'''." ". to hearing from you ." " .._.... 11~.·-·.. 1' ~1I1. r_""~ M "''' r_+_~ ~ 1I1I.. iiiii..""" ~_ = ••.~ ~.•••• II. c) How . ~L' I·.!" " "."'"...". g) I have a feeling mat sorn..thes..

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