Seaways Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd Agency charges
Agency charges for processing customs bill of entry ( including bond/exbond/CRA/discharge survey of break bulk cargo) including customs examination, project & import order registration and TNEB project bond closure (common rate applicable for Air customs and also for all types of sea imports such as break bulk/lcl/container shipment etc). Agency charges for port handling (which does not include the statutory charges payable to port trust/DLB/Steamer Lines/Shipping lines etc.) which does not include intercarting charges for break bulk within port, cranage (in case of private cranes) and other incidental expenses for the above operations. Intercarting charges for the cargoes not delivered under hook (approx. 9500 FRT), unloading of shed, reloading on to trailer for final movement to site. Handling charges for destuffing 20 feet container (normal dry, opentop, flat rack). Handling charges for destuffing of 40 feet container (normal dry, high cube, opentop, flat rack).

Unit for quoting rate


% of CIF value

Rs. 0.210




3 4 5

Per FRT Per container Per container

Rs. 450/Rs. 15300/Rs. 30330/-

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