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Vajra Yogini Practice Tea Offering and Prayers

Vajra Yogini Practice Tea Offering and Prayers

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Published by: 87_ganesh on Aug 17, 2011
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Tea Offering to Vajrayogini

The Tea offering for Vajra Yogini is an excellent way to:
1. Create affinity with her and her practice. 2. To generate merits to accomplish the Generation stages and Completion stages of her practice. 3. To accomplish her sacred 11 yogas after initiation. 4. To create the causes to receive her practice in complete. 5. To be protected by Vajra Yogini in this life and to meet up with her practice in future lives. 6. Expedite our entrance into her Kechara Buddha field after our passing. 7. To create the causes to bring these sacred teachings to those who are spiritually ripe. 8. Create merits for the long life of our teachers, parents, loved ones and ourselves. And to generate merits for those who have passed to be blessed by her to take fortunate rebirths. 9. To be successful in doing our retreats on Vajra Yogini. 10. To gain attainments. 11. To request Lady Vajra Yogini to bless the environment, people, deities, supernatural seen/unseen beings, land, animal and ecology of the area we reside in. Wonderful to do in a new office/house/land. 12. If we are receiving harm/inauspicious signs from formless beings, to request Vajra Yogini to protect us and bless them to stop any disturbance. 13. For the success of our Dharma work, Dharma ideas and Dharma institution. 14. To bless the winds, drops, channels, chakras within our own bodies in order to prepare the way for higher attainments. 15. Invoke the blessings of the Yoginis in the 24 sacred sites that are guarding the holy places of Vajra Yogini on this earth and within our bodies. 16. To always meet with auspicious signs, and omens and results of our practice. To have firm devotion to our teacher, meditations and the proper human ethics. To always find it easy to engage in virtues. May the land, govt and people always be at peace/harmony.

Items necessary:
If you are empowered into Highest Yoga tantra, then you use the inner offering to consecrate the Drink before doing offering to Vajra Yogini. If you are not, then OM AH HUM three times should suffice for now to consecrate this drink. This Tea offering to Vajra Yogini is permissible for both those initiated into her practice as well as those who are not. You may use any type of tea, herbal, black, green teas, etc. Or you may use soft drinks, juices, etc as the substance for her ‘tea’ offering. The Tea Offering to her is a name for this practice and not necessarily that you HAVE to use actual tea in the offering.

How to start:
1. Recite Refuge 2. Four Immeasurables 3. 8 Verses of Thought Transformation 4. The tea liturgy below to Vajra Yogini 5. With each line you recite “I offer” you may pour the tea/liquid at the last line of ”I offer”, then you fill it to the brim or finish pouring. Or just fill the tea in the container to the brim from the beginning and recite the liturgy. Either way is acceptable. 6. After finishing, a simple dedication to the best of your knowledge is fine. If you are initiated into Vajra Yogini’s tantra, then you can recite the verse for ascending into Kechara Buddha field 3x and then dedication. Then you are done for the day. 7. You may do this sacred practice that is short and easy anywhere, anytime and any location. I have placed this TEA OFFERING TO VAJRA YOGINI here for those who have great merit to be interested in Sacred Vajra Yogini and wish to do her practice yet have not received her initiation yet. I have received innumerable requests asking how to do prayers to her. Well here it is. This is your chance to do a prayer to her daily to create the affinity. Good luck and feel happy you have this rare chance to make yourself much more connected to such a rare practice yet so powerful. My 1st guru Kensur Lobsang Tharchin Rinpoche in New Jersey always refer to her as the Diamond Queen. I dedicate this post to his new incarnation that has taken rebirth, recognized and enthroned. May his current incarnation due to our lessening of the “I” become as supremely beneficial as his previous incarnation. Whether he can manifest or not will depend on his students’ samaya and practice. May I have the fortune to serve this great master again. I had the great fortune to meet him in 1972 when I arrived in New Jersey. He resided in Rashi Gempil Ling Buddhist Monastery which was 10 mins by bicyle ride away. I had the great fortune to listen to his teachings, receive refuge from him, and receive my first initiations, refuge-bodhisattva-tantric vows from this eminent Master. It was from him I heard the sacred name of Pabongka Rinpoche for the first time as he was a direct disciple of Pabongka Rinpoche. It was from Kensur Lobsang Tharchin Rinpoche (of Sera Mey) I heard of the Diamond Queen’s name for the first time. It was at Rashi Gempil Ling my ignorant youthful eyes set themselves on an image of Vajra Yogini for the first time and it literally blew me away. When I saw Vajra Yogini for the first time, I thought she was the most powerful, sacred and secret Buddha in the Universe. I was determined to get her photo. I did and it was a xeroxed color photo of her from Rashi Gempil Ling. I framed it and stared at her photo for weeks and months in my room. I was amazed I can even have the fortune to see her sacred photo. Kensur Lobsang Tharchin kept all images of her covered and hidden and wouldn’t allow non-initiates to gaze upon her. I was sneaky and use to lift the khata covering her image and stare at her in open mouth amazement. I fell in love with her back then and this ‘love’ affair with this supreme Buddha is just as strong now. I wish all my friends to be connected to her. I was and still amazed at the age of 7 I was able to meet such a renowned master and a student of Pabongka Rinpoche ten minutes away from where I lived in Howell, New Jersey. I knew this master was fully qualified and fully attained. I never believed otherwise. I never showed even one minute of unpleasant face or speech to this great master. I was deathly afraid of him because in my childish mind at that time, I didn’t think I was good enough to be even in his presence not realizing his all embracing nature at that time as I was seven years old. I miss this great master. I will never forget the teachings/empowerments he has bestowed on me and I will keep up my practice commitments I swore to this great master over 30 years ago. I have kept up my practice and will continue until my death. I will honor his memory with my integrity of practice. I will introduce many to Vajra Yogini’s practice because if that is what he chose for beings of this degenerate age to practice, then there is no fault in his decision as he was a master of the vast oceans of sutra and tantra. I will carry on what he started with all of us 30 years ago in New Jersey. I remember fondly those beautiful days in the gompa of Rashi Gempil Ling in New Jersey receiving dharma teachings from this great

master along with my other dharma brothers and sisters. I treasured it then and I treasure it now. How I miss my great master and those dharma sisters/brothers. I know and believe Kensur Lobsang Tharchin is one and indivisible with the Diamond Lady herself. I bow my head to Kensur Lobsang Tharchin’s sacred feet forever. I will forgive, forget transgression from others and will generate compassion towards others as that is what Rinpoche taught us and I will honor it. I love you my most dearest Kensur Lobsang Tharchin Rinpoche. Tsem Tulku

Sacred Vajra Yogini’s Tea offering-For those who have high aspirations
OM AH HUM As I visualize myself as the deity at the center of the dharmachakra, extremely red within a double tetrahedral reality source, on a stainless moon mandala seat resides the all-encompassing refuge assembly of guru-deities. Rang lhar säl chhö kyi khor löi ü Dog rab mar chhö jung nyi tseg nang Dän dri dräl da wäi kyil khor teng Kyab kün dü la ma lha tshog zhug Gyu lha dzä rin chhen lä drub ching Yib rab dze yöl go tam päi chü In a beautifully shaped container filled with the essences of ingredients made from precious celestial substances, this vast drink, delicious in taste, reddish yellow in color, with the scent of camphor, I offer to the assembly of father, root, and lineage gurus. Please bless my three doors. Dang mar ser ga bur dri dang chän Ro zang dän gya jäi tung wa di Pha tsa gyü la mäi tshog la bül Dag go sum jin gyi lab tu söl I offer to the assembly of powerful mother yoginis. Please lead me to the field of Khachö pure land. Ma näl jor wang möi tshog la bül Nä kha chö zhing du thri du söl

I offer to the assembly of peaceful and wrathful mind-sealed deities. Please bestow all the supreme and general attainments. Lha yi dam zhi thröi tshog la bül Chhog thün mong ngö drub tsäl du söl I offer to the objects of refuge, the Three Rare Sublime Ones. Please protect me from the fearful enemies of samsara and nirvana’s peace. Kyab kön chog rin chhen sum la bül Dra si zhii jig lä dräl du söl I offer to the assembly of supporters, dakinis, and Dharma protectors. Please actualize all activities, whatever is wished for. Drog khan dro chhö kyong tshog la bül Yi chi dö thrin lä drub tu söl I offer to the assembly of siblings, the six types of transmigratory beings. Please pacify the suffering of my mind’s hallucinated appearances. Nyen rig drug dro wäi tshog la bül Sem thrül nang dug ngäl zhi gyur chig Clarifying myself as the mind-sealed deity, which appears while empty, and enjoying the food, with the taste of nectar, my mind enters into the sphere of great bliss and emptiness. Rang nang tong yi dam lhar säl wä Ze dü tsii ro la long chä pä Lo de chhen tong päi ying su zhug EH MA HO! How eminently fortunate I am! E MA HO! Mä jung käl pa zang

Colophon: This tea offering to Vajrayogini was composed by Ngülchu Dharmabhadra. You may recite the above in either Tibetan phonetics or just in English. Either way is fine.

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