EPA Performance Standards

ELECTRONIC PLOTTING AIDS (For MMD Examination Purposes) The electronic plotting aid for manual direct plotting is intended for small ships fitted with either a gyro compass or transmitting marine electromagnetic compass. Performance standards for EPA are as follows: 1. The electronic plotting aid should provide a means to plot a minimum of 10 targets on a radar display. 2. It should be possible to plot targets on the 3, 6 and 12 nautical mile range scales. The facility may be provided on additional range scales. Plots should be maintained when switching between range scales. 3. It should be possible for the operator to adjust the CPA/TCPA limits and the vector time. 4. Plot positions should be identified by an approved symbol and an associated plot number. It should be possible to switch off the plot number. 5. The minimum lapsed time between any two plots should be greater than 30 s. 6. After the second plot, a vector should be displayed on the target. It should be possible to select a true or relative vector. There should be a positive indication of vector mode. 7. The vector origin should move across the screen at a rate and direction defined by the calculated true course and speed. 8. It should be possible to correct the position of a plot. 9. It should be possible, on demand, to display the following data on a selected target:  plot number: time since last plot (min)  present range of the target  present bearing of the target  predicted target range at the closest point of approach (CPA)  predicted time to CPA (TCPA)  calculated true course of target  calculated true speed of target 10. The selected plot should be clearly identified with an approved symbol and the plot data should be displayed outside of the screen radar area.

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