The ELF Transmissions

A Story of Creation from a Different Perspective

ELF: Emerald Liberation Front Emerald Life Force Emerald Light Frequency Elves everywhere!!

The Only Way Out is In!!!

This book is a synthesis of two lifetimes of inquiry into the nature of reality on Planet Earth…two lifetimes, two beings who came together fifteen years ago and set out to finish their individual life paths together in order to explore the fundamental question that they both began to ask at very early ages. That question, simply stated, is: Why is this planet so screwed up, what is really going on here, why don’t all the people walking around know that there is something really wrong here…and what can I do about it? What follows are the fruits of the last fifteen years inquiry into seeking the answers to that question. This is our answer, not anyone else’s and certainty not “the answer.” It is only one piece, our contribution, our individual signature and insights, our perspective to add to yours, the reader, and to anyone else who has asked this same fundamental question. We offer it simply as a contribution to the dialog. Nothing more, nothing less. Somewhere along the line the pieces started crystallizing into a coherent picture. We also noticed that many other people, in their explorations, are coming forward now with their own crystallization, and that collectively, the totality of our collective consciousness is aggregating the bigger picture. We are waking up from a long and very deep slumber and what we are beginning to see and understand is nothing short of astounding. The essence of the wake up process is about realizing we live in a false reality, just as the characters in the movie The Matrix understood exactly the same thing. But many think that the movie was only a metaphor, not realizing that in fact we literally live in a false hologram and that this hologram is very much controlled by outside forces for their own purposes and their own agenda. That agenda is to create a prison planet in which the population slumbers forward in an endless repetition of superficial and meaningless exercises accepted as real life, while their true life force and energies are systematically entrained and channeled into a harvesting process that saps all but the basic levels of awareness and creativity away from themselves. And of course, as in the movie, the energy thus taken goes first and foremost into maintaining the prison itself. But very few, if any, attempts in describing and understanding this fact have been able to define and delineate exactly how this is done. This book is a contribution to that understanding, one that, although not absolute or definitive, is certainly a significant contribution and voice towards achieving that comprehensive understanding. It is the hope and intent of the authors of this book that it should stimulate more voices to add to and expand upon the themes and specifics contained herein.

Much of what is presented here is based on both scientific and historical fact. At the same time, a reasonable portion is also based on non-ordinary perceptions and contexts of reality. For a long time, these two aspects of understanding reality have remained mutually exclusive, and it was, in fact, a struggle of the authors to deal with how to approach this fact. Those inclined to the “I only believe what I see” category might scoff at the non-ordinary component, and those inclined to the multi-dimensional realities might have nothing to do with facts and figures. But quite frankly, to be blunt and to the point, at this point we really don’t give a damn for those who choose to isolate themselves and their belief systems in one or the other of these camps. In short, it’s time to wake up and realize that the separation of belief systems and reality perceptions that these two descriptions of seemingly opposite reality quotients illustrate is precisely part of the game of divide and conquer, of polarization and separation. The bottom line is that both reality quotients are relevant, and the whole picture cannot be seen without both. If this offends the reader at this point, then we humbly submit that you put this book down, save your money, and return to your slumber and your blue pill. This book, then, is not for you. On the other hand, if you are willing and able to proceed on this premise, then please do so. But be aware that you will be challenged regardless of your expectations and your presumption of understanding up to this point in time. Be aware also that the path in the next several hundred pages is not direct. It is circuitous and designed to be so. It is designed to challenge the mind, to stimulate the thinking process, to agitate the emotional body and to most importantly irritate that part of oneself that still slumbers and believes itself to be enlightened. Very few of us are so, including the authors. But we have at least been afforded guidance to walk through some interesting territory and to be privy to understandings and perceptions that few have had. It is our path to blaze this particular trail to assist others to follow and all of us to continue the upward movement of liberation, for ultimately, that is the purpose herein….the doorway to freedom and the pathway to liberation. In earlier versions of this work, certain responses were received. One, for example, complained of the intricacy and complexity of the writing style and the languaging. To such comments we simply respond “Wake up….and get over it!” If you have been lulled into mediocrity in your use of language, then get some brain food and start exercising your capacities. Stretch the envelope, get a dictionary. Others have complained about the complexity of the historical content, and the aspects pertaining to legal structures and that of the monetary components. And again, we say quit your complaining, time to start releasing the mind control constraints of the public fool system and figure out that you live on the planet of the great lie. Everything you have been told is a lie. Religions, politics, history, the daily news. It is full of lies, so much so that very few have any clue to what extent this is so. To this we simply say, everything you thought to be true is at the least laced with lies, but most probably completely structured and founded on lies. Everything. And therein resides the bonds that enslave you, because indeed you are a bonded slave, intended to be in bondage from the moment you are born until well after you die, and then to be recycled and bonded once again.

the whole must of necessity also shift. The next step. who have endured much to bring this material through. was the nature of an unstoppable force. That is. or to declare oneself to be an unstoppable force that will one day be truly free and will extend a helping hand to anyone else who so chooses such a path. of micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic reflectivity.unless. As true elves from another realm. Then continue to learn and seek out those who have gone before you and have blazed the trails for you and others to follow. at the end of the beginning.Start by looking up the word bond in the new dictionary you should be buying along with this book. and that regardless of how many guns and banks and countries the controllers of this hologram have. what they fear the most. by literally burning it through the depths of our souls and the matrices of our genetic material in our incarnate forms. and from there. the reality begins to change and such change is irreversible and unstoppable. In the end. What he did not understand was that his logic was only self-contained and mechanical. Then realize that if you are reading this book you are an unstoppable force. we humbly suggest you accept these premises as you begin the journey through these pages. Why wouldn’t they just stop and die as they should. But by virtue of the fact that the fundamental platform upon which this material is presented is that we currently are in a reality that is in fact a false hologram. Such laws as those of correspondences. will be to engage with that first glimmer of understanding. . we allow ourselves to be so. and we welcome input to assist in clarifying and expanding the content herein. Those trails are beginning to solidify into hard pack and are widening into highways. to begin to do something about it. That is what the key components of the Matrix movies seeded into our waking consciousness. And as more shift. with such lines as when Agent Smith stated to Neo that he just could not fathom the fact that humans kept getting up and forging forward regardless of how many times they were knocked down. of the fact that every piece in a hologram contains within it the entirety of the blueprint of the larger whole. And so. We have lived this material and know it to be true. temporarily in human form. according to the goodly agent. and it is easier for others to follow. an energetic trail is blazed. then the fact remains that as a hologram such a reality is subject to certain functions and laws. the authors of this book and the blazers of this trail. while that of the eternal and divine spirit that carries us forward is neither limited or self-limiting…. are just simple children who love freedom and love life. to your children and to your friends? And then think again…because it goes much deeper than that. but that will only be the beginning. we. of course. there is but a simple choice. of the fact that the whole system energetics pertaining to these laws means that when one individual shifts reality. And if you read through to the end of this book you will begin to understand. which is to acquiesce to the madness of the machine. But we know above all else that the essence whereof we speak is of merit and substantive in truth. Because. of course. Therefore. as several shift. What does it say? How do you think it applies to you. Soon they will be freeways and many more will follow. There may indeed be many mistakes in nuances and stated facts. what he did not understand. But you have to rise from your slumber and your lassitude and do the work. they can never stop us from our ability to shift and change reality.

so it is only incumbent upon us to focus on what is REAL and the rest will simply fade away. The Hawaiian Islands will be discussed in these chapters. Then we pondered on the fact that having spent several years in the Hawaiian Islands. and the memories of our own roles as part of that race whose purpose it is to open such doorways as these. Like a doorway. In that sense. peering all the way into inner earth realms where such as elves and dwarfs and trolls resided. are like Pukas. so please approach is as such.” Much later. there is a word in that unique island realm. One of these races was known as the Pooks. is like a doorway as has been our journey through consciousness to birth the understandings contained herein. and then we found ourselves turning around and looking back down. but meaning more than that. The time has surely come for that to end. as this material was emerging in written form. we came to understand that the Pooks were those of the elfish clans who used their presence. we then become the nuclei of a new reality around which others will accrue and further solidify and accrete a new beginning. so therefore. They. soon after we met. In was on those islands that much of the beginning understandings contained herein emerged. and ending it surely is. this book. For . struggled to maintain their connection to their higher purposes and spirits under the onslaught of those who would destroy such as they. and on fear and survival. and the Hawaiian people themselves. For that which is broken can never be fixed. during an inter-dimensional journey. a puka is an opening into other realms. For it is all about going home. and that which is real can never be broken. one of us affectionately called the other “Pookie. We understood all of these layers to be ourselves. Thus. all the energy used to create the false hologram and that is contained therein is waiting for us to access and transfer over to the new reality we wish to create. their consciousness and their energies to be as doorways and passageways into other realms. there to engage our attention. which is “Puka” meaning a hole. we discovered a web site that had an extensive amount of information about elven races and languages. a doorway to our higher selves. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. this journey called life. and then to understand the function of the transfer mechanism and the ability we all contain to be and create and hold the receptacle into which that transfer will flow. too. we found ourselves looking upwards through a puka. and they have long endured and suffered. As such. In one particular experience. At a certain point. So choose what you wish to create and become the center of your own universe of creation. the old forms will fold in upon themselves and will cease to be. of the native language.Long ago. and it is our hope that these pages will assist in activating your own journey as such and memories of whence and wherefore and onwards to returning home from whence we have come. We are in truth bio-crystalline virtual reality projecting units and in truth we have tarried too long in an unreal reality and allowed our attention to be turned towards the creation of a false hologram based on lack and limitation. returning back to ourselves and regaining that which has seemingly been lost but has never really gone anywhere during our long journeys into darkness and separation and fear. as doorways to other realms. to bring us to understand the nature of the interconnectedness of these layers of realms and realities. All that is necessary is the understanding of the nature of the template and the blueprint upon which it has been sustained. such as the use of the word “Pukalani” which means a hole or passage way to heaven.

and to be informed when the first book is ready for publication and purchase. on your sites. and upon what they think they own and control. . as well as other follow up information and components that will be structured into the web site as our work evolves and expands.emeraldliberationfront. for others a gentle shift and transitional change. it will be equal in force to the level and degree of their own denial and their own separation. this will be a form of death and This current version. After this. in the form of Part One (chapters one through seven) is the official and most appropriate version. we will soon be creating a web site under the domain name of www. all that energy stored in the false reality will become like a catapult force that will accelerate us all into the changes and the reality shifts foretold from long ago and becoming more and more apparent as every day dawns before us. dated December 21.some. One day. In the quantum whole of it. the true first new day will dawn and the last vestige of our long journey into night shall fade with the first brilliant rays of a rising sun never before seen but surely always there. For those with a death grip upon what they believe to be real. Pookie and Elfie Authors Note: Previous versions of parts one through five of the ELF Transmission series were placed in various sites on the web during 2003 and 2004. please discard and place this version. For those hosting earlier versions. This first part and first seven chapters will be all that we send out into the web to be freely hosted and distributed. Sincerely. 2005. Please check back to this site as you wish to find further instructions as to how you can access the continuing writings in this series.

Part One That which is broken can never be fixed. That which is Real can never be broken. Focus on what is Real and The rest will fade away!!! .

as we are the completion of the octave of the cosmic lens through which we came to this point in time and space many eons ago to complete and fulfill the intention of Prime Creator for its intended manifestation. The liberation of the "emerald" ray will herald the reunion of the polarized elements of light that have maintained the illusions of separation upon which has been fostered the feeding off of and draining of the life force of the divinity that we are that knows no such illusions of separation or polarization. The liberation of this primal.The ELF Transmissions Chapter One The Emerald Liberation Front Nice name…but what does it really mean? The emerald referenced is the core energetic frequency and vibrational master tone that resides within our planet Earth at its center. called Alcyone. known as O's Iris. along with other add-on genetic strains that have since that point of fall come here to feed off of the non-polarized light that we brought originally to this point in Time/Space. that today is embodied as the central star of the Pleiadian system. there is a more fundamental reason why this grouping of stars in our local universal neighborhood would have a referencing of the number seven. There is. it is known as the Gift of Alcyone. an obscured eighth star that can be observed through the lens of another eye. due to the underlying structure of seven primary vibrational tones as part of a whole octave of intended manifestation and embodiment in this universe. as precipitated and maintained by intruder races of a twisted and distorted nature. in actual fact. celestial and universal bodies that make up the local neighborhood. said original and non-polarized light being effectively trapped within the confines and constructs of the polarized light that maintains and conforms the hologram that we now find ourselves in. This eighth star is. non-polarized Life Force is proceeding now at an exponentially . which is a structure within our solar system that is refracting the higher dimensional "light" of our original solar bodies through the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn as the focalization of manifestation of this referenced octave of Divine creation. primarily but not exclusive reptilian in nature in terms of physical and fourth dimensional biological expression. The original Divine Intent of Creator Source for this local universe of expression is the center point of creation around which we formed the original crystalline matrix that later coalesced into the planetary form that we now reside on and the other solar. the real Earth over which our current reality construct as a false holographic overlay is placed. The Pleiades have often been referred to as the Seven Sisters due to the fact that. The emerald or green ray is the life force that seeded here at the inception of the original Earth before its fall into lower dimensional levels of polarized light. But. in fact. seven primary stars can be observed by the naked eye. that most would call “reality” from the limited and controlled perspective that the human race finds itself in at this point in time. from Earth. as it was brought here to this planet by a primary embodying consciousness that came to this point in Time/Space through the prismatic lens of the Central Sun in our local universe. in fact. which is in fact the context and theme upon which this book is based.

wherein the microcosm does indeed contain the macrocosm. can be applied to time/space. whereby. a star. Focus on what is Real and the rest will fade away… * * * * * * * In this first chapter. one grand Solar Year in our solar orbit around the central sun of the Pleiades. take note. we can look at one known unit of our geo-centric concept of time and know the whole thereby. as in this example. we can also come to understand the fractal nature of any given unit of time and work with it as a method of correspondent structure for purposes of accessing key insights for our journey of liberation. which we will return to later. 26. In Latin. 1 is to 10. Time itself is part of an ever increasing fractal of Time/Space and therefore. the concept of Chaos Theory has emerged. when coming to the understanding that Time itself is nothing more than a geometric structure of our own consciousness. in which the implicate order is contained within and emerges out of chaos and discord. When the cycle we are speaking about began.expanding rate and the intruder races and beings are rapidly being expelled from the planetary sphere. The over lighting maxim to follow is thus: That which is broken can never be fixed. of the root tone of UR contained in the word. This is an immutable law of creation. on the frontiers of physics. Alcyone. Twenty-six thousand years ago the consciousness on this planet was in an extended state of polarized refraction. order emerging from disorder. There is no coincidence that the obvious phonetic correspondence exists between the name of Polaris and the word polarity. This precession cycle corresponds in time to the duration of the Solar Year. there is a path the Earth traverses known as the precession of the equinox. also known as Ursa Minor. That which is Real can never be broken. as it is today. we want to give an overview of the context of all of this as it has played out in the recent fractal time geometry of known history and pre-history. With respect to the Solar Year. In recent time. A fractal is simply a relational structure of number. to be returned to their own artificial homorganic creations and never again to return. The star Polaris is also the fixed point of the constellation we refer to as the Little Dipper. but the scale changes. the word Ursa translates to the English word bear and also. The set unit that we are going to look at is. roughly 26.000 years. There is a reason for this. and the macrocosm is the externalized reflection of the microcosm. our north star was Polaris. in such a ratio. as 100 is to 1000 (1:10:100:1000). 000 years ago. At the same time. in which the apparent direction of the north-pointing pole aligns with an external point of light. The ratio remains a constant. It is only for us now to focus on what is real within our own selves and bless them on their path of return and allow the rapidly expanding shuffling off of the trappings and illusions of separation to proceed apace. and had reached a point very near past which there would be no . which. thus is the emergence of the fractal geometry of time/space inherent therein. in Earth years. as 10 is to 100. implicate order from chaos. This concept will become more clear as this work unfolds.

to be the full blown domineering gods and tyrants that they wished to be. . Said intruder races had an objective to gain from entering into this binding agreement. a hermetically sealed crucible of consciousness. Any ability to see outside of the containment field would precipitate enough of a release valve of the consciousness that it would fail to realize what state it had arrived at. The incarnate vehicles we walk the planet in today were fairly well in a state of inextricable genetic hybridization. of which much has been written in other places and need not be repeated here. Therefore. we will leave this context as a starting point for the most important information that is necessary to convey in this first introductory chapter. to create a crucible that would establish the necessary pressure to liberate the emerald life force.return to wholeness. These races are known today as the Elves. such that there was no turning back. the virtually absolute debasing of the original divine blueprint contained within the memory of the emerald life force that originally seeded this planet. In short. Just as in the story told by J. that. and it is inextricably self-containing. There was encased within the containment field of this polarized state that enveloped this planet the collective consciousness of the admixture of the original emerald seeding and the intruder races. crystallizing by. They knew that their time was up and that one way or another they were to be removed from this realm. A treaty in universal terms is just as one in our three-dimensional reckoning of man's law today. Tolkien. by virtue of their role as the “masters” they were in fact equally as much in the position of the slaves. What was required was a full and complete quarantine and lock down of the life force and indwelling consciousness. which was that they desired to attain their own level of liberation. and other denizens of middle earth. In order to achieve this lock down to its fullest and absolute level as required. first hand. the consciousness blend that embodied itself through the human race had to deal with itself in all of its deepest and darkest quarters in order to at last be free of its own bondage. It is a contract between parties. it is binding.R. Faeries. sleeping consciousness would have the opportunity to become self-aware by virtue of the ability to observe and experience. The result of this dominance and tyranny would be that the indwelling. Their part of the bargain was that they would be allowed unlimited free reign in the three dimensional realm of planetary life on Earth.R. through and into the genetic matrix of ourselves and the planetary sphere upon which we walk. and thereby the intended liberation would fail. the only way out was indeed in. The other contracting realm of consciousness was the remnant part of the original emerald consciousness that had managed to retain its original divine self-cognizance and had retreated into a safe space within the interstices of the planetary body. In entering into the agreement. a mechanism had to be put in place to create a near perfect containment. There is much more information to come back to in this regard. This treaty we speak of was written into the very fabric of the quantum whole of the collective consciousness indwelling at that time on this planet. they retained an opportunity of liberation that they desired. but for now. The key to understanding of some of the essential tenets of the treaty are that one level of the planetary consciousness engaged as primary signatories to the treaty with the collective whole of the intruder races that had long reigned on this planet. it is an agreement between two or more parties within their own authority to enter into such an engagement. a treaty was signed.

where. two primary things had to be imbued into the grids and the planetary consciousness. These were pre-existing structures in the consciousness reflecting a long ago established level of separation.000 orbital cycles of the Earth around the Sun. At the end of that corridor there is a chamber made up of three smaller chambers. by the snake-like winding constellation that undulates between the two of them. and draw lines between those five points. Above and over this would lord the so-called gods. at the beginning and end of each of these eight-year cycles. the separation of the male and the female was perfected by the placement of the planet Venus on its subconscious. precisely five times. the Winter Solstice. and the planet Mars on the hyper orbital state external to the orbit of the Earth. In order to perfect the lock down of the consciousness. that day being the Winter Solstice. These two aspects of the extreme levels of separation of the male would then be used as the principle tool of tyranny and dominance of man against man. a five pointed star…the symbol of Venus. Venus will rise on our current date of December short. and their lower minions. It was at that point in time. one would have a perfectly drawn pentagram. inscribes a very precise pattern. rising exactly 24 minutes before the rising sun. draconian races of the collective of which we herein speak. One of these was the separation and polarization of the masculine and feminine components of our true integrated whole selves. Ireland in the British Isles. inner orbital position between the Earth and the Sun. the infant female bear. and man against himself. at the opposite side from the Earth.which he in turn learned from the keepers of the Records in the north. which would enable them to have their free reign to manipulate. dominant and feed off of the life force that was now completely locked in upon itself. made up of white quartz rock. and the other was the splitting of the male aspect and the concurrent castrating of the masculine principle. This place is known as Newgrange. The relative orbit of Venus. There is a place on our planet where.500 years ago a megalithic society erected a large stone structure. located just north of Dublin. Exactly every eight years it returns to the exact point from which it departed eight years previous. 26. control and parasitic energies…. Ursa Major. where it is completed occluded by the Sun with respect to the perception of the Earth or its inhabitants. This is symbolized and energetically maintained by the star Polaris pinning down the tail of the feminine symbol of Ursa Minor. while maintaining the near total subjugation of the feminine principle under the weight of such tyranny. of Isis in Egyptian iconography and in many other systems. in that society. If one were to chart those five points when this alignment takes place in this eight year cycle. it will find itself exactly in alignment with the Earth and Sun. December 21st. During that eight-year cycle. On the solar system level. when this treaty was signed. and only once every eight years does the rising light of Venus penetrate all the way into this inner chamber. what we can readily refer to here as the collective dark forces of life-negating principles. In this structure there is a long corridor that extends into the ground. approximately 5. in relationship to the Earth and the Sun. that the re-membrance of . separated from her Mother. in the fractal unit of time of one solar year. the Elven races receded from our dimensional awareness and conveyed the realm over to the races of Men. the constellation Draco from whence came many of the reptilian. in ultimate service to the higher dimensional forces that had become the collective embodiment of dominance.

What then followed has been 26. We will find. numerical construct and through many other methodologies. later to be inverted and turned into our word Hell. and the two points we are speaking of are western Tibet and the so-called four corners area of the Southwest of the North American continent. in the course of history. legends and archetypal embodiments throughout the last . the four corners of the focalization of consciousness into three dimensions.500 years ago. At that place. to which we shall later return in this discussion. the true Christos allowing itself to be thus mutilated and rent asunder for the purposes that the treaty was designed to achieve. The other specific ceremony took place in an area we call today Versailles. the re-establishment of the symbology and consciousness entraining structures such as myth. over and over again. structure. energetic and archetypal castration and splitting of the male principle. as embodied by sixteen individual incarnated souls in female form. a second ceremony took place. and thereby made impotent. These sixteen came from the collective we know as the Emerald Sun. and through that impotence able to be controlled through its own rage and fury. and symbolic of vilifying the feminine principle as "of the devil" which is so familiar in today's Western consciousness. On that plain of Versailles. and also as a re-enactment of a more primary and deeper split that our collective consciousness as All That Is has been working through the process of healing for eons beyond time. The four points of the rotating of the life force from its center point. the point of our inception when we came to plant the seed of the emerald ray into the crystalline matrix of this sphere. Remember Paris? Why do you suppose it was named such? Because Paris was one of the two men who fought the battle of Troy. just southwest of Paris. the four corners of the wind. which we shall also explore later on as well. What took place there was one of two specific ceremonies. churches. the feminine principle.something that took place there at the inception of the treaty twenty-six thousand years ago was reactivated some 5. whose name means the bringer of the Light.000 years of male fighting male. The two male principles as polarized extremes fighting against themselves have been re-enacted through countless stories. allowed themselves to be birthed and immediately subjugated to. and the four corners of the sun. the epitomization of the fall into oblivion. symbolized and held by two points on the planetary body. Alcyone. by and into the arms of the waiting controlling forces that would reign upon this planet for the next 26. The symbol is what we call today the swastika. long ago. enactment and engagement of the treaty we are speaking of. a prismatic lens through which we entered into this time/space continuum long. Why sixteen? Because that is four times four…four squared. As a result of these two events to inculcate the energetic manifestation onto the externalized three-dimensional screen has set the base foundation from which all else has ensured during this fractal of time. myths. of the male principle being split and castrated. This was the literal. the reassertion of this foundational form of the two pillars of the split male to maintain the schism both in the consciousness and the actions of the human race for purposes of control. over a beautiful woman named Helen. to assist in its return to the Sun behind the Sun. religions and empires. upon the formal reiteration. priests. legend. to be controlled by external gods in a near complete projection of its own internal power and authority onto externalized gods. locked into time and locked into its own fate. 000 years.

missing of course his phallus. is made up of Set and Nepthys (also known as Nut). This is headed by Atum. the story of two males fighting each other over a singular female archetype. and within a fractal geometry therein.we have some clues here too. a grand Solar year. The fifteenth part. that reactivates our true inner sight. letters. We will find that the primary underlying story that permeates all of Western civilization and the structures of law. now distilled down to this final engagement to once and for all heal the deep schism in our souls and our collective consciousness. she seeks to reconstruct her husband. Later on. called the Ennead. the avengers of Anu.26. It is no accident that the fifteenth letter of our English alphabet is O. three in each of the arms (wrist. The story goes that Set is jealous of his brother Osiris and kills him to remove him from interfering with his political and power grabbing intentions.000 years. numerical relationships. and we take the first initial of each. impregnates herself with it. later to become transposed into the name. the torso and the head. When the names are arranged as Set. The energetic principle we are speaking of extends literally thousands and millions of years into our collective past. chemistry and the structure of the atom. who sits over four sets of brother-sister twins. The human body is made up of fourteen articulating joints. The lower set of four. in turn. and then gives birth to Horus. ZION. We will start with a primary one here in this first chapter. the principle domineering male embodiment of the Annunaki. elbow. Later on we will further elaborate on and discuss issues pertaining to all the symbolic encodements of our consciousness relative to geometry. when we reawaken. Osiris and Nut. but she can only find fourteen parts of Osiris. hip). that quadrant closest to the earth. creates the split male path back to wholeness. and . In the Egyptian realm of the "gods" there is a primary structure known as the Council of Nine. the third eye. The story of Arthur. knee. in which this all took place. a variation of the name Anu. the reintegrated whole male. because it has been dismembered (castrated) and removed since the beginning of the cycle. is the male phallus. when we re-member these fundamental facts relative to our lock down in this crucible of consciousness we are discussing. He is the extrapolated extreme male god. When Isis discovers what has happened. he then dismembers him into fifteen parts. this one time unit is simply a reflection of much larger periods and units of time. the pseudo Christ child. three in each of the legs (ankle. the right and left eye paths of Horus. religion. It is also important to keep in mind that we are speaking of one unit of time. We simply reduced it down to this last fractal unit in which we descended within the crucible provided by the lock down we are speaking about. Osiris and Isis. language and so forth. the artificial male principle through virgin birth. alphabet. money and national identify are derived from this fundamental mythological construct and the derivations that followed. Horus. The story of Troy is just one of them. to dispel the notion that the correlations we are deriving from the English language are just happenstance or coincidence. And speaking of Alpha Bet…. the fifteenth part. only of the male. Lancelot and Guenevere is another well known archetypal conveyance of the same thing. but we must always remember in this discussion that time is a geometric structure. shoulder). Isis. prime numbers. we have SION. we will discuss the correlation between issues of numerical value. because it is O's Iris. She puts the other fourteen parts back together and fashions an artificial phallus.

our Earth which sustains and provides us with the life force of the embodied emerald ray. the crystallizing principle of consciousness in the way our brains are now constructed around language contains many clues to the codification of our entrained perception of reality in this holographic matrix we currently reside within. as well as to our liberation. which is indeed a long resonating tube to activate the pineal gland. to be feared and all the rest of what has been inculcated into the mind set of modern populations. In the Hindu pantheon there is a god known as Ganesh. An Aleph-phant is the symbolism of the elephant with its long trunk. and "Phant" from the Latin word Phantasm. What do you have? You have the pentagram of Venus. There is much more to the phrase of “Alpha and Omega” because the true Alpha is the seed crystallization inherent in the feminine void from which all creation emerges. essentially non-existent. The term Alma Mater. the Dispeller of Illusions. which in essence is the fear of allowing the true Christos principle into the full embodied form." as alma is derived from almus. to recall that we must reawaken O's Iris. The first letter in the Hebrew alphabet is Aleph. alpha and beta. the feminine principle. who has the form of an elephant. Mother. Let's look at the letter "A" closer. is reunited with the Spirit of the Life Force that we are. Mater." can be seen as the modern crystallization of this energetic principle. Matter. is both mother and matter. outside of the two legs. which is of course the seat of the third eye. Alpha of course is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. is derived from the two words Aleph. the purposeful vilification of the feminine principle as conveyed by today’s control dogmas and religions. ghost like. and mater. which means nourishing. That is the true Alpha. The elephant is thus symbolized because of his long trunk. is reactivated in our soul matrix to awaken O’s Iris and reopen our ability to see beyond polarized illusions into the unity of who we truly are. the feminine principle. O's Iris. then draw lines down to the opposite leg from each of those extended arms. really means "the nourishing mother. The overlay and obscuration of the third eye is the illusion created by the presence in our hologram that the feminine is dead. of the body and of death that enables the control of the consciousness and the populations. Why? Because when we awaken to these facts being discussed in this introductory chapter. which has been overlaid into dormancy due to the castrated male and the suppressed female of our separated and polarized consciousness. the real beginning. the feminine principle. The English letter "A. Ganesh is known as the Dispeller of Illusions. Take the central bar between the two descending. The English word alphabet comes from the first two Greek letters. spread legs. It is the fear of matter. the third eye. and Phant. of course. Therefore. when Ganesh. That is what is dispelled when the Aleph. to re-member (by regaining the member that was split and severed from ourselves at the root chakras of our energetic beings by the splitting of the masculine energetic principle) the true balance and reintegration of our . which means apparition. we come to understand that the name Ele-phant. despite. evil.other co-related embodiments that hold clues to our enslavement and bondage. Extend that bar straight across. a close phonetic relationship to alpha. Aleph being the feminine principle as described above. which we take today as simply meaning our fellowship of a school we once attended.

Cronos becomes bound to the earth. or Lord. of brother against brother. kills his father by castrating him on the beach and then flinging his father's testicles into the ocean. out of which. which is known in astrology as the planet that binds our consciousness both to time and to material construction. The truth is that the male principle is the component of our divine wholeness that structures form in any dimensional construct. and it is this principle that is also one of the key underlying elements that drives the force and certitude of this book. this principle holds true. of the eventual wars of patricide and fratricide. The Big Lie is that we cannot create. and we can recreate it in pristine perfection at any time that we awaken and reintegrate our full capacities. of son against father. or State. is encouraged in a conspiracy with his mother. In Greek mythology. the son. or any other of the forms of “gods” that have been indoctrinated into our beliefs for many thousands of years. In later Roman structure Cronos is known as Saturn. the new earth.whole consciousness of male and female combined as one. and it is the female principle that energizes that form into life. which we can see as the male principle of our own wholeness. comes the Furies and the Fates. and once the “code” is revealed. always fighting for external power in the form of wealth or position of throne. but that we must project our own internal power and authority outside of ourselves and rely on the guidance and authority of Church. the true ground upon which the emerald ray of divine and eternal life was interwoven into the fabric of this physical universe that we embody. the basis of said system's creational myth leads to a point where the son of the creator father. The drops of blood from the flinging of the male genitalia of the Father hit the water and sizzle from the heat. It is for this reason that December 21st was identified as the birthing date of the Christ. of the primal mother principle receiving the implantation of the seeding of the Christos into our incarnated forms. a system that contains some of the most precise reflections of our psychological and emotional bodies in conveniently displayed stories (so-called myths) and relational constructions. In that myth. amongst others. a primary reflection of the schisming and splitting of the male principle as well as a false representation of the scheming female falsely portrayed as the motivating conspirator. Even still. and that is the penultimate intention of same to reawaken and thereby assist the unfolding drama of reunification now taking place on this planet. and creation itself never can bring forth of itself without the integration and balance of the two principles. The truth is that we are the creators of this realm. Neither can exist without the other. Cronos. to this day. known as Rhea (mother Earth) to kill his father. and of course Cronos is known as Father Time so he is essentially bound to time. demonstrating the impotence and rage of those in male form who have lost contact with their own inner wholeness and thereby can be . one’s consciousness will begin to slough off the trappings of illusion and control that have hindered our ability to be the full creators that we have always been. our bodies. What one will come to understand as this codification of symbolism and occultation is revealed is that underlying the reverse twists and backward symbolic overlays resides the true Mater. In this primary myth we are being shown the archetypal event of the splitting and castrating of the male. a nine month gestation period after the spring equinox when the virgin mother. As a result of this act. is furrowed anew in order to plant the seeds and fructify the harvest to come. within the appearance of splits and schisms and separation.

is crucified to the physical constraints of three dimensions. ego. locked in time. the impotent rage that makes the lives of men thusly bound so easily controlled. greed and control. who agrees to obey his . locks Saturn's pattern of orbit of 29 years to the cycle of the moon of 29 days. And in that state of impotence and control. which in turn. The so-called chosen people described therein are established from a lineage of one known as Abraham. through the so-called telling of the New Testament. and the Furies. those who seek such external forms of gratification. the myths of the "gods" are telling us exactly what they have done. and thereby are so easily controlled. let's look at the Old Testament. power. Once the male principle has been seduced by the already existing polarity between the masculine and feminine (as demonstrated by the fact that it is Cronos' mother. that the resultant schism creates the Fates (being bound by one's "fate" as opposed to being in control of one's own destiny). But first. We revisit the Isis-Osiris mystery cult later on. Jerusalem.manipulated and controlled by the overlaying forces of darkness to their own intended agendas. who conspires to convince him to kill and castrate his own father). the inherent rage at the impotence of the resultant bondage and control. our own Christos. it has become bound to the earth and its life force is now no longer its own. which in turn is locked in with the cycle of birth through the menstrual and gestation cycle of the mothers that birth our physical bodies. impotent and enraged. by splitting the male principle and polarizing it against itself. eventually being led to found that key position on the planet and name it Founded by Venus. we are inextricably bound to the Fates and the Furies. Yet they are truly impotent inside. Rhea. Our divine selves. the fate directorates of the “gods” as opposed to the self-initiated and self-responsible manifestation of our own destiny. then castrating it. Why is Jerusalem so important and at the center of the raging fury of the three embodiments of the male patriarchal religions of our modern era? Because the etymological root of the name is derived from two components. in Jerusalem. They brought that principle to that site via northern France. controlled. Uru-Shalem. then through Egypt. And by the binding of consciousness to the three dimensions of time. the impotent males seek glory through warfare. via the fractal geometry of the principle of time. the nature of the feminine principle of Venus and who were the original founders of that ancient city in honor of Venus and the Feminine principle on a primary convergent point of the planetary body. It is bound to time. another key theme we shall explore in much more detail later on. and revered. Instead of wholeness.” and “SHALEM” which is the Celtic word for Venus. as symbolized by the curse of Cronos for the act of patricide and the castration of his own father. they are enraged and project that rage into the external hologram through violence and misdirected acts of malfeasance and destruction. “URU” which means “To Found or Establish. Within this creation story of the Greeks. only later to be overlaid by the marching forth of the dominating male principles to be ultimately canonized as the word of the Roman Overlords in their male dominated binding religion. during the time period of the builders of Newgrange who knew and well understood. Then from that excruciating binding to fate emerges the Furies.

the destruction and sacrificing to the overlords of the male principle. a male who was chosen to be King for a year. will now be split into twelve component parts. castrated male member is artificially reinstated. On the ninth day from birth. to maintain a continual and perpetual projection of “reality” into this inherited “chosen one” dominated realm. Once Abraham has demonstrated his obedience to his god by his willingness to fulfill the vile dead of infanticide. and the laws are put forth that are required to be kept in order to demonstrate continued obedience. If this isn't a telling of a primal engagement of mind control whereby the male is compartmentalized into believing that he must kill his own son to appease his god. In spring time.” leading to the modern word Saxons. is the false holographic earth in similitude of the real thing. the male child must be ritualistically castrated in the form of circumcision. and we can see this playing out today in ever more detailed scripting of current events. Today. the son is spared. now. When this is done. must again be killed and its blood placed on the doorjamb so that the angel of death will "pass over. the god Yahweh allows for the son to be spared. These are the Anglo-Saxons. who later is renamed Israel. the Beltane rituals at first literally killed the Beltane king. the promise that Abraham’s seed shall be the chosen ones to inherit “this earth.externalized god and kill his son. the lamb. and the genetic lineage. later on. because the son Isaac goes forward to bring forward his son Jacob. re-enact the male castration. to retake the dominant position in the British Isles where the originating memory of the primacy of Venus and the feminine principle began in the modern age of the last six thousand years. After the sacrifice of the Beltane King he is resurrected and the severed.” but none realize that the life force of the workers is now . reminiscent of the Council of Nine and a numerological and symbolic key code." In earlier times. the chosen seed. the so-called twelve tribes of Israel. First law of order. we can't imagine what else it is. The covenant of law is binding upon the seed by this event.” or “saac's sons. around the world May Day is celebrated and “workers day. it will be the twelve sons of Jacob-Israel. the genetic combination of the Angles and the Saxons…the term Saxon being derived from “Isaac's Sons. Emerging out of the Old Testament. in the form of the May pole and then wrapped with the helical swirls of the ribbons representing the DNA that has been co-opted and controlled. the sacrificed Christ principle. That is why.” which in actuality. The modern phenomenon of Zionism underlies this structure as well. the dominant controlling arm of the commercial branch of Roman Law is implemented through the device of the Anglo-Saxon crown. to enjoy anything he wanted for that time and then to be ritualistically sacrificed to re-establish one of the key components of the treaty referenced above. who join another overlaying genetic lineage known as the Angles. as is the artificial male member of Osiris reformed. the lineage is established. In part two of this book we will more thoroughly explore and delineate the lineage and origins of these structures and the etymological roots of key words and how they became used as tools to control us through the binding of laws and religions up until modern time. before the Hebraic testaments were codified. deriving its origin back to our quadrangle of gods in the SION mystery cult of Isis and Osiris. entrained under control of the consciousness through the devices that shall be explored and detailed in this book. symbolic and energetic in nature. in fulfillment of the so-called covenant.

in the so-called New Testament. the herald of things to come is John the Baptist. But what happens to our friend John? He is imprisoned. can be controlled and given as a pledge of allegiance to the overlords of the realm. His captor has a party in which his daughter. The word `testament" as a covenant with said code and external god. Salome. which we shall demonstrate is simply a restatement of the Isis Osiris mystery cult of the castrating and splitting of the masculine principle. To be direct and blunt. Because if the male member. then the progeny. relating to and leading up to the nature of the treaty and the conclusion of its terms and conditions in the remembering of all of the above key tenets towards the reintegration of our consciousness. the again re-enacted dis-memberment of Osiris and the lock down of the consciousness. and further elaborate and discuss them and other pertinent aspects of all of this. the Church. is derived from the same root as the word testicles. she gets her just reward. which is the population under their feudal lordship. So keeping the "law" is a binding agreement to maintain the artificially created split male. and thereby perfecting the bondage that will engage the historical unfolding of the dogma and control drama under which we labor to this day. we have pledged our testes and bound ourselves therein to their testamental control. The key caveat of this "treaty" was that. the chosen seed. Once again. the State. as in reintegrating the male "member"). dances the dance of the seven veils. But which head is this? It is the head of the male phallus of course. the subjugated feminine has seduced the male principle back to sleep and has locked it down by locking the seven veils. his so-called Testament. pre-telling the advent of the supposed Christ. The very act of locating the story of the New Testament. in such an arrangement. She can have anything and what she wants is John's head. pseudo Christos. as canonized in the official word of code. In other words. Then in the retelling and restating. again symbolizing the castrated male principle.being entrained and bonded to the original act of the killing of the Beltane King and the raising of the artificial phallus to replace the true male force in the form of the May Pole. Because she does it so well. because this "founding of the illusion" has taken place. and the underlying masculine principle of structure and form. becomes the chattel property of those to whom it has been pledged and in whom title has been vested. the self same seven veils corresponding to the seven chakras of the planetary embodiments in which we find ourselves locked into. should the consciousness fulfill itself in achieving a level of re-integration sufficiently to remember itself (re-member. and the Lords own what has been contractually agreed to be given to them. trapping us in the seven planetary chakras of the physical body. as well as remembering the treaty and its content and intention. to return to the . in Jerusalem. Jerusalem. then the true controlling overlords of the consciousness that had been invited in and allowed to dominate the entire cycle would be required to relinquish such hold and allow the consciousness and the planetary embodiments thereto. they have us by the balls. it is engaging the overlay of the controlled male over the subjugated feminine principle of the original founding of the City. in the supposed holiest of cities. in other words. We will return to all of these points during the course of this book. the pseudo Christ can come again.

They are. by having inserted our once original whole selves into the distorted and inverted. in the party of the first party. miasmic dysfunctionality of the consciousness of the realm in order to understand the nature of the disease. The other key thing to remember is who were the contracting parties of the treaty. and our journeys through time have been the retracing of our steps where the only way out is in. In this regard. the externalized overlord intruder races and. that part that retained the original blueprint and memory of our true origins and nature while we here in the races and realms of men have been adrift in the illusions of separation and forgetfulness.ascendant path towards wholeness. and have been. inserted itself through the lens of the system of which this Earth is an integral part. January 1. December 31. and in it. for the last 26.000 years. but the fact is that nothing in history as it has been manipulated over thousands of years happens by accident or coincidence. in the party of the second part. We will explore this in more detail later on as well. we the races of Man. inverted and upside down. is now fully on the ascendant. there are only opportunities to regain our consciousness in every unfolding event we see taking place right now on the global stage of modern times. upside down and inside out “clothing of the realm” of separated consciousness. the middle earth collectives. and thereby to transmute it back to wholeness.. how convenient that this date would be so accurate to fall on a singular event as the shift of the millennium. back in and through our pathways from separation to wholeness. The awakening of the Emerald Liberation Front. because the timing of these events in cosmological terms has been known and controlled by the powers that be. We have been caught in between. And one might ask. locked into the crucible of our own selfreflective consciousness. long ago. those parts that still retained direct link to the collective higher selves of divine template and origin. our own inner demons and separated fragmented selves. and so. Simply stated. the recalibrating of the modern Gregorian calendar by eleven days back then was indeed not happenstance. We are those individualized units of consciousness. then. The Emerald Life Force. which undoubtedly those who are drawn to and have found this book are parts thereof. we came to understand that the end of the cycle was at midnight. the Emerald Life Force. This "memory" occurred to us in November 1999. inside out. 2000…the so-called advent of Y2K. were required to wrap themselves in the clothing of the realm in order to achieve the ultimate goal of liberation and return to wholeness. By so doing. this means that in order for those individualized units of consciousness that came to this planet long ago to liberate the suppressed and controlled Emerald Life Force. and took upon itself the distorted. those parts of our consciousness we now call the elves and faeries and other members of middle earth. and the next day. 1999. The fact is that in 1582 the modern calendar was restructured. We are selfreflectively dealing with. which we shall also explore its true relevance further on in this treatise. It is now the Elven races. Those who are first drawn to understand this are no doubt part of that awakening and emergent consciousness. The important thing to remember here is that the inner earth races are a part of ourselves. we inverted inside out our true natures to take on aspects of the dysfunctional distortions . there are no outside enemies. the ELF as in Emerald Liberation Front that are now reawakening because the great time of healing is now fully engaged and bursting from every station.

the current apparent state of chaos and disintegration. Focus on what is Real and the rest will fade away!!! .of true divine nature that had materialized in this plane of existence. the whole is rapidly purging all that does not align with that true original nature. That which is Real can never be broken. we are incrementally and collectively shifting the whole back to its true wholeness and divine blueprint. whereby the whole is reflected in the nature of every part. miasms and dysfunctional aspects and returning to our former selves. which is simply the re-emergence of the implicate order emerging from chaos. Hence. and re-member: That which is broken can never be fixed. Therefore. by “healing” those distortions. is. and in the course of such. consider that whatever you have ever thought was "wrong" with you. and due to its holographic nature. What is now seen as dysfunction is just the obverse of our true natures. By thus taking on the clothing of the realm. precisely what is right with you. in fact. we made ourselves part of it.

physically and metaphysically. perspectives and historical contexts in order to arrive at a whole system synthesis with a broad enough perspective to get above the individual lines of subjective definitions. does not jive with the current “party platform” of idiocy-based education foisted upon the largely ignorant masses of today’s . one must ask. But then. by looking at the gap between the original inception to the clearly and vastly a-skewed current reality. secondly. To begin with. the basis of our inquiry has been that the answers are self-evident if one probes deeply enough into the intrinsic and empirical evidence all around us and stretched through the corridors of time and space. comprehensive intelligent inquiry into the nature of the situation on Planet Earth by looking at this situation we find ourselves in from a Whole System perspective in all respects: energetically. Narrow definition pre-determines bias and subjective approach to a topic or situation. directly accesses levels of experience or intuitive understanding. how did we logically get to this position? How could such an original blueprint of divine balance and perfection get to such an extreme level of distortion and separation from original source? Thus. This book represents the synthesis of a lifetime of broad based.The ELF Transmissions Chapter Two The Lock Down of Consciousness To begin this second chapter. temporally and eternally. cross referenced and cross analyzed from numerous sources or are derived from internal. retaining a full memory blueprint of that original perfection at some level of our being. historically. what lies in the middle will surely contain the answers to the reasons why we are so far a-field from our original blueprint. None of them realized it was an elephant. of course. and that is the context of the herein presented perspective as it relates to our current reality in this hologram we call life on Earth. Therefore. in an honest approach. cosmologically. This is the basis of the perceptions and conclusions discussed herein. by establishing an a priori foundation of inquiry that we are divine beings starting from a point of origination as innately perfect and divine. One is to state clearly and unambiguously. This body of material. there are several important and key points to establish. What that means is that many lines of inquiry are limited by the narrow definition of such inquiry. scientifically. Therefore. then the first conclusion one can draw from such a position is that something inherently and fundamentally is very wrong with the current picture. each determined their subjective perspective based on what component of the whole they were analyzing. Many points of information stated here as being matters of fact are either based on researched facts and information. that this material is not in any way derived from what has commonly been called channeling. systems. The classic tale of the four blind men asked to tell what they were feeling when given different parts of an elephant to feel is case in point. and juxtaposing that foundation with the current state of affairs we find ourselves in. a whole system perspective moves the point of view out far enough to see something in a whole perspective. achieved by assessing a wide swath of information.

and then a general and intuitive approach to whole system synthesis of the larger picture. inquiry both directly and through reading into many tracks of history that weave the thread to modern times. such challenges when legitimately motivated are more than welcome. We are also not so vain as to think we have it all. And along side the basis of cross referenced research. It is important to remember in the context of these writings that the most fundamental issue that must be understood and addressed is the fact that we are living in a fully . but we are also intelligent enough to recognize that we do have an important piece to the puzzle. if declarative statements herein that reference information or concepts or so stated “facts” challenge your concepts of reality. so we won’t tarry in that regard. Much has been said in other areas about the entrenchment of modern belief systems. and our experience has shown us over and over again. they are meaningless to the author and of no relevance to the purposes contained for which these writings are engaged. historical research and other sources have been engaged in order to slowly and surely piece together the picture contained herein. If something is shown to be lacking in accuracy or proven to be only partially true. Our hope and intent is that they may provide insight. suffice it to say. The second important point is to state that these writings are not intended to be conclusive and absolute. At the same time. nor in having “the answer. For those still focused on three dimensions and physical reality. and will never stop probing for the most accurate and clear information and conclusions. stimulation to thought and revelations to those with a sincere desire to join in our pursuit of gaining the higher truth of our origins. wherein virtually everything accepted by the mass consciousness is part of and in support of the big lie.” because it doesn’t exist in some absolute and singular format. but is still quite real nonetheless.” So if one is inclined to belittle or challenge these writings. through synchronicities and guidance. Our egos are not involved in being right. but if originating from egoic games or personality attacks. They are presented in all humility as the synthesis of the above referenced intelligent inquiry and are only done so as to contribute to the progressive revelations of our times. that we are indeed on the right track. our natures and our destinies.society. well. just pass it all by and go back to watching your state sponsored television programming. then perhaps you need to put this book down at this time and pick it up a little later in your process. significant amounts of data. either read from a perspective of a temporary suspension of disbelief and see what it brings forth for you…or. extensive travel around the globe and interaction with many cultures and systems. that our starting point in that regard is that we reside on the planet known as The Big Lie. the balance of the context and perspective of this presentation has been deduced from decades of internal inquiry inclusive of direct cellular memory. We are seekers of truth. so if one needs to argue that things presented herein are not what you were taught in school or by your government. such as “What” “Why” and “How does it fit into the bigger picture. The author and partner of same have traveled extensively throughout the world for decades visiting many places of import in this story in order to access direct insights and information. so be it. We are lovers of the mysteries of life and the penultimate questions therein.

when. no rescue from the heavens. But. and change it certainly is and continues to do so as evidenced by the millions of individuals worldwide who are demanding to know the truth and unyielding in their commitment to follow things through to the desired result.controlled. whether that be through the classical religions. We must face ourselves to our root and our core until we are cleansed through such self-knowledge and through self-forgiveness. inevitably. or through today’s ever so much more sophisticated. co-creative beings in union with our own spark of Divinity. the foundation upon which an understanding of this entire situation must be based. contemporary new age ephemeral distractions. are like atoms of carbon. in keeping with the ass backwards and upside down reality maintained on this planet for the last 26. Remove the beings who might be capable of doing something to change the world by making them think that by being focused on themselves or fully engaged with the material reality. in order to achieve the ultimate liberation we sought out of the mess in which we found ourselves many eons ago. fragmented selves. This is the ultimate issue. the key to understanding the story of the treaty referred to in chapter one is that nothing could be further from the truth. we have been taught that a spiritual being is one who is not involved with the material world. The only way out is in and the only path to freedom is expressed in the classical dictum.000 years and undoubtedly for much longer periods of time. the Whole System of the Self is where our ultimate victory of transcendence through true incarnation shall be gained. In the last closing moments of this current period we are now in. as in a hall of mirrors. the climax of human history as we think we know it. face ourselves. This does not mean the self as most people relate to it. we reclaim our . that only through intense pressure and heat become the crystalline clarity of a diamond in its perfect crystalline symmetry. knowing ourselves to be fully empowered. that they are being selfish and therefore unspiritual: What a convenient way to keep us disengaged and withdrawn. Such adamantine clarity is what is emerging now through such pressure as has been applied for these 26. that we must be selfless and removed from the world. some aspect of our own consciousness agreed to the terms and conditions of the above referenced treaty. and much further back into the recesses of the mirrored halls of time. At some level. “Know thyself.000 years. In the end we must all. artificially sealed hologram in which. Although it appears that we have been victimized by an externally applied control mechanism. This must change. This is quite convenient for those beings who have had their way in ruling and controlling everything here for so very long. We are not referring here to the little self.” There is no savior to come. our consciousness is rapidly gaining the clarity to see above the din of our apparent prison. no outside authority that will liberate our human souls. the ego. and as the fractal symmetry of the implicate form emerges from the chaos of the seemingly complete enclosure that we have been sealed within. as well as many millions more working in the myriad of ways to improve life for all beings on Planet Earth. The best analogy to draw is that the random elements of our previously random and chaotic. indwelling presence of wholeness and divine perfection that we truly are. subtle and insidious methods of intellectual distractions as we have witnessed in recent years. we are being forced to deal with ourselves. but that transcendent.

Sitchin certainly did not get the whole picture. or another component of a different plane or dimension. Nibiru is an elliptically orbiting planet that has a large periodicity of 3. the perspectives and the context must surely be seen as having their agenda and bias as part of the underlying template of the information so presented. So. as a master linguist and ancient history scholar. our inheritance shall be the Stars! Selfknowledge is vital in this regard. When such a state is achieved we shall one by one proceed forward to set this Earth free. But whether that planet is a third dimensional body. During this last cycle we needed to essentially repeat the imprint of this. his translations of Sumerian texts are an important beginning. In our state of separation and forgetfulness. most especially that of the so-called fertile crescent that we were told as children is where our civilization began in Mesopotamia. that the true nature of Nibiru is certainly not clearly defined. Anu-una-Ki means in effect the link from Anu to Earth. We will address that point later on. can be understood to reference what were known as the gods in ancient times. who. you are referred to the works of Zechariah Sitchin. in an area known as Sumer and later in Bablyon. chapter two will focus on key aspects of the consciousness lock down immediately following the sealing of the treaty and the sealing of the crucible that would be our home for this last cycle of time. but for the moment. In this context. those who established themselves as self-proclaimed gods of the realm. which translates to mean “Those who from heaven came down. suffice it to say. the Annunaki. and just because it is referred to in those writings as a planet of this solar system does not necessarily make it thusly so. But please keep in mind as we proceed. via all major lines of inquiry such as history. the gods themselves. that within the system as translated by Sitchin. self-forgiveness indispensable. thus. and once She and We are free. has unraveled many secrets from numerous ancient civilizations. And although it is also important to note that Mr. the so-called twelfth planet in our solar system.” The term Annunaki translates from the Sumerian as “Those who link heaven to earth” because Anu is both considered the father of the Annunaki councils of “the gods” as well as our supposed heavenly source. there has been a portion of our wholeness that has been locked away and frozen in time. and Ki is the name of the earth in that language. .sovereign authority. In this context. and walk fully embodied once again upon this sweet Earth. For those unfamiliar with this name or this concept of such a planet. those referred to in the Bible as the Nephilim. those who took the position of superior authority and control of human populations. or a fourth dimensional energy field. shed the skin of the artificially overlaid illusion of our supposed state of separation and fragmentation. Their influence in virtually every element of modern life can be traced. Nibiru is referred to as the twelfth planet and as the home of the Annunaki.600 years. provided a convenient mechanism to re-establish that imprint. a key factor to understand is that all beings currently incarnated on this planet have cycled through the birthing chambers of Nibiru. To achieve this our externalized captors. Important to note in this regard is to remember that the beings dictating the texts written by the priests and scribes of Sumer and Babylon were the Annunaki. In those texts. therefore. supposedly of Nibiru. it is clear that both that planet and those beings known as the Annunaki played a significant role in laying the foundation for what has transpired over the last five thousand years. who referred to themselves as those who came down from on high.

In effect. emotional. because we have come to understand that due to the extreme level of separation from selves that almost all beings on this planet suffer from and the nature of the contractual treaty referenced before. because all beings as whole divine spirits have a balanced and integrated structure of both masculine and feminine energies and qualities. these two play a central role in the creation of and the maintenance of the lockdown laid upon us of our physical. a round disc of gold was placed over its heart chakra and a significant level of its life force was entrained and extracted by such a process. we must assuredly understand the Annunaki and the Planet of Nibiru. It was further understood that this worked even more effectively when the gold was flattened into disclike shapes. This is true for both men and women. and other key areas of our whole selves. our spirits and our divine blueprint and nature. at one point. We are talking about the masculine aspect of the wholeness of the godhead of ourselves. while the split part that was retained was segregated into the controlled holding structures that we are discussing here. Even though we are indeed talking about. and the Christos is that part of our divine selves that is the integration and wholeness. we are again also addressing this at a much more fundamental level . Nibiru. Overall. monetary functions. leaving behind that part of its life force taken in such a manner. the true Christos. Therefore. a specific ritualistic castration at the beginning of this cycle in physical terms. philosophy and social engineering. the castration and emasculation was done in a fundamental and energetic manner in order to lock the remaining part of the masculine component into the physical form we now call men. Aggregate gold is when quantities of the element aggregate in a normal metallic form as we commonly think of it.economics. law. on Nibiru. a lockdown and a sealing thereto intended to maintain our separation from our higher selves. Long ago. when a new born was birthed through the birthing chambers of Nibiru. because later on we will come back to the subject of gold in another form. as well as to prevent the masculine energetic from reintegrating and thus being able to come fully into the body. as a celestial body of which we believe to be of artificial and possibly illusory origins. then the polarizing of the two split parts. of sex or of genitalia. religion. We mention it here as aggregate gold. agriculture. on that planet. our selves as consciousness did indeed pass through chambers and processes. metallic gold. that of the mono-atomic powder. psychic bodies. so that one remained somewhat conscious in the waking dream we call reality. the being could then move on and enter incarnational cycles on planet Earth. After that incarnation. the blueprint of our original perfection. In Chapter One we discussed the splitting of the masculine aspect of our wholeness. it was ascertained that the life force contained in that unconscious fragment of our consciousness that had been split from our original wholeness could be taken from the incarnating form at birth and locked into a holding pattern within the crystalline lattices of aggregated. literature. trapped into the atomic lattice structure of the metal. including birth and incarnation. after the split was achieved. Secondly. mental. Please keep in mind this has nothing to do with the concept of gender differentiation. plays a key role in this process. and due to the key role this planet and this solar system play in the ultimate blueprint of returning to balance and perfection. Said lockdown is like a fourth dimensional seal on our whole selves. to understand where our inquiry will take us in this book.

from the genetic level to the universal. We will later on also describe and explore the nature of the macrocosmic projection of all of this. What we are speaking of was certainly also taking place throughout the entire universal system that includes the Pleiades. then the full Christos cannot come fully into the body. and thus so easily controlled in such a state of separation. to be eventually and progressively hijacked and snatched. This is what we see in large scale today on planet Earth. This is true at the full incarnate level. as the eighth star and thus the octave of the Pleiadian system.energetically. and use it for other purposes and agendas that did not serve the collective and greater good. in the externalized reality construct in our local star systems. the ultimate showdown taking place here on this planet with its melting pot brew of many. Sirius. are directed towards building the constructs of the prison to maintain that control and separation and life force draining actions. not to the beings that currently occupy and control them. which in effect. The part that was held in lockdown was what was entrained and forced into the lattice structure of the gold on Nibiru. and each individual unit of consciousness coming into this system having been effectively split in two with only one half enabled to incarnate into three dimensional form and the other half being grabbed by the controllers of the conduit of entry into the . By so occurring. If it cannot come fully into the body then it will experience the illusions of separation and can be manipulated by fear and issues of survival based on that fear. For if the masculine principle is severed from the grounding point of the incarnate system and cannot ground into the root chakra. that being said. many of which have indeed been overtaken by the self same controlling legions we are talking about (the Annunaki. but only that of a small portion of the whole. So. at the molecular level and the atomic level. all consciousness that came into this solar system was “snatched” and effectively forced to squeeze itself through this controlled birthing canal and have half of its fullness retained and controlled. As such. the ultimate show down was to be here on this planet between those forces desiring to control and “own” the conscious life force of the indwelling divine spark of life in this local universal system. many strands of crystallized genetics of the substance of life. It can be controlled and the life force that comes through that incarnate form can be continually drained and used for other purposes. The intent was to control the true god force of divine creation that those incarnate beings brought into physical reality. that part that awoke sleepily in an incarnation was barely awake and significantly unaware of its totality and wholeness. Because of the relationship discussed in Chapter One of this Solar System with its central star around which our planets revolve. This enabled the “gods” to then manipulate the genetics further and achieve a level of hybridization whereby they retained an energetic and consciousness “tag” on the indwelling soul. if possible. so it is important to state and to note that we are talking about the cosmological functions of the systems themselves when herein referenced. as we will explore later in this series. Orion and many of the other externalized three dimensional stars as we perceive them from our vantage point on this planet. the Draconian races. and many other intruding alien races as has been extensively revealed by many sources in the last several decades). and Earth as the keynote in the third position away from our sun. now locked into the physical form.

placed in tow repositories so as to create a grounding point for the polarization of the masculine . They both have had. come to the same planetary sphere for the energetic link up to take place.system. Now put a finger on the one spinning left and have someone do a simple kinesiology muscle test by pushing against your arm as you resist. we have now at this end point of the game a situation of a massive amount of consciousness walking upon this planet in a very asleep state. hidden away and long forgotten from eons past. independent of the other. two repositories with large deposits of refined.. being lain in underground caverns. and in what we today call the four corners area of the United States. it is inherently destructive. and you will be strong and able to resist. retained the symbol we call the swastika as a principle part of their inherent symbology. These two areas are known to have significant correspondences and similarities in the knowledge and the symbology of the indigenous groups that occupied these lands before the over running conquerors of the modern era came to destroy the peoples and the secrets that they guarded with their very lives. As many know. most if not all indigenous peoples of the earth included in their sacred ceremonies the honoring of the four directions of the earth. where it is right spinning. so too were we drawn here to this planet where parts of ourselves were locked in and buried beneath the ground of the planet. as the way the Nazis portrayed it. Do it with the right spinning symbol. just below the mountains of Tibet. eventually. as the “age of man” began 26. Try this for yourself. where the extended arms on the perimeter of the symbol appear to be flying behind a left spin vortex. in that. it is uplifting and expansive to the inherent life force in a biological organism by pulling the energy into the center and holding it in coherency. One will be spinning to the left. in order for those controlling forces to try to gain endpoint completion of their control and ownership agendas. So like iron filings drawn inexorably to a magnet. This symbol has a bi-directional capacity. inevitably. Both of these areas also have one interesting thing in common. This symbol is linked to how our life force is designed to spin in a life-enhancing manner in four directions as both a grounding function as well as in a centering and empowering force. Draw two swastikas on a piece of paper. This was based on a known principle that is a law of divine manifestation of consciousness whereby an individualized soul that is fragmented will always. if it is drawn to appear as if it is spinning in one direction. containing literally a segregated portion of the life force of billions of souls that have been split and separated from their original Spirits. seek out and be drawn to those fragments yet to be reunited with the true indwelling Over Soul and higher levels of its divine oneness. Those two places were originally in southwestern China. The essence of this honoring is carried in the right spinning symbol of the swastika. but if it is spun the other way. aggregated gold. You will find that you cannot resist and the pushing force will overtake the life force in your arm as you try to resist.000 years ago. So imagine. So that holding vessel of the other half of consciousness was placed here in its retained vehicle of large amounts of aggregated gold in two primary locations on this planet as a magnet that would inevitably attract all the souls seeking reunion with themselves to this planet. The entirety of the locked down collective of consciousness held within the matrix of the aggregated gold collected on Nibiru as the other half of that sleeping consciousness had to. externally fragmenting and life-negating. Then draw it the opposite way.

Then consider that this gold will eventually make its way into the affairs of man and once again be formed into a shape of rounded discs. who is the liege lord and who is the giver of oaths of fealty. and they will pay their minions with a pittance of that treasure for which they fight. and in such a state of semi-conscious awareness will be drawn into the drama of seeking their wholeness by chasing after those round and flattened discs of gold. so that those standing in the wings can direct and control and consume the life force being thereby corralled and contained? That is the answer we are seeking in this inquiry. Imagine that this shape. their rulers. But always of course in subjugation and in fear. Therefore. fashioned as coins. long ago.” although they have no idea of what that share might be. they were. subconsciously most beings perceive “fair share” as “cannot get enough” because they are trying to fill an hold that cannot be filled through the egocentric pursuit of externalized greed. and they will even kill each other in the attempt to control that gold. They will raise up armies and legions to fight each other for who controls more of what is contained deep in the subatomic lattice structure of such. Imagine then that these two points on the planet. . are sealed by overlaying reversed swastikas over their enclosures and subterranean tombs until the time was right to retrieve them and bring them out into the light of day. that reminds the lowly hordes of who is the sovereign and who is the slave. who had come to collect their anticipated rewards. and who are the nameless masses who grovel to serve their masters in hopes of being allowed to live their lives. And such kings. and their gods. indelibly stamping such with the imprimatur of their profile so that the vassals and the slaves will know who truly is the sovereign and who is the slave. they must get all they can. It is such embossed likenesses of those they are told are their lords. who in turn will lord it over their own little fiefdom and on down to the down trodden of the Earth at the bottom of the feeding chain. who controls and who is controlled. in fact. which is vaguely reminiscent at some sub-strata of consciousness to those seeking souls that have been magnetized to this planet. that they must fight and steal and lie to get their “fair share. seeking through incarnational cycles to find their lost parts. becomes the object of the frenzied and discordant attempts of the masses to effect a reunion with selves long sought for and the additional overlay of the consciousness is such that these beings are taught that there is not enough. that now they can only recall in myths. as the vassal servants of their gods but under those same gods having been given “royal” dominion over the masses. to horde that containment field of energy known as money or gold or power.component of the energetic principle inherent in creation so that any being that incarnates into such a biosphere will immediately polarize and begin life perceiving themselves within a reality construct that reflects such perceptions . as the real question must be asked. into the coffers of the popes and kings and the land lords and the bankers. when. legends and dreams. And who then. both in the northern hemisphere. if not the desire for reunion with their original blueprint and that part of themselves locked away. who then is behind the game and who is directing those middle management teams of bankers and lawyers and liars and thieves. round discs. who have reincarnated into bodies that are somehow only a shadow of the memory of the former wholeness that once. But what is it that drives all to such extremes of control and of greed. and caesars and popes will place their likeness on top of such coinage.

as well as to understand the how and the why. these are the middle earth folk. to destroy their cultures and their fabric of life. as two poles on opposite sides of the planet. They would come face to face with their own souls in seeing what they would do. after the frenzy and chaos of the closing of the previous world from which they had retreated into the interior to wait until the time when their spirits guided them to the surface once again. and that by so doing the symbol and the energetic lock down that it contained. They knew from whence they came. priest or pope. or would cower down in self abnegation. fear and survival. But we will also see that just as Dorothy always had the key to find her way home in her journey through and to the land of Oz. while maintaining the illusions of freedom and justice. we find that these indigenous peoples had long held within their legends that they came originally from beneath the ground themselves.” from the subterranean recesses of the substrata of the consciousness itself that we speak of. believing the lies of lack and limitation. bondage and servitude under the dominating whip and cane of its externalized authority in the form of church or state. so too do we have the same ability. They held the prophecies and the knowledge of what lay beneath their custodial care. They nurtured the knowledge that that symbol would rise again in the consciousness of man and demonstrate its true nature. Returning to the two indigenous tribes that resided as custodians of these two zones long before the incarnated overlords came to scatter them to the winds. the many split and fragmented souls continually incarnating on this planet would spend many lives chasing the externalized form in which they sought their own life force. could and would be finally returned to its rightful spin and the spirits would be set free. believing the lies of Darwinian survival of the fittest and competition and all the rest. had been reversed. We will ultimately see in our inquiry that the final end game has resulted in the corporate state as the perfect anonymous model to fully and finally lock down the masses into perpetual servitude and slavery. to click our shoes and find our way back to wholeness and to home. and finally the corporatized abstraction of the secularized mind that we exist in today. to either rise up in the false superiority of the ego that would kill its brother and sell its sister in order to survive. They knew the symbol that was used to lock it down. while all the time stealing everything it can. Such legends and oral histories state that they came from below. the elves and the devas and the pixies and the faeries who engaged the treaty that we have been speaking about in the first place. to understand the means of release and freedom. this singular Solar year of 26. the same key. because they were still awake and knew what the task that lay before them would entail as we entered this lock down zone that we call the cycles of time. now coming to . to force the involution of the spirits. to embody and hold the legends and the guardianship of the life forces thus sequestered within the corridors of time. a fractal of the larger whole. But in the interim. to wait until the beginning and then the progression and finally the end of the final cycle. emperor or king. and ultimately. Those who came “from beneath the ground. the collapse into a hologram from which there would seemingly be no escape. and always have had. today’s modern fascistic state designed in true Orwellian counterpoint to appear like some benevolent father guiding and protecting us.000 orbits around our Sun.

We will discuss in later chapters of this book what was supposed to happen and what in fact did happen at the close of that cycle. * * * * * * * So if we stand back from the details of our current world condition. so that however hard we tried. With the symbolic recording of all of this. And the end of that age was what we came to refer to as Y2K. It was the unconscious part of ourselves that needed to remain in the middle realm. Primary of these is that at the close of the cycle. the Bible (named after the Canaanite town on .a close. In that clause lay the liberation of all involved. And the rest. ratcheted by eleven days. Long ago. a vast panoply of souls that had been separated from themselves came to find themselves magnetized to this tiny planetary sphere we call Earth. so that the known stars and alignments that could be deduced by that time by such individuals as we know today as Nostradamus (Our Lady). such that the last seven years has been an aberration unknown and unforeseen when this all began. and the attempts to subvert the intentions as well as the achievements of the consciousness in regaining its wholeness. long before even this cycle began as a fractal whole of the yet larger whole. in the surface domain of this planet. and the rebellion against the mandate contained therein. if even a single soul remembered the beginning and the basis of it all.which we shall explore. the more of our higher divine selves we tried to pull into our manifested forms. The key about the treaty was that there were inviolable clauses that must be upheld. and rise above the constraints of time and space. then the overlords must relent and allow the completion of the age to fulfill itself in the reuniting of the souls. agreed to the treaty we speak of because they knew there was no other way to achieve the reunification that was desired with all parts of Self except to engage a lawful contract based on universal law to allow what must take place to thus unfold. the more of it would be consumed into the black hole of downward spiraling vortices of those who would have us as their dinners. The two dipodes of the enclosure of the planetary sphere were locked down by two symbolic reversed symbols of the primary spinning life force of the natural divine presence of who we eternally are. into the testaments of time on the ephemeral pages of transience known as the Byblos. could be finally aligned for the synchronistic closing of the cycle. is history…. where the part of themselves pulled into a negative hologram of reversed life force energies had come to lay dormant and held in the interstices of golden treasures placed here by those who would be our overlords and controlling kings for evermore. as the saying goes. we can observe the large scale unfolding of the drama we are now living within at the end of this grand cycle of time we have been discussing. and others. that had been adjusted to coincide with the perfect end of the millennium when the calendar was changed from the Julian to the Gregorian in 1582. those of the middle earth. the beginning of the year 2000. while that part of ourselves that remained in touch with life and with spirit. for as long as such lock down persisted. in order to be locked into the crucible of consciousness in order to finally be pressured into demanding its freedom and release. embodied in the world of men. but is now being righted and set back on its original and intended course.

If we look at the major symbols and religions of the world. where death and destruction are taken as normal and required. when you take the standard dimensions of the cross and build it from squares such that the two arms are each a square. The priests of the Catholic Church close off their throat chakras with the binding collar around their necks.the Mediterranean coast from where the papyrus to record such were first acquired in the so-called holy lands) the sealing of the seven seals and the re-enactment of the beheading of the cosmic Christ would be so inscribed. to establish a “law” pleasing to the gods. The five pointed star contained within the crescent moon in the Islamic world is like the feminine principle of the pentagram of Venus being severed by the cutting scythe. or the sealing of one or several of the seven seals. Ligare: to bind…. a ritual. the men of the Islamic Haj continually encircle to reinforce the sealing in of the disembodied spirits of the entrapped souls of this world. All in seeking to please the gods and our overlords. all in seeking to gain more gold for our singular control. Today the male Jews must cover their head before entering the temple. into fragments and specialized compartmentalization as a further and further removal from our ability to see things in whole terms as they really are. And at the root. Somewhere along the way. In the next two thousand years. the reverse spinning swastika. and the second is represented by the large. Thus. The question this leads to is. the binding and fragmenting of the feminine. at the core of the whole seven ensealed enclosure. the top head area another. is of course. but is really the fractioning and decimating of the whole mind. by folding the two arm squares and the head square up. we find some interesting things. of course. they become three of the four sides of a box. This then encloses the third chakra. religion meaning to bind again. where God is supposedly to be feared. the word scythe itself from the same root as “schism” as in the splitting of the male. continually pulling out of our bodies the life force of. These are the seven seals that have locked us into this third dimensional hologram we think is reality. symbolically sealing the crown so that the higher consciousness cannot interfere with the instructions of the gods onto the crowns of the faithful. the Hindi seal the third eye over with the painting on the center of the forehead so familiar to most that it now seems normal and commonplace. each religion engaged a rite. the cross. and then the so-called one God. how can we truly be creators walking upon this Earth. and thus preventing the indwelling Christed solar presence from taking hold and grounding into the carbon based. In the east. physical incarnate forms that we walk this Earth within. is nothing more than a sealing of the heart. The Christian symbol itself. and the other one articulating over and sealing it on the top. one becoming the fourth side. or a rule. the center that they all attach to another square. and the extension for the legs made up of two squares.thus. As such. and then the two squares of the leg extension fold up. Re: again. in reverse direction. and the same root of the English word “science” which we think means knowledge. new religions would emerge…the word re-lig-ion derived from the Latin. the cross is nothing more than an energetic box to seal the heart chakra and lock it in the death grip of this religion and binding of consciousness to a symbol of death and denial of the heart. and where the horrors of war are honored as if sacred. black cube around which. if all of our life force and energy is spent chasing pieces of paper that are . which in effect were the continual reenactment of either the male castration and splitting of the masculine principle.

geometric. and therein. even another step removed from the gold encasement herein described. Always remember that there is a microcosmic correspondence to the macrocosmic larger whole. until we have the knowledge and the grounded capacity with which to break free…in other words.abstracted containment fields of our life force. castrated. if we cannot even ground our true capacity to dream and envision. the physical. In our next chapter we will look more at the numerical. a hologram is created by the crossing of two beams of coherent light. 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. the two coherent beams of light are the masculine and feminine principles of our whole divine selves and the imprinting medium is the carbon-based vehicles of our physical forms. in true and physical terms? Well. which we will explore when we discuss the nature of the code of the Matrix through the legal and monetary functions. in individual and physical terms. split and castrated. So too then do we find many. We also begin to understand why death fear and body shame and other elements of societal control that we have been indoctrinated to from the moment of our birth play such a profound role in perpetrating our separation from Self. in knowing that we are made up in these bodies of carbon. chemical and physical characteristics of the genetic material and corresponding and related aspects of the larger hologram. at least so far. There is a macrocosmic scale recreation of the entrainment and control of the three centers of our first density wholeness. at the base of which is of course. that is part of the larger system of entrainment and control. schismed and polarized Christed solar presence of our divine wholeness has indeed been holographically imprinted onto the number of the beast. In this context. each smaller piece retains the complete image of the larger whole. that are inversely reflective of our individual situations as well as our larger collective structure. we discover the nature of our prison in this hologram. but for now. there are various places on the global geomantic template of the planet that contain and embody various attempts of re-instituting the sealing of the seven seals that has taken place which we will delineate and explore. that the mis-created illusions of separation are engaged and then imprinted onto the carbon structures of our physical template. But what does that really mean. that create a cross interference pattern that in turn is imprinted upon with an image that is then melded onto some sort of receiving material medium such as plastic or glass. emotional and mental centers. what we call lasers. At the same time. then polarized. In the larger sense. we can’t. that . the crystalline spiral of the DNA chains. we find that the crucified. whereby we must continually expend our life force for the Karmic Tokens that we must feed to the gods of the Matrix in perpetual bondage and enslavement…. when one breaks a hologram that is imprinted onto a physical medium into smaller pieces. many correspondences in the larger hologram whole of our planetary world. It is when these two coherent beams of light are distorted.that is. to finally wake up to and become the means and methods to break the binding spell. We often speak of this reality bubble we find ourselves in as a hologram. and carbon in turn consists of 6 protons. into this vehicle into which we incarnate? The answer of course is. And that is precisely the structure that we now have decoded and are bringing forth in this book to bring to consciousness this history and the current construct of the bonded hologram for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. 666. and vice versa. to form and bring forth. which we will further explore in a later chapter.

mindless and will-less projection units entrained to create that which is externally applied upon them as reality construct. so too can this be done with the once independent and individualized units of consciousness that have now become socially adapted. has been entrained. We are taught and entrained to think that something outside of ourselves is the cause for our feelings of separation. and hence anything thus responsible for such separation much be destroyed or it will destroy us. Because we inherently know that we are not whole. to entrain our collective projections of “reality” onto a false hologram based on false principles of lack and limitation. originally designed to maintain the integrity of the individualized identity as a smaller. In other words. to take control of his destiny instead of being at the receiving end of the whimsy of the fates. they will within a short period of time become entrained into a sympathetic rhythm and move flawlessly together as a rhythmic whole. then later externalized as the sovereign coinage of the emperors and the kings and the gods themselves. the purpose herein is to demonstrate and elucidate for our readers how we have been entrained to literally spend vast amounts of our daily life force chasing after false gods in the form of pieces of paper that have become the global containment fields of our life force that was first brought here in the crystalline encasement of the gold into which such was first placed. We were designed to be the instruments of on-going creation. we are literally bio-crystalline. to be the Cause and not at the effect. and as smaller whole systems of the larger whole of divine creation and principle. The results are what you see all around you occurring today. trapped and sealed into the false reality in which we find ourselves today. At the same time.magic decoder ring you were always looking for in your Cracker Jacks box but never could find. to be limited and controlled. rate and synchronization. virtual reality projecting units. we are all true creators. we are so easily misled into these beliefs and the actions of violence and rage that inevitably ensue from such beliefs. to entrain the creator consciousness in all of us to believe that we live in a world of lack and limitation. The knowledge of frequency control and consciousness entrainment has become a science and an art on a planetary level at this point in time. consume or be consumed. and all of us collectively. just as when one places a group of pendulum clocks in a room and start them all at random rhythms. to first show you exactly how the life force of each of us. based on fear and survival. We were never designed to be afraid. and then to show you how we can click our shoes like Dorothy returning from Oz and find our way back home to wholeness. this book is that decoder ring!!! For you see. to delight in the joy of creating and living in the infinite abundance of our creations. and therefore we must kill or be killed. self-contained whole system as a fractal microcosm of the larger whole. but must be in fact the reason we are separated from “God” which is simply a metaphor for the inherent sense of separation from our own Selves. and by so doing became the master of the One. But as Neo in the Matrix woke up to see the code flowing through every particle of the false reality. so our religions teach us that any other form of belief or religion is not only wrong. fear and separation. But. destroy or be destroy. we too can do the same That is the ultimate purpose of this exposition and these essays. Our carbon-based organisms have key points of resonance and dynamic rhythm of life force and divine consciousness. at the same pace. later still to be removed even from that containment into . Well.

In other words. It is in the conscious knowing of this encodement that we can realign ourselves to what is Real. to go directly to the locations of the containment caches of gold with the life force contained therein that would give their overlords the final control that they sought over the consciousness. We must tear our focus away from the illusions of lack and limitation. But not so. to find the gold. The gold they came to find and return to the King and to the Pope was that selfsame gold that had been brought there and lain underground by the Annunaki long. But we are told today that the story of El Dorado was just a fable. begins to loosen its grip on our “reality. long ago. who had built heir worldly empire on the “rock” of Peter. the legendary city of gold. which the sealed orders of the commanders told them where it would be found. the life force that has been used to sustain the false hologram begins to lose its strength. with banners and flags of their King and their Pope. along with. the cross of course of the binding of the heart of this planet into its intended permanent servitude and slavery. and sealed in its subterranean caverns to wait for this modern time to begin. the pope…but in reality. one will find the exact accounting of what was taken from the new world. Also. then in larger numbers. from the Latin “Petra” which means rock. the (so-called)True Cross. claiming land for the king and his boss.” begins to fray on the edges. they would along the way destroy or decimate the indigenous peoples in these new lands because of their stewardship functions in holding down the energies of the planetary grids and power points. the life force and the realitycreating abilities of the mass population of the planet. and is now progressively accelerating into the exponential implosion of its own demise. . based on the disembodied and castrated emasculated principles of fear and separation. And by so doing. Soon after the so-called discovery of the “new world” took place in 1492. At least that is what the front line soldiers were told. and the amount of gold accounted for far exceeds what could possibly have been mined from the region in a period ten times longer than what actually was the time period of the conquest given the standard of technology available at that time. because if one goes to Seville and reads the archives of the period contained therein (and the Spanish kept very meticulous records).the completely worthless monetary system based entirely on bondage and debt that we have today. the beginning of the Mayan period of the 9 hells that started on Easter day in 1521 with the landing of Cortez into the cradle of the Gulf of Mexico. as an adjunct. to locations that were already known before the so-called “discovery” of the New World (because they already knew it was there in ancient records long in the possession of the Church and other powers behind it). the Spanish. the gold retrieved was already mined. to wake up to understand we cannot and never will “fix” that which is broken because it cannot be fixed. simply because it is not Real and therefore does not exist. refined and secreted in holding locations. but more specifically the crystalline matrix of the mineral world (and reflective today of the castrated male in that we still call the male member by that name). the sealed orders for the top command was to go to where they were told. of course. one by one. the Spanish conquistadors came to find El Dorado. a legend and a myth. a site known as Vera Crux. and further back derived from the Egyptian god Ptah (P-tah = Pe-Tah = Pe-ter).

where another indigenous group had long positioned themselves to guard and protect such as we are speaking about. that one Ignatius Loyola had a vision and an activation of his life’s mission. The new order then sent their sailing ships to another quarter of the world. It was there.” indicating what is now modern Mexico City as being. through and with the use of the life force contained in those caches of gold. then went to the Pope and was granted the seal of that order. the symbol of the Eagle perched atop a cactus plant. And after Tenochtitlan was conquered and secured. In this.Cortez and his men. we shall progressively demonstrate that there has been a systematic engagement during the flow of history over the last five thousand years . into the southwestern region of modern China below the mountains of Tibet. because the records of such were given to the Popes of Rome in their agenda for world dominion and to own and control the life force of every living being on the planet. They knew exactly where they were going and what they were after. consolidation of the gains made. make their way into the interior of that land of China looking for what they knew was the other emplacement of the gold and the souls they sought. which over the next four hundred and fifty years. The Spanish and those who guided them knew what was there in the new world. instead made a rapid bee line march to what they already knew lay ahead of them. the City of Enoch who had come some three thousand or so years before to establish the hierarchy and structure with instructions to wait until the “gods” returned. one of the two principle caches of gold we are speaking about here. the Kundalini force. in the City of Enoch of the Annunaki. and they sent their hordes to claim it. where those of the ancient Aztec gods had been waiting for them. the golden treasures of El Dorado. to the mysterious land to the east. this is what Cortez came to seize. the body of Christ. He founded what became known as the Jesuits. This was their foothold to then. the land of Tenochtitlan. In the southwest of what we now call the United States. where another catholic horde. which translates as the Golden One. as Cortez in the New World. The Spanish engaged long mule trains to cart the gold from that land. the black church and the black pope. gripping in its talon a struggling serpent. the life force. in the four corners area. Once the Spanish gained control of their new world. then on to the next slow encroachment. they immediately went in search of what they already knew was there. This is the Imperial eagle of Roma (the reverse of Amor which is Love) gripping the serpent. it is important to note here that what we are about to embark upon is a systematic unraveling of the blueprint and matrix of reality we call history. became the underground church. To digress a moment from this little historical discussion. there it lay. originally. unlike with standard military rules of engagement that call for a slow methodical process of movement into unknown territory. for “Titlan” in the Aztec language means “City” and of course we see Enoch in the word “Tenoch. the Portuguese. established the first European colony along the coastline of China. They came for the gold that contained the life force of all those souls they knew their counterparts in the form of the Annunaki had laid there long ago. the Spanish moved directly north to the area of the four corners in search of the mother lode. to load it onto their sailing ships along the Texas coastline where they placed names like Corpus Christi. along those mule train routes. called Macau. in their quest for global control and hegemony. and shipped it home to King and Pope to hold and control.

as the Portuguese gained the Catholic Church’s foothold on the shores of the south China Sea on the island of Macao. of the development of the systems of law that now abound and entangle this entire planet. there we find an ancient order. who finally had the means. by so obtaining the complete and total control of all of this realm. But there is another level that we will weave through this telling. Their mandate was to steward the caches of gold in their trust into the modern age. They are now known as the Plum Blossom Society. through all of this and with an overall and integrative perspective we can see that there has indeed been a guiding consciousness towards an eventual and intended goal. and is emerging stronger than ever before during this time we live in that might appear to be the worst but is really just the prelude to the cleansing and purifying that shall usher in the true victory. and most especially the binding structure of the economic. since we have indicated that this planet as part of this solar system represents the octave and the completion of the universal template that Original Source intended to create and manifest in this local realm of the greater universe. The Priesthood of Shaul Lin. leading up to modern times. whose symbol is the five petalled blossom of the Plum Tree. the multi-faceted and multi-layered context of history is not one of random chance and non-directed evolution. be it within a context of the story of religion. When one steps back and has the decoder ring and the proper map. as we progress. the manipulations and the methods to at last get the other half of the planetary horde that the Portuguese had been unable to secure for many hundreds of years since the founding of the Jesuits in the 1530s and the securing of the colony of Macao soon thereafter. not ours) or the devil itself. of the progressions of political and social engineering. the complete control of the human race to become a slave system to control the people. which is to understand that there is a higher order and a divine perfection in the whole template. it can be seen that such a blueprint of the movements of history does indeed exist. in 1934.leading to the current end game we now find ourselves in. the resources and the life force of this entire sphere. guarding the golden troves under the towering mountains of Tibet. And by so doing. and it was they who engaged the American empire in the years of the early 1930s. which is that whether one calls it a conspiracy. that shall be shown to be ever present even through the most darkest hours. more important still. They engaged a contract with the Americans. known as the Priesthood of Shaul Lin. the story and progression of language. of history. That goal is. the reader is admonished to keep in mind that we are laying the framework here to understand what is to follow and the conclusions derived there from. and that the unyielding spirit that refuses to give in to all of this is that which shall ultimately prevail and triumph. later evolved to a secret society that has sat at the foundation of power in China for many hundreds of years. Returning to our historical context. a year . Therefore. as we have stated as the underlying theme of this work. under the military leadership of one known as Chiang Kai Chek. financial and monetary systems that represent the ultimate expression of this overall matrix. but of purposeful intent. the land. It was then. a new world order. with black robed Jesuit priests guiding the way. that consciousness that drives this attempt intended to stall and reverse and ultimately own this entire realm to its own agendas and devices. and that the overall view of such affords one the ability to see that through every interweaving thread of this story. the great work of the ages (their words.

That same Catholic society. For it is the taming. Around Polaris revolves two constellations.after the American system had itself been put into bankruptcy to lead into the final phase of the bonding of the Code of the Matrix and the entrainment and entrapment (something we will return to later in very much more detail). This is the original point of inception of the concept of the lock down in the Ark. into a global hologram of illusion and control and perpetual slavery. In ancient times. formally called Ursa Minor and Ursa Major. the covenant that then locked it into the box and the other symbols as herein described. This then is the so called Ark of the Covenant. also symbolized the lock down and controlling of the emerald life force through its ritualistic murder of the bull. for another part of the book.” and Hyperborean literally means “above the north.” The very same box.” hence the first two points of engagement within this realm have to do with these first root races. the first one of which is the Polareans. sits at 17 degrees of Taurus. we will take one more look at the lock down of consciousness as it is symbolized by the swastika. In closing this chapter. As they rotate around that fixed point of our consciousness externally represented by the star Polaris. the next the Hyperboreans. and these little tidbits of facts are for you to just contemplate for now. Above our heads. whose name we have referenced before as having the same root as the word polarity. finally. a swastika of course. or folded over cross that binds our consciousness into the three dimensional hologram we currently find ourselves within. that the gold of the Shaul Lin Priesthood. hence from which our modern English word Arctic is derived. the northern lands were known as Arktos. as they touch on each of the four points of the compass. through the Spanish. the sign of the Bull. you can see from this ritualistic and cruel ceremony of the Bull Ring that there is much more to it (as there is always more than meets the eye to virtually everything we see around us). The Polarean root race is energetically linked to the entry into this hologram through the portal of “polarization. above the North Pole. subjugating and ultimately the killing of the bull that is symbolic of the same acts and deeds perpetrated on the emerald life force ray as symbolically known and seen in the constellation of the Bull from which it comes to this planet. which is translated in some of the foundational languages of our modern times as the “box. We will return to the . or cube. of the Plum Blossom Society with its five pointed symbol reminiscent of the pentagram of the feminine principle. through the rotating arms of the baby bear constellation (Ursa Minor) as it inscribes the symbol and the energetic function of the lock down of our consciousness through the reversed swastika. the covenant that bound the genetic lineage of Abraham as the archetypal male being schismed and split from itself as we explored in Chapter One. is a star called Polaris. The Pleiades with respect to its relative position to our planet. as that which comes through polarity from above the north. but for now. it was there and then that the rest of the gold was secured and taken away…but that is another story. they inscribe what? Well. We will return to that number 17 in our discussion of numerical and geometric structure that defines the physical template of our hologram on this planet. the Little Bear and the Mother Bear. In the traditional esoteric systems of knowledge there is a reference to root races.

the presidents and the gods of our containment are not who we are. to their . In every re-ligion we have taken oaths and vows that have bound us to the laws of the gods. and he is certainly not us. of the greediest and of the most mendacious. We are our own wholeness and to this. But you see. and what the means of our liberation really consists of.000 years and longer to come face to face with this realization and it now stares us in the face continually from the minute we are born until the moment of our death in the current reality in which we find ourselves. Our current global system of involuntary servitude through an enforced contractual binding of our free will by and through the current monetary system is nothing more than the full externalized projection of our creator capacity life force into a matrix of control. the caesars. do we owe our true alignment and allegiance. thus the saying “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto Ourselves what is our own. it is important to reiterate. personal terms and on the ground floor in legal. to demonstrate through the systematic unfolding of this story. just as the caterpillar that crawls on the ground wraps itself. That is a primary intent of this book. The golden coins that bear the images (the imprimaturs) of the emperors. into the self-contained enclosure of the chrysalis to transform itself to its higher self expression as a butterfly. So. spiritual terms. If those of you reading this book care to take a proactive approach for yourself in relationship to these concepts. We are not the gold that once enclosed the part of ourselves that was ripped from our wholeness and sequestered therein long ago.000 years and more. but one that we can wake up within and choose to finally be rid of and walk out of. do we have the capacity to initiate and complete our own transformations.” slightly paraphrased of course. by natural design and intention. that the treaty we have spoken about has served us by sealing us into the hermetically sealed enclosure of time. historical and financial realities as they relate on a daily basis to our lives. we have taken the time of these last 26. to survive and to create. We do not need to seek ourselves in some external system of controlled life force. how we have arrived at our current situation. but we are not that. the reader will come to understand both just how insidious the lock down and the bondage is. where we have come from. nor is Washington and Lincoln and all the others on the pieces of paper we chase to regain ourselves and our life force to this day whereby they have now trained the better part of this entire planet to chase after worthless pieces of paper and electronic computer blips to “earn” the right to survive in a system of survival of the fittest. which in fact. and yet. and to nothing else.symbol and meaning of the bear later on to better understand its position and roll in this specific point having to do with the entry point through the north. we suggest that the first step is to disengage any and all connections to the “re-binding” systems we have discussed in this part. of the meanest. we have been doing for these last 26. holds the key to unlock this mystery…for the likeness of Caesar is on the golden coin and because such held the residual cellular memory of that part of ourselves and that part of our life force that had been forcibly ingrained therein long ago we were led to believe that we needed to seek outside of ourselves to live. As we expand on this context in the course of this book. how easy it is to rise above it once the clarity of understanding is gained. in energetic terms. if we only just turn our attention. too.

Feel and embody this declaration and allow it to truly permeate your entire being. full power and authority over yourself and your reality. self-sustaining life force and self-correcting processes as you return back to wholeness and balance. subservience. and upon that foundation first our individual reality will begin to rearrange itself to accommodate this new found freedom. one that retains full rights and responsibilities. and so forth. inside and out loud. self-responsibility. self-generating capacities. that you alone are the controlling element and any preconceived concepts. fealty. Declare yourself to be a sovereign being. Declare to yourself. that I or any other incarnation of my whole larger Self has taken. chastity. thoughts and manifestations. “I hereby rescind any and all oaths and vows. and gain the understanding that that provides. names or judgments about what your full divine Self really is must be discarded completely. bodhisattva vows. alternate or separate reality or universe. A true sovereign being embodies and lives upon these principles. Really feel it as the shackles and bonds of illusion fall away from you. . with passion and commitment to your True Self. regulations. external authority and their limitations. Know thyself and to thine own Self be True. or however you wish to name or denominate such. simply center oneself in a meditative state. go inward and call upon your true and only Solar Christed Self.” Observe your reactions and emotional content of what comes back to your perceptions.rules. Upon that foundation we become free and sovereign beings and can no longer be controlled by outside forces. oaths of allegiance. the only requirement being a full and absolute recognition that you need no outside approval or authority to allow this to take place. From these must we first unleash ourselves from such binding constraints. That is all that is required…the rest that follows constitutes the details. Then declare that you are forthwith rescinding any and all vows such as vows of poverty. Then upon that foundation declare your intention to be free and sovereign in this and all other realities and universes. and honors the life force and equivalent foundational principles in all other beings. not projecting their power and authority outside of themselves and taking full responsibility for all their acts and deeds. and then the larger whole will in turn begin to entrain itself around the center point of such higher organizing principles as we come more fully into ourselves. throughout all time and space. in this reality and universe or in any other parallel. To do so. including and founded upon the principles of self-governance.

and now during this last cycle in time.000 years ago. all the way up to this point we find ourselves in where it appears that we are so far removed from the living life force that holds it all in place. and hence we see the myriad expressions of them fighting to the death and refusing to let go. add genetic material to the race. In thinking that they could come here. Since the human race as we know it today is effectively a hybridized race of many genetic lines. to build a template to reflect back to us the maximum level of separation. energies and genetics are inextricably bound to this third dimensional domain as intertwined with our own. and that is precisely what was required. in the realms of man as we currently know and experience it. But the separation is the illusion. The answer is simple…the only way out is in. The original divine blueprint has been here all along. they cannot leave without going fully into that which they are bound to and had their hand in creating in the first place. Because their consciousness. There are aspects of their own consciousness that refuse to let go of the “god” game. It is not as if something outside of ourselves made an agreement and we have to suffer the consequences. extraterrestrial and terrestrial.The ELF Transmissions Chapter Three The Implicate Order of the Material Plane The question arises out of the information presented in Chapters One and Two as to why the overlords and the Annunaki and other externally imposing races would have agreed to what we refer to here as the treaty of 26. It is this human component that we now occupy that are the Earth keepers and the individualized expressions of the living planet that represent the ultimate crown of creation in this realm. the only way out was indeed into it all. the necessity and the perfection of the treaty to seal all of the consciousness as crystallized in the life forms and the genetic matrices of the entire collective whole playing itself out here on Planet Earth. This reality we are in and that we speak of is a quantum whole. Therefore. As to the Elfin level of the agreement. for all concerned. hence the engagement with the treaty. the ultimate illusion as . and the Elfin part of ourselves was that part that had retained the conscious link with the heart and soul of this planet while the “human” component remained lost in the matrices of time and space and oblivious to the bigger reality from whence we came. and simply stand separate from and lord control over their creations avoids dealing with the fundamental factor that links them to that which they are an essential part of…the underlying fabric of unity creation that links us all at a higher level of existence. that is not a separate consciousness removed from who we are now. but there are indeed aspects that are aware of the fact that there is no escape from what has been created except to see it through to completion. extending far into the back reaches of time during this long journey through darkness and separation. Thus. those who contributed to that admixture of genetic strains are energetically linked to the outcome. And the reason for such is definitely part of the equation of how the genetics of so many external races with disparate agendas came to mix themselves in with the life forms of this planet.

explorations and research into many related subjects. is the apocalypse. greed and lies that we are bursting at the seams to cleanse it all from our consciousness and this planet forever. So. This. and will be able to convey such to all with whom each individual interacts. one that all who read this series are part of the unraveling and the refining of the story. In so doing. Clearly. we will carry with us going forward a unique gift for all of creation. famine. This has been integrated with a wide range of study. We are all the living libraries of this information. insights and so forth are most welcome and can be forwarded to emeraldliberationfront88@yahoo. in that regard. As such. Our next step in building the structural blueprint of all of this is to take a look at the basic building blocks of our current reality onto which the imprint of the image we discussed earlier has been lain. this level of ultimate separation that we could possibly experience as is so self evident from conditions on this planet today. gleaning the gems out of every system of thought. Collectively. more clarity and refinement will also emerge. which is the truly experienced depths of separation. it is important to reiterate that these are not channeled writings. this-is-the-way-it-is presentation. thoughts. and thereby shall carry the gift of understanding into the collective Whole for the benefit of all.if we could ever be anything other than what we have always been. but contrary to the fear based interpretation of that word. then. the human collective consciousness is currently in the process of finally being sickened enough by war. disease. it literally translates to mean revelation. With respect to another question pertaining to the source and context of this book. opening up and bringing forth. and this book is intended to stimulate and excite that inner knowing in all of us in order that we build the quantum expansion of the emergence of our freedom and liberation. history and knowledge looked at in order to come up with an integrated whole picture of the story as being presented here. Each of our readers has a part in the revelation and by reading these discourses is embodying the understanding and activating the release mechanisms buried deep within their genetic crystalline matrix where the revitalization of these memories has lain dormant for a very long time. as in the example of the image being overlaid as a hologram onto a . isolation and despair that has been the human condition. This is the gift we are birthing at this time. questions. we are reaching that point and the time is at hand to complete what is necessary to leave our selfimposed exile from where they will be collated and most likely reposted on a web site to be created at a future time in order to further the conscious activation of this information and its intended results. it is an evolving and ever-clarifying picture. This is not a complete and static. and truly and cleanly can leave the dysfunction and the addiction behind forever. As each layer of our consciousness emerges and is set free by the very process we are engaged with. any and all input. that the life force deep within himself finally says enough. but come from a synthesis of internal direct cognizance over a long period of time as our own awareness and clarity on these subjects has emerged. I get it. With this understanding in real and experiential terms. The situation is not unlike that of a smoker who decides to lock himself in a room and smoke continually until the body and emotions are so sickened by what is experienced. those human beings going forward into the vastness of creation will carry with them the seed understanding of what separation is all about.

the planet and the solar system. The key to start with is the concept of harmonics and symmetry.. and it is the basic building blocks of such that are necessary to understand. 27. and within the containment field of the first four dimensions the limiting construct of the speed of light. Keep in mind that there is a natural. and as a chart: 1. the genetic structure. as well as how the distorted hologram can be imprinted thereupon. all as our local reality construct within this dimensional reality. 4 (first power) 1. 64 (third power) 1. which is a numeric growth pattern based on the base denominator 2. 3. 16. once we remove the overlays of complexity. 64. In the larger case of the global hologram. and the fundamental building blocks thereof. 16 (second power) 1. that of time. organic and balanced divine order to creation. 33. With this we will better understand our position in it as creators capable of shifting the hologram to progressively align with the original blueprint. legal. And once we know this. in which. Key to this is the area of number. 3 to the 4th power is 81 (3x3x3x3 = 81) and 4 to the 4th power is 256 (4x4x4x4 = 256). etc. 8. Another harmonic system is that of exponential growth. the harmonic ratios and other mathematical. to see where the implicate order resides upon which all expression in material form stands. our life forces and our reality. 4. Each of the first four numbers to the third power are. 9. 27. biological. we also know how to decode the matrix and to begin to retake control over our lives. genetic. 2. all numbers that we will come back to soon. another example of which is the so-called master numbers of 11. which is a geometric growth pattern. and to see the extraordinary completeness of it and the correspondences in scale. and thus a corresponding relational correspondence to such things as the Earth itself.receiving medium. the chemical system of the material fabric of life on the planet. the sequence of the first four numbers to the second power is 1. or such as the sequence of 2. 6. the medium is the physical template itself. 256 (fourth power) Each one of these numbers can be seen as a specific harmonic. 16. 44. 8. 4. 4. Each one has a specific place in the material plane that we exist within. 22. By harmonics we mean such things as is expressed by the concept of the fractal of 1:10:100:1000. which is based on the numeric denominator of 11. 9. or otherwise are done by inserting some type of disharmonic component that creates a feed-back loop into which artificial and controlled . This can also be applied to another dimension. we find a true simplicity of profound proportion. Once we see the symmetry of all this form we begin to understand how our consciousness can reside in such. 2. It is that simple. We can find this by looking at different primary structures and comparing and contrasting such. and the physical construction of the matter itself in terms of the physics of space relative to the atom. whereby 1 to the 4th power is 1 (1x1x1x1 = 1) 2 to the 4th power is 16 (2x2x2x2 = 16). be it monetary. 8. 10. 4. and to the first power is 1. the circumference of the sphere. and that all of the distortions and overlays. 81. 1. which holds some interesting things to look at starting with the first four numbers. 3. geometric and structural components that it contains. respectively. within any given system.

If we do not fully come into these bodies. astronomy. to the root chakra. with the splitting and mirroring effect. from which further individual exploration can be undertaken. our life force and divine energies. physics.“reality” components can be inserted. In later parts of the book. biology and other disciplines and applications. The fundamental issue we have discussed so far in the first chapters is that of the split masculine aspect of our consciousness. In order to come fully into the body. religion. how can we possibly fully embody ourselves into this dimensional realm and into our bodies? The answer is plain and simple. and then polarized against itself. geometry. By looking at some of the fundamental components of the reality construct. we will be better equipped to understand the nature of the matrix and its embedded codes by virtue of our understanding of the implicate order in the construct. The issue is that if we cannot do that. are in fact. mathematical constructs and correspondences is truly endless. and make us pay for the jail. we are controllable. based on fear and survival. the jail keepers and all the rest of it with our own juice. and then. the process of piercing the veil. The scope. By so overlaying. with its intricate patterns of symmetry. the result is achieved for the lock down mechanisms to be thereby engaged and utilized for control purposes. as we look at systems of structure in law. the result further exacerbates the inability to fully ground into this dimensional plane. We will be disengaged from our true capacities as creators of the realm. our bodies. religion and monetary structures. the polarization thereof and the creation of and the projection of an external enemy construct into the hologram. magnitude and extent to which one can explore the nature of number. It is also very important to understand that such systems that appear to be simply “man-made” such as law. overlays onto the same fabric of harmonic construction as is found in the natural world of cosmology. If it is split in two. as we will explore in this chapter. The masculine aspect we are talking about is the seeding component of the Christos. genetics. we are referring to a short-circuiting of the creator capacity of the masculine principle. The issue is simple in this regard. we can utilize that base understanding as part of building our repertoire of the decoding process. harmonics. shifting and distorting. chemical structure. we cannot do so. By the energetic castration referred to herein. the castration of the male energetic and the use of that to imprint the hologram we know and exist in today. then inverting. and material reality. . we are entrainable to project outwards a distorted picture of reality. of our divine blueprint and nature. as well as to stimulate the reader’s own internal insights and reflections on this information. The purpose of this chapter is to simply outline the most essential elements and establish the framework of which key components will be discussed later in the book. we are ineffective in controlling our own reality. money. This achieves a level of mind control or life force control that is energetically entrained in order to feed off of and manipulate the consciousness and the life forms container therein. so this chapter will only introduce the most important and key elements for a basis of understanding. the masculine aspect of our whole divine selves must be fully grounded into the physical vehicle. chemistry and biology. into the material structure of the physical plane. and our actions will be more reactive than creative. not joy and love. and our life forces can and will be used to maintain our own imprisonment.

as well as later on into modern times. with a price. Whenever it is taken as an external enemy. because it is the primary tool of binding the consciousness to the matrix. As such the socalled trials of Hercules can be viewed as either opportunities or external enemies. his labors are ours. The choice is always ours. These pillars are the same construct that previous crystallizations of thought within the hologram have spoken of and utilized as primary symbols. The two pillars also both symbolize and literally embody the fundamental methods of maintaining control of the hologram and they are referred to also by the presences behind them known as Mikael and Tsadkiel. He was half man. when taken as an opportunity for growth and clearing and realigning more to our wholeness. When seen as opportunities. As stated in Chapter Two. the only way out is in. His story is our story. that tolerates nothing short of absolute obedience and bondage to his law and his dictates. We must also fully understand that everything in this domain is essentially utilized to prevent or delay that from happening because it is known what the power we will have when we do fully embody ourselves. they are the primary symbols of and signposts concerning the nature of the split male. But it must also be understood that all of those distractions. these pillars become the entry point to knowledge. Those labors were assignments so to speak. at least in that system. In short. When seen as enemies they represent the infinite hall of mirrors and polarity from which there is no escape. Therefore. By half man it should be understood that what is being represented in the allegory of the myth is the admixture of the original humanoid genes indigenous to this planet and those later added by the extraterrestrial visitors who likened themselves as gods. then. We must fully come into our bodies. In Masonic tradition the two pillars are called Joachim and Boaz. or Michael and Zadok. but they are entered into. is quite simple as well. We also know of references to the Pillars of Hercules. is a positive event in our return to that wholeness. distortions and undermining forces are only able to engage and distract because we have something internally within our own landscape that they can hook into. from the gods. half god. because they are the trials and the path to integrating the genetics and the energetics of the originally conflicting elements of the consciousness. and he aspired to gain full immortality. We will return later to this concept of obedience to the law. together becoming what is now transliterated into modern English as Melchizedek. Truly. Later in the Masonic traditions and other esoteric constructs. Attitude is everything. then they are the path to liberation. the only way out is in!! In Greek mythology we know of the story of Hercules and his twelve labors. then our consciousness immediately becomes polarized with the external reflection and we have lost the opportunity and we are stuck in a hall of mirrors from which there is no escape. anything and everything thus encountered. but one God that is wrathful and vengeful. In short. for Hercules to gain immortality. Above them is the mantle that sits atop and controls them known as the mantle of Yahweh. to the controlled and artificial hologram. the concept of one God.The answer to the dilemma we find ourselves in. This name and sound vibration literally represents the split male and is externally projected as the so-called originator of handing to the Patriarch Abraham the mantle of monotheism. in the end we have only ourselves to deal with. eternal . which is the obedience to the law.

this good . a universal principle of the trinitization of consciousness and energy. If our consciousness can hold in perfect equilibrium the two polarities in any apparent separation. law. thoughts and emotional reactions to the material and information presented herein. emotional and mental). are presented and explored for the purpose of bringing to consciousness the nature of the externalized hologram. in this instance then becoming the Law of Three. many call The Matrix. We simply need to know how to understand and observe it. are externalized encoding of that essential block that prevents us from coming fully into the body. the matrix. but legalisms of control and obfuscation. Anything that comes forward in terms of anger. history. The line of the Priest has been used for thousands of years to retain control of the masses through the implementation of law. at least until now. and not get caught by either side. That is why the symbol is the two pillars with the binding mantle on top. only Opportunities!!! The Pillars of Hercules are the guardians of the gate.separation in a hall of mirrors. not to create an external enemy construct. bad cop. Please keep in mind also that the extensive detail with which these subjects concerning. they operate as containment fields for maintaining the polarization based on the Law of Two and the perpetuation of polarity and separation. all of which we will come back to quite extensively for further understanding and clarification later in this book. The whole game of the good cop. fear. emotional and mental). which will be detailed and revealed in this book. The line of the King has been used as a repository of sovereignty denied to the masses. and all aspects of the enclosure. the only operative phrase that needs to be kept in mind in this regard is: There are no Enemies. so the reader is advised to monitor his/her consciousness. what in popular terminology since the release of the movie with the same name. then triangulate the two sides and embody the balance of the law of three. The world we currently exist in is an artificial hologram. then how to re-integrate it back within ourselves. and to enforce the adherence to the law of the gods. But the false hologram. anxiety or whatever else is the emergence of an opportunity to make conscious that which was formerly embedded deep in the substates of awareness and in the bodies held locked down in time and space. the Watchers. that when we are not split in two and castrated. In the Masonic structure these two pillars are also representative of the Priestly line and the Kingly line. belong internally in our whole beingness. then we rise above the polarity. representative of the triangulation that equalizes the polarity and the Law of Two. religion and so forth. we contain within our embodiments three primary centers of manifestation (physical. Both pillars and lines are externalized projections of our own power and control. as well as the control of the land and the portable allodium of the value of the land…gold and silver coinage. that are there to maintain the split in the consciousness. not divine principles. When externalized in all the systems of law and religions of the world. In clear and simple terms. keeping the control in place by the continuance of the schism in the masculine principle. or three bodies (physical. This we do when we retain our full power and authority within our three primary centers. The Melchizedek presence has been overlaid on top of the primary split we are talking about. In addition to that. is the mirror of our original blueprint.

To further elaborate on this. 37. but upon further investigation they demonstrate something quite amazing. the definition of a prime number is that it is only divisible by itself and the number one. 29. but instead of 12 positions we structure it with 24. and continue to chart the placement of the prime numbers. All in all. 7. 5 (6) 7. Of course 25 isn’t a prime number. Church and State. The next interesting thing to note is if you then create another ring outside of the first 24 point circle. they are all the basis of the external hologram’s holding pattern of the split masculine aspect. the same as if it is an orbital shell of electrons of an atom. 5. that bad one. this good system. 3. as old as the story itself. This cross can also be referred to as the Prime Number Cross. . 11. On the first ring of a 24-point clock face. 11 (12) 13. 11. Keep that question in mind as we proceed. let’s set aside numbers 2 and 3 as part of the prime number sequence because of their sequential nature (1. 2. 12. that of the chemical structure of the material plane and other fundamentals as herein described. It is the template that the structure of the atom and its electron orbital shells follows. 7 x 7. 17. The sequence is. 17 (18) 19. 24). 1. 13. 5. 2. 23. the flanking of the multiple of 6 will remain consistent. like the face of a clock. who were the original Templars who brought this forward as compared to later energetics that co-opted and overlaid the original. 17. that bad Merkaba. which as you go up the scale remains the same where the number flanking the multiple of six will either be a prime number. You will notice that they come in sets of two that flank a number divisible by 6…. 3). or the sum of two prime numbers such as 5 x 7. or the sum of a prime number multiplied by itself. as well as then understanding the nature of the template and why the imprint of the distorted hologram can and could keep us from coming fully into our bodies and thus taking control of the creative capacity that is our birthright. that of prime numbers. 23 (24) 25. the question remains. as well as other constants in the realm of number that are directly reflected within the material plane of manifestation in which we live and breathe. is all a ruse. -1 (0) 1. If we create a circle with numbers on it. one can begin to see through denominated patterns how the basic construct of this material world follows a precise and specific structure throughout. we will notice that each of the four cardinal points is a denominator of the number six (6. Priest and King. 18. but it is a sum of a prime number multiplied by itself (5 x 5). 13. 31. If you then draw lines on these four sets of flanking numbers from the center of the circle. At first they seem random and without symmetry. hence a numeric sequence that has no apparent harmonics within it.Melchizedek. 19. or the sum of two prime numbers multiplied together. 19. 23. what you get are four flaring arms…. let’s look first at a unique component of this structure of the harmonics and symmetry of number. a geometry and perfection that is reflective of the rest of the material world in which we reside. 5 x 11. To begin. and it can be seen starting at its most fundamental level. the prime numbers are thus 1. 7. the squares of prime numbers.the original and true Templar cross. Therefore. 41…. For purposes of this application.

Another interesting aspect of the geometry inherent in prime numbers emerges when we look at each number in an ascending sequence, and then relate that sequence to other structures we are familiar with. Since we started this series discussing the emerald ray and life force, coming through the lens of the Pleiadian system, and that our relative position here on this planet is that of the octave, the eighth tone of that system, let’s first look at the octave structure in the geometry of prime numbers. The first eight prime numbers that constitute the first octave in the geometry of Prime Numbers are 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, and 17. The letters of the modern English alphabet corresponding to these numbers are A, B, C, E, G, K. M and Q. Here are some interesting things to note about this: 1. The first prime number is of course 1, divisible by itself and by 1, corresponding to the letter A, which we have discussed earlier as being derived from Aleph and Alpha, thus demonstrating the presence of the beginning in all things, the first step from the void from which has emerged the physical reality and all its permutations in which we currently reside, into which the entire fabric of the substructure and material structure is built upon. In short, the unity of consciousness in first expression. 2. Inherent in this first point is the simple understanding that, just as prime numbers are divisible by the number one and themselves, this indicates the fundamental law that we are all whole and sovereign in ourselves (divisible only by ourselves) as well as essentially derived from the primal mater (feminine principle) embodied in the numeral 1, the Aleph/Alpha. 3. The numbers 7 and 11 are the 5th and 6th prime numbers, 5 and 6 being the numbers of Isis and Osiris, the feminine and the masculine. How often do we find reference to these numbers, 7 and 11, in gambling systems, in convenience store names, many people’s lucky numbers, you name it. These are all modern numeric reminders of the foundational principles that the whole system is based upon which are the masculine and feminine. 4. 7 is the 5th prime number, the number 5 of course corresponding to the pentagram, the symbol of Venus, which in turn corresponds to the letter G, which is conveniently placed in the center of the Masonic symbol, surrounded by the square and compass which is the overlay of the male dominant imprint as contained in the entire Masonic system which we will explore more fully later on; this is obviously the split pillars holding and maintaining the castrated male while suppressing and overlaying the feminine principle. 5. 11 is the 6th prime, the number 6 corresponding to the masculine principle as symbolized by the six pointed star, corresponding to Osiris, the castrated male, and to the letter K….a very specific correspondence to be revisited in much more detail later on, the number 11 itself being an obvious symbol of the two pillars of the split male, which has been repeated over and over again including the “two towers” of Tolkien’s story of Middle Earth and the two towers of the world trade center, in the heart of the Roman empire known as New York (which we will tie in a little later on as well).

6. 17 is the 8th prime, the completion of the octave, with the corresponding letter being Q. Ever wonder why the letter Q looks like an O with something extending out of it? Could it be that it is indeed an O, the castrated male, the 15th letter, now with the re-membered integration of the missing phallus, corresponding to the eighth prime, the completion of the octave? Is this letter telling us what happens in the completion of the octave when we remember the masculine principle in its proper embodied and whole condition? This of course is only just the beginning, and again, if one plays with these number and letter correspondences, the sequence of the prime numbers and the relationship to such things as the chemical periodic chart, certain patterns become very obvious, the entirety of this exploration being much too large to fit into this introductory chapter. The above is just a quick summary and a few items to stimulate the reader’s own internal inquiry and exploration. We will take a quick look later on at the nature and structure of the language and letters of English as the final crystallization of the neuro-linguistic programming inherent in the overlay held within the artificial hologram of the matrix, and the correspondence with such things as the nature of the legal, monetary, bonding (insurance) and taxation systems. An interesting thing to note is that the true Templar cross later on became co-opted and became the four squared cross, which, when drawn on the 24-point clock face, touches on the four numbers divisible by six. The two modern global institutions that have that symbol today are which? The country of Switzerland, where much of the gold on our planet resides, the basis of the banking system that now holds the externally projected life force in the modern monetary system as we have previously touched on and will later more fully explain, and the Red Cross, the keepers of our blood. Switzerland is also the home of the principle symbol of our bondage to the third dimension, the clock, the regularity of time in linear construction that binds our consciousness to the controlled hologram. The original cross used in the Roman period to crucify men was not the Christian cross we have today, with the extended head, but more of a T, which if applied to our clock face touches on three points of 6…666. Thus the lock down and crucifixion of the Christos, the prevention of the full incarnation into the physical vehicle that we are now only partly embodied within, based on carbon, which has the 666 numeric as it has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. And the fourth 6 point, the number 24? Well, that is easy, because the number 79 is the 24th prime number, and the atomic number for gold is…79. The beheaded masculine principle locked into the gold. When one looks at the periodic chart of how the atoms of the material plane are configured, other patterns emerge. The chart is made up of 18 vertical columns called groups, and 7 horizontal columns called periods. Of the 18 groups, ten are distinctly different in the center, and the eight primary groups, two on the left side and six on the right, comprise the octave of matter, which have corresponding structures relative to the electron orbital shells, which in turn are precisely configured in the same manner of the prime number cross. At the top period there are only two atoms, hydrogen and helium. Helium is the first of the noble gases, the eighth column that comprises the octave in which inert gases that do not interact with other substances are found. They are inert

because the outer orbital shell of electrons is full and do not have valences (a valence is any number of one to four electron positions that can bond with another oppositely configured atom to form molecular bonds). Life so perfectly embodies into carbon because it has four valences that enable it to make very strong and stable molecular structures. This is reflected in the fact that all earth based spiritual understandings start from the four corners, the four winds, the four directions, because this is reflective of our consciousness embodied in the carbon based bodies we are in, which is why when the swastika is reversed, the life force is sucked out of the organism by fragmenting and dispersing the basic principle of the four points that ground us into the Earth and our bodies. In this discussion so far, what is emerging is that the first four numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, are the primary building blocks of this material reality, representing unity, polarity, triangulated balance and stable structures. That is why the chart showing the powers of 1, 2, 3, 4, to the first, second, third and fourth exponential values are of such prime importance. The two top atoms stand by themselves, as two pillars on opposite sides of the chart as the Pillars of Hercules, the Masonic pillars of Joachim and Boaz. Between those two pillars is where the chemical constituents of life reside, also with some interesting correspondences. We know for example that there are 92 stable elements of matter that are considered part of the natural order (not man made), and it is apparent that there is a numeric relationship between the fact that we have 46 chromosomes in the normal human genetic configuration, 46 being a harmonic root of 92. Is there a correspondence then between the two? Another is the fact that only 81 of the 92 are stable, and if we take out hydrogen as the base of all matter, we end up with four sets of 20 in the remaining 80, each with an interesting 1 + 19 orientation (the first and the ninth prime numbers), that precisely corresponds to the number of atoms that have only one isotope (20), and the number that have double isotopes as well, in all there are four sets of 20 atoms corresponding to the four directions once again. The 1 + 19 is that, for example, in the set of 20 that have single isotopes, the first one is an even numbered atomic number and the other 19 are odd numbered. The number of stable elements is interesting being 81, since the reciprocal of that number 1/81 (1 divided by 81) gives the repetitive decimal number of 0.012345679012345679…all the single digit numerals except eight, the missing octave. Now isn’t it interesting that we started this series discussing the split of the male and the lock down of the female, there being an event initiating the beginning of the treaty whereby sixteen females were ceremoniously bonded at the location of Newgrange in Ireland. In the first chart presented in this chapter, in the fourth line, the first four numbers to the fourth power, the second number after 1 is 16, which is both 2 to the fourth power as well as 4 squared. Next in that sequence is 81, being both 9 squared as well as 3 to the fourth power, the number of stable elements in the periodic chart, which of course also indicates that 11 elements are unstable, meaning radioactive and thus prone to rapid decay and breakdown. Then the next number in the sequence is 256, 4 to the fourth power. In modern astronomy it has been determined that there are approximately 250 stars in the Pleiadian system, leading to the supposition that that number could very well be 256, indicating an externalized, macro scale correspondence to this numerical

to be discussed later on. biology and physics to name a few of the mainstays of the physical construct of the hologram. gives us number values that in turn have universal and archetypal significance. 4 to the third = 64 and four to the fourth = 256. commonly known as Y2K. a sugar and a base). 2000. the treaty would be concluded and the overlay was to be lifted. moon and earth. 1999 included the fact that 49 days later. so taking the numbers three and four. a 7 x 7 matrix of days. and this in turn gives us some indication of the numeric relationships of the hologram we are discussing. etc. the key issue here is that with respect to any given dimension. Later in this book this fundamental development of these structures will become more significant and relevant to the discussions central to the theme and core issues we are exploring. so these are just basic points to demonstrate something of a wide ranging significance that can only be touched upon here. There are of course many correspondences to these structures. geometry. This also demonstrates the quadratic. sets of three like the sun. with an obvious relationship to the fact that 4 to the third power is 64. the number of codons in the known DNA structure. These numbers are 3 to the third = 27. We find throughout nature the repetitive presence of structures of three or four. so that we existing in three dimensions are surrounded by the fourth dimension. That isn’t exactly what happened. with four base units of the amino acids involved in creating the DNA and the three fundamental components (phosphoric acid. Throughout nature we find either trinities or quadratic functions. founding chemistry. 3 to the fourth = 81. But the key to note is how so many of these numerical correspondences and synchronistic points of activation do indeed line up throughout history. three principle types of human races. then four.structure. 1999. 1918…in other words. literary references like three wishes from the genie. then sixteen. the closing of World War One took place in Versailles. four-based basis of the fundamental nature of the physical matter that constitutes the reality we currently exist within. that the surrounding encompassing dimension must be one higher. perfectly matching the sequence of the squares of the numbers 1. so much so that would fill many volumes. 3. it is interesting to note that the electron orbital shells have an ascending number of electron pairs in the shells. And what we are touching upon is simply to state that there are almost an infinite range and variety of precise correspondences and harmonic structural relationships throughout the entire hologram we currently find ourselves in. mathematics. then nine. that of the treaty and the lock down (during the last two months of 1999) we came to know that the location of the ceremonies applied to the castration of the male took place where today stands the edifices and grounds known as Versailles. three primary forms that human language come within. and 4. 2. starting with one pair. The information when received in November. two dimensions. such as three particles constituting the atom. one dimension. In the period in which much of the foundational information that this series is based upon first came into conscious awareness. In modern times. which is built on a fundamental numerical foundation of the numbers three and four. to either the third or fourth power. It was precisely 81 years later that this information first came through. In effect. on 11:11. and was officially sealed on the date of November 11. We will explore later on the . With respect to the structure of the atom. ending on January 1. on November 11.

become the overriding method to maintain the hologram of our imprisonment. that when controlled. immovable and seemingly unable to be crossed or penetrated. For example. the physical. if the Pleiadian system is a star cluster that out pictures our genetic template we currently occupy with respect to the number 256. a subject we will visit later on when we discuss the legal. emotional and mental bodies. later to found the modern banking system destined to become the final repository for the life force brought here long ago from Nibiru and laid into the subterranean caverns brought to the surface after the landing of Cortez at Vera Cruz in 1521. such as the primary example of the reversed swastika. It was 13. the three stars of the belt of Orion are precisely aligned with the three pyramids of Giza. sank into the ocean on November 11. Sirius has a precise 50-year cycle known as the Periastran when Sirius B (the very dense white dwarf type star that makes up the Sirian binary system) comes closest to our solar system. As another example. reflective of the 21 hard sounds of the masculine and the 5 open sounds of the feminine intonations. a cycle known and documented by the Dogon tribe of Africa for hundreds of years. when the rising sign of the eastern sky was dawning the Age of Leo. monetary and energetic systems of the coding in the matrix of planet Earth as we now have it today. which began with the taking of Jerusalem by the descendants of blood lines that held the knowledge of the original lineages of SION. hold other components of our physical reality.000 years ago. and they have a precise correspondence to the three primary centers of our Earth vehicle.beginning of the Templar period and its importance to all of this. For example. 4 to the fourth power. The fifty year cycle also inscribes in relationship to our system a perfect helical spiral that is exactly the same helical spiral as our DNA. that the controllers of the matrix wish to prevent us from fully . The number 50 is another number with significance in the code of the Matrix. whose primary symbol was that of the two guardian lions at the gate. with an obvious correspondence to the 26 sound tones of our alphabet (21 consonants. Another interesting correspondence in the macro scale is the numeric relationships and configurations of the stars that surround us. Code is an obverse reflection of this important number fifty because later on in this book we will explore extensively how the entire system of the bonding of consciousness and lock down of our collective life force has used the knowledge of the harmonic correspondences of the hologram by reversing them and using them to turn inward and lock us down. which took place in the year 1099.S. We mention the fact that the U. yet only discovered in the latter half of last century by so-called modern science. found for example in the fact that the United States Code is structured in 50 volumes. then the other two major star systems in our local neighborhood. and the fact that a little known place off of the southwest edge of the British Isles known as Lyonness. that the Sphinx facing due east was carved with the head of the lion to remind us of the Path of the Lion that we will explore in a later chapter. It is these two pillars that stand side by side. 1099 as the gateways to releasing this information were beginning to open in Jerusalem by Nine knights of the bloodline. 5 vowels. Title 26 being that of the Internal Revenue Code. the path of remembrance on how to walk through the Pillars and return to Wholeness. Sirius and Orion.

who have handed down the retelling of the original stories preceding the lock down. by which. those beings of the watery realm that have held in place the stabilizing component of our consciousness that we have not been able to do for ourselves during this long period of journey through the underworld in the realms of illusion and separation.” knowing this. and specifically Finland. These people were known as the Daal (Dow. We now know that the origin of the word Jerusalem. in the center of which resides your control number. We will later return to the importance of the northern peoples as they migrated into the British Isles and then into Europe and the Middle East. is based on the real meaning of “founded by Shalem (Venus). the land of Fin. is nothing short of describing the overlaying of the dominating male force. the Daal Fin are a component of the Elves. Have you looked at your Social Security card lately? It is quite simply two pillars with a top mantle. The Elfin languages that Tolkien studied. the so called King of Salem. the French line identified its male heir apparent as the Dauphine. Thus. the feminine principle of the void from whence the real life force emerges into manifestation. holding the two aspects of the split masculine. The remnant of our consciousness that emerged in this area. which is why Tolkien was drawn to spend eight years living with and studying the languages. later to be anglicized as dolphin. along with the principle mythologies that he based much of his retelling of the story of Middle Earth on. is the galactic counterpart of the consciousness we are talking about that engaged the treaty to create the crucible into which we have been locked down during this cycle. culture and myths of these lands. of course. and instituted the naming of the heir apparent to . in its split aspect. that handed over Jerusalem to Abraham at the inception of the binding of the genetic lineage in our descent into the monotheistic belief system that has proved to be one of the principle tools of bondage in the matrix. as in the Tao. The important thing here to note in this chapter is that of the languages that came forth in those lands. Finland is the land of the Fin. It is good to remember also that it was Melchizedek in the Bible. the “gods. leading to the establishing of the so-called twelve tribes of Israel in obedience to the law of Yahweh. came from the Scandinavian area. the mantle that sits atop and binds the two pillars. reflective of the DaalFin. When the bloodlines of modern European monarchal lines took control of the nation states under the control of Holy Roman Empire. another example of the masculine dominant control lines overlaying the original by inverting it and turning it inside out and upside down. took control of the location of the 11:11 and the castration ceremonies at Versailles. the Void) Fin. Later. over the feminine principle.traversing and passing through. derived from the remnant of our consciousness that retained memory and went underground at the beginning of this Solar year cycle and emerged back to the surface at the beginning of the cycle. in order to finally wake up to the encoding principles and the structural components of our containment field. working in tandem with the Dolphins who have had the task of maintaining the grids and the stability of the planet while we wrecked havoc upon ourselves as we thrashed around in the crucible of time in which we were enclosed. so the supposed designation of the King of Salem on the dominating male energetic embodiment of the two pillars. by gaining such memories and consciousness reintegration we would become the facilitators of our own freedom.

castrated. . Lewis Carroll was specifically writing about the distortions in law and politics. This illustrates the binding of the feminine to the substrata of our consciousness and necessitating the unleashing of the consciousness locked and contained therein. one of the principle Earth goddesses of the Greek pantheon. The correspondences of language. which we will progress into as we explore the nature of our bondage and the disease of separation on this planet. The essence of all of this is that everything of which we are comprised is truly an integral part of a whole system. the same year that Pluto. Another key is how language and codification has literally been turned inside out and upside down to reflect the inversion of the hologram into a control matrix. was discovered to be our ninth planet. who later escaped to Europe. to make her his bride. The atom was split for the first time in our modern era in 1930. and there are key activating sounds in the languages that eventually filtered into modern English.” In other words. the god of the underworld. as the commercial extension of the British East India Company as agent of the Exchequer of the Throne of England. the true fury of the castrated male unleashed on a global scale. Later on as we explore through history we will come back to the importance of the structure of language and why it is no accident that English has now become the predominant world language. The English language has become the composite synthesis of the various harmonics. Tolkien was a philologist. wrathful and vengeful man. and he actually wrote the trilogy as a vehicle to transmit some key elements in language. Persephone is rescued. after making a pact with the English throne. known as the Dauphine. The key here in this context is to understand that much of the story line of the Lord of the Rings was derived from real original histories. and it was the opening to the subatomic level that released the final phase of such in our day. which one can utilize to reactivate memories by rereading these books at this time. numbers. Klingsor was an angry. Pluto is the harbinger of death and transformation. In the classic Greek mythology. referred to as “he who is smooth between the legs. during the fall of the throne in 1789. Nine years after the split of the atom in 1930 the magnitude of WWII was released. Hitler himself identified with the character in the story of Parcival (Pierce the Veil) and the search for the Holy Grail. energetics and other key parts of the implicate structure of the codification of the realm is central to our unfolding story and its revelatory aspect to understand the nature of the false hologram and our path to liberation. who was known as Klingsor. hence the requirement as we entered into the last phase of the time cycle to unleash such by splitting the atom concurrent with the discovery and naming of the ninth planet.the throne of the Frankish kings. daughter of Demeter. to the macro scale of the stars overhead. best exemplified in the language and distortions in legal and monetary functions. letters. but only after having to strike a compromise deal with Pluto whereby she would reside with him for part of each year. from the fractal level of the subatomic structures of physical matter. It is literally as Alice encountered in Wonderland. commonly known as the keeper of the Treasury. it is Pluto who binds the feminine by coming to the surface and kidnapping Persephone. the British colony known as the United States. tones and other extensions of the genetic code in the realms of sound and language neural integration. to institute another system of overlay in America. It was this heir. a lover of language. where all is inside out and the Red Queen is speaking backwards.

but it is little known that the sword of Tsadkiel is called Excalibur. Ur is also the land from whence Abraham comes. If there is a 4th M. the calibrating in . with all the males being castrated.” So Excalibur in translation is the sword through which we calibrate the light. hence eighteen more elements) we are adding the eighth and hence the octave. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and thusly the 7th prime number. the binding of the tone of the root chakra onto the last so-called natural element that is also the component material for nuclear energy. But if we add the last period (of eighteen groups. meaning to measure.” which the unconscious masses are drawn to like moths to a light. Fifty-two is a number of course divisible by 13 and 26. and “calib” is derived from the same root as the word in English calibrate. in seeking something they cannot understand. 3 x 13 equals 39. Michael of course supposedly carries the sword of truth. Ninety-two of the elements are considered part of the “natural” order. we then have the completion of 52…could that fourth one be Melchizedek. If we subtract the currently considered natural order of 92 elements from that total we have a remainder of 52. similar to the ratio of the octave of the periodic chart with its two columns on the left and six on the right? The name Melchizedek is made up of two so-called archangelic names. In this charting of the physical reality of the elemental structure of matter. of the gods and the churches. the same deck that is now becoming almost a universal tool of enticement for games of chance to “win it big. summing a total of 126 elements. we find a construction with eighteen groups and seven periods in each group. with a prefix in its name of “UR” which is no accident. in the land of Urek (modern Iraq whose name is derived there from). committed suicide on some errand to link up with a comet a few years ago. by the control of the law and the land. but their very own life force hidden behind the veils. but must always come through the intercession of the Church and the priests. the word “ex” means through. perfectly reflecting the cutting off of that part of ourselves that was now withheld and controlled. which is not the big win to riches. Michael and Tsadkiel. Ur is a sound tone we will more extensively explore in another chapter. conveniently the number reflected in the deck of playing cards that originated in Atlantis which we still use today. control it. in other words. In Latin. born in the city of Ur. one of which is the Hebrew word for “light. In closing this chapter. we have three primary female players with the name of Mary. and certainly his acts and deeds warrant such. and we then have 144 elements in total. and in the Bible story that brings us the tale of John the Baptist (the symbol of the beheaded Christos). both of whom carried swords. Hitler also identified himself with a specific Pope from the ninth century as a previous incarnation of himself. the number of those in the Heaven’s Gate cult who. but suffice it to say it has numerous meanings. the pope who decreed that hence forward the individual could not have direct access to his own soul. as well as the two principle priesthoods during the Christ period (Zadok and Mikael). ending of course with uranium as the ninety-second element. and would only be provisionally made available to us if we obeyed the laws of the King and the Priests. and we have mentioned before that Ursa is Latin for bear. a fractal of the 26 letters in the modern English alphabet among other things. we need to return to the periodic chart. with the letter M as their first initial.and Hitler considered himself the perfect embodiment of that fury. the keeper of the two pillars of the split male? Is there a reflection in this 3+1 configuration.

much more…. tarot and otherwise.Ur. inspiration or activation of insights into the topics covered in that chapter. it’s getting curiouser and curiouser!! …and as they say…. Oh Alice. For this chapter: MOVIES: The Man From Elysian Fields. BOOKS God’s Secret Formula (The Prime Number Code). Godsend. In another system. it will become evident that they are in fact another facet of the mental constructs that have been designed to keep us out of the body and chasing just one more form of external salvation. ships from the sky. who is pinned to polarity at the tail.the plot thickens!!! * * * * * * * Recommended Reading. One thing to note of course is that the references in the last paragraph are about swords. when we further discuss the nature of the structures we have been dealing with. by Peter Plichta The Lord of the Rings. thereby controlling it. Polaris. of the swastika pinned down to the point of polarity. Excalibur is the calibrating tool. movies or other sources that can be explored. which in the system of cards. leading to the hand off of the control of the feminine by one such as Melchizedek to one such as Abraham and his chosen seed of the twelve artificial tribes of Israel.the heavens above our heads. read and viewed for further information. to the north. the land from whence the first mind controlled aspect of the rebinding of our consciousness took place. This is important to keep in mind. or escape hatches through star gates and looking glasses. a powerful study of the nature of the castrated male. and the root chakra from which we have been barred entry and much. Ur is the sound tone of the first root chakra and the first DNA strand corresponding to the physical subatomic level of our world. It is tied to the bear. In comparison and contrast to what some of the systems of recent vintage have purported to be. Movies and other Resources: Throughout this book. as one of the swords of the pillars of our split male that calibrates the light. whether that be the second coming. at the end of each chapter. has some interesting insights into the over ride of the genetics and the issues of cloning.R. the earth mother.R. refer to the mental plane. So. leading to the binding to the laws of the priests and the kings who stamped their likenesses on the golden discs in which the life force being sought was expected to be found. that we will also explore. we will recommend books. Tolkien . body snatching and the intentions of keeping us from fully embodying into ourselves. the male principle. by J.

those principles were and are still and thus remain. The establishment of an Intention into a domain of undifferentiated space is akin to the proactive principle of the divine force we would refer to as the masculine seeding itself into the receptive place that we might refer to as the feminine. and so PC decided to go for it and create therein a new expression of Itself. These are latter day overlays imposed as false imprints on the hologram of reality distortions we currently find ourselves in. and being Prime Creator and not needing permission nor a mortgage in order to build a new development in this particular space in time. . the conception here referenced being the seed thought of divine intention that. sometimes several. The masculine is simply a principle of divine creation. Divinely endowed principles upon which the very fabric of such creation shall for the duration of its emergence into Existence operate as upon the warp and woof of the tapestry upon which it is woven. And it is important to note that such appellations of masculine and feminine have absolutely nothing to do with gender specific identification or anthropomorphized images as current mental plane constructs would have many think. creates the field of potentiality that will henceforth from that starting point continue to build upon and create of itself out of the inherent principles upon which it is sown.The ELF Transmissions Part Four An Emerald Creation Story In the beginning. This would be and is always the only type of Immaculate Conception. and therefore was void of identity in terms of the individuation that will ensue upon the inception of the intention as therein placed. is made manifest upon the template of the pure and receptive field of the Feminine Void of undifferentiated space. and in this case. It did indeed create. following this line. all newly developed areas of time and space as brought forth in previously undifferentiated Void and Pre-existent readiness are always established on one or two. namely create. which is best understood as the receptive field that is pre-existent and undifferentiated until it is seeded by the prime Will to Create. Prime Creator. a nice prime piece of real estate in an undifferentiated state of Void and Pre-existent readiness stood ripe for the picking. it is clear that the Intention is the fructifying seed that immediately and instantaneously creates a self-individuated awareness as manifest upon the folds of space and extended through such folds through what we have come to call and refer to as time. Unconditional Divine Love and Free Will. Within the context of Prime Creator and the process of creation. in the infinite pleasure of Prime Creator to do what It does best. which is the primary intention and directive force of the Will to Create and the feminine is the Void. and the feminine is not the goddess nor the mother. no individuated sense of self. The masculine is not the father. So. and the integration of the intention and the space whereupon it is seeded. By undifferentiated we refer here to the fact that said space contained no self-reflective awareness of itself in any sense. at least in the current now beginning of this particular locale in time and space known as our local universe. Individuation is the true gift of Life. upon the instant of its creation.

because the dynamic balance between the two creates a third component. At first this was a simple enough field of expression. but the essential element of this expression became an intimate and inextricable component of the living substance of our beingness. and as such. those principles are two. And. when divinity and selfexpression through individuation are in full and complete alignment with each other. no other lesser laws. as stated. which is that all acts and intentions that ensue forward out of the thrust of the living life substance of the combined principles will do so on the fabric of creation in this realm as a result of an underling conscious action between two or more individuated expressions of said life force. we would call this simply the entering into of engagements known as contracts between two or more consenting parties. Free Will engenders another inherent principle. the acts of creation are contractual engagements between self and Self.In our local universe. Anything as a deviation from this will immediately cause a splitting of the consciousness into a form of separation and when this happens. This was the true synthesis in terms of the interaction between the two principles of this creation. the a priori “Law” that has always sustained and guided this creation in which we reside. which in essence is the separation of conscious awareness of Self as its own point of creation. which is stated as “Thou Shalt Uplift all Life and Honor the Life Force of All Beings. in which something will “manifest” itself as a reflection of the illusion of separation. In short. and what emerged from such was the foundational maxim. whatever one so chooses as a name thereof. even if such may come eventually into conflict with the other underlying principle of Unconditional Love. As such. important here to remember that such a maxim as the statement of Law above was not originally stated in anything akin to language. of this creation. the warp and weave. Initially. and said life force. and what emerged immediately out of the beginning moments of such was a mandate that the beginning self-aware consciousness of this creation began to create of itself. An interesting combination indeed. at the core of our beings. Unconditional Love and Free Will.” There is nothing other than the inherent understanding in this phrase ever required in a balanced reality comprised of the two principles of Unconditional Love and Free Will. which is the life force that has carried the intention ever since. a sort of vacuum is created as a projection outside of the creative source. of course. Also of interest is the fact that inherent in the principle of Free Will is the potentiality of the life force to seek expression in any way it so chooses. since the beginning of time and space in this now developing field of conscious expression that we currently occupy. and in every singular unit of life . in our little creation story is known as the Emerald Ray. the green living light created by the interplay and substance. or individuated identity and source as expressed in what we would call Higher Self or God or Creator or Prime Source. Inherent in this context is the free will ability to choose self-denial. certainly not this end game expression we know as English. and thereby to project such self awareness outside of itself into the reality field in which it finds itself and thereby to find itself “separate” from its own source. In so many words. the intrinsic substance of this understanding will always be fulfilled in a contractual nature if the maxim of this statement is part of the guiding and underlying foundation of any such engagement. in our current linguistic vernacular.

the self compelling forward motion of the living life force that we are has sustained and ensued to deliver us to where we find ourselves today. well. leading to this little planetary sphere we currently call home. which is quite simply states as “The only way out is in!” In short. and this axiom has remained with us and followed us here ever since. because it doesn’t appear to be that much expressed around these parts anymore. as a creation story. Anything that deviates from the essential foundation of such.expression and consciousness. we could define such as essential laws of the very creational physics upon which all else in this field of creation exists upon. how can what we observe in this world exist on such a fabric? Let’s start to answer that by defining some terms. how could this be so. and contracts can be rescinded when one knows the fine print. if you get our drift. we would reckon. this remains the foundational axiom of our reality to this moment. could be a couple o’ parsecs or more. made our way from that original point of inception to what we find ourselves in today. we have incrementally. we are referring to these axioms as principles of divine creation. that became inextricably bound to every atom of substance and every unit of consciousness that would ever ensue into individuated forms of expression from that point of inception onward. But then one might ask. from one little exploratory step into the realm of separation. But that raises a point. . we ain’t seen that sorta thing around these here parts for. In other words. so where is the free will. so the question naturally arises. is starting from the beginning when this very creation was created upon such principles. another simple maxim. after billions and billions of what we call years of time as extended throughout space. First of all. Indeed that is so. as we observe here in this as we are calling it endgame expression of what is clearly the antithesis of such an axiom. step by step. As divine principles. the maxim to honor and uplift all life forms and to honor the life force in all beings is hardwired at the deepest level of this universe and reality that we find ourselves in. but essential immutable and indivisible principles of creational intentions. we still retain the map to return back to wholeness because the memory imprint of the journey here remains with us. and each manifestation of the illusion to support it. thus creating the ongoing extension of the principles and laws from one logical staring point to the next and onwards into the far flung complexities of the stars and galaxies and nations and planets and personal affairs and agreements of every sort. and as to unconditional love. where did it go. underlying free will is the essential element that all ongoing points of continuing creation out of such now differentiated space would be in the form of a contract between the consciousness in one expression and that in another. And that. and every step had at some essential level a contractual agreement. and how can we justify saying that if this creation has interwoven into the very fabric and substance of these two principles. This book is about remembering the fine print. that dishonors the life force of another point of individuated conscious awareness can only do so when a contractual relationship within a free will context allows such to take place. and this. In other words. And thus. if. not laws as we have come to understand man’s law on this plane. that there appears to be very little free will left.

which ten generations from then. there have been many postulates put forth on this planet for many a year in many a language of the current realm. as literal creations of our externalized consciousness. well then. was all too happy to accommodate such a mandate. when that conscious decision was made as an experiment of expression. well. Is that how this game of separation started? Well. all forgetting to check inside and see where it started. presuming that it must have. which is the individuated sense of self. shall we say. perhaps started by a wandering butterfly in some far flung galaxy long forgotten in the annals of time. to understand how this makes sense in today’s reality of false holograms. guess what? It was. in other words. from the eventual empirical evidence that we find all around us. and thus. such became as a binding contract with the ever present and ever accommodating interwoven and interdependent fields of expression within which that one experimenting unit of conscious expression might have found itself. “Where am I?” the result of which. it allowed something outside of itself to come in and support the contractual engagement between self and Self. from its source. and went on to stub its toe. For it is the penultimate gift of the intention of the source of such creation that we hold in our very breath and life. See if it fits. this set into motion a further corresponding response. and accommodate to rearrange the universe to manifest the intention as contained therein and thereby manifest a component of the illusions of separation. well. And guess what again? This Earth that we find ourselves in and within. separation. converging and conflicting realities. See where it leads you. Try it on for size. when one unit of consciousness decided to see what separation from self was like. chased by some elf who fell off a star and tumbled into a thought form that he didn’t recognize and as a result said something like. to manifest the illusion of separation. that contractually as such within a field of free will. ending up in this whole big mess we call planet Earth. so to speak. perhaps an errant thought of separation as an experiment. wrote a philosophical treatise on the nature of separation and started the whole thing snow balling from there. woven on and upon and within and through those very enlivening principles that we know in our hearts and souls still make up the essential fabric of who we are in proper and divine communion with what we know to be our source and substance of this life and individuated awareness of our unique and whole selves. Eventually. So. to accommodate the continually escalating pictures of separation reality. some corresponding adjacent construct of reality perceived an element of doubt. it’s at the bottom of that hill!!! Alas. but apparently so. whole legions of beings were invited in. some simple. shall we say. When that occurred. starting as one simple expression. So let’s bring it down to Earth. In other words. and the worship of false gods as overlaid on these original principles and utilized to entrain and control the life force that is still the same essential fabric of emerald energy that began with that first whisper of breath and conscious awareness in the differentiated and individuated folds of Living Light we call Life. and get real in real terms.So at some point in time. all blaming someone outside of themselves. some complex. down hill from there. . So this creation story could very well have an element of veracity to it. From that point forward. meaning separating that individuated self that it knew as itself.

and something must owe us something that we do not feel we have. As a result. and when such an increment is not delivered “as owed.” then of course the natural extension of that experience is that now something is “to blame” for what was not delivered as owed. power and authority in direct ratio to that which we feel is outside of ourselves and owed to us. when a thought manifests itself as a form of separation of consciousness. As such. Separation and wholeness are mutually exclusive. at some level. we are the sum and substance of Prime Creator in individuated expression. seeking outside of itself for something that each being feels it has lost. When a being in the essence of itself creates a separation. and having a sense that something outside of itself now “owes” it that increment of life force that is missing. which is the returning to the singularity in time and space back to our Source.The key to understand here is the starting point. there is a binding force that has ensued from that individuated whole self that now becomes manifest in that being’s reality. and from such. when a creational thought is made manifest in a separated manner. that we do indeed have free will. Thought is energy. but because we are Prime Creator in individuated expression. no different than the inception of the Will to Create of Prime Source. and that is what parallel universes and realities are. the merging and collapsing of parallel universes and realities becomes the catapult force that accelerates through time and engages what we might call the ascension process. it was invited in and engaged in some contractual way. because the original thought has been forgotten and the original contractual and binding force is submerged below the threshold of awareness. And since it will all eventually seek reintegration and a return to wholeness. and therefore. which is our own Selves. So of course something then must be to blame. Imagine then billions of years and billions and perhaps trillions of conscious beings extrapolating forward from that first point of separation. and of course we feel that we have lost that much of our own potency. action and deed will immediately and instantaneously organize the substance and fabric of the creational field within which it resides. which is nothing more that the storing of the energy that is contractually bound to thought forms of separation. of first the thought of separation. and so every thought. it has to go somewhere. and is also to blame for the manifested experience in the external reality that causes pain and suffering. in simple terms. Because in the beginning we were one and the same as Self and Source. and then establishes a free will engagement that will manifest that thought into manifested form. and that is what we call karma. we are actually creating parallel realities to hold that energy because it cannot stay in the original creation where Self and Source continue to reside indivisibly and indelibly whole. something outside of ourselves is blamed for why we feel separated from ourselves as Source. and that nothing can enter into our field of reality unless. and when such is not . then the engagement which is really a contract with oneself and the surrounding field of living creation. then the seeking outside oneself to find wholeness but doing so by projecting outside oneself the sense of being owed something from an external source. If one ponders that very simple equation. then the experience of the separation itself. and we know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed at the level of creation we find ourselves in. it has to go somewhere to reside until such time as it can be transmuted by conscious intent back into the integrated wholeness with its point of origin.

” in order to force at least some part of that asleep consciousness to wake up. was deeply entrenched in the dream of separation and the false reality of the almost infinitely layered depths of the therein created parallel realities. “Uh. Which we shall now explore… During the course of these ELF Transmissions thus far. And believe it or not. in effect. What we call the Elves are that part of our consciousness. The rest. it has to be done inextricably with the other principle of this reality field. of the Earth around the Sun as having begun with a treaty that allowed the external god-postors to come in and have free reign upon this plane during the fractal of time that we are now at the end point of. that is the essential equation that has led to where we find ourselves today. the near complete entrenchment of the controlling external forces that “contracted” with part of our consciousness to play out the separated godhead and create the externalized godspell to force us to finally say. seeking to balance and “justify” the now separated experience of existence by blaming something outside of oneself. called years. ponder it long. that of unconditional love.delivered.000 annual orbits. and how the contractual physics of our Will to Create must be inherently part of any foundational and energetic relationship. it appears that we are in the worst shape . that it would require the binding of the full extent of this reality to force that asleep part of consciousness into a hermetically sealed crucible. of the nature of creation within a free will reality. that has retained its Prime Source selfawareness. any external force or aggregate of consciousness can then come in and support the free will basis of the contractual energetics that support this externalized projection of power. but also. because it is simply fulfilling the contractual energetic that we created in the first place. authority and creational intent. of course. and the resultant expressions of lack and limitation constitutes our self-reflective validating reasons why there is something outside of ourselves to blame. for it is the key to liberation. each increment of which is bound by a contractual and energetic basis that can be traced to the originating point and principles as based on our discussion of free will. especially when we multiply that by the billions and trillions of individuated expressions. is history. that original Emerald Light Frequency (ELF) and thereby. In short. “false reality hologram. the universe has just rearranged itself to support our picture of reality. at this very late stage of the process. as the saying goes.” such is a reality based on projected and abrogated responsibility whereby it is believed and perceived that something outside of ourselves owes us our life force. gee. in forms of individuation. What we see today on this planet is the endgame result of that decision.” We believe that is now taking place and accelerating at a rapid and exponential rate. Ponder this deeply. and. play out the part in the externalized reality construct of the controlling power and dominating authority. The result is the collective mass consensus reality operating on the externalized projection of its own power and authority outside itself. which as is obvious by what we see in this currently expressed “false hologram. something is not right here. As a “treaty” what we are really referring to is simply the same logical point as the preceding discussion herein. understanding that the ELF knew that another part of our consciousness. we have postulated the starting point of the current Solar Year of approximately 26. And thereby.

which is both symbolically and energetically the embodiment of key functions such as death and transformation. which can and will be shifted by the quantum whole of the current transmutational process now underway. This exploration of history is aimed at one primary point. In order to understand the fullness of these last two paragraphs. the second half of the time fractal of the Solar Year. racial. ELFs everywhere!!! Our normal consciousness access to higher realms of reality should naturally follow a type of stairstepping of solar systems from one Solar body to the next dimensional Solar body. one level to the next. It is the purpose of these writings and the Emerald Liberation Front to provide some stimulus and information for those just emerging from the slumber of self-forgetfulness to understand how all this has worked. via systems of legalistic. because the fully expressed results of this vast extension of separation must be fully manifest within the hologram for it to finally be healed. It was no accident that soon thereafter from this discovery of Pluto and the splitting of the atom began the second world war and all of its heinous destruction of life. to release all the disease and illusions of separation. as we stated in the beginning is described as the disseminating point of the Emerald Light Frequency that carries the Emerald Life Force that is now bound and gagged in this controlled false hologram that we are currently living within. as one great healing crises of the planet and its peoples. In other words. but that is just the distillation of all the internal separations of the billions of beings incarnate and disincarnate in this reality field of Earth. monetary. symbolic. It mustn’t be closed off and sealed away. this too has been co-opted and distorted. political. the direction of this book is now going to delineate the basic sequencing of history over the last 13. Instead. But along with everything else we have discussed. which is continuing apace to this day. as well as having a correspondence to the eighth house of the zodiac in the constellation Scorpio in the Western model of astrology (the octave). in either direction. genetic and energetic inversions and entrainments of original . which is to bring forward the clear and unambiguous understanding of how said life force has been contractually bound (contractually being the operative word because it required free will agreement). This corresponded with the “discovery” of the planet Pluto. Instead of knowing that we are our own internal wholeness and divine principle. to this day. mathematical. the projected mass consensus false hologram. it must be incised and opened up in order to fully heal. religious. social. it may look worse than ever.ever.ahhh. the splitting of the atom in 1930 was the release of the substrata in the atomic template and the substrata of the collective planetary consciousness. and in order to do so. This 26. biological. the god-postors imposed themselves as sun gods such as were called Amen Ra in Egypt. which the Emerald Liberation Front is working diligently to engage the liberation and release thereof…. Thus. a long and detailed understanding of the historical sequencing of the last thousands of years leading to the end point we are now in is called for. It is like a deep wound in flesh. because to do so would allow it to fester and infect the remaining healthy tissue.000 years.000 year period is one in which the entire solar system makes one full orbit around the center point of the central sun known as Alcyone of the Pleiadian system which. to whom. homage is paid at the end of every Christian prayer ending with amen. which ultimately will kill the host organism.

allegiances. and that is one of the tricks of this hologram. each successive layer will manifest. and therefore.template reality and blueprints. “Devil” being nothing more than a mental plane construct that has also been anthropomorphized to create another form of external enemy to distract our attention from the core issues of our own responsibility for this creation. such could not exist within our hologram of created reality unless the underlying free will agency of our consciousness had not bound itself by oaths. leading to the further understanding contained in the axiom. to wake up. ultimately. is best seen as the story of the manipulation and distortion of law. have to be dealt with. vows. the so-called Devil knows not who it serves because it is serving to show us such a projection outside of ourselves. history in this context towards the liberation of the emerald life force. the symptoms will re-manifest in reverse order. And also. is that all the distortional overlays could not even exist in this reality unless they were in some how linked to the original principles of divine law by being obverse reflections of such. focus on what is real and the rest will fade away. it is key to understand that what is done can be undone. overlaid as legalisms to bind to the underlying contractual nature of free will creation. of the utmost importance to keep in mind. constantly distracting us from remembering that that part of us that is made of Original Intent and Original Innocence can never be and has never been broken. The key of course is the re-animation and re-integration of our own responsibility. within the legalistic distortions of man’s law. And finally. nothing less. The further manifestation of this is the “something-outside-of-me-owes-me-and-since-Idon’t-have-it-any-longer-something-outside-of-me-is-surely-to-blame” game. Anything we . and then will fade away. and to force us. in order to create a system of energetic containment that we know as monetary function (money). but still valid and intact. we will encounter every possible permutation of this issue of self-responsibility flung right in our faces to deal with. which is to control the populations of the world to be used as slave races to be utilized to harvest and work the resources of the planet for the self-serving agendas of those beings who have come in as external “gods” to embody the totality of the mass consensus of externalized power and authority. to allow such to exist within our created reality.” In this context. in order to bind the free will consciousness to control the life force and the substance of creation contained therein. It is a function of consciousness and nothing more. “That which is real can never be broken. So as the reversal process engages. for the further extension of the agenda. But remember. creational intent and contractual forms. and as in any healing crisis. The key is the personal journey of liberation. we can safely say that “The Devil knows not who he serves.” We are fooled by the illusions that we can fix what is broken. at least those willing and able to do the work to release the binding agreements and separation constructs of consciousness. and as long as the intent and conscious focus remains clear to achieve liberation. In short. that which is broken can never be fixed. Another key point to keep in mind is that the treaty we have spoken about was done in order to force the pressure to finally pop us out of the dream of separation we have gotten lost in for so very long. therefore. Nonetheless. a context which we will return to when we explore and analyze current legal structures in order to learn how to recognize divine law interwoven and dispersed. because the first thing that goes when such responsibility is externally projected is the ability to be consistent and whole in our own ability to create.

it has to in order to create the reality fields that contain the projected manifestations of well as the very simple methods of how to liberate oneself from the game. will separate from the form and the separation will become manifest by virtue of the fact that the full spirit cannot come fully into the incarnate form. the masculine principle will split. the Matrix….“perceive” as broken is not real. The male blames the female. Because this was intrinsic energetically in the entire fabric of this creation from a very early stage. In Part Two we will discuss and detail the historical context of how this has been used to “perfect” the holographic containment field of our separation. so when a point of individuated creation separates itself from its own Self as Source. when the initial points of separation took place. or attacks another male outside of itself seeking power to fill the vacuum it feels internally. When separation occurs. to play out the externalized control to further extend the illusions of separation. To begin our discussions of law and history to see precisely how we have been bound to the current false hologram. find where the binding attachment is. The male becomes enraged at its own impotence and further suppresses the female. So as things manifest that appear broken. go inside. that whole force will naturally split itself. not some Annunaki godlet coming along and grabbing some poor guy named Abraham out in the desert and slicing him down the middle. In this last play. This is the origin of the split male. then grabbing his cajones and slicing those off for souvenirs. The externalized reflection of separation will inevitably allow for the manifestation of the “someone outside of oneself to blame” game. We are talking about initial natural laws of physics in creation. In the early chapters of the ELF Transmissions we discussed the nature of the castrated male and the split male principle. It is electrical in nature as the feminine as Void is magnetic in nature. the intentional energetic of the wholeness of Prime Creator as Source. in this Solar Year. and vice versa. it cannot fully come into the manifested form of individuated self. what we call the root base chakra. we are caught in a perceptual trick caused by the polarization of reality as we see it. Because. As a result the root grounding point for the full spirit. The male blames another male. And the immediate and corresponding result was the beginning of polarization of the feminine and the natural suppression of such. The male or masculine principle as herein discussed is the Will to Create. and eventually external “beings” were energized to become “real” in this hologram. perpetuating the drama with the external enemy construct. from the near highest spiritual levels to the lowest dimensional levels of incarnation wherein we now reside. and release it. the successive folds of time and space continued to manifest such. we are dealing with a fractal template of the entire process. and healing it all the way to its original point of inception. This began at the very beginning of what we have described so far in this chapter. we will start in the areas of western historical development that we are familiar with. after this takes place. Focus on what is real and the current illusion will fade away. This is the original castration that took place. long before we ever had separation of genders or testicles in the male form to castrate in this long extended time continuum when we ended up in gender specific split reality incarnational forms. and when we allow ourselves to focus on it. Egypt and Mesopotamia. The key starting point is the understanding of the basis of external authority and power as vested into the King or the .

now with genetic and energetic allegiances to the apparent source of its authority. It. ego. Of course. asleepness and separation. half-man creature. There were beings who professed to know how the universe worked and how to appease the reality of said universe to allow for the humble existence bestowed upon these lowly beings called humans. the two components of the split masculine energy. above him his god Marduk. And in the western evolution of structure through religion and law and ultimately the power of money. the two pillars are those of the lines of King and Priest. that it owes its allegiance as “liege lord” to. as King. marble stelae. These are the two pillars. the sign of the twins. at the beginning of the encoding of the rules of power and authority. And of course. which in actual fact was the choice of breeding grounds into which the external gods would seed their bloodlines and genetic lineages that could be controlled by the very nature of the crystalline energetic functions of genetic materials. an Annunaki whose grandfather was known as Anu. one being the Line of the King. these were all originally logical and morally sound principles. would be Hammurabi. the other being the line of the Priest. He will embody that guidance and direction of its authority via the dictates of the god that it stands under.” is entrainable and controllable. Standing under. In Masonic rite and ritual there are two pillars that function as central symbols going back thousands of years. lord over all. Those who knew the workings of the universe held the so-called sacred tools to access the will of the gods. known as Marduk. It is enshrined in the zodiac in the sign of Gemini. the beginning of the encoding of the laws of the gods over the affairs of man. These were two lineages. back then. when most of humanity was lost in the abyss of forgetfulness. hence understanding. the externalized power mongers. receiving such “divine” understanding. If the King follows the dictates of the god to which he owes allegiance properly then he will be given its rewards in terms of physical reality benefits: power. It was a time. In literal terms. We say quite specifically and use the world “understanding” because that is our point of beginning. that remained intact and became known in modern times as Hammurabi’s Code. such as the Greek creation stories that include the twins Atlas and Hercules. these are incarnations of vast collectives of errant consciousness now playing out the godspell as previously discussed. in a place called Babylon. the dominion over the creatures the King shall lord over. It is also found throughout the world in most cultural mythologies. . In the process of standing under his god. the King known as Hammurabi would sit under a large marble dais and from the lofty position whereupon sat his god. These are the two pillars of the externalized embodiment of the endgame result of the original splitting of the masculine principle. would dictate the rules of crime and punishment to the vassal populace of the kingdom. The King had right of kingship because of the so-called descent of kingship from the gods. dominance and so forth. So the “demiurge” the half-god. its “god. greed. is vested with a semblance of the “power and authority” of the god it worships and works for. these are not just individuated identities. those being one and the same thing except for cultural expressions. The same symbology is also referenced in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis. Hammurabi received his “understandings” from Marduk. and gradually patterns would emerge and he was guided to write these into hard stone. the two pillars of the split and hence controlled male.Pharaoh.

coinciding with the so-called Star of Bethlehem. A prime example of how natural laws and cycles that were known by the people were progressively mystified and abstracted. via allegiance to the Kings who were the mortal embodiments of the dispensation of kingship from the gods. so they were the keepers of the laws and the knowledge of the mysteries of the universe. and arbiters thereto. and even larger cycles of multiples of this number such as 480 years (12 x 40) and 1440 years (480 x 3 and 40 x 36). These five points. which in actual fact was the astronomical coinciding when Venus was conjunct with Mercury just before the rising sun on the morning of Winter Solstice. the controlling yoke. Next time. during which it has five specific points relative to the Earth when it is hidden from the Earth’s view by the Sun. in the Old Testament encodement. and fourth being the logic of encodement of law. and the Priests (scientists) held many of these secrets as entrusted to them by the gods. becoming more and more the purview of the priests who were the interceding controllers of the laws and the desires of the gods. those things that directly related to the survival of civilization and the maintenance of life. The Priests were entrusted with the secrets of the rules of law because they also understood the learned mysteries of the laws of creation. Jones had to repay Smith two cows and plow his field for him next spring. this understanding was embodied in the presence of the two pillars. the forty year reign of various kings such as David. can be found in the cycles of Venus. the same penalty was already known and understood. later the one God. which was memorialized over and over again throughout the Old Testament. Later. Innana and so many others. The 480-year cycle was supposedly that of the feminine counterpart of Yahweh. and hence laws. the One God of monotheism. In Masonic rites and rituals. nothing more than linguistic crystallizations to abstract such concepts until it was all held in mysterious and mystical removal from the mere mortals who cowered in fear of such outside authorities and powers. The King had sovereign authority over all the lands. two being the authority of the kings. a fair penalty for the transgression. and was applied for the same transgression. Venus has a precise eight-year cycle. when Farmer Harris stole a cow from Farmer Franks. so that the King and the Priest remembered from whence and from whom their authority ensued. Such a conjunction would assure that a being born at that moment would . when charted. As discussed in earlier chapters. the Shekinah. Ishtar. such as the movements of the seasons. the cycles of the sun. three being the regularity of crime and punishment. in fiduciary trust for the gods. the fast of Jesus and numerous others. Isis. the fractal of forty days mentioned often in both old and new testaments such as the rain of Noah. In the beginnings all logical things of life and nature were known and appreciated as parts of the natural cycles. This eight-year cycle was also part of a larger five-part cycle of forty years. while the Kings controlled the sovereign trusts of the lands and rules of obedience and allegiance to the gods.Farmer Jones stole a cow from Farmer Smith. over which was laid the mantle of the gods. This began entraining the minds of men to several principles. inscribe a perfect five-pointed pentagram. became known as Yahweh. this mantle of “divine” authority. the eventual symbol of the Goddess in her many guises. one being the wisdom and hence the authority of the gods. Solomon and others.

A “henge” is a circular moat like structure whereby the excavated circle is filled with water and becomes a reflecting pool that can reflect the stars of the night.carry a very powerful capacity as a spiritual conveyor of the combined forces of Mercurial communications with the Venusian feminine principle. Newgrange was designed to track the movements of Venus. was really the stellar stepping-stone to higher dimensional levels of stair-step creation. the fountain of life was acknowledged to emerge from the canyons whence flowed the rivers and the waters of life. the cycles and the natural laws of our positioning in the cosmos. in which Canon or Ecclesiastical Law is considered the highest authority. the remembrance of the virginal Void of primary creation became abstracted to the mythology of the virgin mother. . but was progressively co-opted by the male priest class that wanted to use such knowledge to bind the people and the consciousness. the access was now through the Sun god. So eventually. and this is a reflection of the primary memory of the feminine aspect of the natural formations of the canyons (Kwan Yin = Can Yin = Canyon). Stonehenge was an astronomical observatory. this acknowledgement and understanding of the role of the feminine as the receptive Void of the intentional thought of creation was transmitted from the far North. the Sun god. and many of the other monuments of stone in the British Isles were real and practical constructs for the knowledge of the seasons. So. Kwan Yin is recognized as the embodiment of the feminine and the goddess of mercy and compassion. and the natural source of life that flowed from the canyons became abstracted into the “canon” of doctrinal law. as well as the habitat of the revered alligators. Thus. our Sun. So. this knowledge was codified into rules of the temples and the worship of the feminine was abstracted into the recesses. So progressively. but were later overlaid and buried to suppress the understanding both of natural cycles and of the feminine principle. The priests of Amen Ra required the populace to abide by their rules. As such. From the British Isles this knowledge made its way to the land of Egypt where the feminine principle was at first honored. or the Sun King. the populace had to come through the priests who held the control of the law. Stonehenge was an astronomical calculator with a precise orientation along cardinal lines so that the rising of the sun. Another example is the original knowledge and understanding that the local stellar body. from the land of the Daal Fin. In Egypt this was known as Amen Ra. Later we will discuss the hierarchy of modern day systems of law. the male overlaid counterpart to the original. but always remember where it really came from as per this example. the movement of the start and the changing of the seasonal cycles could be charted and observed. But then the priests co-opted this knowledge as their own. and instead of the clear and direct access to higher dimensional reality. were designed as astronomical viewing structures to chart the stars as well as to watch for errant visitors in the form of asteroids and other wandering atypical stellar bodies. But prior to that happening. All of this was encoded into the books of the Bible to represent the feminine principle. codes and regulations to access. as overlaid by the manmade artifice of the laws of the priests. down through the British Isles to a people who built the megalithic monuments such as the henges which in fact. as in the Chinese and other eastern traditions. but was later corrupted to be a vestigial counterfeit and retained as Canon Law.

and Amen Ra of the Solar Cult. as contained within the primary Isis/Osiris mystery cult symbology that still operates to this day. keep in mind that the origins of law and religion were the simple calculations and charting of the natural order of things: the movement of the Sun on a daily basis. These became the primary cults of the times. of course. on primary vortex points that will in turn influence the nature of control of the global grids and the global consciousness. in royal France.only through the priests. In Part Two we will more extensively explore and delineate the roots of today’s systems of law and religion. But deep down remained vestigial memories of the original structures and thereby the priests were able to co-opt the consciousness of the masses and create religious mythologies to entrain and control them. and EL from El Elyon. The primary points of focus of these cults were El Elyon in Babylon and Sumer. We will look at the origins of the bases of today’s Zionistic return to the land of Palestine. for right now. lunar and stellar cults. to form ISRAEL. When these three came together to amalgamate and consolidate their power to lay the foundation for the complete control of the matrix. We have discussed before the origin of the castrated and split male symbols as contained in the Egyptian pantheon with the two brother-sister twin pairs of Set/Nepthys and Osiris/Isis. RA from Amen Ra. as well as the virginal receptacle. is the resurrected artificial phallus of Osiris and the Capitol is the severed “head” of the phallus. whose four initials give us SION. Later on. now literally the “coin” of the realm. In short. IS for Isis. The obelisk. the changing of the cycles of the moon during the month and the longer cycles of stars. the memory of the Daal Fin was reconfigured to deify the male heir to the throne who was known as the Dauphine. counter-posed against the capitol rotunda. which are the flip sides of the same coin. Isis as the Goddess of the Lunar Cult. The population represents the Capital. eventually into Judaic law. retains the energetic symbology as well as control containment field for the male and female principles. the Lunar and the Stellar cults. and we will return to the sequential unfolding of the history and the story in order to properly delineate exactly how it all evolved and arrived at the near perfect construction that we find ourselves dealing with today in Part . and where this really originates from. and each is counted as a “capita” or head. and these structures are put strategically in many places around the world. known as the Highest of the High who controlled the Heavens and hence the Stellar God. But this gets us ahead of the story for now. split masculine energies originated in the Egyptian period. They combined the first two letters of each name. embodied into the One God. To the Egyptians can be traced the origins of much of the original coding and structures that found its way later into Babylon and other Sumerian locales. and progressively into Roman structure. The erection of the male phallus as the obelisk (pun intended). Onto this was grafted the story of the virgin birth. the Sun King and the singular God. later transliterated to become ZION. the Sun. The concept of the two pillars and the artificial containment of the castrated. the fusion of the ancient solar. to complete the “mandate” of the gods. the created the first modern corporate merger some five to six thousand years ago. the Solar. and the Divine Rights of Kings and the control of the descent of kingship by the hand of the High Priest.

and the Kingly line. to obey his God and kill his son. We have mentioned that UR is the sound tone vibration of the root chakra. this splitting of the masculine was also the splitting of the light. representing the control of the minds and hearts of the human race through the binding of the Priestly line that controlled the application and adjudication of the law. number 92 which is a harmonic number of the number of chromosomes in the human species. through the short circuitry of the masculine. to remove it from its origin for later posterity and the recording of the official story in the Old Testament. For now. that our last element in the standard chart of elements. which we shall demonstrate as we progress in this discussion. later codified in the ritual of the circumcision of all newborn males in the lineage. so that the aberrant energetic of the build up of the charge in the nervous system would be continually compelled to seek a release or discharge. Follow and understand the nature of language in order to see what there is to see in all of this.” Yahweh instructed him to change his name. the initial phase of the encoding of binding law to control the hologram and the life force is contained within the story of Isis and Osiris. where all legal faults are converted into “charges” that must be adjudicated by the black robed priests of the temples of justice (which is literally what they are). which was a conjunction of Ab Rah. Abraham’s name was Abram. it is very revealing. diverted and controlled. electrical system whereby the life force is artificially built up into a capacitance and then released through discharge. He became the perfect carrier wave for the initiation of the codification of the laws of the priests and the control by fiat of the kings. and thus to attain special favor. Abraham complied and of course the son was spared leading to the creation of the “twelve tribes” of Israel. too. Is it any accident. we will recall that Abraham was given a choice. Ur is also the word in Hebrew for “light” and therefore. the word capacitance and capacitor also having the same linguistic root as that of capita. and the short circuiting of the electrical system of the human species. and eventually “God. the same element that is now split in order to break into the subatomic strata of the material plane and schism and rend asunder our reality even more. a christening if you will of the genetic seed of his posterity to also be energetically aligned with the will of the gods as external power and authority. Notice. that in today’s system of legalisms and monetary functions we find these same words.Two of this book. that . There is no accident how things are named in the game of language. as currently still retained in our modern English language where we find it to be the root of such words as urine. which evolved into the Masonic symbols as also found in the Old Testament of the twin pillars. split as was the masculine principle and controlled by the overlaying mantle of the gods. also. meaning “Lover of RA. and made to be “discharged?” No. Originally. urology and related words. the absolute gavel of authority to be passed down through the ages and the generations to come. is called Uranium. In closing this chapter. to reiterate the key points. as told in the book of Genesis. Abraham came from a city in Mesopotamia called Ur. this languaging is precise and purposeful.” the overbearing yoke of Yahweh. So Abraham and his posterity were given the role of the chosen genetic lineage because they complied with reenacting the castration and the splitting of the masculine principle. to return to the points of origin. It is how the life force is retained.

then that contract is null and void.” the “descent of kingship” from the hands of the gods. that contained not only the life force of the population but that of the planet itself. the King of the Mountain and eventually to be called Yahweh by Abraham and his posterity. which included both the surface rights from which the tilled soil produced the life supporting nourishment of the fields. or ignorance of the real context and import of the terms. and such bonds can be broken. The whole point of this exploration is to point to the fact that in the sequential and linear progression of our consciousness through the pathways of time. receiving “understanding” and encoding such into the marble stele of Hamurrabi’s Code and onward through history and through time to where we find ourselves today. But the good news is that we remain part of a free will universe. celibacy. that are no longer seen to be in the highest good to your entire soul. It is a maxim of law that “fraud vitiates contracts. As such. a clear and unambiguous statement within oneself. will begin to be broken. finding deeper and deeper levels in which these things operate. finding where we deviated from the . There must be a meeting of the minds. Diligent and personal work must be engaged and maintained. silence or whatever. under whom the King would stand. Exploring our individual and collective consciousness back to its point of source. as vested in the King by the “divine right. whether in physical or metaphysical terms. because these things run very deep. in Caesar’s Matrix. the allodium of the minerals.” the word vitiate translated as nullifies. vows and otherwise have been gained throughout the eons of time and numerous incarnations of our soul’s journey in this universe through time and space constitute the fraudulent nature of such binding agreements. The manipulation and distortions by which binding agreements of oaths. they are indeed broken. there is a point on such a continuum where some part of our consciousness agreed by oath. and there must be just and mutually agreed upon consideration of exchange within the terms of the contract. That means if the means by which a binding contract is purported to be binding were obtained via fraudulent means. binding vows or variations on such to bind ourselves to the illusions of separation that we are currently well nigh completely entangled in at this time. which is established on the foundational context of universal and natural law. spirit and incarnational lives. Yahweh evolved from the original El Elyon. is engaged due to fraudulent and intentional withholding of any or all of these components. when one consciously becomes aware of such. later to become El Shaddai. vows of poverty. Therefore. We say begin to be. of stating that any and all agreements. Within the law of contracts as we understand it today. If not all met. a valid contract must have several key components amongst which is that all particulars and clauses as parts thereto must be fully revealed. the uranium and the ores. then that contract is void. the gold and silver.controlled the substance of the land in its essence. and a presumption that it is all done in one fell swoop is naive at best. and chooses to actively and with intentional volition revoke and rescind such agreements. binding oaths. affirmation. The King was the sole holder of title thereto. meaning full conscious understanding between all parties. as well as the wealth underneath. and especially if a contract. whether silent or out loud. oaths of fealty and allegiance out of fear or survival.

and will return us to the state of original innocence and freedom that we seek (presuming. that the readers of these writings are seeking such true freedom). What is meant by saying things will manifest. and the willingness to do the work as required to disengage the distortions is vital to the task. no matter how complete their control of this reality might appear. and no matter how many guns the externalized “powers” have. no matter how much of the “money” they control.” both of which are recognized legal phrases. By dealing with them. and as a smaller whole system within the larger hologram. If this is your desire and path. the foundational language of law on this planet. which in Latin.” and ab initio. of course. If that is your desire. shift. then welcome to the Emerald Liberation Front!!! Each step you take will have ramifications and results in your own reality. At a certain point. conscious awareness can be gained and further movement towards balance and reintegration achieved. a quantum event will take place. which means “to the beginning. goes deep into the subconscious and cellular memory to release those things that bind us. and you are willing to deal with what comes forth as it disengages and manifests into the hologram of your personal reality construct in order to be understood and released. it implies that many unconscious layers of one’s hologram will begin to manifest through emotional issues coming to the surface or other structural components in one’s life that must be dealt with. as a result of the cumulative force of the individual and collective efforts of liberation. which is now fast approaching. will begin to shift the larger whole. A statement along with the breaking of any and all vows that all such contracts and agreements are declared null and void nunc pro tunc. only Opportunities!! .balance and integration that we now wish to re-engage with. the laws of nature will prevail and all such illusions of external control will crumble and dissolve to the beginning as if they never were!!! And remember… There are no Enemies. when the larger hologram will of necessity by the true laws of nature. means “as if it never was. then this is the true path to freedom and the liberation of your emerald life frequency with which you were originally endowed as you first came forth into this realm.

The forces of dominion and control have this formula down to a precise science that has been perfected over the last ten thousand years. the sacrifice became symbolic in the form of the lamb. to castrate the masculine principle to maintain the split male in obeisance to the priests. we will see how truly encompassing this entire construction really is. Later. all representatives of the gods. The king controlled the land. Mesopotamian period there were many gods and many kings upon which “kingship” had been handed down. which in fact. and if one should flatter themselves to believe that that was long ago and far away. through the so-called sovereign. Every year one man was chosen to be the Beltane King. and access to the inner sanctum of the temple was tightly dependent upon obeisance thereto. As we progress through history into our modern period we will follow a precise unfolding of how this system has been codified and perfected into today’s legalistic and monetary bonding of consciousness. their own inner Christos.” underscoring the contractual functions of the dogmatized religious constructs. who was ritually sacrificed for the good of all on May Day. where we literally provide the .The ELF Transmissions Chapter Five Religion: To Bind Again The word religion in literal terms is translated as “to bind again. and his resurrected phallus was lauded over during the dances around the May pole. Sumerian. the law and the king. signifying the willingness of the people to sacrifice their own inner perfection. Many cultures contained myths of the idealized perfect child born of the virgin mother. and in him all title was vested. and chiseled the code of conduct that many consider the beginning of modern law. then they are thereby demonstrating their inability to see past such a controlled hologram As we begin here in this chapter to follow the sequential order in which binding agreements have been interwoven into the very fabric of consciousness. the sun and the stars. The priests controlled the law. In Chapter Four we discussed the beginning of the codification of the “laws” of the gods. Marduk. The people were brought under this tight system of control because their very lives were dependent on the hidden “laws” and mysteries of the land. which is to bond the consciousness by implicit and tacit agreement to a binding set of man-made “laws” that entrain the being to accommodate the group consensus agreements contained therein. There were also priests who controlled and applied the laws and insured that the population was obedient to such. when Hamurrabi stood under. During the Babylonian. and thereby “understood” the dictates of his god. and not applicable or germane in today’s reality. “god-given” mandates of Kings and the rights of the Priest class. The virgin ground of springtime was seeded to bring forth the good harvest. through the eventual containment field of monetary and insurance entanglements in which the suretyship of guarantee on perpetual debt is achieved. to the bonds of the law. were the symbolic interpretations of the fertility rites to insure good seeding and plentiful harvests. Springtime rites of fertility were practiced to rekindle the fecundity that their lives depended upon.

The May Pole may have been relegated to a children’s game. Of the twelve tribes descended from Israel’s twelve sons. Abraham acquiesced to this mind control and agreed to schism away from his own emotional allegiance to his own son in favor of that allegiance to his external god. An example is the above referenced celebration of the “risen” Beltane King on May Day. to sacrifice his own Christos as the idealized Child. This fat was used to anoint the initiates when they were ready to rise above the din of the sleeping masses.” the one who was able and willing to rise above the dull hum of the tribal mind as it was entrained to obey the laws of the priests and the kings. May First is workers day and the global day for the communist movement. Yahweh made his deal. Once this was fulfilled. and upon return from Babylon began to codify the law upon which “God” would be pleased to maintain their status as the “chosen ones. the Levi tribe became the keepers and arbiters of the law. the idealized feminine that resurrected the dismembered male. This one event lies at the root of our western system and culture ever since and is literally bound into our genes and our fertility of regeneration. The Greek word Christos literally defined is as the “anointed” one. The Judaic lineage learned much about this codification during the Babylonian captivity in the period from about 586 BC to 530 BC. this was all to be merged into the monotheistic cultures of the Old Testament and the codification of the history and codes of conduct as the basis of law that pleased the one God so defined. This retelling of the story in the Bible should be viewed as strictly symbolic and not necessarily relating stories of literal historical figures. but the energetic and symbolic principle remains exactly the same as children dance around the May Pole with ribbons that entwine the pole reminiscent of the double helix of our DNA. the genetic lineage would be “chosen” from that point forward. The first ritualized mind control event is described in Genesis when the story of Abraham and his son Isaac is described. the ultimate goal of control through a secularized religious belief and substance for our controllers to build and perpetuate our own prison. Jacob. Melchizedek. which meant and references to one who is “set apart. Progressively. the Priestly line.” The intrusion of the split male principle then proceeded. when they were then allowed to return to Jerusalem (derived from “Uru Shalem” meaning founded by Venus).” . Genesis of course is a word derived from “gene” having to do with the genetic lineage of our origins as well as Isis. then was converted to Israel and the twelve tribes were born. which is a movement to bind all citizens of the world into a “utopia” of social sameness. Melchizedek then passed the reins on to Abraham who had won favor by obeying his god with his willingness to kill his own son. respectively as derived from Mikael and Zadok. as the “King” of Jerusalem emerged. The other overused and misunderstood concept was that of the Messiah. Isaac’s son. but more as representative embodiments of consciousness collectives that overlaid the symbolic stories over our original divine template to provide the similitude but not the substance of who we are for purposes of control. symbolically to “rise from the dead. still practiced as the worldwide “workers” day of May First. who embodied symbolically the king and priest lines. The word itself comes from an Egyptian word “Messeh” which was the word for the fat of the crocodile.

Jerusalem. and as with all good systems of disinformation. they sacrificed the lamb during spring rites and placed the blood of the lamb on the doorjamb to show their obedience of the law to the angel of death who came calling for the “Lord” to see who was keeping the law and who was not. as symbolized by the wearing of the crown covering when entering the “temple” of the gods. thus the genetic entwining of the risen “phallic” false Christ on May Day. In the Judaic mode methods were created to close the individual’s crown chakra so that he could not receive direct knowledge from the higher self of Spirit as Source. and the ensuing. it is literally swearing allegiance to the control of the gods on the testament of the castrated male principle and the split male to dominant and control the feminine and the life force of the whole.Abraham was the “lover of Ra. much of the rules of such code contained good and proper ways to maintain a healthy and clean life in amongst the rules of blind obedience to train the people to follow the laws to gain good favor with God. symbolizing the male overlay to dominate and control the feminine principle and thereby control life and the thereby generated life force of the population. the term “canon” itself derived from the same feminine styled root as our modern English word for Canyon. ongoing regeneration from one generation to the next. because to do so would reintegrate the power and authority vested therein and withdraw such from the externalized power of the priests and the kings. and the same truncated source of power of the split male we have been discussing throughout this series. The statement from his god to Abraham that if he obeyed hence forward his “seed” would be chosen above others can best be seen as a literal contractual bonding to the genetic lineage he would seed from that point forward. signifying that the law and the sacrifice and the obedience were all derived from and placed upon the literal altar of the testicles of the obedient male principle in all conformers to the law.” who came from the Land of Ur as previously described. The Levi tribe of priests codified the law. energetically and symbolically referencing his emergence from the root chakra sound tone or UR. dominating male overlay was brought to sit upon the universal city founded by Venus. was to establish his domain in Jeru-Salem. passing over all those who were obedient and of course “smiting” those who were not. Key to all of this is the two basic principles of the suppressed and controlled feminine principle and the split. His reward. of course. The books of this history and codification of the laws became known as the canonized testament. castrated and dominating male principle. as would the later line of priests in . The root chakra had been severed in order to prevent the true and full spirits to embody completely into the physical form. King and the Priests of the Temple. And as previously mentioned. the Hindu system developed to place markers on the third eye to close it down so that true sight would be eliminated. They ritually “castrated” their male children in the rite of circumcision to reenact the original energetic castration of the male principle. So the split. When one is asked to swear on the Bible. later the “one” God. the word testament itself derived from the same root as that of testes. an earlier version of the later system of inquisitorial terror to assure obedience by the Church. castrated.

In actual fact. would forever in the consciousness of mere mortal men be split and rent asunder. vows of obedience. authority and life force over to into the false and controlled hologram of the false gods. Petra and other derivatives comes from the Egyptian god Ptah so the “rock” of the Roman Church is really build in deference to an Egyptian god from some three thousand years and more earlier than the time of Jesus. the Roman Emperor Constantine supposedly was converted by an act of God and was led to Christianize the empire into the Holy Roman Empire. In the year of 325 A. it is plain to see the unfolding of the process that led to this consolidation of the absolute power of church and state. chastity. the sacrificial lamb in keeping with the obedience of the law. celibacy and poverty have always been utilized to control the lower echelons of the priestly line so that they would blindly and obediently do the bidding of the higher authorities above them. the root of the name Peter. This merger of Caesar. No.the Catholic Church shut down the throat chakra with black collars with white squares at the throat so that such priests could lie without conscience or forethought in maintaining the codes. and the later Apostolic succession of the Priest-King Gods known as Popes would be established on the rock known as Peter (is it an accident that today we refer to the male member as a peter. is the original “seeding” into the Void as discussed in our Emerald Creation story. where the idealized Child as the ‘son” of that god now become God would enact the story. but only in the singular embodiment of the Priest-King Pope whose line of succession was intended to be perpetual and absolute (built on the Apostolic Succession of the Rock of Peter. both individually and collectively. the suffix of both names of king and sword being that selfsame tone of UR?). because deep down in every being and in every unit of consciousness and atom of matter is the original memory of the truth.D. and later on in the story that idealized king would be the only one to be able to withdraw that all powerful sword from the stone (rock) in which it had been frozen. no accident at all. Emperor and Pope into one male embodiment with its supporting “testaments” as canonized into the accepted books of . The split male as contained within the two pillars overlaid with the yoke of stone. the overlaying mantle known as Yahweh. the new universal Beltane King. a synonym for rock. And of course. The rest should always be looked at as shadow similitude overlays for purposes of control. When one studies the history of the Roman Empire during the preceding five hundred years. But in the sleeping state most are in. would the merger of the two be allowed. now in less symbolic form as far as the people were concerned. they do not remember and therefore are easily swayed to the symbolic and mystical overlays that they will readily give their power. all metaphors for what has been discussed herein). In the “new” testament the story would be retold. the line of Priest and King was merged into the person of the one called Jesus. where the line of the priest was played by John the Baptist who was beheaded in the ritual enactment of the castration as the perfect gift for the sealing of the seven chakras in the dance of the seven veils. Additionally. and thus all temporal and eternal power would be embodied in this all powerful office. rules and laws to bind the people again and again and again. When “John” was beheaded. the only true “virgin” birth our consciousness is associated with.

knew that their “god” started out. This was of course within the context of the corporate (cultic) merger of the Solar. An interesting point to note in this progression is that in the early Sumerian periods that eventually led to the Biblical period.their Holy Writ perfected the previous five thousand years of developing bondage to the word. the builders of the Venus tracking Newgrange and other megalithic constructions. in other words not living within the confines of the city walls. in fact. the “gods” became less and less . and the overlay of the original structures with their cognizance of the feminine principle eventually gave way to that which we have been discussing. The original “gods” in the Sumerian period were in actual physical terms merely crudely fashioned stones. physically incarnated beings as well. incarnates of the Annunaki and other controlling collectives behind all of this. derived from a Canaanite word “Apiru. Temporal and Spiritual powers would now begin becoming one and the same. The story of Abraham relates that he was sent to Canaan to assert his authority and that of the god he represented. whereby their only access thereto was through obedience to the priests and the laws. who fathered the bloodlines that became the royal lines. Hence forward the descent of the King. the so called “divine” right of Kingship. to the very place in those lands where the feminine principle was still honored. The people of Canaan (who lived along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea) were descendants of the original Venus venerating people that had traveled from the British Isles.” with their god Yahweh finally gaining the superior role over all the other gods who were eventually merged into one. crude stone figurines were sufficient to represent the gods. the “Hiberu” eventually became the dominant group in the land of Judah and so were selected to be the “chosen ones. From that point forward all King’s in “Christendom” were anointed by the Pope to whom ultimate allegiance was given. At the same time. later to be known as the Phoenicians. It was no accident to where he was sent. but for the purposes of the masses. among other appellations. pre-planned progression to withdraw the literal positions into more and more evanescent and symbolic representations. is if those incarnated today who worship God in the form of Yahweh and Jehovah. we can see an interesting evolution. they might be somewhat scandalized. In the battle of the “gods” Yahweh’s people. thereby conditioning the masses to become accustomed to a “presence” of the external god. Stellar and Lunar groups as previously discussed and with Yahweh stepping in as the ultimate Solar Deity. leading to the God concept. code and law of the gods. pomp and power. these stone figures were removed as the position of the gods was purposefully receded more and more into the background and the roles of the kings and priests came more to the forefront and prominence. and the concept of the other gods was eventually merged into the One God with that name. There is no doubt that there were also literal.” meant those who were stateless. as a crudely fashioned figure of stone that the people carried around from place to place and set up in its “temple” upon arrival at its new destination. into the absolute word. would be in the hands of the Pope and the laws to be ministered and adjudicated would be in the hands of his priests. This is an obvious. Hiberu. The irony of all this. In the competition for supremacy. Only the elite and select could access the “gods” in their inner sanctums. Later on. code and laws of the Roman Papal Caesar of the Holy Roman Empire with all its justification. Yahweh won out.

and dominance to support and energize the agenda of creating. it is important to know that what we are seeing is the .” once understood and addressed with conscious awareness and intent. whether that is the genetic. always keep in mind the essential elements.physically real. but as we do. The knowledge of this enables the holders of this knowledge great advantage in the control and manipulation of the whole system. the tribe. are the keys to liberation as well. the nation and the planet into implied and tacit contractual agreement based on the rules of a free will universe as previously discussed. At the same time the understanding of this. so below). or anything else for that matter. based on the illusory concepts of lack and limitation through fear and survival. the split of the male component of our whole selves. receding into a mystical. keep in mind that the method of bondage is always done by manipulating the individual. Therefore. committed and dedicated to such liberation to gain the necessary understanding and tools to achieve their own freedom and liberation. a complete fractal within the larger hologram. the use of such to engender impotence disguised as rage and violence. and the harmonics and ratio proportions are precise through the laws of correspondence and macrocosmic/microcosmic relationships (as above. in order to divide and maintain separation in male against male fighting and being manipulated and thereby controlled. We will track the development. They work both ways. they can be the means and method of control. Another key element to keep an understanding of is the basic fundamentals of our current reality construct as being a true holographic reality. the whole is always contained in every part. controllable and ephemeral realm. coupled with the understanding of the nature of the binding rules and “laws. of the numeric and alphabetical structures as applied to any given level of the fractal geometry of time and space. and understanding the nature of a hologram and how such is also used to control the consciousness. it does truly affect the larger whole. and the second to establish laws that bind and control. simply describing the road map in order to provide a direction for those wishing to leave the false reality the means to do so. maintaining and perpetuating the primary building blocks of the prison. utilizing the first to control ownership of the land and the sovereign creator capacities. planetary or even larger systems. Our exploration in an earlier chapter. the social. is all based on the holographic principle. achieves an increment of liberation. the biological. refinement and perfecting of this structure over the ensuing 1. In such. and they can be the means and method of liberation.700 years. On top of this was then overlaid the use of the split in worldly terms through the two lineages of the Kingly line and the Priestly line. And most importantly. That is the full intent of this book. When each individual who is unto him/herself a whole system contained within the larger whole. also through the laws of correspondence and reciprocal relationship. This is not about “fixing” the system. This concept and related components will be further explored in Chapter Seven. as daunting as current events might appear. to convey and to describe a road map in order to give those interested. forbidden to the mere mortal and only accessible through obedience to the law. Such laws ultimately sequester the life force of the population in a system of contractual bondage in order to ascribe to the underlying requirement of free will.

Nonetheless. The concept of excommunication is the expelling from the bonded tribal mind any individual who should be so inclined to make a choice for freedom of mind and free will intent. and the only salvation was through strict . with inherent rights of descent of Kingship and the control of the laws and the priests who applied them. accepted law of the Church became heresy.D.200 years the power and control of the Holy Roman Church was near absolute in the European continent. as well as suppressing and eliminating all those that did not jibe with their mythology and dogmatic control. the “Holy” Roman Empire. suppression. which of course is the elimination of freedom and free will. the breaking through of the higher implicate order is taking place concurrently and is gaining ascendancy in many ways unseen except by those with eyes to see. and was preparing to expand out to the global level by the 1500s. from the starting point of the year 325 A. So to return to our historical unfolding. control and own in perpetual bondage the entirety of the life force and divine power of the collective of souls of this world. where church and state were merged as one. but at the same time.” So the extirpation of heresy is the extermination of choice. From the beginning in 325 A. The so-called Christ supposedly died for everyone’s sins. For those naïve enough or simply uneducated enough to think that we live in more enlightened days than previous eras of darkness. economic and biological. By the eighth century the control of Christendom was fairly well complete in Europe. Anything that did not fit in with the canonized. With this in place the next thousand years is a history of control over all aspects of life: religious. A Papal Bull in the eighth century declared that no individual had the right or capacity to access his or her own soul except through the intercession of the Church. this ensuing historical chronology might change your mind. Once claimed. they then manipulated and edited the books that became the canonized testaments that were structured and refined to fit their energetic and symbolic requirements.700 years of systematic implementation of tyranny. the power and authority of the Roman Empire was merged into the absolute right of the Church.illusory manifestation of the endgame of the long developing strategy of the control agendas. that word itself derived from a Greek word “hairesis” that translates as “choice. although this was of only partial success no matter how much force and suppression was applied. The Church claimed absolute right of succession of the position of Priest-King (Pope).700 years is the history of the attempt to completely eliminate choice. which was and remains to this day to contain. social. then brought to those two locations previously discussed to be later gathered and contained and owned as we shall later see and to become the perpetual mirage that all the souls of this planet would be trained to obey and always seek outside of themselves. The history of the last 1. of the “mother” Church there would ensue 1. This dates all the way back to those encapsulated souls that passed through the birthing halls of Niburu whose life force was captured in the crystalline interstices of the golden coins of the gods. The theme and content of this book is intended to facilitate and assist the readers to gain a solid foundation to have such eyes with which to see. for the first 1. For the next 17 centuries any and all opposition to such would be systematically eliminated. carnage and political manipulation that has continued unabated to this very moment with one intended goal. as we shall further detail and explore. and will certainly illuminate current events and structures as they are now engaged during our lifetimes.D.

they began to crave the presence of such. meaning its consciousness. we will progressively reintegrate our own personal energy and power into our biological and energetic bodies. by voluntary act. into various levels of our subtle bodies. and these viral implants would replicate themselves just like a biological virus does. As the bodies became accustomed to dealing with such implants. through and by the interceding auspices of its priestly line and its rules of order and conduct. the societal peer pressures. “What’s the difference?” And the answer to that is there is none. a virus. the Church now controlled both lines as merged in the symbolic and idealized Christ principle. by feeding off of the host organism. they are all the same. fear of eternal damnation. As we proceed with breaking oaths. of the ubiquitous cameras now on every corner and every possible implementation of dominance. what we will encounter are the layered-in structures of fear of retribution. to be dealt with and removed from such binding positioning. or a drug. still under a form of voluntary agreement. in which is a future virtual reality where all states. In the beginning stages of this development in Sumerian and Babylonian times. at one point a character in the story poses the question when looking at all of that is laid out in the context of the story (all as a superb metaphor for the dance we are engaged within today). mental and emotional nature. and the result was like the addictive nature of a drug. the knowledge was handed to the kings and the priests as to how to insert viral implants of a psychic. which was nothing more than the same castrated and split male principle merged into the hands of the absolute power the Church thus wielded. the fear of the patrol car. Then with the eighth century declaration. these layers of control will manifest and materialize into our personal hologram as we break the ties that bind us. religions and commercial activities are merged into corporate entities of Orwellian proportions. even though under fraudulent coercive measures of fear and retribution. When we undertake to begin breaking such agreements. vows and other contracts. In other words. until rescinded. the teachers in the state controlled schools. so therefore. At the same time. As we do so. as to whether we are talking about “a religion. the kingly line. one must continually rebind themselves by contract through codes of conduct to said institution and thereby relinquish. both subtle and overt. Today. were. In this process we might consider the concept brought forward as the underlying theme of a brilliant and satirical novel by Neal Stephenson called Snow Crash. especially as they were passed down to successive generations. and all the other methods used over all these centuries and even further back in time to cow the populace into submission. was in the hands of the Pope and the Church as well.adherence to the “laws” of the one institution that claimed absolute right of succession of that salvation. no one could access their own souls save through the following of the dictates of the rules of the Church and the priests that administered them.” to which the only answer is. the mind bending and numbing dictates of the party platform on the nightly news. You can rest assured that all of us have layer after layer of such binding agreements in our subtle bodies. those fears show up in the form of the IRS. the descent of kingship. which. control and coercion. A virus requires the host organism to survive and reproduce and if you look at the nature of the binding of the religious impulse as overlaid over the natural divinity of . fear of physical harm and torture.

social aggregations and whole nations. it must be continually administered at any cost. with an externalized hope projected into the future to remove our consciousness from the Now present and thus diminish our self-containment and power to truly create our own reality as we know it should be. And like a virus. and these were used to create artificial entrainments that could be used to insert the mental virus implants of the “false god” scenarios. we are seeking to find our lost and stolen life force and reintegrate it into our beings. in actual fact. thus we refer to one orbit of our planet around the Sun as an annual cycle in deference to his name. And like a virus. Follow the lines of history with this in mind and you will see exactly how this has been used to create the “false hologram” into which all of our life force has been projected and used to build our own prison and containment field. The ruling elite during a key period were known as the Hykksos Kings. you will see the symbiotic and parasitic nature of the viral development and continuity. By . a system of gold monetary function was introduced as a medium of exchange. that craving becomes an addiction. as we break the bonds and remove our life force from the false hologram and reintegrate such into our own power. in biological terms. there is a natural inclination to be able to be controlled as we seek gold as some sort of monitor of value and survival. and during the second half of such. the false hologram begins to break under its own accord and reveal the truth of its own demise. Its intention is to establish the entire planet as the host upon which it feeds. Is it a religion. hence the ubiquitous and eternal “gold” fever that drives the affairs of men on this planet. in our current time fractal of 26. the godspell and the split control of the two pillars overlaid with the yoke of Yahweh and directed with and through the two lines we have been discussing. And like a drug. Going back a moment in time. the first significant emergence of the various tools of entraining the life force into the medium of monetary function and control took place in Egypt. it is craved for the temporal relief it provides from the external pain and pressure of existence. until it controls the group tribal mind of ethnic groups. the intervening gaps in consciousness literally spun off the viral half chains that were then contractually bound by the controlling forces we are speaking of. in which. in literal terms we are seeking the other half of ourselves in order to reintegrate and be able to create from a reunified field of whole beingness. Soon.000 years. When we began to create separations from our original wholeness as Self and Source. a virus. and covered the 18th through the 13th dynaties. Since all beings on this planet have vestigial cellular memories of how our life force was taken from us at birth on Niburu. A virus is. religion itself self-replicates from one host organism to another. or a drug? There is absolutely no difference. Remember.the being in his or her original wholeness. it seeks new host organisms in which to replicate itself. and like any other drug. half of a protein genetic chain that is seeking its other half from its host. the head of the Ennead in Egypt under which we find the four principles of the SION of the castrated male was known as Anu (Anu = King of the Annu-naki).C. During the reign of the Hykksos Kings which ran from approximately 1700 to 1300 B. which were in actual fact the self same Annunaki gods we find later on in Sumer and beyond. Anu was the singular and absolute embodiment of the Sun King. and picking up another theme we have been developing. of course. But at the same time.

” Over a period of several thousand years much of the gold in that part of the world was gathered up by the people and delivered to the gods. The control of sovereign power and the land through the “royal” line of Kings. perfected and completed. 3. and know they can always get the gold back when they want to exchange for it. The implementation of the laws that bind. merged into the temporal power of the Papal Caesar known as the Pope and established supposedly on an infallible divine “rock” that is beyond challenge. the parallel tracks we are identifying through the course of history are: 1. in the name of “security” and illusions of “prosperity. leading into our “modern” times. The Hykksos Kings ruled Egypt for three hundred years. in this instance the gold. later to be replaced by a convenient method used to symbolize the gold. The gold was moved then into the Middle empire period: Sumer. Babylonia. and then carted off. and during that time this system was implemented. in this case the stone scarab. The same took place in Asia. We will later track the development of the secular law parallel to the canonized law. 4. remembering to always follow the gold as it progressed through the various and successive stages of history. The scarabs became bearer instruments instead of having to carry around the heavy metal. In this instance. labor and substance to gain control over the world’s resources.this viral fever populations are easily controlled and used to gather the gold on this planet for the benefit and use of the gods and kings. 2. which we will visit later on in modern times in more detail. the symbolic form was the abundant stone scarabs found throughout the culture. Greece and Rome. using that selfsame labor and consciousness to have the slaves and the prisoners build their own prison and pay for their own prison guards. The descent of Kingship controlled by the Pope. 6. manipulated constructed and controlled in order to bond the life force energies of the people. In this way much of the gold extant in the region of Africa was gathered. warehoused. they will soon fall asleep and simply continue to trade the stone scarabs and not worry about exchanging for the gold. A bearer instrument means that whomever “bears” the symbolic form (has it in his possession). The system of gold as a storehouse of value was introduced in Egypt. the . teaching it through mass consensus agreement to seek its survival through “monetized” representations of substance and value. Once confidence is established in this system and the people become lazy in expecting that they can bring their gold to the treasury. and demand the proper amount of gold in exchange for the monetary unit of value. receive the stone scarabs in return. can go to the treasury storehouse where the real valued item is kept in safe keeping. they left with all the gold and the people continued to trade with the stone scarabs none the wiser until the worthless value of the stones became evident and the system collapsed. but first a quick look at its first major implementation in this time fractal which took place in Egypt. Thus. The power and control of the Priest-King line. In the end. The course of history as the story of law. The entrainment of the life force. administered by the Priests. 5. to thereby control their output. The process is tried and true.

On this same Island nation a previous era reigned for a short while. Progressively. In this story two males struggle for the love of one woman. It is no accident that the capital of the Catholic nation of France is named Paris. Later still. his imprimatur. were the people. a city-state Nation of its own right and authority. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (Bears. codes of conduct and rule were instituted. another symbolic representation of the split male. sat at the top of that pyramid. but now the sovereign right of the King or Caesar to claim sovereign control over the gold was perfected by his likeness. his attendant. major and minor) that. the Pope granted Kingship. for the first chakra. Therefore. The legend of Arthur tells us there was a struggle with his most trusted and loyal knight. just as in a previous era we have Paris and Menelaus fighting over Helen of Troy. In 1066 as we have been told in school. Eventually. the serfs. the reference to bear carries another meaning. Aside from the previous reference to “bear” and bearer instruments in representation as money of real substance. and whether of actual fact or simply mythological symbol. of course. to fight and kill for it.” Ur as previously discussed the sound tone for Light. This. in deference to this earlier version of the story of the split male fighting over its . the function of coinage was introduced. inscribe a stellar swastika above our heads. and down through the lesser titles of nobility. as they turn. so a system of allegiance to the “liege” lord was established. the King vowed fealty (loyalty) to the Pope and in turn had the right to grant land title to his lords and nobles who in turn vowed fealty to him. In this way. was the time of Arthur. a one square mile of absolute domain.Pacific realms. He established something called the City of London. the lowest two such titles being esquire. William the Conqueror took control of the British Isles. The rule and authority of the King and Priests was implemented and perfected. and squire. on the “rock” of the Peter of authority he claimed. a fusion of the false gods and the artificial “Christ. Below the squires with no rights to land. those with the might and strength to gather more gold and control unto themselves became the lords over the land. title or allodium in any sort. the bonded and indentured slaves who duly went to Church and followed the rules and laws as dictated and adjudicated by the Priests. it is all the same to our discussion. but all along. We have already mentioned the use of the reversed swastika to lock in the controlled life force and it is important to further note the designation of the two constellations that cycle around our polar north star.” thus becoming the (false) capstone of the pyramid. and also the Latin word for bear as well (ursa). to hoard and control it. as noted. Around this enclave grew the municipality of London. being stamped on the coin. Arth is the Celtic word for “bear. as the bearer of arms. belonged to the King whose likeness was stamped and sealed thereto. subliminally they were also given to understand that the ultimate ownership of this portable form of allodium. which is defined as true title of the land and the minerals contained therein. the Pope in his “infallible” position. and the Americas. when the Church held the authority to grant kingship. and later. the hierarchy of feudalism was established. but they knew that they must acknowledge he who had the imprimatur on the gold that they hoarded. The people were taught to covet the coins. who claimed sovereign right to the land that they held.

his genetic lineage. The symbol thus created is the center vertical pillar covered by an X. This form is used in modern medicine where the caduceus. from the rock matrix really just an idealization of our own reunited. the number eleven having an obvious symbolic significance in many ways. derived from Sang Real which means Royal Blood) sought after by Parcival (pierce the veil)? Of course it is!! In the next chapter we will explore all of this further. then bring them together. In chapter six we will further explore the significance of the lion’s path. Ashkenazi. not the least of which is its resemblance to two pillars. the center pillar entwined with a single or pair of serpents representing the genetic structure. Take two Ks and place them facing in opposite directions. why was that same Peter required to deny the Christed one three times before his supposed crucifixion? Did it have something to do with this story line of bondage and control of the actual and original Christos contained within all beings and only falsely maintained to be out of our reach except through the intercession of the Church and its priests? Is the story of Arthur as the one true King. etc. Saxon being derived from “Isaac’s Sons. Now you have a diamond shape in between two pillars. perfected male Christos? Is all of this the indication of the true Holy Grail (San Graal. is overlaid with an X. the so-called creation of the Anglo-Saxon race. the symbol of the Hippocratic Oath. while at the same time an island off the south western tip of Britain sank below the ocean surface. Is Arthur in fact the idealized “bearer” of the false male god.” and the establishing of the City of London took place.feminine principle. France to where later in history Napoleon would bring back from Egypt “Cleopatra’s” needle. a massive phallic obelisk from Egypt. So back to 1066. looking at the Tribe of Judah as the true blood line which the Church then systematically tried to suppress and exterminate. 1099. who is the only one to remove the Sword that calibrates the Light. whose symbol was the two lions guarding the gate. thereby engaging our own alchemical path of transmutation by piercing the veil of our own illusory prison. Notice also that the eleventh letter of the modern English alphabet is K. The sinking of Lyonesse. Thirty three years later Jerusalem was retaken by the “Christians” in the first crusade. Is this the mark of Yahweh on Abraham’s seed. once Abraham. as well as looking at the “Lion’s Path” which has played a key symbolic and energetic role during all of this history. took place and is recorded as having occurred on November 11. the day of the 11:11. by the way. Paris. an island known as Lyonesse. just as the scarab became the false bearer instrument for the gold that contained the life force that gods sought and controlled and the people chased after? Is the sword that only he could pull from the “rock” known as Excalibur another symbol for the rock upon which the Church was built. Annunaki. then closer until they touch. also creating a hexagram form. in the land of Ur. The diamond as we know has many symbolic . with the vertical line being back to back. which we will find occurring over and over again in key names such as Hykksos. agreed to subjugate his emotional wholeness by killing his son in obedience to Yahweh in order to become the chosen seed? Now take those two Ks and place them by bringing the two 45 degree angles facing each other. the sword being the “peter” they claimed provided their apostolic line of succession? In their mythical story. but for the moment suffice it to say that there is no accident of the timing of the sinking of Lyonesse concurrent with the “rising” of the Temple in Jerusalem.

consciousness and control. four valences.significances. where the two lions of the gate guard such for those willing and able to enter. and to ultimately return freedom to this planet so long chained below the threshold of its true destiny. another powerful and precise symbol of our life in these carbon-based incarnate forms. yet always within the context that we are free will beings endowed with the spark of Original Innocence and Original Power. to reintegrate the split pillars and to thus reactivate the serpentine life force at the bottom of the spine to ascend the integrated whole spinal pillar now reintegrated as one? Is there. Is there a symbolic message in this representation. another significance to the recurrence of the 11:11 sequence in our consciousness? Of course there is!!! Franklin D. Notice that in many heraldic shields and family crests you will find two lions facing each other with arms extended in such a way as to form two Ks facing each other in like manner. then. where the life force is held in between the two pillars. “Nothing in history is an accident. that this applies to things and events reaching hundreds and thousands of years into the past where nothing that has occurred has been by accident and the events of today are the concluding moments of a long history of purpose and design. our consciousness and our spirits. One of them is that it is made of pure carbon with its four directions. because he himself was very much in the middle of creating history according to a well-laid plan during his own tenure. . filled with malice and intent. always with the power to return to this original state and regain our freedom in our lives.” He spoke on good authority. You will soon see as we follow this line of convergence of history. Roosevelt once stated.

is history. From this structure we can delineate virtually every other major affliction in the arena of human affairs and suffering. The rest. the person. Hence. Since we are also painfully aware that we do not now maintain and embody that quality of beingness. undivided and divinely endowed beings. over and over again. in which the vast reservoir of creative energy is entrained and controlled in order to turn the human race into a slave population and to use its own energy. but only opportunities. understood and worked with as simply a manifested illusion of one’s own inner schisming. For if one takes this position that there are no enemies. energized and maintained. or so goes the party platform. that is responsible for our current state of pain and alienation. efforts and life force to build. Each and every human being knows innately at a deep and cellular level that once upon a time we were whole. as the saying goes. the thing. there must be something outside of ourselves. when the Papal Bull of the 9th century by Pope Nicholas X was established that no . One of the most central components of this structure is what we have already mentioned as being the “enemy construct. This is the basis of how the human consciousness has been entrained during the course of history to align with and allow itself to be bonded to a set of externally applied rules and laws in obedience to the arbiters and controllers of said laws in the hopes and based upon the promises of the eventual salvation promised therein.” is one that is also central to the underlying theme of this book. Therefore. the race.” for it is an absolute maxim that when a being is split within itself. construct and maintain its own prison system on this planet. is quite simple. that has taken our wholeness away from us and therefore stands between ourselves and our eventual return to such a state of wholeness.The ELF Transmissions Chapter Six The Lion’s Path The most important and singular concept around which the entire ELF theme of this book revolves is that of the split male energetic. then all externally manifested appearances of the enemy construct will be looked at. The manner in which the enemy construct is utilized for purposes of control throughout the ages. somewhere in the undefined future. whatever that perceived outside force that has stolen our birthright of wholeness is. along with its emasculating and impotence engendering castration. only opportunities. and is something to contemplate long and hard. and through which the entirety of the controlled false holographic reality is constructed. it must assuredly be the enemy. the event or whatever the current focus of projection may be. That is why the axiom “There are no enemies. Thus. the return to wholeness in some ephemerally perceived “heaven” set off “somewhere else” in a time that is certainly not now. when one encounters what appears to be an “external enemy” the higher path is to take such encounter as an opportunity to meet the dark twin of one’s own inner split and to work with it accordingly in order to heal it and thereby reintegrate into balance and wholeness that part of one’s self that formerly appeared to be set apart in an externally manifested illusion of separation and struggle. it can and will always be controllable by virtue of the creation of the illusory context of an enemy that is projected externally and thereby engaged in what seems like an unending and eternal dance of polarity.

except through an interceder (one who intercedes on behalf of one who is deemed incompetent and incapable to do so for him/herself). detailed and for could access their own soul except through the auspices of the Church and its franchisees. It is known as Prometheus Bound. And the one thus making such a pledge of loyalty and obedience to such an interceder does so through pledges of contractual fealty (loyalty) and thereby pledges to obey any such laws. the priests. What shall follow to elucidate this in fuller detail in Parts Two and Three. because simply by the act of imbibing this information. of course. being thrust outside of the communion of “saved” souls. Greek mythology is a system we shall touch upon from time to time in these writings. will become more technical. Greek mythology is truly the most perfectly devised system of thought. which is the left brained hemisphere of the planetary body. perhaps. but to “choose” an individual path would bring down the wrath of the authority and the most dire penalty of excommunication. a perfect symbol in this most perfect of false realities. But it is a task worth undertaking for those whose stated intention is freedom. the format that underlies the subsequent history of the last twelve hundred years was established. the die was most certainly cast. rules and statutory requirements that might thereby be placed upon oneself as a consequence of such bonds and pledges. it will indeed begin to break apart the bonds that hold us in the false hologram in which we find ourselves. wherein an individual could not and shall not access his or her own soul. We will now begin to follow this track of development into the modern age. In every other religion a variation on this central theme has been devised and inculcated to maintain the same result. Our present day global drama is the current end game manifestation of the herding of the masses into the somnambulistic lullaby of retreat from the perceived harm of excommunication and eternal damnation into the waiting arms of the assuring parent in the guise of church and state. overwhelming. To obey the laws into which one was bound assured that one was welcome within the fold. having to do with filling in the historical detail and then the legal and monetary components thereof. symbology and metaphor for the left brain of the linear mind and psychological constructs of the human race as it was established over two thousand years ago and has become the paradigm of the Western mind. intentionally chosen by such a family playing a significant role in the bonding of which we speak. doing God’s work by fighting the holy fight against the enemy becomes the next obvious and logical mechanism of control and parasitic feeding on the life force of the thereby herded masses. not to destroy mankind. spirit. the community of safety and security (through communion). and allowing its effect to percolate into the substrata of one’s subconscious and cellular levels. Then. The myth and story of Prometheus is one in which Prometheus bids to Zeus. the head of the Olympians. Freedom is clearly defined as the complete lack of binding forces that hold us into the false construct most currently call “home” or “reality.” In Rockefeller Square in New York City there is a sculpture. In such a declaration. the transgressions of which hold dire circumstances indeed. or divine nature. and in the process of crossing the Olympian god who . now so perfectly and absolutely merged whether they know it or not as we shall soon enough see in the course of these discussions.

by Cronos. There after. the underworld. The Sphinx in Giza was carved at this time in the true form and fullness of a lion. indicating the path towards and through reintegration up the Solar ladder through the Doorway to Alcyone (our nearest Central Sun) and returning back to our eternal wholeness and birthright from whence we have come. By the action of Cronos castrating the father he is both symbolically and literally bonding the consciousness to the entrained and controlled cycles of time. when “the sons of the gods looked upon the daughters of men” and eventually bred to create the new man of our historical times (so-called Cro Magnon Man. Greek mythology is rife with many stories illustrating the ongoing struggles between the gods and men. the “keeper of time” into Tartarus. he goes up into the heavens and retrieves the fiery power of the Sun and brings it to mankind. In so doing. The indication is clear…follow the lion’s path through the guardian gate of the two lions (the two true . Leo the Lion. at the initiation of the second half of our currently completing Grand Solar Year of close to 26.e).wields the thunderbolt. sitting in frozen bronze in Rockefeller Plaza in the heart of New York City. symbolizing the resurrected Sun. circa 35. has been castrated as we have discussed. and the story of Prometheus is a primary archetype because it is he who attempts to bring back the fire of the Sun to mankind (the returning of the life force that was split) and for such a transgression he is eternally “bound” to the earth. when tossing his father’s testicles into the ocean. struggles to maintain its control over the life force.” led by Zeus who is the wielder of the electrical energy in the form of the thunderbolt. This occurs after Zeus has conquered the Titans who were “the giants of old” and the precursors to the race that was a mixture of the giants and mortal men. in the Empire (read Roman) State. Thirteen thousand years ago. the constellation on the horizon of the ecliptic was Leo. the next generation of ruling “gods. This occurs after Cronos has castrated his father in a previous era in order to gain ascendancy and power. the planet Saturn having a 29 year orbital cycle around the sun.000 years. representing the Sun. he initiates a resurgence of life force and the dawning of civilization wherein mankind begins anew to build its own creative force towards the goal of “becoming like the gods. symbolic of the electrical nature of the life force. castrating and splitting the masculine force which releases the “Fates” thus binding mankind and consciousness to the fate of the locked in hologram. drops of blood hit the water and burst into steam from which emerge the Fates and the Furies. When Zeus conquered the Titans he then sends Cronos (a Titan).” the masculine principle. thereby creating the binding of the consciousness to time (Cronos = Father Time. Upon the event of this castration.c. and a goal that is almost always thwarted by those selfsame gods who hold the keys to the kingdom of knowledge and immortality and ever strive to keep such from the mere mortals that serve and fear them. the embodied configuration of the Lion with its fiery mane.” a goal that is universal in every culture that has ever lived on this planet. body and head. gazing east to the rising sun.000 b. later in Roman mythology equated with Saturn the binder to structure. It is clear and obvious that what is being conveyed here is precisely the theme of this entire work. and the “Furies” thus releasing the impotent rage that has been dominated and controlled to do the bidding of the gods ever since. which is that the “father. that number being a fractal time construct in ratio to the number of days of a woman’s ovulation cycle).

America and Antarctica. to the seventh or crown. Santiago being derived from the Latin for James. the Rift of Africa runs all the way past the area of Egypt and into the valley of the Dead Sea and up to a place known as Jerusalem. Therefore. as further discussed in Chapter Seven. We will find the name John and its derivatives over and over again being placed at the corresponding vortex point where the root chakra is grounded into a localized manifestation of this same crystallization. which is also the center of one of the world’s largest areas of gold and diamond deposits. in sequence from the first or root chakra. at the bottom of the Rift sits the country of South Africa that in modern times manifested the vilest form of separation in the political structure of apartheid. with the splitting of the atom earlier on in this thirteen thousand year period. racial and religious violence and rage. geologically. which is a long vertical canyon running the length of the continent from north to south. sectarian. runs up to and ends in the area that has become the center of so much strife. In California. this has manifested as the seven continents which are. grief. Australia. so below” and is part of the reference to the microcosmic/macrocosmic relationship. just as the human body has seven primary centers in the physical planetary body. it is no accident that such a Great Rift should manifest through the center of Africa. the city of Jerusalem. This caused great tears in the etheric body of this planet as well as correspondingly manifested in what is known as the Great Rift of Africa. with its capital known as the City of John. In addition. as represented in the “new” testament in the personification of John the Baptist. Johannesburg. Then the top of the spine. On the global scale. Later. as if the split in the root chakra ran all the way down the planetary body to the base of the spine. N. In the sense of the fractal correspondences of the hologram in which we find ourselves. with numerous localized manifestations of such as well. not the split mirrored doorway used to distract the seeker from the path) and return to wholeness. Asia.pillars. holding the memory until mankind was ready to remember on its own. in this order: Africa. a time of wholeness. This is the law of correspondences as stated in the phrase “as above. the externally manifested macrocosm of the planet has settled into a crystallization with seven primary centers or bodies also. and vice versa. as the substrata of the unconscious levels of our suppressed divinity were released. the planetary center of the root chakra wherein resides the split of the masculine. America. a derivative of John. In South America we find Santiago. Europe. In the fractal levels of the hologram we exist within. S. there are many examples of how the external reality is a reflected manifestation of the internal. This rift has been traversed by endless generations of lions in a cyclic and subtle pathway as they hold and embody the memory imprint of the time before the split. in the world Iagom thus Saint James in Spanish and Latin is Sant Iago. Energetically. the . John of course being the decapitated “head” of the Christos or unified field. nuclear war took place in the area we refer to now as the Sinai peninsula. holding that memory as they tread the pathways of the rift through the continent that holds the energetics of our root chakras and that of the planet. at the top of the rift. Chile holding this position for that continent. It is also no accident that at the base of this planetary continental root chakra the modern country of South Africa should manifest the most extreme form of racial separation in the policy of apartheid.

and in many other places this is also the case as will be referenced later on in the book. It was along this north-south route that one of the latter day leaders of empire. known as North and South Rhodesia. as well as the trinitization of the whole self. Diego is Spanish for James. It is Atlas who must bear the burden of the physical realm while it is Hercules who must undertake twelve labors in order to integrate his split nature between the genetic blending of the immortal nature of the half of himself from his “god” parent and that of his mere “mortal” one. also a derivative of Iago. It is through the Rift of Africa that the migratory paths of the lion moves in seasonal cyclic rhythms. in honor of his service to the empire. The name of Hercules is immortalized at the entry point to the central sea of the classical realm that gave us the civilizations of Greece and Rome. emotional and mental). These two countries are currently named Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is also where the most volatile volcanic occurrences on the planet take place. repeated many times over the globe. This place between the islands of Java and Sumatra is the deepest sub-oceanic trench in the world and is known also as Pillars of Hercules. Beyond the Pillars of Hercules. but for now. as manifested in the three bodies of our planetary vehicles (physical. another key fractal in the hologram. Britain’s Cecil Rhodes. proclaimed his intention of uniting for the British Empire the African route of “Capetown to Cairo. the two twins Atlas and Hercules appear early on. at the narrow entrance into that sea from the Atlantic Ocean lay the unknown as well as the mythological land of Atlantis. let’s pick up again in the sequential storyline of history as it relates to the ongoing development of the bonding of the human consciousness. true to the geopolitical out picturing of that same split wherein there is always some sort of North and South division. This inclination to name an area with the same name but with north and south designations is another subtle trick of the separation game. In all the major traditions and religions throughout history.000 years ago.root base is held by San Diego. one of the most powerful of such eruptions exploded with such force that the entire planet was covered with sun blocking ash for many years to such a degree that virtually the entire human race was wiped from the face of the . life force and spirit. In one of these labors he must battle with the lion. Approximately 75. a reminder of the lion’s path. the reoccurrence of the theme of the two male twins is ubiquitous and universal. man must endeavor to pass through those pillars. literally holding the energetic context of the Lion’s Path through the split male principle as humankind grapples with its struggle to regain consciousness and heal the split therein. Another location where the name of Hercules appears and the reference to the pillars is embodied is found across the globe in the area of modern day Indonesia. two countries were established in Rhodes’ name. where the powerful eruptions of Krakatoa have occurred. separated by the great chasm formed by the falls that are known as Victoria Falls. We will return later to further exploration of the various levels and locations of the geomantic correspondences of the seven chakras. In Greek mythology and creation stories. the Mediterranean Sea.” And of course. In order to venture out there and regain what has been lost.

for in their complete sociopathic level of oblivion they can lie with such disregard and hide behind the language of the liar because they are the perfect tools of the false hologram. At the same time. which most certainly accounted for the submerging of a massive amount of land. But what has happened in the process of language evolution into the synthetic crystallization of modern English is that it is a perfect linguistic tool for the art of lying. The land warmed up. through the subcontinent of India. As to the area we are discussing. the common ancestors of all human beings currently alive today. in every culture throughout Asia. now an admixture of the genes of gods and men. It doesn’t matter to them if they are called on it. They all lie with impunity even when confronted with the most comprehensive proof of the lies. as well as the major catastrophic global event around 9700 B. now become islands. What remained were the tips of the mountain peaks.000 year Solar Year. and throughout all of the myriad archipelagos and island chains of that region. one approximately 11. to proliferate and finally to cover the globe as we have it today. hybridized frequency tones of English with its alphanumeric correspondences that are certainly not an accident or happenstance. when this ash settled onto the glaciers that extended over much of the land mass of the northern hemisphere. the ash retained more radiant heat from the sun and to accelerated the melting of the glaciers and the ice. combining into the Indo-Aryan languages that morphed progressively into the modern configurations we use today.500 years ago. the honoring of the memory of the lion’s path was deeply ingrained and carried forward into modern times.500 years ago that actually ended the last ice age. finally synthesizing and crystallizing into the perfected.C. and one only just 150 years ago. Between the two Ks we find “ra. These are the prototypical languages of Dravidic and Sanskrit. If the intent of an individual is to lie. The origins of all of the world’s languages can actually be traced to this area wherein we find modern day Indonesia and the surrounding areas of Malaysia. the melted ice added significant amounts of water to the oceans. this precipitated hundreds of meters of rising sea level. and the way was opened for the human race. that precipitated the beginning of our modern period at the end of a precipitous event. Numerous other eruptions have occurred in modern and recorded history. Considering that upon the explosion of Krakatoa huge amounts of airborne ash caused the melting of the ice masses on the continents. that migrated into Asia and eventually Europe. the Philippines and India. the ice disappeared.planet except for a few thousand survivors in central Africa. raising their levels and covering much of the remains of the ancient world up to that time. This can be seen in countless instances. Because of the extent of the ash released world wide at that time. Language as we know it is the perfect out picturing of the reality projecting of our consciousness and therefore the relationships being pointed out in this book do indeed hold many clues and insights into the hologram. covering what was . leading to the dawning of the modern era in the second half of our 26. obfuscate or manipulate. Look at today’s politicians. Notice that the name of this location contains the familiar double K signifying the pillars as contained in the symbol of the corresponding number 11 doubled. It was the explosion 11.” the artificial sun god. English can be the perfect tool for such a task. media and advertising.

the Indonesia and Philippine island chains. The capital of this land was once called Singa Pura. That event happened right in the center of where this all began . just prior to the so-called Y2K event as a precursor to the end of the treaty and the removing of all the veils that has proceeded ever since. Sari = Essence). and the other being the guardians of the lion’s path. across Normandy and into the European continent. It is of interest to note that it was the epicenter of this exact region we are discussing.” as they began to be converted to the various world religions. On the island of Bali there is a small town which used to be the dwelling of the Kings of this land. too. during which the path of the eclipse first entered the European continent precisely through the gateway of the sunken land of Lyonesse and its two guardian lion gates.” (pronounced Mah-Jah-Pie-Eet) which translates to “bitter fruit. the Lion King. still remaining royal lines of this once great empire changed the name of the area to “Madja-Pahit. 1999. one being the ubiquitous dragon and the other being the two lions standing as guardians of the gate. the return through the two pillars when they are reunified and become whole again. Just prior to the closing of the story in our modern time period.then the primeval tropical lands known as Lemuria. there occurred a full solar eclipse on August 11. still with the name Singa Raja. 2004. the two pillars. The first is the universal symbol of the serpentine energy of the kundalini power at the base of the human spine. this one being the path of the Bengal Lion who once roamed all the way from western Europe to India. that throughout this entire area. This pathway of the eclipse was the activation of the precise component necessary to begin the mass awakening of the planet. At the same time. There are still retained vestiges of this once great land and its contiguous empire. there are two predominating symbolisms. the dragon is also the symbol of the reptilian control agents and the gods who demand worship and obedience It was from this area and these lands that our modern journey began upon the opening of the gates of Krakatoa. It was the mass awakening call for the Lion’s Path and return to re-member and heal. Notice. following the path of another feline species that once roamed the cross bar that ran perpendicular to the lion’s path through the African Rift. in between which stands the presence of Ra. Translated this means The Essence of the Lion (Singa = Lion. that at the end of the year 2004 an event created a wave form that moved through the entire consciousness of the planetary body and the human race to open the heart centers of billions of people in the wake of the devastation of the tsunami that occurred on December 26. meaning Temple of the Lion. inclusive of the island of Madagascar. in the root chakra. and some peoples in the region to this day recall that this land was once called Singa Sari. the two Ks. now a city we know as Singapore. all of Malaysia and down to the island of Papua New Guinea as we know it today. Indonesia becoming the Spice Islands controlled by the Dutch and under the yoke of the Islamic religion. This entire area was once fully connected. the Philippines under the yoke and control of the Catholic Spanish and the various other lands and islands succumbing to the bitter fruit of colonialism and political domination from the west. Approximately five hundred years ago. at the precise time that the first memory of the treaty spoken of in earlier chapters came to the authors of this book. This particular solar eclipse ended that day in the Bay of Bengal. with the overlay of the ruling elite. the usurper of our solar intelligence and the later god-poster sun god. running north and south.

He is at odds with the human race most likely because they are becoming too much as he is. When that did not happen. gaining knowledge and ascendancy towards immortality. they embodied the epitomization of the split of the male principle. within only a few hundred miles of the Pillars of Hercules near Krakatoa and the deep trench between Java and Sumatra. Although not twins. too. He had two sons. and of course numerology counting has Y as the 25th letter. and instead. the Y2K hoax was an attempt to seal the crucible closed forever. In the Sumerian phase of history. But that. the next event was the September 11th event. It was also the timing for the final renegade faction to attempt to thwart the terms and conditions of the treaty referenced earlier. vengeful and full of wrath. Enki and Enlil. the twin towers of the World Trade Center. which was rife with 11 symbolisms as well as precipitating the endgame attempt to create a worldwide martial law imposition and endless holy wars. on the other hand. arrogant. is failing. so 25 plus 11 plus 2 equals 38. Notice that even the letter designations for this event reflect both the splitting of the masculine energy (reflected in the shape of the Y) as well as the two pillars as represented by the K. the so-called right of the gods. The head of that council and the titular head of the race was and is Anu. the game was over. was the part of the god force that supported and desired to nurture mankind. would coincide with the precise end of the Solar Year and the end of the treaty. But to return to the historical foundations of our narrative. on the moment of midnight leading into the year 2000. in the fertile crescent and the so-called cradle of civilization in the western world. But the Y2K worldwide event was an attempt to collapse the fields in the human consciousness in order to seal us forever into the false hologram. is only stimulating the acceleration of the wake up process in the population. which added together make another 11. the Council of the Annunaki.000 years ago. The calendar had been ratcheted slightly in the late 1500s when the Gregorian calendar was instituted. according to that calendar. The attempt was to continually imprint the consciousness of the population with the 11 imaging. to which we will return later in the last part of this book. Part of those terms included the fact that should at least one or two members of the human race wake up and remember the treaty. An attempt was made to manipulate the Egyptian government to allow the placement of a gold capstone on top of the great pyramid in Giza in order to create an artificial lock down of the hologram forever. Instead. and there was a quantum shift experienced throughout the planet when the millennium disaster did not happen. reinforcing the two pillars and the separations thereof. This of course included the literal implosion of the largest two pillars symbol on the planet. Enki. Enlil. the eleventh letter. let’s look now at another set of key twins. One. is angry. shifting the count of days by eleven so that the end of the millennium. when the people were absolute subjects of their gods and their divine right kings. This meant that the energetic bonds that shut the crucible in place would be released and the gods and their minions had to step aside.13. there existed a council. . whose name translates to Keeper of the Earth. It is he who is embodied in the story of Noah who is the god that warns Noah of impending doom and the need to sequester and save the genetic information to insure the continuance of the race.

in essence. Abraham emerged from the city of Ur. through the British Isles. Enlil gradually evolved through the successive periods from Sumer to Babylon. El Elyon (the most high) and eventually Yahweh and Jehovah. after their dominance and fragmentation under the iron fist of those who served Yahweh that would scatter throughout the lands. generous and even loving. It is a variation on today’s good cop. deceitful. eventually through France. because they still retain the energetic frequency of the original feminine principle their . that those are not necessarily the complete stories either. He was forced to abnegate himself to Enlil. by splitting his consciousness in the forced choice between his son and his god. emerged the seed roots of today’s end game crystallizations of this underlying issue. So. Egypt and eventually the land of Canaan. He chose his god and the split was cemented into the consciousness and the binding religions that would emerge out of this event would crystallize the path for the next three thousand years leading to today’s global stage. and having retained vestiges of their time in Egypt. splitting again into the Sunni and Shiite paths. This dichotomy between the good god and the bad god is self evident in the Old Testament where it is plainly visible to see the two personalities represented in the composite known as Yahweh. Abraham. the land of the Daal Fin. the fight between ascending consciousness and contravening lockdown intentions of control. through pre-biblical phases until it came to a focalization in the land of Judea. would be told to travel to the land of Canaan. This. of course. in the guise of El Elyon and later as Yahweh. the sound tone of the root chakra. From his seed would emerge the twelve tribes of Israel but also the polarized opposite brotherly line leading to the Islamic path. It was Enki who was the serpent of the so-called garden scene who was giving mankind access to knowledge and ability to see as the gods did. But with eyes open one can read the books and stories of the Old Testament and see the good god and the bad god readily enough. It is the remnants of this people. (the lover of Ra). would be known as the Gypsies. derived from (E)gyp(t)sy. the good god. In the region of Sumer and Mesopotamia. would split and schism in upon itself. as previously discussed. bad cop routine…in this instance. He was variously known as El Shaddai (the god of the mountain). For a complete understanding and in depth exploration of this history. it was inevitable that the out picturing of the collective would create this dichotomy in these two godlings. where one personality is kind. refer to the works of Zecharia Sitchin and Laurance Gardner (keeping in mind. splitting into the three major monotheistic religions that in themselves hold the out picturing of the three bodies of our incarnate forms (physical. This is why the gypsies are vilified in every land they traverse. emotional and mental). and each of these. too. the descendants of those people who had traversed from Scandinavia. where the remnants of the people still retaining the reverence for the feminine were settled. would bifurcate very soon after its inception. finds its modern day origins in these two brothers and their battles over the human race. too. bad god routine.Because of the internal split in every individual of the race. The synthesis of all of this into the later Old Testament into a singular god head is an attempt to mask the reality of the split. only facets). violent and filled with rage. and in the race consciousness as a whole. and the other is envious.

One of the sons was named Alexander Helios. which we will return to more extensively later in the book. who established the Ptolomeic dynasty in Egypt. Cleopatra had three children. only to be found by an ignorant treasure hunter in southern Illinois in the middle 1980s. mythical story lines or the actual and historical events over and over again carried the energy and the symbology of the split male and the twins of the two pillars. the word that evolved to our modern term ecclesiastical). What history has yet to recognize is that she and her twin sons. though not conclusively proven as yet. Later of course the Egyptian god Amen would tag the Ra tone to the end of his name and declare himself to be the Sun god. Then throughout history either the symbolic. At the end of a key cycle during the transition from the Egyptian and Mesopotamian world. It is likely. along with the contents of the tomb and many other key artifacts of that period sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and into the North American continent. she refused and disappeared from history. One of those three parts went to his general Ptolemy. eventually being supplanted by the new sun god. a daughter and twin sons. emotional and mental bodies). When Egypt under Cleopatra in partnership with Marc Anthony was defeated by Augustus Caesar and the armies of Rome. Cleopatra (whose name translates to Lover of the Father). that Alexander Helios ended his days in the four corners area of the southwest and became known to the native nation peoples of that . whose true love was thwarted because he had to yield to a royal imperative in the rivalry of another male. Apollo. twelve men and the thirteenth was one of the most famous female names of history. It was the hidden twin that carried the esoteric church (ekklesia. and of course there is the story of Arthur and Lancelot on the British Isles as well as later.forebears held in these lands before the onslaught of the male dominant tsunami originating from the seed of Abraham. Enki and Enlil. warmth and energy to the land and the people. along with the tomb of its dynasty. whose name was James. the same James embodied in the derivative of John. later to be invoked after every Christian prayer when it is ended with the intonation of “amen. Much of the records of the Ptolomeic line disappeared from history as well. up the Mississippi River and into the heartland of America. the original god of the sun. Alexander the Great conquered the known world but died in his youth and at the height of his power. This dynasty had thirteen successive rulers as pharaoh. past a delta area that one day would be called New Orleans. in the Latin Iago and the Spanish Diego. another variant on Amen Ra. He divided his kingdom into three parts establishing a template that would later be followed to divide and control the three bodies of the physical template of the human race (the physical.” This is the overlay of the false “god” concept to prevent the consciousness to access the true inner pathway through the gates of the two lions. We have mentioned Atlas and Hercules. This is also embodied in Greek mythology with the story of Helios. during the period just before the sinking of Lyonesse off the southwest coast of Britain. the story of Tristan and Isolde. meaning the congregation. she was bidden to come to Rome and be his wife. Instead. In various legends and texts it is reported that Jesus had a twin brother. who drove his chariot every day from horizon to horizon to provide light. Paris and Menelaus.

and A as the Aleph. Meri in reference to that archetypal sound tone vibration of the feminine Void as expressed in the symbolic names used in the mythological stories of 2000 years ago. is the fact that Washington D. control mongering minds of men to this very day. that the Spirit of the original Void of the feminine component of creation has lain sleeping for so very long. from the States Maryland and Virginia. where one of two original repositories of gold were placed many million of years ago in the sequential construct we call time. In effect. Because America is derived from the words La Meri Ka. it has a much more ancient root. and Ka as the essential spirit body which is derived from the 11th and 1st letters. Alexander Helios came to plant seeds on the North American continent in that original repository area. in the form of Melchizedek and then Abraham. We were told in school that the name America was derived from some obscure Italian explorer during the age of discovery that followed 1492. a good portion of which came from that original repository in the four corners area. was derived. in effect placing two pillars of royal and European lineage on the North American continent. by force of history. that the male dominant intruder force has sought to settle its overlaying construct to control and feed off of in the false holographic reality as the so-called “Grand Work of the Ages. But. Another example of the male dominant overlay which is an exact parallel to the one in which the Priest King male god. is the god in charge of driving the chariot of the sun across the sky. For it is the land of America. how dumb do they think we are? Dumb enough. So. of course. taketheir seat of power on top of Jerusalem. no doubt. one as a revered sun king in the area of one of our two referenced repositories of gold in the four corners area.area as the Sun King. finally now reawakening to break through the false reality as is taking place in our time. which has lain in slumber here in America for eons of time. and seeds of energetic construction in order to set key elements in place in preparation for the period we are in today. as per Constitutional mandate (to establish a seat of the federal government not more than ten miles square to be made out of land taken from one or more of the States). adding up to twelve. Later in part two we will trace the movement of much of the world’s gold and find it settling in the twentieth century in many underground repositories in the remnant lands of the kingdom of Singa Sari. But the true Ka. in fact. since most will tell you that this is where the name America came from. greed dominated. . Helios. as referenced earlier.” a false doctrine that has driven the ego based. the 11 + 1. has lain dormant but not diminished. the land of the essence of the lion.. seeds of genetic lineage. the split male and so forth. Now. the Alpha. which is one of the three controlling city nation states of the world (we shall return to in Parts Two and Three to explain this more completely).C. La as the feminine pronoun as it is used in various Latin derived languages today. while at the same time adding their genetic strains to the admixture of the native races on the continent. one Amerigo Vaspuci. La Meri Ka was and is a Star of primordial significance that was sought by all ages. where the feminine reunites properly and in balance to heal and revivify the masculine principle that has been used and abused as the tool of such an agenda. all this time. and the primary feminine principle. The other twin brother ended up his days in the northeastern corner of what is now called the United States. with K as the eleventh letter with all of its symbology previously discussed of the pillars. twin boys of royal Egyptian lineage ended up in North America. Well.

the essence of the Lion. and it has been inscribed everywhere one cares to look in the books and pages of history. harkening back to when the constellation of . This lighted path throughout the ages has been known as the Lion’s Path because it is the feline race that holds true to much of the original template and divine design. be they images. then the land of the bitter fruit.C. have used the symbology of the Lion and the reference to the Lion’s Path. and put them together. through the obfuscations and the lies. and this book is our contribution to such an awakening. while the drum beat of life remains ever present and eternally alive. or temples of stone and plaster behind which the gods of the Matrix manipulate the marionettes to do their bidding for pieces of silver. that must burn through the miasms and the distortions. waiting oh so patiently for our return. are precisely done as to effect the overlay and control dominance sought after by such a placement and conveniently. or illusions of wealth without substance. and it is the Lion’s mane that is as a fiery Sun burning deep within our cells and within the center of our hearts. along with a partner also as witness. those who no doubt are now reading this story written by one who is variously known through the ages as a mere scribe. and not coincidentally. It is the Lion’s Path that still burns and beckons in our dreams to lead us back to wholeness. to now awake and remember. in places big and small. of course. that unseen hand. two souls who are here merely to activate these memories in this great time of awakening and remembering for those who have come to serve this unfolding. while even the gold and silver have been removed to be replaced by the karma tokens we feed the meters and the slot machines and the dials and the time clocks and the mechanical patterns and the digitized sensory distractions to feed us stimulus as an avoidance of the anesthetizing dullness and mediocrity lurking underneath. Many esoteric societies. going back to ancient Egypt. The Masonic and geometric structures and control templates in the lay out of D. to rend asunder that false yoke of servitude and slavery that has kept the two pillars separate and externalized the projection of power and authority outside of ourselves. such as a whole kingdom where once lived a land called Lumeria.when we look at the namesakes of these two states (Mary and Virgin). attempting to seal the souls into this third dimensional prison planet enclosure forever and hoping we would not wake up sufficiently to end their quest and “Great Work of the Ages” agenda. But we have. we end up with…. over the energetic frequency of the Virgin Mary (Mother) template in the land of the Meri Ka! So history has always interspersed the clues and signposts to light the way of the true seekers and those who have come to endure and suffer in order to persevere to this great time of healing in which we live. a witness if you will. into the worship of false gods. In Part Two we will revisit the story of the land of Singa Sari to see what happened to all of the gold of this world that has driven men crazy to possess as they were compelled by an unseen hand to gather and control the severed halves of the life force of the inhabitants of this planet come to seek reunion with their Selves and liberation from the illusions of separation. the Singa Sari.Virgin Mary. to bring forward the memories that will assist in the re-membering of all who read these pages and of all who care to integrate and regain the clarity necessary to liberate the Emerald Life Force within us all.

go to www. Keep in mind that Sitchin’s work is based largely on translations of Sumerian texts. seven. it is important in building a base of knowledge and understanding in this kind of work to read as much and as wide as possible. Uriel’s Machine and the fourth book The Book of Hiram. until such time as the time was ripe for remembering. . the emerald light and frequency of the global population. nor that it contains all verified and confirmed facts. Another good set to read is by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. The 12th Planet. which in all likelihood were dictated to scribes by the Annunaki for their own agendas and therefore much can be considered suspect. Wars of Gods and Men NOTE: The authors in no way promote or ascribe to the position that the entire body of information in the above collections of work from these two authors is the full story. Cleopatra and her twin sons.ancientamerican. WEB SITES For further information regarding the translocation of the tomb of the Ptolemies. their attempt at suppressing and oppressing the life force. In fact. so there two sources are a good start. moving towards eight billion incarnated souls to be their slaves and their source of nourishment into some false eternity. And now us the time!! RECOMMENDATIONS BOOKS All books in the Holy Grail series by Laurance Gardner are highly recommended. It was the memories of the Lion’s Path that were sequestered in myth and symbol and esoteric science and teachings in order to retain the vestigial memories. starting with The Hiram Key.Leo rose on the ascendant plane some thirteen thousand years ago and the visage of the Sphinx gazed at the rising Sun in the land where it would all emerge and begin in earnest some five thousand years ago. These are recommended as good base and foundational reading to get perspective on the bigger historical picture. it is likely that there are serious gaps in the material’s accuracy and most likely a good portion of disinformation whether consciously applied or not. as it was known that the overlords would soon come in to play and do their thing. to create a false reality of six. then The Second Messiah. such titles as Bloodline of the Holy Grail and Secrets of the Lost Ark All books in the Earth Chronicles series by Zechariah Sitchin.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The trick perpetrated on our consciousness has been to convince us that the principles of the false reality are in fact immutable and thus fixed. and thereby to grow. we will touch now on some broad brush stroke archetypal concepts that are key to the understanding of the holographic nature of our current reality construct. said unit of physical embodiment will be directly reflective of the nature of the indwelling consciousness. can then decide to inhabit a corresponding unit of reality. but truly get it in one’s bones and cells so that nothing can swerve one from this knowingness and certainly. physical reality. an individuated Whole System proceeds to engage with Life and gain knowledge. As a Whole System within Consciousness. Upon entering a level of physical form in the densities of matter such as we have on Planet Earth.The ELF Transmissions Chapter Seven The Nature of Whole System Energetics To close Part One of this book. In this context. It is the understanding of the nature of Whole System Energetics. because this “reality” as we think we know it. But the starting point is to really get this. contained and enslaved control within the confines of the illusions of separation. but it must be understood that we are talking here of consciousness. as has been emphasized so far. self-reflective. We can understand a Whole System easiest through our experience in third dimensional. a Whole System can be defined as a unit of consciousness. The first of these is the fact that every Whole System is interdependent with all other Whole Systems with which it interfaces. it is endowed and imbued with indivisible self-awareness. no matter how large or how small. self-aware. The key understanding for this is energetic in nature. wisdom and experience. an understanding of some of the universal principles at play and those that are used to maintain the illusions of the false reality by those who would own and control us is quite necessary. from the most ephemeral to the most mundane. The purpose for which we enter into the understanding of Whole Systems is so that we can fuse consciousness with the material world we currently inhabit. No Whole System exists in a vacuum. At the same time. Additionally. from inception out of the undifferentiated wholeness of All That Is. what we have referred to as the gift of individuation. as an individualized unit of consciousness. In order for that to be part of ones make-up. from the most expanded to the most minute. Any Whole System. This is the essence and the entirety of what is important in the context of this book. not just intellectually. is nothing but an artificial construct that overlays the real thing. not the matter that reflects said consciousness or that we peer upon through the medium of our five senses. eternal and whole. to thereby . there are some important fundamentals regarding the nature of Whole Systems that must be understood if one is to take this information beyond the purely theoretical or philosophical domain and place it into practical application within our context of liberating the Life Force from our current status of entrained.

psychological perspectives. while at the same time not being confined into any level of limitation within any Universe in which we choose to play. we begin to have a glimmer of what the nature of Whole Systems is. occupying a commensurate unit of material creation. and the Whole is contained within Every Part because every Part is a Whole unto itself. we discover the indivisible wholeness of our Beings. is an indivisible Whole unto itself. At the same time. and to point out that what appears to be the imminence of our final demise is merely the evidence of our imminent perfection. All life is therefore capable of maintaining the integrity of every individual being. and so to understand the smaller Whole is to know the larger Whole. integrated. and thus assume our rightful roles as true co-creators and stewards of our own creative expression. At the same time. per se. with the same essential elements only reduced in scale. so that we can become the sovereign masters of every aspect of the Universe in which we reside. as Cosmic Spiritual Beings. Therefore. Currently. we can understand the larger whole by knowing ourselves as a smaller whole. As a system of consciousness. The answer lies within the understanding of the nature of Whole Systems: A Whole System.come to understand the nature of our role in the creation and the on-going evolution of such a world. that is the task at hand. One might question this statement and assert that we are not at the edge of perfection but rather at the edge of self-destruction. and we are standing at the brink of cosmic ignition as we complete the last few remaining details of the perfection of this realm. to synchronize at all levels of our multi-dimensional Beings. This is the vehicle in which we. What affects the Part affects the Whole. For in every unit of consciousness. whether we are talking about social structures. When we understand that the Universe is infinitely repeated as a realm of Creation (not repeated as a monotonous sameness but in the essential element of scalable realities) and infinitely expandable. The most significant and singular Whole System that we must concern ourselves with at this time is that of our human organism. by definition. This is not a new system of thought. Once we have perfected this vehicle we can then move freely from one Whole System to the next. balanced and whole. or philosophical explorations. The macrocosm is revealed within the microcosm. this is the purpose and the design of who we truly are. to which we will simply ask that you forebear such assertions until the conclusion of this book. Every area of human thought and all human institutions understand the nature of Whole Systems. To take command and move within our own creation. no Whole System is truly independent. reside while sojourning upon this material sphere. It is our intention to illustrate just how close to perfection we have come. While at the same time no individual being is separate from life itself. we can move anywhere we want in the infinite realms of creation. Every area of human endeavor in some way has come to understand some aspect of this perspective. What is new here is that we are going to look at this from some new vantage points as it . ever larger or ever smaller Whole Systems can contain this Indivisible Whole or be contained within it.

and thankfully this is the case. the human organism. and then that consciousness as reflected in the physical world. we are truly unlimited in creative potential. This book does not purport to be “scientific” even though it will refer to many scientific concepts and structures. This perfection is a complete integration of the physical. This will take us into universes within universes. This is completely contrary to an inquiry into life based on an understanding of Whole Systems. as Whole Systems. It is more correct to describe our work as that of the synthesist. with ever larger and ever smaller Whole Systems that contain it and are contained within it. And the supreme . that we are not only talking about physical components when we speak of Whole Systems. We are not scientists and even though we have explored many areas of scientific information and thought from a layman’s perspective. This is important to understand because the path beyond this technical abstraction of the mind is the Whole System of the perfected Human Being. So it is important to emphasize and to remember: we are the creators and we provide the juice. we are speaking of consciousness first. Therefore. given its current direction. is an abstraction of the mind that. contain the entire Universe in our beings. be looking quite minutely into the nature of the control mechanics that have foisted a systematic encumbrance of belief systems to achieve the exact opposite of the original design. one who sees the synthesis of related systems. Whole Systems are based on the sustenance of universal Life Force. all as the playground of consciousness. Western science. and spiritual bodies of our multidimensional selves. we are going to be looking at the human organism as a whole unit of consciousness. we have not done so to any great degree or specialization. a design we are just now coming to understand.pertains to the most important Whole System of all. We are not specialists. Thus. To dissect and break things apart is to destroy its life force. There is only one criterion that then applies. and an analyst by definition breaks things apart and dissects them to the smallest possible level. and once we are fully awakened and integrated to this fact. of course. in its current direction. not the other way around. To the traditionally trained scientist many of the statements and conclusions in this book will appear fantastic and without basis. which is to contain and control the life force into this unit of physical embodiment and lock it in forever in order to feed off of it as a source of energy to maintain the false reality and the prison system required for such control. by understanding the true nature of ourselves and the world we exist in as whole systems gives us the understanding of how the dynamics of the control matrix are instituted and maintained. We will also. A specialist is an analyst. and by such understanding we can thereby engage our process of liberation. as we do so. When we are able to synchronize within this vast cosmic interplay we will be able to travel through realms of consciousness and maintain the harmony and integrity inherent in the original design. emotional. This perfected and integrated Human Being is a holographic microcosm that contains the entire mapping and access to the larger macrocosm in which it lives. will lose itself in a labyrinth of infinite extrapolation that leads further and further from any true integrity within the Whole System of who we are as human beings and the larger whole system of our divine nature and origins. And remember. which is that all actions directed from the center of our beings are in balance and alignment with Divine Law. We. mental.

One must understand the nature of one’s prison in order to find the way out of the labyrinth and through the doorway into freedom. As time collapses relative to the exponential growth of consciousness currently unfolding within and around us. We humans are supposed to be the stewarding species of this planet. in the process of developing and gradually perfecting our vehicles. not dominance. the old world order. right down to the sub-atomic particles and every single species and protozoa in the world. and dominance of the life force instead of partnership with it is imploding in upon itself. through the scientific mode of exploration and inquiry. Fortunately. This is the true definition of dominion in alignment with Divine Law. while at the same time being well grounded in both experiential and synthesis understandings of the world in which we live. This is the antithesis of the mentally abstracted. In naming a thing. abstraction from the essence of our life force. Our only real mistake was in trying to dominate and control all of these things we have named. but worthy of repetition: “Whatever is broken cannot be fixed. the law of balance. the observer cannot be separated from the observed. as we observe the world in which we reside. we are fast approaching a point where we are regaining our ability to be true creators wherein all aspects of our creation are becoming instantaneous and consistent with our inner state. it is a form of union while at the same time honoring and maintaining the focus of individual identity and honoring the life force in all beings therein. We have been doing this. to juxtapose the path of control with the path of liberation. Therefore. As has been discovered in modern physics. collectively. been pursuing the task of naming everything on the globe. Whatever is Real cannot be broken. we have. we have had some assistance while we have been snoozing at the controls. This is synchronous alignment with Life itself. infinitely extrapolated path of mechanical technology that is by and large leading us to the inevitable conclusion of planetary suicide. In the process of naming we have perfected the mental body in its synergistic relationship to the Whole System of the world organism and all of our partners in life here on Earth. repeated now several times. in the last phase of the development of the mental body.Divine Law that governs an integrated Whole System is Balance. As these two parallel movements proceed there is only one thing to remember. The difference is that dominion refers to the fact that we are not separate from what we create. In the meantime. We have not been performing this fundamental aspect of our job description here for a long time. are here to have dominion upon this planet. based on polarity. balance as an energetic relationship of . we enter into relationship with it through the interplay of the mind. The biblical reference to this task states that Man is the one to name the plants and the animals and the minerals. In the meantime. Focus on what is Real and the rest will fade away!” This book and its presentations are both poetic and visionary. It is more accurate to state that we. which is the theme of Part One. we must eventually engage in the true nature of the partnership between observer and that which is observed. along the parallel Path of the Lion which has retained the energetic essence of our beings. It follows and details a path in history.

and we have begun to return to our true positions as stewards and co-creators on this incredibly complex life sustaining field of our own creation. or our collective consciousness going back to our inception into individuation. this will be out pictured in the external environment and we will begin to heal the larger Whole System in which we reside. we are the creators of. These components are as follows: . to re-establish the integrity required in the Whole System of our human organism. Because of the holographic nature of every Whole System.the body of ourselves as a racial Whole. we have been working quite diligently. and upon which the elements already presented in this first part will be more fully understood. we have accomplished two things. which is a dimensional shift. In the process of naming every iota of this globe. we are now doubling human knowledge every eighteen to twenty four months. We have perfected our mental bodies in order to balance and reintegrate such with our emotional and physical bodies. We are cleansing the one great body…. in every sector of human activity. In the interim. and through such a relationship we begin to liberate the Life Force from its prison. and every other aspect of our collective racial engagement with the construct we are playing within. individually and collectively. in politics. education. that is not in synchronicity with the essence of life as whole. and by so doing. because the key to understanding who we are in the bigger scheme of things is to understand that the Whole System of who we are is reflective. when enough individuals have perfected their beings by healing themselves. at least those who received the wake up call to begin the healing required. the Earth Herself.dynamic equilibrium. is essentially the purging and the cleansing of everything that is not in alignment with. As we approach this point. entertainment. and by so doing gain our own freedom and that of life itself. of ourselves as a convergence of myriad genetic contributions to such a racial Whole. eternal and complete. coming to the completion of the octave of the localized reality we began Part One discussing. social systems. and as we proceed forward towards our destiny. reciprocal and mutually interdependent with the world we have come to know. there are a number of structural components that must be defined in order to establish a common vocabulary by which we can explore the nature of Whole Systems. technology. what we see unfolding on the planetary stage today. environmental issues. in fact. * * * * * * * * To lay out the fundamentals and build a foundation. This has required the individual and collective process of healing our emotional and physical bodies that would thus allow the final integration of our wholeness in preparation for the next step. This is important to note. And in the process of coming to know it. from which the rest of this book will proceed. In this process we are coming face to face with the reflection of ourselves in all that we have named and mapped out in our exploration and pursuit of knowledge. the world which.

down to the quantum level of our physical atomic structures and the energy matrix within which it is held. and energetic. Additionally. Conversely. as we now realign ourselves to our full divinity and radiant selves. which simply means breaking open (in order to reveal). through its various integrated systems such as the genetic. In terms of our physical incarnations on this planet we can look at the one beam as our spiritual selves interfacing with that which we pull up from the physical matrix of the planetary body. the perfecting and exponential growth currently taking place through our capacity to extend our consciousness throughout the realm of our current reality. a Whole System such as the human organism is holographically the same as the larger Whole System that it is contained within. or of any smaller system contained within it. The only difference is scale. The importance of this concept is in the fact that when all of those little beaming points of light contained within every soul currently incarnated on this planet descended into the Whole System of the Earth. so below. A hologram is created by the interference pattern of two beams of light crossing each other at a specific angle. is described by the axiom “As above. the holographic nature of Whole Systems enables us to understand ourselves through the study of general principles of cosmic creation and geometric design. we then clothed ourselves in that dysfunctional material of the realm by purpose and design. every piece of that template will be a whole picture of the form thus produced. we holographically cut energetic pathways to assist the collective consciousness and that of the Earth Herself towards the healing of the realm. by knowing the design of our own system. they took upon themselves a characteristic of the Earth itself. The Microcosm-Macrocosm Relationship This relationship is based on a fundamental aspect of Whole Systems. Therefore. All is being revealed which is the true apocalypse. and vice versa. each individual human on planet Earth is essentially a hologram of the Earth itself combined with the unique individualized spiritual qualities of the person him(her)self.The Holographic Nature of Whole Systems Whole Systems are holographic in nature. which is that each system is a reflection of the larger system within which it resides. In so doing. Therefore. In the same way. If this took place when the Earth was laboring under the weight of a psychic burden of mis-creation. biological. is the process of mapping our way through our own pathways of consciousness and creation. and is also the nature of the relationship between . we come to know the nature and form of the universe in which we reside. This. in essence. The part contains the essential blueprint and design of the whole. This is the nature of fractal geometry discussed in earlier chapters. which of course we know to be the case.” When a hologram is created into a material template. Each beam carries an integral piece of information that cannot be expressed without the corresponding information from the other beam.

implicate order as it emerges from apparent chaos. Once a system in which individualized consciousness finds itself in is fully understood and integrated then all other systems with which it interfaces become accessible to it. In many respects this is simply a restating of the holographic nature as discussed above and is fundamental to the importance of the material that we will explore later on in this book having to do with our true history, the history of the creation of the false bondage and belief systems, the bonding of the religious constructs and all the rest. Because once each reader’s individual consciousness begins to break through the miasms and the distortions of all the lies that comprise the One Big Lie, then as individual whole systems within the holographic construct and within the microcosm-macrocosm relationship we will begin to literally break the bonds that hold us and such will ripple throughout the realm and begin to shatter the illusions and the bonds of the larger whole. As this takes place the larger whole and the apparent stranglehold of the current controllers who would be our socalled gods and priests and kings, will crumble into the dustbin of history and be no more. Because of the nature of whole systems, the nature of holographic reality and the nature of the relationship of the one to the many, this is inevitable and unstoppable. This is also why there is a seemingly unending agenda taking place right now, with ever increasing intensity, of attempts to suppress the growth and awakening process through energetic, frequency control, dampening down technologies, and other methods, including chemtrails, HAARP ionosphere control methodologies, chemical warfare on a continual basis through the water, food and air, genetic manipulations and much, much more. Because the thinking goes that if these efforts can sufficiently suppress the opening up, awakening and consciousness breakthroughs of enough individuals on the planet then the containment field can possibly be retained and secured. But that is not going to happen and in fact, the point of no return when the consciousness has superceded such attempts is all but secured at this point in time and every attempt to suppress is now accelerating the awakening process all the more. An important element of this microcosmic-macrocosmic relationship is that of fractal geometry as was stated in the beginning chapter. To repeat this component within this current context, a fractal is a symmetrical reproduction of something that maintains the symmetry of ratio but with a difference in scale. Numerically, this is expressed by the equation 1:10:100:1000. One is to ten as ten is to one hundred as one hundred is to one thousand; the ratio is the same in each pairing, but the scale is larger each successive step upwards. Structurally this seems evident in the comparison that every school child seems to naturally observe that the structure of an atom seems to be just like the structure of a solar system. The only difference is in scale. From this perspective, as we extend outward into space, the stars that reside in the center of the solar systems as a nucleus then become as the orbiting electrons (or planets) around larger central suns, and then these central suns with their orbiting galaxies become, in ascending scale, orbiting bodies around larger suns still. Astronomy has observed that the universe is not static, that it is ever expanding (but, in fact, it is more likely that it is in a steady state of ever expanding growth and continual creation). As the outer space reflects the inner space, the corollary then is easy to arrive at that we, too, as expanding universes are not static, we are continually expanding and

growing. As a Whole System of consciousness, currently within an apparent system of limitation, we are really an embodying whole creator system that is infinitely expandable. Someday we will indeed be the substance of which star systems are made! And by virtual of our expanding creational capacity, as we awaken and breakthrough the bonds of our limitations, then the result is inevitably that these bonds will not only be broken through, but they will become soon enough nothing more than dust along the pathway. The Nature of Correspondences Correspondences can be defined as system relationships that describe the interrelatedness of all units of consciousness. The law of correspondences includes all the other elements discussed so far in this chapter related to Whole Systems, such as the holographic nature of reality, the microcosmic-macrocosmic relationship, reciprocal relationships, the system of harmonics in mathematics, numbers, vibration and frequency, and on and on. Some of these correspondences are Numerical, Astrological, Geometric, micro-macro relationships such as the Human System to the Planetary System, Planetary System to the Solar System, Solar System to the Stellar System, Stellar System to the Galactic System and beyond. The Law of Correspondences is simply that as an interrelated Whole System all things are reciprocally reflective. One fundamental fact about our human organism in which our higher divine souls have incarnated in this time/space continuum of reality construction is that it has as fundamental structures three primary planetary bodies: the physical, the emotional and the mental bodies, through which we not only perceive reality but through which we create it. At the same time, we have seven primary planetary energetic levels that interrelate with the three primary bodies, known as chakras. If we look around at our planetary system we will find many correspondences to these two primary constructs. Seven colors in the rainbow made up of three primary colors, seven continents, the fact that if one starts with three primary elements one can extrapolate seven potential combinations in which, if we designate our three elements as A, B and C, there are seven combinations of one or more of the elements: (A), (B), (C), (A & B), (B & C), (A & C) and (A, B and C). As we explore this concept of correspondences we will find many examples in all human endeavors, systems and institutions, be they political, social, religious, artistic, organizational and so forth. These have been utilized in the inculcation, indoctrination and dissemination of the systems of bondage and control that underlies the “them” of this book, that point to where we are embedded into the matrix and where we must unravel ourselves in order to regain our freedom and liberty. Many of the techniques of control using these fundamental levels and components based on the law of correspondence are done so by virtue of inversion, whereby a natural geometric structure is inverted, turned upside down or inside out, or both, and thereby is used for control instead of creation. We have given some examples of that and more will follow as the book unfolds. The key to understand and keep in mind in this regard is that by knowing the pathway in to control, we are also delineating the pathway out to freedom. The simple fact and act of conscious awareness is a major starting point of breaking the bonds of control, and due to the nature of the holographic reality of the matrix, when one being sees through to this context, it permeates through the morphogenetic field to the

racial consciousness and energetic pathways are opened up and made easier for others to follow. The nature of the three bodies and the seven centers will be further discussed and shown demonstratively later in the book as to how these are used as primary tools of control and how the simple act of reintegrating and rebalancing of these centers will plan a major role in the liberation of our consciousness on a planetary scale. Another example of correspondences is contained in the numerical relationships explored in an earlier chapter between number sequences and values and that of the alphabet. Another related example in language, which is more fundamentally a system of sound tone vibration and frequency, with a correspondence in political control systems is the fact that Sanskrit as one of the original foundational languages on this planet in the current time fractal has 47 sound tone letter symbols that also have correspondences to exact locations in the human body. Add to this the three planetary bodies and we have a total of fifty. In the ultimate control structure that will be extensively detailed in Part Three, the United States Code which underlies the method of bondage in our time, there are fifty titles or sections. Title 26 is where we find the code of the Internal Revenue Service, the tax code. There are 26 letters in the English language, the language of the code, also the language of obfuscation, manipulation, distortion and lies. This is why a new technology now emerging called Reverse Speech can record someone speaking and play it backwards to hear what is really being communicated behind the façade of the language of the speaker. The fifty titles of the United States Code are used as phase lock vise grips to lock the consciousness into a frozen bondage of fiction, obfuscation and lies, corresponding to the original 47 sound tones of the Sanskrit vibrations contained in the human organism and organized around the three planetary bodies, physical, emotional and mental. The relationship in the proper method of vibratory manifestation of these 47 vibrational tones in the body, in conjunction with the three bodies, in correspondence with the seven chakras is the finely tuned instrument with which, were we not bound and bonded to a false reality, we would be free to create our reality in any way we so desired…free, prosperous, abundant, vibrantly healthy and alive, as co-creators from the realms of eternity doing our dance with the orchestral seasons and cycles of time. And on and on…correspondences within the microcosm, reciprocally reflecting the macrocosm of eternity, of the cosmos and the galaxies and the infinite panoply of stars in the night. Ninety-two basic elements in the period chart, the building blocks of physical reality, a harmonic multiple of the 23 chromosomes in each gender, the 46 genes that come together to form the zygote from which we create our earth suit to walk on this planet. Twenty codons out of which we build the infinite chains of DNA corresponding to the twenty digits on our hands and feet, corresponding to the twenty symbols of the Mayan calendar system, corresponding to twenty tetrahedrons that if stacked one on top of the other would build a perfect spiral arc corresponding to the helical structure of our DNA, the tetrahedron being one of only five shapes known as the Platonic Solids that fit perfectly within the three criteria that defines such a shape (the same internal angle inside the shape, the same shape on every external face, and every point touching perfectly on the inside of a sphere that would enclose the shape). The tetrahedron is the only one of the five shapes that has an equal number of points and sides (4), thus being selfreflective, while the other four make up two reciprocally reflective sets (the cube with six

Such a process of storage of misaligned creation is what we know as karma. As a general rule. so too is this literally true for ourselves as well. Karma as Storehouse of Energy As a holographic whole unit of consciousness that embodies a biological organism on a physical. we. then that which is created will not gain an integrated and life-sustaining consciousness of its own. is not in alignment with its own internal system of divine integrity. This misaligned content of karmic substance. three-dimensional sphere of material creation. the Law of Correspondence is an important building block with which to understand our relationship to the physical world that we currently occupy and more importantly. When we take up from the substance of the realm and create with it. in some parallel reality in order for its eventual reintegration and rebalancing with its source. divine law says that all things of such creation will maintain a relationship of dynamic equilibrium with the creative source of its creation. even though more ephemeral than how we experience our own physical selves.faces and eight points and the octahedron with eight faces and six points. but once we can “crack the code” we will find our exit strategy has been there all along. as a creator being in physical embodiment. and have understood this to be fundamental to our relationship to the physical reality we are in. such gravitationally . Most native cultures and perhaps all of them have honored the four directions for millennia.” It is bound to the center of the mass and gravitational field upon which it was created. is nonetheless “real. to understanding how this has been used as a method of inversion so that we would be trapped as if in a hall of mirrors with seemingly no exit. and the dodecahedron with twelve faces and twenty points and the icosahedron with twenty faces and twelve points) the first set with key correspondences to the four directions so universal in systems of understanding worldwide and the second set having a correspondence to the twenty again as well as the central numeric of twelve to be found universally in many instances. as creator beings of spiritual origins. such integrity being defined as that which is synchronous with life-enhancing. Additionally. As such. But for now. It is the grounding of our relationship to physical reality. Like Dorothy with her ruby slippers when the good witch told her that she always had what she needed to return to home with her all along. One central key to unlocking our prison door is the understanding of the nature of whole systems and the various laws that apply thereto. This is a reciprocally reflective honoring of the Earth that gives us of its life sustaining nourishment as well as a grounding into our own system of physical embodiment. We will return to and explore the nature of whole systems and correspondences in more detail later in the book. If that creative source. life-uplifting principles and in alignment with the original divine blueprint of its creation and inception. moving on. that misaligned creation must be stored in some manner. as we progress in this work. we will look at the energetic nature of another key element of the whole system construct. everyone’s family favorite…karma. because it was created with divine energy and therefore cannot be destroyed. cannot be separate from that which we create.

as we clothed ourselves in the material of the realm. we had to literally turn ourselves inside out in order to conform within this hologram. that such speed of light is the boundary beyond which we cannot step. deeds. All of our mis-creations are now returning to their source in preparation for realignment. emotions. in an insane world one must act and look insane in order to be considered normal. what we always thought of as wrong about ourselves is precisely what is right about us. and life as it happens while we are busy making other plans. To explain this. Another key to this understanding is to know that in spite of what family. to enact within the misaligned structures inherent on this planet: thoughts. This repository is what is known as karma. we at one and the same time are cutting energetic pathways for others within the hologram to follow. And so. But what we create must sooner or later return to its Source for realignment. what is considered “wrong” with us in this reality. priests and the rest of the arbiters of the party platform have tried to convince us of. society. incarnated into a physical reality in a co-creative relationship with the larger multi-dimensional system of our Spiritual Beings. in other words. and creations that would bind us through “karma” to this . as we heal what is not in alignment with our higher selves and divine blueprints. We think. The fine print on our contract was essentially that we agreed to come down here. Herein lies the secret to the fine print of the contract we signed upon entering this realm. the false reality. In other words. everything we create through the power of our thought and energized by our emotions must go somewhere. that substance being the material elements of form in the third dimension. Over the long historical journey we have undertaken in exploring the nature of duality and separation we have created a vast repository of energy in the form of misaligned thought and distorted emotions. Karma is definitely not a system of punishment and reward. And furthermore.bound mass is further confined by the limiting boundary of what we refer to as the speed of light. consider that in order to take the original divine blueprint of the beings that we were at the moment of our inception into individuated existence and come into this realm of distortion and reversed reality constructs based on lies and illusions. And as we created parallel realities as store houses of our misaligned creator energy when we engaged with this realm over the linear sequences of lives and temporal existence. to cloth ourselves in the fabric of the realm. upside down and ass backwards obverse reflection of our true nature.and taking the whole damned planet along with us. we are releasing vast amounts of energy from those stored repositories of “karmic” energy and we are activating the catapult force that is lifting us through the distortions and miasms of miscreated falsity and back towards wholeness and eternity from whence we came…. Karma is nothing more and nothing less than a simple energetic mechanism. Now. what is wrong with us is the reflection of our true nature. and our physical sciences seemingly confirm. Since we are true creators. we have created a vast repository of energy. is really the inside out. in this current time frame. Thought puts organizing form to substance. but this is true only because of this entrapment created by our own misaligned creation held within this energetic storehouse known as karma and in conjunction with the bonding to the false reality that has been discussed so far in this book.

When the final cycles of time begin to come to a climax. though outside of the reach of our conscious minds. and if that collective is maintained in an artificially entrained reality construct that appears to be real but is really the obverse of reality. The events and circumstances that have painfully brought to the fore those elements in our beings that were not in balance have been those things served up by life while we were busy making other plans. tribal mind constructs. we have worked assiduously to do so and by so doing have assisted the greater whole to come back into alignment. is really what was right about ourselves in this larger context. If we start from the basis that what we have considered wrong about ourselves is in fact what is right about ourselves. by the force of the compulsion to perfect ourselves. Since the collective of humanity is made up of billions of individual Whole Systems of consciousness as embodied in biological form. when we think or feel something that is misaligned from Divine intent. these storehouses of energy will be collapsed into the singularity of consciousness which is the realness of our eternal and . by design. Our dysfunctions are simply defined as that which is not in balance. then that substance must be stored until such time as it can be realigned or transmuted back to its primal energy. Then. We took on the clothing of the realm. as does emotion. In a dysfunctional world the only thing a functional being can do is be dysfunctional. peer pressure. as they are now doing. then the ongoing creative force of all those beings will be stored until such time as balance can be re-attained. through laws and legal machinations. monetary systems of bondage and control and all the rest of it. through social and political indoctrinations. and energy follows both. What we consider wrong with ourselves at this stage in the game. by virtue of the fine print on our contract. wholeness. or what we considered thusly over the last twenty to eighty years of our lives thus far as the case might be.planet. And the frozen energy that seemingly entrapped us by the bondage that will be delineated further as we progress in this book. then that which we have come to understand as the elements of our dysfunctional nature is really an inverse reflection of our true divine nature. Within the Law of Correspondences there is a reverse reciprocal reflection in our own dysfunctional nature. or actually more properly to say re-perfect ourselves. is being liberated by the actions and deeds of millions of souls on this planet at this time and all of these methods of binding and bondage have all been to a purpose within the larger design and intent of the hermetically sealed crucible of these last twenty-six thousand years as initiated by the treaty and coming to a crescendo in our current endgame times. Collapsing of Parallel Realities This purpose and intent is the fruition of our individual and collective envisioning and impulse towards a new world based on truth. in order to shift the hologram of the larger whole. Thought formulates substance. family belief systems. integrity. and the sanctity of all life. through religion and the binding of consciousness through false mythologies. therefore. This was by intent and by design. out of balance and misaligned. and such a purpose has proceeded apace. That storehouse of energy takes place in vast layers of creation within parallel realities. the collective consciousness of humanity and of the Earth.

We are indeed at the end of the cycles of time and the purposeful design of our “miscreated” structures now is serving to shift the hologram of the larger whole. This work of liberation could not be done from the outside. monetary. literally thousands and then millions more will gain enough of a foothold to shirk the bonds that bind us until we are all free at last. It cannot be stopped and at this point in time. science. you will see the code and the matrix for what it is…an illusion. But it must be understood by the readers of this material that the path to freedom and sovereignty is one that requires every . for every individual that this process takes place within. based on extensive and diverse study in many areas of human activity. The purpose of that fine print on our contracts to enter into and engage with this realm was because we cannot interfere with a system unless we are an integral part of that system. Because fear and separation will dissolve as this process of disillusionment unfolds and gains momentum. Whether you understand all or part or even just a fraction of what is presented here. This includes fifteen years of continuous study in the key areas pertaining to the bondage of law and monetary systems that will be presented in the next two parts. The understandings and detailed historical. the mere process of reading and digesting this material will activate this latent release process. is purposefully and specifically designed to activate latent memories so that the understanding of the process. and the personal inner explorations of the authors. legal and religious information that will be presented in the remainder of this book. You will never see reality the same way again. and the energetic engagement and fulfillment thereof. This book is presented as a work of intuitional knowledge and whole system comprehensive integration. and the exponential expansion of the release process both individually and collectively will proceed. as these words are being written. of things serendipitous that time after time had life presenting amazing keys and pieces to the larger puzzle so that this very much synergistic worldview could progressively come into focus and crystallized formation as is herein being presented in written form. as well as what is contained in Part One. And because of the nature of whole systems. facilitated by the laws of energetics and the nature of Whole Systems. continuous interaction with very advanced players in the research and perfecting of the understanding of the legal applications and remedies that are integral to one’s path to liberation as will be later described. social. Eventually. shall be achieved. and the energetic functions thereof. including extensive and ongoing. religion and spiritual development. including history. It required that we be part of the realm that we came to transform.spiritual beings integrated into the physical form of our own creation. It is also based on some extraordinary synchronistic happenings. legal and monetary systems. this activation will accelerate. political. We had to transform out of our own beings in order to transform the larger whole. Such a collapsing of parallel realities will bring all of the stored energy within those realities into the focus of here and now and will be as a catapult force that will literally hurl us forward into the dimensional shift now upon us. Upon rereading the book. All of this is a play of consciousness. once or several times. The overall conceptual framework of this work is based directly on experience and a quantum approach to cracking the code towards the goal of true freedom. and what a relief that will be. victory is absolutely guaranteed.

Our understanding and conclusions have been cross-referenced extensively with other viewpoints. The intent. It is a work guided by little elves that dance and sing and play in and around the synaptic junctures of our minds. full spectrum and complete. Just one tool. but not enough. always remember that. This book is one tool to guide the way and open up dormant memories and activate understanding and several key aspects and directional compasses. But that is all it is. or mommy and daddy. then . other experiences. It will grow and expand as our work and that of others we associate with unfolds. So whether there was a real signing ceremony. tapping us in our dreams and caressing our deepest desires to return to wholeness. you can read all the books from here to China and not make it past first base. or only metaphoric thought forms. But it is a personal path. It is a path of self-responsibility above all else. an ephemeral drift of a dream that is there for no other reason than to stimulate the thought processes of being inside a crucible of time and space. much more is required. Comprehensive. doubts and all the rest of it will surely have to be confronted and dealt with. Emotional work and clearing. The system is definitely stacked against us and will not relent easily. If you do not stop. is not it alone either. you will not fail. overall. They did not sign a treaty with those nasty reptilian godlings and Annunaki system masters and Draconian warlords. either. Physical prowess and health won’t do it by themselves either. is to facilitate the extension of our capacity to envision a world beyond the current one we have created. there are many rich people completed bound and gagged by the matrix.ounce of dedication. that someone outside of ourselves will come along and save us. or the Church. The intuitional basis of this work has been tempered by a continual pursuit of leading edge information in science. demons. intention and perseverance.” but as a contribution to the ongoing quest to understand the way it is. priests and popes just to watch us suffer. as the world scene morphs and shifts with the acceleration of the times. In fact. In such a world where all beings are so honored. and fortunately many others have already trodden the path and thereby have made it easier by cutting those energetic pathways referenced earlier. integrated with a sense of the poetic nature of life. this work is not intended to be a rigid “this is the way it is. whether that be the Christian mythos of the outside savior. No one can do it for you. real events at Newgrange and Versailles. They signed the treaty to put enough pressure on us to wake us up for our return to wholeness. And it is a comprehensive path. Mental gymnastics aren’t the ticket by itself. the externalization of intent. All of these combined. As such. will be the demise of the path. the ineffability of our Life Force as expressed in this world. What that means is that financial attainment won’t do it for you by itself. including this book. the difference is meaningless and not germane to the point. and much. And the concept of the “treaty” may very well be nothing more than a metaphor. The information presented here is dynamic in nature and is open to an unfolding progression of understanding and perfecting. so one’s own personal challenges. If you truly wish to be free. or the government. a real treaty. a world where the sanctity of all beings and the very sanctity of Life itself is held paramount above all other things. then set your foot on the path and never stop. but the work is singular and personal. although central to the path. there are many assistants and guides along the path. and other systems of knowledge. Legal feats of amazing acumen are impressive.

beyond which are infinite fields of creation and splendor and lives to be lived beyond reckoning.such a radical thought might be considered commonplace. by way of a Doorway to Freedom. of course… The Only Way Out Is IN!!! . of the gaze into each other’s eyes. And. of our heart centers. the doorways of our inner selves. and all human beings who walk upon this Earth might return to their center. through the radiant doorway guarded by two Lions with fiery manes like blazing Suns.

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