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Advanced Kuji-In Ninjutsu

Advanced Kuji-In Ninjutsu


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Published by: wennz on Sep 27, 2008
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You have the right to live.Every time you let yourselfbelieve you
do not have the right to live,to be,to act,you are telling the
Universe that you prefer being the victim ofyour own life events.
Stand up,be confident and declare your own right to live.

On the other hand,do not give yourselfpermission to act
arrogantly,or to say that you are better than anyone else.Ifyou
make such comparisons,you are asserting that there are different
levels ofthe right to live,or that some people are more entitled to
life,or have more right to breathe than others.When you make
those kinds ofcomparisons,you destroy your own right to live,to
be,and to feel good about yourself.

From time to time,we all give in to the tendency to admit to
ourselves that we think we are better than everyone else.Yet,this
erroneous thinking reinforces the negative aspects ofyour ego.If
you want to achieve true selfconfidence,you must abandon all
attempts at comparing the value ofhuman life.Thus,you may
certainly express your various preferences,preferring apples over
cherries,or the color pink to the color blue,but it is crucial to the
development offull selfconsciousness that you never judge
others as less worthy oflife than you.

Only God can judge a human being and His judgment is always:

- 17-

Once you start trusting yourself,practice projecting this trust into
life.Say to yourself,“Life takes care ofme,I trust life”.Eventually,
this practice will lead you to have faith,the awareness that God
takes care ofyou every moment,and that you can let go ofyour
fears and worries;you are never alone and God supports all of
your actions.IfHe did not,you would simply cease to be.

In fact,as a human being,you don’t really have any control over
exactly what happens in your life,but you do have the power of
choice.By following these techniques,you will gain the tools to
influence the outcome ofevents in your life,and eventually,you
will also develop the power to manifest events more as you desire
them to be.You still won’t have any direct control over the
outcome ofevents in your life;you will simply learn to trust life,
and to have faith.Faith releases Divine energy into your body and
fuels all other spiritual activities.

- 18-

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