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PROGRESS REPORT (Letter Format) Ace Company 1111 South First Street Somewhere ME 078703 February 20, 199X

Ms. Miriam Crutcher 1701 West Alpine Road Salt Lake City, Utah 03439 Dear Ms. Crutcher: Work Completed Here is a progress report on the details of your contracted Writing Seminar to upgrade employee skills to be conducted by you March 5, 6, and 7, 199X, on our premises.

Seminar announcements were sent to our 54 departments on February 1.

Twenty registrants from 15 departments are confirmed. Training Room C has been scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for March 5 6, and 7.

Memos to departmental supervisors were sent on February 15 to explain cost center billing.

Writing samples from each registrant are being solicited to forward to you for assessment. Photocopying and binding of 20 sets of instructional materials is in progress.

Work in Progress Luncheon menus for all three dates are being negotiated with James Watkins, cafeteria manager.

Work Remaining Tables will be arranged in a semi-circle as you requested. An over-head projector will be available in Room C. Wayne Salisbury will be notified to prepare your introduction on March 5. Certificates of Completion will be devised.

We look forward to a successful seminar, which should appreciably improve our employees writing abilities. Please contact me if I can be of additional assistance. Sincerely, Adele Graves Training Specialist