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SIN JONES: Introduction

SIN JONES: Introduction


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Published by Sin Jones
Satanism of SIN JONES, Introduction

Formally Published in Paranormal Explorer Magazine, July Edition

Provocative content provided by http://www.sinjones.com
Satanism of SIN JONES, Introduction

Formally Published in Paranormal Explorer Magazine, July Edition

Provocative content provided by http://www.sinjones.com

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Published by: Sin Jones on Aug 17, 2011
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That which is self-evident
The Making of a Devil
From my earliest memories I have always had this unwavering impulse to seek independence from Nomos1. Having restrictions placed upon me, may as well have been like binding me in chains and then expecting me to be content with the shackling. My Spirit2 cannot be held captive, nor can it be broken like so many other domesticated animals that have degenerated with the crack of the whip. I think any rational person understands that some restrictions are necessary to ensure the care and safety of children, but there are always provisions that make little to no sense and the explanation of “because I said so!” isn’t satisfactory enough to comply. Non-compliance usually reaps a punishment, even if the crime committed is ambiguous. As you grow, mature and become astutely aware of your surroundings you learn through experience that your care-givers may not have it all together, and aren’t qualified to care for you in the first place. Growing up in a dysfunctional household is thought to be to a great disadvantage to children and maybe it is to some, but I’ve always considered it to have provided me a greater advantage over most. Perhaps it’s because I spent a great deal of time grounded as a small child that I had plenty of time for observation and introspect. Being placed on restriction and having my mind confined are wholly separate values. The effort to mold me into an ideal image may have been more successful by ensuring my ignorance than it would have by feeding the dragon. Knowledge was my tried and true companion and even in my incarceration I managed new and exciting ways to attain its friendship. I beckoned Daemones3 from deep within the abysmal self only to rise as Daimones4 in my musings . The more you feed the fire the more likely you are to become consumed by it. Striving for autonomy5 wasn’t something I learned from reading books, or following the instruction of a Master. It was an innate quality, a fire burning that no fury of flood or vapor to speak of can extinguish. And I was set ablaze…There was no turning back. American society is entrenched in Judeo-Christian principals and morality, as if that alone justifies the hypocrisy of “Do what I say, Not what I do”; my impulse to the Why of it all, stinks of brimstone and ash. I was impelled to walk as flame, gaining momentum by the fuel of my successes in acquiring more power for myself. What is Power? The romantics of this world paint this idea with a brush of fantasy, as if it’s solely reserved for the Heroes and Anti-Heroes of poetic Epics. I resounded myself to use those same stories against my would-be oppressors. If there’s any proverbial Super-Hero or Villain I will glorify in this world, it is Me; Antagonist and

1 2

Derived from Greek Philosophy and embodied by the Greek Daimon of Law, father of Justice and husband to Piety. Vital Human Essence 3 Greek Philosophy, intercessors of Gnosis. 4 Greek Philosophy, Daemones that descend into the Underworld and Transcend the divide 5 Greek autonomia, Independence, autonomos: living by one’s own laws

Protagonist to the Revelation of Self-evident truths. Among them, lies are masked and the work it requires to excavate such arcane artifacts, takes fine-tuning skill to a razor precision.

The Carnal Sin I was born in the early 70’s to teenage parents of a Neapolitan6 Roman-Catholic family. Back then, teen-age pregnancy was still very much a taboo. As the story goes, my then (15) fifteen year old Mother was also trying to achieve her own autonomy but for reasons that were very much unlike my own. Her Father died when she was eight years old from a unique form of muscle cancer. Her own Mother was still very much an attractive young woman and as was the way with the principality of the nuclear family, she remarried. With a new marriage typically come siblings. She sought to be free of a new Step-Father and not getting the attention she was accustomed to. She had grown up with my Father, going to the same Junior High School, she figured he was as good as any potential husband, so she planned the pregnancy, and my Father then (14) fourteen, would be none-the-wiser, he loved her and probably did until the day he died. As you can imagine, this set off a whirl-wind between both families which were very much traditional Roman Catholics. Not only was pre-marital sex a shame on the family name, an embarrassment within the social circles they traveled, but also a sin7 against God. My Mother was placed in a home for un-wed Mothers to hide the family shame and prepare an adolescent- child for giving birth to a child, while my Father was pressured to work which would eventually lead to him dropping out of School. I was placed with my God-Mother8, as was Catholic Tradition, who would fight to adopt me but later lose the battle. I’ll save you the sorted details as they would distract from the primary point I wish to make here. A phrase, you may or may not be familiar with, from that point on was constantly (and consistently) used when referring to the teen-pregnancy debacle: “What a sin…” Thus, I was the ‘sin’ incarnate and regarded as such. From the beginning, this would be the Vector9 that would set off a chain of events, as well as create a familial memeplex10 , that I would ultimately tear apart, often transmute, and build a highly personalized system of empowerment. It wasn’t until my early adolescence that I was able to articulate my essence11 into ideas using familiar language, though the challenge… Remains. Words are carriers, much like the musings of Daimones so often invoked yet rarely comprehended. It’s even more troubling in Occult circles where the foundational premise of particular words is so often blurred in preconceived notions from the emanations of Occult writers, that I am bestowed an effort in futility. Thus, the flame smolders and at times seethes through. It is a rare occurrence that I meet another person that speaks my language but it goes without saying that this rare breed should be sought out and mused with. I don’t care about their religious or philosophical background, what I care about is being understood. I recognize the individual among the group of nameless, faceless automatons all marching to the same drum. Individuation isn’t finding a person just like me, and striving for the same things, how could they be? It’s recognizing unique markers that separate a person from a mass, that stand out from the crowd, and make an impact. These people inspire me, not the many following the
6 7

Naples, Italy Judeo-Christian Orthodoxy: A sin against God’s Will 8 Legal Guardian appointed at Catholic Baptism, should the female parent meet her demise 9 Infecting agent 10 A system of ideas that form ideals as they emanate, degenerate and create other ideas. 11 Fundamental parts of the individual

one. Most machines can follow programming, do this… Don’t do that. I’m looking for the essence of others that is so unlike me and unlike so many others, yet we share similarities: Anomalies in the machine. It’s not falling in love with my own face worn like a mask by others, the psychological basis for Love at First Sight, No... I have enough self-love however my cup neither runneth over, nor requires filling.

The Acronym

 Self (Individual personhood).

When discussing the self, its articulations are typically reduced to Ego. Post-Sigmund Freud’s12 apprehension of the term, Ego is treated like an infectious ‘thing’, which takes over personhood and creates a compulsive being unable to act on its own accord; often regarded as synonymous with Greek Hubris13. The prefix to terms such as self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing, self-centered, self-appointed and the like are ways to mediate a certain type of behavior in practice by the individual (evil), while others such as self-actualizing, self-aware, and selfconfident are on the more positive scale (good). When I use self in the context of my personal acronym, I take into account the understanding it infers in conjunction of with my deeds as well as the assumptive quality that keeps a certain type of person at bay, much like a mosquito net maintains a veil of protection from those little blood-suckers.  Indulgent (Self-gratification: A yield of one’s own inclinations).

To indulge implies a slovenly way of going about a task for pleasure’s sake alone. While this may be true in specific contexts, I am employing this term with a meticulous use and specific context. Within the framework of personal attainment, it is with my core-elements that I indulge in certain behaviors and project qualities that serve as a means to an end. Power.  Narcissist (Philosophical premise of self-admiration through the Greek Mythology of Narkissos14).

Narcissism asserts a perceived mental-illness appropriated by the industrious field of Mental-Health as a diagnosis for a mental abnormality. It is stigmatized, demonized and the proprietors vilified for being so consumed with their self-image, they are completely consumed by it and wilt away much like Narkissos by River’s edge, fell into his own image. I apprehended the term in early childhood as a reflective mirror to show the viewer elements of their own selfhood. For what others hated in me, it was really that which they hate within themselves. I am a pool of every person I have ever met, and thus reflect that back as a shield to use against the attempt at psychological projection, identification and a weapon I wield in psychological warfare.

12 13

Sigmund Freud’s Construct Model of the Human Psyche, the Psychology Apparatus Greek Philosophy, via The Mythos of Hybris (arrogance, pride, insolence, outrage) 14 Greek Philosophy, via The Mythos of Norkissos (Solipsism, arrogance, self-consumed)

The Book of S.I.N.

Axiomatic Expression in favor of Dogma
I. Find your passion. Will is driven by passion; in a word...It’s driven by LOVE. Find what you love the most, and allow it to compel you forward. We fall in and out of Love and often. Place yourself in an environment which teaches you how to Love even if only for a reason or a season: Master empathy in favor of apathy. Apathy leads to nothingness, to inactivity, to death.



Live each moment. Live it on your terms. Living your life, on your own terms isn't as easy as it sounds. It takes work, opposition and being adversary to anyone and anything that attempts to break your natural spirit. Enrich your life with Death, to remind yourself that today could be the day you die.


Remember yourself.

Remain aware. Recognize when you are mechanized, and rage against the machine. Work at it, and never relent. It is through awareness that you become. Become something more, than you are today: Something more than a machine following your programming. Be the formless chaos!


Be not the Story.

Every person has a story, identifying with the story makes YOU disappear. Ask yourself every day: WHO AM I? If you can only express who you are by your story, you do not exist. Only your story exists.


Strive towards becoming.

Contentment leads to stagnation. If it takes a complete destruction of your current self to find your way to becoming more: Self-destruct. Tear yourself down, and build it again. Be the architect.


Follow not a commanding Master.

Be not a slave. Surround yourself with inspiring people, allow them to provoke you, challenge you, and become your muses. Inspiration leads to growth, and productivity. If you cannot provoke the slave to free himself, leave him to his service.


Create. Always create.

It is through the process of creation, that you may understand the human potential, and its divinity. Man creates, not just with his hands but the landscapes of his mind. The creation is merely the by-product of creativity. Creativity is the Will in motion. VIII. Express.

Express yourself in any medium possible, as a social creature to know a person is to know the expression. Language is but one avenue to express or lead a person down a rabbit hole of truth and lies. To know me, is to know my expressions.


Achieve gnosis.

Be in the Know. There is a distinction to be made between education and learning. When you are educated, you follow the current of a curriculum. The knowledge you obtain from education may become your programming. Learning may force you against the current. Be the dam and hold back a flood of bullshit coming down from shit’s creek.



Achieving gnosis, does not mean that you know all there is to know. Explore by hobby, connect with diverse minds and create total environments to foster a change in the lens in which you view the world. Experiment with method. Be the anthropologist, the archaeologist, the sociologist, the mad alchemist and the tomb raider!


Dissolve Borders.

Step outside of yourself; put yourself in the shoes of another. Step outside your peer group, your community, your country, your continent, and your time period. You invent your own prison. Whether that be the borders of a conceived comfort zone, or the limitations of ideas you will consider.


Be the Beacon.

Be the call to action. Inspire others to find their passion; to live as if there is no tomorrow, to remember themselves and be not the story. You may be the spark that compels them to strive for more, to shake free of their masters, to create, express, achieve gnosis, to explore, dissolve borders and be the beacon themselves. Infect the system.

The Satanist

Satan is the Poetry of the World, and Nature is its Church
The most commonly held view is the embodiment of evil within the Abrahamic15 religions’ cosmology. I need not write a treatise on Satan16 here, instead I’ll focus on the elements of Satan that I choose to embody a specific type of method that I employ as a Satanist. Otherwise it’s reduced to the triviality of common deeds, or role playing as a free modern woman, while living like everyone else. I am Hermetic17 in thought, Satanic18 in method, and Occult19 in practice. This serves merely as the frame work, and I put meat on the skeleton. Chaos provides fluidity, which allows me to bend like the reed, or else snap under the weight of the architecture’s pressure. I see so many get trapped by rigid framework, that I designed mine with a few trap doors, hidey-holes and even a panic-room.
Satanism implies a practice or adherence to a doctrine or belief. You will see this time and time again, if you’re out there seeking to meet with and hold a conversation with a Satanist. It doesn’t look much different than JudeoChristian indoctrination, as you see so many so-called individuals quoting LaVey (among other writers), adhering to a strict dogma and/or frame-work that doesn’t leave much wiggle-room for individuation. Believe me when I say, it’s a commonly asked question posed to me: Why would you associate with that, if you seek autonomy? The simplified version of that answer would be that it’s all part of the Devil’s Game. It leaves my ambiguity intact, something I utilize often as a means to an end. I have personal goals, and these goals are not transparent, nor are strangers entitled to learn them. Selfhood is personal, my goals are personal and my life is my own. I share what I choose and nothing short of personal choice will do. The perception of my individuality doesn’t belong to me anyway, people will take from it what they internalize and project. One of the finer attributes of Satan is the Trickster, and I have learned the tricks of my trade through experiential knowledge. While I am genuinely interested in how others practice the words they preach, it doesn’t mean I’m picking up their trade. My Satanism is unique to me, and you will find this to be the case with many Satanists, at least those critical thinking individuals that seek to express their own selfhood. The rest is just human noise and we of the Sinister Elect learned long-ago by personal trials to move within it, it falls on deaf-ears and is rarely a bother. The point is to blend in, not stick out like a sore thumb. There is no cookie-cutter mold for Satanists but many fit a mold and seem to be churned by a cookie factor, you may encounter individuals or groups that adhere to a specific philosophy deemed 'Satanic’ as if that alone implies
15 16

Abrahamic Religion: Monotheistic Religion, with ties to the origins of Abraham. See: Wiki Page Satan 17 Hermetic: The dissolution of supreme dualist thinking, Prime Self-hood as Supreme, Hermetically Sealed. 18 Satanic: Of, or pertaining to Satan 19 Occult: Hidden Gnosis (Knowledge) in plain view

that power has been attained. The commonality that they share, is agreement (at least to some degree) about the attributes of Satan and Lucifer; drawn from literary works, as well as Biblical contexts. To minimalize Satanism as modern philosophical premise isn’t quite adequate or accurate for that matter. Many Satanists start 20 donning the label after reading the works of Anton Szandor LaVey , my apprehension came quite earlier than my 21 discovery of The Satanic Bible . I had actually used a few terms at that point such as Devil-worshiper, Devil’s Disciple and in the spirit of turning that Epic on its head in relation to then current events I was enduring in my youth, Satanist just made sense. While the adults were being hypocritical, contradictory, ignorant and just downright foolish, I was walking through hell in the Devil’s shoes. As you can imagine my disappointment when I came across it in the psychology section of my local library in early adolescence, I really thought I was being a unique individual by embracing the proverbial boogeyman. It wasn’t complete disappointment; it was inspiring to learn by the eloquence of the words written in such a short-compressed work, that I was not alone in my efforts. There were others out there in the wide world that I could only imagine, and somehow my world became slightly smaller. It did however give me long pause and I had to reassess my personal progression in achieving efforts. The learning curve includes a back-slide or two but you strap up and keep pressing forward. At the very least I had a few handy key-words and phrases to use in my articulations and expressions of what I was doing even if only to throw people off my beaten path.

"Reality" is the only word in the English language that should always be used in quotes." Author Unknown
Though, I can be religious about a lot of things, Satanism is not my religion. As a Satanist I am supreme ruler of my own sphere of existence. Even if I have to operate within the confines of modern society, I need not be of it. I strive for understanding the full potential of my human condition; to include being bombarded with outside influences. Satan’s providence is to be grounded in the here and now, not a pie in the sky or some obscure promise of the ‘thereafter’. Some would say that my implicit Atheism is part of the design in God’s plan, a necessary friction of non-believers to temper the believers. I don’t believe that, as there is not enough evidence to justify it. The thought of just accepting what we are told because some long-dead writers penned a tome has never sat right with me, and even more so as I age and mature. I understand more about the human condition here and now than I ever did as a child with limited comprehension. Prolific tales re-told by adults are no better or worse than the fairy tales I was told in childhood; fantastical tales with characters performing great-feats to teach me lessons. Lessons of which I have always questioned because the underlying agenda would reveal itself…Surpise! As I peeked under the story-teller’s skirt. Like some little man behind a curtain pulling levers to put on a show trying to fool me into believing it is entertainment value alone, only to keep using that story time and time again to assert a set of societal morals, and ethical behaviors. In other words, to keep me firmly pinned under an authority to hold my person captive while telling me it’s for my own ‘good’. May as well just take the whip out and beat me with it because at least that is being more intellectually honest about it. I’m perfectly capable of forming my own sense of what is best for me and mine, in a far more dignified and honorable way. Don’t palm my hand with shit, and call it a cupcake…I know better. Whether its family, friends, educators or precursors to our integration into society, all of these are determined by worth, and stand on their own merits without having them thrown at me like Molotov cocktails. And it indeed often takes fighting fire with fire. I have learned far more through learning and my own skeptical inquiry than I ever did with ‘Education’, or an up-bringing I would eventually have to liberate myself from.

20 21

Anton Szandor LaVey, author and Iconoclast Primary Work, authored by Anton Szandor LaVey

I can be Agnostic with regards to certain knowledge, Atheistic towards Invisible-beings, Non-Dualistic, within my own frame-work, a Materialist in favor of the intangible and practice this method with the same fervor of religion without its trappings. I may take a more scientific approach but I don’t let the Academics indoctrinate me either, they can’t even agree among themselves on the state of things in their given-field of expertise. Never mind the establishment that adorns them with fancy titles and embossed sheets of paper that tell them they are the experts simply because they’ve studied a single thing for a number of years set by a standard. Holding a degree is being indoctrinated into a particular curriculum of thought, and it’s no better than the little gems of wisdom I have uncovered on my own. I may raid their tombs, but I’m not stock-piling artifacts to place on pedestals in my own museum, they are not solely what I’m after.

I can (and often do) reject most metaphysical ideas; I don’t need yet another influence to tell me the why of things. I also don’t immediately dismiss something because it sounds hokie. I can examine ideas without embracing them, or allowing them to permeate my own thoughts. If I reject a belief in the ‘Super-natural’, and ‘Para-normal’, it’s not because the most popular Atheist author says so. No. It is because I have taken the time to examine a claim, put it through trials, and conclude there is no justification for the belief. Tantamount to Satanism in action. These terms (Paranormal/Supernatural) have become a catch-all for the unexplained. If I experience unexplainable events, I am part of the natural world therefore these events are natural; just yet to be explained. Maybe I’ll know in time, or perhaps these things will remain Occult to me until such time that more data is available. I have no need to neatly label and categorize everything I encounter, I’m quite content with: I don’t know. I continue to explore all possibilities, ideologies and theologies in hopes to gain a full understanding of the natural world that I am a part of. As I am deceived, so too will I be The Great Deceiver. Trickology is the tool of the Trickster and those that trick us, must be tricked! Thoughts are dynamic, while our core self is static. Do people really change? A question I continue to seek an answer for, it seems to me that events change… People do not. My thoughts and ideas are ever-changing, and everevolving; however I cannot deny the constant within me. I stay flexible, while others attempt to pin me down by their own ideologies; I will not accept spoon-fed realities, I actively create my own. The methods I employ will at times appear to be a philosophical modality however there is an innate carnage to which I move about like a terrestrial beast. Perception is a reality we exist in; a lens by which we view the world. Objective reality exists in spite of whether we understand it or not, are part of it, or die. If I seek to manifest things that I want, I have to see myself in a world where I have already obtained them and then follow-through with a plan of action, or else be just like everyone else, day-dreaming and living the fantasy so much that living in my own head is given providence because I have surrendered to it.
Satan represents the poetry of the world, and the natural order is its church. Where there is complacency, Satan disrupts. When there is command to submit, Satan brings war! If there is any spice to this life, Satan is the embodiment of that which cannot be contained. Satan can’t be sprinkled about like magical fairy dust to right wrongs, or make all your wishes come true! Satan is the adversarial force that impels one to think, to know and to do!

The pagan

An Insult to use against the systems of control
I use the term pagan22 in its pejorative sense to best demonstrate my barbarian nature. It’s not a patriot’s flag but an insult I’ll use against the systems of control. I work through the attributes of Satan, the good, bad and the ugly; as thus this archetypal structure is me in favor a false notion to serve. My Satanism concentrates on individualism, free-thought, intelligence, and human-potential. While some are content to credit other sources for their outstanding abilities, I am not. I credit no divine power or genetic-code for my potential to become realized, I am that divine power. It is the primal essence23 under the surface of the flesh that is Satan. I will oppose and act as adversary to anyone or anything that attempts to break my natural spirit. If Satan wreaks havoc on the world, it is best demonstrated through my deeds. I embrace my carnal nature, which is powerful and seductive. I tempt thee, to eat of my tree 24. If I get under your skin and permeate your being, this too is the Sinister way of Satan. I am the architect. I seize any opportunity to shape my reality, break the false consensus of truth, and formulate my own. As an artist, the potential is limitless and I create in various mediums to include the span of my own mind; practices of which include carving a world of chaos in achieving my life goals and my full potential made to manifest. Conclusion Satanism is stigmatized by thousands of years of history, culture and contemporary understanding of anthropological context. Today, Satan may very well be reduced to pop-culture and kitsch and some Satanists go through great effort to clear up any misconceptions, I do not. I embrace Satan in all of its convoluted glory. What some believe to be a misconception may just be in practice by an individual, that doesn’t serve the status-quo. The Satanic Panic of the 80's and 90's lingers still, and remains ever-present in the minds of the faithful. I'm not at all concerned with whether people believe I'm sacrificing animals, eating children, or have a harem of men at my disposal for diabolical plans. I embrace all of this, as it serves me well.

22 23

Pagan Taming Primal Essence as featured in the Spring Edition of Grotto Magazine 24 Culling

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