Coaching, with a professional coach, is the practice of supporting an individual, referred to as a coachee or client, through the process of achieving

a specific personal or professional result. The structure and methodologies of coaching are numerous but are predominantly facilitating in style; that is to say that the coach mainly asks questions and challenges the coachee. Coaching is differentiated from therapeutic and counselling disciplines. The referee is an example of a sports official that is charged with the responsibility of making sure that all the rules associated with the sport are properly observed during a live game. While the roles of umpire and referee are similar, different sports choose to make use of one designation or the other to identify the person or persons who exercise final authority on the legality of any given play that takes place during the course of a competition.

Sports officiating is when a sports official such as a baseball umpire or football referee calls the game and calls fouls, and penalties, and keeps the rules straight in appliance with the game so that the game being played is kept fair for everyone.
The umpire is an important sports official in a number of different sports competitions. Essentially, an umpire functions as the final authority in making sure that the rules of the sport are being followed. The umpire is often called upon to make judgment calls on whether or not a specific play is in accordance with the rules of the game, as well as exercise authority to limit the participation of players in the event of conduct that is considered illegal or inappropriate. The roles of umpire and referee are essentially the same, with the use of one term or another based on the sport in question.

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