Sample Nursing Resume This sample nursing resume will give you a quickstart on building an effective and optimized

resume for your job application. Visitors can feel free to customize and edit our sample nursing resume as per their requirement for job application. We hope that our sample nursing resume will go a long way in portraying your abilities and skillsets efficiently. Richard Anderson, 1234, West 67 Street, Carlisle, MA 01741, (123)-456 7890. OBJECTIVE : Seeking a challenging position in a busy hospital where my extensive medical professional and practical experience will be fully utilized. CAREER PROFILE :
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Proven record of reliability and responsibility. Remain calm and professional throughout critical incidents. Strong analytical skills, capable of assessing conditions and implementing appropriate intervention. Resourceful problem solver capable of implementing solutions to complex problems. Possess special sensitivity to meeting diverse needs in varied situations. Develop rapport with patients, family, staff and physicians. Relate well to people from a variety of cultures.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE : All Saints Hospital, Quincy, MA

1994 Nursing Aid y Assisted nursing staff in the care of all patients including . options etc. Brookline. Assessed patient conditions and advised of changes in status. Educate patients/families on health care needs. Interact with departments regarding patient care. Assisted patients and family members in the education of health care needs. Evaluate staffing requirements including floor assignments. Andrews Hospital. Assess patient status and notify physicians of clinical changes. Monitored and maintained patient charts. Provide assistance to Nursing Manager in the supervision of staff nurses. Assisted in the orientation of new staff members.1998 ± Present Staff Nurse y y y y y y y y Implement patient care for up to 12 patients per section. conditions. Assisted with the admittance and discharge of patients. Performed clinical tasks according to hospital policies. Maintained patient charts and confidential files. Brookline Retirement Home. MA 1994 ± 1998 Staff Nurse y y y y y y y Assigned to provide patient care for 10 patients in area 2. MA 1992 . St. Cambridge. Scheduled patient admissions and discharges.

I help them to enjoy activities such as painting. Boston. MA 1998 ± 1990 MSc in Health Care Management PERSONAL DETAILS : In my free time I volunteer at the local community centre where I spend time with the older group. EDUCATION : Boston University. Provided quality patient care. crochet. We also provide entertainment in the form of bingo.y y y bathing. Administered insulin shots and local anaesthetic. . Boston. changing and feeding. Managed confidential patient files. MA 1990 ± 1994 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Boston College. charades. weaving and knitting. and other games.

P. hard working individual who has supervisory and leadership experience. Catherine. We hope that our sample nursing resume will go a long way in portraying your abilities and skillsets efficiently. Minnesota. Kate Ronin 498/498 Albany Street boston. Visitors can feel free to customize and edit our sample nursing resume as per their requirement for job application. EDUCATION: REGISTERED NURSE PROGRAM. 02118 {(617) 545-1212} {Cell: (639) 498-8121} name@univname. Registered Nursing student at the College of St. College of St. Catherine. Minneapolis.A. Anticipated graduation: May 2004 CLINICALS: 3/2003-5/2003 y y y HCMC: Performed nursing duties in a level one trauma hospital Fairview Riverside Hospital: Med-Surgery Unit Augustana Nursing Home: Long term care SKILLS AND CERTIFICATIONS: y Direct care of patients .: 3.1. SUMMARY STATEMENT: Experience working in health care. G.Sample Nursing Resume This sample nursing resume will give you a quickstart on building an effective and optimized resume for your job application. Caring.

R. kept inventory and trained new . and First Aid Certified.A. Catherine. geriatric care center Hospice and terminally ill care of patients and families Responsible for patient care of 13 bed unit Bathing and care of patients Charted and documented activities Worked in teams with doctors. 11/2002-Present y y y y y y Performed patient care in a long term. 9/1999-9/2002 y y Assisted customers for sales and marketing of clothing items Operated cash register.¶s and ancillary personnel Resident Advisor: College of St.R. American Red Cross.y y y y y y y y y y Educated patients for home care and discharge planning Operated and maintained monitors of bio-medical equipment Medical terminology and medication administration skills Maintained sterile fields and application of dressings Catheter.Present y y y Supervision and support of students in a dormitory setting Organize and implement social and academic activities Acted as tutor for students in college learning center Sales Clerk: TJ Max. State of Minnesota. and Microsoft Office literate N. MN. MN. and suctioning training Charting and documentation of patient care Acute and chronic care experience P. Minneapolis.C. IV. H. MN. 12/2002.P. Minneapolis. 2002 C. license # 3779948.C. 2003 EXPERIENCE: Certified Nursing Assistant: WalkerMethodist Care.U. Bloomington.

you should have the profound knowledge of your field. It would help you to for having clinical experience. and pediatric nursing. About the job description (A brief introduction) There are various types of nursing careers. You can select any one of them. You should know how to handle the various machines and equipments. military nursing.employees Nursing Resume Objective Nursing Resume Objective Examples Why do need an objective? An objective is a pre-planned future based activity which enables a person to achieve the professional as well as educational goals in his/her life. you need endurance as well as should manage the stress. It will help you in emergency period. Nurses are called as health care professionals. Skills to appear in the Nursing Resume Objective As a nurse. Furthermore. you have to work continuously. agency nursing. oncology nursing. You should attend some training program. They look after the patient till he/she does not come to the normal condition. Communication skill is important as you have to converse with patients every time to keep him/her happy. So. and check the blood pressure and temperature of patients before doctor examines the patients. They work in hospitals. Objective helps you to achieve your task perfectly. Some of them are registered nurses which includes variety of specialization. There are emergency nursing. Leadership skills should be there as you have to handle the team. midwife nursing. Moreover. . the nursing field contains licensed practicing nursing and nurse Anesthetists.

I will think . As a result of this. I would get fame in this very field. It would help me to work more proficiently. I would flourish in this field. It will help me for the better entry in this job. I would grasp the new concepts as well as try to bring my new ideas into reality. I would use my skills for the sake of better career in this field. I would use my profound knowledge in my work. I would collect the information about the various aspects of this job. I would get great satisfaction by doing so. I will focus on the nature of the work. For Internship Level At this step.Skills based Nursing Resume Objective For Experienced I know how to handle my patients as well as how to look after him/her. I can use my knowledge for the people who are serving the nation. I would focus on the structure of my work. My experimental nature would allow me to play with my ideas. For Internship Level At this level. I will implement them in this field. I will try to contribute my cent percent to my job. It would offer me the better opportunity for the growth of my career. For Entry Level As a new candidate. Aim & future based Nursing Resume Objectives For Experienced I would like to develop my career in nursing. I would like to know about my work. So. For Entry Level Whatever plans I have. So. I will try to learn the system of the work which will help me for making my work effective. I am an experienced person and know how to tackle different situations. I will come to know the intricate details of the processes.

. I always inspire myself. I will make use of various strategies. http://www. Lightings.html Sample Application Letter May 28. This will help her to get the expected place in this field. Also. It will make my entry easier in this field. I will try my level best for the optimum results. 2010 THE Inara HUMAN RESOURCES & ADMINISTRATION HEAD My positive approach will help me to accomplish any Herculean task. I will talk about them with my superiors and ask for their opinions.bestsampleresume. Business & company improvement based Nursing Resume Objectives For Experienced I will always keep in mind the growth of this field. However. For that. Furthermore. General tips for writing Nursing Resume Objectives The job hunter will highlight all these skills and activities and qualities of her. For Entry Level I have the capacity to work in any emergency situation. My leadership quality will help me to handle any situation. I have lots of ideas in my mind and I will implement them for this very field. I will utilize my qualities and skills for the progress of this field.about the plan which will help me to compete and exist in this neck-cut competition.

Should you require any further information. I bring with me several years of experience as information systems analyst of leading companies that include Nissan Motor Philippines. Sincerely. Quezon City. or at 632-555-6789 (during regular business hours). The The Royal Thai Embassy in Manila Dear Ms. Inc. Pong: Greetings! PASSANA Administrative PONG Officer . Attached is my resume for your perusal.Abu United Arab Emirates Dear Sir or Madam: Dhabi I am writing to explore the possibility of employment as Document Controller in your reputable firm. and project management tools are but some of the things that make me an asset to your company. knowledge of modern word processing software. My strong computer skills. I am a Computer Science graduate of the University of the Philippines. I can be reached at 632-555-1234 (during regular business hours). Diliman. (signed) ANGELA TANAMA Sample Application Letter April 2010 MS.

I am a Communications graduate of the University of the Philippines-Diliman with several years of working experience gained from some of the Philippines¶ reputable private firms. It shows my overall expertise and experience in the field. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my suitability for the position and comply with your other requirements. This position particularly interests me because it would enable me to make full use of my administrative and organizational skills. I can be contacted during working hours at (632) 857-0100 local 1101. I have well-developed written and oral communication skills that can be very useful in carrying out the duties for the above-mentioned position. and government. CORDOVA 28 Mr. My resume is enclosed with this cover Thank you very much. JUDY Applicant D. I adhere to a work ethic and can effectively interact with people across all levels of the organizational structure. I am writing to apply for the position of Executive Assistant advertised on jobstreet. Sincerely. Head Sussex American Sample Application Letter May Duke of Community Express 2010 Richmond Foundation (AMEX) . I believe I can be an asset to your organization. On top of these competencies. a non-governmental on 10 May 2010.

whose schooling is supported by Children International.000 poor but deserving students. Richmond: Greetings. House.Amex Brighton. Some 5. through your foundation.000 to 7. Children International Philippines ± Abot Kamay. Caloocan. and we aim to help empower needy children by providing them with educational opportunities that will help them overcome the vicious cycle of poverty. kindly visit our website. We are sending you our organization¶s five-year plan. New York Dear Mr. Very truly yours. and Bulacan. Edward Street We are a child sponsorship organization catering to the needs of disadvantaged children in Metro Manila and Bulacan. has been in existence since 1990. CYNTHIA Executive Children International-Philippines TIOTUYCO Director . Philippines. The grant will be highly beneficial in the construction of much-needed classrooms and the installation of personal computers in Metro Manila. Inc. For further information about our organization. It will surely go a long way in extending help and empowering many poor people in depressed communities across the world.000 grant to assist the educational needs of children hailing from the poorest of the poor in the communities that we serve. Thank you very much. will be the main benefactors of this school project. and we hope you will consider the poor children that we sponsor among your grant beneficiaries. We laud your organization for awarding grants. We are writing to request for a $50.

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