By: Chayasi Sunthonphiphit Translated by: James N.

Mosel and Burton Raffel

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Till Hearts End

What comes into your mind when you see these illustrations? DAY NIGH T SUN LIGH T MOO N DARKNE SS .

What are the different meanings of Light and Darkness? .

t l tt r. t i r s r i t isti is t i r s.DIRECTIONS: Cr ck t s: Us t l tt rs i t c b rs b l b x. . P t t l tt rs i t bl it t b rs b l t t i r s.

4 . 2 .18.8 .13 . 0 .yThough the sky splits and _ __ __ _ _ _ 3 . 3.

2 .13 .8 . 4 .yThough a rooster s hurried _ _ __ _ _ _ 3 . 3. 0 .

18. 13 . 8 .yThough a rooster s hurried cackle _ _ _ _ 9 .

yAnd a frightened dog goes _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 17 . 16 . 12 .5 .4 . 1 . 1 . 15 . 6 . 18 .

4 .yIt will never _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7 . 1 . 0 . 2 . 18 . 3 .

Till earts nd By: Chayasi Sunthonphiphit Translated by: James N. Mosel and Burton Raffel .

. and the moon s dim rays Are sucked into nothingness. Knows no fear of the darkness and its tight web Though the stars blur.My mind glows. And the oneness of man still cannot be found.

. Drops no gentle music. Though a rooster s hurried cackle jars my ears. And a frightened dog goes whimpering up and down.Though the sky slits and crackles.

it can never change.This clear light inside me Pushes the wild. Neither pain nor sorrow can reach it. heavy night back: It will never flicker. .

dawn Hanging golden and clear over all the world. light must break through. men Living like men. .The earth swings in circles: Soon.

The darkness so thick I could lose my way Except for the faint. echoing chant Of the most precious words ever written .In the lonely night I lie listening to my own heart.

Will carry Buddha s divine law Here to this earth. . beauty. strength. These two small hands will move as this mind leads Them. until this heart no longer beats.Words like drops from heaven Falling like wisdom. into My waiting heart. peace.

Each group will be given a task related to the poem. .Engagement Activity The class will be divided into 4 groups.

.UNO Create a group essay about faith. Choose a representative to read it in front.

DOS Draw an illustration that gives the difference of night and day & Light and Darkness. . be able to explain it in front.

.TRES Act or role play an experience that can portray your faith.

QUATRO Evaluate the performance of the three groups. .

.ASSIGNMENT yDraw an illustration that can relate to light and darkness. Put it in a short bond paper. Create a short essay about it. Some will be called next meeting to post and read their work.

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