Script for Opening Ceremony ± TESL Language Camp 2011 Name Wan Farah Activity

The arrival of VIP, lecturers participants and

Announcement Ladies and gentlemen, before this ceremony begins, I would like to remind all of you to switched off your phone or set it to the silent mode. Please be reminded to all students to stand up when our Head of Language Department has arrived. Thank you.
(wait until the gamelan is played then MC may announce the arrival)

Announcing the arrival of our guest of honour for today, Madam Haleza bt. Khusaini, the Head of Language Department, followed by Mr. Wang Leong Boon, the co-ordinator of Language Camp 2011 and all lecturers from the Language Department.
(gamelan music)


After that, the master of ceremony will

Good morning to Madam Haleza bt. Khusaini, our Head of Language Department, Mr. Wang Leong Boon, the co-ordinator of this camp, to our dearest lecturers from the Language Department and to all our fellow friends.

welcome all of the VIP, lecturers and


Assalamuailaikum w.b.t and a very good morning
Welcoming and the speech MC the

to all of you.


opening ceremony of the camp

(both Wan Farah and Zaki will announce this) Welcome to the Opening Ceremony of Language Camp 2011.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today for the opening ceremony of the Language Camp 2011.

religions and cultures but we are united together by one language that is English Language. Wan Farah The MC invited So as to pray for blessings for this morning¶s gathering. After the prayer have MC recitation finished. our opening ceremony this morning will be started by inviting George Ling . Thank you for the welcoming speech. the chairperson for our Language Camp 2011 to deliver his welcoming speech. Wan Farah Members of the floor. I would like to invite ladies and gentleman to stand up straight for the singing of our IPGM anthem and also IPGM Kampus Pendidikan Teknik¶s song ³Berusaha dan Berbakti´ Thank you everyone. Wang as the coordinator of Language Camp to deliver his speech. Shamyr Easmeth to recite the prayer. Zaki The MC will ask the audience to stand up for IPGT and IPGM Song. announce: Thank you Shamyr Easmeth.This year¶s Language Camp has been organised by the Language Department together with the 2 PPSIMP TESL students of IPGM Kampus Pendidikan Teknik. It symbolises the variety of races. All of you may take your seat. Our ceremony this morning will be continued by inviting Mr. . I would like to invite Shamyr Easmeth to lead in the prayer recitation. The theme of our Language Camp this year is ³Colour of English´. Before we proceed further this morning.

dancers are ready for the performance then MC will say: Zaki Wow! The performance sure is captivating our hearts and minds.Thank you Mr. Thank you to Mr.´ Wait for a few seconds for Madam to move(?) then MC will After Madam Haleza deliver her speech. Khusaini. Wang for the speech. Head of Language Department for the official launching of Language Camp 2011. Let us invite Madam Haleza bt. the coordinator of this Language Camp to accompany Madam Haleza bt. let us enjoy a dance to mark a flying start to this Language Camp. . Thank you Madam Haleza bt. Wait for a while and make sure the Wan Farah Now. Khusaini f or the speech and for launching the Language Camp 2011. Wang. Wang for accompanying Madam Haleza for the official launch of this Language Camp. Zaki Now. to deliver her speech and followed by launching our Opening Ceremony for the Language Camp 2011 with the theme ³Colours of English. the MC announce: announce: We would like to invite Mr. this is the time we are waiting for. Khusaini. our Head of Language Department.

Before the lecturers and participants adjourned from this ceremony. but before we end. .Wan Farah But sadly enough. it is our hope that all students will participate actively in all the organised activities. We hoped all of you will have a nice day ahead and enjoy your camp. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank Madam Haleza. I would like to to postpone the ceremony by Tasbih Kifarah and Surah Al-A¶sr. we have almost come to the end of this ceremony. we have now come to the end of our ceremony. Zaki End of ceremony Now. Before this opening ceremony ended. the Head of Language Department and all of the lecturers for the support they have given us to make this Language Camp a success. I represent both of us as the master of ceremony to apologise for any inconvenience problem that we had caused. Thank you everyone for attending this ceremony.

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