The 50 Best Playboy Magazines to Buy and Hold NOW!

By Rick Gagliano Publisher of Downtown Magazine, home of the Collectible Magazine Online Price Guide With the enduring popularity of Playboy - now well beyond it's 50th Anniversary - it remains the most popular collectible magazine in the world. As the first year's issues are out of reach of most, with prices ranging from $250 to over $3000 for collectible-grade issues, I've focused on magazines which can be bought today for less than $20 - many less than $10 - and resold or held for appreciation of 100, 200, 300% or more. Many in the collectible universe fail to see the obvious in the trading community: as magazines change hands, due to increased activity fomented by the internet, the quality of what's available continues to degrade. For that reason, it's time for serious speculators to flesh out the high-grade issues that will be in demand by the buying public. To that end, I've selected what I believe are the 50 top Playboy magazines which you can buy now and hold for 35 years (in some cases less) as they appreciate in value faster than the average issue. I've set up this list to reflect what I believe to offer the best return on investment with a low initial outlay threshold.

1. Date: 1/2000 Notes: Cover by Peter Max plus 100 Most Beautiful Women of the 20th Century makes this issue a specialty and a true collector's item. Can be purchased for a fair price today and should skyrocket over the years. Buy at: $3-5 Projected 3-5 year price: $15-25 Link:


2. Date: 1/1979 Notes: 25th Anniversary issue: Candy Loving centerfold, exceptional features. While there were many copies sold and many in circulation, the magazine is huge and increasingly difficult to find in mint or near mint condition. All said, this is an absolute essential issue for collectors as it contains the monster foldout of all the covers and centerfolds from the first 25 years, plus a very usable centerfold list. Buy at: $5-10 Projected 3-5 year price: $18-35 Link: 3. Date: January 1981 Notes: Barbara Bach on the cover, Karen Price centerfold, John Lennon/Yoko Ono interview, fiction by Stephen King and Ray Bradbury. Buy at: $2-5 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-24 Link: 4. Date: June 1957 Notes: The "cufflinks cover" is nearly all white with a pair of bunny cufflinks lower right. The trick is to find one of these nearly 50-year-old magazines with a pristine cover. Also, first appearance of LeRoy Neiman's Femlin on Party Jokes page, a superb full-page photo of Hugh Hefner, Lisa Winters as favorite Playmate of 1956 Buy at: Anything < $15 Projected 3-5 year price: $25-50 Link:


Henry Miller.dtmagazine. The High Society magazine has reached the stratosphere of collectibles.html . was incredibly well endowed. Arthur Miller and others.5. as the extraordinary art direction shows. as her pictorial amply Myers. Alan Ginsburg. Buy at: $4-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $15-40 Link: http://www. 6. in addition to being an OK actress. Date: December 1968 Notes: Cynthia Myers. Buy at: $4-9 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-20 Link: http://www. who starred in Russ Meyer's film "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" is on the cover and also Playmate of the Month. Date: March 1964 Notes: An <-deserved issue with the girls of Russia and delicious Nancy Scott as the Playmate of the month. but this Playboy issue continues to rise in value. Date: October 1977 Notes: Barbra Streisand is on the cover and interviewed in the issue. Invoking her name in the title of an auction for this magazine (which almost nobody does).com/cmopg1924/pb1077. Streisand agreed to do this cover. Buy at: $6-12 3 . There's also a symposium on creativity with Truman Capote. The real trick here is the interview with objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand. usually increases the sale price by 100-200% or more. with near mint issues selling for $300 and up.html 7.dtmagazine. but she did not agree to the embarrassing bout with High Society magazine in 1979 (see here) in which she had the issue recalled and sued the magazine (and won).

com/cmopg1924/pb186.html 8.html 9.dtmagazine.dtmagazine. Buy at: $3-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-18 Link: http://www. Date: January 1986 Notes: Andy Warhol cover.html 10. he's not doing any more. Buy at: $2-6 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-20 Link: but will hold its value This one's still amazingly cheap due to supply.dtmagazine. and since Andy's dead.Projected 3-5 year price: $20-35 Link: http://www. Date: March 1968 Notes: Jane Fonda is featured in a pictorial from the film "Barbarella". 4 .

A classic beauty captured by a classy photographer. Date: December 1960 Notes: Marilyn Monroe is the main attraction of the Seventh Anniversary issue. Buy at: $5-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $18-30 Link: http://www.html 5 . all photographed by the impeccable Herb Ritts. in the likes of Ray Bradbury. Buy at: $10-15 Projected 3-5 year price: $35-75 Link: July 1988 Notes: Cindy Crawford on the cover with pictorial inside.html 11. Ray Charles and Vargas. Date: November 1965 Notes: The Girls of James Bond pictorial.dtmagazine.html 12.dtmagazine. This one's already seen values above $50 at times. but there's plenty more. but still can be found relatively cheaply. plus an interview with the enduring Sean Connery make this issue a must-have for 007 fans.dtmagazine. And who's not? Buy at: $5-9 Projected 3-5 year price: $19-28 Link:

dtmagazine.html 14. as Ms. Jr. it's a must. Buy at: $3-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $15-24 Link: http://www.13. The pictorial article. The betting is that she'll go down as one of the best ever. Date: June 1960 Notes: This one is all about the stuff of legend and nostalgia. Theron has. Date: November 1961 Notes: Anita Ekberg's pictorial from the Federico Fellini film. Date: May 1999 Notes: Charlize Theron's cover and pictorial makes this issue a must for her growing legion of fans. plus 5 pages of Gahan Wilson's "Chamber of Horrors" ensure value. Peter Lawford. Sammy Davis. Alvin Toffler (Future Shock) and Rod Serling's appearance in a symposium on television. Buy at: $7-12 Projected 3-5 year price: $20-36 Link: in a very short period.dtmagazine. Dean Martin and Joey Bishop at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. "La Dolce Vita" is the main selling point for this <valued issue. many of whom don't even know of this magazine's existence.html 15. This issue has enduring worldwide appeal.. Buy at: any price < $20 6 . "Meeting at the Summit" features Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack with vintage photos of Frank. become one of Hollywood's finest actresses. so this issue's value will continue to rise as does her stardom. When they find out.

so. Buy at: $5-9 Projected 3-5 year price: $14-25 Link: http://www. a little explanation: Marilyn is one of the more well-endowed of all the playmates.Projected 3-5 year price: $34-60 Link: http://www. there is an interview with a baseball player named Aaron in there as well. which is usually enough to drive value these days. which contains little more than raw sex appeal. this issue will surely 18.html 17. Buy at: $4-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $22-40 Link: and she's spectacularly displayed in this issue. 7 .dtmagazine. as he's one of the more powerful music icons of the 20th century. OK. Date: March 1966 Notes: Bob Dylan didn't do many interviews after this one. Date: May 1974 Notes: Two words: Marilyn Lange.dtmagazine.html 16.

this issue also features a pictorial of Kim Novak shot by Frank Bez.html 8 . Date: October 1982 Notes: Tanya Roberts graces the cover with more of her inside.Date: February 1965 Notes: In addition to a sensational interview with the Beatles. The photos of Raquel are titillating and pure. a Donna Michelle encore. Little Annie Fanny and a full page Vargas girl.dtmagazine. Date: December 1979 Notes: Raquel Welch tantalized us for years without ever uncovering her most obvious assets. Buy at: $6-10 Projected 3-5 year price: $20-32 Link: http://www. This issue also resonates in Japan. Lots of other features drive the value in this 414-page issue." In between. Buy at: $3-6 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-18 Link: she's seldom been out of work. Ms. Roberts has enduring appeal from her 70s appearances on "Charlie's Angels" to recent revitalizing roles on "That 70's Show. but this issue's pictorial came close. Buy at: $4-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $16-30 Link: http://www.html 20.html 19. but lately has been a real crowd pleaser.dtmagazine.dtmagazine. with the "Girls of Japan" feature and with future PMOY Marianne Gravatte as Playmate.

Jayne gone well before her time.html 23. but the Playmate. Date: June 1963 Notes: The "Nudest Jayne Mansfield" is a bit of an overstatement.lives on well in this issue." Buy at: $8-15 Projected 3-5 year price: $25-48 Link: 22. but never forgotten . Date: Notes: stuff. but it's all part of the Playboy mystique.dtmagazine. was <age (less than 18) at the time of her Playmate of the Month appearance.21. Hef had problems (contributing to the delinquency of a minor) with the law which he narrowly escaped (he was charged. October 1978 Dolly Parton cover and interview. but never jailed). one Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Throw in some fiction in this issue by beat generation exemplar Jack Kerouak and you have a bona fide "keeper. Dolly is an American institution and her photo here is vintage 9 .dtmagazine. The Billy Wilder interview and Ray Bradbury fiction are nice plusses. but it really sells this issue. Buy at: $8-15 Projected 3-5 year price: $24-35 Link: http://www. Date: January 1958 Notes: This may not appeal to most.

so beware. IT'S A KEEPER" which makes every yokum holding this issue thinking like it's gold or something. The balance of the issue is less-than-inspiring.html 25. Buy at: $7-12 Projected 3-5 year price: $20-32 Link: http://www. MAN!! and that has some lasting value. but the cover art usually has Coke collectors drooling. Date: December 1972 Notes: Playboy art directors pulled the trademark infringement string with this Coca-Cola-esque cover with the lovely Mercy Rooney inviting us in for the holidays.dtmagazine.Buy at: $4-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $16-25 Link: http://www. the issue offers little more than Madonna nude (and who hasn't seen that?). On the flip side of the argument is that IT'S MADONNA. and don't Buy at: $5-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-20 Link: http://www. While it is the last of its kind.html 24. Date: September 1985 Notes: The cover boldly states: OUR LAST STAPLED ISSUE.dtmagazine.html 10 .com/cmopg1924/pb985.

Date: February 1990 Notes: This one is a super sleeper issue. Buy at: $3-7 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-23 Link: Over the years. Of course. Anna Nicole has become an icon as American as apple pie. Buy at: $2-6 Projected 3-5 year price: $10-20 Link: http://www. Buy at: $3-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $15-22 11 .dtmagazine.dtmagazine. You can buy this on the cheap and sell for much more. Date: June 1993 Notes: Herb Ritts dazzles with this exceptional cover of Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith. Besides Anna Nicole's unabashed beauty. Ms. this cover is one of the top representations by a master photographer. as opposed to the silicone-enhanced model we have grown to love. in addition to her delectable demeanor. The latter 60s are largely overlooked. so this issue can be had for a price not dear.26.html 28. the secret being that the Playmate of the Month is none other than Pamela Anderson.html 27. Date: April 1969 Notes: The definitive Brigitte Bardot pictorial is contained with the otherwise nondescript pages of this issue. Bardot is a classic beauty. uncompromised by this expose. Like it or not. Anderson has proven to be a talent of some worth. it should be noted that this is Pam the real. Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer make cameo appearances here as

Surprisingly. This also happens to be the issue wherein Jimmy Carter mouthed the "lust in my heart" quote in the interview. not many collectors are aware of this.html Date: March 1967 12 . Little Annie Fanny.html 30. This issue works and should continue to do so Buy at: $6-12 Projected 3-5 year price: $18-30 Link: http://www. but it's the true selling point of this issue. Buy at: < $12 Projected 3-5 year price: $16-30 Link: http://www. At that it's a pure bargain as it contains the first appearance of everybody's favorite buxom comic gal. Date: November 1976 Notes: What it is about Patti McGuire that keeps moving this issue is a bit of a conundrum.dtmagazine. Date: October 1962 Notes: The price range on this issue varies widely.Link: http://www. married tennis great Jimmy Connors and engrained herself upon the minds of American men forever more.dtmagazine. she is the Playmate of the Month here. but can still be purchased at less than $10. eventually won Playmate of the Year honors.dtmagazine.html 29.

Date: June 1972 Notes: For lack of a better word. Ms. Buy at: $7-12 Projected 3-5 year price: $20-30 Link: http://www. but Ms. but the real catch here is the pictorial of Roman Polanski's then-wife. Date: June 1980 Notes: Dorothy Stratten was an exceptionally beautiful playmate from August 1979 who is featured in this searing Playmate of the Year pictorial. Sharon Lindeland carries it pretty well herself.dtmagazine. Any guy who's a guy has to simply melt over the Scandinavian charms of Liv Lindeland. Buy at: $5-9 Projected 3-5 year price: $24-32 Link: http://www. but this reprise has her on the cover and delightfully displayed on 12 pages inside. Not much else to drive the value of this issue.html 32.Notes: Fran Gerard is the zoftig centerfold and playmate of the month.dtmagazine. Stratten was tragically murdered by a jealous boyfriend and this issue stands as a lasting tribute to her and is highly prized. Guys couldn't get enough of her then. Liv first appeared in the January 1971 who was subsequently murdered by members of the Charles Manson and apparently still can't Buy at: $4-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $15-23 Link: http://www.html 33. the Playmate of the Year.html 13 . call this issue love.

" If you're buying from somebody who doesn't know who Kerouak was. It's one that sneaks up on you from a variety of directions.html with Sean Connery and Jean Seberg and another 8-pager with Ursula Andress. Buy at: any price < $15 14 . but the capper is the exceptional 2-page Vargas Girl in the Batwoman Beyond the summery cover. Then there's the interview with Ralph Ginsberg. Date: June 1959 Notes: The key to this issue is right on the cover. there is a pair of pictorials . Buy at: $4-10 Projected 3-5 year price: $20-40 Link: Date: July 1966 Notes: Don't be fooled by the prices you'll find on this issue.dtmagazine. Look for this issue to slowly make a comeback and be a long-term winner.34.html 36. The balance of the magazine isn't too bad. 4 pages of paintings by LeRoy Neiman at the Royal Ascot horse races. This one could really soar. Date: January 1995 Notes: Drew Barrymore is a Hollywood fixture and this issue is already more than 10 years old. where it says "Origins of the Beat Generation by Jack Kerouak. so the initial over-reaction has passed and prices have slumped. you can get a real deal on this baby. Buy at: $4-7 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-20 Link: http://www. fiction by William Saroyan.dtmagazine. but Jack's essay is definitive.

This particular issue falls into the category I call "Classic" because it encompasses all of the elements which made Playboy so diversely collectible. the cover screams pinup art with the gorgeous Bonita Lu Rossi lounging on a crescent moon. Buy at: $3-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $16-28 Link: http://www.html 39. there's Playmate Christine Maddox. Date: October 1989 Notes: Some people may not recognize the lady on the cover as Pamela Anderson.html 37. as this was her very first Playboy appearance. this issue will be highly sought after for many. 15 .html 38.Projected 3-5 year price: $35-65 Link: http://www. fiction by Tennessee Williams and Gunter Grass. This one is probably the easiest to acquire. an interview with Bob Hope. Buy at: $3-7 Projected 3-5 year price: $15-28 Link: http://www.dtmagazine. exemplifies the extraordinary range of drawing power the magazine has.dtmagazine. It's hard to think of any woman who has more photos in the annals of Playboy except maybe Marilyn Monroe. Raquel Welch and many many So. Pam has to be her 90s and 2000s counterpart. if Marilyn was the ideal of sex appeal from the 50s and 60s. this one. Jane Fonda. Inside. possibly more than any other. Sex Stars of 1973 with Linda Lovelace. If values go the way they have for Marilyn. plus a two page Vargas Girl. Date: December 1973 Notes: Of all the Playboy magazines produced over the past 50 years. a 7-page pinup pictorial. a stunner. First. The other two magazines which fall into the "Classic" mode are January 1979 and January 1981. a Barbie Benton

Stella Stevens. You may have to pay up a little for this one. In addition. and the Paul and Linda McCartney interview is a must for fans of Beatle Sir there's a ton of sex stars like Ursula Andress.dtmagazine. Marilyn and Jayne Mansfield as the editors reviewed 15 fabulous years. Ann-Margret. Buy at: $4-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-20 Link: http://www. Buy at: $5-9 Projected 3-5 year price: $16-25 Link: http://www. and this Fifteenth Anniversary Issue is a good choice if you can find it in clean condition (the cover is white on white). Date: December 1984 Notes: Suzanne Somers captured the hearts of the American male when she starred on the hit sitcom "Three's Company. There was inordinate use of heavy cover stock.dtmagazine.html 40. Some critics think this Madonna pictorial outshines her initial appearance from September 1985. Buy at: $7-12 Projected 3-5 year price: $21-35 Link: http://www.html which apparently she was using when she posed for this cover and pictorial. Madonna romps nude on a beach." Since then she's made another fortune selling the Thigh Master. the Sex in Cinema pictorial is rather bountiful. this time as the "Tool Time Girl" from Tim Allen's hit TV show." As a bonus. Lots to like. which includes Cynthia Bardot.dtmagazine. including the Clif Karhu woodcuts and the back-to-back fold-out Vargas and Neiman.html 16 . Date: January 1969 Notes: Some anniversary issues are better than others.Date: July 1992 Notes: There she is again… Pamela Anderson. "Home Improvement. In addition to the Playmate Review of 1968. but it's well worth a few extra bucks.

The price is slim for such a monumental discussion with a pioneer of cinematic art. Fiction by Saul Bellow. but this 20th Anniversary issue is excellent. More than anything else. Date: February 1966 Notes: This one gets the nod for just one item. While those are pretty divergent disciplines. this issue carries the Date: January 1974 Notes: Maybe it's the black cover.html 44. Vladimir Nabokov and John Updike are nice complements to the up-front Hefner interview as well as the Stella Stevens fold-out.html the back and front views of Playmate Nancy Cameron on the fold-out is still a stroke of genius and forever enjoyable. Buy at: $8-12 Projected 3-5 year price: $20-35 Link: http://www. the review the first 20 years of Playmates is exceptional. Linda Lovelace.42.dtmagazine.dtmagazine. Buy at: $5-9 Projected 3-5 year price: $16-25 Link: http://www. 17 . and the interview of great playwright. As was the publisher's choice with these flagship anniversary editions. the interview with legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini. Date: April 1973 Notes: Two big grabbers here: the pictorial of "Deep Throat" star. Tennessee Williams.

Buy at: $5-10 Projected 3-5 year price: $14-26 Link: http://www. Brigitte Bardot. Nancy Gould's Christmas ornament earrings and the red-black-red color scheme are masterful cover art affects.dtmagazine. Buy at: $5-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $14-24 Link: http://www.dtmagazine. Date: December 1966 Notes: As <-appreciated an issue as you can find is right here in the holiday spectacular. Buy at: $4-7 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-20 Link: 18 . Date: June 1998 Notes: The Babes of Baywatch cover pretty much says all that needs to be said about this issue.html 45.dtmagazine. (a Rat Pack member) and the History of Sex in Cinema. which featured 20th century sex goddesses Jayne Mansfield.html 46. The interior bonuses are an interview with Sammy Davis Jr. Sophia Loren and others. This can be purchased for a song today and held without any risk of loss.

With the advent of the internet. is more than worth the price of admission. Buy at: $2-6 Projected 3-5 year price: $10-15 Link: http://www.dtmagazine.html 50. The initial rush has worn off. Note that while Playboy always was the top collectible.dtmagazine. and the features of this 45th Anniversary issue are outstanding. Once nearly exclusively the province of used and rare book stores . Bear in mind that Pam freaks (don't worry. Magazine collecting is becoming more mainstream. so this excellent issue can be found at a relatively reasonable price. Mad and of course. Buy at: $6-10 Projected 3-5 year price: $15-25 Link: 19 . Date: January 1999 Notes: they're out there) will want all of her issues.who were more interested in old copies of Harper's and routinely shunned Playboy on content issues .html 49. Date: August 1979 Notes: Dorothy Stratten is Playmate of the Month and Candy Loving fills out the space very well in a bonus reprise pictorial. and eBay in particular. The collage cover is delightful. Date: July 2001 Notes: Pamela Anderson in all her silicone glory. better even than the 50th anniversary issue. Buy at: $4-7 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-20 Link: http://www. as it's now 7 years hence. back issues of magazines have become more available and collectors are active in the market. have also attracted a substantial following. Date: April 1993 Notes: The Frank Zappa interview. the Saturday Evening Post. shortly before his premature death (December 1993).the hobby is reaching into new territory.47. Date: December 1975 Notes: The final interview with Jimmy Hoffa and the Sex Stars of 1975 drive the value 51.html INSIDER NOTES: The Four Reason why Playboy Magazines will appreciate in value: 1.dtmagazine.dtmagazine. This most recent incantation is easy to find in excellent condition for a bargain price.html 48. this got left off the list but could go all the way to #12-10. Sports Illustrated.dtmagazine. Buy at: $4-8 Projected 3-5 year price: $12-18 Link: http://www. Buy at: $5-9 Projected 3-5 year price: $16-24 Link: http://www. Buy with both hands. the horror and movie magazines among others.

that of splitting Playboy into pre and post-1979 categories. The idea of grown men buying. and magazines are the logical extension of their pursuits. It's been a bonanza for dealers and collectors who have been savvy enough to purchase lots and individual issues over the past four years at bargain prices. One bight hope is that Google will offer a payment solution that doesn't restrict buyers or sellers in the same regard. one might suspect that all covers of Maxim. though sellers' experience of Playboy magazines on their site is not overwhelming. traded and valued. contain key issues and are actively collected. is tolerated. Currently. selling. can be graded in similar fashion." < this guide. Magazines. Yahoo Auctions has similar policies in place. in the Mature Audiences section. Within a short time. On the inflation front. Mostly. Ebay and PayPal's policies do not specifically prohibit post-1979 Playboy magazines. Stuff and FHM magazines would be in violation of this policy. Currently. As it is. or a viable alternative may be found. like comics. eBay has inadvertently depressed prices on these magazines anywhere from 50-80%. those pursuits have paid handsome benefits to the most ardent. Google is arguably more liberal and sound-minded and has already begun beta testing of a payment solution. who can choose to display and sell post-1979 Playboys without restriction and for reasonable prices. Amazon Z-shops. though without doubt. The rationale is decidedly provincial. a massively misguided double standard and notable impediment to free trade and free speech. the latter being in the "mature audience" section of their web site (denoting it as pornography) . Currently. The maturation of a certain segment of collectors . there's always going to be a significant lag between the most and least knowledgeable. 20 . and have been. There's also the social factor.mostly comic book fans . working to the advantage of those in the know. it's a reality of life." clearly the least egregious of "violations. and while collectible prices ebb and flow. As the market grows. Spider-Man and Superman will keep their bases. I've railed about the debatable merits of this stupidity since 2001 .is engendering a sea-change of tastes. scarcity and knowledge will increasingly play out in advancing prices. and grading issues are largely compensated for by the quality of digital photos and the relative honesty of sellers. scarcity and desirability is gradually improving. The idea that Playboy somehow has more potential to arouse or encourage "deviant" behavior is without merit. buyers ignore the site altogether. the eBay/PayPal stranglehold on these magazines may be defeated. in addition to having to find it and re-login. the main beneficiaries of the policies of eBay and PayPal are sellers with their own web sites and payment processing. eBay doesn't allow sellers to offer Buy It Now (immediate purchase) or use PayPal for payment. Surely. Auctions and Marketplace have no such restrictions. are printed material. Market knowledge concerning quality. but the policy has roots and falls < the somewhat suspect concept of "clearly designed to sexually arouse. Yes. certain key players are and have been providing guidance and intelligence to the general community. but. Post-1979 magazines that were selling on the main site for as much as $10-12 can now be cherry-picked in the "adult" section for $2-4 and often less. By putting every issue of Playboy since 1979 into this category. they eventually outperform inflation. that's correct. sorting and storing respectable magazines is a bit more palatable than those same men (and women) doing the same with comic books and baseball cards.and it may at some time come to an end. Market forces. The policies are. Since the market and hobby of magazine collecting is largely diverse and relatively small. but an ample number of these collectors are looking to expand into other areas. there are resources for safety and security. Internet trade has matured to a point at which buying and selling is routine. since it has to do with S-E-X. 4. but the entire dynamic may change over the next few years. One can only hope that more liberal views will prevail and ebay's brass will feel pressure from a third party to make changes. though they provide no guidelines or alternatives. 3. The eBay "mature audience" fiasco. thankfully. inflation. For what reason other than to sexually arouse potential buyers would these publications routinely put scantily-clad women on their covers? Those magazines are not subject to the draconian eBay rules. Not to be outdone.2.

after removing the issues you want to own and keep. bugs. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller by checking feedback and making sure that shipping charges aren't out of line.. buying individual issues is going to cost more than buying in lots. you should be able to cherry pick this section. you should be safe. though again. don't trust their judgment. Next. the best way to avoid spine bend is to alternate the spine and open end of the magazines. don't buy. An least Fine to Near Mint . so if you stack spine to spine. Some people swear by backing boards as well. If the photos are small. CGC has established a super-market for comics and may well wish to do the same with vintage magazines. Mylar is quite expensive. The 1980-present issues are in the Mature Audiences section and there isn't much traffic.The wild card: One only has to examine the operation of CGC (Comics Guaranty. which carries the nifty title "Poly vs. You may want to ask the seller in advance about any number of things. naturally. Storage tips: If you plan on buying magazines and holding them for a period of to see the potential for a super-market for more highly prized magazines. Like them or not. you'll want to purchase high quality storage sleeves. Very Fine. microbes and overall storage care and handling.html>this page. If the issues show gloss and no apparent damage. Playboy would be a prime candidate. eBay. Last. LLC) at http://www. The best place to buy online is. beware."</A> Beyond the poly solutions. but in either case. Period. The best defense against such threats are to store your magazines in a dark place that is well-ventilated and away from household traffic. Many sellers will just say "Good Condition" and leave it open. Plain cardboard is untreated and may have an adverse effect. If you're shelving.cgccomics. but it is the best and is advised on anything valued at over $75. you can stack your magazines or shelve them like books. you'll want to make sure that your investment retains its condition. bending of the spine will occur. you want to prevent spine bending. either black or white. Since many sellers have no idea what constitutes Very Good. One only has to look on eBay for the multitude of listings with CGC in the title (do a search for "Fantastic Four CGC" or "Superman CGC") to get an idea of what this may do to the magazine market. CGC already is "slabbing" comic magazines in addition to various titles such as Mad and horror magazines. which will effectively shut out any light source. Armed with the knowledge of which issues are Correct this by alternating positions at least every six magazines and you should be OK. If you're stacking. These additional issues can either be stored or resold. Any single issue can be sent by Priority Mail for $4. bending can be caused by not keeping the magazines together in a tight bunch. Either method has advantages and drawbacks. Buying tips: Simply put.00 or less. though one questions whether such a market would be sustainable or even viable.and that means good photos and competence in grading by the seller. Near Mint. one must be careful to get the proper size and ensure that the boards are acid-free. you'll see the stack tilting. light. 21 . Remember that centerfolds should be intact and have NEVER been removed. If the seller isn't showing photos. trust your eyes and the seller's feedback. This can easily be accomplished by putting them in a box or a closet without windows. You want to be able to verify that the issues are in excellent condition . The spines are generally thicker and bulkier. There's a difference between polyethylene and polypropylene which you can read about on <A HREF=http://www. but there's a large difference in the pre-1979 and 1980-present market. The general site may be a little more of a challenge. The potential for a foray into Playboy has been openly discussed at CGC and may or may not occur. closet or corner of a room should certainly suffice. The major contributors which can cause damage to magazines and books are moisture.dtmagazine. Once they start to slip and slide. etc. The problem is that you end up with lots of issues that will trade with the market . there's mylar.10 and by Media Mail or Bound Printed Matter rate for $3. The issues outlined in this document can be purchased individually on eBay for the suggested prices and sometimes even less. Poly. The first thing one should consider is that the magazines should be kept away from direct light.which may or may not be a good thing.

make sure to accept checks. Eastern (5-8 Pacific). always ask the man present . if you choose to go the ebay route. or even $9. Remember. 7 or 10 days. money orders and PayPal. such as classifieds sites. You don't want to shut out a qualified buyer because you don't accept personal checks. Again. Let eBay's automated bidding work for you. the date and a couple of keywords. Thursday or Friday nights. you should sell them individually. a high starting price may scare off potential bidders. or starting. you should include the word Playboy. so offer to buy them all. Also. they also may be new to the game and not realize how convenient PayPal is. The more payment options you offer the better. much like you'll find in the price guide descriptions.99.if he has any Playboy magazines for sale. Start it at $6. You can always resell the issues you don't want. The seller will likely jack up the price on the ones you show an interest in. not some ridiculously low or high number. If you're selling 12-20 different issues. so choose those keywords carefully. solid close-up photos are a must. Selling: When it's time to sell your magazines. Buying off-line. If you see a stack of Playboys at a flea market. or PayPal. but simply are ashamed or don't know how to sell them. In your title. Astute buyers may need one or two of these issues and may not be put off paying a premium price for quality. it's best to buy in quantity. as are details. so you may be up against less competition. In the description. it's better to ask how much for the entire stack than haggle over a couple of key issues. the more detail the better. when people have more time to browse and can run optimally at 5. Don't list a magazine you want to sell for $30 for a penny or even 99¢. You can take the advantage in such situations and pick up some good issues cheap. Watch for sellers who don't offer PayPal. Bid late. the best seem to be between 1 and 4 p. By that. there's a good chance that collectors will be interested in more than one. is advised. When at a garage sale. The best end times seem to be Wednesday. Your opening bid. Your results may vary. While some of these people may be shady. Sometimes. pointing out the investment value of the particular issues you're offering. You might also want to consider an auction with a Buy it Now price significantly higher. as most of the issues will be marked up beyond a reasonable price. but ebay generally is where the market is best represented. close to the end time and always bid the amount you wish to pay. readable and contain essential keywords which highlight the best selling points of the individual issue.m. I mean that you should list a good number of quality issues within a short span of time. 22 . supply and demand will work in your favor. Often. Follow up classified ads. You only have 55 characters with which to work.99. Offer a discount on multiple purchases and make sure your title and description are solid. Many buyers will just ignore sellers who don't offer PayPal. auctions and garage sales. Maximizing your investment: The best way to ensure that your investment will appreciate is to buy as many high quality copies of the issues you like and keeping them out of circulation. As the market expands. and scarcity becomes an issue. but in line with the market. While there's debate over time of day to list (ending time). in the real world. the best way would be to offer a nice selection of issues in a well-worded classified. You can check other places on the internet. but in bunches.if there is one . Eastern (10 am . people are just dying to get rid of them. often at a healthy profit. price should be reasonable. but if your magazine is near mint and it's competing against others of inferior grade. If you choose to sell in the real world.Stay away from ebay stores. Auctions should always run through a weekend. people won't put them out in a garage sale because they don't want to offend anyone.m.1 pm Pacific) and 8-11 p. that should be represented in your starting bid price. The general rule is. Keep your collection organized and protected and you'll profit handsomely.

Republication.© Copyright 2006 Rick Gagliano. reselling or reprinting of this report. Downtown Magazine. is forbidden. retransmission. All rights reserved. without the express written consent of Rick Gagliano and Downtown Magazine. in whole or in part. 23 .

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