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Josh Mandel Campaign Mailer

Josh Mandel Campaign Mailer

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Josh Mandel, current OHIO treasurer & candidate for OHIO U.S. senate campaigns on official government letterhead.
Josh Mandel, current OHIO treasurer & candidate for OHIO U.S. senate campaigns on official government letterhead.

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Published by: empressruler on Aug 18, 2011
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Morning Wednesday DearConservative chbor. Nei I have some very important news to share with you. I want you to be amongthe first to know that I recentlyopenedup my campaign committee defeatthe most liberalmemberof the United States to Senate, Ohio Democrat SherrodBrown. Brown is an out of touch liberalextremist, and Ohio and Americadeserve better.
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,,h., t'.^-,.ht^^ ^ That's .why l'm reaching , r r r ^ . ,you and a handfulofr ^top r ' - ^ ^ . ^ * . , ^ r i . , ^ activiststto ^ . ' t out to , , , , ^ - , t ^ t ^ - , l f , , t ^ r ^ Conservative^ t i . , i . r . ^ ask you to pledge your suppo( to my insurgent conservative seat campaign wrestthis Senate to from Brown andthe liberals And give it backto the people.

I\ Il l/


Please take a momentto sign the enclosed Pledgeof Supportand then rush it back to me alongwith a sponsoring contribution $2,500. fbr of $500,$250or $100to Citizens Josh $1,000, Mandel. Any amountyolr can sparewill be very helpful. I needdonations $70, $35 or even of just $20. Everydollaryou sendwill be truly appreciated And is urgently needed! Defeating entrenched an incumbent like Sherrod Brown won't be easy.He is backedby millions of dollarsfiom big-moneyunionsand liberalspecialinterests that will stopat nothing to blockthe election a young,unrvavering of leader conservative like me. But my family and I haveovercome toughoddsbefore. I am the grandson two Holocaust survivors, of Joeand Fernanda one who was rescued by Allied Forcesand the otherwho was savedby courageous in Christians NorthernItaly. My otherGrandfather, Harold,proudlyservedin the U.S. Army Air Corpsat that sametime. From the day I was born, my grandparents inspiredme with their deeplove for America, stirringa passion led me to enlist in the United States that Marine Corps. I actually missedmy June2000 graduationfrom Ohio Statein order to ship off to Over,please

-2Marine corps boot campat ParrisIsland,SC - wherethey makeMarines! Somehave said that boot camp is the only thing that will prepareme for the type of corvardlysmears Sherrod Brown and the liberalleft will sendmy way in the monthsto come.



I alsorvon the opportunity servemy communityon the LyndhurstCity Council.When to launching thatcampaign,Iwas told to "wait my turn" by the politicalestablishment. I set But out and met nearlyevery voter in the city at their doorstep, listened their concerns, then to and took action. Not long thereafter, led one of the only successful I campaigns roll back local property to taxesin Ohio history. This became modelfor my work to come. a While I was Councilman, took a hiatusto servemy first tour of duty in Iraq.On that I tour in 2004, we worked to stop the flow of foreign weaponsand foreign fighters acrossthe Syrianborder. After returning, ran for the StateLegislature, I runningas a conservative winning and in a districtwith a 2:l Democratto Republican ratio. In fact, this districtwas so heavily Democrat, that DennisKucinich represented largeportionof it at the Congressional a level! But again, I outworked the liberals by knocking on 19,679doorsand wearing out three pairs of shoes! During my time in the Ohio House,I was askedby the Marine Corpsto be part of the surgein Iraq. My politicalopponents challenged to rejectthe call of duty, but I ultimately me decided that I didn't join the Marine Corpsto say "no" when my countrycalled. When I returned from servingmy countryon this second tour, my ultra-liberal opponent attacked for havingput on the uniform again,sayingthat I abandoned constituents me my by volunteering go back to lraq! to But my patrioticconstituents understood call to duty, shared patrioticvalues, my my and sentme back to the Ohio Housero keepfighting on tgg behalf. Simply put. I'm not afraidto put my neckon the line for what's right or in the best interests my constituents our country. of and Today-after travelingover 100,000 miles throughout Ohio to listento citizens concerns, serveas Treasurer Ohio-where I rvork hard to responsiblymanagethe state's I of multi-billiondollar investment portfolio. So, why the U.S. Senate, why now? Because want to savemy stateand our great and I Next page,please -1\.

-3nation from economicdisaster and we cannotwait anothersix years. I want to fight for the conservative valuesand principles that havebeentrampledon by BarackObama,Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reid and radicalliberalslike SherrodBrown. and in SherrodBrown hasbeenin public office sinceRichardNixon was President Washington nearly20 years. He's part of the problemand hasclearlylost touchwith the for men,womenand familiesof Ohio. SherrodBrown is the very definitionc.rf rvhatis wrong rvith Washington. But like Pelosi and Reid, he hasthe backingof a powerfuland aggressive coalitionof liberalspecialinterests. The only way I can defeathim is by amassing grassroots networkof conservative a activists the samefolks who helpedcreate tidal wave of Republican the victoriesin 2010. That'swhy I'm reaching to ask you to makea commitment helpmy insurgent out to for campaign the U.S. Senate returningthe enclosed by Pledgeof Supportform along with your most generous contribution today. I can no longersit back and watchoff the reservation liberalslike Sherrod Brown run our stateand nationinto the groundwith their radicalpoliciesand reckless spending. And I know millions of patrioticAmericanslike you are frustrated and readyfor real, conservative to is change the way government run and funded. So please, what is at stakeand stepforward afteryou havefinishedthis letter,consider to join my cause. With your help, I intendto become we Senators needto one of the four new Republican get our countrybackon the right track. takeover the Senate, the Obamaera,and end But I needto know I can counton grassroots to conservatives standwith me...so please sign the enclosed Pledgeof Supportand returnit to me in the enclosed postage-paid envelope! Every conservative the countryhasa clearstakein the success my campaign... in of ...TheNationalJournalhasdubbedSherrodBrown the "Most Liberal" U.S. Senator for 2nd year in a row - alongside the BernieSanders Vermont,an avowedSocialist! of Brown's recorddoesnot reflectthe viervsof Main StreetAmerica- And certainlynot Main Streetof any town in Ohio! It is up to you and me to work togetherto defeatShenod Brown and clear the path for conservative reform and fiscally soundpolicies. Over, please

-4I needto know I can So as I begin lacing up my boots for this importantnew mission' ohio and Americalike you to standwith me' all counton conservatives across Ohio and lay the .et"rs throughout With your help today,I will keepreaching 9!!to *rouno envelope sign your Pledgeof Supportand returnit in the postage-paid So please, $35 or even$20 or alongwith a contribution $z,ioo, $ I ,000,$500.$250.$100,$70' provided, to Citizensfor JoshMandel. this campaign' And I want you to I look forwardto working with you throughout repeal defendour Constitution' know that when I becomeOhio's new U.S. Senator,IWILL freedoms' and defendour valuesand keeptaxeslow, cut wastefulspending ObamaCare, let for support'Please me my Thank you tbr taking a few minutesto consider appeal hearfrom you todaY! Best Regards'

,/ p.s.


,''/ z il,--/"(


as BernieSanders Socialist self-avowed Brown is marchingalongside ohio,s Sherrocl Americaand it's Brown hascompletelylost touch with the peopleof ohio and Senator time for us to show him the door! Pledgeof Supportand returnit to me alongwith I am askingyou to sign the enclosed me or $500'$250'$100,$70' $3-5 even$20 to help $1,000. of a conrribution Sz.sbo, for your promptand fbr lay the groundwork a victory in 2012.Thank you in advance it' repty. I very much appreciate generous

()ll 4ll-'l P 1 )i l t ) ) l l 6 r ( ) l r ) I ( ( ) l l \ i t l t \ .


MANDET-_ paid-for bv Ci-IIZENSFORJOSH ^'.-- /


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