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Mantak Chia Taoist Secrets of Love

Mantak Chia Taoist Secrets of Love

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Taoists regard the scrotum as the lowest diaphragm, one that func-
tions like a pump. The scrotum is tight during youth and after a
refreshing sleep. It is loose in old age or after fatigue. Strong flow
of life energy tightens the skin. Scrotal breathing floods the region
with energy, and the scrotum begins to tighten almost immediately.

The Dance Of The Testes


The scrotum is the factory that produces the sexual energy,
sperm, and male hormones. So there is a tremendous store of
"yin" chi (cold life force energy) in this area. All sexual energy,
whether male or female, is "yin" in its latent or resting state.
Sexual fluids belong to the water element in the Chinese system of
classifying the qualities of different types of chi. Water-rivers,
lakes, and oceans are yin. However, yin energy can rapidly change
its nature and become more "yang", or hot, when sexually
aroused. This can only happen if the sperm is already manufac-
tured while the testicles are still cool. In fact, western scientists
have determined the male sperm count goes up dramatically when
the testicles are put on ice and several companies are already sell-
ing special devices like a "freeze-pak" jock strap to aid infertile
men. The cold quality of sperm energy means it must be circulated
upward to harmonize with the hot mental energy in the head and
the chest area and vice versa.
The testicles are constantly involved in producing sperm, hor-
mones and, though it might presently be debated, or even denied
by scientists, in creating ching chi, the life-force essence. The an-
cient Taoists, who had extraordinarily astute powers of empirical
observation, noted that the energy of the sperm cells are of prime
importance in that all of the vital organs must contribute some of
their own reserves to create and maintain the potency of the sperm.
Amongst those organs is the brain. The vernacular expression, "I
screwed my brains out last night," suggests a common wisdom that
bears out this connection between the balls and the brain.
The records amongst the Taoists on the subject of sex were
surprisingly consistent over long stretches of time, which in China
meant not hundreds but thousands of years. This is significant
because many groups didn't even know of each others abilities or
whereabouts or even existence, because these esoteric practices
were very hidden. Their records point out that when the energy in
the testicles is cold or mostly yin, that this is a sign of strong and
youthful sperm energy. This experience of cold gives way to what
has been described as a mildly warm quality when the sperm is
moved into the body from its exterior scrotal sac and stored in the
epidedymis and vas deferens.
The (cold) yin sperm ching chi is more dense than the hot
(yang) ching or sexual energy. Most people experience their sexual
energy only when aroused and the ching chi is hot, although cer-


Taoist Secrets Of Love

tainly it is always present. This means the cold energy, since it is
thicker and slower to move, needs all the help it can get on its path
up to the higher center. If you can open the Microcosmic Orbit first
it will make it much easier. This channel, which loops up the spine
to the head and down the front to the navel, genitals and perineum,
is recognized by acupuncturists as the main energy channel in the
body linking the various organs, glands, and brain.



Seminal Vesicle

Ductus Deferent




The testicle breathing exercise that follows will also help you
to open these channels and complete the microcosmic orbit, a pro-
cess more fully described in Chapter Seven.
In the "testicle breathing" exercise you use your mind to
draw the "cold" (yin), youthful sperm energy up the spine to your
head. You draw not the sperm itself, but the energy generated by
the sperm. At first it's slow going, but the energy is easy to deal
with since it's still cool. Later just a thought will send a re-
freshingly delightful cool wave of energy up your back to your

The Dance Of The Testes


The second exercise, "scrotal compression," trains you to
build up "warm" ching energy in the scrotal sac and move this
energy safely upward. The third exercise, the "Power Lock,"
shows you how to deal with the ching when it is sexually aroused
and very "hot." It is like a wild mare, and the most difficult to
control. It is recommended you practice this alone (using self-
arousal) before attempting to tame your sex energy at its most
explosive, during love-making with a woman.

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