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Mantak Chia Taoist Secrets of Love

Mantak Chia Taoist Secrets of Love

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Published by: 19761011 on Aug 18, 2011
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Inhale the air through the nose into the throat from there swallow
and press it down to the stomach. Do not keep it in the chest. Then
the air, which you may experience as energy, is imagined as a ball,
and is rolled down the front of the body beneath the abdominal
muscles. When the air reaches the lower-most part of the ab-
domen, press it into the penis itself. This exercise for enlarging the
penis differs from scrotal compression, because in the latter the air
is pressed into the scrotum.
As you direct the air to the penis take the 3 middle fingers of
the left hand and press them to the Hui-Yin midpoint between the
anus and the scrotum. This pressure prevents the air power from
flowing back into the body. The power lodges in the penis itself.
Resume normal breathing while keeping the left fingers on the
Hui Yin midpoint. At the same time begin to directly exercise the
penis. Pull it forward and backward, stretching it out in a smooth
rhythmical movement for 36 times. Next use your thumb to rub the
glans of the penis. This should erect the penis. If there is no erec-
tion, continue pull and rub the glans until the penis stands.

Exercises To Increase Male Potency


The right hand then circles the penis firmly at its base and,
while holding firmly, slides forward about an inch. In this way the
air energy is locked into the body of the penis itself and driven
toward the*tip of the head. Feel the pressure pushing forward to-
ward the head and maintain it but don't force it too hard.
Then the penis is pulled out to the right and rotated with a
stirring action thirty six times clockwise and counterclockwise.
Then it is pulled out to the left and rotated another thirty six times
clockwise and counterclockwise. Simultaneously maintain the out-
ward pressure locks in the air.
This exercise massages the entire urogenital system including
the penis, the prostate gland, and the veins, arteries, and surround-
ing nerves; the bladder and even the kidney are beneficially stimu-
lated. The energy of many bodily organs flows into the penis, and
the tone and function of all are enhanced.
In the final penile manipulation, gently beat the inner right
thigh with the erect penis 36 times, while simultaneously you are
maintaining the air-lock pull. Then beat the inner left thigh 36

Upon completion of these calisthenics soak the penis in warm
water for one minute. This will help it absorb the warm yang en-
ergy and to expand. This completes massage of the organ and
should produce growth of a healthy inch during the first month or
two of practice. Depending on individual bodily structure, further
gains may be realized.

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