IS 62.

80 : 1993
( Reaffirmed 1998 )

hdian Standard LANDING VALVES SPECIFICATION f Third Revision )


621*646*2 : 614.843~3

0 BIS 1993







NEW DELHI 110002 November 1993 Price Group 4

Landing valves may be installed in different ways and altitudes and for yielding varying output of water. . CED 22’ FOREWORD This Indian Standard ( Third Revision ) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards. the design of these valves has to be compact so as not to cause any obstruction to the passage where these may be installed. requiring different shape and sizes. These are primarily intended for being installed at the staircase landing at each floor level. The landing valves are sometimes also referred to as internal hydrants because these are usually fitted inside the buildings for wet hydrant system. accordance with IS 2 : 1960 ‘Rules for rounding off numerical values ( revised)‘. cant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the standard. This standard was first published in 1969 and revised subsequently in 1977 and 1983. is complied with. expressing the result of a test or analysis. from where fire-hose could be laid out by the fire brigade or trained men for fighting fire on the concerned floor. Because of this. This revision has been prepared in order to update the provisions of the standard which has been done for incorporating the amendments and modified figures.Fire Fighting Sectional Committee. Two types which are mostly used have been covered in this standard. The landing valves when used for sea water should not be made of aluminium alloy. observed or calculated. the shall be rounded off in The number of sign& specified value in this For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard final value. The composition of committee responsible for the preparation of this standard is given in Annex B. after the draft finalized by the Fire Fighting Sectional Committee had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council.

2 REFERENCES The Indian Standards listed in Annex A are necessary adjuncts to this standard. instantaneous female outlet(s) ( see Fig. of performance requirements of two types landing valves. 1 and 2 ). 3 Pre-circle diameter of flange shall match with respective diameter of pipe that is. All dimensions in millimetres.-Ck!ECH NUT NOTES I Outlet is fixed with instantaneous female coupling with blank cap ( see Fig. 4). 75 mm and 100 mm respectively. NOTE . FIG. 2 Tolerance where not specified shall be f 0’5 mm. 1 LANDING VALVE SINGLE OUTLET ( TYPE A ) 1 .The instantaneous female outlets may also be manufactured as a part of landing valves. AS l’$s. G THREADS THREADS AS PER SO 24x5 OF fS :4694 -1966 FOR LENGTH OF 50mm min.IS 5290 : 1993 Indian Standard LANDING VALVES 1 SCOPE This standard lays down the requirements regardand dimensions.G 1S. ing materials. SPECIFICATION ( Third Revision ) 3 GENERAL The landing valves assembly shall consist of valve(s) (see Fig. shape.2643CPtI' l$ OF A LENGTH OF . 3 and 4 1. 3 ) and blank cap(s) ( see Fig.

5 percent. 2 LANDING VALVE DOUBLE HEAD OU~LBT ( TYPE B ) MATERIALS 4. zinc alloy and stainless steel landing valves. 3 Tolerance where not specified shall be 1 0’5 mm.‘JS 5290 : 1993 HANDWHEEL J iHREADS G3 AS PER 15??61? ( PI I ). stop valve. 4.5 The spring shall be of phosphor wire conforming to IS 7608 : 1987 for copper alloy landing valve and stainless steel wire conforming to IS 6528 : 1972 for aluminium alloy.5 to 1. 5. 5 TYkS AND DIMENSIONS 5.Landing valve double with double outlet ( see Fig. 4.4 Washers. 4. 4450 and 4600 of IS 617 : 1975.1 The landing valves shall be of two types as under: a) Type A . il-iQi5 OF +-1. check nut. gaskets shall be made of rubber conforming to IS 937 : 1981 or leather conforming to IS 581 : 1976.1 The valve body.2. 1.X. 3 and 4 ). valve single outlet head b) Type B . e G 100------d 2x------~ j NOTES 1 Both outlets are fixed with instantaneous female coupling with blank caps ( see Fig. instantaneous female outlet and blank cap shall be made either of leaded-tin-bronze eonforming to Grade LTB-2 of IS 318 : 1981 or aluminium alloy conforming to 19 designation 4225. 2 ).1975 OF IS: 1643 (Pt FOR A LENGTH ‘Imm min.1 Zinc-aluminium alloy ( copper 0. 5. All aluminium and zinc alloy shall be of die casting only.Landing ( see Fig. spindle and other attachments are same as in Fig. bonnet. magnesium 0. that is. All aluminium and zinc alloy shall be of die casting only.2 The valve spindle shall be made of brass rod conforming to IS 320 : 1980 or IS 319 : 1989 for use with body of leaded-tin-bronze and of stainless steel conforming to IS 6603 : 1972 for use with body of aluminium or zinc alloy or stainless steel. aluminium 10. 2 .015 to 0.5 to 11.2 The shane and dimensions of each type are given in Fig: 1 to 4.3 The handwheel shall be made of mild steel conforming to IS 1030 : 1989 or cast irou conforming to IS 210 : 1978. 1 ).1 Tooth shall be forged from forged brass material conforming to grade FLB of IS 6912 : 1985.03 percent and balance zinc ) or stainless steel designatton 04Cr17NiMOa conforming to IS 6529 : 1972. Gland packing shall be of asbestos thread conforming to IS 4687 : X980. 2 Dimensions of the component parts. 4.5 percent. 4. handwheel. All dimensions FIG. 4 in millimetres.

. 6. A hydrostatic pressure of 1. clear of All castings shall be of clean and sound and shall be free from plugging.’ 25’4 + $i GO NOTES I The tolerance where not specified shall be i 0’5 mm. FIG.4 MN/m* ( 14 kgf/cma ) shall then be applied to each valve on its inlet side. 7’2 Hydrostatic Pressure Test Each assembled unit shall be subjected to a hydrostatic pressure of 2-I MN/mms ( 21 kgf/ cm3 ) with the valve open and outlet closed for 3 be of good finish.1 All parts 6.1 Water Tightness Test for the Valve The stop valve shall be fully closed by screwing down the spindle.IS 5290 : 1993 RELEASE TYPE ‘4’ CAM -TOOTH *Rectangular Hole 12’8_‘!:2 ‘. The outside of instantaneous outlet shall be highly polished. welding or repair of any defects.2 The valve top except the face of the flange and the instantaneous outlet shall be painted fire red of shade No. burrs and sharp edges. 6 FINISH 3 INSTANTANEOUS FBMALB OUTLJW ’8 7 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS shall 7. Paints shall conform to IS 2932 : 1974. 536 of IS 5 : 1978. The handwheel shall be painted black. All dimensions in miilimetres. There shall be-no leakage through the valve and its seat. ” 2 The lug may also be the part of the main body.

b) Code letter indicating the rype of valve ( inscribing type of instantaneous female outlet ). Details are available with the Bureau of Indian Standards. is not less than these figures. and c) Year of manufacture.4 minutes for the purpose of locating porosity III the casting.1 Each assembled valve shall be cEearly and rel.411 dimensions in millimetres.. as -0 : a) Manufacturer’s name or trade-mark. 7.3 8 MARKING 8. for the purpose of this test. it shall not fail or show any sign of leakage either through the valve body or through the gland of the spindle.ently marked on the valve body.5 APPROX NOTE - The tolerances where not specified shall be i. .1. When so tested. The flow shall be not less than 900 litres per minute at 0. 4 BLAKK CAP a period of 2. 0’5 mm. It shall be a type test.1 BIS Certification Marking The valve astembly may also be marked with the Standard Mark.7 MN/m’ ( 7 kgf/ ema ) for Type A and 1 800 litres per minute at Q-7 MN/m2 ( 7 kgf/cmP ) for Type B provided the feed to the valves. the NOTE -During initial drops of water should be allowed up to the period of proper rubber sealing with the male blank cap. 8.IS 5290 : 1993 VENT HOLE 962 R I. Flow Test Water shall be discharged through Ihe valve assembly and its flow shall be measured using a flow meter or V-notch. 4 . FIG.E. the hydrostatic pressure test.

19!%3 ANNEX A ( Clause 2 ). (b) finishing ( jTrst revision ) 4687 : 1980 6528 : 1972 6529 : 1972 320 : 1980 Specification for gland packing asbestos (Jirst revision. 5 : 1978 210 : 1978 318 : 1981 Title Colours for ready mixedpaints and enamels ( third revision ) IS No. exterior (a) undercoating. Dimensions ‘for.1s 5290’!. rods and sections ( fourfh revision ) Specification for high tensile brass rods and sections (other than forgings stock ) ( second rev&ion ) 2643 ( Fart 1 ) : 1975 2932 : 1974 319 : 1989 Specification for enamel. LIST OF REFERRED INDIAN STANDARDS IS No. synthetic.) Specification steel wire for stain!ess 581 : 1976 Specification for tanned hydraulic ( second revision ) vegetable leather 6603 : 1972 6912 : 1985 Specification for sta@iess steel blooms. ing purposes (fourth rejMm ). phosphor bronze wrre for general engineering purposes (fjrst revision ) 937 : 19s1 7608 : 1987 Specification for washers for water fittings for fire fighting purposes ( second revisian ) . 1030 : 1989 Title Specification for carbon steel castings for general engineer.stock and forgings ( firsr revision ) Specification for. pipe threads for fastening purposes: Part 1 Basic profile and dimensions (first revision ) Specification for grey iron castings ( third revision ) Specification for leaded-tinbronze ingots and castings ( seconn revision ) Specifi cation for free cutting brass bars. billets and slabs for forging Specification for steel bars and flats stainbxs 617 : 1975 Specification for aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots and castings for general engineering purposes ( second revision ) Specification for copper and copper alloy forgings .

f~hNhT~ SHR~ D. DAS S~inr M. Civil l?ngg ).&I 0. \‘OC+ESWA11A Srr~iJoa~ TAIWY ( L4!l~t?tair ) SUIII Y.' . of India Bombay Ltd ( Rourkela Steel Plant ). New Delhi Steelnge Industries Ltd ( Minimax Division !. A... CHOWDIII~Y Shea B. Neir Delhi Vijay Fire Protection Systems Pvt Ltd. N. DE~. VAKIL STTUI K.c lj . 1. c. & Engineering Consultants Calcutta ( India ) Ltd. Madras Gas Commission. Calcutta The Institution of Fire Engineers ( India Ministry of Defence ( DGI 1 j. Bomba) Directorate General of Technical Development. Ptia . R~rr ( dl!crcale j S-r!r. S~sna ( AIternate .J.Ifls5290 : 1993 ANNEX B ( Foreword) COMMITTEE COMPOSITION Fire Fighting Sectional Committee. T. L. SHAEMA DJ. P. C.. R. CIX~XRAX~ORTY SHRI B. N~oc+r ( . GL’PTA ( Atterna!e ) SXRX Sux-rr. Iior_~rnriv~ National Airport Authority. . Ma~ur Bihar. SEfARMA Lh:. Er Platt Gujarat ) Ltd. Government of of Maharashtra. Roorkee Metallurgical Surex Tariff Steel Production Advisory Authority Gei:eral. Committee. . Bombay Ministry of Defence ( DIFR j : )I Jaya Shree Textiles 6: Industriq Kishra Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay ( Bon1 bay Fire Brigade Bombay Fire & Safety Applicanceo Co. Gnoslr S. Bombay of Tamil ~aJu Home ( Police Hyderabad Andhra Pradt2!:. NANDI ( Alternate ) SIII:~ R.New Delhi ) Steel Authority of India ( Bokaro Steel Plant ). GNANRAJ ( AUernate) M& C&N B. N. Govemr. Ministry of Home Affairs West Bengal Fire Services. New Delhi Central Building Research Institute ( CSIR ). K. SIPPY c Allernole 1 Ministry ) Tariff Advisory Oil and Natural Committee.X T. 1. Delhi Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ( Fire Service Home Department ( Fire Service ). Snnr ( Aflernate ) SHKI P. Bombay In personal capacity ( C. k. Kooverji Devshi & Co Pvt Ltd._J~Xsnm*dl Snsl G:. &L Delhi CPWD ( Electrical ). Dehra Dua of Home Affairs CED 22 RGpreSell~i~g hssrsT~~'f INSPMJ'~OIL~ENEBAL( of Railways Eureka Firetech Pvt Ltd. Government DEE+JTY DIUEUTOR ( Alternate ) DIEEU~O~ 0~’ EQuIP&%J%! SENXOR FIRE OR~ICIER ( Alternate ) DIREQT~TR GFHERAL OF FIRESERVICE . Bombay Urban Development Departmt nt. New Delhi Central Industrial Security Force. $. SL!ILI Tun>T SUR &cl D. Bombay Newagr SHIU ASIIOK SIIAEMA SJIRI A. TANEJA Director ( cliv Engg ) Mathar Industries. 1:li ( Continued on pase I .ent Bombay Municipal Corporation of Deihi.4itJrnnte ) Sllllr<J.. Ministry RPSF) AS~IEITADTT SEUUKITY OEEIUE~ ( A6rarcnlc SIIHI S. Department New Delhi 1. Bombay Ntaw Delhi ( India Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals.!$&I A. N. S. P. K.r Director BIS ( Ex-@is Member ) Swr HFMST KUMAK Joint Director ‘. P. Calcutta Avon Services ( Production and Agencies ) Pvt Ltd. BATAVIA . Rourke1. GOS~IN SHBIJ.TW DLRE~~TOR ( Allernatc) SHRI P.231 &Yamashar Aparlments. K. Ranchi Rc Sales Pvt Ltd. In personal capacity (J-1916 Chitranjan Park.

IS 5290 : 1993 Water Fittir.g for Fire Fighting Purposes Subcommittee. & Platt Authority Corporation & Co Pvt Ltd. Is7. Madras Tariff Advisory Committee. New Delhi Rubber & Chemical Industries. Brigado ). Manali. India Ltd. New Delhi Directorate Engineers Indian Kooverji Newage Devraj Mather Steel of Standardization. Bombay j. DI~ERX ) Municipal Ministry Chhatriya Corporation of Delhi ( Delhi Fire Service of Home Affairs. Bombay Gujarat bombay Ministry of Defense. New Delhi Petrochemicals Devshi Industries. Nc. Madras Refineries Ltd.4x ( dlfernale S. CED 22 : 1 New Delhi R & D Organization.. 1~. Roiirb*:la . Etd. Engineers. Ltd Bombay I Rorrrkela Steel Plant ). New Delhi Ltd. Madras SHRI Snn~ 2. Rishra ( West Bengal ) Municipal Corporation of Bombay ( Bombay Fire Bombay The Institution of Fire Engineers ( India ).v Delhi jaya Shree Textiles. Ministr:u of Befence. Surender Abmadabad India of India Nagar. U.

. 1986 and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder. Standard marked products are also continuously checked by BIS for conformity to that standard as a.-- Standard Mark The use of the Standard Mark is governed by the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act. The Standard Mark on products covered by an Indian Standard conveys the assurance that they have been produced to comply with the requirements of that standard under a well defined system of inspection. Details of conditions under which a licence for the use of the Standard Mark may be granted to manufacturers or producers may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standards.further safeguard. testing and quality control which is devised and supervised by BIS and operated by the producer.

a standard along with amendments is reaffirmed when such review indicates that no than es are needed. FARIDABAD. Enquiries relating to copyright be addressed to the Director ( Publications ). KANPUR. No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of BIS. 235 04 42 235 23 15 632 78 58 632 78 92 Western t Manakalaya. Sector 35-C. I. 331 13 75 Regional Officer I Central I Manak Bhavan.on established under the &reau harmonious development of the activities of standardization. Road. Marol. I. Campus. I 53 23 84 37 85 61 37 86 62 53 16 40 ’ r . 53 38 43. 235 15 19. of necessary details. An8heri ( East ) BOMBAY 400093 BANGALORE. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. Comments on this Indian Standard may be sent to BIS giving the following reference: Dot No. GHAZIABAD. New Delhi 110002 Telephones : 331 01 31. COIMBATORE. BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS Headquarters: Manak Bhavan. BIS.Ba+ytu of Iudifn Standards RIS is a statutory i. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg NEW DELHI 110002 Eastern : l/14 C. Standards are also reviewed periodically. LUCKNOW. Brancha r AHMADABAD. . HYDERABAD. T. CHANDIGARH 160036 600113 Southern : C. P. E9 MIDC. 19&6 t. BHOPAL. T.nstjtuii. type or grade designations. This does not preclude the free use. BHUBANESHWAR. Users of f ndian Standards should ascertain that they are in possession of the latest amendments or edition by referring to the latest issue of ‘BIS Handbook and Standards Monthly Additions’. MADRAS 235 02 16. JAIPUR. V. . GUWAHATI. 632 78 91. IV Croor Road. Coppright BIS has the copyright of all its publications. PATNA. SC0 445-446. CED 22 ( 5274 ) Amendments Issued Since Yublication Amend No. if the review indicates that changes are needed. such as symbols and sizes. I. Scheme VII M. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. it is taken up for revision. and attending to connected matters in the country. in the course of implementing the standard. I 632 92 95.o promote marking and quality certification of goods Review of Indian Standards Amendments are issued to standards as the need arises on the basis of comments. Date of Issue Text Affected . Maniktola CALCUTTA 700054 Northern I? Telegrams : Manaksanstha . ( Common to all office8 ) Telephone 331 01 31 I_ 331 13 75 I 31 84 99. OJ &&VI Standards Act. 1 37 86 26.

SPECIFICATION ( Third Revision ) ( Page 2. India .1 MN/mm . Read ‘2. line 2 ) - 2.1 MN/m” for ‘2.1. (Pqy 4. BE. 1 JUNE 1994 TO LANDING VALVES .1.2. New Delhi. clause 7. line 4 ) - Read ‘04Cr17Ni12MO~’ for 3.AMENDMENT IS 5290 : 1993 NO. (CED22) Reprography Unit. clause ‘04Cr17NiMOz’.

( Pflge 2. clr11se 4. resistant purposes. for the existing clause: Substitute ‘seat valve’for the following ) -Substitute ‘55.SPECIFICATION ( Third He vision ) No.1 Substitute ‘Grade conforming lo IS 6529 : ‘gaskets’. 1 ) ] - [ Page 2.’ base castings for alloy steel and nickel (CED22) Kepropphy Unit. clmse 52.’ ( Purge 5. 2 AUGUST 1999 TO LANDING VALVES . Annex A ) Insert the following at appropriate places: ‘IS 291 : 1989 Nav.1 Tooth. New Delhi.‘04017Ni12M02 1972’. India .1 (we n/so Anzendnmt 1 and 4 of IS 3444 : 1957’ foi.AMENDMENT IS 5290 : 1993 NO. seat valve shall be forged from forged brass material conComing to grade FLB of IS 6912 : 19% or 1s 291 : 19S9. clrrlrse brass rods and sections for machining ‘IS 3444 : 19S7 Corrosion general applications. Blank cap shall be of ABS plastics.4 ) (Purge 2. BIS.

seat valve shall be forged from forged brass material conforming to Grade FLB of IS 6912: 1985 or IS 291:1989. clause 5. clause 4.1 ) – Substitute ‘Grade 1 and 4 of IS 3444: 1987’ @ ‘04Cr17Ni12M02 conforming to IS 6529:1972’. India .AMENDMENT IS 5290:1993 NO.’ (Page 5.” ( Page 2. clause 4. clause 4. BIS. b) Insert the following at the end of clause: resistant “Valve body shall be conforming to IS 3444: 1987 ‘Corrosion alloy steel and nickel base castings for general applications’ . (Page 2. Annex A ) — Insert the following at the appropriate place Naval brass rods and sections for machining purposes.4) — Substitute ‘seat valve’ for ‘gaskets’.1): a) Delete ‘valve body’ from first line. New Delhi. Blank eap shall be of ABS plastics. 3 FEBRUARY 2001 TO LANDING VALVES — SPECIFICATION (Page 2.2.1. (Page 2.1) – Substitute the following for the existing clause: ‘Tooth. Corrosion resistant alloy steel and nickel brass castings general applications’ for ‘IS 291:1989 ‘IS 3444:1987 ( CED 22 ) Reprography Unit.

line 7 ) — Delete ‘and zinc alloy’ ( CED 22 ) ReprographyUniq BIS. India .1. line 1 ( see also Amendment No. 4 OCTOBER 2002 TO LANDING VALVES — SPECIFICATION ( Third Revision) [ Page 2.AMENI)MENT IS 5290:1993 NO. clause 4.1. clause 4. New Delhi. 3 )] — Insert the following in the beginning: ‘The valve body’ ( Page 2.

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