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Published by: lewisjizack on Aug 18, 2011
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Felicia: Good morning AJCians, I’m Felicia from Interact club, Chengkai: I am Chengkai from AJ enterprise.

Felicia: Chengkai, do you know what’s the occasion on 14th February? Chengkai: Is that Valentine’s day? Felicia: Nooo. Chengkai; Huh? Then what is it? Felicia: It’s Friendship day. Friendship is celebrated on 14th Feb to commemorate the friendship amongst our schoolmates as well as teachers. Chengkai: Yes, AJCians. In fact, on this years’ friendship day, AJE together with Interact club will deliver flowers, balloons, cookies and bears to y’all. Felicia: And these are the prices. Roses are 3 dollar each, one Sunflower is $4, a small bear is $2, and one balloon is $3. All proceeds would go to the Asia Women’s Welfare Association AWWA. Chengkai: Yes, start from today until the 2nd of Feb, we will set up a booth at the foyer both during breaks and after school to provide information and take orders. To find out more information, please come to our booth and check out the pictures of the flowers, balloons and Cookies. Felicia: Each class please send one class leader to the umbrella area to collect a brochure for your class after the assembly. Chengkai and Felicia: See you on friendship day. Thank you.

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