It is chain stitch embroidery done with hook locally known as “ari”. . It is a special work on carpet known as crewel for which chain stitch is the base supplement with satin and whip stitches.INTRODUCTION TO ZALAKDOZI Crewel or Hook embroidery is locally known as Zalakdozi. It is one of the specialized styles of embroidery practiced in Kashmir.

John Irwin state that. The carpet designs selected for Namada ranged from Persian to French. Zalakdozi was probably introduced in Kashmir by Damascus craftsmen during sultan Zain-ul-Abidini’s rule. . Kashmir embroidery perhaps is the most popular commercial embroidery not only because it has retained its rich heritage but also has made necessary adoption according to the likes. named after a hook resembled a crochet. Namada is either in white or various colours that is richly embroidery by wool with chain stitch. It is a special work on carpet known as crewed for which chain stitch is the base supplement with satin and whip stitches. It is an important textile of Kashmir. Various articles are prepared by hook embroidery and one of them is Namada.HISTORY OF ZALAKDOZI Zalakdozi is hook embroidery. choices and demand of the market. a felt carpet.

MOTIFS OF ZALAKDOZI Motifs of Zalakdozi are mostly taken from nature. Animal and human figures are usually not seen due to Muslim influence. .  Kalka.  Shikagarh.  Guldar.  Birds .  Parrot.  Bulbuldar.  Theridar.  Badamadar. etc. They are: Chinar leaf.

green. Scarlet. Green .zingari. Light blue. Purple.COLOUR USED IN ZALAKDOZI The base colour of the fabric is generally cream or white or similar pastel shades.kirmiz these are died exclusively in vegetable dyestuff.gulmor.zard. Black.sufed. Yellow.mushki.ferozi.uda. . Crimson. Dark. A wide range of colours are used by the Kashmiri embroiders for the embroidery yarns including White . Blue.

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