First Vision of St Olaf

song no. IV from

The Manna Sustains
An Epic Murder-Ballad Song-Cycle by The Manna Tease

Illustrations by Grace Marlier

Emin Esus4

A Emin



Emin Esus4 A Emin Emin7 D/F# At a table by the door, G F# emin G F# In a truck stop diner ¶bout a mile outside of Moose Jaw. Emin Esus4 A Emin Emin7 D/F#

Emin Esus4 A Emin Emin7 D/F# Sat an elderly lady named Lenore, G F# Emin G F# Emin Moaning to her husband that her steak was somewhat raw. Amin G F Emin Amin G D/F# Is it cold in here? I think I feel a draught....



Note: Verses 2-4 differ slightly in melody & syncopation from verse 1.

At the next table over, Was Special Agent Francis drinking Oolong tea. For two thousand kilometers, He·d been squished between to two chimpanzees In a truck transporting monkeys. Every time he had to pee, the chimps only laughed. White hair down to the floor, He thought he saw a goddess, or the oracle at Delphi, When he saw the trucker whore. She bid him follow her, & her name was Elle Mary. She led him to a back room thru a small secret door. She asked, would you like to smoke? She lit up a hookah filled with donut-flavored shisha. His internal senses awoke, G F# Emin G F# Emin And in the rings of smoke saw a vision of St Olaf. Amin G F Emin Amin G F Emin St Olaf spoke & the galaxies evoked, G F# Emin G F# Emin Olaf danced & laughed, & the smoke became a storm, Amin G F Emin Amin G G7 If you want to find Manasseh, go where the winds are warm.


C G You must go to Mexico. Amin Emin Go where dahlias grow, G D Emin Bmin Go where there·s no snow. C G Go to Mexico, Amin Emin Go where warm winds blow, G D Emin Bmin Go where Charro·s apropos. C G Fly South with the geese, Amin Emin Feel the breeze from off the seas, G D Emin Bmin ¶Neath Paradise trees. G D Emin Bmin Siesta dogs with fiesta fleas, G D Emin Bmin Catch the dysentery disease, G D Emin B Do whatever you damn well please, C D/F# Ay yi yi yi! yi!



Francis emerged on the highway. Exhaled from his mouth & stuck out his thumb due South. Meanwhile, by the diner·s buffet, Lenore fell over dead, her head in the basket of bread, Lenore! her husband said, have you croaked or have you choked? We need to call the law, oh, she said the steak seemed raw. (But you & I both know, that the steak was perfectly well cooked.)
©2011 The Manna Tease


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