On March 2, 2010, Suzanne Schlesier, Evening Reception Supervisor, and Marcela Tovar met to discuss her attendance record

. Suzanne reviewed with Marcela a total of twelve latenesses for the previous twelve months. Suzanne told Marcel that this is excessive and her attendance record was not meeting the department’s standards. Suzanne asked Marcela if there was a specific challenge or issue that was preventing her from arriving on time. Marcela said no. Suzanne told Marcela that her tardiness has a negative impact on the department’s ability to properly prepare for the workload and support to customers. Marcela told Suzanne she will try to arrive on time by leaving her house earlier. Suzanne thanked Marcela for her efforts and reiterated she is expected to be at work on time. Suzanne told Marcela that she must show an immediate improvement in her punctuality. Suzanne asked Marcela if she had any questions. She said no.

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