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Web Content Management Systems (WCMS): High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

Web Content Management Systems (WCMS): High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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A web content management system (WCMS) is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. A robust WCMS provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation.

This book is your ultimate resource for Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) right away, covering: Web content management system, List of content management systems, Content management system, Data proliferation, Information Lifecycle Management, Information repository, List of content management frameworks, Storage virtualization, Accrisoft Freedom, AdaptCMS, Advanced Processing & Imaging, Aiki Framework, Amilia, ArcaCMF, Ariadne (software), Avactis, AxCMS.net, Backbase, Base Feeder, BEdita, Beyondoc, Big Medium, BuddyPress, Campsite (software), Campus medicus, Cascade Server, CcHost, Chamilo, CityDesk, CivicSpace, Cognidox, ColumbiaSoft, Component content management system, Composite C1, Computer Output to Laser Disc, ConcourseConnect, Conference management system, Contegro, Content delivery platform, Content inventory, Content Management Interoperability Services, Content Management Website, Content repository, Content repository API for Java, Content slammer, CoreMedia CMS, Cotonti, Covide, Croogo, Daisy (software), Dashboard (Web administration), Day Software, Django-cms, DocPoint, Documentum, Docuverse, DotCMS, Doxia, Drupal, DynPG, EchoSign, Edicy, Elcom Technology, CDiscovery, Electronic Document and Records Management System, EllisLab, Enprovia, ENQUIRE, Enterprise Content Integration, Enterprise content management, Ever Team, Executive Technologies, EXo Platform, Exponent CMS, Exsite Webware (software), FileDirector, FileHold, Flagship Docs, Flash CMS, Folio Corporation, Geeklog, Geospatial Content Management System, Globalization management system, GNU Enterprise, GX WebManager Community Edition, Habari, Habitat (software), HP TRIM Records Management System, Hylos, IGrafx, Infopark, IonPanel, ISIS Papyrus, Jadu, JCore, Jive SBS, Joint Staff Information Management Division (United States), Journalness, Jumbo Website Manager, Jumper 2.0, Kentico CMS, Knowledge Plaza, KnowledgeTree, KnowledgeView, LaunchPadCMS, LiteDiary, M-Files, Magnolia (CMS), Mediasurface, Merengue (software), MES Hybrid Document Systems, Microsoft Content Management Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Mixedink, MMBase, Mobile content management system, MotoCMS, Movable Type, Newscoop, Nuvvo, Open Text Corporation, OPIDIS, Orchard Project, Organice, OsCMax, OsCommerce, Owis, PDF/UA, Pennd, PENS (software), Perceptive Software, PG Real Estate Solution, Phire CMS, PHP content management system, PHP-Fusion, PHP-Nuke, PHPSlash, PhpWarmSky, Phpweblog, PhpWebSite, Pixie (CMS), Plateau Talent Management Suite, Platformic, Plover Website Builder, Pluck (software), PrestaShop, Project Xanadu, ProjectWise, Pushit, Qiqqa, RavenNuke, Records management, RedDot, Redmap, Refinery CMS, RenovatioCMS, Report2Web, Saepio, Saperion, Satchmo (online store), Serendipity (software), Silex Flash CMS, Sitecore, Sitefinity, Sitekit, SOBI2, SoftSolutions, Sorce intranet, Spider (portal), Squiz, StoryServer, Subtext (software), TangoCMS, TeamSite...and much more

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) with the objectivity of experienced professionals.
A web content management system (WCMS) is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. A robust WCMS provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation.

This book is your ultimate resource for Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) right away, covering: Web content management system, List of content management systems, Content management system, Data proliferation, Information Lifecycle Management, Information repository, List of content management frameworks, Storage virtualization, Accrisoft Freedom, AdaptCMS, Advanced Processing & Imaging, Aiki Framework, Amilia, ArcaCMF, Ariadne (software), Avactis, AxCMS.net, Backbase, Base Feeder, BEdita, Beyondoc, Big Medium, BuddyPress, Campsite (software), Campus medicus, Cascade Server, CcHost, Chamilo, CityDesk, CivicSpace, Cognidox, ColumbiaSoft, Component content management system, Composite C1, Computer Output to Laser Disc, ConcourseConnect, Conference management system, Contegro, Content delivery platform, Content inventory, Content Management Interoperability Services, Content Management Website, Content repository, Content repository API for Java, Content slammer, CoreMedia CMS, Cotonti, Covide, Croogo, Daisy (software), Dashboard (Web administration), Day Software, Django-cms, DocPoint, Documentum, Docuverse, DotCMS, Doxia, Drupal, DynPG, EchoSign, Edicy, Elcom Technology, CDiscovery, Electronic Document and Records Management System, EllisLab, Enprovia, ENQUIRE, Enterprise Content Integration, Enterprise content management, Ever Team, Executive Technologies, EXo Platform, Exponent CMS, Exsite Webware (software), FileDirector, FileHold, Flagship Docs, Flash CMS, Folio Corporation, Geeklog, Geospatial Content Management System, Globalization management system, GNU Enterprise, GX WebManager Community Edition, Habari, Habitat (software), HP TRIM Records Management System, Hylos, IGrafx, Infopark, IonPanel, ISIS Papyrus, Jadu, JCore, Jive SBS, Joint Staff Information Management Division (United States), Journalness, Jumbo Website Manager, Jumper 2.0, Kentico CMS, Knowledge Plaza, KnowledgeTree, KnowledgeView, LaunchPadCMS, LiteDiary, M-Files, Magnolia (CMS), Mediasurface, Merengue (software), MES Hybrid Document Systems, Microsoft Content Management Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Mixedink, MMBase, Mobile content management system, MotoCMS, Movable Type, Newscoop, Nuvvo, Open Text Corporation, OPIDIS, Orchard Project, Organice, OsCMax, OsCommerce, Owis, PDF/UA, Pennd, PENS (software), Perceptive Software, PG Real Estate Solution, Phire CMS, PHP content management system, PHP-Fusion, PHP-Nuke, PHPSlash, PhpWarmSky, Phpweblog, PhpWebSite, Pixie (CMS), Plateau Talent Management Suite, Platformic, Plover Website Builder, Pluck (software), PrestaShop, Project Xanadu, ProjectWise, Pushit, Qiqqa, RavenNuke, Records management, RedDot, Redmap, Refinery CMS, RenovatioCMS, Report2Web, Saepio, Saperion, Satchmo (online store), Serendipity (software), Silex Flash CMS, Sitecore, Sitefinity, Sitekit, SOBI2, SoftSolutions, Sorce intranet, Spider (portal), Squiz, StoryServer, Subtext (software), TangoCMS, TeamSite...and much more

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) with the objectivity of experienced professionals.

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  • List of content management systems
  • Content management system
  • Data proliferation
  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • Information repository
  • List of content management frameworks
  • Storage virtualization
  • Accrisoft Freedom
  • AdaptCMS
  • Advanced Processing & Imaging
  • Aiki Framework
  • Amilia
  • ArcaCMF
  • Ariadne (software)
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  • AxCMS.net
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  • ColumbiaSoft
  • Component content management system
  • Composite C1
  • Computer Output to Laser Disc
  • ConcourseConnect
  • Conference management system
  • Contegro
  • Content delivery platform
  • Content inventory
  • Content Management Interoperability Services
  • Content Management Website
  • Content repository
  • Content repository API for Java
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  • CoreMedia CMS
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  • CDiscovery
  • Electronic Document and Records Management System
  • The aim of Electronic Document and Records Management
  • EllisLab
  • Enprovia
  • Enterprise Content Integration
  • Enterprise content management
  • Ever Team
  • Executive Technologies
  • Executive Technologies, Inc
  • EXo Platform
  • eXo Platform
  • Exponent CMS
  • Exsite Webware (software)
  • FileDirector
  • FileHold
  • Flagship Docs
  • Flash CMS
  • Folio Corporation
  • Geeklog
  • Geospatial Content Management System
  • Globalization management system
  • GNU Enterprise
  • GX WebManager Community Edition
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  • Habitat (software)
  • HP TRIM Records Management System
  • Hylos
  • iGrafx
  • Infopark
  • IonPanel
  • ISIS Papyrus
  • Jadu
  • JCore
  • Jive SBS
  • Joint Staff Information Management Division (United States)
  • Journalness
  • Jumbo Website Manager
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  • MES Hybrid Document Systems
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  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
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  • Mobile content management system
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  • Movable Type
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  • Open Text Corporation
  • Orchard Project
  • Organice
  • osCMax
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  • Owis
  • PDF/UA
  • Pennd
  • PENS (software)
  • Perceptive Software
  • PG Real Estate Solution
  • Phire CMS
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Web Content Management Systems (WCMS


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High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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Web content management system List of content management systems Content management system Data proliferation Information Lifecycle Management Information repository List of content management frameworks Storage virtualization Accrisoft Freedom AdaptCMS Advanced Processing & Imaging Aiki Framework Amilia ArcaCMF Ariadne (software) Avactis AxCMS.net Backbase Base Feeder BEdita Beyondoc Big Medium BuddyPress Campsite (software) Campus medicus Cascade Server ccHost Chamilo CityDesk CivicSpace Cognidox ColumbiaSoft Component content management system Composite C1 1 4 12 13 15 17 18 20 28 30 32 34 37 40 41 42 44 46 47 48 51 54 57 59 61 62 69 70 75 76 78 79 81 82

Computer Output to Laser Disc ConcourseConnect Conference management system Contegro Content delivery platform Content inventory Content Management Interoperability Services Content Management Website Content repository Content repository API for Java Content slammer CoreMedia CMS Cotonti Covide Croogo Daisy (software) Dashboard (Web administration) Day Software Django-cms DocPoint Documentum Docuverse dotCMS Doxia Drupal DynPG EchoSign Edicy Elcom Technology CDiscovery Electronic Document and Records Management System EllisLab Enprovia ENQUIRE Enterprise Content Integration Enterprise content management Ever Team Executive Technologies

84 85 87 88 89 90 93 98 99 100 102 103 104 108 109 110 112 113 116 119 121 124 125 128 130 140 141 142 144 145 146 147 150 152 154 156 171 174

EXo Platform Exponent CMS Exsite Webware (software) FileDirector FileHold Flagship Docs Flash CMS Folio Corporation Geeklog Geospatial Content Management System Globalization management system GNU Enterprise GX WebManager Community Edition Habari Habitat (software) HP TRIM Records Management System Hylos iGrafx Infopark IonPanel ISIS Papyrus Jadu JCore Jive SBS Joint Staff Information Management Division (United States) Journalness Jumbo Website Manager Jumper 2.0 Kentico CMS Knowledge Plaza KnowledgeTree KnowledgeView LaunchPadCMS LiteDiary M-Files Magnolia (CMS) Mediasurface Merengue (software) 175 177 179 180 182 184 185 189 196 198 199 201 204 206 210 212 215 217 218 219 220 225 229 231 232 234 235 236 240 243 245 247 249 250 252 255 257 258 .

MES Hybrid Document Systems Microsoft Content Management Server Microsoft SharePoint Mixedink MMBase Mobile content management system MotoCMS Movable Type Newscoop Nuvvo Open Text Corporation OPIDIS Orchard Project Organice osCMax osCommerce Owis PDF/UA Pennd PENS (software) Perceptive Software PG Real Estate Solution Phire CMS PHP content management system PHP-Fusion PHP-Nuke PHPSlash phpWarmSky Phpweblog phpWebSite Pixie (CMS) Plateau Talent Management Suite platformic Plover Website Builder Pluck (software) PrestaShop Project Xanadu ProjectWise 259 260 262 270 271 272 273 276 279 281 285 289 290 291 293 296 298 298 299 299 300 303 304 307 308 312 315 316 318 319 322 324 327 328 330 333 336 339 .

Pushit Qiqqa RavenNuke Records management RedDot Redmap Refinery CMS RenovatioCMS Report2Web Saepio Saperion Satchmo (online store) Serendipity (software) Silex Flash CMS Sitecore Sitefinity Sitekit SOBI2 SoftSolutions Sorce intranet Spider (portal) Squiz StoryServer Subtext (software) TangoCMS TeamSite Telligent Community TerminalFour ThoughtFarmer Tinderbox (application software) Traction TeamPage Tryton User:Tuxwire/ZextCMS TYPO3 Ubercart uCoz UltraCSDB VDO-X 341 342 344 346 352 354 356 358 361 363 365 367 368 371 373 374 377 379 384 385 387 389 390 391 393 395 398 401 402 404 406 410 413 415 419 421 425 425 .

Licenses and Contributors 476 485 Article Licenses License 488 .Version One Ltd Vignette Corporation Virtual learning environment VIVO (network) Vwar Web content Webnode Webnodes CMS Webra WeoGeo Wolf CMS WordPress Xaraya Xerox DocuShare Zen Cart Zero Footprint Applications Zikula 429 432 436 442 445 446 449 451 454 456 458 460 466 468 471 473 474 References Article Sources and Contributors Image Sources.

A robust WCMS provides the foundation for collaboration. A WCMS typically has[3] [4] : Automated templates Create standard output templates (usually HTML and XML) that can be automatically applied to new and existing content. A WCMS allows non-technical users to make changes to a website with little training. A presentation layer displays the content to website visitors based on a set of templates. the user will be denied access to the page.[2] A CMS facilitates document control. auditing. metadata. Most WCMS software includes WYSIWYG editing tools allowing non-technical individuals to create and edit content. images. Access Control Some WCMS systems support user Groups. and other information assets that might be needed by the system. but some systems require the use of a fat client. and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. Scalable feature sets Most WCMS software includes plug-ins or modules that can be easily installed to extend an existing site's functionality. collaboration. WCMS sites may be able to create microsites/web portals within a main site as well. The templates are sometimes XSLT files. User Groups allow you to control how registered users interact with the site. editing.[1] Most systems use server side caching to improve performance. Administration is typically done through browser-based interfaces. A page on the site can be restricted to one or more groups. allowing the appearance of all content to be changed from one central place. it usually becomes much easier and quicker to edit and manipulate. This means if an Anonymous User (someone not logged on) or a Logged on User who is not a member of the Group a page is restricted to. This works best when the WCMS is not changed often but visits happen regularly. and timeline management. Easily editable content Once content is separated from the visual presentation of a site. depending on the server's settings. Scalable expansion Available in most modern WCMSs is the ability to expand a single implementation (one installation on one server) across multiple domains. Web standards upgrades .Web content management system 1 Web content management system A web content management system (WCMS) is a software system that provides website authoring. A WCMS typically requires a systems administrator and/or a web developer to set up and add features. Capabilities A WCMS is a software system used to control a dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents. but it is primarily a website maintenance tool for non-technical staff. and other forms of media). offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation. Most systems use a database to store page content.

Add-ons may be based on an open-source or paid license model. and document destruction. and hybrid systems. online processing. publication. Collaboration CMS software may act as a Collaboration platform allowing content to be retrieved and worked on by one or many authorized users. or extensions. nodes. blog. HTML may be generated when a user visits the page or pulled from a cache. Versioning is useful for content that changes over time and requires updating. photo galleries. Content syndication CMS software often assists in content distribution by generating RSS and Atom data feeds to other systems. contact management. through revisions. Other advanced forms of collaboration allow multiple users to modify (or comment) a page at the same time in a collaboration session. Multilingual Ability to display content in multiple languages.[5] Document management CMS software may provide a means of collaboratively managing the life cycle of a document from initial creation time. allowing authorized editors to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point. They may also e-mail users when updates are available as part of the workflow process. but it is not published until the copy editor cleans it up and the editor-in-chief approves it.. For example.Web content management system Active WCMS software usually receives regular updates that include new feature sets and keep the system up to current web standards. which provide extended capabilities including forums. spreading out the responsibility of content management. one or many content creators can submit a story. Versioning Like Document Management Systems CMS software may allow the process of versioning by which pages are checked in or out of the WCMS.. Workflow management Workflow is the process of creating cycles of sequential and parallel tasks that must be accomplished in the CMS. and/or code base. archive. wiki. widgets. Online processing (called "frying" systems) These systems apply templates on-demand. Content virtualization CMS software may provide a means of allowing each user to work within a virtual copy of the entire Web site. . Changes can be tracked and authorized for publication or ignored reverting to old versions. Web stores. 2 Types There are three major types of WCMS: offline processing. These terms describe the deployment pattern for the WCMS in terms of when presentation templates are applied to render Web pages from structured content. These are often called modules. document set. add-ons. Delegation Some CMS software allows for various user groups to have limited privileges over specific content on the website. but it may be necessary to go back to or reference a previous copy. etc. Most open source WCMSs have the capability to support add-ons. This enables changes to multiple interdependent resources to be viewed and/or executed in-context prior to submission.

For example. . and hardware maintenance. Longtime WCMS research and evaluation firm Real Story Group (formerly CMS Watch) identifies five different tiers of WCMS vendors and open source projects. they are often not stable enough for static pages and other Web tools.. and who publishes it. large amounts of files can cause issues with updating. ColdFusion. and upkeep are all costs that will be incurred for enterprise systems. WorkFlow management CMSs provide the facility to control how content is published. Load balancing issues may also impair caching files. Certain CMSs may require hardware installations. making pages have a similar theme and design without much code. and may be hard to find. and WordPress. and if cache files that have to be reloaded every time data is updated grow large. particularly search engines. Many CMS tools use a drag and drop AJAX system for their design modes. Others may be affordable based on size subscriptions. Commitment to the software is required on bigger investments. ASP. Advantages Low Cost Some CMSs are free like Drupal. a client updating the site may create errors. Joomla. if databases are not being utilized correctly. planning. Tool Mixing Because the URLs of many CMSs are dynamically generated with internal parameters and reference information. Storage Volume Volume of files may be large in HTML-based systems.[9] Cost of maintenance Maintaining CMSs may require license updates. A site that contains many files leaves itself open to errors. PHP. and certifications. Disadvantages Cost of implementation Larger scale implementations may require training. Other hybrids operate in either an online or offline mode. to rely on them.[7] Although subscriptions can be expensive. upgrades. or Perl pages) rather than just static HTML. Some systems write out executable code (e. developing. Some WCMSs allow administrators to set up rules for workflow management. It makes it easy for beginner users to create custom front-ends. Easy Customization A universal layout is created. JSP. overall the cost of not having to hire full-time developers can lower the total costs. when it is published. guiding content managers through a series of steps required for each of their tasks. so that the CMS itself does not need to be deployed on every Web server.[8] Easy to use CMSs are designed with non-technical people in mind. Trying to find the right file may take time.Web content management system Different WCMSs have significantly different feature sets and target audiences.[6] 3 Hybrid systems Some systems combine the offline and online approaches.g. Commitment to training. Simplicity in design of the admin UI allows website content managers and other users to update content without much training in coding or technical aspects of system maintenance. Latency issues Larger CMSs can experience latency if hardware infrastructure is not up to date. Plus software can be bought based on need for many CMSs.

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000 Yes No No 10.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No IBM Enterprise Content Management AxCMS. uses JSR-170-compliant content repository Oracle.0 Proprietary 2010-10-07 software Proprietary 2010-17-11 software $10. SQL Server 8.net Contegro ASP. PostgreSQL Supports JDBC-compliant databases 10.1 Approx.NET Site Management Java (formerly RedDot) Adobe CQ5 (formerly Day Communiqué WCM) Java Supports Oracle.0 Java 6 Yes No No OpenText Web . DB2 5.000 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No .0. DB2.2 7.4.2 4. SQL Server. This section includes free proprietary software.1 Yes No No No database required. DB2.NET Yes Yes Yes SQL Server SQL Server 9. Java Supports Oracle. Experience SQL Server. SQL Server.Net. Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date Entry-level pricing Web Group Web Enterprise Content Content Content Management Management Management Yes Yes No Atex (software) Polopoly Web CMS CoreMedia WCM Java Supports Oracle. adheres to the JSR-286/v2 Java Portlet Definition Standard Oracle. SQL Server. DB2 Management (formerly Vignette Content Management) OpenText Web ASP.NET ASP. SQL Server. supports Oracle. USD100. supports Oracle. MySQL.0 Yes No No Escenic Content Engine IBM Lotus Web Content Management Java Java 5. MySQL No database required.List of content management systems 5 Proprietary software This section lists proprietary software to be installed and managed on your supplied server. MySQL.

95 Yes Yes Yes SimpleDL Webra PHP PHP 2.2 SP1 7.NET SQL Server (2000.0.0.NET SQL Server (2005 4.0 Proprietary Proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes No No .1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No No No No Proprietary $99.NET SQL Server (2005 or 2008).3 Proprietary 2010-07-19 software Proprietary 2010-09-20 software Proprietary 2011-06-01 software 2009-06-26 Proprietary 2011-5-16 software $15. Oracle.1 2.NET ASP. Oracle or PostgreSQL 3. Oracle Oracle 2010 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Java 11g 6.NET ASP.NET ASP. MySQL SQL Server SQL Server SQL Server MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server MySQL & Solr MySQL.3 5. SQL (14.8.NET Java SQL Server SQL Server Proprietary 8.8 1.0 1.List of content management systems DotNetNuke Professional Edition Ektron CMS400.1000) API Express .2 3. SQL (14.0.7 R 6.000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No ASP.6.2 Proprietary 2011-03-23 software Proprietary 2011-02-23 software Proprietary 2011-02-15 software Yes Yes 6 No ASP.NET SQL Server (2005 4. 2010-04-22 or 2008).1.NET PHP PHP PHP PHP SQL Server.4760.7 SP4 9.0 5.0 Free.NET ASP.7 Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes .NET ASP. 2005 or 2008).8 5.Net Elcom CMS EMC Documentum ECM Hyland OnBase ECM Jadu Kentico CMS SharePoint Server (MOSS) Microsoft SharePoint Foundation OpenText ECM Suite Oracle ECM Suite Sitecore Professional Edition Sitefinity CMS Sitekit CMS Telligent Community Titan CMS Accrisoft Freedom amilia CMS ExpressionEngine Jadu ASP.1000) Open API Express ASP.4760.3 6. Oracle SQL Server SQL Server 1.Net . Oracle ASP.5 R2 Proprietary 2010-12-13 software Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes ASP.0 Proprietary. MSSQL. Open 2010-04-22 or 2008).NET SQL Server 5.5.NET SQL Server.

SQL Server. InterBase.0 6.free. Sybase Latest stable release 2. DB2 HSQLDB. HSQLDB. Java Name jAPS OpenCms Liferay Community Edition Platform Java Java Java RDBMS MySQL.$19 Yes No 7 No Open source software This section lists free and open-source software to be installed and managed on your supplied web server. Apache Derby.6 Licenses GPL LGPL LGPL Latest release date 2009-07-17 2011-05-08 2011-03-10 DSpace Fedora Java Java PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Mulgara (MPTSTore RDF Semantic Triplestore) 1. Version 2. Ingres MySQL. Ingres PostgreSQL MySQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL 1.7. Oracle MySQL.5. HSQLDB HSQL.2 3. Ingres MySQL. SQL Server. Oracle.1 5. Informix.2 Basic .5 0.1 6. MySQL.4.4 GNU GPL v2 LGPL LGPL LGPL 2010-09-16 2011-04-01 2011-06-02 2011-02-16 Java Java Java/GAE Java JCR JCR BigTable 4.0. DB2. Oracle. Oracle. Oracle.8 Continuously GPL & proprietary Apache 2.4 7. MySQL. SQL Server. PostgreSQL. IBM DB2. SQL Server.6 8. Oracle. Oracle.0 GPL & proprietary 2011-05-23 2011-02-07 2010-12-05 Continuously Any Any Yarep/JCR OpenWGA Java MySQL.0 License GPL Apache License.0. PostgreSQL MySQL. Oracle. Oracle. Oracle ORM-DBMS Other database PostgreSQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL SAP. CMIS 5. MSSQL. Ingres MySQL. Pro . SQL Server. JDataStore Oracle MySQL.3 2011-03-16 . SQL Server IBM Lotus Domino.0.3 BSD License Apache License 2011-05-27 2009-12-21 dotCMS LogicalDOC Nuxeo EP Alfresco Community Edition Magnolia Hippo CMS VosaoCMS Yanel Java Java Java Java MySQL.List of content management systems Pulse CMS PHP Flat-file database 1. SQL Server.2 3. Oracle.9.

3 MySQL 2.0.5.NET Edition Kentico CMS mojoPortal Umbraco Orchard Project Webnodes CMS ASP.4. Apache Cocoon Daisy Java. MySQL Latest stable release 2.6 Licenses Mozilla Public License MIT License Commercial license CPL MIT License New BSD License Commercial License Latest release date 2010-10-03 2011-03-23 2011-12-03 2010-08-12 2011-03-14 2011-06-22 2011-06-30 DotNetNuke Community ASP.List of content management systems Java packages/bundle Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release 2.20110124 5.1.NET ASP.0.0 5.R2 2.NET Name Composite C1 Platform ASP.2 3. MySQL. Firebird. MySQL.1. Microsoft SQL Server. SQLCE SQL Server. mod perl.2 5.23 . MySQL.02 [1] Licenses MIT BSD GPL GPL GPL GPL GPL GPL GPL Latest release date 2008-10-02 2011-02-09 2011-01-26 2011-04-16 2011-01-24 2010-05-11 2010-10-10 2007 2010-07-07 5. Apache Cocoon Microsoft ASP. SQLCE SQL Server.8.1 1. SQLite SQL Server 2005+. PostgreSQL Flat-file database Latest stable release 2.8 7.1 Licenses Apache License Apache License Latest release date 2010-01-20 2010-12-16 8 Apache Lenya Java. XML. Oracle.1 3.6. FastCGI Perl Perl on mod perl Perl on mod perl MySQL. SQLite Plain files (under version control) MySQL MySQL Supported databases Flat-file database MySQL. SQLCE. XML.5.1.NET ASP.1 4. PostgreSQL. SQL Server SQL Server SQL Server SQL Server.2 1.3.NET Supported databases XML.0.0.NET Perl Name blosxom Bricolage Exsite Webware Foswiki Ikiwiki Movable Type TWiki Scoop WebGUI Platform Perl Perl on mod_perl Perl Perl Perl Perl.3 3. PostgreSQL.NET ASP.7. SQLite. PostgreSQL MySQL.2 2. SQLCE.NET ASP.7 1.

0 0.2 Revolution 2.5 1.5 2.List of content management systems 9 PHP Name AdaptCMS Lite ATutor b2evolution BEdita BLOG:CMS CivicSpace CMS Made Simple Concrete5 Cotonti Dotclear Drupal DynPG e107 Exponent CMS eZ Publish Frog CMS Geeklog Habari Platform PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP5 PHP5 PHP PHP Supported databases MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL.1 0.9.7 1.4 1.2. PostgreSQL.1 GPL GPL GPL v3 LGPL GPL & proprietary 2011-01-21 2011-07-19 2011-07-17 2010-08-29 2009-10-06 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP (Midgard framework) PHP MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL 1.0 7. PostgreSQL MySQL MySQL MySQL. PostgreSQL.25 0.7.1 4.2 4.3. SQLite MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL. Microsoft SQL Server MySQL.4 5.3 ImpressCMS Joomla! Jumbo Kajona KnowledgeTree Document Management System Lyceum Mambo Mediawiki MiaCMS Midgard CMS MODx PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 1.8.2 [7] Licenses GPL GPL GPL AGPL GPL GPL GPL MIT BSD GPL GPL GPL GPL v2 GPL GPL GPL GPL Apache License Latest release date 2009-07-15 2010-10-20 2011-03-23 [2] 2010-12-07 2008-01-15 2005-05-01 2011-03-05 [3] 2010-11-19 2011-07-02 2010-06-01 2011-06-30 2010-11-23 [4] 2011-04-06 2010-11-03 [5] 2010-09-28 2009-04-26 2011-02-11 2011-05 [8] 0.5 3.1 3. Oracle.16.1-pl / Evolution 1.7. PostgreSQL MySQL.98 4. PostgreSQL.2.2.0. SQLite MySQL. PostgreSQL.4 4. SQLite MySQL [6] Latest stable release 1.5 GPL GPL GPL GPL LGPL GPL 2008-06-04 2008-06-01 2011-04-14 2008-09-11 2010-07-22 2010-09-30 2010-06-07 .2.1.1 0.7. PostgreSQL.9.09.1 4.1 0.1.5 8.6. Microsoft SQL Server MySQL. 1.2 3.4.3 2. SQLite MySQL MySQL SQLite MySQL.0.

11.2.2 1.0.8 2.0 5.2.0 2. SQLite.0 001. Oracle MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL.1. SQLite MySQL. PostgreSQL MySQL MySQL.4 2. Oracle 3.1.5 3.6+ PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP MediaWiki PHP + Smarty PHP 5.29 5.8. SQLite MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL.28.2+ 2011-03-14 2010-08-07 2008-07-08 2010-12-01 2011-07-07 2011-06-20 2009-05-22 2006-01-15 2011-02-06 2009-06-17 2011-05-18 2011-05-25 2009-03-24 2009-10-12 2011-07-20 2010-12-23 2010-08-27 2010-09-23 Serendipity SilverStripe SPIP TangoCMS Textpattern Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Tribiq CMS TYPO3 whCMS WolfCMS WordPress Wuzly Xaraya XOOPS Zikula PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 2.1.1 of content management systems MySource Matrix (Squiz) Nucleus CMS Ocportal Opus papaya CMS Phire CMS PHP-Fusion PHP-Nuke PHPSlash phpWarmSky phpWebSite pimcore PivotX Pixie (CMS) RavenNuke CMS RenovatioCMS SMW+ [10] 10 PostgreSQL.2 1.5.03 8.6 1.0 7.5.1 2.2 0.5 GPL or warranted version from Squiz GPL CPAL GPL GNU/GPL 2 New BSD License AGPLv3 GPL GPL GPL LGPL BSD GPL GPL GPL GPL GPL BSD BSD 2011-02-07 [9] PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP5 PHP 5.1 0. Oracle MySQL.7. PostgreSQL MySQL MySQL. PostgreSQL MySQL MySQL.64 5.4.9 3.1 4.5 1. PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL. Flat-file database MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL.2. PostgreSQL. GPL GNU/GPL 2 GPL LGPL GPL GPL GPL GPL v3 GPL GPL GPL GPL GPL 2011-01-14 [11] 2010-11-29 2011-03-26 2011-06-10 2010-09-22 2011-02-25 2008-08-10 2011-04-12 2011-07-04 [12] 2011-02-13 2010-05-16 2010-07-11 2010-08-21 .5 4. SQLite MySQL MySQL MySQL.2 1.1 0.3 1.100 1.4.2 2.6.1 1. MSSQL. SQLite MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL. Oracle. MySQLi. PostgreSQL.2 7. PostgreSQL.103 0.4.0 1. Microsoft SQL Server.5.4.

org/ news/ exponent-cms-and-a-push-for-the-future) .9. GemStone Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date 5.6. 2. new forums.1 [18] Flagship Docs Ruby on Rails Radiant MIT MIT MIT MIT 2010-02-02 2010-06-27 2011-05-27 2011-02-23 Ruby on Rails MySQL. SQLite. org/ cgi-bin/ view/ Codev/ DownloadTWiki) [2] http:/ / b2evolution.9.9.0 0.1 with error.6 2. dynpg.2. Oracle Flat-file database MySQL. VisualWorks. Flat-file database Flat-file database [13] 11 Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date 3. PostgreSQL.0 0.7. Squeak. PostgreSQL. SQLite.4 2011-05-25a 1.24 [15] GPL GPL GPL GPL GPL 2011-05-15 2011-05-25 2008-03-18 2011-05-25 2011-02-15 SQLite [14] Python Name Platform Supported databases PostgreSQL. org/ 2011/ 03/ Announcing-CMSMS-1-9-4-Faanui/ ?utm_source=feedburner& utm_medium=feed& utm_campaign=Feed:+ cmsmadesimple/ blog+ (CMS+ Made+ Simple)) [4] DynPG Update 4. php?t=DynPG+ Update+ 4.1 1.3 4.2. SQLite 3 and Oracle MySQL. SQLite Refinery CMS Ruby on Rails Typo Ruby on Rails 1.4 Others Name Platform Supported databases PostgreSQL/Oracle Pharo.0 6.1. org/ cms-freeware_en.4 – Faanui – CMS Made Simple (http:/ / www.0 GPL MIT 2010-06-30 2011-01-06 OpenACS Tcl AOLserver Pier Smalltalk References [1] DownloadTWiki < Codex < TWiki (http:/ / twiki. MySQL.0. SQLite.0 2.0.4 Licenses Latest release date BSD LGPL GPL GPL 2011-01-27 2011-04-21 [16] Django-cms Python/Django Merengue MoinMoin Plone Python/Django Python Python/Zope 2010-06-27 2011-03-05 Ruby on Rails Name Platform Supported databases MySQL. PostgreSQL. SQLite Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date 2.2. PostgreSQL. net/ downloads/ index.2. PostgreSQL. ZODB. 1+ with+ error. cmsmadesimple.11 2. exponentcms. PostgreSQL. new release from 23th November . SQLite MySQL. DB2[17] MySQL.0. Oracle. html [3] Announcing CMSMS 1.List of content management systems File/flat file Name CMSimple Dokuwiki phpWiki PivotX PmWiki Platform PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP Supported databases Flat-file database Flat-file database MySQL MySQL. via Zope Latest stable release 2.+ new+ release+ from+ 23th+ November& read_article=232) [5] Exponent CMS with new site.DynGP CMS: Websites easy administrated with this Content Management System (http:/ / www. and releases for both codelines (http:/ / www.

impresscms. The procedures are designed to do the following: • Allow for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data • Control access to data. scientific data. corrige une importante faille de sécurité – SPIP – Contrib (http:/ / www. 3F) [7] (http:/ / habariproject. pmwiki. habariproject. pmwiki. ontoprise. phone numbers. org/ wiki/ Cookbook/ SQLite) [15] PmWiki | PmWiki / Release Notes (http:/ / www. org/ en/ download) [8] ImpressCMS Community: Updated 1. . Version control is one of the primary advantages of a CMS. eliminate bottlenecks. details and records related to the organizational processes of an enterprise. The main objectives of Enterprise content management are to streamline access.2. The purpose and result is to manage the organization's unstructured information content. etc. org/ modules/ smartsection/ item.The ImpressCMS Project Announcement . release . org/ download/ ) [18] Radiant . and publishing documentation.List of content management systems [6] FAQ – Habari Project (http:/ / wiki. CMSs are frequently used for storing. net/ SPIP-2-1-8-corrige-une-importante-faille-de-securite) [12] WordPress 3. documents.RubyGems. com) [11] SPIP 2. org/ wiki/ PmWiki/ FlatFileAdvantages) [14] PmWiki . controlling. revising. publish. spip-contrib. merengueproject. edit. org/ news/ merengue-071-released/ [17] Radiant (http:/ / radiantcms.2 (http:/ / wordpress.4. org/ news/ 2011/ 07/ gershwin/ ) [13] PmWiki | PmWiki / FlatFileAdwantages (http:/ / www.org (http:/ / rubygems. Enterprise content management systems An enterprise content management system (ECM) is content. semantically enriching. with all its diversity of format and location.) • Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data • Reduce repetitive duplicate input • Improve the ease of report writing • Improve communication between users In a CMS. Serving as a central repository. org/ gems/ radiant) 12 Content management system A content management system (CMS) is the collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. movies. php?itemid=528) [9] Nucleus CMS: Pure Publishing (http:/ / nucleuscms. optimize security and maintain integrity. php?itemid=3060) [10] Semantic MediaWiki Plus (http:/ / smwforum.1.8. the CMS increases the version level of new updates to an already existing file. and so forth.Cookbook / SQLite PageStore class (http:/ / www.News and Articles: Make a Lasting Impression (http:/ / community. org/ wiki/ PmWiki/ ReleaseNotes) [16] http:/ / www. The system manages the content related to commercial organizations. based on user roles (defining which information users or user groups can view. data can be defined as nearly anything: documents. These procedures can be manual or computer-based. pictures. org/ en/ FAQ#Does_Habari_work_with_PostgreSQL. org/ index. pmwiki.

company e-mail systems spawn large amounts of data. org/ documentation/ faq/ what-is-a-cms Data proliferation Data proliferation refers to the prodigious amount of data. the content is stored and managed at the sub-document (or component) level for greater content reuse. This has made it very easy to dump data into secondary storage immediately after its window of usability has passed. Component content management system In a component content management system (CCMS). 4. from raw power to maintenance and from metadata to search engines.[2] Data proliferation is problematic for several reasons: . 5. local and national governments. that businesses and governments continue to generate at an unprecedented rate and the usability problems that result from attempting to store and manage that data. audio and even video files.S. And whether it’s relevant or not. Although the power required to maintain a unit of data has fallen. the associated costs. 3. While originally pertaining to problems associated with paper documentation. structured and unstructured. Maintaining Security Managing Objects Managing Servers Managing Auditing Maintaining Report References [1] http:/ / plone. While digital storage has become cheaper. Business e-mail – some of it important to the enterprise. This masks problems that could gravely affect the profitability of businesses and the efficient functioning of health services. [1] “ At the simplest level. police and security forces. and many other types of organization. submit and manage contents Web Programming Languages or Markup Languages such as HTML or the uploading of files. CMS has five main functions: 1.[4] Problems caused The problem of data proliferation is affecting all areas of commerce as the result of the availability of relatively inexpensive data storage devices. data proliferation has become a major problem in primary and secondary data storage on computers. 2. allowing content creators to create. have not kept up with the proliferation of data. military since August of 1971. the cost of facilities which house the digital storage has tended to rise.Content management system 13 Web content management systems A web content management (WCM) system is a CMS designed to simplify the publication of web content to web sites and mobile devices — in particular.[1] Several web-based content management systems exist both in the Open Source and commercial domains. [2] —IBM Global Technology Services ” Data proliferation has been documented as a problem for the U. some much less so – is estimated to be growing at a rate of 25-30% annually.[3] Efforts to mitigate data proliferation and the problems associated with it are ongoing. in particular regarding the excessive documentation submitted during the acquisition of major weapon systems. the load on the system is being magnified by practices such as multiple addressing and the attaching of large text.

uk/ TMTPredictions/ technology/ Downsizing-digital-attic-data-storage. pdf) [5] “Dealing with data proliferation”. • Slower networks and application performance due to excess traffic as users search and search again for the material they need. A 100 terabyte system will cost up to $35. September 19.Data proliferation • Difficulty when trying to find and retrieve information.[2] References [1] "Downsizing the digital attic" (http:/ / www.000 current and past customers that a tape containing confidential information had been lost or destroyed in transit. com/ printthis/ 2005/ 0. IBM Global Technology Services. October 2003 (http:/ / findarticles. deloitte. itbusiness. it business.[7] 14 Proposed solutions • • • • • • Applications that better utilize modern technology Reductions in duplicate data (especially as caused by data movement) Improvement of metadata structures Improvement of file and storage transfer structures User education and discipline[3] The implementation of Information Lifecycle Management solutions to eliminate low-value information as early as possible before putting the rest into actively managed long-term storage in which it can be quickly and cheaply accessed. July 2006] [3] Evolution of the Data Proliferation Problem within Major Air Force Acquisition Programs. • Data loss and legal liability when data is disorganized. Security (http:/ / www. cfm). org/ pdf/ Jun02/ dod. Vawn Himmelsbach. ibm.4814. In April 2005. Deloitte Technology Predictions. html) [7] "Power and storage: the hidden cost of ownership”.7 billion lawsuit against Morgan Stanley issued an "adverse inference order" against the company for "willful and gross abuse of its discovery obligations. com/ servers/ storage/ solutions/ pdf/ toxic_tb. In May of the same year. on average it takes employees more than one hour per week to find hard-copy documents. com/ p/ articles/ mi_m0BRZ/ is_10_23/ ai_111062988) . For businesses with more than 10 employees. Stolen or Strayed”. thic. ca/ it/ client/ en/ home/ News.040 a year to run—not counting cooling costs.ca: Canadian Technology News. 020612. costing $2. Ameritrade Holding Corporation told 200. co. In March 2005.000 current and former employees had been lost en route to a storage facility. [2] “The Toxic [[Terabyte (http:/ / www-03. rroderique." The judge cited Morgan Stanley for repeatedly finding misplaced tapes of e-mail messages long after the company had claimed that it had turned over all such tapes to the court. At Xerox.[6] • Increased manpower requirements to manage increasingly chaotic data storage resources. not properly replicated. pdf)]”. 2006 (http:/ / www. a Florida judge hearing a $2. or cannot be found in a timely manner. . computerworld. dtic. Computer Technology Review. this increases to almost two hours per week at $5.00. asp?id=40615& cid=13) [6] “Data: Lost. (http:/ / stinet. Time Warner Incorporated reported that 40 tapes containing personal data on 600. mil/ oai/ oai?& verb=getRecord& metadataPrefix=html& identifier=AD0892652) [4] Data Proliferation: Stop That (http:/ / www. Computer World.152 a year to manage and store them.760 per year. problems finding electronic data are analogous to problems finding hard copy data.[2] • High cost in terms of the energy resources required to operate storage hardware.103541.[5] In large networks of primary and secondary data storage.

it applies to any and all informational assets. negatives. and data. attempts have been made by the Information Technology and Information Storage industries (SNIA association) to assign a new broader definition to Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) according to this broad view: • Information Lifecycle Management comprises the policies. Infrastructure Infrastructure facets of ILM include the logical and physical architectures. Examples of these are birth. And while it is generally applied to information that rises to the classic definition of a record (Records management). Video Lifecycle Management (VLM) is a video aware subset of ILM. During its existence. . death. Policy ILM Policy consists of the overarching storage and information policies that drive management processes. in a more general perspective the term "business" must be taken in a broad sense. is an emerging area where ILM has become relevant. Specifically. test. for example. and day-to-day processes and procedures necessary to manage a storage architecture. and tools used to align the business value of information with the most appropriate and cost effective IT infrastructure from the time information is conceived through its final disposition. and data center constraints. the relationship between applications and the production. In this sense ILM has been part of the overall approach of ECM Enterprise content management. the applications dependent upon the storage platforms. requirements for system availability and recovery times. policies generally tie into a framework of overall IT governance and management. and restart. While most records are thought of as having a relationship to enterprise business. information can become a record by being identified as documenting a business transaction or as satisfying a business need. practices. four categories of storage strategies may be considered under the auspices of ILM. and service level agreements (SLAs). Much recorded information serves to document an event or a critical point in history. archiving and long-term retention. photographs. In the year 2004. not all do. This practice has been used by Records and Information Management (RIM) Professionals for over three decades and had its basis in the management of information in paper or other physical forms (microfilm. Operational Operational aspects of ILM include backup and data protection. Therefore. Policies are dictated by business goals and drivers. ILM includes every phase of a "record" from its beginning to its end. Within the application realm. security of storage. medical/health and educational records. and not forcibly tied to direct commercial or enterprise contexts. restore. data replication.Information Lifecycle Management 15 Information Lifecycle Management Information Lifecycle Management refers to a wide-ranging set of strategies for administering storage systems on computing devices. processes. Definition Information Lifecycle Management (sometimes abbreviated ILM) is the practice of applying certain policies to the effective management of information throughout its useful life. disaster recovery. metadata. However. and development requirements are generally most relevant for ILM. Information is aligned with business processes through management policies and service levels associated with applications. change control processes. information. audio or video recordings and other assets). e-Science.

Filing is actually the process of arranging information in a predetermined sequence and creating a system to manage it for its useful existence within an organization. the information is tracked by the use of various processes to ensure it is returned and/or available to others who may need access to it. or other sources. drawings. This includes both internal and external distribution. Additional items to consider when establishing a retention period are any business needs that may exceed those requirements and consideration of the potential historic. and can generate business decisions.after which its importance and usage declines. While removed from the files. these may be held for periods of 25 years or longer. retrieval from files and providing access to users authorized by the organization to have access to the information. "Although a small percentage of organizational information never loses its value. Use takes place after information is distributed internally. This can include processes such as filing. retrieval and transfers. statutory and legal requirements for management of information for the industry in which the organization operates. computer input/output. it is less . or serve other purposes. The record then makes its life cycle transition to a semi-active and finally to an inactive state. While this is relatively easy to accomplish with paper or microfilm based records by providing appropriate environmental conditions and adequate protection from potential hazards. based on research of the regulatory. If the information has met all of these needs and is no longer considered to be valuable. intrinsic or enduring value of the information. as information that leaves an organization becomes a record of a transaction with others. Failure to establish a sound method for filing information makes its retrieval and use nearly impossible. Maintenance is the management of information. The value of nearly all business information is greatest soon after it is created and generally remains active for only a short time --one to three years or so-. forms. the value of most information tends to decline over time until it has no further value to anyone for any purpose. Based on the period assigned in the retention schedule. or may even be assigned a retention period of "indefinite" or "permanent".' Long-term records are those that are identified to have a continuing value to an organization. This may include ensuring that others cannot obtain access to outdated or obsolete information as well as measures for protection privacy and confidentiality. it should be disposed of by means appropriate for the content. Distribution is the process of managing the information once it has been created or received. Less frequently accessed records may be considered for relocation to an 'inactive records facility' until they have met their assigned retention period. Disposition is the practice of handling information that is less frequently accessed or has met its assigned retention periods. The term "permanent" is used much less frequently outside of the Federal Government. there is much more involved. It includes correspondence. Transferring information refers to the process of responding to requests." [1] Retention periods are based on the creation of an organization-specific retention schedule. document further actions. reports. These are: • • • • • Creation and Receipt Distribution Use Maintenance Disposition Creation and Receipt deals with records from their point of origination. There is a need to ensure records of a continuing value are managed using methods that ensure they remain persistently accessible for length of the time they are retained. there are five phases identified as being part of the lifecycle continuum along with one exception.Information Lifecycle Management 16 Functionality For the purposes of business records. This could include their creation by a member of an organization at varying levels or receipt of information from an external source. While the connotation of 'filing' presumes the placing of information in a prescribed container and leaving it there. as it is not feasible to establish a requirement for such a retention period.

Information repositories were developed to mitigate problems arising from data proliferation and eliminate the need for separately deployed data storage solutions because of the concurrent deployment of diverse storage technologies running diverse operating systems.) • Secondary storage resource management Data is processed according to media type. and reliable failover. and operate autonomously. policies and procedures must be established for the periodic conversion and migration of information stored electronically to ensure it remains accessible for its required retention periods. data age. They feature centralized management for all deployed data storage resources. p. track of off-line media. data storage resources are virtualized as composite storage sets and operate as a federated environment. . and then purged. In information repositories. de-duplicated. They are self-contained. and terminate media. Media is subject to both degradation and obsolescence over its lifespan. games. and data content. storage pool. and storage technology. 17 References [1] (Stephens. based on data service level objectives and requirements. networked data storage technologies running on diverse operating systems. Exceptions occur with non-recurring issues outside the normal day to day operations. litigation hold or legal freeze is requested by an attorney.34) Stephens. they are designed to be easy to deploy and offer configuration flexibility. 2007. Federal Rules on discovery of electronically stored information (ESI) (http://www. support resource management to add. Automated data management Since one of the main reasons for the implementation of an Information repository is to reduce the maintenance workload placed on IT staff by traditional data storage systems. There are unique concerns related to ensuring the format they are generated/captured in remains viable and the media they are stored on remains accessible. Because information repositories are intended to reduce IT staff workload. events. David. support heterogeneous storage resources. Policies manage the following: • File system space management • Irrelevant data elimination (mp3. redundancy. etc. Automation is accomplished via polices that can process data based on time. where data that no longer needs to be in primary storage is protected. classified according to captured metadata.com/ 2006/12/articles/news-updates/ ediscovery-amendments-to-the-federal-rules-of-civil-procedure-go-into-effect-today/) Information repository An information repository is an easy way to deploy a secondary tier of data storage that can comprise multiple. recycle. What follows is that the records manager will place a legal hold inside the records management application which will stop the files from being enqueued for disposition. virtually limitless extensibility. Records Management: Making the Transition from Paper to Electronic (2007) External links • U. automatically.S.Information Lifecycle Management simple for electronic format records. maintain. One example of this is a legal hold. information repositories are automated. and therefore. processed.ediscoverylaw.

Name Alfresco ALPHA Framework Apache Jackrabbit Apache Lenya Apache Sling appRain [2] Java PHP and MySQL Java Java. On the “specific” end of the spectrum. enable end users to search the information repository. http://www.Information repository 18 Data recovery Information repositories feature robust. http://www. or any number of other things with the wood and steel. you would have something whose form is very specialized because it’s meant for a specific purpose—like. say. a hammer. References • NGDC Conference: Understand advanced IT infrastructures.htm List of content management frameworks A content management framework (CMF) is an application programming interface for creating a customized content management system (CMS). You could make a hammer. Of course. while chunks of wood and steel are more “configurable” than a hammer. you would have something much more abstracted. client based data search and recovery capabilities that.networkworld. Apache Cocoon Java. based on permissions. Protecting Information: Benefits of a Federated Information Repository as a Secondary Storage Tier. view information repository contents. including data on off-line media. JSP. they aren’t terribly useful because few people have the specialized knowledge to work with such raw materials. On the other end of the spectrum.com/ngdc/ • SNIA Enterprise Information World 2007 Conference: Benefits of a Federated Information Repository as a Secondary Storage Tier. for a variety of purposes—like some wood and a chunk of steel. The relationship between a CMF and a CMS can be illustrated by the following analogy: Unlike a typical CMS.[1] Below is a list of notable systems that claim to be CMFs. and recover individual files or multiple files to either their original network computer or another network computer.com/abstracts/benefits_federated_info. ECMAScript PHP5 and MySQL PHP5 and MySQL Perl Perl Perl Python PHP and MySQL PHP5 and MySQL Technologies ArcaCMF AxKit Catalyst CGI::Application CherryPy CodeIgniter Cotonti . Picture a range of measurement where one end of the scale is labeled “specific” and the other end “abstract”. a CMF is geared more towards configurability and customization. that is available to be configured any way you like.enterpriseinformationworld.

PHP5.List of content management frameworks Cuyahoga Diem Django-CMS Drupal Exponent CMS eZ Publish FeinCMS ASP. MS SQL Server Python. PHP. PHP5.0 Mambo Maypole Midgard MODx CMS OpenACS phpXCore Pier Pimcore Plone RIFE Seagull SilverStripe (Sapphire framework) TangoCMS TwoKIWI TYPO3 Umbraco Microsoft SharePoint Server Microsoft SharePoint Foundation WordPress Xaraya XOOPS PHP and MySQL PHP and MySQL PHP and MySQL Perl GLib. Django and MySQL/PostgreSQL PHP and MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL/SQLite An MVC framework using PHP and MySQL PHP4. works with Microsoft SQL Server or Windows Internal Database . Oracle. Microsoft SQL Server PHP5 and MySQL PHP and MySQL PHP and MySQL . works with MSSQL.NET Framework. PostgreSQL. MySQL/PostgreSQL Python. Oracle or PostgreSQL PHP5.1. works with MySQL. Django and MySQL/PostgreSQL 19 Jakarta Slide (Retired. VistaDB. D-Bus.NET Framework.x-5 and MySQL 3. Python and MySQL PHP 4. MySQL.NET and MySQL.NET Framework. Doctrine. MS SQL (based on NHibernate) PHP.NET UserControls . Look at Jackrabbit as an alternative. with XSLT or . works with Microsoft SQL Server or Windows Internal Database PHP and MySQL PHP and MySQL PHP and MySQL . PostgreSQL.2x-5 AOLserver and PostgreSQL or Oracle PHP and MySQL Smalltalk and Seaside PHP and MySQL Python Java PHP4.) Java Joomla! Jumper 2. Symfony. works with MySQL. PostgreSQL.

Block virtualization Address space remapping Virtualization of storage helps achieve location independence by abstracting the physical location of the data. A 'front-end' LUN or volume is presented to a host or computer system for use. to front-end resources. In a block-based storage environment. FICON or other protocols. a 'storage system' is also known as a storage array or Disk array or a filer. iSCSI. apprain. Some implementations may limit the granularity of the mapping which may limit the capabilities of the device. SAS. This provides opportunities to optimize storage use and server consolidation and to perform non-disruptive file migrations. 'back-end' refers to a LUN that is not presented to a computer. or host system for direct use. Block access is typically delivered over Fibre Channel.List of content management frameworks 20 References 32 Useful content management framework [3] List of Useful content management framework [1] The Drupal Overview (http:/ / drupal. or file accessed storage. Specifically. Within the context of a storage system. Broadly speaking. Typical granularities range from a single physical disk down to some small subset (multiples of megabytes or gigabytes) of the physical disk. The actual form of the mapping will depend on the chosen implementation. This separation allows the administrators of the storage system greater flexibility in how they manage storage for end users. com/ content-management-system/ content-management-framework/ Storage virtualization Storage virtualization or storage virtualisation is a concept and term used within computer science. Disk drives are only one element within a storage system. org/ getting-started/ before/ overview) [2] http:/ / www. Virtualization maps space between back-end resources. and may be thought of as a special purpose computer designed to provide storage capacity along with advanced data protection features. along with hardware and special purpose embedded software within the system. a single block of information is addressed using a logical unit identifier (LUN) and an offset within that LUN . dreamcss. It is possible to have multiple layers of virtualization or mapping. there are two primary types of virtualization that can occur: • Block virtualization used in this context refers to the abstraction (separation) of logical storage from physical storage so that it may be accessed without regard to physical storage or heterogeneous structure. The virtualization system presents to the user a logical space for data storage and handles the process of mapping it to the actual physical location. In this instance. File access is often provided using NFS or CIFS protocols. com [3] http:/ / blog. Storage systems can provide either block accessed storage. storage systems may use virtualization concepts as a tool to enable better functionality and more advanced features within the storage system. Storage systems are complex.known as a Logical Block Address (LBA). Storage systems typically use special hardware and software along with disk drives in order to provide very fast and reliable storage for computing and data processing. . It is then possible that the output of one layer of virtualization can then be used as the input for a higher layer of virtualization.[1] • File virtualization addresses the NAS challenges by eliminating the dependencies between the data accessed at the file level and the location where the files are physically stored.

The level of granularity. LBA=32 Perform a meta-data look up for LUN ID=1. and instead calculate locations using an algorithm. These implementations utilize dynamic methods to calculate the location on access. Applicable for shorter distances (<200 km) • Asynchronous Mirroring . It will receive an incoming I/O request containing information about the location of the data in terms of the logical disk (vdisk) and translates this into a new I/O request to the physical disk location. I/O redirection The virtualization software or device uses the meta-data to re-direct I/O requests. it is common to utilize three layers of virtualization. Replication Data replication techniques are not limited to virtualization appliances and as such are not described here in detail. LBA32 Capabilities Most implementations allow for heterogeneous management of multi-vendor storage devices within the scope of a given implementation's support matrix. For this reason.where I/O completion is returned before the remote site has acknowledged the completion. Applicable for much greater distances (>200 km) • Point-In-Time Snapshots to copy or clone data for diverse uses . One common method to address these limits is to use multiple levels of virtualization. replication services must be implemented above the software or device that is performing the virtualization. This mapping information is often called meta-data and is stored as a mapping table. The address space may be limited by the capacity needed to maintain the mapping table. When storage is virtualized.[2] Some implementations do not use a mapping table. This means that the following capabilities are not limited to a single vendor's device (as with similar capabilities provided by specific storage controllers) and are in fact possible across different vendors' devices. This is true because it is only above the virtualization layer that a true and consistent image of the logical disk (vdisk) can be copied. However most implementations will provide some or all of these replication services. rather than storing the information in a mapping table. • Remote data replication for disaster recovery • Synchronous Mirroring . In several storage systems deployed today. between the amount of addressable capacity and the granularity or access granularity. and the total addressable space both directly impact the size of the meta-data. LBA=32.Storage virtualization 21 Meta-data The virtualization software or device is responsible for maintaining a consistent view of all the mapping information for the virtualized storage. and finds this maps to physical LUN ID=7. this renders any replication services provided by the underlying storage controllers useless. LBA0 Receives the data back from the physical LUN Sends the data back to the originator as if it had come from vdisk LUN ID=1. This limits the services that some implementations can implement or makes them seriously difficult to implement. and hence the mapping table. it is common to have trade-offs. For example the virtualization device may : • • • • • Receive a read request for vdisk LUN ID=1.where I/O completion is only returned when the remote site acknowledges the completion. If the virtualization is implemented in the network or higher. LBA0 Sends a read request to physical LUN ID=7.

The host only knows about the logical disk (the mapped LUN) and so any changes to the meta-data mapping is transparent to the host. There are many day to day tasks a storage administrator has to perform that can be simply and concurrently performed using data migration techniques. When the data has been copied or moved. This means the actual data can be moved or replicated to another physical location without affecting the operation of any client. Enhanced features are easy to provide in this environment : • Thin Provisioning to maximize storage utilization • This is relatively easy to implement as physical storage is only allocated in the mapping table when it is used. Most implementations allow for this to be done in a non-disruptive manner. and how quickly the previous location is marked as free. • • • • Moving data off an over-utilized storage device. and the virtual storage space will scale up by the same amount. The mapping granularity dictates how quickly the meta-data can be updated. The smaller the granularity the faster the update. enables space-efficient snapshots 22 Pooling The physical storage resources are aggregated into storage pools. Disk management The software or device providing storage virtualization becomes a common disk manager in the virtualized environment. therefore freeing up the physical storage at the old location. • Disk expansion and shrinking • More physical storage can be allocated by adding to the mapping table (assuming the using system can cope with online expansion) • Similarly disks can be reduced in size by removing some physical storage from the mapping (uses for this are limited as there is no guarantee of what resides on the areas removed) Benefits Non-disruptive data migration One of the major benefits of abstracting the host or server from the actual storage is the ability to migrate data while maintaining concurrent I/O access. More storage systems. The process of moving the physical location is known as data migration. from which the logical storage is created. This process is fully transparent to the applications using the storage infrastructure. which may be heterogeneous in nature. less space required and quicker the old storage can be freed up. thus providing a common place or way for managing all volumes in the environment. Logical disks (vdisks) are created by the virtualization software or device and are mapped (made visible) to the required host or server. the meta-data can simply be updated to point to the new location. how much extra capacity is required during the migration. that is concurrently while the host continues to perform I/O to the logical disk (or LUN). Moving data onto a faster storage device as needs require Implementing an Information Lifecycle Management policy Migrating data off older storage devices (either being scrapped or off-lease) .Storage virtualization • When combined with thin provisioning. can be added as and when needed.

Most implementations will provide some form of back-out procedure and with the data migration services it is at least possible. A new logical disk can be simply allocated from the available pool. or an existing disk can be expanded. Backing out of a virtual storage environment therefore requires the reconstruction of the logical disks as contiguous disks that can be used in a traditional manner. Storage can be assigned where it is needed at that point in time. traditional storage controller management is still required. For example virtualization implemented within a storage controller adds no extra overhead to host based interoperability. This may be larger than is required. In a virtual environment. system administrators no longer have to search for disks that have free space to allocate to a particular host or server. In a traditional environment. multiple independent storage devices. including error and fault management. but time consuming. reducing the need to guess how much a given host will need in the future. thus the using system thinks it has a very large disk from day 1. . the administrator can create a very large thin provisioned logical disk. Pooling also means that all the available storage capacity can potentially be used. Fewer points of management With storage virtualization. and Thin Provisioning services. When all available storage capacity is pooled. multi-pathing software and connectivity hardware. Using Thin Provisioning.Storage virtualization Improved utilization Utilization can be increased by virtue of the pooling. the logical disk (LUN) is assigned the capacity required by the using host. but will require additional support of other storage controllers if they are to be virtualized by the same software. Interoperability requirements differ based on the implementation chosen. an entire disk would be mapped to a host. that may be scattered over a network. Network based appliances have the highest level of interoperability requirements as they have to interoperate with all devices. the creation and maintenance of RAID arrays. Interoperability and vendor support Interoperability is a key enabler to any virtualization software or device. 23 Risks Backing out a failed implementation Once the abstraction layer is in place. migration. only the virtualizer knows where the data actually resides on the physical medium. thus wasting space. However. That is. storage and hosts. It applies to the actual physical storage controllers and the hosts. which can be managed centrally. their operating systems. Switch based virtualization may not require specific host interoperability — if it uses packet cracking techniques to redirect the I/O. appear to be a single monolithic storage device.

especially in-band (symmetric) designs in particular — these implementations actually handle the I/O requests and so latency becomes an issue. where the meta-data lookup occurs before the information is read or written. Any implementation must ensure its protection with appropriate levels of back-ups and replicas. The performance and scalability characteristics are directly influenced by the chosen implementation. In-band. Performance and scalability In some implementations the performance of the physical storage can actually be improved. Some implementations restrict the ability to provide certain fast update functions.Storage virtualization Complexity Complexity affects several areas : • Management of environment : Although a virtual storage infrastructure benefits from a single point of logical disk and replication service management. throughput has to be considered. such as point-in-time copies and caching where super fast updates are required to ensure minimal latency to the actual I/O being performed. bandwidth is less of a concern as the meta-data are a tiny fraction of the actual I/O size. Meta-data management Information is one of the most valuable assets in today's business environments. 24 . It is important to be able to reconstruct the meta-data in the event of a catastrophic failure. The meta-data management also has implications on performance.network based. Caching however requires the visibility of the data contained within the I/O request and so is limited to in-band and symmetric virtualization software and devices. virtualization brings a whole range of new ideas and concepts to think about (as detailed here) • The software or device itself : Some implementations are more complex to design and code . where the inclusion of additional software or device instances provides increased scalability and potentially increased bandwidth. mainly due to caching. the mapping of logical to physical requires some processing power and lookup tables. symmetric flow through designs are directly limited by their processing power and connectivity bandwidths. due to the abstraction layer. Most implementations provide some form of scale-out model. Once virtualized. The bandwidth into and out of the meta-data lookup software directly impacts the available system bandwidth. Therefore every implementation will add some small amount of latency. due to the I/O having to flow through the software or device. If the meta-data are lost. Problem determination and fault isolation can also become complex. • Infrastructure design : Traditional design ethics may no longer apply. the physical storage must still be managed. so is all the actual data as it would be virtually impossible to reconstruct the logical drives without the mapping information. In addition to response time concerns. the meta-data are the glue in the middle. However these implementations also directly influence the latency of an I/O request (cache miss). Any virtualization software or device must be able to keep all the copies of the meta-data atomic and quickly updateable. Due to the nature of virtualization. Assuming the software or device is efficiently designed this impact should be minimal when compared with the latency associated with physical disk accesses. In asymmetric implementations.

(links. In some cases volume management is built-in to the operating system. Simple data storage devices. For the purposes of this article we will only discuss the later style which do actually virtualize other storage devices. in Windows called Logical Disk Manager or LDM). Volumes (LUN's) presented to the host system are handled by a traditional physical device driver. Pros • • • • No additional hardware or infrastructure requirements Simple to design and code Supports any storage type Improves storage utilization without thin provisioning restrictions Cons • • • • Storage utilization optimized only on a per host basis Replication and data migration only possible locally to that host Software is unique to each operating system No easy way of keeping host instances in sync with other instances Specific examples • Technologies: • Logical volume management • File systems e. Advanced disk arrays often feature cloning. Note: Host based volume managers were in use long before the term storage virtualization had been coined. and provides the meta-data lookup and I/O mapping. like single hard disk drives.g. CIFS/NFS) • Automatic mounting e. But even the simplest disk arrays provide a logical to physical abstraction. A new breed of disk array controllers allows the downstream attachment of other storage devices. do not provide any virtualization. several categories have existed for years and have only recently been classified as virtualization. that performs virtualization tasks. snapshots and remote replication. as a privileged task or process. However. Most modern operating systems have some form of logical volume manager built-in (LVM in UNIX/Linux. as they use RAID schemes to join multiple disks in a single array (and possibly later divide the array it into smaller volumes). (autofs) Storage device-based Like host-based virtualization. and in other instances it is offered as a separate product. a software layer (the volume manager) resides above the disk device driver intercepts the I/O requests.Storage virtualization 25 Implementation approaches There are three main implementation approaches[3] : • Host-based • Storage device-based • Network-based Host-based Host-based virtualization requires additional software running on the host. as each vendor tends to use their own proprietary protocols. . Generally these devices do not provide the benefits of data migration or replication across heterogeneous storage.g.

the primary storage controller requires the same bandwidth as the secondary storage controllers to maintain the same throughput Network-based Storage virtualization operating on a network based device (typically a standard server or smart switch) and using iSCSI or FC Fibre channel networks to connect as a SAN. The primary controller will provide the pooling and meta-data management services. These types of devices are the most commonly available and implemented form of virtualization. Pros • No additional hardware or infrastructure requirements • Provides most of the benefits of storage virtualization • Does not add latency to individual I/Os Cons • Storage utilization optimized only across the connected controllers • Replication and data migration only possible across the connected controllers and same vendors device for long distance support • Downstream controller attachment limited to vendors support matrix • I/O Latency. Pros • • • • True heterogeneous storage virtualization Caching of data (performance benefit) is possible when in-band Single management interface for all virtualized storage Replication services across heterogeneous devices 26 Cons • • • • • Complex interoperability matrices .Storage virtualization Concept A primary storage controller provides the virtualization services and allows the direct attachment of other storage controllers. non cache hits require the primary storage controller to issue a secondary downstream I/O request • Increase in storage infrastructure resource. The virtualization device sits in the SAN and provides the layer of abstraction between the hosts performing the I/O and the storage controllers providing the storage capacity.limited by vendors support Difficult to implement fast meta-data updates in switched-based devices Out-of-band requires specific host based software In-band may add latency to I/O In-band the most complication to design and code . Depending on the implementation these may be from the same or different vendors. It may also provide replication and migration services across those controllers which it is virtualizing.

Caching is not possible as the data never passes through the device. These devices only perform the meta-data mapping functions. I/O requests are targeted at the appliance itself.com/ storage-management/virtualization/2010/virtualization-the-foundation-for-data-center-transformation.[3] virtualization devices are sometimes called meta-data servers.sid5_gci991633. as the name suggests. reside in the physical switch hardware used to connect the SAN devices. html) [2] Need Citation [3] Evaluator Group explains Storage Virtualization (http:/ / www. evaluatorgroup.[3] virtualization devices actually sit in the data path between the host and storage. All I/O requests and their data pass through the device. These also sit between the hosts and storage but may use different techniques to provide the meta-data mapping. replications services. and most implementations provide some form of clustering of individual appliances to maintain an atomic view of the meta-data as well as cache data.com Definitions (http:/ / searchstorage. Both models also require some processing hardware to provide these services. In-band vs.Storage virtualization Appliance-based vs.. also known as asymmetric. also known as symmetric. meta-data lookup.html) . which performs the meta-data mapping before redirecting the I/O by sending its own I/O request to the underlying storage. the foundation of data center transformation (http://www. data migration and replication. Caching of data. out-of-band In-band. switch-based There are two commonly available implementations of network based storage virtualization. disk management. This requires additional software in the host which knows to first request the location of the actual data. The information is then retrieved through an actual I/O request to the storage. a meta-data lookup is requested from the meta-data server (this may be through an interface other than the SAN) which returns the physical location of the data to the host. Switch based devices. such as packet cracking to snoop on incoming I/O requests and perform the I/O redirection. data migration and thin provisioning are all easily implemented in an in-band device. 27 References [1] SearchStorage. Both models can provide the same services. techtarget. appliance based and switch based. The virtualization device in turn performs I/O to the storage device. These sit between the hosts and storage and in the case of in-band (symmetric) appliances can provide all of the benefits and services discussed in this article. Appliance based devices are dedicated hardware devices that provide SAN connectivity of one form or another.infostor. Therefore an I/O request from the host is intercepted before it leaves the host. Hosts perform I/O to the virtualization device and never interact with the actual storage device. statistics about data usage. com/ sDefinition/ 0. com/ virtualization-foundation-data-center-transformation) External Links • InfoStor Article . Out-of-band. The in-band appliance can also provide caching of data. It is much more difficult to ensure atomic updates of meta-data in a switched environment and services requiring fast updates of data and meta-data may be limited in switched implementations.Virtualization.00.

French. in the United States. social media. the company became the Accris Corporation in 2000. features three additional interfaces: Red. and Euskara. . platform. German. Freedom is notable for its highly customizable databases. After entering the Centec technology accelerator program. color-coded interfaces based on the capabilities provided: The Green Interface is used for building websites and managing HTML and CSS layouts. Florida. Freedom's Blue Interface utilizes the TinyMCE Editor. a company mainly based in Boca Raton. including English. while the Blue Interface allows non-technical end users to add and maintain content. providing full control over HTML layout and complex filter and search capabilities. The system's administrative interface is able to support many languages. Accrisoft Corporation Following the purchase of Web development company I-Network in 1998. Accrisoft Freedom specializes in membership and events management. As of October 2010. online marketing and e-commerce. server control and accounting. Purple and Orange.Accrisoft Freedom 28 Accrisoft Freedom Accrisoft Freedom Developer(s) Stable release Operating system Platform Website Accrisoft Corporation 6. a software product provided to Accrisoft Freedom resellers.M. the company became Accrisoft Corporation in 2001. Freedom Capabilities Freedom offers separate.A.8 / December 2. Accrisoft Business Tools. 2010 Cross-Platform PHP Accrisoft [1] Accrisoft Freedom is a commercial Content Management System (CMS) which runs on the industry standard open-source L. It is permanently being developed by Accrisoft Corporation.P. an open source WYSIWYG editor. Accrisoft Freedom was originally developed on virtual private server (VPS) technology from Verio. the Blue Interface features 50 modules for adding content to Freedom websites. for administration. respectively.

including a new Donations Module for managing fundraising campaigns and enhanced event registration features.net Hosting • Software as a Service from Verio Accrisoft Freedom is offered by a network of resellers. documentation. including Accrisoft’s partner company. 2005 (http:/ / www. Website provider agency SpinWeb. com/ web-hosting-news/ 092707_Verio_Offers_viaVerio_Partner_Awards) [4] IndyBiz.php?src=) . Community Accrisoft and its resellers use the Accrisoft Ecosystem to access forums. D. Latest Release Accrisoft's latest release. Accrisoft Freedom SaaS (Software as a Service) products are offered through Verio's retail channel. Freedom is also available on the following hosting platforms: • Rackspace Hosting • AISO. March 17. Accrisoft holds an annual conference for its resellers known as the Accrisoft Solution Provider Summit.[2] Accrisoft won the viaVerio Visionary Award[3] at the 2007 viaVerio Partner awards in Las Vegas. accrisoft. com/ [2] April.Accrisoft Freedom 29 Providers All of Accrisoft’s business comes through its reseller channel. release notes. won the Innovation Award [4] for work in delivering outstanding web sites by Verio at the 2009 Verio Partner Summit in Washington. Freedom websites allow administrators to share templates and layouts with the entire Ecosystem community from within the Green Interface. 8SPBulletin. bug tracking and marketing materials.accrisoft. pdf) External links • Accrisoft website (http://www. Carolyn. using the Accrisoft Freedom platform.8 offers a variety of new features. Accrisoft software runs on many different hosting providers.com/index. Awards VARBusiness named Accrisoft Freedom and the Verio Virtual private server and Remote Backup managed storage service for its 2005 "Mid-Market Products of the Year" Award. September 27. but is offered as an integrated offering with Verio's reseller channel. VARBusiness. crn. accrisoft. 2007 (http:/ / www. com/ clientuploads/ bulletins/ 6. Nevada. com/ it-channel/ 161601604.[5] References [1] http:/ / www. version 6. 2009 (http:/ / indy-biz. May 02.jsessionid=RMMUM3M00GDL4QSNDLPSKHSCJUNN2JVN?pgno=2) [3] Web Host Industry Review. Accrinet Corporation. thewhir.C. com/ 2009/ 03/ 17/ spinweb-recognized-with-innovation-award-at-verio-partner-summit/ ) [5] Accrisoft 6.8 SP Release Notes (http:/ / ecosystem.

2008 the second installment of AdaptCMS Lite. There are two separate versions. AdaptCMS Lite released under GNU General Public License and AdaptCMS Pro is a commercial content management system available for a price of $25/domain.2. Custom Sections. followed by AdaptCMS Pro v1. .1. AdaptCMS Lite was released.3 and AdaptCMS Lite 1. Custom Permissions. On January 23. Support Options. Features Some of the top AdaptCMS features: • • • • • • • • Extensive Mod_rewrite Custom Fields. Apache Type License Website Content management systems Lite . was released. Two months after the announcement. 2008. 2009 Operating system PHP. 2008.AdaptCMS 30 AdaptCMS AdaptCMS Developer(s) Stable release Insane Visions 1. which included bug fixes. fixing numerous bug fixes and enhanced security enhancements.Commercial adaptcms. Update Feature Files. 2007 the switch and split of AdaptCMS was announced. Another "Major Release" [4] of AdaptCMS was released on July 18. 2008.2 and AdaptCMS Lite v1. Pages Modules RSS History AdaptCMS was started in 2006 by Charlie Page from Insane Visions 2007 and was available for $50/domain.GNU General Public License. Polls. [1] . AdaptCMS is made to enable the user to control all aspects of their content website. AdaptCMS Pro v1. The sixth version of AdaptCMS. AdaptCMS Pro 1. 2008 AdaptCMS Pro was released. on January 19. Custom Relations Plugins System Cache Feature Stats Feature Error Reporting. custom fields. A major release of AdaptCMS was made on May 6. MySQL. On November 17. 2008. using a MySQL database.5 [2] [1] / July 5. making an AdaptCMS Lite under GNU General Public License and a commercial version. Features such as a template system. v1. Pro .com [3] AdaptCMS is an content management system (CMS) written in PHP.1 being released on March 12. categories and more also allow the user to use AdaptCMS on any type of content website. On March 8.0 of AdaptCMS was released July 7. security enhancements and a host of new features. v1.3. AdaptCMS Pro available for $25/domain.

("AdaptCMS 1.5 is the last version until the big 2.com) . insanevisions. AdaptCMS 1.0 July 7.0" [5] ) 31 Release history • • • • • • • • • July 5. 2009: AdaptCMS Lite/Pro 1.5 Released (http:/ / www. 2009: AdaptCMS Lite/Pro 1.0 References [1] http:/ / www.4.3 .4 July 18.AdaptCMS AdaptCMS 1. The last version of AdaptCMS 1.0 January 19.3 May 6. com/ article/ 223/ News/ AdaptCMS-13-Released/ ) [5] AdaptCMS 1. adaptcms. insanevisions. com/ article/ 249/ News/ AdaptCMS-15-Released/ ) External links • AdaptCMS Website (http://www.Released (http:/ / www. 2008: AdaptCMS Lite/Pro 1. 2008: AdaptCMS Lite/Pro v1. 2009. com [2] http:/ / sourceforge.2 March 12. was released after delays on January 24. com [4] AdaptCMS 1. 2008: AdaptCMS Lite v1. 2007: AdaptCMS v1. net/ projects/ adaptcms/ [3] http:/ / www.adaptcms. 2008: AdaptCMS Pro v1.1 January 23.x was released on July 5. 2008: AdaptCMS Pro v1.5 January 24. 2009. insanevisions. 2008: AdaptCMS Lite v1.5.1 March 8.

On the heels of their success with Carnival Air Lines. enterprise content management (ECM). Director. CEO & President Doug Kahn.Advanced Processing & Imaging 32 Advanced Processing & Imaging Advanced Processing & Imaging Type Industry Founded Private company Software. the impetus for founding the company dates back to 1995 when Juan Rodriguez and Lonnie Sanders were hired by Carnival Air Lines to find a document management solution that would meet their mid-size business needs. API is headquartered in Deerfield Beach. History Advanced Processing & Imaging is a privately held software development company that was founded in January 1996 by Leonard Ferro. After conducting an exhaustive search the pair came to the conclusion that such a solution did not exist. Lonnie Sanders and Bob Sarneli. Juan Rodriguez. which they named Advanced Processing & Imaging.com [1] Products Employees Website Advanced Processing & Imaging (API) is a software developer of electronic document management (EDM).apimg. and maintains relationships with other leading technology companies to provide customers with complete document management and content management solutions. but they were confident they could build it. However. Florida. Mr. Development Steve Randall. Soon after. Director Professional & Technical Services OptiView ECM OptiSpool OptWorkFlow OptiReports AgendaMaker 30 www. the document management solution was presented to Carnival Air Lines. . CFO Yefim Folkenflik. The company is a certified IBM Business Partner [3] and Microsoft Gold Partner [4] . Florida Key people Juan Rodriguez. The company deemed the solution to not only meet. records management. Rodriguez and Mr. workflow and business process management (BPM) solutions for public and private organizations across a range of industries [2] . but exceed their needs. NuTone and National Sanitary. Document management 1996 Headquarters Deerfield Beach. Sanders decided it was time to form a company. the duo went on to sell the solution to LensCrafters. After a year of development and rigorous testing.

Biz Net (http:/ / www.com) • Advanced Processing & Imaging on LinkedIn (http://www. Lonnie Sanders and Bob Sarneli 2002 – AgendaMaker is introduced to meet the agenda management needs of City Clerks.Advanced Processing & Imaging 33 Notable Milestones 1995 – OptiView ECM and OptiSpool are developed for Carnival Air Lines to meet their report and document management needs 1996 – Advanced Processing & Imaging is formed by Leonard Ferro.com/companies/284741/Advanced Processing &Imaging. 2006 – OptiWorkFlow is launched as a business process management (BPM) tool. Juan Rodriguez. apimg. helping companies automate their business processes 2007 – OptiReports is unveiled as a fully configurable audit trail tool 2008 – OptiView ECM is certified by the Joint Interoperability Test Command as compliant with the U.S. Department of Defense 5015.linkedin. com/ Solutions/ SolutionDetailsView. com/ jct09002c/ gsdod/ solutiondetails. incbiznet. do?solution=29449& expand=true& lc=en) API is a Microsoft Gold Partner (https:/ / solutionfinder. com/ Inc. com/ companies/ advanced-processing-and-imaging-inc) API is an IBM Business Partner (http:/ / www-304. ibm.2-STD for Records Management References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. aspx?solutionid=b23f22eda2614a5ca9e106a540dca7dc& partnerid=4a37bdc6-4f26-4186-80be-7d7902f2caca) External links • Advanced Processing & Imaging Official Company Website (http://www. Inc) .apimg. microsoft.

MYSQL and JavaScript Cross-platform Web Multi-language CMF AGPL aikiframework.8 [4] / March 21. Usage The goal of Aiki Framework is to make a fast system for developing heavily trafficked communities where developers are used to editing source code. Both sites using Aiki Framework were publicly announced at Libre Graphics Meeting 2011. 2011 Active PHP. Programming Languages The core of Aiki Framework does not have to be PHP. but can not directly because of necessary security precautions in running a web server. LLC [2] [3] September 2009 0.0[8] and the now public Open Font Library[9] [10] . and developers have begun developing C++ versions of the core in order to generate binary executable websites.org [5] Aiki Framework "is a flexible PHP + MYSQL (LAMP) content management framework that allows designers and programmers to easily create and work with existing content management systems from the web."[6] . The Fabricatorz Open Production Company [7] is its commercial steward and has used it to build Open Clip Art Library 3. Examples • • • • • • Open Clip Art Library[11] [12] Open Font Library Yumumu Singaporean Fashion Label [13] Laoban Soundsystem [14] Creative Commons ASIA [15] Creative Commons Arab World [16] .Aiki Framework 34 Aiki Framework Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Development status Written in Operating system Platform Available in Type License Website Aiki Lab Pte Ltd [1] . Fabricatorz. There is preliminary support for a Ruby-based core.

barrythrew. 2011. 2010. com/ [14] http:/ / laoban-soundsystem. Filling the Gap: Open Clip Art Library Provides More than 26. com/ 2011/ 05/ open-clip-art-library-unleashes-version-3-0-collections-favorites-batch-management/ ) [9] Fabricatorz. com . discover-syria.0 Powered by Aiki Framework Announced (http:/ / bassel. net/ Articles/ 378062/ ) [13] http:/ / yumumu. 0/ revision/ 1 [4] https:/ / launchpad. asia/ [16] http:/ / arabic. org/ [24] http:/ / bassel. net/ ~aikiframework. org/ [18] http:/ / www. ws/ 2010/ 03/ open-clip-art-library-2-0-announcement/ ) [7] http:/ / fabricatorz. org/ [17] http:/ / aikilab. com [21] http:/ / chris. admins/ aikiframework/ release-1. com/ blog/ filling-the-gap-open-clip-art-library-provides-more-than-26-000-images) [12] Aiki Framework 2. 2010.ORG [17] Discover Syria [18] Sharism [19] Forward Magazine [20] 35 Participants • • • • • • • Christopher Adams [21] Dave Crossland Steven Garcia Brad Phillips [22] Jon Phillips [23] Bassel Safadi [24] Barry Threw [25] References [1] http:/ / aikiframework. net/ aikiframework/ + announcement/ 7993 [5] http:/ / aikiframework. Launchpad Announcement (https:/ / launchpad. creativecommons.000 Images (http:/ / ostatic. org/ [6] Bassel Safadi. net/ openclipart/ + announcement/ 8351) [11] Joe Brockmeier. ws/ [25] http:/ / www. raysend. org/ [20] http:/ / forwardsyria. com/ [3] http:/ / bazaar. 2011.0 Press Release (http:/ / fabricatorz. com/ [15] http:/ / creativecommons.Aiki Framework • • • • AikiLab. com/ [19] http:/ / sharism. org/ [2] http:/ / fabricatorz. Open Clip Art 3. com/ [22] http:/ / bradphillips. 0. com/ [8] Fabricatorz. Open Clip Art Library 2. launchpad. Open Font Library Public Press Release (http:/ / fabricatorz. org/ [23] http:/ / rejon. com/ 2011/ 05/ launching-the-open-font-library-and-freeing-fonts/ ) [10] Open Clip Art Library Launchpad.0 Press Release with Open Clip Art Library (http:/ / lwn. 2011.

org/) .net/aikiframework) Fabricatorz Open Production Company (http://fabricatorz.com/) Aiki Lab Damascus (http://aikilab.org) Official Launchpad Development Site (https://launchpad.Aiki Framework 36 External links • • • • Official Website (http://www.aikiframework.

The first official release.I. Germany. The integrated amilia functions and technologies in an overview: • • • • • SaaS data connection width sFTP integrated step by step installation wizzard client capable width additional domain names width 301 forwading user administration width right management and user statistic integrated width . amilia only requires php.Amilia 37 Amilia Ancedis GmbH Type Founded Private Senftenberg.ancedis. With a special SQL storage system InnoDB and the use of internal database triggers. Deutschland Area served Products Website Worldwide amilia CMS www. [3] tradeshow in Chemnitz. the most important are the following: • • • • • • No special requirements for the web server No complex installation and database setup required All updates.htaccess mod rewrite . Deutschland (2010) Headquarters Senftenberg. because of the websites is building very quickly. amilia is based on the apache webserver or a microsoft windows internet information Server with PHP Version 5. 1. the generated html content is sFTP transferred to the domain server. Senftenberg (Niederlausitz).0 was released in August 2010 and adding support for the Mac OS X platform and a statistik app for iPhone and android.0.T. the website is managed and stored. was released in Mai 2010. the requirements of the domain webserver are very low. Version 1.de [1] amilia is a content management system developed by Ancedis [1] GmbH. but in the amilia data center. Germany. History The first preview release was presented to the public at the 2010 S.2. amilia is safely and quickly. It works with a MySQL 5 database in the backend. amilia in the backend. with a publishing management. Features Software as a Service (SaaS) in the case of amilia that the amilia CMS will not be installed directly on the web server. It is implementing progressive Web 2. because there is no database access required. It is built by a team of software engineers based in Germany and study at the University of Applied Sciences [2].0 AJAX technology (Using the DHTMLX framework) and adhering to XML Web-Service technologies. including security updates can be centralized and automated Always use the latest version of amilia CMS Secure data transmission through HTTPS and 256-bit SSL certificate Integrated backup function to backup the layout and the HTML code amilias functionalities and user interface based on the JavaScript DHTMLX framework and a sophisticated database management. amilia as SaaS brings with it many advantages.

Configurations The package comes in two different configurations: On Demand and Enterprise. Puretec. The Enterprise edition is deployed in the company network and can also be used with secure Internet access. The On Demand configuration is a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.lausitzecho. Cross platform amilias CMS is available for different platforms like for instance Linux.jpunkt. 1&1. Available additional modules • • • • • • management for real estate management for seminars and courses event management legally newsletter management internal area to manage an intranet management for job vacances References • • • • • http://www.de http://www.de . and includes feature and security upgrades through the life of the contract.semedi. Strato. Windows and Mac OS X and different browsers like Mozilla Firefox.wer-entsorgt.elstermode. can be accessed from anywhere. Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer.de http://www. amilia CMS works fine with all the web hosting companys like: Domainfactory. Telekom. etc.com http://www.Amilia • integrated layout management for different layouts per domain or per navigation point • integrated WYSIWYG Editor Tiny MCE width file management and syntax height lighting • drag & drop navigation menue administration 38 Browser based The browser based repository access is a full AJAX application (built on the Dhtmlx Framework). Solaris.tv http://www.

php?title=S%C3%A4chsische_Industrie-_und_Technologiemesse& action=edit& redlink=1 http:/ / www. html http:/ / www. org/ w/ index. contentmanager. html . de/ amilia http:/ / www. ancedis. wikipedia. de/ itguide/ hersteller_2899_ancedis_gmbh.Amilia 39 External links • • • • company information [1] company information about amilia [4] German Contentmanager website [5] List of Content Management Systems [6] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / www. jdk. de http:/ / de. ancedis. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Hochschule_Lausitz|Lausitz http:/ / de. de/ de/ cms/ markt/ marktuebersicht/ anbieterdetails-140-ancedis-gmbh.

org/ arcacmf/ tags/ 0. focustheweb. org http:/ / www. arcacmf. Content management system.1 [2] [1] / May 18. arcacmf. source code and wiki pages. References • ArcaCMF developer website [4] It contains documentation.ArcaCMF 40 ArcaCMF ArcaCMF Developer(s) Stable release Written in Giovanni Cappellotto 0. net/ p/ arcacmf . arcacmf. ohloh.org [3] ArcaCMF is an open-source content management framework developed according to the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. Community and Blog software GPL arcacmf. 1 http:/ / www. org http:/ / trac. 2009 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Content management framework. com https:/ / svn. External links • ArcaCMF official website [3] • ArcaCMF [[Ohloh [5]] project page] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www.

The ARIADNE Web Services provide an API that hides the database access details and also enables interoperability with other repositories. cs. ariadne-eu. cs. reusable educational components called the Knowledge Pool System (KPS) now actively used in both academic and corporate contexts. The core of this infrastructure is a distributed library of digital. the current Indexation. Ariadne was initiated in 1996 by the European Commission's telematics for education and training program. ac. Since then. jsp [3] http:/ / www. and download them from the KPS. Edna. search for relevant documents. that dynamically searches other [2] (more learning technology oriented) search systems like Lionshare. etc. ac. kuleuven. as well as its exploitation in structured courses. a component that leverages existing libraries for automatic metadata generation • A LOM based Federated search engine. The ARIADNE toolset contains the following components: • The ARIADNE KPS Client • SILO. kuleuven. Java applications interact with the KPS through the ARIADNE Web Services.Ariadne (software) 41 Ariadne (software) Ariadne (named for the figure from Greek mythology) is a European association for sharing knowledge and fostering international cooperation in teaching that is open to the world. NIME. an infrastructure has been developed in Belgium and Switzerland for the production of reusable learning content. be/ SqiInterop/ free/ SQIImplementationsRegistry.and Query tool for learning objects • AMG [1]. including distributed storage and discovery. End users interact with the KPS through client tools. be/ amg/ [2] http:/ / ariadne. org/ . Java and web applications allow users to insert documents and their associated metadata into the KPS. Merlot. External links • The Ariadne project's home page [3] References [1] http:/ / ariadne.

com/ Avactis is a open source ecommerce software solution (webshop).[7] History The Avactis development team was formed in 2001 by Pentasoft Corporation development team.[2] The company's headquarters are located in New York. Monthly leased license and Avactis White Label (Private Label) edition. real time shipping. Avactis Premium.1 / January or higher Web server should support MySQL version 4. avactis. System Requirements Avactis shopping cart system is built around PHP technology using MySQL to store data. etc.2 or higher. Avactis Shopping Cart has several different editions: Avactis Free. Features [4] Products. • • • • • Web server should support PHP version 5.[3] One of the Avactis features is the Avactis Tag technology.[5] various dynamic parts of Avactis storefront can be integrated into an existing website through inserting of simple Tags into static pages. are managed by the store administrator through the administration area. Avactis Owned. The current stable release of Avactis is 2.1.[6] Avactis is integrated into Parallels Plesk Panel. Avactis Lite. Amount of memory available to PHP processes should be at least 64MB SSH (Secure Shell) access or Cron job management is required for backup and restore Apache mod_rewrite module is required for SEO URLs support Some of the features within Avactis require additional technologies. pricing. SSH (secure shell) access or Cron job . Webshop Free / Proprietary http:/ / www. Pentasoft is MySQL Enterprise Ready Partner of MySQL AB. 2011 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type Licence Website E-commerce.1.Avactis 42 Avactis Avactis Shopping Cart Developer(s) Stable release Written in Pentasoft Corp Development Team 2.[1] The Avactis team was established in 2001 by Pentasoft Corporation. All Avactis Tags are described in the Avactis Tag Library (ATL). which may or may not already be provided by whichever hosting service you choose: HTTPS (security certificate).

phpmagazine. [5] Avactis Tag technology description (http:/ / www.com/) • Download 2. Issue for 11/20/09. htm) Avactis Tag Library (ATL) [7] (http:/ / download1.computoredge. ISBN 978-0-470-40776-9 External links • PHP magazine: "Avactis 1. com/ Plesk/ Plesk8.avactis. November . 2008. php) Tag technology [6] Avactis Tag Library (http:/ / docs.0 eCommerce PHP Shopping Cart Solution Released" December 30. parallels.com/Avactis-Shopping-Cart/3000-2649_4-10642309. "Avactis 1.mvc?zone=SD&issue=2747&article=in1) • Practical eCommerce Magazine: "Cart of the Week: Avactis" by Kate Monteith (http://www. Avactis for E-Commerce "A quick-and-easy shopping cart for your virtual store" by Michael J. "Cart of the Week: Avactis" by Kate Monteith November 20. phpmagazine. mvc?zone=SD& issue=2747& article=in1) ComputorEdge Magazine. A quick-and-easy shopping cart for your virtual store" by Michael J. com/ 190/ index.net/2009/12/avactis_190_ecommerce_php_shop.[8] 43 References [1] (http:/ / www. Retrieved May 4. avactis. com/ compare_avactis_editions.avactis. by Tomas Renner-Jones (http://www. Inc. 0_20080504.openpr.net/projects/avactis-shopping-cart) • Avactis Shopping Cart Software jetzt mit Modul für Kundenmeinungen von eKomi (http://www. net/ 2009/ 12/ avactis_190_ecommerce_php_shop. 10. html?tags_library. [8] (http:/ / webserver. computoredge. 4. [3] (http:/ / www.com: Ecommerce-software (http://software.December 2009.html) at CNET Networks.php) at Avactis. Ross. html) PHP magazine.html) • ComputorEdge Magazine: "Avactis for E-Commerce.0 eCommerce PHP Shopping Cart Solution Released" (http://ecommerce. php) Compare Avactis editions [2] Php | Architect magazine Edition 8. com/ articles/ 1376-Cart-of-the-Week-Avactis) Practical eCommerce Magazine. 2009. Hoboken. practicalecommerce.net projects (http://freshmeat.de/ t388332) • Asian e-Marketing magazine: "Mastering the Challenge of Finding the Most Suitable E-Shop System". com/ top_features. 4/ Windows/ 8.1 version (https://www. the Apache mod_rewrite module. avactis.forbes.9. The Little Black Book of Online Business: 1001 Insider Resources Every Business Owner Needs.com. com/ online.DE: "Avactis Shopping Cart jetzt mit Modul für Shopbewertungen". Inc • Forbes.9. Published by John Wiley&Sons.com/ecommerce-software/spotlight/101918/ Avactis/Pentasoft?id=26509978) • Onlineshop-Experten.de/2010/01/18/ shopsysteme-im-test-avactis-shopping-cart-jetzt-mit-modul-fuer-shopbewertungen/) • Freshmeat.Avactis management.oschina.net/p/avactis) .. Notes • Paul Galloway. 2. 08/2008.com/articles/1376-Cart-of-the-Week-Avactis) • Official Avactis website (http://www. practicalecommerce.onlineshop-experten.com/online. Ross (http://webserver.1. avactis.com • Download free version (http://download. 0/ pleskaps_1. htm) Parallels Plesk Release Notes. by Daniela La Marca (http://mediabuzz. New Jersey. [4] (http:/ / ecommerce.com/free_shopping_cart.cnet. 2009.sg/asian-emarketing/ november-december-2009/716-mastering-the-challenge-of-finding-the-most-suitable-e-shop-system) • Open Source China (http://www.

North America. Siemens. AxCMS.net is [2] a free multilingual and multi-site capable Web Content Management solution. Germany Key people Products Website Damir Tomicic.net is entirely built on Microsoft . net AxCMS. axcms.net can only be linked to Microsoft SQL Server.net 9. enterprise content management. CEO.NET technology using Microsoft Silverlight and ASP. Technology AxCMS. .NET AJAX. The system can be integrated with Active Directory and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. The CMS may be used for a wide range of purposes: intranets and extranet.net 44 AxCMS. a company based in Germany. Johannes Jauch CMO. Sergei Gussev CTO.net is available to partners[4] providing additional benefits and features within partner program.AxCMS.net was one of the world’s first[1] enterprise web content management platforms based on Microsoft .[3] .net Axinom Type Industry Founded Private Software Germany (2001) Headquarters Fürth. COO. Ralph Wagner. AxCMS. it supports both Flash and Silverlight.net Solution Providers) around the world. Axinom has currently roughly 90 partners (AxCMS. Deutsche Telekom and Staedtler use AxCMS. Grigory Grin CIO AxCMS. entertainment and news portals.net. mostly in Europe but also in the Middle East. which was released on 9 September 2009.0. Customers and Partners Axinom claims on their web site that companies including Microsoft. It is currently available in version 9. web shops and virtually anything that has to be published in many languages and/or to contain a number of web sites in one instance [5] . Australia. New Zealand and Africa.0 http:/ / www.NET framework and developed by Axinom. Product AxCMS.

. com/ 2009/ 08/ open-source-cms-aspnet-ajax. com/ partners/ profile/ axinom/ index. htm). .net" (http:/ / www. de/ dotnet/ news/ AxCMS. 2003" (http:/ / www. [5] "dotnet developer center" (http:/ / it-medan. References [1] "Announcement on availability on March 27.net 9 Released" (http:/ / it-republik. html). de/ magazin/ news_h4525_microsoft_net_technologie_frei_haus_axinom. contentmanager. iridiumplus. Retrieved 2009-02-01.axinom.net German Website (http://www. asp). net-9-Released-051230. [3] "AxCMS. .com) Axinom Germany Website (http://www.axinom.netPRO reviews AxCMS. Retrieved 2006-10-01. Retrieved 2009-08-09.de) Axinom International Website (http://www. blogspot. External links • • • • AxCMS.net) AxCMS. Retrieved 2006-10-01. [4] "Iridium Plus Technologies about partnership" (http:/ / www. com/ productreviews/ 2007/ 12/ asp200712an_p/ asp200712an_p. [2] "asp. aspnetpro.de) . .axCMS.AxCMS.axCMS. . Retrieved 2009-09-14. html). html).net Website (http://www.net is a competitor to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.net 45 Relation to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server AxCMS.

supported by the Backbase Developer Network[4] . Quality Open Source frameworks were also beginning to emerge and in 2009 Backbase released Backbase Portal 4. The Backbase CE was a framework for developers and companies to build Rich and Web 2. Jesse James Garret coined the term AJAX. industry analyst Gartner placed Backbase Portal in the Niche quadrant of its Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals[2] . founded in the Netherlands in 2003. Javascript and CSS. in New York City. Backbase is scheduled to release Backbase Portal 5. In May 2005. after which classification “Ajax-based Rich Internet Applications” was adopted. The core products of Backbase are Backbase Portal and Backbase Forms. which has offices in Amsterdam. Backbase had made a 180-degree turn in its focus based on a shift it saw in the market with company Marketing Departments beginning to take over responsibility from IT Departments for the customer-facing part of their web sites.0 Internet applications. CTO and Co-Founder Backbase Portal Backbase Forms www.Backbase 46 Backbase Backbase Type Industry Founded Headquarters Key people Private Computer Software Amsterdam. with a total focus on widgets. The Netherlands Jouk Pleiter. to better focus on its US customer-base[6] .com [1] Products Website Backbase is a software company. Backbase decided to develop its own Portal Software[5] . the Netherlands and New York.backbase. In 2008. The Netherlands (2003) Amsterdam. . Forrester names Backbase as one of the new breed of engagement management vendors[3] . In September 2010. In May 2011. CEO & Co-Founder Gerbert Kaandorp. The Netherlands by Jouk Pleiter and Gerbert Kaandorp to develop an AJAX framework using HTML. At the beginning of 2011 Backbase opened an office in North America. In February 2005. History Backbase was founded in 2003 in Amsterdam. the Backbase Community Edition (CE) was launched. United States. Backbase used the term Rich Internet Applications to classify its software.

Pressdoc. 2010. forrester. Base Feeder comes in 2 different flavors: 1. cmswire. pp. Ilinski. Bibliography • Van Emde Boas. IndicThreads. com/ 13011-backbase-expands-north-american-operations). [5] Dee-Ann LeBlanc.com) • Blog (http://blog. ISBN 978-1-847199-12-6. Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals (http:/ / www. One can use software like Base Feeder to create the XML files for submission to Google Base. you need to create and submit a specially formatted XML file. com/ 1887/ backbase-enterprise-ajax-for-java-introduces-free-community-version/ ).. February 8. The Online Customer Engagement Software Ecosystem (http:/ / www. The "Products" edition is priced at $65. [4] Backbase Enterprise Ajax for Java Introduces Free Community Version (http:/ / www. com [2] Jim Murphy. 2011. com/ base/ .com) Base Feeder Base Feeder is a Microsoft Windows based utility to create Atom and RSS XML feed files for submission to Google Base. uk/ rb/ Research/ online_customer_engagement_software_ecosystem/ q/ id/ 55703/ t/ 2). pressdoc. 2010. CMS Wire. [6] Backbase Expands North American Operations (http:/ / backbase. Ghica. Backbase: A Rich Portal-Building Framework (http:/ / www. 488. September 29. html).backbase. 2009). 2010. May 20. backbase. com/ cms/ enterprise-cms/ backbase-a-rich-portalbuilding-framework-008730. com/ technology/ media-products/ reprints/ backbase/ 206214.backbase. gartner. 2008. Gene Phifer. com/backbase4ria) (1st ed. Eric Knipp. [3] Stephen Powers. To bulk submit items. Januari 14. Backbase 4 RIA Development (http://www.Backbase 47 References [1] http:/ / www. Forrester. Ray Valdes. Sergey (December. Packt Publishing.bronstee. Gartner Inc. For Products Base Feeder is a proprietary software program priced at about $40. php). google.). indicthreads. External links • Website (http://www. co. For Recipes 2. September 3.Google Base web site References [1] http:/ / www. Screenshot of Base Feeder for Recipes External links • Google Base [1] .

1.com [3] BEdita is an open source web development framework that features a Content Management System (CMS) out-of-the-box.1.1.bedita. Bedita as a Framework .BEdita 48 BEdita BEdita Developer(s) Stable release ChannelWeb srl [1] / Chialab srl [2] 3. In the words of the authors.beta. 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Platform Available in Type License Website PHP Any Cross-platform English. Italian. released on 1 February 2011 under Affero General Public License version 3. Current preview and "unstable" version is 3.1 "Ulmus" / February 1. German Content Management System & Web development framework Affero General Public License version 3 www. released on 9 July 2010 under the same GPL license. Current version is 3. Features BEdita is both a content management system and a web development framework.1. BEdita is built upon the PHP development framework CakePHP. BEdita is a "modular framework that features a back-end Content Management System out-of-the-box"[4] .

All this content is managed in multiple languages. It is able to handle documents. able to manage several kinds of data: the CMS presents a number of modules. Upon this abstraction. BEdita has been rewritten from the ground up: all the previous versions were not publicly available under an open source license. events. data flow/control and its visual presentation. with the aim to supply a set of ready to use tools. such as JQuery.0 codename Betula – was released under Affero General Public License version 3. geo-localized and organized through different strategies: hierarchic tree. BEdita actually extends CakePHP adding many features through more controllers and helpers and the Smarty templating engine. custom categories and tags. From CakePHP BEdita derives the Model–view–controller paradigm: the multi-tier architecture assures the separation of data modelling. since it already comes with a multi-language back office application. . It also combines some presentation technologies. each related to a type of content. address books. BEdita was created and is currently developed by two Italian companies.bedita. On 17 November 2009 a stable version of BEdita – 3. bibliographies.BEdita BEdita is built upon the well-known PHP development framework CakePHP: as a framework itself. ChannelWeb srl [1] and Chialab srl [2].com [5] and some common open source online networks (Sourceforge. 49 BEdita is a Semantic Content Management Framework. multimedia objects and galleries. news. blogs. BEdita: a screenshot of the dashboard Releases A brief history For major release 3. freely downloadable on the official web site www. The very first public release of a version 3 "beta" took place in May 2009. Freshmeat or Ohloh). Bedita as a CMS BEdita is also a complete content management system. newsletters and more out of the box. Inside BEdita every information is stored in an object oriented manner. the developer can build as many custom relations as needed by the project.

01 3.1.bedita.com (http://www.com/) API documentation (http://api.net/projects/bedita) Project page on Ohloh (http://www.net/projects/bedita) Project page on Freshmeat (http://freshmeat. bedita.1.com/download/confsl-09-bedita-slides-pdf) (downloadable PDF) Project pages from the open-source network • • • • Project page on Google Code with public SVN mirror (http://code.0 3. "BEdita" (http:/ / bedita.org/matrix/cms-matrix/bedita) Article on blogfreakz.com/) Community forum (http://forum.1.beta 3.hotscripts.html) .RC 3.alpha 3. com External links Official web sites • • • • • BEdita official web site (http://bedita.1.com (http://blogfreakz. channelweb.bedita. . com/ Official website.com/cms/bedita-semantic-content-management-framework) Review and more on HotScripts. chialab.org (http://www.net/p/bedita) Third-party publications • • • • Features and Requirements on CMSMatrix.com/) Demo: the backoffice CMS.com/) Official presentation slides (http://www. it http:/ / bedita.0 RC 3.google.bedita.1 3.ohloh.BEdita 50 List of public official releases Versione 3.com/listing/bedita/) Review and ratings on CMSMatch.1 Code Name NA NA Alnus Betula Betula Ulmus Ulmus Ulmus Ulmus Ulmus Data 27 May 2009 1 August 2009 1 September 2009 17 November 2009 first official stable release 12 January 2010 5 May 2010 9 July 2010 20 August 2010 7 December 2010 1 February 2011 current stable release (bug fixes and minor updates) unstable alpha release (bug fixes and new features) unstable beta release (bug fixes and new features) unstable RC release (bug fixes and new features) stable official release (bug fixes and new features) second stable official release (bug fixes and new features) first public release Note References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www.cmsmatch.bedita. com/ what-is-bedita).com/p/bedita) Project page on Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.beta2 3. a test site and a production site (http://demo.0.beta3 3.com/software/cms/bedita.0.com (http://www.cmsmatrix. http:/ / www. it http:/ / www.

Comprehensive document security strategies & policies have to be aligned with document systems. The system can be applied for a large variety of small. Traditional way of handling documents on individual computers or in email attachments. Document management system can provide to its users following benefits: 1. 2. scalable and mature collaborative Document Management System. Document management system can provide to its users following benefits: 1. Logic behind Beyondoc Beyondoc's design and development is based on 4 key elements that DYI believes are key to managing documents in any type of organization. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and it started the development of the system in 2004. 3. 2. 4. Beyondoc provides to its users: • • • • Enterprise level performance and rich feature set Robust & reliable architecture Enterprise level support & related services Competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Beyondoc is being developed by DYI. medium and large enterprises.Beyondoc 51 Beyondoc Beyondoc is an enterprise level. usually makes it very difficult to share. maintain revisions and track organizational documents. China. These elements and company's understanding of these elements are described here: Central management Central management of documents (or central storage of documents) is the initial step into enterprise document management system. 3. Provides standardized corporate information structure Helps to achieve knowledge accumulation & re-use Enables effective information sharing Centrally secures all organizational's information and knowledge Security Companies need to allow open sharing of information while protecting sensitive information and intellectual property. 4. Protects knowledge assets Prevents information loss & theft Provides relevant information to relevant users Enables to achieve compliance . Company's main R&D center is based in Beijing.

By providing structure. Document management system has to support and increase the efficiency of teams by creating.) Access through Windows File Explorer (WebFolders/WebDAV) Automatic PC-Server Document Synchronization Automatic Document Backup Online reading without ability to download or copy content Permission Based Search SSL Data Encryption Algorithm Automatic Document Backup Workspace Segregation Server Backup & Disaster Recovery Accidental Deletion Prevention – Recycle Bin Document Workflow Business Process Management Document Cross Reference Threaded discussion Check_in/check-out Document Subscription Notifications & Alerts Document Synchronization Automatic generation of document number Smart Folder (Automatic Document Filling) Knowledge Library Tree View Meta Data Management Automatic notification & Document Subscription . 2. Excel. processing and reusing documents throughout their entire life cycle. etc. Document management system can provide to its users following benefits: 1. 3. Accelerates speed of access to organizational knowledge Improves decision-making based on relevant information Prevents duplication of work & costs by improving document reuse Reduces impact of staff turnover Features Beyondoc's feature list organized based on elements describing the logic of Beyondoc document management system: Central Management Security Document Lifecycle Management Version management Knowledge Management Organizational Document Structure Batch Uploading and Downloading of Documents Data Migration User/Administrator role separation Indexing & Searching of Documents Document Profiling / Index Card Searching by Document Profile Properties (Index Card) User definable Report Engine Granular Document Access Control Task Set – policies based control Access History/Audit Trail Document Date Reminder Automatic Document Filling (SmartFolder) Integration with favorite Authoring Tools (MS Office – Word. Especially when over 80% of mission critical business content is locked in unstructured data. 4.Beyondoc 52 Document lifecycle management Most of all documents currently used in organizations are produced and used in team environments. 3. it is important to be in control of your organizational knowledge. 4. editing. organization and accessibility to this knowledge pool can improve operational results of organization. Strengthens information sharing and collaboration in organization Improves employee efficiency and productivity Provides transparency and accountability into working processes Helps to achieve compliance to organizational policies and regulations Knowledge management In order to manage your organization efficiently. 2. Document management system can provide to its users following benefits: 1.

beyondoc. biz/ EN/ 02sub_Architecture%20%20Engineering%20%20Construction. biz/ EN/ 04overview. beyondoc. biz/ EN/ 05DYI. html http:/ / www. html . html http:/ / www. Organizational. biz/ http:/ / www. biz/ EN/ 03Service%20& %20Support. html http:/ / www. beyondoc. beyondoc. html http:/ / www. beyondoc. Project) Advanced Content Grouping External links • • • • • • Beyondoc Website [1] Product Overview [2] Industry Solutions [3] Beyondoc Services & Support [4] Beyondoc Partners [5] DYI Corporation Introduction [6] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / www. beyondoc.Beyondoc Access Location Restriction Content URL – secure URL for each document Analysis & Reports Business Intelligence 53 Mail Sending/Receiving Restriction Messaging & Email User Login Number Restriction Anti-virus Document Cross Reference Rendition Management Workspace (Personal. biz/ EN/ 01Beyondoc_collaborative_document_management_system.

Big Medium 54 Big Medium Big Medium Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Josh Clark January 13. While this simplifies the process of setting up Big Medium for a broad category of websites.0 / December 17.) Big Medium targets traditional content sites such as news.[2] The latest release of Big Medium is version 2. (Big Medium also comes with a modest library of design themes allowing non-designers to get started right away. Big Medium's flexible design templates support a wide range of original designs and require no programming knowledge beyond HTML and CSS. it is intended to be easy to install and configure without the aid of a web developer. However. additional fields and content types . It is pre-configured to provide features and data fields common to this type of site. content editors can add and update pages with no specific technical knowledge."[5] and unlike many general-purpose content management systems.[3] It is paid software distributed under a proprietary license.com [1] Big Medium is a browser-based web content management system (CMS) written in the Perl programming language and developed by Global Moxie.0 was announced on January 13. Big Medium 1. marketing and magazine sites. The name "Big Medium" is a double entendre. 2003. the Paris-based company of independent developer Josh Clark. 2007 after more than a year of public beta-testing. released on December 17. 2003 2. Once these templates are configured. 2007 Development status Active Operating system Platform Available in Type License Website Cross-platform Perl English Web content management system Proprietary EULA globalmoxie. this targeted pre-configuration makes the software relatively inflexible for [6] managing other site types.0. referring to both the Internet as a communication medium and to a medium as a psychic who helps ordinary people communicate with unseen worlds.[4] Audience Big Medium is billed as a CMS "aimed at web designers and their clients. including commerce or community sites.

Clark has suggested that future versions may offer the choice between flat-file storage and a relational database to better support very large sites. This approach scales well under very high traffic conditions but means that there are limited opportunities to personalize pages for individual users. meaning that they are not built on the fly with every page request but just once when the page is edited. Big Medium stores its data in flat files and folders. display widgets. simplified installation and backups) but also means that it is best suited for small. data fields. This developer API was added in version 2.0. flexible templating for complete control over the design Search engine-friendly URLs Static pages Rich-text editing with WYSIWYG editor or Markdown syntax WYSIWYG CSS style editor Version control for page edits Libraries for images. documents.[8] Additional fields and content types can be added via custom plugin modules. but the documentation for plugins is incomplete. media and authors promote easy reuse Auto-sizing of images and thumbnails Image galleries and slideshows Pullquotes Visitor comments. content filters.[7] Big Medium generates public web pages as static pages.and medium-sized sites with fewer than several thousand pages.. with anti-spam features including built-in Akismet support Tags and tag clouds Site search Extensible plugin support Integrated link management Manage multiple websites Multiple editor accounts with category-specific editing privileges Unlimited levels of nested sub-categories for pages Syndication via RSS news feeds and JavaScript widgets Standards-compliant HTML and XHTML Lightweight publishing workflow Scheduled publication of pages Technical details Big Medium installs on web servers running Windows NT.[7] 55 Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Simple.g. This has advantages (e.Big Medium can be added via custom plugin modules. Windows 2003 or a Unix-like operating system. etc. . rather than a database. Big Medium supports plugins and can be extended via custom Perl code to add additional content types.

10801. "Global Moxie Announces Big Medium 1. [6] Global Moxie. shtml). [3] Global Moxie. com/ content_management_news. Retrieved 2008-01-05. shtml).86409.00. . 2.html) . . shtml). com/ projects/ bigmedium/ index. "I'm also considering (optional) MySQL support (. Retrieved 2008-01-05. .shtml) Interview with Big Medium developer Josh Clark at Gadgetopia..globalmoxie.com/help/docs/big-medium-complete-guide. pl/ 2003/ 1/ content_management_news. Retrieved 2008-01-05. com/ projects/ news/ big-medium-20-your-new-website-editor-is-here.com/post/3606) Computerworld interview with Josh Clark (http://www. shtml [2] Gilbane Report. php?bigmed.. .com (http://www. "Big Medium: A content management system (CMS) for web designers" (http:/ / globalmoxie. . "Big Medium 2. . 2927. com/ projects/ bigmedium/ index.computerworld. [7] Global Moxie.com/developmenttopics/development/ webdev/story/0.0: Your new website editor is here" (http:/ / globalmoxie.gadgetopia. 1. "Custom Fields etc. 3). [5] Global Moxie. com/ help/ faq/ data/ custom-data-fields. html). [8] Josh Clark. [4] Clark. "Is Big Medium Right for Me?" (http:/ / globalmoxie. com/ ask/ default. "Can I add additional data fields to my Big Medium pages?" (http:/ / globalmoxie. com/ projects/ bigmedium/ cms-comparison-shopping.com (http://globalmoxie. shtml).com/projects/bigmedium/index." (http:/ / globalmoxie.)" External links • • • • Big Medium homepage .0" (http:/ / gilbane. Retrieved 2008-01-05. Josh: The Complete Guide to Big Medium 2.shtml) The Complete Guide to Big Medium 2 (http://globalmoxie.Big Medium 56 References [1] http:/ / globalmoxie. Retrieved 2008-01-05. Retrieved 2008-01-05.

PHP and MySQL.BuddyPress 57 BuddyPress BuddyPress Stable release 1.[1] It is a plugin that can be installed on WordPress to transform it into a social network platform. BuddyPress inherits and extends upon the integral functional elements of the WordPress engine including themes.[2] BuddyPress is designed to allow schools. plugins and widgets. sports teams or any other niche community to start their own social network or communication tool. bbPress is seamlessly integrated within BuddyPress allowing for single sign-on and one click forum integration. Features BuddyPress has a range of features that will allow the creation of a social network application. As it is built on WordPress it is written using the same primary technologies. org/ BuddyPress is an open source social networking software package owned by Automattic since 2008. companies.2. The basic installed system offers: • Activity Streams • User Profiles • Options to add user profile fields and sections • Avatar uploads • Group Creation • Group discussion forums • Group logo and Wire • Friend system • Messaging • Bespoke themes • Blogs per user (via the WordPress engine) Group discussion forums are provided by the integration of the popular GPL forum software bbPress. MySQL Blog publishing system. 2011 Operating system Cross-platform Platform Type License Website PHP. . With 1. Social Networking System. Social Network Scripts GNU General Public License version 2 http:/ / buddypress.1 versions and above.8 / February 23. Social Networking.

washingtonpost. 2009).1 1. RC1 Releases Version 1. school.org/showcase/flavor/buddypress/) . The Washington Post. [2] Joseph Tartakoff (May 1. WebProNews. Build a social network for your company. webpronews. "Automattic Rolls Out A WordPress For Social Networks" (http:/ / www. [3] http:/ / buddypress. 2008). html).2 Date Apr 30 2009 Sept 30 2009 Feb 16 2010 A full release history can be found here [3]. Retrieved 2011-06-30. sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress.com/qna/web-development/ wordpress-faq/integrate-buddypress-wordpress-theme/) • BuddyPress Test Drive (http://testbp. com/ automattic-acquires-buddypress-2008-03).BuddyPress From the BuddyPress website: Social networking in a box. org/ about/ release-history External links • BuddyPress Open Source Social Network Engine (http://buddypress. . Retrieved 2011-06-30. "Automattic Acquires BuddyPress" (http:/ / www.org/) • Showcases on Wordpress.org (http://wordpress. com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2009/ 04/ 30/ AR2009043004142. . References [1] Doug Caverly (March 5.0 1.org) • Procedure to integrate Buddypress and Wordpress themes (http://electrofriends. 58 "Messaging" section of the BuddyPress User Interface.

[8] Integration with Campcaster It is possible to integrate the Campsite CMS with the Campcaster broadcast automation system by linking to audio clips hosted on the Campcaster audio file storage server. Korean. Romanian. Issues. Swedish Content Management System GNU General Public License v2 campsite. rather than nodes or objects. Croatian. Serbo-Croatian. Russian. Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Operating system Available in Sourcefabric 2000 3. but it can be used to manage content for smaller sites too. Chinese. rather than computer experts[3] .org [1] Type License Website Campsite is a free and open source multilingual content management system for news websites. Serbian (Cyrillic).sourcefabric. Campsite allows the management of multiple journalists and publications from a single interface. a station in Kotor. Montenegro. Portuguese. and it can be configured to suit different profiles of end users.[7] International sites displaying a 'Powered by Campsite' badge include elPeriodico de Guatemala.3 / 5 October 2010 Cross-platform Arabic. so it structures sites by default as Publications. as used at Kala Radio.[2] Its localizable user interface was built with journalists.[9] .4. Dutch. Campsite follows a newspaper publishing model. as shown on its homepage[6] to smaller sites like the La Salle University Collegian Newspaper. Campsite is intended for medium-to-large-size online news publications. Sections and Articles.Campsite (software) 59 Campsite (software) Campsite Campsite is a CMS designed for news organisations. English. Czech.[4] News sites running on Campsite Campsite has been deployed by more than 50 organisations[5] from Sourcefabric parent organization the Media Development Loan Fund. Spanish. editors and publishers in mind. German.

editorandpublisher. [14] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / campsite. On 30 July 2010. .4 has a user-generated manual hosted by FLOSS_Manuals. flossmanuals. a clean up of the graphical interface (new icons and administration interface). exploit-db. . htm?tpl=323 http:/ / www. sourcefabric.4 release series Features of the current 3. lasalle. htm?tpl=18).4. i4donline. . org/ en/ home/ web/ 46/ Features. com/ Headlines/ new-open-source-organisation-dedicated-is-to-quality-journalism-63920-.4. elperiodico.1 was released fixing a potential XSS vulnerability and improving session handling to avoid logged user session grabbing via CSRF attack. asp?Title=Running-a-radio-station-on-free-software& catid=2& newsid=15747 [10] "Campsite features" (http:/ / www.0 Multiple CSRF Vulnerabilities" (http:/ / www.3. org/ "Campsite homepage" (http:/ / campsite.[11] The current update version 3. [11] "Campsite CMS 3. net/ Campsite/ [14] "New open source organization is dedicated to quality journalism" (http:/ / www. com/ exploits/ 14341/ ). org/ en/ home/ web/ 32/ Who%27s-Using. sourcefabric. za/ 2010/ 06/ campsite-refresh-for-professional-oss-publishing-platform/ http:/ / www. .4 release series[10] include improved search options (both internally and for external search engines). . gt/ [9] http:/ / www. org). [12] http:/ / www. was released on 5 October 2010. http:/ / www. net/ news/ news-details. co.[13] Newscoop renaming On January 17th 2011. mdlf. Campsite 3.Campsite (software) 60 3. tectonic. sourcefabric. org/ en/ home/ web_news/ 220/ The-new-Campsite-343-comes-with-improved-multilingual-templates. com. Sourcefabric announced the renaming of Campsite to Newscoop. org/ [7] http:/ / collegian.4. sourcefabric. com/ archive/ feed/ 137682 http:/ / www. and easier installation. linux.[12] Campsite 3. sourcefabric. htm?tpl=32 [13] http:/ / en. edu/ [8] http:/ / www. aspx). adding Polish localization.

html . It has three main applications. cytologists. openpr. pathology. de/ news/ 352298/ Telemedizin-in-der-Mongolei. nursing and others. Campus Medicus can be used for diagnostic consultations. Clinical decision support It allows doctors (surgeons. The written lectures may be printed out as a book. What is required is a camera for macroscopy or microscopy and a computer with internet connection. radiologists etc. surgery. Teaching Ready-to-use lecture notes are available. such as gynaecology. The videoconference module allows holding individual lectures for doctors and students all over the world. pathologists.) to communicate all over the world.Campus medicus 61 Campus medicus Campus Medicus is a content management system for telemedicine use. Source Telemedizin in der Mongolei [1] References [1] http:/ / www. doctors can send images and text and receive diagnosis via a mobile phone. The lectures may be held as a live lecture or they can be stored and reviewed as a video. Campus Medicus allows the doctors to have a live discussion with several doctors while they see the stored images or a live image. A single image or a whole slide image can be viewed. Images can even be sent by email to that platform. Using the mobile health function of Campus Medicus means. They can have a videoconference and they can chat at the same time they see the images. cytology. Ready-to-use forms are available and forms can be generated easily. The results may be viewed as a statistic. Documentation Campus Medicus can also be used for cancer registry and epidemiology. Doctors can discuss about a tumour or other diseases.

though the product has a particularly strong penetration in the higher education market .0 is supported. Cascade Server is currently used by many types of organizations. and Mac OS X. independently maintained by Cascade Server users.Cascade Server 62 Cascade Server Cascade Server Developer(s) Stable release Written in Hannon Hill [1] Cascade Server 6. History Cascade Server is developed by Hannon Hill Corporation. It was attended by over 125 users from over 70 different organizations. Cascade Server can be installed in-house or hosted by Hannon Hill. helps provide support to the Higher Education community. Cascade Server also supports the Velocity scripting language. For its database. This means that XSLT 1. The sixth annual User Conference is scheduled to take place September 19-20. Cascade Server relies heavily on XML for configuration and implementation of sites. MySQL. It uses several common Java frameworks and libraries. The most recent version is the Cascade Server 6. The use of Java allows the product to run on multiple operating systems. Linux. It allows for the definition of custom data structures through a proprietary XML language. including Spring Framework. but more recent versions of the language are not. including Windows. Cascade Server provides WYSIWYG editing capabilities using TinyMCE. or Oracle. and is developed by Hannon Hill[4] . 2010 in Atlanta. Technology Cascade Server is built with Java. and Hibernate. 2011 at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center in midtown Atlanta. which can then be transformed into multiple formats using XSLT. which was founded in 2001. The application uses the Xalan library to apply XSLT transformations. GA[5] . 2011 Java Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website CMS proprietary [3] [2] Cascade Server is a web content management system that uses push technology. Apache Struts. and comes bundled with Apache Tomcat as its Servlet container. which was released in April 2011.8 Series / April 28. .8 series. A listserv. Cascade Server can use Microsoft SQL Server. GA[6] . The fifth annual Cascade Server User Conference was held on September 13-14. which is meant to fulfill some of the roles generally performed by XSLT scripting.

Known customers Education[9] Private Colleges & Universities • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Albertus Magnus College Albright College Alvernia University Aurora University Belmont University Bethune-Cookman University Bowdoin College Brandeis University Carnegie Mellon University Clarkson University Columbia College Chicago Concordia College Cornell College Duke University Eastern University Eckerd College Emory University Gardner-Webb University George Fox University Gonzaga University Harding University . which allows a server-side application to interact with Cascade Server and then publish an updated file. such as blog comment sections or user-submitted calendar events. Interaction with these types of applications may be handled through Cascade Server's SOAP web services layer.Cascade Server 63 Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • Browser-based for both Windows and Mac WYSIWYG HTML editing Ability to upload and manage all file types Management of multiple sites Content reuse across multiple sites Content access rights Full audits and reporting for administrators Scheduled and manual publishing Search engine friendly. human-readable URLs Integration with LDAP servers XML syndication for RSS feed generation Structured Authoring [7] All features [8] Criticism Cascade Server's push technology architecture requires a separate database for applications that make use of user-generated content.

Mary's College of Maryland St. Chico California State University. Norbert College Sarah Lawrence College Soka University of America Southern Wesleyan University Syracuse University Union College University of Dayton University of Detroit Mercy University of Hartford University of Richmond University of Rochester University of Scranton Valparaiso University Vassar College Washburn University Wentworth Institute of Technology Wesleyan University Wheeling Jesuit University Willamette University Yale University Library Auburn University California State University. San Marcos California University of Pennsylvania Cal Poly Pomona Christopher Newport University Clemson University College of Charleston 64 Public Colleges & Universities .Cascade Server • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Harvey Mudd College Hawaii Pacific University Hofstra University McMurry University National College Northeastern University Northwestern University Pacific Lutheran University Philadelphia University Pomona College Reed College Reinhardt University Rollins College Saint Joseph's University St. Sacramento California State University. Long Beach California State University. East Bay California State University.

Arlington 65 . Office of the President University of California. Santa Cruz University of Central Oklahoma University of Houston University of Missouri . Irvine University of California. Davis University of California.Cascade Server • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Evergreen State College Florida International University Framingham State College Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Indiana University Indiana University .Purdue University Indianapolis James Madison University Johnson County Community College Miami University Michigan State University Millersville University of Pennsylvania North Carolina Central University North Carolina State University Northern Illinois University Northern Virginia Community College Northwestern Michigan College Northwest Missouri State University Northwood University Oakton Community College Pellissippi State Community College Pima Community College Purdue University Queensborough Community College Saint Cloud State University Sauk Valley Community College Sierra College Southern Illinois University Carbondale Southwestern Oklahoma State University Tarleton State University Texas A&M University Texas A&M University–Commerce Texas A&M University-Kingsville Texas A&M University–Texarkana The College of William and Mary University of Alaska Southeast University of California.Columbia University of Missouri . Louis University of Montana University of New Mexico University of Texas. San Diego University of California.St.

South Carolina City of Irving. South Carolina Brookhaven National Laboratory Charleston County. Texas University Health Systems International Colleges & Universities Government & Non-Profit[10] .Cascade Server • • • • • University of Wyoming Waubonsee Community College West Shore Community College Winston-Salem State University Yavapai College 66 Research Centers • San Diego Supercomputer Center • The Scripps Research Institute Graduate Schools & Specialty Programs • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Carnegie Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology College of Management Harvard Graduate School of Education Michigan State University College of Law New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Texas A&M Foundation The Juilliard School Union Presbyterian Seminary UC Davis School of Law University of California Hastings College of the Law University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Miami School of Business Administration University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts Emory Healthcare Medical College of Georgia (Health System) Texas A&M Health Science Center University of Utah (Health Sciences Center) George Brown College Langara College McMaster University Queen's University (School of Business) University of New Brunswick University of Ontario Institute of Technology University of Regina University of Saskatchewan University of Western Ontario University of Western Ontario Richard Ivey School of Business University of Victoria Zayed University Beaufort County.

Silverpop Symantec Corporation Techcom Trion World Network. Inc. • Basin Electric Power Cooperative . Caffeine Continental Resources Cramer Online Lawinfo. Inc.Freelancers Union YMCA Toronto Autograff.Cascade Server • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Colorado Secretary of State Delaware Department of Education East Baton Rouge Parish Library EngenderHealth Federation of American Scientists Florida Department of Health Heartland AEA Lions Clubs International Los Alamos National Laboratory Marin County Free Library National Futures Association National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Texas A&M Foundation Texas General Land Office University of California. Office of the President Working Today . American Thoracic Society Citizens Memorial Healthcare (Citizens Memorial Hospital) Emory Healthcare MCGHealth Midlands Choice Network Health Plan Noland Healthcare Saint Joseph's Hospital (Atlanta) Texas A&M Health Science Center University of Utah Health Care [13] 67 Technology[11] Healthcare[12] General Business • ARAG • Associated Wholesalers.com Mediagrif Nexant Sapien Information Systems Servigistics. Inc. Inc.

Inc.hannonhill.hannonhill. html [2] http:/ / www. hannonhill.Cascade Server • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Becker Professional Education Business & Decision Cold Stone Creamery Costco Travel Lighthouse Publishing Milliman Northern Life Perillo Tours Pacfic Bioscience Laboratories (Clarisonic) Royce Funds Scoregolf The Williams Companies.hannonhill. hannonhill. hannonhill.hiedcascade.com/) Cascade Server Requirements (http://www. hannonhill. hannonhill.edu/redesign/blog/ 2006/10/hannon-hill-cascade-server-selected-as.html) 2009 User's Conference Recap (http://www. html [12] http:/ / www. html External links • • • • • • • • • Cascade Server (http://www. html [9] http:/ / www.edu/tools/cms/ cms-guidelines.hannonhill.org/mailman/listinfo/listserv) . com/ customers/ industries/ healthcare. com/ customers/ industries/ general. hannonhill. hannonhill.edu redesign blog: Hannon Hill Cascade Server selected as CMS (http://www. hannonhill.com/products/requirements. com/ products/ index. com/ news/ press-releases/ 2011/ hannon-hill-releases-cascade-server-6.com/new-kb/) Cascade Server Success Community (http://success. hannonhill. html [10] http:/ / www. html [13] http:/ / www. com/ news/ conference/ 2010/ index.html) MU Web Communications: Cascade Server Guidelines for Use (http://webcom. html [11] http:/ / www. 8.hannonhill.html) Cascade Server Knowledge Base (http://www. Universal Air Travel Plan Vacation Internationale Waste Connections WestJet 68 References [1] http:/ / www.hannonhill. hannonhill. com/ news/ conference/ 2011/ index. hannonhill. com [5] http:/ / www.com/community/ conference/2009/Schedule. com/ products/ [4] http:/ / www. html [3] http:/ / www. com/ new-kb/ Data-Definitions/ [8] http:/ / www.com/news/blog/2009/ Cascade-Server-WCM-Conference-Highlights-Twitter-Recycle-Bin. html [7] http:/ / www.missouri. com/ customers/ industries/ technology. com/ customers/ industries/ education. com/ customers/ industries/ government.html) 2009 Cascade Server User's Conference Schedule Highlights (http://www. com/ products/ pricing-request. hannonhill.php) ncsu. html [6] http:/ / www.com/products/cascade-server/index.html) Higher Education Cascade User Group List (http://lists. hannonhill.ncsu.

tracking. an infrastructure designed to facilitate storage.htm) Archeoblender selecting cchost (http://okapi.org/projects/cchost) Official ccHost Documentation (http://wiki.wordpress.com/releases/2006/09/prweb434916.com/2007/03/17/archaeoblender-and-cchost/) ccHost 5. In 2005 it won Linux World's award for Best Open Source solution. net External links • • • • • • • Official ccHost project website (http://www. linux.ccHost 69 ccHost ccHost is a web-based media hosting engine upon which Creative Commons' ccMixter remix web community is built.net Participants • • • • • • • • Victor Stone [2] Lucas Gonze Jon Phillips Bryce Harrington Dave Crossland Ben Weiner Andy Fitzsimon Ryan Lerch References [1] Nathan Willis.net/tag/cchost) ccHost 3.fourstones.org/cchost/documentation) News about ccHost winning Linux World Award (http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/6026) Slideshow about ccHost (http://www. com/ feature/ 49565) [2] http:/ / fourstones. The software is written in PHP and uses the MySQL database server. and sharing of multimedia content.creativecommons.prweb.slideshare.org/thread/1701) .creativecommons.1 Call for Designers (http://ccmixter. 2005. thanks to the open source back-end system ccHost.0 press release (http://www. As Nathan Willis wrote [1] : At ccMixter. Examples • ccMixter • Open Font Library • http://virtualturntable. musicians and DJs are using Creative Commons licensing to share music content and build a community of artists. Media sharing with ccHost (http:/ / www.

through the [2] distribution of its software free of charge . The reaction to the fork was immediate. It is backed up by the Chamilo Association. development. which was forked in 2004 to launch the Dokeos project.1 & 2.org [1] Chamilo is an open-source (under GNU/GPL licensing) e-learning and content management system. Active community The current (as of June 2010) active community of Chamilo is considered around 300 people. The origins of Chamilo's code date back to 2000. In 2010.7. In 2009.8 series). it is considered a fork of Dokeos (at least in its 1. design)[6] [7] [8] . after growing discontent on the communication policy inside the Dokeos community and a series of choices that were making parts of the community insecure about the future of developments. One of the founding members of the Chamilo . which has goals including the promotion of the software. As such. Community Due to its educational purpose.Chamilo 70 Chamilo Chamilo Developer(s) Stable release Chamilo community members and professional partners 1. Community members are considered active when they start contributing to the project (through documentation.2.6. the improvement of its interface for 3rd world countries devices portability[3] and the provision of a free access public e-learning campus[4] .8.8. with more than 500 active users registering on the Chamilo forums in the first fortnight and more contributions collected in one month than in the previous whole year. The community itself tries to work together to offer an easy to use e-learning system.0 / December. most of the community is related to the educational or the human resources sectors. 2010 Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Course Management System GPL chamilo. aimed at improving access to education and knowledge globally. forum contributions. with the start of the Claroline project. The Chamilo project aims at ensuring the availability and quality of education at a reduced cost. History The Chamilo project was officially launched on the 18th of January 2010 by a considerable part of the contributing community[5] of the (also GNU/GPL) Dokeos software. it was forked again with the publication of Chamilo 1. members of the (by then Dokeos) community started working actively on the One Laptop Per Child project [9] together with a primary school in the Salto city in Uruguay . the maintenance of a clear communication channel and the building of a network of services providers and software contributors.

Its founding members. As of October 2010. it only requires a modern web browser (versions younger than 3 years old) and optionally requires the Flash plugin to make use of advanced features. continued as part of the Chamilo project[11] . users and training cycles advanced management (including SOAP web services to manage remotely) SCORM 1. of which 3 are from the private e-learning sector and 4 are from the public educational sector.Chamilo Association then registered as a contributing project for the OLPC in which his company would make efforts to ensure the portability of the platform to the XO laptop[10] .2 compatibility and authoring tool multi-institutions mode (with central management portal) time-controlled exams international characters (UTF-8) timezones automated generation of certificates tracking of users progress embedded social learning network Technical details Chamilo is developed mainly in PHP and relies on a LAMP or WAMP system on the server side. Drupal (through Drupal-Chamilo module). . The effort has been. OpenID (secure authentication framework) and Oracle (through specific PowerBuilder implementations).000 users[12] Chamilo Association The Chamilo Association is a legally registered non-profit association under Belgian laws (a VZW) since June 2010. the passive community is estimated to more than 160. On the client side. since then. also its first board of directors. It was created to serve the general goal of improving the Chamilo project's organization and to avoid a conflict of interest between the organization controlling the software project decision process and the best interests of the community using the software. Main features of version 1 • • • • • • • • • courses. 71 Passive community The community is considered passive when they use the software but do not contribute directly to it. Interoperability The Chamilo 1.8 series benefits from third party implementations that allows easy connexion to Joomla (through JFusion plugin). is composed of 7 members.

8.8. Releases 2011-05 . codename Istanbul was launched in May 2010[14] with major internationalization (language and time) improvements to the previous version.0 aspects expected to analyze the impact of brand new technology on education.v.1 Version 1.[15] . France) meant to be released as Dokeos 2.7.7 and a series of minor global improvements and new features. mostly adding valuable visual and usability improvements.0 and 3. certificates generation.6. it was left incomplete and continued (starting November 2009) as the Chamilo project. thus leaving the Dokeos project repository with incomplete sources. object and document management. Because of the community schism. It included security fixes to the wiki tool.6. full-text indexing.8.8. 2010-05 . it is not the total remake it was supposed to be. as a completely new backend for the LMS. 2010-12 .0 alpha Chamilo 2.8. online audio-recording. It also added new pedagogical tools to its previous version.0 of Chamilo.0 was originally (first plans date back to 2006 in the Dokeos Users Day in Valence. Apart from introducing the concept of true content.Chamilo 72 Extensions Chamilo offers a videoconferencing system as well as a presentations to learning paths converter.1. CAS. moving a first major step away from Dokeos.6. photo edition.8.7 Version 1.8.8.v1.8.0.2 stable After a slightly flawed 1.2 Version 1.0 beta is not considered production-safe (as its name implies) but implements a series of improvements to get to a more stable and usable release. 2010-07 . many fixes to bugs found in 1.8.0 beta Chamilo 2.0 stable The first version 2.1. Google Docs. codename Palmas was launched at the end of July 2010[13] .2 in January 2010.2 of Chamilo was originally meant to be released as Dokeos 1. version 1. 2010-01 .v1.8. This version was the first to be released officially as GNU/GPL version 3. Shibboleth).2 was released with new features like speech to text. in 2009. SVG diagrams drawer.0 also focuses on integration with existing repository systems (Fedora.v1.8 not officially released.v2. etc. 2010-06 . to move to the Chamilo project.8.8. LDAP. and it is actually expected to be equivalent in features to 1.1.) and supports some of the most popular authentication systems (ao.8. Its modular and dynamic architecture provides a basis for a multitude of extensions which can be added upon installation or at a later date by means of a repository of additional functionality packages. Considered to be stable software with experimental web 2.0 on the 10th of October 2010 (with a corresponding counter counting down from more than 200 days before that).v2. YouTube. The complete team of developers working on this version decided.v2. 2010-06 . Although Dokeos promised since then to release version 2. which require advanced system administration skills to install.7.6.7. Chamilo 2.

org/ go/ Contributors_program/ June_5. org [8] http:/ / support. with translation teams active in the translation to Simplified Chinese.Chamilo 73 Statistics The free-to-use Chamilo campus [16] registered 12000 users in June 2010 (5 months after its launch) and 38000 users in December 2010 (11 months after its launch). chamilo. with many universities throughout Europe and Latin América currently using it (see [19] ). edu. html& repo=classic& r=244eba5f7d97e293f14e26f2e2f8e81095d9871d [16] http:/ / campus. org [9] http:/ / www. com/ p/ chamilo/ source/ detail?path=/ documentation/ installation_guide_es_ES._2009 [11] http:/ / livestre. 8. laptop. 8. 7-istanbul-released [15] http:/ / code. fgov. php [13] http:/ / www. • Chamilo is also used in public administrations : Spanish and Peruvian ministries[21] . pe [18] http:/ / version. php [19] http:/ / version. am/ wKs0 [4] http:/ / campus. pdf . am/ wKs0 [12] http:/ / version. gob. youtube. org [2] http:/ / www. with latest improvements oriented into the reliability of tracking learners time and efficiency. ucg. Chamilo registered 238000 users in December 2010[18] . chamilo. Chamilo is looking into the private sector market. google. The Peruvian Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola [17] reported 800 users connected in the same 60 seconds time frame in April 2010. com/ watch?v=OxBLzzPt-iM [10] http:/ / wiki. chamilo. just. chamilo. between others. org/ forum [7] http:/ / translate. org [3] http:/ / livestre. org/ en/ news/ chamilo-1. org/ en/ about-chamilo#who-is-moving-to-chamilo [6] http:/ / www. chamilo. Trademarks Chamilo is a registered Trademark protected by the Chamilo Association. pe [22] http:/ / www. org [17] http:/ / campusvirtual. chamilo. 1-released [14] http:/ / www. chamilo. • Chamilo is currently backed up by a series of small to medium companies (see [20] ) which are required to register as members of the association and contribute to the open source software to be recognized as official providers. org/ en/ providers [21] http:/ / aulavirtual. chamilo. usil. org/ community. org/ community. 7. php [20] http:/ / www. Worldwide adoption of Chamilo • Currently focusing on the academic sector. chamilo. org [5] See http:/ / www. org/ en/ chamilo-1. Notes [1] http:/ / www. declared under Belgian law[22] . org/ community. chamilo. as well as unemployment services and NGO's. chamilo. chamilo. be/ tsv_pdf/ 2010/ 06/ 30/ 10095530. chamilo. chamilo. ejustice. Globally. • Year 2010 is focusing on spreading the software usage in Asia.

http://www.Chamilo 74 Other references/publications Professional references 1. http://ojulearning.com/en2/?p=58 2. http://www.lms-selection.com/2010/11/17/ la-plataforma-mas-opensource-de-las-opensource-chamilo-org/ 4.edu/2010/02/online-community-building-the-unseen-cornucopia/ 3.wordpress.es/2010/11/21/la-blogosfera-educativa-en-diez-articulos/ .com/blog/2010/chamilo-plataforma-e-learning-open-source/ 2.cvc.e-comunia.org/i-jac/article/view/1364 Amateur references 1. http://pipwerks. http://e-aprendizaje. http://online-journals.com/2010/01/19/not-so-crazy-about-moodle-try-chamilo/ 3. http://www.

CityDesk becomes a higher-level page-management system. HTML DBScript.[5] . author and software usability specialist Joel Spolsky. and uses the Microsoft Jet Database Engine. which was founded by well-known blogger. JSP or ColdFusion. CityDesk's data management is more flexible than might at first appear: a CityDesk plug-in. Data added to the system goes "live" only when a user makes a decision to publish it . In line with Joel Spolsky's policy[3] of not discussing new versions. Although Fog Creek has not said as much.0 / August 25. This architecture makes it particularly suitable for smaller. he said.0. CityDesk runs on Microsoft Windows. The unusual architecture brings with it some significant advantages. on August 25. However. Joel Spolsky has stated that CityDesk "flopped". 2003 Type Website Content Management System [1] CityDesk is a proprietary Content Management System created by Fog Creek Software.although this will be at best a minor disadvantage for many users. CityDesk's client-side model allows a relatively rich and responsive user interface. who have used CityDesk to address a variety of site-creation challenges. It uses templates and a simple database structure to generate static web pages that are uploaded to a web server by its built-in FTP client. Fog Creek has since made almost no statements on future upgrades. The architecture creates two obvious issues. CityDesk. Used in this way. 2003. The program can be scripted with batch files to allow post-processing of pages by other applications. the system can be used to hold and manipulate templates and pages written in these languages.CityDesk 75 CityDesk CityDesk Developer(s) Fog Creek Software Stable release 2. Joel Spolsky pointed to limitations in the client-side CMS model. had "never really succeeded in selling to organisations with more than two or three people" creating or editing content. Its combination of power and simplicity has attracted a small but enthusiastic group of users. The last major release of CityDesk was version 2. CityDesk's page editing interface creates XHTML-compliant code. it seems likely that CityDesk is not in active development. However. in a 2004 interview[4] with Australia's Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers. And users outside the network cannot interact directly with the system without the use of an external database and a scripting language such as PHP. information-rich sites whose users reside on a single network in a Microsoft-centric environment. CityDesk differs from most Content Management Systems in that it resides as a client-side application.[2] allows CityDesk to access data and generate pages from any Windows ODBC-compliant database.

html) 5 articles about the development of CityDesk CivicSpace CivicSpace. shorewalker. providing many with key steps to becoming fully employed to work with Drupal. formerly known as Deanspace and Hack4Dean. html) by Joel Spolsky .com/CityDesk/) • Fog Creek Software (http://www. As implied by its previous names. Zack Rosen and Kieran Lal are Drupal association board members. 2008. fogcreek. The hosted version was available as a free and low monthly cost subscription service for 22 months. CivicSpace began the process of unforking from the Drupal project in March 2005.joelonsoftware. The innovations in the CivicSpace distribution of Drupal have been incorporated into Drupal 5.Shorewalker. com/ CityDesk/ Lou Franco . On July 1 2005. html) [1] [2] [3] [4] External links • CityDesk (http://www. com/ articles/ MouthWideShut. 2003 Joel on Software Simplicity and ubiquity matter (or.fogcreek. 2004) . CivicSpace Labs stopped offering its free hosting service as of July 1st. Download Drupal software from http:/ / www. Neil Drumm is currently the Drupal 5 maintainer.com/articles/fog0000000009. How reality mugged Joel Spolsky) (http:/ / www.com/) • Working on CityDesk (http://www. joelonsoftware.Figuring Out what your company is all about (http:/ / www. CivicSpace hired almost 40 hobby developers from the Drupal community over the last three years. com/ HTMLDBScriptForCityDesk. It includes added functionality used for political and other organizing. CivicSpace released a fully compatible distribution of Drupal. CivicSpace was focused on a managed version of CivicSpace to expand beyond the technical users who were the early adopters of the platform.(July 23. it was used to power websites supporting the 2004 presidential campaign of Howard Dean. org and the CiviCRM module from http://civicrm. is a content management system founded in May 2004 by Zack Rosen and Neil Drumm.org. com/ items/ 2009/ 11/ 01.HTML DBScript For CityDesk (http:/ / www. The source code for the hosted provisioning of Drupal and CiviCRM is being made available. CivicSpace founders and employees are actively involved in the Drupal project.fogcreek.January 15.0. Please note: The CivicSpace software has been incorporated into Drupal 5 and CiviCRM and cannot be downloaded from civicspacelabs. loufranco. joelonsoftware. html) by David Walker for his fortnightly IT column in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.CityDesk 76 References http:/ / www. The distribution of the open source content management system based on Drupal focused on political websites.org. com/ section1/ webui. html) Mouth Wide Shut (http:/ / www. drupal.com [5] Joelonsoftware . Features • • • • • • • • Content management system for Website management Blogging Forums File storage Photo galleries Polls and surveys Social networking Event organizing .

.archive.com/onlamp/blog/2007/01/ digital_politics_from_civicspa.com/) that describes the Deanspace project in detail. licensed under Creative Commons and hosted by the Internet Archive • Deanspace. and Politics (http://extremedemocracy. 21stcenturydems. • Drupal (http://www. • 64MB (http://www.html) External links • CiviCRM (http://civicrm. koolestfiction.CivicSpace 77 Sites using CivicSpace • • • • • A large percentage of Democracy for America grassroots sites. betterdonkey. com http:/ / www. pdf) by Jon Lebkowsky. org http:/ / www.oreillynet.archive.mov) and * 22MB (http://www.mov) QuickTime movies of Zack Rosen speaking at Stanford in March 2005 on the CivicSpace project.org) The open source content/community management system inside CivicSpace. blogforamerica.org/download/IFTFZackRosensLecturesmallversion/rosensmall. see A blogging site [1] Blog for America [2] Better Donkey [3] 21st Century Democrats [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. A chapter of the book Extreme Democracy (http://extremedemocracy.org/download/IFTFHowardRheingoldStanfordHumanitiesLab_2/rosen. com http:/ / www.drupal. Social Networks. org • Digital Politics: From CivicSpace to Groundswell (http://www.com/chapters/Chapter 17-Lebkowsky.org) The open source constituent relationship management system inside CivicSpace.

issue tracking and sales force automation (e. CogniDox is written in Perl and uses the Apache Web Server and MySQL database management system. uk/ news/ article/ default. CEO of CogniDox (http://www. CogniDox enables collaboration and workflow between teams engaged in knowledge-intensive R&D. References [1] http:/ / www. . aspx?objid=51382). It provides content licensing that regulates the publishing of content from the internal system to Customer Portals and Support web sites. com [2] "CogniDox addresses unmet needs of semiconductor industry" (http:/ / www. cognidox. UK. UK CogniDox software CogniBox storage appliance www.g. uk/ news/ article/ ?objid=49150). cambridgenetwork. Retrieved 2008-11-04.a commercial document management and content management system based on open source technology. The origins of CogniDox lie in an in-house solution "Doxbox" created by Virata Corporation and later acquired by Conexant Systems.com [1] Website Cognidox (Officially Cognidox Ltd) is an independent software vendor based in Cambridge. and by a need to transfer knowledge via a secure external web site to their partners to ensure the minimum time-to-volume for incorporation into end-consumer products. cambridgenetwork.com/Blogs/Microspark-BizSpark-Startup-of-the-Day/Lists/Posts/Post.Interview with Paul Walsh. co. Its flagship product is CogniDox .com) • Microsoft Startup of the Day . . Since then. aspx?List=7764cd7b-cd2b-4b11-9e28-e6caea1181ff&ID=132) . Such groups are characterised by a need to synchronise the overall design to obtain the maximum benefits of re-use. External links • CogniDox website (http://www. According to the company's web site. The licensing follows the commercial open source model. It integrates with a number of leading open source solutions in content management.Cognidox 78 Cognidox Cognidox Limited Type Industry Founded Headquarters Products Private content management 2008 Cambridge. microsoftstartupzone. co. SugarCRM)[3] .cognidox. the re-named CogniDox has been adopted by a wider number of companies in the Fabless semiconductor company sector. Retrieved 2008-09-02.cognidox. The product is a vertical solution for the Fabless Semiconductor industry[2] . [3] "Cognidox say four software tools are the key to high-tech company success" (http:/ / www. The product aims to build document management into the Intranets and Extranets of such companies.

which he co-founded with his brother and father and eventually sold to a British conglomerate in 1997. At the time. speed document searches and support tighter collaboration among project teams and divisions. The goal was to help businesses of any size keep documents better organized. and other application documents). VP of Worldwide Sales Carl Azar. email. the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).[4] ColumbiaSoft's first product was named Document Locator.0) which addresses schedule pressures. Scanning. The Government Paperwork Elimination Act allows electronic information to be a substitute for paper. Paperless Office 1998 Headquarters Portland. Headquartered in Portland.[5] The rise in compliance laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.ColumbiaSoft 79 ColumbiaSoft ColumbiaSoft Type Industry Founded Private Software. and the USA PATRIOT Act has made access to enterprise content management (ECM) systems important to small businesses. non-hosted platform for off-network collaboration. Web content. VP of Marketing and Product Development Scott Zieg. Director of Engineering Document Management Records Management Document Scanning Email Management Workflow Management www. Outlook.[6] The company developed its document management software to support ECM capabilities needed for the electronic information management of heterogeneous content types (electronic documents. most document management systems were too expensive and too complex for companies of that size. legal risks and document configuration specific to the architecture.[2] [3] History ColumbiaSoft was founded in 1998 by Richard Day in order to serve the document management needs of small to medium-size businesses. ColumbiaSoft has been a Microsoft partner since 2002. Founder and CEO David Pogue. Oregon Key people Richard Day. It replaces legacy FTP systems and shared-file servers and creates a structured.[4] Document Locator has since developed to integrate with Prolog and Brava.com [1] Products Website ColumbiaSoft is a manufacturer of software for document management. Excel.documentlocator. engineering. and rich media) within mid-size organizations. Oregon. It allowed users to perform keyword searches on documents.[8] In 2007. such as those produced by the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Microsoft Word. improve document quality. and construction industry . It integrated databases into Windows user interface shells.[3] Day began at PED Manufacturing Ltd. Document Management. ColumbiaSoft released the latest version of Document Locator (version 5. and paperless office solutions.[2] [6] [7] The software can be used by practically any business in any industry that needs to track documents. scanning. the firm makes document management systems for small and medium enterprises. Document Locator became the first document management product ever to emulate a Windows file system.[3] In 2001. scans.

[9] [10] Document Locator was recognized as a “Top 100 Collection Technology Product” in 2007. the company reached $3 million in revenue and employed 20 people. [9] "Document Locator Wraps Lovin' Arms Around AEC Industry" (http:/ / www. Portland Business Journal. com/ [2] "ColumbiaSoft Unveils Enterprise Document Management Capabilities in Latest Document Locator Release" (http:/ / www. . AIIM. pdf). aiim. Aliza (2005-12-16). documentlocator. [7] Carly Rohrer (December 2003). e-mail capture and archiving. aspx?partnerid=230be674d478404182af3dc4c6ede9de).[3] A majority of ColumbiaSoft orders are between $15.[12] For 2005. [5] "2007 Hot Products" (http:/ / www. Digital Publishing Solutions Magazine. December 2007. com/ shownews. php). org/ article-pr. . documentlocator. ColumbiaSoft's customer base increased 33% as reported by the company. php?option=com_jambozine& layout=article& view=page& aid=4388& Itemid=99999999).com. CMSWire. com/ portland/ stories/ 2002/ 09/ 16/ daily14. asp?P=234). 2008. David (2002-09-17). dBusinessNews. html). cmswire.com. The award was presented by Collection Advisor magazine and announced during a Reader’s Choice Award Reception at the TECH’07 trade show held in Las Vegas. . . php?newsid=145834& type_news=latest). documentlocator. com/ articles/ 200704/ ij_04_17_07a.[3] 80 Competitors • • • • • • • Xerox EMC Corporation FileHold IBM Laserfiche Interwoven IBM DB2 References [1] http:/ / www. 2008-01-04. Intranet Journal. dbusinessnews. . April. com/ portland/ stories/ 2005/ 12/ 19/ smallb1. Microsoft. September. [8] "Gold Certified Partners" (https:/ / solutionfinder. [11] "ColumbiaSoft’s Document Locator Named a “Top 100 Collection Technology Product”" (http:/ / portland. of Kansas City. com/ Resources/ Category/ 0001/ 000087/ pr-hotproducts. dpsmagazine. [10] Tom Dunlap (2007-04-17). and automated workflow.com. [6] "ECM and Compliance" (http:/ / www. ColumbiaSoft. "Former manufacturing exec turns to software" (http:/ / portland.000.ColumbiaSoft scores after taking its time finding the right way to pitch product" (http:/ / portland. com/ index. bizjournals. Nevada. . . . November 2005. . from the building and design firm Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co. 2007. microsoft.000 and $30. "Eliminate Document Retrieval Runaround" (http:/ / www.com.ColumbiaSoft in addition to integrated document imaging. records management. [4] Raths. 2007-12-27. 2007. com/ content/ ContentCT. IMSInfo. Portland Business Journal. bizjournals.[11] In 2005. "Compliance. html?page=2). more than $550. intranetjournal. com/ Partners/ PartnerDetailsView. isminfo. . Missouri. "Long road to the top . com/ cms/ document-management/ document-locator-wraps-lovin-arms-around-aec-industry-001730. electronic versioning. html). [3] Earnshaw. E-mail Capturing Big Themes at AIIM Expo" (http:/ / www. . [12] "ColumbiaSoft Grows Customer Base By One-Third In 2007" (http:/ / www.000. asp?ID=33042). More than 600 companies are active users of ColumbiaSoft products. ColumbiaSoft received its largest-ever order. com/ Company/ News/ 12_27_07/ ). Construction Executive Magazine.[3] In 2007. .

g. usage. 3. These components are then reused (rather than copied and pasted) within a document or across multiple documents.. use) and can be tracked individually or as part of an assembly. Components in multiple content assemblies (content types) can be viewed as components or as traditional documents. This ensures that content is consistent across the entire documentation set. com/ component_content_management. Reduced translation costs. providing a single. " Component content management: Overlooked by analysts. Greater consistency and accuracy. Benefits of managing contents at components level: 1. table. image. version. dclab. trusted source of content. 4. [2] Ann Rockley and Steve Manning. com/ vasont/ crashcourse/ what_is_content_management. Components can be as large as a chapter or as small as a definition or even a word. 2. product description). concept or asset (e. required by technical publications departments (http:/ / www. asp)". CCM can be a separate system or be a functionality of another content management system type (e. The Rockley Group Inc. vasont. Each component is only stored one time in the content management system.[1] Each component has its own lifecycle (owner. . Reduced delivery costs. Vasont Systems. asp)".g.[2] Notes [1] " Crash Course for Content Management: What is content management? (http:/ / www. Component content management (CCM) is typically used for multi-channel customer-facing content (marketing. approval. enterprise content management or web content management).Component content management system 81 Component content management system A component content management system (CCMS) is a content management system that manages content at a granular level (component) rather than at the document level. Each component represents a single topic. support). Reduced maintenance costs. learning..

NET 4 enabled parts of Microsoft's Web App Gallery (Web Platform Installer 3 and WebMatrix). composite. pledging to continue development on the free core and providing paid services [2] . codeplex. October 2010 Composite C1 was added to the .NET-based web content management system [1] . com/ . History Composite C1 development began mid 2007.the CodePlex site also contain user ratings and reviews that can not be moderated. Modules (C1 Packages) • • • • • • • • Content versioning Newsletters Extranet Page comments Issuu reader RSS / Twitter / YouTube feed readers XML to SQL Server migration Google Search (CSE) integration .1 / March 11.0 in January 2009 and until September 2010 is was sold as a commercially licensed product primarily to customers in northern Europe. Source Code and Community Ratings The source code.Composite C1 82 Composite C1 Composite C1 Stable release 2.1 was released making SQL Server support part of the open source project[3] .0 as free open source software under the Mozilla Public License. 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Type License Website C# / JavaScript / XSLT Microsoft Windows / Windows Azure Web content management system Mozilla Public License http:/ / www. March 2011 Composite C1 2. September 29th 2010 Composite released Composite C1 2. issue tracker and forum for Composite C1 is hosted at http:/ / CompositeC1. it reached 1. net Composite C1 is a free open source .

NET Web CMS Has Gone Open Source" (http:/ / www. CMSWire. php).NET 4 based Transparent XML and SQL Server support via LINQ Side-by-side support for both ASP. Marcello Tonarelli's Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog. aspx). Oct 13. cmswire.NET Master Pages Run on Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.5.NET Web Forms and ASP.composite.NET MVC Support for templating using ASP.net) . UNICODE support Multiple document interface Publishing workflow Content security WYSIWYG editor XHTML compatible XSLT developer tooling . com/ cms/ web-cms/ alert-whats-coming-for-open-source-cms-in-april-2011-010704. com/ product/ crm/ crmtechnical/ b/ marcellotonarelli/ archive/ 2010/ 12/ 13/ composite-c1-free-open-source-content-management-system. 2011 External links • Official website (http://http://www. com/ cms/ web-cms/ composite-c1-net-web-cms-has-gone-open-source-008853. "Composite C1 .NET 4 and ASP. cmswire. php). 2010 [3] Dee-Ann LeBlanc.NET MVC Player (this list is not exhaustive) 83 Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • Multilingual. Windows Azure (this list is not exhaustive) References [1] Marcello Tonarelli. CMSWire. Visual Studio 2010. "Composite C1 free open source content management system" (https:/ / community. "Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in April 2011" (http:/ / www. Dec 13. dynamics.Composite C1 • • • • • Microsoft Search Server integration Package Creator Data Forms Renderer ASP. 2010 [2] Barb Mosher. Mar 31. WebMatrix. 7 and 7.

ERM (previously referred to as COLD) systems usually work by capturing data from print streams and storing it on hard drives. Grigsby correctly points out that "ERM" more accurately describes the process. ANSI. and retrieve large-volume data such as accounting reports. storage area networks. . The data is then retrieved via web browsers or fat clients. Today. COLD is also known as Enterprise Report Management (ERM). archive. ERM systems are part of enterprise content management. store. loan records. now also called Enterprise Report Management (ERM). or optical media. The use of laserdiscs was replaced by the use of other optical storage technologies and is only one of several appropriate media for computer report storage. The term COLD has been superseded by the Enterprise Content Management Industry (AIIM). Mason Grigsby — widely regarded as "The Father of COLD" for his seminal work with INSCI in the late 1980s — promoted a name change for the technology. These systems were typically implemented to replace paper creation and microfiche solutions. shipping and receiving documents. and ISO with the term Enterprise Report Management (ERM). systems were used to capture. and customer bills.Computer Output to Laser Disc 84 Computer Output to Laser Disc Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD). In 2002. inventories.

providing data integration between two separate business scenarios and allowing both the end-user and administrator to better benefit from transparent social associations. Features At the center of ConcourseConnect is a community creation platform with an integrated business directory front-end that provides intuitive searching and viewing of all community content.com [1] ConcourseConnect was developed by Concursive Corporation (noted for their Open Source CRM ConcourseSuite) and is a platform for deploying large scale web-based communities. The features include: • • • • • • • Wiki Blog Ratings Reviews Online classified advertising Document management Project management . During installation the software can be configured for one of several purposes. The platform is unique because it integrates Customer Relationship Management software with a front-facing Social Networking application. On the backend.ConcourseConnect 85 ConcourseConnect ConcourseConnect Developer(s) Concursive Corporation Operating system Cross-platform Type Website Social networking www. including: • • • • • • Social networking Local search Review site Enterprise 2. ConcourseConnect communities integrate with a powerful suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and a comprehensive management console.concursive.0 corporate intranet Project management Content management The modules are based on the Java Portlet Specification and can be configured and arranged within the embedded Enterprise portal.

com/node/651838) • TechTarget (http://searchcrm.net" (http:/ / freshmeat. "Project tracking by Freshmeat.connect321. com/ show/ concourseconnect "TeamElements blog introducing ConcourseConnect" (http:/ / www. "Project tracking by Ohloh.techtarget. ConcourseConnect is derived from Concursive's Open Source Software Team Elements software product[2] . concursive. com/ show/ team-elements/ post/ 551).5 or better recommended) • Databases • Postgres (8. and Yelp!.0 or better recommended) Background ConcourseConnect was built to tie into ConcourseSuite (Concursives' CRM Software) which allows its robust capabilities and features to work together seamlessly. The Team Elements source code has been available since August.concursive. . • Operating Systems • Microsoft Windows • Linux. . ohloh. On March 27. • SYS-CON Media (http://crm. net/ projects/ teamelements).an example of local search using ConcourseConnect .ConcourseConnect 86 Software Requirements The product is a pure-Java server-side web application and will run on any platform where Java (JDK 5 or better) is installed. Solaris • Mac OS X • Application Servers • Apache Tomcat (5. Jive Software's Clearspace.com) .sys-con. 2004[3] [4] . Elgg. net/ p/ teamelements/ analyses/ latest).com/tutorial/Choosing-an-open-source-CRM-vendor) External links • ConcourseConnect product page (http://www. Concursive rebranded the product as ConcourseConnect and publicly released the product as beta. encouraging community members to collaborate and help refine the product. ConcourseConnect compares to Socialtext. References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. .com/show/concourseconnect) • Connect321 website (http://www. concursive.net" (http:/ / www. 2009.

Similar systems are used today by editors of scientific journals.Conference management system 87 Conference management system A conference management system is web-based software that supports the organization of scientific conferences. the conference organizers. the authors and the reviewers in their respective activities. It helps the program chair(s). Functionality Typical functions and workflows supported by conference management systems include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Receiving paper submissions (PDF upload. A conference management system can be regarded as a domain-specific content management system. collection of bibliographic metadata) Anonymizing submissions Collecting reviewers' topic preferences Collecting conflicts of interest Assigning reviewers to papers Disseminating submissions to reviewers Collecting reviews Monitoring review coverage Sharing reviews among the program committee Ensuring independence of reviews (reviewers cannot see other reviews for a submission before they have submitted their own) Providing a per-submission discussion forum for the reviewers Ranking reviews and setting acceptance threshold Anonymizing reviews Reporting reviewers' comments and program committee decision to authors Collecting final accepted versions Some systems offer additional functions that go beyond supporting only the peer-review process: • Creating a conference website and program • Registering attendees • Publishing proceedings .

History Development for Contegro commenced in October 2005 by a company called Labyrinth Solutions [3] in New Zealand.NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server database.this is a ‘hosted’ solution whereby all sites share a single install of the Contegro application and database.com [1] Contegro CMS pronounced con-teg-ro (abbreviation for Content and Growth) is a commercial website content management system (WCMS) for building and managing medium to larger web sites.NET/SQL Server License Website License: Enterprise Edition. The objective of developing a new generation of CMS that extended the level of control available to the website administrator within an easy to use interface.[2] Contegro is developed on the ASP. Modules Contegro's modular design allows for the framework to be extended with the following fully integrated add-on modules: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Blog Document Library E-Cards E-commerce Lite E-commerce Enterprise Email Campaign Management [4] Events Calendar Form Builder Image gallery Investor Relations Suite (IR) Microsites (Satellite Sites) Polls Podcasts RSS Feeds and RSS Reader Store Locator Surveys Vehicle Booking Engine . This model provides central management of all websites and the ability to easily create new sites from within the Admin console. Software as a Server: SME Edition www. Contegro is available in two licensing options: Contegro Server Edition . Contegro Stand Alone Edition .contegro.Contegro 88 Contegro Contegro CMS Platform ASP.The Contegro Stand Alone edition is aimed at large scale projects where the clients want complete ownership of the environment and/or manage the hosting.

Flash widget or server-side Ajax. com/ CMS Critic . Instead of the installation of software on client servers.campaignmonitor. that utilizes embedded software code to deliver web content. co.[1] . com/ contegro-website-cms-version-4-review/ ) Scoop (http:/ / www. TechCrunch reported that Wetpaint is preparing a "embeddable" wiki that will deliver its wiki service as a CDP to externally hosted websites. In late 2007. com Content delivery platform A content delivery platform (CDP) is a software as a service (SaaS) content service.XHTML 1. campaignmonitor. Content delivery platforms are not content delivery networks. contegro. Image manager & image mapping Content management with versioning and workflow Granular level permissions for Administrators Membership facility with self Registration and Approval processes Unlimited Members and Member Groups with granular level permission to pages or modules within individual pages Dynamic Site Tree (Google Site Tree) and A-Z Site Tree Full Text Searching.0 Strict and CSS 2. scoop. even text-based content. In March 2008. similar to a content management system (CMS). typically via javascript widget. Integrated with all add-on modules Search Engine Optimization Friendly URL's with URL Redirection Web standards . which are utilized for large web media and do not depend on embedded software code.com (http:/ / www. The term content delivery platform was coined by Feed.com (http:/ / www.Contegro 89 Features • • • • • • • • • • WYSIWYG Editor with Flash and media management. A CDP is utilized for all types of web content. a content delivery platform can be utilized to import a variety of syndicated content into one central location and then re-purposed for web syndication. Intense Debate and Disqus both employ javascript widgets to display and collect blog comments on websites. a CDP feeds content through embedded code snippets.cmscritic. htm) Campaign Monitor . Alternatively. two blog comment services launched utilizing CDP-based services.1 compliant code External links • Contegro CMS [5] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www. contegro. com/ features/ integrations/ contegro/ ) http:/ / www.Us software architect John Welborn during a presentation to [1] the Chicago Web Developers Association. cmscritic. nz/ stories/ BU0703/ S00354.

It simply logs what is on a website. Retrieved 2008-01-08. Typical categories in a content inventory include the following: • • • • • • • • Link — The URL for the page Format — For example. midwestbusiness.g. and they are often conducted in tandem. in review.html. . Other information could include: • • • • • • the overall topic or area to which the page belongs a short description of the information on the page when the page was created. such as meta keywords.pdf. Description A content inventory typically includes all information assets on a website. being written. revise. .g. page title). asp?newsletterID=18629).doc. The content audit will answer the question: “Is it any good?”[3] [4] Over the years. writers. . Creating a single. com/ news/ viewnews. . planned.[1] An allied practice—a content audit—is the process of evaluating that content. midwestbusiness. . website tools and resources. Microsoft Excel) is the preferred tool for keeping a content inventory.g. asp?newsletterID=18629) on 2008-05-17. images. shared location for information related to a website can be helpful for all website content managers. or posted • rank of page on the website – is it a top 50 page? a bottom 50 page? Initial efforts might be more focused on those pages that visitors use the most and least.ppt Meta page title — Page title as it appears in the meta <title> tag Meta keywords — Keywords as they appear in the meta name="keywords" tag element Meta description — Text as it appears in the meta name="description" tag element Content owner — Person responsible for maintaining page content Date page last updated — Date of last page update Audit Comments (or Notes) — Audit findings and notes There are other descriptors that may need to be captured on the inventory sheet. ... com/ news/ viewnews. archive. and when the next page review is due pages this page links to pages that link to this page page status – keep. It is the assessment of that content and its place in relationship to surrounding Web pages and information assets. .[1] [2] [11] A spreadsheet application (e. MidwestBusiness. date of last revision.ppt). in revision process. . such as web pages (html). keywords. description.[5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] A content inventory is a quantitative analysis of a website. techniques for creating and managing a content inventory have been developed and refined by many experts in the field of website content management. the data can be easily configured and manipulated. .doc. audio and video files. delete. Content inventory A content inventory is the process and the result of cataloging the entire contents of a website. being edited. Other tabs in the inventory workbook can be created to track related information. Content management experts advise capturing information that might be useful for both short. The content inventory will answer the question: “What is there?” A content audit is a qualitative analysis of information assets on a website.Content delivery platform 90 References [1] "Reporter's Notebook" (http:/ / web. Archived from the original (http:/ / www.com. and document files (e.[2] [3] [4] A content inventory and a content audit are closely related concepts. meta elements (e. or content inventories for sub-areas of the main website.and long-term purposes. ready for posting..pdf. new Web pages to develop. org/ web/ 20080517173708/ http:/ / www.

ca/ blog/ 2010/ 01/ doing-a-content-audit-or-inven). author Louis Rosenfeld argues that “ongoing. Scott (January 2010). uxmatters. com/ 2010/ 02/ 26/ content-inventory/ ).” • In the article The Rolling Content Inventory (http://www. .com/view/ a-map-based-approach). Patrick Walsh describes how to use Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel to link a data attribute with a structural attribute to create “a tool that can be used throughout the lifetime of a website.com/home/bloug_archive/000448. "Content Inventory: Sometimes referred to as Web Content Inventory or Web Audit" (http:/ / www. . "Content Strategy for the Web: Why You Must Do a Content Audit" (http:/ / www.[12] The information gathered in the inventory can also be used to plan a website re-design or site migration to a web content management system. . "How to do a content audit" (http:/ / www. php/ how-to-automatically-index-a-content-inventory/ ). .[10] When planning a new website. . html). Populating the spreadsheet is a painstaking task. ca/ blog/ 2010/ 01/ doing-a-content-audit-or-inven). peachpit.boxesandarrows. Fred (March 2007). php). contentcompany. net/ index. . [7] Jones. Retrieved 27 April 2010. Retrieved 27 April 2010.com/mt/archives/2009/08/content-analysis-a-practical-approach. Department of Health & Human Services. [6] Doss. [10] Krozser. Donna (January 2006). 26 May 2009. Glen (January 2007). The inventory sheet. . [12] "Content Inventory" (http:/ / www. "Content Analysis Heuristics" (http:/ / boxesandarrows. biz/ articles/ content_audit. once completed and revised as the site is updated with new content and information assets. [4] Marsh. the information cataloged in a content inventory and content audit will be a resource to help manage all of the information assets on the website. Retrieved 27 April 2010. Scott (January 2010). .louisrosenfeld. com/ mt/ archives/ 2009/ 08/ content-analysis-a-practical-approach. and so on. "Doing a content audit or inventory" (http:/ / nform. • Collen Jones writes from a UX design perspective in Content Analysis: A Practical Approach (http://www. and publishers. but some up-front work can be automated with software. content owners. fatpurple. . "Automatically Index a Content Inventory with GetUXIndex()" (http:/ / donbruns. Retrieved 6 May 2010.S. "Doing a content audit or inventory" (http:/ / nform. Retrieved 4 May 2010. and other tools and resources can assist the audit work. php). Colleen (August 2009). [3] Baldwin. uxmatters. a content inventory can be a useful project management tool: as a guide to map information architecture and to track new pages. [5] Spencer. "The Content Inventory: Roadmap to a Successful CMS Implementation" (http:/ / www. "Doing a Content Inventory (Or. . Further reading • In his article A Map-Based Approach to a Content Inventory (http://www. 91 Value A content inventory and a content audit are performed to understand what is on a website and why it is there. Retrieved 6 May 2010. Hilary (January 2005). partial content inventories” are more cost-effective and realistic to implement. For an existing website.Content inventory editors. usability. Retrieved 27 April 2010. Don (March 2010). can also become a resource for help in maintaining website governance. adaptivepath. Retrieved 29 April 2010. A Mind-Numbingly Detailed Odyssey Through Your Web Site)" (http:/ / www. page revision dates. Retrieved 3 May 2010. . [8] Leise. net/ donna/ blog/ 2006/ taking-a-content-inventory). "Content Analysis: A Practical Approach" (http:/ / www. html). Retrieved 27 April 2010. "Taking a content inventory" (http:/ / maadmob. org/ content-management/ the-content-inventory-roadmap-to-a-succesful-cms-implementation/ ). aspx?p=1388961). com/ view/ content-analysis). [11] Bruns. com/ ideas/ essays/ archives/ 000040. Retrieved 27 April 2010. Kassia (April 2005). html). Jeffrey (June 2002). [9] Baldwin. gov/ methods/ design_site/ inventory.php). Kristina (August 2009). U. References [1] Veen. alttags. [2] Halverson. Retrieved 27 April 2010. com/ articles/ article. . .

html) SiteOrbiter (http://siteorbiter.htm) .com/similar-page-checker.com/) Similar Page Checker (http://www.uk/resources/link_checkers.cryer.php) Link Checker Tools (http://www.de/tilman/xenulink.Content inventory 92 External links • • • • Xenu's Link Sleuth (http://home.snafu.co.webconfs.

AIIM. EMC.[1] CMIS provides a common data model covering typed files. eXo. Booz Allen Hamilton. So CMIS can be used to access an historic document repository. using the Atom convention.[5] The Technical Committee (TC) includes the following organizations: Adobe Systems Incorporated. FatWire. Oracle and SAP. Fidelity Investments. Microsoft Corporation. HP.[4] There are public discussion lists. dotCMS. Although initiated by AIIM. Historical notes The initial work of developing the momentum and use cases that led to the CMIS proposal was conducted by the iECM Initiative [6] sponsored by AIIM. 2010. There is a set of generic services for modifying and querying the data model. and several protocol bindings for these services. Inc. OpenText Corporation. including SOAP and Representational State Transfer (REST). Nuxeo.[2] The model is based on common architectures of document management systems. The standard is available for public comment at OASIS. Open Text Corporation.. Liferay. CMIS is now being administered by the OASIS standards body. GX Software CMIS Benefits The CMIS specification provides a Web services interface that: • Is language-agnostic (REST and SOAP are implemented in many languages) • Decouples web service and content.0 standard. and the ability to define generic relations. vendor. EMC Corporation. IBM. Day Software. ISIS Papyrus. . This ongoing project[7] to foster interoperability[8] among ECM systems is supported by the collaborative efforts of governmental. Sun Microsystems. WeWebU Software AG. In addition there may be an access control system. Participants in the process include Alfresco. and a checkout and version control facility.Content Management Interoperability Services 93 Content Management Interoperability Services CMIS Type of format Enterprise Content Management Extended from SOAP Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is a specification for improving interoperability between Enterprise Content Management systems. FatWire. Exalead. OASIS approved CMIS as an OASIS Specification on May 1. Open Text. folders with generic properties that can be set or read. Alfresco Software.[3] Specification Progress & TC Members The specification is currently approved as OASIS CMIS v1. Oracle Corporation. commercial. Microsoft. and consulting organizations. IBM. Pearson PLC. SAP AG.

Content Management Interoperability Services 94 List of implementations CMIS Servers Software Capability support Open source Notes Alfresco 3. NOT for production use! Yes Day Software CRX 2.7 Unknown • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ACL=manage AllVersionsSearchable=true Changes=none ContentStreamUpdatability=anytime GetDescendants=true GetFolderTree=true Multifiling=true PWCSearchable=false PWCUpdatable=false Query=With Fulltext: bothcombined. Yes Apache Chemistry InMemory Server 0. Without Fulltext: metadataonly Renditions=read (not implemented for folders) Unfiling=false VersionSpecificFiling=false Join=inneronly No No eXo Platform with xCMIS Unknown No .3+ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ACL=manage AllVersionsSearchable=false [9] Changes=objectidsonly ContentStreamUpdatability=anytime GetDescendants=true GetFolderTree=true Multifiling=true PWCSearchable=true PWCUpdatable=true Query=bothcombined Renditions=read Unfiling=false VersionSpecificFiling=false Join=none ACL=none AllVersionsSearchable=false Changes=properties ContentStreamUpdatability=pwconly GetDescendants=true GetFolderTree=true Multifiling=true PWCSearchable=false PWCUpdatable=true Query=metadataonly Renditions=none Unfiling=true VersionSpecificFiling=false Join=none Provides extensions to the core CMIS specification to support [10] "aspects" (mixins).1+ EMC Documentum 6.3 Holds all data in memory targeted for testing and development.

3+ and • DAM 1.Content Management Interoperability Services Fabasoft • • • • GetDescendants=true GetFolderTree=true Multifiling support=true ContentStreamUpdatability=anytime Provides extensions to the core CMIS specification to support [11] "aspects" 95 No IBM FileNet 5. Only documents are accessible via CMIS .5 Lists ISIS Papyrus Objects Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ACL=none AllVersionsSearchable=true Changes=none ContentStreamUpdatability=none GetDescendants=true GetFolderTree=true Multifiling=true PWCSearchable=false PWCUpdatable=false Query=none Renditions=none Unfiling=false VersionSpecificFiling=false Join=none No No No No Only data lists are accessible via CMIS .1+ • • • • • • • • • • • • • O3spaces 3.other content types are inaccessible. No KnowledgeTree 3. This module exposes objects defined in the Papyrus Repository.0 IBM LotusLive Files IBM Lotus Quickr 8.0 IBM Connections Files 3.2+ Proxy documents and secondary content streams are not [14] available through CMIS Yes Unknown No .7+ Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 NCMIS Unknown Unknown Yes Requires installation of the Administration Toolkit [12] No Unknown [13] ACL=none AllVersionsSearchable=true Changes=objectidsonly ContentStreamUpdatability=pwconly GetDescendants=true GetFolderTree=true Multifiling=false PWCSearchable=true PWCUpdatable=true Query=bothcombined Renditions=read Unfiling=false VersionSpecificFiling=false Join=innerandouter Yes Nuxeo DM 5. Document instances are mapped through MIME type into CMIS document type and subtypes.other content types are inaccessible.

Includes some CMIS server functionality as well. OpenText provides support for CMIS. SOAP) Notes Library Python Library Library PHP PHP [19] cmis-php-client (part of [17] Apache Chemistry ) CMIS Spaces [20] Application Flex/ActionScript Yes DITALabs DITA CMIS Explorer Application PHP/ExtJS [21] [22] DotCMIS (part of Apache [17] Chemistry ) OpenIMS [23] Library .1 Sense/Net 6.NET Yes Yes Yes Yes Can synchronize document store with CMIS servers.0+ TYPO3 PWC updatable=TRUE PWC searchable=TRUE ACL=MANAGE ACL propagation=OBJECTONLY ACL supported=BOTH Changes=NONE ContentStreamUpdatability=ANYTIME GetDescendants=TRUE GetFolderTree=TRUE Query=BOTHCOMBINED All versions searchable=TRUE Join Capability=NONE Multifiling support=FALSE Unfiling support=FALSE Version specific filing=FALSE Renditions=NONE [15] With the release of ECM Suite 2010 . but is not a fully fledged CMIS server by itself. Request: can someone clarify which of the myriad products in the ECM Suite support CMIS? Which of the products was used to generate the capabilities listed in this table to the left? 96 No Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No No Yes Yes CMIS Clients Software [16] cmislib (part of Apache [17] Chemistry ) CMIS PHPlib [18] Type Technology Open source Yes Yes Yes Flex+AIR RIA Client with desktop drag/drop. Portlet. Application PHP Library Java [24] OpenCMIS (part of Apache [17] Chemistry ) [25] OpenWorkdesk (WeWebU [26] Software AG ) Papyrus CMIS Adapter Application Java/ExtJS Yes Application Papyrus Objects No . An application suite (not just a CMIS browser!) for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with an intuitive Web 2.2+ Seapine Surround SCM 2011. ActionScript libraries (both AtomPub REST.0 front-end. The module communicates with CMIS repositories directly through Papyrus Query Language (PQL). Flex+Browser RIA Client.Content Management Interoperability Services OpenText * Private Working Copy=TRUE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • OpenWGA 5.

coverpages. apache.2+ Java Constellio ECM Mobile enprovia Mobile Enabler 2. com/ wiki/ CMIS#Enabling_the_Change_Log [10] http:/ / code. org/ python/ cmislib. aspx?ID=31483) [7] AIIM . lists. html). com/ p/ cmis-phplib/ [19] http:/ / chemistry.0 Exstream Software Java Java Java Java References [1] "The CMIS v1.Content Management Interoperability Services Zero-Install Desktop Integration [27] (ZIDI) (WeWebU Software [26] AG ) Application Java/ExtJS No ZIDI exposes parts of your ECM system as Direct Access Folders (DAF) that are shown as a network drive and can be therefore accessed directly by Windows Explorer or Microsoft Office. Vendors Publish Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Standard (http:/ / xml. cmis) [6] AIIM .Fact or Fiction? (http:/ / www. oasis-open. com/ 2/ global/ press-release-details. retrieved 2010-04-16 [3] Mary P McRae (2008-09-10). html). nuxeo.Interoperable ECM .2. org/ dotnet/ dotcmis. org/ product/ ditalabs-dita-cmis-explorer [22] http:/ / chemistry. Can be configured as a CMIS browser Can be configured as a CMIS browser 97 [28] CMIS Connector (Module of Application PHP the SilverStripe CMS) Drupal 6. of the above lists (client or server)? Software ActiveCMIS Language Ruby Open source Yes No Yes Yes No No Notes Atlassian Confluence + Crowd 3. and only one. aiim. aiim. 0. org/ p/ alfresco-opencmis-extension/ [11] "Installation and Configuration of Fabasoft Integration for CMIS" at http:/ / www. org/ ResourceCenter/ Archive/ Article. aspx?ID=30301) [9] http:/ / wiki. aiim. apache. org/ ResourceCenter/ Archive/ Article. Proposed Charter for OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) TC (http:/ / xml.The iECM Initiative (http:/ / www. org/ search/ ?q=list:org. aspx?FamilyId=718447d8-0814-427a-81c3-c9c3d84c456e [13] https:/ / doc. php) [5] CMIS specification mailing list (http:/ / markmail.x WordPress [29] [30] [31] Application PHP Application PHP Application Java Yes Yes Yes Yes Hippo CMS Unknown Can someone who knows more about these products please allocate each of these products into one. com/ downloads/ en/ details. retrieved 2010-04-16 [4] OASIS Members Approve CMIS Standard (http:/ / www. aspx?ID=29284) [8] AIIM . oasis-open. The Cover Pages.0 OASIS Standard Specification" (http:/ / docs. pdf). html [17] http:/ / chemistry. google. nuxeo. org/ ni2008-09-10-a. . Can be configured as a CMIS browser. html [20] http:/ / code. com/ p/ cmisspaces/ [21] http:/ / dita. fabasoft. org/ php/ phpclient. The Cover Pages. html [23] http:/ / www. google. com/ web/ guest/ company/ downloads/ documentation [12] http:/ / www. com/ x/ JIAO#CMISforNuxeo-Capabilities [14] https:/ / doc. The module can integrate external content via a CMIS connection into the SilverStripe CMS. com . apache. org/ news/ oasis-news-2010-05-04. openims. [2] Robin Cover (2008-09-10). opentext. org/ [18] http:/ / code. org/ cmis/ CMIS/ v1. 0/ os/ cmis-spec-v1. microsoft. . com/ x/ JIAO#CMISforNuxeo-Modelmapping [15] http:/ / www. xml. coverpages.5+/2. org/ Standards/ article. org/ OASIS-CMIS-CharterProposal. html?id=2407 [16] http:/ / chemistry. oasis-open. apache.Interoperable ECM Standards Committee (http:/ / www. google. . com/ a/ apache-extras. alfresco.

forge. CM software can be responsible for file sharing.Content Management Interoperability Services [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] http:/ / chemistry. openworkdesk. de/ en/ products/ zero-install-desktop-integration. A content managed website is generally separates the website viewers from the content managers by requiring authentication (usually in the form of a login name and password) to access the management interface. org/ java/ opencmis. org/ 98 Content Management Website A content management website (alternatively. unorganizedmachines. roles and privileges pertaining to updating content. In corporate intranet or extranets. In the context of public websites. com/ site/ software-and-technology/ 34-software-development/ 104-cmis-wordpress-plugin http:/ / cmisreplication. the CM software is normally advantageous for allowing non-technical users to manage their own website while keep content search engine optimized. apache. com/ http:/ / www. html http:/ / silverstripe. org/ alfresco-connector-module http:/ / drupal. content managed website or CM website) is a website which has the additional capability allowing users to manage the website content easily. CM websites are driven by content management software. Popular content management software • • • • Plone Drupal Joomla! PHP-Nuke . indexing large amounts of content for fast searching and managing users. there are numerous FLOSS alternatives. org http:/ / www. wewebu-software. While many CM software titles require purchasing a proprietary license. html http:/ / www. without interfering with other aspects of the site. onehippo. org/ project/ cmis http:/ / www. wewebu.

like a Content Management System or a Document Management System. org/ doc/ acs-content-repository/ design. org/ ). org/ doc/ acs-content-repository/ ). html). .[1] Content repository features A content repository exposes amongst other the following facilities: • • • • • • • • • Read/write of content Hierarchy and sort order management Query / search Versioning Access control Import / export Locking Life-cycle management Retention and hold / records management Commonly known Content Applications / Content Management Systems • • • • • • • Content Management System Digital Asset Management Source Code Management Web Content Management System Document Management System Social collaboration Records Management Content repository or related standards and specification • Content repository API for Java • WebDAV • Content Management Interoperability Services References [1] Content Repository Design (http:/ / openacs.org (http:/ / openacs. It functions as the logical storage facility for content. OpenACS.Content repository 99 Content repository A content repository is the technical underpinning of a content application. ACS Content Repository (http:/ / openacs.

[1] [2] The content repositories are used in content management systems to keep the content data and also the metadata used in content management systems (CMS) such as versioning metadata. Hippo CMS and Magnolia are Enterprise Content Management systems built on the JCR API. searching. GX released the new community version of its Web enterprise content management (ECM) platform based natively on Apache Jackrabbit and JSR. but able to plug in any other JSR-170 certified repository implementation. which require storing documents and other binary objects with associated metadata. Data is stored in the properties. and retrieving hierarchical data. Many other commercial vendors are working on JCR compatibility and products. and certain behavioral characteristics of the nodes. and import or export of data to XML in a standard way.[3] [4] and as JSR-283 (version 2)[5] The main Java package is javax.com.0 release in January 2010. JSR 283 deprecates the XPath query language defined in JSR 170. The Apache Jackrabbit reference implementation of JCR also supports the integration of the Apache Lucene search engine to give full text searches of data in the repository. JSR 283 compliant implementations must support a standardized form of SQL for queries and a query object model QOM. using Jackrabbit as its repository by default. The specification was developed under the Java Community Process as JSR-170 (Version 1). Alfresco is an open source content management system which provides a JCR API onto their repository. Data structure The data in a JCR consists of a tree of nodes with associated properties. In this way nodes in a JCR offer both referential integrity and object-oriented concept of inheritance.[10] eXo Platform 2 article on TheServerSide. number and type of child nodes. Another popular type is the versionable type. Oracle's enterprise collaboration software offering. Overview A JCR is a type of object database tailored to storing. In addition to object storage. which may hold simple values such as numbers and strings or binary data of arbitrary length. This makes the repository track a document's history and store copies of each version of the document.[11] . The eXo JCR by ObjectWeb is an open source repository with paid commercial support and documentation. Queries A JCR can export portions of its tree to XML in two standard formats and can import hierarchies directly from XML. the JCR provides: APIs for versioning of data. Nodes may point to other nodes via a special reference type property.Content repository API for Java 100 Content repository API for Java Content Repository API for Java (JCR) is a specification for a Java platform application programming interface (API) to access content repositories in a uniform manner. Nodes may optionally have one or more types associated with them which dictate the kinds of properties.jcr. Day has both a commercial JCR implementation called Content Repository Extreme (CRX) and is involved in the open source Apache Jackrabbit JCR.[6] [7] which had its 2. The JCR API grew out of the needs of content management systems. transactions. observation of changes in data. Additional node types include the referenceable node type which allows the user to reference said node through use of a universally unique identifier. eXo Platform [8] JCR implementation on the company wiki [9]. Available implementations Both JSRs are led by David Nüscheler of Day Software. the API is applicable to many additional types of application. JSR-170 is also supported by Oracle Beehive. however.

by Alexandru Popescu and Joseph Ottinger (http:/ / www. org/ modeshape) [14] http:/ / www. typo3. apache.[15] [16] The phpCR interfaces are also implemented by Jackalope[17] .com [14] provides a common platform for JCR Developers. It is an online community built especially for people working on Java Content Repository. ECM. 0/ ) [5] JSR-283 (http:/ / jcp. exoplatform. Portal. day. theserverside. com/ specs/ jcr/ 1.Content repository API for Java ModeShape [12] is a new open source JCR implementation that lets applications access existing information in external systems through the JCR API. ModeShape repositories can also federate content from multiple sources into one. [8] http:/ / www. org/ projects/ package-phpcr) [16] phpcr on github (https:/ / github. jboss. github. com [15] phpCR (http:/ / forge. PHP adaptions have been started by TYPO3. jcp. org/ jackrabbit/ JcrLinks) to articles and applications based on JCR. theserverside. translating the Java API to PHP. com/ xwiki/ bin/ view/ JCR/ eXo+ JCR+ Implementation [10] eXo JCR Implementation (http:/ / wiki. tss?l=JCRPract) [2] Java API for XML Registries (http:/ / www. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=170) [4] JSR-170 (HTML version of the specification) (http:/ / www. 101 References [1] JCR: A Practitioner's Perspective. com/ ) . JCR. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=93) . com/ phpcr/ phpcr) [17] Jackalope: JCR for PHP (http:/ / jackalope.com: eXo Platform v2. jcrdev. org/ modeshape [13] ModeShape open source project (http:/ / www. apache. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=283) [6] Apache Jackrabbit home page (http:/ / jackrabbit. exoplatform. com [9] http:/ / wiki. exoplatform. com/ tt/ articles/ article. a PHP frontend talking to the Jackrabbit backend through the WebDAV interface. jcp. Groupware and Business Intelligence: Part 2 (http:/ / www. org) [7] JCR links (http:/ / wiki.[13] JCRDev. com/ xwiki/ bin/ view/ JCR/ eXo+ JCR+ Implementation) [11] TheServerSide. tss?l=eXoPlatform2) [12] http:/ / www. jboss.Another Java API for Registries and Repositories [3] JSR-170 (http:/ / www. unified repository. com/ tt/ articles/ article.

com/ SLAM http:/ / www. One of the winners of Neilson Norman's top-10 intranets of 2011 [4] (for Habitat for Humanity) was built using this platform. awsystems. References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. com/ reports/ intranet/ design/ awards. awsystems. com/ slam/ contentslammer http:/ / www. an open source extension to SharePoint.NET / Sharepoint / SLAM CMS [2] Content Slammer is a content management system built around Microsoft SharePoint. codeplex. com http:/ / www. It's built on top of SLAM [3].Content slammer 102 Content slammer Content Slammer Developer(s) AW Systems [1] Platform Type Website ASP. html . nngroup.

gartner. Bertelsmann. CEO CoreMedia is a provider of low-end Web Content Management software (see Web Content Management System) to organizations that require context-driven online experiences across multiple online channels and touchpoints. CoreMedia is headquartered in Hamburg. com/ web-content-management/ what-we-offer/ technology-leadership/ -/ 1606/ 1606/ -/ _a24rl2/ -/ index.CoreMedia CMS 103 CoreMedia CMS CoreMedia Content. The company has received industry recognition. Conversion Industry Headquarters Web Content Management Hamburg. Germany Number of locations San Francisco. com [4] http:/ / www. Context. Singapore Area served Key people Global Gerrit Kolb. html [5] http:/ / www. com/ DisplayDocument?ref=clientFriendlyUrl& id=1424034 . from organizations like Gartner. coremedia. BILD. such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. gartner. London. html) [2] 2010 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (http:/ / www. with offices in San Francisco. Internet Broadcasting. Singapore Press Holdings. Germany. aimed at increasing editorial productivity and accelerating time to market in complex environments. CLAAS. The company’s CoreMedia's WCM suite [1] offers integration of digital and social media assets. and Singapore. that listed CoreMedia on its Magic [2] Quadrant for Web Content Management . CoreMedia’s clients include global brands. External links • Official website [3] • CoreMedia CMS Platform [4] • Gartner [5] References [1] WCM suite (http:/ / www. and Deutsche Telekom. coremedia. com/ web-content-management/ what-we-offer/ technology-leadership/ -/ 1606/ 1606/ -/ _a24rl2/ -/ index. com/ DisplayDocument?ref=clientFriendlyUrl& id=1424034) [3] http:/ / www. London. coremedia. Established in 1996.

A typical website setup is managed completely from a user front-end and administration backend and requires no coding skills. that can be extended for a variety of other site kinds: blogs. application coding and localization procedures are completely differentiated from each other which is suitable for small to medium teams. cotonti.9 with SymiSun-03 theme Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Written in Cotonti Team February 1. gaming clans. 2009 0. SQL or HTML/CSS coding skills depending on type of a task: content markup. E-commerce. But its [2] unique tendencies are towards a harvested framework and unbound customizability in both layout and behavior.9. . For an end-user Cotonti is a medium-featured content management system suitable for online communities. business and personal sites in first place. modular architecture and basic features found in many other systems too. 2011 Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Content management system. etc.Cotonti 104 Cotonti Cotonti Cotonti Siena 0. com/ Cotonti is a modular open source content management system and content management framework powered by PHP and MySQL. Application logic is built in conventional scripting style relying on APIs and models provided by the framework and other modules.3 PHP [1] / July 2. bootstrapping. layout markup. Through the years of its evolution Cotonti has become similar to Drupal in many of its design aspects such as procedural core. newspapers. Custom websites may require PHP. Content management framework and Community software BSD License http:/ / www. corporate portals. From a developer's point of view it consists of a minimalistic content management framework and a set of modules implementing standard behavior for exact website types.



The engine distinguishes itself from other content management systems by keeping the HTML code completely separate from the PHP. This allows graphic designers to create themes (in versions prior to 0.9 skins) without having to know much PHP. Cotonti can be skinned by editing pre-made skins supplied by the community, or easily making one's own by creating a template, and simply substituting for the TPL tags. The engine sports the customary features of a CMS: Message boards, Administration tools, news system, polls, user file uploading, page creation, user registration; additional features can be added to the default engine via plugins. As a CMS, it can be extremely user-driven, requiring minimal input from moderators. Cotonti, while in some ways more basic than other content management systems, allows the possibility to be expanded and customized in every way. It is designed to be bare-bones and basic to prevent bloating of the core and leave additional features to be added at the choice of the individual website administrators. This has always been the central philosophy behind the design of the engine.[3] Cotonti has support for Seditio plugins as well as a growing library of its own plugins. The design and layout of each site is supported by Web templates which allows the administrator to design a single or multiple templates to be used and chosen preference over by the users visiting the site. Support for multilingual sites allows for templates and plugins to be customized to support a wide variety of users on a single site. In turn, this allows each site member to choose a suitable language through which to view the site.

Major Features
For users who have experience with other systems it might be important to highlight its most important features: • Modular architecture and simple APIs • A unique template engine which can be used easily by any HTML designer and tweaked further to get custom behavior • Every aspect of the output can be customized • Lightweight, straight-forward, low resource consumption • The code is easy to understand and investigate even for beginners • Server-side cache, client-side content optimization • Protection against SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, Cross-site request forgery and other attacks • Community support, frequent updates

Cotonti can be easily extended by several kinds of add-ons supported by the system. Some of them are provided in the default package, the rest can be obtained from third-party sources, including both non-commercial and commercial work. You can imagine a building to understand the Cotonti architecture. The entire building stands on a basement which is known as Core Libraries or APIs. The basement also provides an infrastructure that can be utilized by the rest of the building. Then there are blocks standing on the basement and containing actual rooms - these are called Modules. Each module represent a special kind of space (e.g. a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom) which can be inhabited by site users. These rooms may be extended by many kinds of facilities, including furniture, domestic appliances, electronic systems - these are Plugins. And finally, you can paint the exterior, choose decorations and customize any detail in the appearance of your house - these are Themes. Modules and Plugins are very similar technically, so they are often called together Extensions. Standard behavior of Cotonti's building blocks can be modified in many of specific entry points called Hooks. Plugins may have specific parts which "hook" into those entry points to modify the control flow or provide more

Cotonti output variables and output sections.


Cotonti provides protection from many known web site attack methods: PHP includes, malformed file uploads, SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and others.

Cotonti core and basic package is developed by a team of part-time volunteers and small businesses from different parts of the world. Contributions are contained in a public source repository. Technical aspects of implementation are usually decided within the team. New features and enhancements are proposed by the community, discussed on the public forum. Electronic voting is used when necessary. Actual bug tracking, project management and source monitoring is done via Trac.

The history of Cotonti started in 2001 when a professional programmer Olivier Chapuis from Grenoble, France released a new PHP/MySQL Content Management System called Land Down Under (LDU). It was a modern and rock-solid site management system, especially popular among gaming portals and online communities. In 2006 Neocrome, the company behind LDU, replaced it by a new system called Seditio, a proprietary PHP/MySQL content management system by Olivier and a small team of developers.[4] Seditio had better support for plugins and higher extensibility than LDU. It was very lightweight and secure compared to other PHP content management systems on the market of those days,.[5] [6] Seditio and Land Down Under projects were officially closed in 2011 because its developers no longer maintained them. Cotonti is the only actual successor of the LDU/Seditio product line. Cotonti emerged as an attempt of skilled enthusiasts from Seditio community to improve the system while the official team was inactive or rejected patches to the proprietary codebase. It was started as a set of improvements to Seditio in 2008 and was first publicly released as a self-contained project on February 1, 2009,[7] after the official permission from Neocrome to release Cotonti and its inherited Seditio code as open source code had been received. The initial Cotonti branch was called Genesis, it consisted of releases 0.0.1-0.0.5 and included all the changes which were expected from Seditio for a long time. Then the second branch called Genoa was released, which continued the improvements requested by the community. By 2010 Cotonti 0.6.x Genoa gained extremely high stability and regular updates to this stable branch only include very minor bug fixes. There are a lot of free extensions available for 0.6.x and the system is considered very mature. While having a rock-solid stable branch available, the Cotonti Team started working on a new branch named Siena in 2009. It has a more modern architecture with high modularity and a Content Management Framework (CMF) inside, includes several major changes which are not possible in the Genoa branch. The first official release in this [8] branch was 0.9.0, made on April 4, 2011. Currently the Cotonti Team and Community make efforts to make 0.9.x branch as reliable as 0.6.x, provided with lots of useful extensions and widespread.



Cotonti is distributed under terms of BSD License. And it has exclusive permission to use code from Seditio/Neocrome and distribute it under the same terms. As a result, Cotonti is free of charge for both non-commercial and commercial use with respect of the original copyrights.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / www. cotonti. com/ download/ http:/ / martinfowler. com/ bliki/ HarvestedFramework. html http:/ / www. cotonti. com/ docs/ devel/ technical_concepts http:/ / www. neocrome. net/ page. php?al=hist100 http:/ / securityvulns. com/ source/ SEDITIO. html http:/ / www. exploit-db. com/ search/ ?action=search& filter_description=seditio http:/ / www. cotonti. com/ news/ announce/ cotonti_002_released http:/ / www. cotonti. com/ news/ announce/ siena_090_released

External links
• Cotonti.com (http://www.cotonti.com) - Official Cotonti Website • Neocrome.net (http://www.neocrome.net) - Official Website of Seditio.



Developer(s) Stable release Projectgroup Covide 9.1 / Januari 12, 2009

Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Type License Website Office suite, Open-source software, CRM GPL SourceForge page [2] Covide home [1]

Covide is an open source, webbased Customer Relationship Management application. It's developed in PHP and MySQL and is licensed under the GPL license. Covide offers CRM with so called modules like addressmanagement, calendar, e-mail, filesystem, projectmanagement, sales, support and campaignmanagement and it also offers an integrated CMS. Covide is a web application and can only be accessed through the internet in combination with a web browser.

The ethic behind Covide is 'cooperation'. Through the publication of the project on SourceForge everybody is invited to help think and work on the functionality and technique of the project. Covide itself is based on cooperation as well. The relations and projects play a dominant role. These are the main items that can contain connections with other modules and objects within Covide. This way you can simply connect, sort and archivate. The second focus in Covide is groupware. In Covide this means you can seamlessly cooperate with colleagues even through different layers of departments.

• Since late 2004 phonecalls through the VoIP protocol are integrated. Usually with open source software like Asterisk PBX. It has therefore been developed to unified communications software. • By using synchronisation software like Funambol you can sync your appointments and e-mails with your PDA and for example Microsoft Outlook.

[1] http:/ / www. sourceforge. net/ projects/ covide [2] http:/ / www. covide. net/

8 MB (archived) Content management system MIT License http:/ / www.cakephp.Croogo 109 Croogo Croogo Developer(s) Stable release Fahad Ibnay Heylaal [1] 1.croogo.2 / December 31. and distributed under the MIT License. com [2] "The Awesome Croogo – Free and Open-Source PHP CMS" (http:/ / speckyboy. 2009 Development status Active Written in Operating system Size Type License Website PHP Cross-platform 1.org) Croogo on Github (http://github. com/ 2010/ 09/ 26/ the-awesome-croogo-free-and-open-source-php-cms/ ). org Croogo is a free. open source.org) CakePHP (http://www. Retrieved 2010-10-17. It was first released on October 2009 by Fahad Ibnay Heylaal.github. content management system powered by CakePHP framework. croogo.com/croogo/croogo) .[2] References [1] http:/ / fahad19.com/croogo/croogo) Croogo wiki (http://wiki. . External links • • • • Official website (http://http://www.

2010 Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Content management system Apache License 2. Site navigation trees can be made more dynamic using queries generating navigation hierarchies. Today. Editing of Daisy documents is supported with a WYSIWYG Wiki-like editing environment. Each document can have multiple variants. and management of content-rich websites. Daisy is in use at major corporations for intranet knowledge bases. section numbering. By creating specific document types. footnotes and index • faceted browsing • The Daisy 2. product and/or project documentation. This allows for easy extension of the functionality.Daisy (software) 110 Daisy (software) Daisy Developer(s) Stable release Outerthought [1] 2. Daisy is hierarchy-free and has a clear separation between repository server and front-end application. Parts can be anything from required blocks of text to specified fields with restricted content. Variants can be used to mark specific versions.4 / October 20. all documents referring to version XYZ of the software described. cross-referencing. Simple documents just hold text and hyperlinks. These documents are managed by the Daisy Repository Server. different types of information can be handled differently. Documents consist of parts. e. A variant can be a version or a translated document (language variant). daisycms. Other features are: • • • • revision control centralized ACL system Jakarta Lucene based full-text indexing book publishing which allows for the generation of nicely formatted books with table of contents.0 version added JBoss jBPM-based workflow . org Daisy is a Java/XML open-source content management system based on the Apache Cocoon content management framework.g. By including a query in a document it is easy to create documents that aggregate other documents. Content management system The content is stored in so-called Daisy documents.0 http:/ / www.

Retrieved 2008-08-22. org Daisy 2. html) "Outerthought" (http:/ / outerthought.[2] Additionally. Daisy displays properly in most major browsers: Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox with fallback to a text area on other browsers. Mac OS X and Windows NT/2000/XP. such as PostgreSQL.3 Documentation (http:/ / www.html) .infoworld.Daisy (software) 111 Requirements The packaged versions of Daisy 2. 2005) (http://www. org). and can be viewed online as HTML or downloaded in PDF as a "Daisy book". except for: • a Java Virtual Machine (JVM): Java 1. Documentation The documentation for Daisy runs on Daisy itself.com/t/applications/ managing-your-content-xml-853) • Geekscape Content Management System (CMS) investigation (August 19.1. org/ daisy/ 45. 2005) (http://geekscape. html). but should also run on other Unix operating systems such as Solaris.7 or higher required (5 also fine) Daisy can potentially work with other databases.5 or higher required • a MySQL database: version 4.2 includes everything required to run Daisy. . "Getting involved" (http:/ / cocoondev.org/daisy/ geekscape/g2/110. Daisy is thoroughly tested on Linux. daisycms. org/ daisydocs-2_3) External links • Official website (http://www. org/ daisydocs-2_2/ 13-cd. . Daisy 2. Outerthought Outerthought is an Open Source Java & XML company.2 installation guide (http:/ / cocoondev. but only MySQL is presently supported.daisycms.org/) • Infoworld article on Daisy (July 11.[3] Outerthought supports Daisy and provides support to its community of users[4] and contributors. Retrieved 2008-08-22.[5] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / outerthought.

Examples include that distributed with the popular blogging software WordPress. and in the project management website Basecamp. in website administration. A dashboard typically indicates items which require urgent actions at the top of the page. . moving into less important statistics at the bottom.Dashboard (Web administration) 112 Dashboard (Web administration) A dashboard. is a page at the front of the control panel for a website's content management system.

Massachusetts.Day Software 113 Day Software Day Software Former type Industry Fate Successor Founded Defunct Public (SIX: DAYN Software [1] ) acquired by Adobe Systems Adobe Systems Basel (1993) 2011 Headquarters Boston. Day Software was founded in 1993[3] in Basel. Chief Scientist David Nüscheler. SVP of Sales [2] $27. Day Software was acquired by Adobe Systems on 28th July. . 120 http:/ / www. Day is engaged in the content repository API for Java standardization process and contributes to open source software projects such as Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Sling. Switzerland. Fielding. CEO Barry Bycoff. Switzerland Key people Erik Hansen. 2010 for $240 Million USD. Chairman Richard Francis. a Web content management system that is used for public-facing websites and intranets of large corporations such as McDonald's and Daimler. Massachusetts and Basel. Day creates content management infrastructure software in the Day CRX product line and enterprise content management applications in the Day Communiqué product line. CFO Roy T.69 million USD (2007) Adobe Systems Ca. Its most important product is Day Communiqué WCM. CTO Sal Scilingo. Switzerland and Boston. day. com/ Products Revenue Owner(s) Employees Website Day Software was an enterprise content management software company headquartered in Basel.

Day JCR Connectors With the JCR connectors Day provides a set of software components that allow software developers to access content repositories and content management systems that are not JSR-170 compliant using the content repository API for Java. Day Communiqué DAM Day Communiqué DAM is digital asset management system[7] based on CRX for the content repository and Apache Sling as a web framework. History Product History of Day Communiqué.3 Day CQ 5. documents. Day Communiqué Advanced Collaboration Day Communiqué Advanced Collaboration[8] contains a Wiki that can be used as a stand-alone product with optional integration into Day Communiqué WCM and a Calendar and Blog component that extend the feature set of Day Communiqué WCM. It integrates with Day Communiqué WCM to allow re-use of images. Date ? 2006 2008 2009 2010 2011 Product Day CQ 4. Day Content Repository Extreme Day Content Repository Extreme (Day CRX)[4] is a content repository that implements the content repository API for Java (JSR-170). It is based on the open source reference implementation Apache Jackrabbit and serves as the foundation of all other products by Day Software.Day Software 114 Products Day Communiqué WCM Day Communiqué (CQ5) WCM is a web content management system based on CRX for the content repository and Apache Sling as a web framework.1 Day CQ 4. audio and video files from the DAM in the web site.4 .2 Day CQ 5.0 Day CQ 4. The Advanced Collaboration product also uses CRX as a content repository and Apache Sling as a web framework.2 Day CQ 5. Examples for content management systems supported are Microsoft SharePoint[5] and Documentum[6] .

cmswatch. com/ Articles/ ArticleReader. aspx?ArticleID=50377) CMSWire on the Day Documentum JCR Connector (http:/ / www. html Crunchbase Company Profile For Day Software (http:/ / www. php) [7] CMSWatch on the Day Communiqué DAM release (http:/ / www. com/ Trends/ 974-Day-Software-goes-from-DAM-lite-to-DAM-heavy) [8] EcontentMag. aspx?ArticleID=40110) External links • Official website (http://http://www. econtentmag.com on the Day Advanced Collaboration release (http:/ / www. html?security=DAYN http:/ / www. six-swiss-exchange. crunchbase. com/ company/ day-software) CMSWatch on the CRX beta release (http:/ / www.com on the Day Sharepoint JCR Connector (http:/ / www. econtentmag. day. com/ search/ quotes_en. com/ content/ day/ en/ products. cmswatch.Day Software 115 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / www.day. com/ Articles/ ArticleReader.day. cmswire. com/ Trends/ 410-Day-releases-JSR-170-repository-beta) EcontentMag.com/) .com/) • Day developer community (http://dev. com/ cms/ enterprise-cms/ day-gets-standardized-for-documentum-001137.

Main development of django CMS 2. org django CMS is a free and open source[1] content management system platform for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets.1.3 / February 22.0 was a complete rewrite based on a fork of django-page-cms.0 was by Divio GmbH.0 was initially authored by Thomas Steinacher. . The complete list of contributors is available here [4]. The current status of the translations can be found here [7] . and written in Python[3] .net/projects/p/django-cms/r/all-resources/ Transifex[6] is used to manage the translations of the project. History django CMS 1. Translations django CMS is available in[5] : see http://www. django CMS 2. It is based on Django[2] .Django-cms 116 Django-cms Django-cms Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Divio GmbH May 2007 2. 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Platform Type License Website Python Cross-platform Django Content management system BSD licenses http:/ / django-cms.transifex.

Django-cms 117 Features Frontend-editing Edit all plugins within the page. Notable uses • • • • • • • Stadler Rail on their site [8]. videos and other documents). Chinese or Russian) Applications (Apps) Add apps to different pages of the CMS.e. Arabic. . Multisites Administer multiple websites over the same admin interface. PDFs. Media Asset Manager (MAM) MAM allows you to manage all kind of assets (pictures. Cardiff University School of Medicine on their site [10]. Reusable plugins Use django CMS plugins in your own apps. Affichage on their site [11]. Permission Management Set specific rights to different users. Flexible Plugin Architecture Build flexible pages with a wide range of plugins. PBS Arts on their site [13]. You can restore any state you wish. SEO Optimization The structure of the pages is optimized for SEO. Warsaw Zoo on their site [9]. Editorial workflow Workflows for publishing and approval. Multilanguage Support for different languages (i. Libération on their site [14]. Vodafone Developer on their site [12]. Versioning Each modification of the page will be saved.

org/ en/ developers/ ). A list of developers. github. transifex.org. . Retrieved 2009-11-17.org/django-page-cms/) . [7] http:/ / www. djangoproject. waw. net/ projects/ p/ django-cms [8] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-09-22. the forked project (http://packages. Retrieved 2009-11-17. com/ wiki/ CMSAppsComparison). [4] http:/ / github. django-cms. . Bugtracker and Wiki (http://github. [3] "Languages used by Django CMS" (http:/ / github. Retrieved 2009-11-22. pl/ [10] http:/ / medicine. fr/ External links • django CMS: Official Website .google. affichage. [2] "Django CMS Apps Comparison" (http:/ / code. com/ divio/ django-cms/ graphs/ languages). ac. org/ arts/ [14] http:/ / www.com/group/django-cms?hl=en) Twitter: Official Avatar (http://twitter. stadlerrail.Django-cms 118 Notes [1] "Developers" (http:/ / www.com. com/ divio/ django-cms/ network [5] "Transifex Translations for Django CMS" (http:/ / www. . transifex. django-cms. org/ en/ developers/ ).Blog and News (http://django-cms. com [12] http:/ / developer. org/) • • • • Github: Official Master .Documentation. .org. zoo. pbs. Retrieved 2009-12-09. Extensions.com/divio/django-cms/) Google Group: Official Group (http://groups. vodafone. [6] "Developers" (http:/ / www.python. transifex. liberation.com/djangocms) Django page CMS. net/ projects/ p/ django-cms/ c/ master/ ). django-cms.Repository. com/ [13] http:/ / www. com [9] http:/ / www. Downloads. cf. . uk [11] http:/ / www. djangoproject.net.com. django-cms. and tools used.

DocPoint 119 DocPoint DocPoint Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Written in Do It! Software Ltd 1998 7. EDMS. SQL. Features DocPoint is designed to meet the requirements of: • • • • • • • • • • • Audit control Barcode recognition Document management Document versioning (similar to revision control) E-mail archiving Image scanner support Integration with Microsoft Office Multi-language support Optical character recognition (OCR) Support for Hebrew OCR Records management . to small and medium enterprises across a broad spectrum of market verticals.docpoint.1. 2009 C. Document Management. DocPoint targets a wide variety of audiences ranging from corporations and government institutions.30 / October 15. Visual Basic Operating system Microsoft Windows Type License Website ECM.biz [2] DocPoint is a commercial document management system. Groupware Proprietary [1] www.

adobe."101 Smart Revenue Generators (and Money-saving Ideas)" (http://www. com/ products/ eulas/ http:/ / www. 2006 University Business . docpoint. biz http:/ / www.Part 1: General ISO/TR 15489-2:2001 Records Management -.aspx?articleid=623) . biz/ http:/ / www. universitybusiness. biz/ docs/ html/ manual_corporate.Part 2: Guidelines Sarbanes-Oxley Act SEC Electronic Record Keeping Ruling USA Patriot Act Relevant Topics • • • • • • Business process management Document management Document imaging EDRMS Enterprise content management Records management External links • Company website [3] • DocPoint document management blog [4] • DocPoint documentation [5] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www.com/viewarticle. docpoint.DocPoint 120 Standards Compliance DocPoint simplifies regulatory compliance with the following standards: • • • • • • • • • AS 3806 FERPA Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ISO 15489-1:2001 Records Management -. php?option=com_jambozine&layout=article&view=page&aid=2704&Itemid=68) • Dec. html • September 2006 Business Solutions magazine article (http://www.businesssolutionsmag.com/index. biz http:/ / blog. docpoint. docpoint.

6 / May 2010 Java Operating system Cross-platform Available in Type License Website Multiple languages Enterprise content management Proprietary http:/ / www. Because of its applicability for organizations that produced. . they developed a customized system for Boeing to organize. End users connected to the repository through PC. store. a pharmaceutical vendor.Documentum 121 Documentum Documentum Developer(s) Stable release Written in EMC Corporation 6. Documentum EDMS provided check-in/check-out access controls as well as workflow capabilities for sequencing document review and approval processes. emc. Macintosh. EMC acquired Documentum for $1. to automate the process of assembling New Drug Application (NDA) documents when seeking approval from the U. This product managed access to unstructured information stored within a shared repository. (Unstructured information refers to information that does not have a formal data structure – documents. etc. maintain. as well as the name of the software company that originally developed the technology.7 billion in December. and updated complex sets of electronic documents in a systematic fashion. History Getting started Howard Shao and John Newton founded Documentum in June 1990. now delivered by EMC Corporation.) With initial backing from Xerox. Documentum introduced its Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) in 1993. and Unix Motif desktop client applications. distributed. and aerospace manufacturing. They developed another customized system for Syntex. running on a central server. one of the leading relational database vendors at the time. It included an integrated full-text search engine for retrieving documents from the repository. EDMS was adopted by several large enterprises—particularly in industries such as pharmaceutical. 2003. and sought to solve unstructured information management problems using relational database technologies. video. one of EMC's four operating divisions. They had worked together at Ingres. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). and selectively publish the thousands of pages of information for the Boeing 777 training manuals.S.[1] The Documentum platform is part of EMC's Information Intelligence Group business unit. a client-server product for electronic document management. com/ Documentum is an enterprise content management platform. images. financial services. audio. oil and gas.

Through a series of acquisitions over the next several years. • eRoom. • Boxcar. • TrueArc. Documentum released Documentum 4i. Documentum became a public company on February 5. including those from disparate organizations. billing statements. Enterprise Content Integration. announced in October 2005. Under Miller's leadership. also announced in October 2005. transforming. Norwest. and Xerox Venture. Document Imaging. added image capture and scanning technologies to convert paper-based documents into digital formats. announced in January 2002. Web application servers. provided enterprise content integration and federated search technologies for accessing and retrieving information stored in disparate repositories. added technologies for syndicating content to remote repositories. digital asset management. insurance policies.ranging from self-contained documents to granular information snippets. Sequoia Capital[2] . Documentum launched its Web Application Environment. to share content over the Internet.Documentum 122 Becoming an enterprise software firm In 1993. added records management capabilities and augmented Documentum's offerings for compliance solutions. managing. an experienced Silicon Valley marketing executive. • Captiva Software. added digital rights management technologies. announced in March 2006. The company focused on solving customers' problems. • Authentica. added extensive digital asset management capabilities to the repository for ingesting. provide a collaborative workspace for distributed business teams. and distributing a wide variety of digitized multimedia content. and Web sites. announced in October 2002. a set of Internet extensions for EDMS. to secure digital assets outside the boundaries of the shared repository. announced in March 2004. The company redesigned the repository to ensure that it could manage a very large number of discrete objects -. Jeffrey Miller. its first native Web application platform. including records management. The platform delivered integrated business process management (BPM) capabilities as well as tools for managing content across a distributed organization. . listing on NASDAQ with symbol of DCTM. the company raised its first round of venture funding from Brentwood. Merrill Picker Anderson. seeking to transform their publishing operations. Documentum's Web Application Environment is more commonly called Webtop. Beyond just managing documents for print or electronic distribution. A unified platform for enterprise content management In 2002. This product provided access through a Web browser to the business documents stored within an EDMS repository. announced in December 2001. provided capabilities for archiving business reports. Moving to the web In 1998. also announced in October 2002. Key acquisitions that have accelerated internal development efforts include: • Bulldog. • askOnce. It steadily developed a portfolio of software solutions that attracted mainstream companies and government agencies. Documentum applied Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” strategy to successfully address the document management marketplace. and other kinds of fixed content. • Acartus. Documentum 4i could integrate with external Web applications and be used to distribute content to portals. 1996. Documentum launched Documentum 5 as a unified enterprise content management (ECM) platform for storing a virtually unlimited range of content types within a shared repository. In 2000. joined Documentum as president and CEO with a mandate to transform the company from a technology-driven startup into an enterprise software firm. and collaboration. the company added further capabilities. targeting one industry at a time.

This repository appears as a unified environment. Documentum 6. Documentum Foundation Classes and SMB/CIFS. The core of Documentum is a repository in which the content is stored securely under compliance rules. medical images. 123 Releases The culmination of these acquisitions was Documentum 5. digital asset management. etc. business process management (BPM). followed by Documentum 6. . announced in June 2006. com/ news/ 2003/ 1014emcoffer. Java. announced December 2007. added Enterprise Output Management capabilities. released in April 2005.harvard.com) . WebDAV. announced in July 2007. Documentum provides a suite of services which include document management. FTP. forms processing. e-mail. Information Rights Management. Web pages. sequoiacap.artika. Web content management. Functions Documentum provides management capabilities for all types of content including business documents. collaboration. added XML database capabilities for managing and repurposing XML-tagged content components within an enterprise environment. although content may reside on multiple servers and physical storage devices within a distributed environment. • Document Sciences. compliance. public meta-search engine of Documentum related contents (http://dmowner.3. XML-tagged documents. html). content classification. [2] "Sequoia Capital funds Documentum" (http:/ / www. launched in July 2007.biz) • dmOwner. Case # N9-502-026 External links • EMC Corporation (http://www. customer communication management.dctmcontent. video. com/ company/ documentum/ ). fixed content. • "Documentum. computer output to laser disc (COLD) and archiving.com) • Documentum related information for programmers (http://www. References [1] "Network World" (http:/ / www. search.Documentum • ProActivity. added business process analysis and business activity monitoring features to enhance the business process management capabilities of Documentum. input management.edu. photos.hbsp.5 was released in July 2008.com) • DIUG Documentum Italian User Group (http://diug. • X-Hive. Inc. networkworld. API Documentum functionality is available through a variety of user interfaces and through application programming interfaces (API) including web services." http://harvardbusinessonline. .emc.

MIT Press. Trigg (1999).net/) • Docuverse revived (http://docuverse. Andrew Dillon.Docuverse 124 Docuverse Docuverse is a global distributed electronic library of interconnected documents.xanadu. From Web to Workplace. Cambridge University Press. The term was coined by Ted Nelson in 1974.webs. ISBN 052137488X. and John Richardson (1991). pp. External links • Xanadu project webpage (http://www. References [1] Cliff McKnight.com/) . pp. and the World Wide Web later nominally fulfilled a subset of the aspects of Nelson's vision. ISBN 0262071916. 8. in other words a global metadocument. as a concept related to the Project Xanadu[1] . Hypertext in Context. 96–97. Further reading • Kaj Grønbæk and Randall H.

MySQL. Both dotCMS and dotProject were conceived and originated by William Ezell. In 2007 dotCMS released version 1.0 was initially open sourced and made available in 2005 under the dotMarketing Public License.9." In April 2009 version 1. built in search engine and language internationalization to name a few. blogs. A Windows installer to expedite the installation process was released October 2009. In order to achieve compliance with JSR-168 portlet specification dotCMS was built upon the Liferay portal. including RSS feeds. Inc. though has since forked Liferay at version 3. dotCMS 1. which also developed and released the open source project management tool dotProject. "Best Other Open Source CMS. followed in 2008 by a second place finish for Packt's "Best Other Open Source CMS (best non PHP CMS)". In 2006.dotCMS 125 dotCMS dotCMS View of the admin page Developer(s) Stable release Written in dotCMS 1. There are a number of features and modules in dotCMS. clustering and can run on multiple databases PostgreSQL. .5. In October.5 was the runner up for Packt Publishing's "Best New Open Source CMS" award.7 was released. enterprise applications. com/ dotCMS is a free software / open source web content management system (wCMS) for building/managing websites. WebDav (beta). 2011 Java Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Content Management System GNU General Public License v2 http:/ / dotcms. It is the result of over 5 years of development by dotMarketing. which included a new user interface and permissions. dotCMS released version 1.dotCMS was runner-up in the 2009 Packt Publishing category. forums. MSSQL and Oracle. History dotCMS was initially developed as a Java alternative to the PHP CMSes on the market.2. content and content driven web applications. and an API. a reporting engine. introducing a plugin architecture. It also includes standard wCMS features like page caching. templating.2. AJAX calendar. structured content. user tracking and tagging. news listing. providing a wide range of extension points. 2007 dotCMS 1. as well as to provide a counterpoint to high cost.3 / April 28.2 which included the structured content engine. dotCMS includes features such as support for virtual hosting.

brightness and coloration of images stored in dotCMS.thanks Michael Fienen (@fienen)! • Community contributed email Tool . • Improved starter site ships with Events calendar. RTF. . • Host Dashboard gives web site owners and marketers a snapshot of key site trends and usage statistics. and paste it into their content for re-use. there is an admin tool that allows a site administrator to build new indexes on a scheduled basis. inline. add it to their clipboard. • Page Caching allows an administrator to cache pages statically for a set period of time for maximum scalability. • New I/O friendly disk cache implementation speeds page delivery and overall throughput. • New Auto Updater allows for easier system upgrades and helps insure you are running the latest version of dotCMS.2 Release • Online Image Editor allows content contributors to edit images without needing additional software. deletions before publishing. French. XML. Excel. crop. rotate. • Multi-host sites will exclude system content by default.9. without needing to return to the admin portal. Microsoft Office (Word. more cleanly separating content that lives on specific hosts. An Image clipboard allows users to create the rendition they want to use. • Cache Tags give web developers a way to statically cache arbitrary blocks of template. Powerpoint). • JSP/Velocity integration tool eases legacy/enterprise system integration by allowing JSPs to be wrapped by velocity templates and content. Thanks to our Partners CGX AG and Asta Systems! • Red-lining : "what's changed" tracks additions. • Activity Stream Reporter provides web managers detailed reports into content contributors’ and other users' usage and activity within the web content management system. German and Conversational Chinese translations. container. • Extended SEO Descriptions and Keywords give page editors fine grained control over relevant SEO metadata. OpenDocument.1 Release • Multi-lingual backend now includes Spanish. RSS. page or content code to increase page performance. • Multi-host sites log you into the host that you are viewing by default. ZIP.server side JSON handling that allows you to consume and reuse JSON from remote systems . 1. PDF. saturation. The new site search can index many different file types such as HTML. JavaScript. "save as" different image types and adjust hue.9. MP3 (ID3 tags). Users can resize. Google Maps and Google Analytics. • New Image Renditions and Clipboard allows content editors to use edited versions (renditions) of source images without having to store multiple versions of the same image.dotCMS 126 1. more demonstrations.scripting friendly tool allows email communication from within Velocity thanks Chris Falzone (@chris_falzone)! • A number of minor bug fixes and improvements. • Inline Editing allows content editors frictionless editing of site content. Additionally. • Lucene/Nutch based site search. • Italian Language translation now included out of the box. • Community contributed JSON Tool .

because they can create and define structures that are specific to their needs. Python and Ruby Integrated Form builder i18n compliance for the administration interface Complete UI redesign for the administration interface Conversion to the Dojo Javascript framework for AJAX functions Binary content fields for structures Additional form structure and new form submission engine Completely refactored permissions system CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) 1. A "web page content" structure could be assigned a title and body.dotCMS 127 1. locations.0 spec compliance—making dotCMS the first WCMS to do so. The freely available community edition can run on PostgreSQL and MySQL and paid for versions can run on MSSQL and Oracle[1] . etc. Groovy. It leverages a number of standards based open source projects such as: • • • • • • • • Apache Struts Web Framework Apache Lucene Search Engine Apache Velocity Templating Language Liferay Portal Dojo Javascript Framework Apache Tomcat Application Server JBoss Cache distributed caching system Hibernate Object Relational Mapping Structured Content The driving concept behind content stored within dotCMS is that it is addressed through a system of structures.9 release is a significant revision to the code base and has a number of changes and improvements. and will support operation in a clustered or load balanced environment. such as Active Directory or LDAP. descriptions. Each structure can then be permissioned and used when creating content. times. Those structures can then be created through relationships. links. Fields are named and given a content type and then ordered. and comes bundled with the Apache Tomcat Application Server. Structures therefore allow the CMS to tailor itself to the content demands of the institution using it. allowing content from one structure to be associated content items in another.9 Release The 1. for instance. Technologies dotCMS is a standards based CMS written in the Java programming language. dates. and allows different types of content with consistent components to be referenced for display on the front end. dotCMS is an Oasis TC Member. There is no limit to the number of structures one can use within dotCMS. while "events" have titles. Structures are administrated through a back end portlet where fields are assigned to them. It is capable of integrating with user's authentication scheme's. . including: • • • • • • • • • Scripting support for PHP.

dotcms. com/ Doxia Doxia is a content generation framework that provides its users with powerful techniques for generating static and dynamic content. Doxia is now a subproject of Apache Maven which uses it to convert APT (Almost Plain Text) markup documentation into HTML or other formats.com [2]* . in addition to being incorporated into dynamic content generation systems like blogs.Official dotCMS website Notes [1] List of licensing options from dotcms (http:/ / dotcms. History Based on the Aptconvert [3] project developed by Xmlmind [4].dotCMS 128 External links • dotcms.[1] [2] Description Doxia supports markup languages with simple syntaxes. It gives Maven the ability to take any document that Doxia supports and output it in any format. Features • • • • • • Developed in Java Easy-to-learn syntax Macro support No need for corporate infrastructure (like wiki) to host documentation Extensible framework Support for several markup formats: • • • • • • • APT (Almost Plain Text) Confluence FML (FAQ Markup Language) LaTeX RTF TWiki XDoc . com/ products/ editions/ ). [2] http:/ / www. It is used extensively by Maven and it powers the entire documentation system of Maven. becoming a sub-project of Maven early in 2006. wikis and content management systems. Doxia can be used in web-based publishing context to generate static sites. Doxia was initially hosted by Codehaus. Lightweight markup languages are used by people who might be expected to read the document source as well as the rendered output.

Doxia 129 References [1] [2] [3] [4] Smart. The Sonatype Company (2008). John Ferguson (2008). O'Reilly. Maven: The Definitive Guide. ISBN 0596527934. ISBN 0596517335. Java Power Tools. com/ . com/ aptconvert. html http:/ / www. http:/ / www. O'Reilly. xmlmind. xmlmind.

Because of this plug-in extensibility and modular design. IIS. known as contrib modules. Content management system.2 or higher. The standard release of Drupal.0+ while Drupal 7 requires PHP 5. MongoDB or Microsoft SQL Server) to store content and settings. available to alter and extend Drupal's core capabilities and add new features or customize Drupal's behavior and appearance. page layout customization. 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Size Available in Type License Website PHP Cross-platform 2. Drupal is sometimes described as a content management framework. Community and Blog software [2] GPLv2/GPLv3 drupal. Drupal 6 requires PHP 4. PostgreSQL. and nginx) and a database (such as MySQL.Drupal 130 Drupal Drupal Original author(s) Initial release Stable release Dries Buytaert January 2001 7. Although Drupal offers a sophisticated programming interface for developers. As of June 2011 there are more than 10. MariaDB.5% of all websites worldwide[6] [7] ranging from personal blogs to corporate.[5] .4. as it meets the generally accepted feature requirements for such frameworks. or a community website providing for user-generated content. and system administration.or multi-user blog.gov.uk. These include user account registration and maintenance.63 MB (core) Multilingual Content management framework. known as Drupal core. SQLite.gov and data.[8] It is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration. and government sites including whitehouse. a single. no programming skills are required for basic website installation and administration.7 [1] / July 27. The Drupal core installation can be used as a brochureware website. an Internet forum.[10] Drupal runs on any computing platform that supports both a web server capable of running PHP (including Apache. contains basic features common to content management systems. Lighttpd.org [3] Drupal (  /ˈdruːpəl/) is a free and open source content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.[4] [9] Drupal is also described as a web application framework. political. menu management.500 free community-contributed addons.[2] [4] [5] It is used as a back-end system for at least 1. RSS-feeds.

whose code slowly evolved into Drupal. but mistyped it when checking the domain name and thought the error sounded better.[10] Drupal maintains a detailed changelog of core feature updates by version. governments.[18] Drupal also won several Packt Open Source CMS Awards[19] and three times (in a row) won the Webware 100.[17] schools.Drupal 131 History Originally written by Dries Buytaert as a message board.[1] Drupal 8 is in development and a release has not yet been set as of March 2011. Buytaert announced a code freeze for Drupal 7 for September 1. non-profits. Drupal core also includes a hierarchical taxonomy system. media & publishing companies.[26] Drupal core Drupal core is the stock element of Drupal. From May 2007 to April 2008. which means “drop” (as in “a water droplet”).[22] Drupal 7.[11] A community now helps develop Drupal.org website more than 1.2 million sites used Drupal as of July 2010.[20] [21] On March 5.4 million times.[16] including corporations.[12] The name was taken from the now-defunct Drop.[23] As of the release of version 7. and only Drupal 7 and Drupal 6 are being actively maintained. forums.[27] The core Drupal distribution provides a number of features. Drupal was downloaded from the Drupal.[1] Core modules Drupal Core includes optional modules which can be enabled by the administrator to extend the functionality of the core website. which allows content to be categorized or tagged with key words for easier access.org website. a Drupal website's content can be contributed by either registered or anonymous users (at the discretion of the administrator) and is made accessible to web visitors by a variety of selectable criteria. An estimated 7.2 and Drupal 6. an increase of approximately 125% from the previous year.0 was released on January 5. with release parties in multiple countries.[25] The Google Summer of Code is sponsoring 20 Drupal projects. 2009. Buytaert wanted to call the site “dorp” (Dutch for “village”) for its community aspects. 2009. and individuals. hundreds of well-known organizations use Drupal. In its default configuration. 2011. Drupal became an open source project in 2001.22 were released on 25 May 2011. books.[13] and Drupal's popularity is growing rapidly.[14] [15] As of July 2010. and polls Caching and feature throttling for improved performance Descriptive URLs Multi-level menu system Multi-site support[28] Multi-user content creation and editing OpenID support RSS feed and feed aggregator Security and new release update notification User profiles . maintenance for Drupal 5 has been discontinued. comments.[11] Drupal is an English rendering of the Dutch word “druppel”.[24] Drupal 7. including:[27] • • • • • • • • • • • • Access statistics and logging Advanced search Blogs.

[36] To maintain this separation. allows administrators to change the color scheme of certain themes via a browser interface.[29] The Color Module. Drupal has had functions to assist with accessing database tables. Persian and Hebrew. Drupal does not support altering Drupal core's software.[32] The color editor being used to adjust the "Garland" core theme Database abstraction Prior to version 7. defining a system of hooks and callbacks.[33] Embracing Windows developers With Drupal 7's new database abstraction layer and the ability for Drupal to run on IIS. A group on Drupal. IP addresses. introduced in Drupal core 5. multi-site table name prefixing. Drupal isolates core files from contributed modules and themes. Drupal 6 introduced an abstraction layer that allowed programmers to create SQL queries without writing SQL.Drupal • Various access control restrictions (user roles. These functions can perform tasks such as SQL query cleansing. and helpers for generating proper SQL queries for the database. which customize the "look and feel" of Drupal sites. This increases flexibility and security and allows administrators to cleanly upgrade to new releases without overwriting their site's customizations.[32] Auto-update notification Drupal can automatically notify the administrator when a new version of any module. or the Drupal core itself becomes available.[31] Support is included for right-to-left languages such as Arabic. Drupal had been made available in 55 languages and English (the default). Drupal 7 makes use of the PHP Data Objects classes to abstract the physical database from module code. theme. Microsoft has written a database driver for SQL Server. In addition. In addition.[37] . it is now easier for Windows developers to participate in the Drupal community.[35] This design allows third-party contributed (often abbreviated to "contrib") modules and themes to extend or override Drupal's default behaviors without changing Drupal core's code.0. This feature can help keep a Drupal installation up-to-date with the latest features and security fixes. which are accessed internally via an API. email) • Workflow tools (triggers and actions) 132 Core themes Drupal core includes core themes. Drupal version 7 extends the data abstraction layer such that a programmer no longer needs to write SQL queries as text strings.[30] Localization By February 2008.[34] Extending Drupal core Drupal core is modular.org is dedicated to these issues.

occur throughout the year all over the world. through a database abstraction system.[42] Some templates use hard-coded PHP. custom content types and content listings. however.[38] and more.[48] Managing News.[46] Drupal Commons. those wanting a fully-customized installation of Drupal had to download a pre-tailored version separately from the official Drupal core.[51] Pressflow. provides a website or application built for a specific purpose. As of July 2011 the Drupal website lists over 10. The distributions offer the benefit of a new Drupal site without having to manually seek out and install third-party contrib modules or adjust configuration settings. invitations. distribution could configure Drupal as a "brochureware" site rather than a "news" site or an "online store".Drupal 133 Modules Contributed modules offer image galleries.org offering language-specific support.[47] Open Atrium. WYSIWYG editors. A Drupal development module. provides assistance to theme authors who use Drupal.[56] Attendance at DrupalCon grew from 500 at Szeged in August 2008 to over 3. There are a number of active Drupal forums. Drupal themes use standardized formats that may be generated by common third-party theme design engines. The inclusion of the PHPTemplate and XTemplate engines in Drupal addressed user concerns about flexibility and complexity.[45] Distributions In the past. For example.[57] The European DrupalCon 2011 will take place in August 2011 in London.000 developer accounts[55] .[49] Tattler. numbering more than 615. Community-contributed themes[44] at the Drupal website are released under a free GPL license.[9] [39] Some of the most powerful and commonly used contrib modules include: • Content Construction Kit (CCK): allows site administrators to dynamically create content types by extending the database schema. third-party integration tools. • Panels: drag and drop layout manager that allows site administrators to visually design their site.org has a large community of users and developers. reviews.500 free modules. . Many are written in the PHPTemplate engine[41] or. Content types include. Distributions include OpenPublish.[40] • Views: facilitates the retrieval and presentation. There are over 30 national communities[62] around drupal.and most of them are demonstrated at the Drupal Theme Garden. events. of content to site visitors. and products.[58] mailing lists[59] and discussion groups. but are not limited to.000 people at Chicago in March 2011. UK. The CCK Fields API is in Drupal core in Drupal 7. Today. They are collections of modules.000 user accounts and more than 9. articles. the XTemplate engine. a distribution defines a packaged version of Drupal that upon installation. themes. private messaging. "Content type" describes the kind of information. to a lesser extent.[50] NodeStream. and associated configuration settings that prepare Drupal for custom operation.[52] OpenPublic [53] and the Conference Organizing Distribution (COD)[54] Community Drupal. Themes Contributed themes adapt or replace a Drupal site's default look and feel.[60] Drupal also maintains several IRC channels[61] on the Freenode network.[43] The Drupal theming system utilizes a template engine in an attempt to further separate HTML/CSS from PHP. Smaller events. known as "Drupal Camps". Devel. The semiannual Drupal conference alternates between North America and Europe.

org/ http:/ / london2011. org/ http:/ / cph2010. drupalcon.[75] Security holes were also found and fixed in 64 of the 2243 user-contributed modules. Drupal ranked second .[75] a security team home page. D.after Plone but before WordPress and Joomla. eleven security vulnerabilities were reported and fixed in the Drupal core. org/ 3000pp 1200pp 3000pp 850pp 1400pp 500pp 850pp 450pp ~300+pp 150pp ~150pp ~100pp http:/ / chicago2011.by traveling around the town or city together.x) or via the Update Manager (Drupal 7.[75] [78] When compared to three other well-known open source CMS platforms covered by the MITRE CVE database."[73] Security Drupal's policy is to announce the nature of each security vulnerability once the fix is released. all security advisories. The events are defined by the community as gatherings of "friends. spouses.[76] and an RSS feed[77] with the most recent security advisories. "Drupalgangers" meetups occur. and other associates of Drupal community members to enjoy the "con" without ever having to participate in the geekdom of the event .Drupal 134 DrupalCon events DrupalCon event locations and attendance City Denver London Chicago Copenhagen San Francisco Paris Washington. In 2008. partners. drupal. drupal.C. drupal. org/ [64] [65] [66] [67] [68] http:/ / drupal. org/ http:/ / sf2010. Administrators of Drupal sites are automatically notified of these new releases via the Update Status module (Drupal [74] Drupal maintains a security announcement mailing list. a history of 6. org/ node/ 46559 [69] over 100pp [70] under 50pp [71] Drupalgangers Paired with each DrupalCon event. Szeged Boston Barcelona Sunnyvale Brussels Vancouver Amsterdam Portland Antwerp [72] Year 2012 2011 2011 2010 2010 2009 2009 2008 2008 2007 2007 2006 2006 2005 2005 2005 Month March August March August April September March August March September March September February October August February Attendance Site http:/ / denver2012.[79] . org/ [63] http:/ / dc2009. drupal. drupal.x).

performance tests between Drupal 6.[95] • Backward compatibility (for software development): Drupal does not commit to backward compatibility across major revisions. • Performance/scalability: In 2008.[90] The majority of his team's design work has been implemented by the community in Drupal 7.[96] This means that module and theme developers may have to rework their code to be compatible. The 2011 usability test results from the University of Minnesota Office of Information Technology show that all of the major usability problems identified in Drupal 6 are either vastly improved or non-existent in Drupal 7.1 and Joomla 1. Drupal positions itself for broader applications requirements that are outside the scope of more narrowly focused applications. the cached pages are delivered only to anonymous users. scalability (the ability to add servers to handle growing numbers of visitors with consistent response) can become a concern on large.[83] [84] [85] [86] According to Dries Buytaert. Drupal's policy is to not change how it uses your data.[104] [105] Drupal caches database schema metadata as well as elements such as blocks. Acquia (the company founded by the project lead of Drupal) hired UX and web designer Mark Boulton [89] to work with the Drupal community to design a dramatically improved user interface for Drupal's administration interface. MySQL's query caching can help reduce the load on the database server caused by Drupal's high query rate. To achieve this. However. For example.[91] [92] • Learning curve: Some users describe Drupal as being difficult to master. This means that data from previous versions will still be usable without alteration in the new release. When using Drupal's default Page Cache mechanism. Drupal is still seen as slow. interactive sites.[107] . even flawed [81] ). the use of which resulted in a 508% improvement in one benchmark.gov site. Drupal documents any incompatibilities. allowing the user to make informed decisions about when and whether to upgrade.[82] Other criticisms have included: • Usability: Aspects of the Drupal 6 administration interface can be confusing and intimidating to some. Drupal 7 will address 90% of the problems identified by the Universities of Minnesota and Baltimore. associate editor at Slate Chris Wilson[80] lists some common criticisms of Drupal (the article itself received criticism for not being accurate. forms and menus. particularly for new administrators.[100] It is true that Drupal is likely to be slower than a special-purpose application for a given task. however some new usability problems were identified.[99] Despite this.[101] Drupal offers caching to store various page elements.5 demonstrated that Drupal's pages were delivered "significantly faster" than those of Joomla. so contributed modules must be installed to allow caching content for logged in users.Drupal 135 Criticism In an article about the adoption of Drupal by the Whitehouse. WordPress typically outperforms Drupal as a single-user blogging tool.[106] Drupal 7 increases performance in database queries and reduces PHP code usage. Penn State University also outlined a number of criticisms (alongside a number of benefits) of Drupal for their environment.[83] [93] [94] Drupal's many contributed modules can have overlapping functionality and have been reported as overwhelming to new users.[97] [98] Omitting backward compatibility reduces software bloat.[87] [88] Improved usability will close the gap with easier CMSs.[102] [103] Like performance.

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"Report from the University of Minnesota Drupal Usability Testing" (http:/ / drupal.uk Blog.gov. Retrieved 2009-05-20. co.3. org/ usability-test-university-baltimore-community-solutions). net/ backward-compatibility). . .About Content Management Systems (http:/ / ur. Brian C.com. cmscritic. com/ blog/ messengers-errors-chris-wilsons-flawed-rant-about-drupal-and-whitehousegov) Conor McNamara. com/ articles/ press-release-lullabot-drupal-and-mtv-uk) [119] http:/ / www. pdf) (PDF). (2007-01-25). Cynthia York. FastCompany.Drupal [80] Message Error. 2007-03-07.site redesign" (http:/ / data. com/ articles/ 2007/ 03/ speed_drupal_web_site_enabling_mysql_query_caching). au/ [109] "Drupal on the rise in government with ALRC website win" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-04-08. .gov (http:/ / www. .org. com/ blog/ 2009/ may/ 19/ drupal_6_vs_drupal_7_performance_and_comments_vs_nodes). [84] Scollan. Retrieved 2011-06-24. NewAssignment. "The pain before the pay-off" (http:/ / buytaert. 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Usability in 7" (http:/ / www.org. pdf) (PDF). edu/ redesign/ cms. . . and MTV UK (http:/ / www. computerworld. nixer. [94] "Drupal Review" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-04-08. mtv. alrc. CivicActions. But at What Cost?" (http:/ / www. gov. nysenate. com/ id/ 2233719/ ) Chris Wilson. .Net. . Heather (2010-11-09). uk/ blog/ 100213) [117] http:/ / www. [88] "Report from Formal Drupal" (http:/ / buytaert. drupal.com. Retrieved 2009-04-08. drupal. Dries (2008-07-03). . html). org/ project/ authcache). net/ usability-usability-and-usability). [87] Buytaert. . [104] "Speed up a Drupal web site by enabling MySQL query caching" (http:/ / nadeausoftware. [86] Buytaert. com. com/ blog/ joomla-15-drupal-61-performance-comparison. databasepublish. slate. com/ blog/ heather/ 203-people-tell-what-i-wish-i-knew-when-i-started-drupal). computerworld. Retrieved 2009-06-21. WebLion (https:/ / weblion. "Drupal Addresses Security In 6. [114] http:/ / www. "Drupal Usability Research Report" (http:/ / groups. Retrieved 2010-11-11. [103] Buytaert. Information Week. . com/ blog/ main/ archives/ 2008/ 07/ drupal_addresse. uk/ [90] Buytaert. . . rutgers. drupal. Retrieved 2009-04-08. . Retrieved 2011-06-24. 2009 [81] Messenger's Error(s): Chris Wilson's flawed rant about Drupal and whitehouse. markboulton.edu . [105] Book on Drupal Performance & Scalability (http:/ / books. alldrupalthemes. "Backward Compatibility" (http:/ / buytaert. [110] http:/ / data. org/ node/ 1166656). gov. Paul Coyle. org/ node/ 1175694). edu/ trac/ weblion/ wiki/ PloneVersusDrupal) [83] Hagopian.com. com/ blog/ kit-eaton/ technomix/ white-house-web-adds-some-drupal-magic). . nadeausoftware. lullabot. Dries (2006-07-27).org. shtml) 138 . gov/ [115] http:/ / london.au. rutgers. 2009-05-19. tag1consulting.

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External links
• Official website (http://http://drupal.org/)



DynPG stands for dynamic web pages and is a free content management system (CMS). It is written in PHP and uses MySQL as database management system. DynPG including all basic modules is free software and is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

DynPG is used to upload and manage dynamic web content similar to other content management systems. DynPG however differs from other CMS, because it is embedded directly into websites. The software was originally developed to realize designs that are created with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator or any other graphics software. The layout is created with an editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive or even as simple code. After that, code snippets are placed at those points, where dynamically generated content (like articles, galleries, blogs or other dynamic content) shall be generated. It provides a convenient way to extend existing websites with dynamic content. DynPG provides a template engine, but also supports existing CSS layouts. DynPG is open source since 2005. Meanwhile, it is being used in several bigger platforms, like the swiss journal Publisher.ch. Next to other well-known CMS like Mambo, Joomla!, Drupal and TYPO3, DynPG finds its place as a straightforward PHP-based open source CMS. Support is provided by a forum and documentation wikis. DynPG is multilingual, supporting German, English and Spanish. The English and Spanish documentation and support are under construction. Also, there are companies that provide commercial support and professionally continue the development of DynPG.

Video tutorials
There are several free (German) video tutorials available on the DynPG homepage.

External links
• • • • DynPG Website [1] (German/English/Spanish) DynPG Wiki [2] (German) DynPG Wiki [3] (English, under construction) DynPG Wiki [4] (Spanish, under construction)

[1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. dynpg. org/ index_en. php http:/ / www. dynpg. org/ wiki_de http:/ / www. dynpg. org/ wiki_en http:/ / www. dynpg. org/ wiki_es



EchoSign is a Web 2.0 electronic signature and enterprise content management system with specific focus on the document management and verification life-cycle[1] . Its major features centre in document signing, tracking and filing. It supports signing by email (e signature) or by fax. EchoSign maintains a global affiliate programme. It is available via salesforce.com's AppExchange[2] and WebEx's WebEx Connect[3] . EchoSign has also been integrated by other 3rd party services such as Zoho Writer [4], Box.net [5], and HR Block Rocketlawyer. EchoSign was founded by Jason Lemkin[6] and Jeffrey Zwelling[7] .

TechCrunch: EchoSign Reaches One Million Users for E-Signatures http:/ / www. techcrunch. com/ 2009/ 09/ 18/ echosign-reaches-one-million-users/
[1] Office 2.0 Redux (http:/ / www. forbes. com/ technology/ 2006/ 08/ 18/ office-microsoft-clones-cx_rr_0821office. html) – Forbes [2] EchoSign Contract Management Service (http:/ / www. salesforce. com/ appexchange/ detail_overview. jsp?id=a0330000002Pz2DAAS) [3] EchoSign Joins WebEx Connect Developer Network to Brings its Award-Winning Contract Signature Application to the WebEx Connect Platform (http:/ / www. webex. com/ pr/ pr454. html) [4] http:/ / writer. zoho. com/ home?serviceurl=%2Findex. do [5] http:/ / www. box. net/ services/ echosign [6] Five Questions For Jason Lemkin Co-founder and CEO of EchoSign (http:/ / www. informationweek. com/ news/ showArticle. jhtml?articleID=194400836) – InformationWeek [7] EchoSign Solves Signature Page Woes (http:/ / www. techcrunch. com/ 2006/ 01/ 02/ echosign-solves-signature-page-woes/ ) – TechCrunch

External links
• EchoSign official website (http://www.echosign.com) • Aetna and Paperless Contracts with EchoSign (http://www.aetna.com/news/newsReleases/2010/ 0302_PaperlessContracting.html)







, a design and software studio

Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Website building service, Website creation Commercial Edicy.com [2]

Edicy is a tool for creating websites online. It's built for small businesses globally and focuses on users with little or no experience with computers. The light-weight user interface offers drag and drop editing experience (WYSIWYG) and makes it one of the fastest tools to build websites with.[3] Edicy features rich text and photo editing, picture galleries, form builder and supports multi-language site structure. Edicy is compatible with all the major browsers—Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.[4] Major competitors of Edicy are Weebly, Yola, Jimdo, Webnode, Squarespace, Webs, Google Sites.[5] Company behind Edicy was founded by designer Tõnu Runnel, developer Priit Haamer, a Skype team lead Märt Kelder and a Skype co-founder and former Chief Engineer, Toivo Annus.[6] Edicy was founded in October 2007. First private, closed beta was launched on March 2008.[7] Edicy is publicly available since August 2008.

Developer features
There are no limitations on which design can be used with website. Edicy has open design API with its customized [8] [9] templating language based on LiquidMarkup .

Awards and nominations
• Edicy received the gold prize at Estonian Internet Awards competition[10] • Nominee for startup competition winner at Le Web finals 2008 [11]

Available languages
• • • • • • • • • • English Estonian Simplified Chinese Russian Spanish French German Portuguese Norwegian Latvian

readwriteweb.com) • Edicy blog (http://www. com/ leweb08/ External links • The official website of Edicy (http://www.Edicy • • • • • • Lithuanian Italian Greek Finnish Dutch Polish 143 References [1] http:/ / www. 2009. org [10] Estonian Best internet 2009 award winners (http:/ / est. New Kid on the WCM Block: Edicy. com/ support/ general) Retrieved on December 1. best-marketing.edicy.com) .com/blog) • Developer documentation (http://developer. com/ blog/ launch-edicy-reaches-private-beta) [8] http:/ / developer. php) Retrieved on December 1. fraktal. com Edicy developer documentation [9] http:/ / www. Tigerprises. [6] Guseva. (http:/ / www. edicy. edicy. com/ archives/ the_codeless_website_four_awesome_tools_for_creati. Jolie (July 19.edicy. php?lang=est& main_id=460) [11] http:/ / leweb3. com/ 2009/ 11/ outstanding-trio-comparison-of-three-most-promising-estonian-internet-start-ups) Retrieved on December 1. The Codeless Website: Four Awesome Tools for Creating Cool. tigerprises. edicy. [4] Edicy support page. 2009. 2009. Outstanding Trio: Comparison of Three most Promising Estonian Internet Start-ups. [7] Edicy Launches private beta (http:/ / www. edicy. com [3] 'Dell. 2009. ReadWriteWeb. (http:/ / www. No-Tech Sites. Toivo (November 30.edicy. ee [2] http:/ / www. CMSWire. com/ cms/ micro-cms/ new-kid-on-the-wcm-block-edicy-002971. 2008). Irina (Aug 6. liquidmarkup. 2009). typepad. php) Retrieved on December 1. 2009). (http:/ / www. (http:/ / www. cmswire. [5] Tänavsuu. com/ index.

CIO. 2010-10-27 [3] David Olsen. Their clients including Hyundai[7] and Austrade[8] [9] .com.. itnews. History Elcom was founded in 1996 by John Anstey[3] . governmentnews. itnews.. 2009-04-10 .NET which is built using Microsoft ASP.Elcom Technology 144 Elcom Technology Elcom Type Industry Founded Private Software Australia (1996) Headquarters Sydney. Elcom has recently expanded into the United States with an office in New York[6] . The company has also entered the document management market[11] via connectors to systems such as HP Trim and SharePoint. Elcom was originally involved in the development of the Australian Taxation Office's online e-tax platform[4] before entering the content management market and releasing the first version of CommunityManager. com. 2010-07-20 [5] GN. CMSWire. Elcom's primary product is CommunityManager. "CommunityManager. au/ aussie-developer-takes-on-google-analytics-339304653. com. 2010-11-22 [7] Lisa Banks. htm). Version 7. According to the company's website. com. au [2] Anthony Milner. It provides web content management and intranet software. elcom. zdnet. Australia Key people Products Website John Anstey. "Australian Web CMS Firm Elcom Expands to US" (http:/ / www. com. 2010-06-04 [8] itnews. php). Elcom was recognised in the 2010 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management report[10] .2 is here. cio. html).austrade-ups-investment-ante-with-site-upgrade. Elcom. "Austrade ups investment ante with site upgrade" (http:/ / www. cmswire. "Aussie developer takes on Google Analytics" (http:/ / www. "Entrepreneur Profile : Elcom’s John Anstey" (http:/ / dynamicbusiness.elcom. Dynamic Business. References [1] http:/ / www. au/ News/ CommunityManager-NET-7-2-is-here/ default. com. com. Government News. com.NET was released in October 2010[2] . au/ 2010/ 05/ 25/ article/ Elcom---One-web-platform-many-opportunities/ EIRSQAGBQL. "Hyundai Australia head of IT talks CMS upgrade" (http:/ / www.NET and Microsoft SQL Server." (http:/ / www.au [1] Elcom Technology Pty Ltd is a privately held software company based in Sydney. aspx). Market Elcom targets mid-market organizations. html).NET 7.NET[5] . au/ articles/ articles-entrepreneur-profile/ john-anstey-elcom-1318.NET www. "Elcom . aspx). ZDnet.. CEO CommunityManager. 2010-05-25 [6] J Angelo Racoma.2 of CM. Australia. elcom. au/ article/ 348909/ q_hyundai_australia_head_it_talks_cms_upgrade/ ). com/ cms/ web-cms/ australian-web-cms-firm-elcom-expands-to-us-adds-mobile-capability-009325. 2010-04-08 [4] Colin Ho. au/ News/ 142174.One web platform many opportunities" (http:/ / www.

com. This can fall within the following items • • • • • Paper documents scanned images PDF images GIFF. "Elcom enhances Austrade portal" (http:/ / www. Documentum etc . needs to account and provide methods to process contract centric documents. cDiscovery is more targeted at creating a view of targeted discovered contracts and extracting key metadata. crn. with eDiscovery the relations are not accounted for. correlates and extracts this information to present the user with a process to review. net. where within cDiscovery the understanding that an NDA must have a start date. names and dates.com/) CDiscovery The Connection to eDiscovery cDiscovery or Contract Discovery. aspx). au/ News/ 142060. an eDiscovery solution can quickly be re-purposed to provide the organization with targeted contract location and reduce the overall TCO.elcomcms. What is cDiscovery? cDiscovery locates.elcom. With the cDiscovery add on. au/ blog/ 007844-elcom-integrates-web-document-management). just a search and present. "Elcom recognised as a Web CMS to watch by Gartner" (http:/ / www. for example SharePoint. aspx). com.elcom-enhances-austrade-portal.Elcom Technology [9] CRN. au/ News/ Gartner-Magic-Quadrant-2010/ default. a contract is normally formed with a number of key items present. Elcom. manage and import to other systems.au/) • Global website (http://http://www. elcom. TIFF detection word processor and office document formats in addition to the need for many formats is the need to process from many locations. 2009-04-08 [10] Josh Anstey. 2010-05-25 145 External links • Australian website (http://http://www. locations. parties. An effective cDiscovery solution. CRN. cDiscovery can be applied to any eDiscovery data-set and should be seen as a natural extension to eDiscovery deployment. can be seen as a subset of the Electronic discovery framework. much the same as the eDiscovery solutions. This information could be within a Non Disclose Agreement or an employment agreement. where eDiscovery is Mainly concerned with creating a full text index and then searching based on as set of key terms. "Elcom integrates Web & document management" (http:/ / idm. parties and or item and finally important clauses for the application of the Non-disclosure agreement. tag. As an example. IDM. Difference between eDiscovery and cDiscovery One of the main differences between eDiscovery and cDiscovery is that within cDiscovery the user is not required to know the terms they are looking for.com. and they are presented within contextually aware results. as both systems can use the same data set. including • • • • file shares filing cabinets laptops ECM solutions. 2010-09-14 [11] iDM.

With this in place. the cDiscovery solution drives the adoption and usage of a central contracts management or document management solution. Typically. with the accompanying extracted information.CDiscovery The core of any cDiscovery solution is the intelligence to identify and extract key information. the organization may apply best-practice or legally enforced retention policies which state how the second half of the record life-cycle will progress. systems consider a document a work in progress until it has undergone review. Once a document achieves the status of a record. The aim of Electronic Document and Records Management Electronic document and records management aims to enable organizations to manage documents and records throughout the document life-cycle. once this is done. typically at a set time after these events. These vendors have historically provided electronic document management systems and have acquired smaller records management system companies.e. . at which point it becomes a formal record within the organization. The seamlessness of the integration and the original intention of the records-management component to manage electronic records typically sets the complexity of deploying and potentially of using the final system. from creation to destruction. and exceptions will occur. one of the most critical handling options is the push to a target storage solution. lock-down and (potentially) publication. approval. This typically involves retention (and protection from change). EDRMS software A range of software vendors offer these systems at an enterprise level (i. 146 Electronic Document and Records Management System Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) is a type of content management system and refers to the combined technologies of document management and records management systems as an integrated system. the system needs to provide basic handling and protection methods. until some events occur which relate to the record and which trigger the final disposition schedule to apply to the record. the record undergoes destruction. targeted at managing all documents and records within an enterprise). Eventually. as one of the biggest challenges and reasons for failure of Enterprise content management and CMS solutions has been the inability to effectively capture legacy data.

President Derek Jones. com Products Services Revenue Website EllisLab is a software development company based in Bend. CA (2001) Headquarters Bend. pMachine's feature list was similar to other weblog software of the time. Oregon. Oregon Key people Rick Ellis. CTO Lisa Wess. the last version of pMachine Pro continues to be available free. Type Industry Founded Private Software & Programming Los Angeles. CEO Leslie Camacho. The first. is no longer developed. . Geeklog.[2] Although pMachine is quite out of date at this point. and LiveJournal.[1] The company is privately owned and has to date accepted no venture capital funding of any kind. which develops applications written in PHP. pMachine Pro. such as Movable Type. Director of Community Services ExpressionEngine CodeIgniter pMachinePro EngineHosting Unknown http:/ / ellislab. History Since the company's founding in January 2002.Electronic Document and Records Management System 147 Associated technologies • • • • Business process management (BPM) Enterprise content management (ECM) Scanning Web content management (WCM) Professional organisations Professional organizations for documents and records include: • • • • • Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA International) Records Management Society (RMS) Records Management Association of Australasia (RMAA) Nuclear Information & Records Management Association (NIRMA) EllisLab EllisLab. Inc. it has released three different applications to the public. but was weblog software that had both a free and licensed version.

1. and has extensive online documentation. noting that he liked CodeIgniter "because it is faster. CodeIgniter. 2006. lighter and the least like a framework. is an open source rapid application development framework with particular emphasis on a very small footprint.2. 2011. codeigniter. The current version is 2.. which is a more general purpose content management system written in object-oriented PHP and using MySQL for storing data. models are optional. com CodeIgniter is an open source web application framework for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP. The underlying code is identical in all cases."[9] A notable feature of the license is the requirement to “indemnify … the authors of the Software … for any … third-party claims.2 / April 7. a "Commercial" version. Licenses are available in three variations: a "Non-Commercial" version for personal and non-profit use.[5] The latest stable version 2.EllisLab The company's flagship software product is ExpressionEngine."[4] The first public version of CodeIgniter was released on February 28. but no longer offers a free trial or an online demo for prospective customers. While view and controller classes are a necessary part of development under CodeIgniter. The company announced a fourth product. by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks.writing code from scratch. The third product.. as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. CodeIgniter is loosely based on the popular Model-View-Controller development pattern. 2011 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Web application framework Apache/BSD-style open source license http:/ / www.[6] [7] [8] In a critical take on PHP frameworks in general. PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf spoke at frOSCon in August 2008. it requires no knowledge of PHP. and the cheapest option.0. although there are several modules held back from the "Freelancer" version. MojoMotor. 2. CodeIgniter is most often noted for its speed when compared to other PHP frameworks.[10] . ExpressionEngine is intended to be simpler to use than other content management systems. for instance. "Its goal is to enable [developers] to develop projects much faster than. a lightweight alternative to ExpressionEngine.[3] 148 ExpressionEngine ExpressionEngine is a Content Management System developed by EllisLab.0. at EECI2010 in June 2010. Inc. None of the licenses are free at this point. CodeIgniter CodeIgniter Developer(s) Stable release Written in EllisLab. actions or suits … arising from your use of the Software”.2 was released April 07. a "Freelancer" license intended for small Web firms to be able to run their own sites. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

com. [7] "PHP Frameworks Benchmarks" (http:/ / www. Inc. [9] "Rasmus Lerdorf: PHP Frameworks? Think Again" (http:/ / www. Kohana" (http:/ / pr0digy. .com. com/ user_guide/ license. sellersrank. Retrieved 2010-06-03. "EllisLab History" (http:/ / ellislab. CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development. Retrieved 2009-07-24. [6] "CakePHP and CodeIgniter Benchmark" (http:/ / www. Like ExpressionEngine.com. CMSWire. Retrieved 2009-07-24.6. Packt. Wrox. ISBN 1847191746 • Leonard Murphy. Scot (2003). [2] Hacker. "MojoMotor. sitepoint. [8] "Benchmark update: Cake vs. [5] "CodeIgniter User Guide : Change Log" (http:/ / codeigniter. Codeigniter. Sellersrank. Sellersrank. "Put Weblogs to Work". com/ user_guide/ changelog. cmswire. html). Professional CodeIgniter. com/ php/ cakephp-codeigniter-benchmark/ ). Retrieved 2009-07-24. Sitepoint. 2008. EllisLab. Retrieved 2007-05-21. com/ user_guide/ overview/ at_a_glance.1. com/ blogs/ 2008/ 08/ 29/ rasmus-lerdorf-php-frameworks-think-again/ ). php). MojoMotor was made to create easy-to-edit. it requires no knowledge of PHP and has extensive online documentation. html).com. 2008. 2007. . Retrieved 2009-07-24. . . 2008-09-03. . com/ cms/ web-cms/ eeci2010-mojomotor-a-new-light-web-cms-is-coming-soon-007706. Packt. A New Light Web CMS Is Coming Soon" (http:/ / www. CodeIgniter vs. com/ codeigniter/ benchmark-update-static-cake-codeigniter-kohana/ ). Travis F.1.EllisLab 149 MojoMotor MojoMotor is a Content Management System developed by EllisLab. com/ company/ history/ ). . [4] "CodeIgniter User Guide : CodeIgniter At A Glance" (http:/ / codeigniter.. Notes [1] Ellis. ISBN 978-0470282458 External links • EllisLab. Retrieved 2009-07-24. 2008-08-29. ISBN 978-1-847193-7-97 • Thomas Myer. 2006-12-08. . Pr0digy.com/) . Retrieved 2009-07-24. Codeigniter. The current version is 1. brochure-like sites that use almost entirely static pages. (http://ellislab.com. html References • David Upton. Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 1. Inc. .com. sellersrank. Macworld: the Macintosh magazine 9 [3] Smith. com/ web-frameworks-benchmarking-results/ ). Rick. [10] http:/ / codeigniter.

o. The company also has offices in Huefingen. SaaS Edition . OSGi enabled Operating system Cross-platform Type License Mobile. Google Android and Microsoft Phone 7 More information and a complete list of capabilities [8] are listed on the enprovia web site [1]. ECM. the Mobile Enabler[4] . java.Enprovia 150 Enprovia enprovia Mobile Enabler overview Developer(s) Written in enprovia Software Engineering s.g. utilizing the companies main product. providing access to existing document management systems. Content Management Systems. e. IBM Websphere Commerce and Microsoft [5] [6] [7] Sharepoint and clients such as Apple iPhone.com [1] Website enprovia is a provider of mobile enterprise access software[2] [3] . in the cloud computing platform from Amazon EC2. Cloud Applications. The product makes use of various standards (CMIS) Content Management Interoperability Services and can run both on-site as well as an on-demand service. subscription and notification The Client Communication Framework that expose the enriched services from the back-end applications to a number of mobile devices The system supports business systems such as IBM FileNet. iPad. .g. Slovakia.r.Proprietary www. Document Management System. USA. Alfresco. RIM BlackBerry.enprovia.Proprietary Commercial Edition . System overview The system consists of a middleware and client connection kits for most common smart phones and tablet PC's. which can be used for e. The middleware is composed of four different layers: • • • • The Business Connectors that interface back-end applications with the Mobile Enabler The Cartridge Framework that provides additional business logic functionalities to enrich the back-end solution The Standard System Service providing services such as session management. LA. enprovia is a Slovak company with headquarters in Bratislava. Germany and in Kenner.

html References • Overview of Mobile Enabler by Digital Asset Management.com/ enprovia-mobile-enabler-middleware-architecture-to-mobile-your-business-494.com/ecm/ enp/enpindex. enprovia.159.enprovia.enprovia. com/ us/ artist/ enprovia-software-engineering/ id347571845 Google app on Android Market using Mobile Enabler. https:/ / market. documentmanagementnews. enprovia.technupower. http:/ / itunes. html?page_id=1651 http:/ / www. enprovia.cmswire. com/ files/ catalogue_2011-02-02_17_42.com) • enprovia Wiki (http://wiki.Enprovia 151 Notes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / www.com in German. com/ details?id=com.org.html) External links • enprovia Website (http://www. pdf Mobile Enabler used for mobile document access. http:/ / www. sk/ blog/ mobilna-aplikacia-ako-alternativa-k-mobilnemu-webu-nie. html) Some apps on iTunes using the Mobile Enabler. com/ the-news/ general-news/ 576-enprovia-allows-firms-to-mobilise-multiple-document-management-systems-with-mdms. apple.html) • Overview of mDMS using Mobile Enabler in CMS Critic (http://www.php) • Information about mDMS using the Mobile Enabler from MobilAgile in France (http://mobilagile. p. com Interview with CEO Bo Stahlbrandt by the Slovak e-magazine Slowakei.com/cms/ document-management/ document-mgt-rollup-emc-upgrades-captiva-justsystems-gets-3d-imaging-for-dita-authoring-010755. http:/ / mobile. ui42.com) .uk/2011/ 02/04/mobile-integrate-with-dms’s-ecm’s-bpm’s-crm’s-e-commerce-and-social-network-services) • Review of Mobile Enabler by Technupower (http://www. b2bmatchmaking. android. mdms Overview of supported devices in Slovak. http:/ / www. com/ firmengründung Mobile World Congress B2B Catalog. com/ products/ mobile/ enabler/ index. DocumentManagementNews.com (http:/ / www. UK (http://digitalassetmanagement. slowakei.

According to Berners-Lee.ENQUIRE 152 ENQUIRE ENQUIRE Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Launch year 1980[1] Company CERN ENQUIRE was an early software project written in 1980 by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN.[1] The advantage was that it was portable and runs different systems.[2] Berners-Lee started to work for 6 months on 23 June 1980 at CERN while he developed ENQUIRE. disk formats. The links had different meanings and about a dozen relationships which were displayed to the creator.[2] [3] [5] The conditions At that time approximately 10. documents and groups described by the card.000 people were working at CERN with different hardware. the name was inspired by a book entitled Enquire Within Upon Everything.[2] [3] [4] It was a simple hypertext program[4] that had some of the same ideas as the Web and the Semantic Web but was different in several important ways. Much work was done by email and file interchange.[2] which was the predecessor to the World Wide Web in 1989. The relationship between the links could be seen by everybody explaining what the need of the link was or what happen [4] [6] if a card was removed. Everybody was allowed to add new cards but they always needed an existing card. ENQUIRE had pages called cards and hyperlinks within the cards.[1] Differences to the World Wide Web It was not supposed to be released to the general public.e. software and individual requirements. things.[7] The different hypertext-systems before ENQUIRE were not passing these requirements i.[6] The requirements for setting up a new system were compatibility with different networks. Memex and NLS. which made any attempt to transfer information between dislike systems a daunting and generally impractical task. . data formats.[4] The scientists needed to keep track of different things[3] and different projects became involved with each other.[7] Difference to HyperCard ENQUIRE was similar to Apple's HyperCard but ENQUIRE lacks an image system. and character encoding schemes.

[4] He recognized that a system similar to ENQUIRE was needed. Carpenter suspects that the disc was reused for other purposes since nobody was later available to do further work on ENQUIRE. Anthony (15 August 2003). [4] Berners-Lee. html#Influences). this is approximated by the What links here feature). "A people's history of the internet: from Arpanet in 1969 to today" (http:/ / www. Chris. Simon. BBC. for example to existing databases. This bidirectionality allows ideas. "but accessible to everybody. open2. html). "ENQUIRE WITHIN UPON EVERYTHING" (http:/ / www. w3. Tim. Tim (May 1990).[2] The World Wide Web was created to unified the different existing systems at CERN like ENQUIRE. htm). who had been working under Brian Carpenter before he left CERN. html). World Wide Web Consortium.[2] ENQUIRE was written in the Pascal programming language and implemented on a Norsk Data NORD-10 under [2] [6] [4] [8] [9] and version 2 was later ported to MS-DOS and to VAX/VMS. John (23 October 2009). to link to each other without the author being aware of this. Retrieved 7 January 2010. [2] Berners-Lee. Smith. org/ History/ 1989/ proposal. the CERNDOC. VMS/Notes and the USENET.ENQUIRE 153 Relationship made includes uses describes Inverse Relationship was made by is part of is used by described by ENQUIRE was closer to a modern wiki than to a web site: • database. Retrieved 22 July 2010. [3] Jeffery. Retrieved 24 August 2010. World Wide Web Consortium. 1993/1994). Prof. In a way. London: The Guardian. Coumbe.[1] [4] He realized that most of the time coordinating the project was to keep information up to date. "Information Management: A Proposal" (http:/ / www. ICT Portal. they (or. References [1] Berners-Lee. . though a closed system (all of the data could be taken as a workable whole)[2] • bidirectional hyperlinks (in Wikipedia and MediaWiki. etc.[4] The first version was able to hyperlink between files. . org/ People/ Berners-Lee/ FAQ. "Frequently asked questions — Start of the web: Influences" (http:/ / www. Fenn.[2] [4] SINTRAN III. Bobbie. . org/ DesignIssues/ TimBook-old/ History."[4] There was a need that people were able to create cards independently of others and to link to other cards without updating the linked card. and that in other CERN divisions were similar situations as in the division he was first. notes.[1] Another problem was that external links. Retrieved 7 January 2010. This idea is the big difference and the cornerstone to the World Wide Web. .[4] Berners-Lee didn't make ENQUIRE suitable for other persons to use the system successfully. co.[9] Technical The application ran on terminal with plaintext 24x80. net/ ictportal/ app/ comp_life/ future1. w3. their relationships) get a life of their own. Tim (ca. and that the system wasn't powerful enough to handle enough connections to the database.[1] Why ENQUIRE failed Berners-Lee came back to CERN in 1984 and used intensively his own system. pp.[4] [8] • direct editing of the server (like wikis and CMS/blogs)[2] • ease of compositing. See 1980.[1] [2] Further development stopped because Berners-Lee gave a disc to Robert Cailliau. at least. [5] Finkelstein. . w3. uk/ technology/ interactive/ 2009/ oct/ 23/ internet-arpanet) (Flash). "A Brief History of the Web" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 25 August 2010. particularly when it comes to hyperlinking. World Wide Web Consortium. guardian. . weren't allowed.

"The World Wide Web: Past. and individual users’ PCs. htm). Present and Future" (http:/ / www. file and web servers. World Wide Web Consortium.” such as a series of documents. ac. including digital asset management systems. Robert (1995). Retrieved 25 July 2010. Tim (2000). Migrating content (documents and images) from one system to another Synchronizing part or all the content between two or more content repositories Searching for documents across all content repositories Offering a single point of access to all documents and content of the organization Publishing or pushing this content to other systems (enterprise portals. htm). [8] Cailliau. Retrieved 30 August 2010. document management. . and access functions. often used within large organizations. Their other important function lies in their ability to increase the efficiency which with organizations can retrieve data by providing a single channel to access a wide variety of storage locations. and retrieve the necessary information. [7] Berners-Lee. "Enquire Manual — In HyperText" (http:/ / infomesh. External links • ENQUIRE Manual (http://infomesh. Berners-Lee. html).w3. 3. w3. locate. can be important and can contribute to business development. Tim (August 1996). . 154 Further reading • Berners-Lee. It takes a decentralized approach in order to manage content from various resources. uk/ primers/ history/ origins. Sean B. Retrieved 20 November 2010. [9] Palmer. org/ People/ Berners-Lee/ 1996/ ppf. 4. w3.ENQUIRE [6] "History of the Web" (http:/ / www.org/History/1980/Enquire/scaled/) Enterprise Content Integration Enterprise content integration (ECI) is a middleware software technology. .[1] Enterprise content integration aims to answer a number of needs in today's organizations: 1.. Retrieved 25 August 2010. . net/ 2001/ enquire/ manual/ #editorial). Oxford Brookes University. ECI metadata catalogs are able to collect data from a wide array of sources. that connects together various types of computer systems that manage documents and digital content. ECI systems often work in tandem with other technologies such as enterprise content management. 2002. Tim (February/March 2001). Functions ECI systems attempt to address the growing trend of the recognition that so-called “unstructured content. World Wide Web Consortium. Vendors sometimes refer to this sort of decentralized content management as a virtual repository or a virtual file system. ECI implementations exist on a tier above the organization’s existing software and provide wide-ranging search. rl. . org/ History. "A Little History of the World Wide Web" (http:/ / www. Weaving the web. and records management. web sites) Features ECI functions through the use of a metadata catalog that contains records regarding data throughout the enterprise in order to enable users to seek. New York: Harper Business. 2. indexing.net/2001/enquire/manual/) • scanned images of the Enquire Manual from 1980 (http://www. The original design and ultimate destiny of the World Wide Web. 5. groupware. w3c. browse.

com/ news/ global-cio/ showArticle. or content bridges by ECI vendors. 708–717. ECI administrators can design the system by specifying rules for the way indexed content should be packaged as well as how and to whom the content should be delivered. 2006. B.K. the company filed for bankruptcy in July of 2003.S. M.0) provided several cutting-edge features. connectors.[4] Other vendors of ECI systems include Day Software. Chidlovskii. July 2005. packaging. it was viewed by many implementers as an architecture rather than a complete solution. Enterprise Documents. including a dashboard interface for monitoring the flow of content and the creation of metadata. p. Enterprise content integration: a progress report. 10-11. and most companies desired a solution that could be quickly put into place and enabled with a minimum of additional effort. NY.. and SeeUnity. informationweek. p. their Interchange Platform (now known as Interchange Suite 3. some ECI systems are able to integrate with other computer systems such as publishing systems and format converters. This was likely due to the poor market reception of the product. ACM. which allows flexible reporting and powerful analytic capabilities across a wide array of data sources. New York. Footnotes [1] Bergman. • Brette. often through web service interfaces. jhtml?articleID=166404237. ECI systems can also offer automated aggregation. and distribution of indexed content through administrator-configurable channels. B. One of the first was Context Media (now owned by Oracle)[3] . [3] Oracle Buys Context Media. Untapped Assets: The $3 Trillion Value of U. M. . • Rosenblatt.Enterprise Content Integration In addition to gathering data for the metadata catalog.. B. 4. Accessed 14 November 2010. BrightPlanet Corporation White Paper. p.[2] 155 Vendors A number of vendors have provided ECI solutions through the history of the technology. 2003. [4] Rosenblatt. http:/ / www. [2] Rosenblatt. 9-14. and Roustant. pp. SIGMOD ’06: Proceedings of the 2006 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data. To accomplish these goals. EntropySoft. some ECI systems are able to connect to the resources offered by a computer system directly through an interface such as an API. Seybold Report: Analyzing Publishing Technologies. Agari Mediaware was another company among those in the first wave of ECI solution providers. and a packaging and distribution function. Documentum ECI self-repairing wrappers: Performance analysis. These types of connections are often referred to as adapters. However. References • Bergman. all of which offer a variety of connectors to various content management systems. a component that allowed the definition of relationships among collected data.

Early 2008 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies. The benefits to an organization include improved efficiency. make a copy and then mail it to the bank who would eventually mail it to the customer. or even an email [1] The latest definition encompasses areas that have traditionally been addressed by records management and document management systems. With an ECM system in place. [1] Early 2010 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies. search . ECM covers the management of information within the entire scope of an enterprise whether that information is in the form of a paper document. and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. digital asset management (DAM). ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information. AIIM has refined the abbreviation ECM several times to reflect the expanding scope and importance of information management: Late 2005 Enterprise content management is the technologies used to Capture. manage. For example. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information. file and check. the worldwide association for enterprise content management. Manage. or a hybrid solution composed of both on-premise and SaaS components. Early 2006 Enterprise content management is the technologies used to Capture. The term encompasses strategies. manage. When the image of the check appears on . a database print stream. the bank employee simply searches the system for the customer’s account number and the number of the requested check. security. ECM is an umbrella term covering document management. methods and tools used to capture.[1] Definition The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) International. ECM is primarily aimed at managing the life-cycle of information from initial publication or creation all the way through archival and eventually disposal. and Deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.Enterprise content management 156 Enterprise content management Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a formalized means of organizing and storing an organization's documents. and retention. wherever that information exists. ECM applications are delivered in three ways: on-premise software (installed on the organization’s own network). It also includes the conversion of data between various digital and traditional forms. including paper and microfilm. capture and scanning. preserve. and Deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. pull the check. an electronic file. process routing. wherever that information exists. defined the term Enterprise Content Management in 2000. many banks have converted to storing copies of old checks within ECM systems versus the older method of keeping physical checks in massive paper warehouses. and reduced costs. that relate to the organization's processes. Preserve. store. collaboration. methods and tools used to capture. ECM aims to make the management of corporate information easier through simplifying storage. Manage. Software as a Service (SaaS) (web access to information that is stored on the software manufacturer’s system). Under the old system a customer request for a copy of a check might take weeks. version control. as the bank employees had to contact the warehouse to have someone locate the right box. store. web content management. Store. work-flow management. and other content. and tools used throughout the lifecycle of the content. and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. better control. preserve. Preserve. records management. methods. Store.

in order to improve a paper-intensive process and migrate towards the mythical paperless office. which can be used in business decisions. for example. Digital asset management is a form of ECM concerned with content stored using digital technology. and presentation software products were standalone products. This category includes most former document-management groupware and workflow solutions that have not yet fully converted their architecture to ECM. document management. possibly to just a single department. or microfiche. Solutions can provide intranet services to employees (B2E). Email and instant messaging are increasingly employed in decision-making processes. and more organizations achieved "pockets" of productivity with these technologies. new components have emerged. As time passed. Thereafter. and retention-rule decisions. For example. which required managing web content. information about how and when the content was used can allow the system to gradually acquire new filtering. . As ECM solutions have evolved. The audit trail generated by EDMS enhanced document security. The original EDMS products were stand-alone products. The typical early EDMS adopter deployed a small-scale imaging and workflow system. By improving control over documents and document-oriented processes. thereby reducing document loss and providing faster access to information. The technologies appealed to organizations that needed targeted. For example. as content is checked in and out. workflow. Government-to-Business (G2B). search and networking of documents with digital archiving. and can also include enterprise portals for Business-to-Business (B2B). Business-to-Government (B2G). document management and workflow. corporate taxonomies and semantic networks. combines the capture. and provided metrics to help measure productivity and identify efficiency. Organizations increasingly wanted to leverage multiple EDMS products. EDMS streamlined time-consuming business practices. it became clear that the various EDMS product categories were complementary. providing functionality in one of four areas: imaging. word processing. spreadsheet. document management. microfilm. 157 History Enterprise Content Management. It specifically includes the special challenges involved in using and preserving a company's internal. ECM can provide access to data about these communications. EDMS could provide online access to information formerly available only on paper. but provide a web interface. routing and search pathways. they wanted to present information via the web. as a form of content management. or other business relationships. Organizations that had automated individual departments now began to envision wider benefits from broader deployment. to some extent automatically. Consider. or COLD/ERM (see components below). The technologies that comprise ECM today are the descendants of late 1980s and early 1990s electronic document management systems (EDMS). an accounting department might access supplier invoices from a COLD/ERM system. Through the late 1990s. until the early 1990s. and workflow could be combined to allow agents to better resolve customer inquiries. The first stand-alone EDMS technologies were designed to save time and/or improve information access by reducing paper handling and paper storage. the EDMS industry continued to grow steadily. most ECM solutions focus on Business-to-Employee (B2E) systems. The movement toward integrated EDMS solutions merely reflected a common trend in the software industry: the ongoing integration of point solutions into more comprehensive solutions.Enterprise content management screen. and contracts from a document management system as part of an approval workflow. tactical solutions to address clearly defined problems. Therefore. in all of its forms. As organizations established an Internet presence. often unstructured information. a customer service department—where imaging. Likewise. each use generates new metadata about the content. purchase orders from an imaging system. they are able to immediately mail it to the customer—usually while the customer is still on the phone. Many documents cross multiple departments and affect multiple processes. the market shifted toward integration.

BS 7799 and ISO/IEC 27001. Sense/Net. The first phase was to offer multiple systems as a single. Sarbanes-Oxley. function-level and even record-specific security options protect your most sensitive data. etc. content syndication. ECM applications streamline access to records through keyword and full-text search allowing employees to get to the information they need directly from their desktops in seconds rather than searching multiple applications or digging through paper records. In fact. more informed decisions across the enterprise—all of which reduce the overhead costs of managing information. SaaS ECM services can convert expensive capital outlay for servers and network equipment into a monthly operating expense. and media asset management. accounting. which is establishing itself as a kind of third platform alongside conventional . and to reduce the overall cost of information management for the enterprise. with little or no functional integration. ECM is just one possible catch-all term for a wide range of technologies and vendors. packaged "suite". Therefore. These management systems can enhance record control to help businesses to comply with government and industry regulations such as HIPAA. are factors in developing and deploying ECM.0. In 2006. Alfresco. including Campsite. The content and structure of today's outward-directed web portal will be the platform for tomorrow's internal information system. In his article in ComputerWoche.[4] Ulrich Kampffmeyer distilled ECM to three key ideas that distinguish such solutions from Web content management: Enterprise content management as integrative middleware ECM is used to overcome the restrictions of former vertical applications and island architectures. even information contained on a specific document can be masked using redaction features. integration increased. Throughout the 1990s. Beginning in approximately 2001. WebGUI. eZ Publish. while also reducing the IT resources required to manage enterprise records. and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Government standards. so the rest of the document can be shared without compromising individual identity or key data.[2] 158 [3] Open source ECM products are also available. Today’s Adoption Drivers There are numerous factors driving businesses to adopt an ECM solution. Security functions including user-level. The user is basically unaware of using an ECM solution. Web content management (WCM). Jumper 2. Nuxeo. KnowledgeTree. organizations can deploy a single. Every action taken within the system is tracked and reportable for auditing purposes for a wide variety of regulations. ECM offers the requisite infrastructure for the new world of web-based IT. Standards compliance may make outsourcing to certified service providers a viable alternative to an internal ECM deployment. flexible ECM system to manage information in all functional departments. Characteristics Content management includes ECM. Today. SAS 70. LogicalDOC.Enterprise content management Early leaders already offered multiple stand-alone EDMS technologies. paper and mailing needs. PCI DSS. such as the need to increase efficiency. the industry began to use the term enterprise content management to refer to these integrated solutions. human resources. to improve control of information. make employees more efficient. including customer service. and result in better. Microsoft (with its SharePoint product family) and Oracle Corporation (with Oracle Content Management) joined established leaders such as EMC Documentum and entered the entry-level "value" market segment of ECM. ECM systems can reduce storage. Enterprise content management is not a closed-system solution or a distinct product category. including HIPAA. along with Document Related Technologies or Document Lifecycle Management. and Plone.

manage. or existing specialist application systems as sources. preserve. Therefore. content integration and ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) will play an important role in the implementation and use of ECM. and procedure as index values to make it easy for medical personnel to locate the chart. Capture is also used to collect electronic files and information into a consistent structure for management. Earlier document automation systems photographed documents for storage on microfilm or microfiche. and deliver. As such. Optical scanners now make digital copies of paper documents. a medical chart might include the patient ID. .Enterprise content management host and client/server systems. Capture technologies also encompass the creation of metadata (index values) that describe characteristics of a document for easy location through search technology. thus avoiding redundant. ECM technologies are infrastructures that support specialized applications as subordinate services. Therefore. Automatic or semi-automatic capture can use EDI or XML documents. ECM also sets out to manage all the information of a WCM and covers archiving needs as a universal repository. enterprise content management components as independent services ECM is used to manage information without regard to the source or the required use. enterprise content management as a uniform repository for all types of information ECM is used as a content warehouse (both data warehouse and document warehouse) that combines company information in a repository with a uniform structure. For example. Expensive redundancies and associated problems with information consistency are eliminated. expensive and difficult to maintain parallel functions. and managing structured data and unstructured information jointly. The functionality is provided as a service that can be used from all kinds of applications. Enterprise content management is working properly when it is effectively "invisible" to users. ECM thus is a collection of infrastructure components that fit into a multi-layer model and include all document related technologies (DRT) for handling. standards for interfaces connecting different services will play an important role in the implementation of ECM. or linked to if they are already available online. enterprise content management is one of the necessary basic components of the overarching e-business application area. Therefore. Capture Capture involves converting information from paper documents into an electronic format through scanning. EAI (enterprise application integration) and SOA (service-oriented architecture) will play an important role in the implementation and use of ECM. The advantage of a service concept is that for any given functionality only one general service is available. delivering. date of visit. All applications deliver their content to a single repository. store. which in turn provides needed information to all applications. Documents already in digital form can be copied.[5] The five ECM components and technologies were first defined by AIIM as capture. patient name.[5] 159 Components ECM combines components which can also be used as stand-alone systems without being incorporated into an enterprise-wide system. business and ERP applications.

in predefined fields. 160 . structure. although the information content and character of the documents may be identical. including: Optical character recognition (OCR) Converts images of typeset text into alphanumeric characters handprint character recognition (HCR) Converts images of handwritten text into alphanumerics.Enterprise content management Recognition technologies Various recognition technologies can be used to extract information from scanned documents and digital faxes. recognition technologies are often used here. color adjustment. Forms processing is the capture of printed forms via scanning. Automatic processing can be used to capture electronic forms. as long as the layout. straightening. Another term for this is enterprise report management (ERM). Aggregation Aggregation combines documents from different applications. there are two groups of technologies. Forms processing In forms capture. the name was not changed after other technologies supplanted the laserdisc. forwarding them to storage and processing systems in a uniform structure and format. and checks against reference lists and existing master data to improve recognition. Gives better results for short text in fixed locations than for freeform text. Originally. zoom. on a form where a column of numbers is added up. and contents are known to the capture system. such as those submitted via web pages. Barcode recognition Decodes industry-standard encodings of product and other commercial data. transposition. Intelligent character recognition (ICR) Extends OCR and HCR to use comparison. Optical mark recognition (OMR) Reads special markings. aligning. Image cleanup Image cleanup features include rotation. the technology only worked with laserdiscs. The goal is to unify data from different sources. For example. since well-designed forms enable largely automatic processing. page separation. logical connections. COLD Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD) records reports and other documents on optical disks. the accuracy of the recognition can be checked by adding the recognized numbers and comparing them to the sum written on the original form. annotations and despeckling. or any form of digital storage for ongoing management by ECM systems. logic. such as checkmarks or dots.

web content management. Version management To keep track of different versions of the same information with revisions and renditions (same information in a different format).Enterprise content management Indexing components Indexing improves searches. Manual indexing assigns index database attributes to content by hand. or output files. Manage components are offered individually or integrated as suites. This technique can be used with OCR-converted faxes.[6] All Manage components incorporate databases and access authorization systems. and provides alternative ways to organize the information. Both automatic and manual attribute indexing can be made easier and better with preset input-design profiles. . Document management includes functions like: Check in/check out For checking stored information for consistency. based on the information contained in electronic information objects. these can describe document classes that limit the number of possible index values. can evaluate information based on predefined criteria or in a self-learning process. workflow and business process management address the dynamic part of the information's lifecycle. document management increasingly overlaps with other "Manage" components. office files. office applications like Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. However. a. Document management Document management. collaboration. refers to document management systems in the narrow sense of controlling documents from creation to archiving. entry masks may use program logic to restrict inputs based on other information known about the document. which in turn must comply with government mandates and industry practices. Document management. in this context. or automatically assign certain criteria. category. for example. Automatic classification programs can extract index.k. Search and navigation For finding information and its associated contexts. Manual indexing may make use of input designs to limit the information that can be entered. In many cases they already include the "store" components. or Lotus Notes and Domino. as well as "library services" for administering information storage. folders. groupware) Web content management (including web portals) Records management Workflow and business process management (BPM) The Manage category connects the other components. Records management focuses on managing finalized documents in accordance with the organization's document retention policy. Automatic classification or categorizing. and overviews. and transfer data autonomously. 161 Manage The Manage category includes five traditional application areas: • • • • • Document management (DM) Collaboration (or collaborative software. typically used by the database of a "manage" component for administration and access. Organizing documents In structures like files. which can be used in combination or separately.a.

. access control. appointment scheduling and project management systems. Workflow management includes the following functions: • • • • • Visualisation of process and organization structures Capture. WCM as ECM component is used to present information already existing and managed in the ECM repository. versioning. Some of the functions of records management are: • • • • Visualisation of file plans and other structured indexes for the orderly storage of information Unambiguous indexing of information. There are only few examples of successful implementations whereby a shared repository for documents and web content are managed together. ECM collaborative systems go much further. permitting joint information processing. but can be on traditional physical media as well. and delivery of grouped information with its associated documents or data Incorporation of data processing tools (such as specific applications) and documents (such as office products) Parallel and sequential processing of procedures including simultaneous saving Reminders. such as virtual whiteboards for brainstorming. even when those users are working on the same content item. whereas in an ad-hoc workflow. communications application such as video conferencing. and include elements of knowledge management. Workflow There are different types of workflow: production workflow uses predefined sequences to guide and control processes. or as workflow engines.. packages. or groupware. and data that companies are required to archive. visualization. delivery and authorization modules of the ECM instead of own integrated WCM functionality. Web content management The scope of Enterprise content management integrates web content management systems. may be included. managed information does not necessarily need to be stored electronically. ECM systems facilitate collaboration by using information databases and processing methods that are designed to be used simultaneously by multiple users. They make use of knowledge based on skills. the user determines the process sequence on the fly. supported by thesauri or controlled wordlists Management of record retention schedules and deletion schedules Protection of information in accordance with its characteristics. delegation and other administration functionalities 162 . administration. information presented via Web technologies . Many of these components were developed from collaborative software. Records management (file and archive management) Unlike traditional electronic archival systems. Administration components. important information. deadlines.on the Internet. Records management is independent of storage media. industry-specific or company-wide standardized metadata for the unambiguous identification and description of stored information Workflow/business process management Workflow and business process management differ substantially. an extranet. resources and background data for joint information processing.Enterprise content management Collaboration Collaboration components in an ECM system help users work with each other to develop and process content. Workflow can be implemented as workflow solutions with which users interact. which act as a background service controlling the information and data flow. records management refers to the pure administration of records. sometimes down to individual content components in documents • Use of international. etc. However. Collaborative ECM may also integrate information from other applications. or on a portal — uses the workflow.

163 Store Store components temporarily store information that isn't required. including access control. These infrastructure components are sometimes held at the operating system level (like the file system). monitoring processes and assembling all required information. Repositories Different kinds of ECM repositories can be used in combination." The Store components can be divided into three categories: Repositories as storage locations. and Preserve technologies. ECM's goal is to reduce the data burden on the file system. It also manages the storage locations in dynamic storage." and in the long-term Preserve archive. the actual "Store. but can also be used for the direct storage of documents. Data warehouses These are complex storage systems based on databases. Content management systems This is the actual storage and repository system for content. providing process and data monitoring at the server level. integrates information warehouses and provides utilities that assist users in their work. The library service is responsible for taking in and storing information from the Capture and Manage components. Among the possible kinds are: File systems File systems are used primarily for temporary storage. Store. Databases Databases administer access information. content. The storage location is determined only by the characteristics and classification of the information. BPM aims to completely integrate all of the affected applications within an enterprise. with rule structures. and storage Technologies. Business intelligence. Library Services as administration components for repositories. and also include security technologies that work in tandem with the "Deliver" components. and make the information generally available through Manage. security technologies. desired. as input and output caches. routing. However. "Store" is still separate from "Preserve. They can also be designed with global functions. Even if the Store component uses media that are suitable for long-term archiving. or ready for long-term storage or preservation.Enterprise content management • Monitoring and documentation of process status. are superordinated components of an ECM solution. which can be a database or a specialized storage system. Library services Library services are the administrative components of the ECM system that handle access to information. Business process management Business process management (BPM) goes a step further than workflow. and outcomes • Tools for designing and displaying process The objective is to automate processes as much as possible by incorporating all necessary resources. . Among BPM's functions are: BPM offers complete workflow functionality. such as document or information warehouses. Enterprise application integration is used to link different applications. The library service works in concert with the Manage components' database to provide the necessary functions of search and retrieval. or media assets. Although the words are often used interchangeably. which reference or provide information from all kinds of sources.

in the form of automated storage units called tape libraries. Cloud computing Data can be stored on offsite cloud computing servers. has substantially broader functionality than ECM Preserve components. the library service must have version management to control the status of information. called an "audit trail. unchanging information." Storage technologies A wide variety of technologies can be used to store information. microfilm is still viable. use robotics to provide nearline storage. part of a storage area network (SAN). typically configured as RAID systems. Magnetic tape Magnetic tape data storage. unlike many digital records. depending on the application and system environment: Magnetic online media Hard drives. imaging or document management. may be locally attached. Eventually. the library service manages online storage (direct access to data and documents). in order to keep information available in the changing technical landscape. Other forms of media are also suitable for long-term archiving.Enterprise content management While the database does not "know" the physical location of a stored object. and offline storage (data and documents on a medium that is not quickly available. such as data stored offsite). Hybrid systems combine microfilm with electronic media and database-supported access. Electronic archiving. for controlled information provision. Standalone tape drives may be used for backup. As storage technologies fall into disuse. data stored on floppy disks becomes essentially unusable if floppy disk drives are no longer readily . and check-in/check-out. Optical media in jukeboxes can be removed. a related concept. safe storage and backup of static information. safe storage and backup of static. Electronic archiving systems generally consist of a combination of administration software like records management. such as data on an optical disc that is present in a storage system's racks but not currently inserted in a drive that can read it). transitioning it from nearline to offline storage. information must be moved to newer forms of storage. and storage subsystems. Optical jukeboxes can be used for nearline storage. microfilm is readable without access to the specialized software that created it. so that the stored information remains accessible using contemporary systems. Digital optical media Besides the common Compact Disc and DVD optical media in write-once or rewritable forms. as well as the temporary storage of information that does not need to be archived. Preservation is typically accomplished by the records management features of an ECM system and many are designed to help companies comply with government and industry regulations. For example. If the document management system does not provide the functionality. but not immediately. Storage systems may use other specialized optical formats like magneto-optical drives for storage and distribution of data. or mounted from another server (network-attached storage). library services or information retrieval systems. nearline storage (data and documents on a medium that can be accessed quickly. content ceases to change and becomes static. but not online access. Long-term storage systems require the timely planning and regular performance of data migrations. The library service generates logs of information usage and editing. accessed via the Internet. The Preserve components of ECM handle the long-term. If the desire is merely to ensure information is available in the future. 164 Preserve Preserve involves the long-term.

25-inch or 3. 165 . Special viewer software can identify the format of the preserved objects and can display the objects in the new software environment. and editing.Enterprise content management available. however. but the ability to access it. and long term storage media: Long term storage media WORM optical disc Write Once Read Many (WORM) rotating digital optical storage media. as well as CD-R and DVD-R. microfiche. conversion and migration tools. can be used if they meet the requirements of edit-proof auditing with unchangeable storage and protection against manipulation and erasure.. delivers security similar to optical write-once. Storage networks Storage networks. read-many media if used properly with specially secured tapes. During this process. since it does not require migration.. Paper Paper still has use as a long-term storage medium. Microform Microforms like microfilm. The Preserve components contain special viewers. Long term preservation strategies To secure the long term availability of information different strategies are used for electronic archives. metadata. erasure. This ongoing process is called continuous migration. WORM tape Magnetic tapes used in special drives. WORM hard disk drive Magnetic disk storage with special software protection against overwriting. that can be as secure as optical write-once. read-many media. which are held in jukeboxes for online and automated nearline access. such as network-attached storage and storage area networks. where needed.5-inch WORM disc in a protective sleeve. Conversion technologies are used to update the format of the stored information. and can be read without any technical aids. including the 5. information that is no longer relevant can be deleted. it is used only to double-secure originally electronic information. metadata and objects from older systems to new ones generates a lot of work. and aperture cards can be used to back up information that is no longer in use and does not require machine processing. but secures the accessibility and usability of information. Emulation of older software allows users to run and access the original data and objects. In ECM systems. index data. Recording methods vary for these media. It is typically used only to double-secure originally electronic information. migrating the data stored on floppy disks to Compact Discs preserves not only the data. Standards for interfaces. data structures and object formats are important to secure the availability of information. The continuous migration of applications. This category includes content-addressable storage.

but also provide easy web access to certain information for business partners or customers using a SaaS model. Store. like scanners or multi-function devices. databases. and on demand. As SaaS distribution technologies mature. In short. with applications for presenting information for distribution and publication. it can be outsourced to businesses that provide scanning services. . the Deliver components may contain functions used to enter information into other systems (such as transferring information to portable media. with tools for laying out and formatting output. Delivery Methods On-premise ECM was developed as a traditional software application that companies implemented on their own corporate networks. or for readying information. Hybrid makes the most sense when the two technologies are provided by the same manufacturer. A note about Capture: since paper document capture requires the use of physical scanning devices. such as by converting its format or compressing it. For example. two functions are of primary importance: layout and design. or servers. so that features and interfaces are an exact match. In some cases. Hybrid is also being used when companies want to manage their own ECM on-premise. or generating formatted output files). Transformation and security. for the "Store" and "Preserve" components. users access the application and their data online. collaboration. and the network storage devices that store the data. are middleware and should be equally available to all ECM components. It is also known as cloud computing. Hybrid In some scenarios. since they do not have to purchase hardware or configure the applications. ECM delivery provides information to users. and doesn't impose a strict hierarchy. and publishing. Many on-premise ECM systems are highly customized for individual organizational needs. as services. SaaS delivery allows companies to more quickly begin using ECM. security technologies.Enterprise content management 166 Deliver The Deliver components of ECM present information from the Manage. Secure distribution. hybrid ECM systems are being used to bridge the gap during company moves or to simplify information exchange following an acquisition. However. it is typically performed on-premise. and Preserve components. In addition. companies find a hybrid composed of both SaaS and on-premise software work best for their situation. each individual company manages and maintains both the ECM application. and version control take the forefront. Software as a Service SaaS SaaS ECM means that rather than deploying software on an in-house network. Known as Service Bureaus. The Deliver category's functionality is also known as "output". these companies complete high-volume scanning and indexing and return the electronic files to organizations via web transfer or on CDs. DVDs. technologies in this category are often termed output management. hosted. For output. In this scenario. and distribution. The Deliver components break down into three groups: transformation technologies. organizations trade the capital costs associated with a hardware and software purchase for a monthly operating expense and storage capabilities that grow automatically to accommodate company growth. or other external storage devices. The AIIM component model for ECM is function-based. businesses can count on receiving the same features and customization capabilities they have come to expect from on-premise ECM applications. these components are still deployed as stand-alone systems without being incorporated into an enterprise-wide ECM system.

the addition of metadata. and qualified. PDFs are resolution-independent. Unlike most imaging media.. Public key infrastructure is a basic technology for electronic signatures.e. position 12). Compression Used to reduce the storage space needed for pictorial information. structures. Personalization Functions and output can be customized to a particular user's needs.Enterprise content management Transformation technologies Transformations should always be controlled and trackable. and also to display and output information from different formats. PDF (Portable Document Format) A cross-platform print and distribution format. Syndication allows the same content to be used multiple times in different forms for different purposes. and the embedding of electronic signatures. when used for delivery COLD prepares output data for distribution and transfer to the archive. describing the formats and rules for distributing. and forms in the context of content management. In most European states the qualified electronic signature is legally admissible in legal documents and contracts. selections. individualized customer letters). in order to document the completeness of the capture. Among the transformation technologies are: Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD) Unlike its use in the Capture stage. and documents in a standardized. Typical applications are lists and formatted output (for example. and processing XPS documents. cross-platform manner. As a result. of different quality and security: simple. XPS (XML Paper Specification) An XML specification developed by Microsoft. It manages keys and certificates. page 1. allowing crisp reproduction at any scale. This is done by background services which the end user generally does not see. Digital rights management works with techniques like electronic watermarks that are integrated directly into the file. but by absolute positions within the document itself (i. XML (Extensible Markup Language) A computer language that allows the description of interfaces. Syndication Used for presenting content in different formats. electronic signatures are used not only when documents are sent. line 82. and seeks to protect usage rights and protect content 167 .e. When generated from electronic data. to manage and secure intellectual property rights and copyrights. Security technologies Security technologies are available to all ECM components. but also in data capture via scanning. i. rendering. Unlike image formats such as TIFF. PDFs permit content searches. Other electronic signatures confirm the identity of the sender and the integrity of the sent data. For example. COLD index fields are not available for editing after submission unless they are converted into a standard database. In Europe. COLD records are indexed not in a database table. Converters and viewers Serve to reformat information to generate uniform formats. and checks the authenticity of signatures. metadata. that it is complete and unchanged. Digital rights management and watermarking are used in content syndication and media asset management. archiving. there are three forms of electronic signatures. These technologies also include journals and logs generated by the ECM components. advanced.

in a controlled and user-oriented manner. in July 2009 Open Text acquired Vignette. 168 • • • • • • • The various Deliver components provide information to users in the best way for the given application. In October 2003. Distribution All of the above technologies serve to provide an ECM's contents to users by various routes. EMC. Larger vendors. 2011 OpenText acquired MetaStorm. Stellent) and had begun trying to branch out into managing other types of content such as business documents and rich media. Laserfiche. and those who had started as Web Content Management providers (Interwoven. Hewlett-Packard (HP) entered the ECM space with its acquisition of Australian company Tower Software in 2008. HP. also had offerings in this space. Xerox and Xythos Software[7] Prior to 2003. Day Software. Oracle. 2007 saw the emergence of open-source options for ECM supplied by Nuxeo and Alfresco. data media. Objective Corporation. Autonomy purchased Interwoven.Enterprise content management that is published on the Internet. Fabasoft. Soon EMC's primary competitors in the database space responded as IBM purchased FileNet and Oracle purchased Stellent in 2006. IBM. Documentum.[8] In addition. Hyland Software. SpringCM. Documentum purchased Bulldog for its Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities while Interwoven and OpenText countered with acquisitions of MediaBin and Artesia. and others Data media like CDs and DVDs Digital TV and other multimedia services Paper. FileNet. PDAs. Siav. such as IBM and Oracle. Systemware. memos. Autonomy. Similarly. the ECM market was dominated by a number of medium-sized independent vendors that fell into two categories: those who had originated as Document Management companies (Advanced Processing & Imaging. ECM market development Vendors recognized by the 2009 Gartner ECM Magic Quadrant include Alfresco. OpenText also acquired European companies IXOS and Red Dot to shore up its software portfolio. SAP. like mobile phones. Laserfiche. OpenText also purchased Hummingbird in 2006. Possible output and distribution media include: • The Internet • extranets • intranets • E-business portals • Employee portals E-mail Fax Data transfer by EDI. In March 2009. In 2002. EMC Corporation acquired Documentum. Saperion. Vignette. Ever Team. Db technology) and had begun adding on management of other enterprise content. and in February. . Newgen Software Technologies. Open Text. Digitech Systems. independent analyst firm CMS Watch noted that "some of the biggest names in this business are undergoing substantial transformation that will lead to shifting road maps and product sets over the next few years". XML or other formats Mobile devices. and passive publication on websites and portals where users can get the information themselves. Microsoft. These can be active components such as e-mail. Dess Technologies. while controlling its use as far as possible. Documentum had added collaboration capabilities with its acquisition of eRoom while Interwoven and Vignette countered with their respective acquisitions of iManage and Intraspect. Perceptive Software. and the market share remained largely fragmented. SunGard. In April 2007. OpenText.

html). and ECM would continue to absorb other technologies. SpringCM. com/ blog/ 2007/ 04/ 10/ first-koral-then-thinkfree-and-echosign/ ). Retrieved September 20. cmswire. process-focused content management implementation by 2008.com.0 wave brought new players to the market with strength in web-based delivery. The Web 2. document-manager. html). [8] Manoj Jasra (April 17..5 percent through 2013. [7] Bell. only three or four major companies are left in this space. this was expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9. Retrieved 10 November 2010 from http:/ / www. Gartner. Kenneth. Köln. 2010.[7] According to Gartner's 2009 report. "ECM: Enterprise Content Management" (http:/ / www. are representative of this trend. combining the content focus of ECM with the collaborative elements of social business software. such as digital asset management and e-mail management. and Accusoft. [9] There are a number of software companies that have sprung up to develop applications to complement ECM with specific functions and features. 2010. [5] Trends in Records. conference. MacComascaigh. MS Technology.0 was also instrumental in bringing Cygnet ECM. Toby. com/ technology/ media-products/ reprints/ microsoft/ vol10/ article3/ article3. 2001. Oracle. com/ cms/ web-engagement/ what-is-web-engagement-management-wem-007400. pdf) original source of this Wikipedia article by the German consulting company Project Consult Unternehmensberatung [6] Kampffmeyer. net/ 2007/ 04/ cms-watch-releases-enterprise-cms. French.net. Third Edition. ComputerWoche. After a plethora of industry consolidation. Gartner also predicted that there will be further market consolidation. Koral. Gilbert. asp?a_id=336 [12] Brice Dunwoodie. and docAssist. Whitepaper. "First Koral. com/ Trends/ 996-Open-Source-ECM-continues-to-grow) [10] Ismael Ghalimi (2007-04-10). Ulrich (2006). project-consult. then ThinkFree and EchoSign" (http:/ / itredux. net/ Files/ ECM_Handout_english_SER. 2009. Cloud content management is emerging as a web-based alternative. Retrieved September 21. pdf) (in English. gartner. 2010. There are companies that provide third party document and image viewers such as LEAD Technologies. Sense/Net released Sense/Net 6.[10] Web 2. 2002. 2007). . ITRedux. "ECM — Herrscher über Informationen". Box. S. both in late 2006. Chicago: Doculabs.0. and separation of vendors into platform and solution providers. and the industry as a whole is undergoing a significant transformation as Microsoft commoditizes content-management components. Document and Enterprise Content Management.R.com AppExchange platform. Hamburg: PROJECT CONSULT. AIIM.Enterprise content management along with a Software-as-a-Service offering from Spring CM. cmswatch. "What is Web Engagement Management (WEM)?" (http:/ / www.E. "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management" (http:/ / www. There are also several companies that provide plugins for ECMs. September 28th. Retrieved September 21. "CMS Watch Releases Enterprise CMS Comparison Report" (http:/ / www. Footnotes [1] "What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?" (http:/ / www. sales and user engagement. php).[7] Currently. and EchoSign. [4] Ulrich Kampffmeyer. org/ What-is-ECM-Enterprise-Content-Management. to the market.. with Oracle 10g and the acquisition of Stellent. . acquisition. DMS EXPO 2006. September 24th. . CW-exktraKT.3 billion in 2008.[11] Enterprises are increasingly implementing analytics tools to help present targeted content to users in order to improve productivity. webanalyticsworld. [11] DM. ISBN 978-3-936534-09-8. 2009). aiim. com/ articles/ reviews. an entirely web-based ECM product. 2010-05-05 . Mick (October 15. . [12] [13] 169 Gartner estimated that the ECM market was worth approximately $3. Visegrád. all available on the Salesforce. project-consult. There are companies that provide workflows such as Office Gemini. CMSWire. Rank and file: A case study. Retrieved September 20. This has been referred to by some as "web engagement management". 75 percent of Global 2000 companies were highly likely to have a desktop-focused. enterprise information management (EIM) is gaining more interest from organizations trying to approach information management (whether structured or unstructured) from an enterprise perspective. [2] Microsoft launched its ECM strategy with MOSS 2007. an open source ECM and EPS solution. Shegda. EIM combines ECM and business intelligence. [3] Evolving Electronic Document Management Solutions: The Doculabs Report. [9] Open Source ECM continues to grow (http:/ / www. In 2008. Gartner. and German). Mark R. aspx). Chin. net/ Files/ ECM_White Paper_kff_2006. Munich. . Karen M. 2004 PDF (http:/ / www. Association for Information and Image Management.

and German). com.globe. "ECM . Michael (2008). ISBN 978-3-936534-09-8. elcom. Ulrich (2006). ISBN 978-8-779008-31-1. Elcom. Köln.pdf) (in English. DMS EXPO 2006.Enterprise content management [13] Elcom. • Fray. 2011. Retrieved September 20. Retrieved May 23.html) (in Danish).project-consult. French. au/ Products/ Web-Engagement-Management). "Web Engagement Management (WEM)" (http:/ / www.dk/alle/ 314-ecm---enterprise-content-management-9788779008311-9788779008311.Enterprise Content Management" (http://www. "ECM: Enterprise Content Management" (http://www. Denmark: Forlaget Globe. 2010.net/Files/ ECM_White Paper_kff_2006. Hamburg: PROJECT CONSULT. 2010-11-22 170 Bibliography • Kampffmeyer. References .

Chief Executive Officer Annie Thieulent. EVER TEAM launched EverSuite. XML and service oriented architecture (SOA). the first SOA ECM suite completely based on the JAVA J2EE platform. Referenced in the CMS Watch for ECM Report (2009) [3] .Lyon. Clara. History Founded in 1990 in France . Managing Director EVER TEAM France and SVP Marketing Carmen Conty. Chief Corporate Officer Antoine Hraoui. Type Industry Founded Private Enterprise content management 1990 Key people Bechara Wakim. named back then Taurus +.Ever Team 171 Ever Team EVER TEAM SA. EVER TEAM provided its first integrated Document Management software. EVER TEAM is present in Europe and the Middle East with over 400 employees in 7 countries and over 1600 deployed customer sites worldwide. its Library management software. EVER TEAM released its first client server application followed by its first internet portal application in 1995. France. its documentary management software. and by Forrester Research in the "Forrester Wave: Enterprise Content Management Suites. .com [1] EVER TEAM is a French independent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Vendor based in Lyon. In June 2001. In 1994. CEO EVER TEAM MEA and SVP Business Development Jacques Sebag. Managing Director EVER TEAM Spain Products EverSuite Employees 400 (2010) Website www. EVER TEAM is validated by Gartner [2] in the "ECM Magic Quadrant". Q4 2009" [4] . Loris and its archiving software. Doris. based on J2EE technologies.ever-team. EverSuite was EVER TEAM's first integrated ECM application. EVER TEAM also received the "2008 European Insurance [5] Claims Management Product Differentiation Innovation Award" by Frost & Sullivan .

EVER TEAM also reaches its clients in the remaining EMEA region through alliances and partnerships with value added resellers (VAR). Documentum. html [7] http:/ / www. [4] "The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Content Management Suites. cmswatch. ever-team. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.Ever Team In 2004. Docubase. United Arab Emirates. [5] "Frost & Sullivan awards" (http:/ / frost. its integrated solution designed to respect the business's norms and standards with a full functional Key numbers 48% of EVER TEAM's capital is held by venture capital. EVER TEAM was the first French software vendor to be validated by Gartner. EVER TEAM launches its first business specific ECM suite. 15 October 2009. Gulf and Middle East and North Africa. Nuxeo and others. Lebanon. com). com/ prod/ servlet/ meawardsevent. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2006. Geographical coverage EVER TEAM is present through subsidiaries in seven countries in the EMEA region: Headquarters in France [15]. com/ technology/ media-products/ reprints/ microsoft/ vol10/ article3/ article3. CMS Watch. . EVER TEAM also invests in the Microsoft platform and technologies and releases for the first time its ECM suite completely based on Microsoft SharePoint in 2008. September 2009. Algeria. In February 2010. html . the leading consulting and analysis firm specialized in information technology. Oracle. FileNet. 2008. [6] http:/ / www.. . OpenFlora [11]. and is present for the second year in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management [6] in 2007. org/ iso/ catalogue_detail. References [1] http:/ / www. The group achieved more than 35% of growth in 2009 [14] and makes more than 50% of its annual turnover internationally.. and System Integrators in Europe. com/ fr/ index. EVER TEAM makes its entry in Gartner's ECM Magic Quadrant [6]. html). 27% by private investors and 25% by the management and other personnel [13] . . OpenText. org/ iso/ catalogue_detail?csnumber=31908 [9] http:/ / www. htm?csnumber=24683 [8] http:/ / www. EVER TEAM launched the first integrated documentary information management suite. EVER TEAM announces the release of its complete Open Source Library Management Solution. iso. gartner. com/ technology/ media-products/ reprints/ microsoft/ vol10/ article3/ article3. Forrester Research. Frost & Sullivan. State of Qatar. 2009. Spain [16]. php/ produits/ 106-norme-nf-z42-013. Flora. forrester. ever-team. for documentary information systems and cultural and heritage content management. the first electronic archive solution compliant with the following norms: • • • • • ISO 14721 [7] ISO 15489 [8] Sarbanes and Oxley MoReq AFNOR NF Z42 013 [9] [10] 172 library management coverage [12] . com/ blog/ 1698-2009-ECM-Market-Overview). Gartner. gartner. In 2007. com/ [2] "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management" (http:/ / www. Competitors EVER TEAM competes in the Enterprise Content Management field with Cygnet ECM. [3] "ECM Market Overview" (http:/ / www. Q4 2009" (http:/ / www. EVER TEAM is present in Europe and the Middle East with over 400 employees. Laserfiche. . iso. EVER TEAM becomes a member of AFNOR standardization committee and releases EverSuite Compliance. Alfresco. In 2009. pag?id=176240184).

com/ fr/ accueil-archimag/ magazines/ archimag-n231/ renaissance-open-source-pour-flora-logiciel-de-bibliotheque. . patrick brebion. Archimag n°231. [14] "La 'gône' Ever Team vise l'international. com/ news/ story. google. silicon. fr/ maps/ place?hl=en& georestrict=input_srcid:76ef03d8de5137ee [16] http:/ / maps. jusqu'en Chine" (http:/ / www. 5 January 2005. . [13] "Advent Venture Partners' fund investment Mediapps merges with Ever Team" (http:/ / www. Silicon fr. google. February 2010. [15] http:/ / maps. . adventventures. AFNOR. afnor. aspx?commid=5574& lang=french). fr/ articles/ printView/ fr/ silicon/ news/ 2010/ 04/ 29/ la__gone__ever_team_vise__l_international__jusqu_en_chine).Ever Team [10] "Applications pour l'archivage et la gestion du cycle de vie du document:AFNOR/CN 171" (http:/ / www2. Advent venture Partners. org/ espace_normalisation/ structure. es/ maps/ place?hl=es& georestrict=input_srcid:677b9dbef3c46bb9 173 External links • EVER TEAM website (http://ever-team. cfm?ref=42). com/ [12] "Logiciel de bibliothèque : (re)naissance open source pour Flora" (http:/ / archimag. 29 April 2010. html#12013). openflora. [11] http:/ / www. .com/) .

[5] http:/ / www. com/ cpm/ resources/ articles/ archive. Inc. peterli. Tom (October 27.Executive Technologies 174 Executive Technologies Executive Technologies. harvard. document management and document imaging software solutions. . .searchexpress. pdf). Inc Type Industry Founded Private Software. [11] References [1] http:/ / www. html?Ad=1). asp?ID=5940& TYPE=News& ENID=702& NLID=5029). "SearchExpress: document retrieval evaluation" (http:/ / www. edu/ articles/ pdf/ v13/ 13HarvJLTech161. workflow.2008. aspx). com/ [2] "Executive Technologies' SearchExpress Document Management Integrates with ERP systems" (http:/ / www. sqlmag. php?article_id=644). . pl?article=22). . techsource. imagesourcemag. Document management 1984 Headquarters Birmingham. com/ Articles/ News/ Breaking-News/ Executive-Technologies-Submits-Legal-Text-Retrieval-System--11200. "Winning the War Against Paper and Microfilm: New Storage Solutions" (http:/ / www. . . 1987. com/ doc/ 1G1-6623360. Michael (March 2004). indexing. . Fred (Volume 13. law. March 26. Information Today Magazine. "Computers in the Courtroom" (http:/ / jolt. [11] "Technology for Managing a Doctors Health Center" (http:/ / www. [8] "Executive Technologies Legal Text Retrieval System" (http:/ / www. searchexpress. com/ dm-features. Harvard Journal of Law & Technology. com/ esource/ NewsLetterStory. PC Magazine. Library Technology Reports Magazine. Alabama Products Website SearchExpress Document Management www. [3] Fickes. ala. 1988). Book Fresh. . encyclopedia. develops the SearchExpress family of Enterprise Content Management. com/ resources/ article/ technology-for-managing-a-doctors-health-center). "Text Retrieval Products for Libraries" (https:/ / publications. [9] Canganelli. 1998. SQL Server Magazine. page 82). October 28. html). bookfresh. [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] SearchExpress is used to provide a paperless office for small and large enterprises. [10] Badgett.[4] Features A complete list of features is available on [5] the SearchExpress web site. including doctor's offices. htm [6] White. pages 175-190). one that uses Microsoft SharePoint for the repository. "Searching Through Files with Database Software". Image Source Magazine.com [1] Executive Technologies. Howard S (March-April 2000 Volume 36 Number 2. one that uses Microsoft SQL for the document repository. 2008. KMWorld Magazine. searchexpress. searching and management for digital documents as well as paper documents. com/ Articles/ ArticleID/ 25432/ 25432. Carolyn (August 2002). . [4] Mader. Patrick (July 1. org/ products/ archive. Number 2 Winter 2000). [7] Galves. SearchExpress provides capture. August 26. College Planning and Management Magazine. kmworld. and one that uses the SearchExpress search engine. "Scan Documents to SQL Server" (http:/ / www. [2] [3] The product is delivered in three versions.

Executive Technologies


External links
• SearchExpress Website (http://www.searchexpress.com)

EXo Platform
eXo Platform

Developer(s) Stable release Written in

eXo Platform SAS 3.0 / 2010 [1]

Java, Groovy, JavaEE Web Container

Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Enterprise Portal, ECM, Collaborative software, WebOS Affero General Public License version 3 and Proprietary http:/ / www. exoplatform. com [1]

eXo Platform is an open source, open standard, Enterprise-scale portal, content management system and WebOS for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems. The eXo Platform project started in 2003 as an implementation of the first portlet API (JSR168).[2] eXo Platform is developed using Java technology. It innovated in the portal landscape by defining a new layout for portals and portlets: the WebOS.[3] eXo Platform also provides a new way to collaborate in the enterprise, using eXo Social. eXo Platform is working actively on OpenSocial[4] to push for adoption of this standard in the Enterprise. Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO at eXo Platform SAS, has stated that the Enterprise needs the same Social Network features as any consumer Web site[5] and that eXo Social can help to deploy it in-house.

1. eXo Platform 3.0 - enterprise portal platform supporting JSR-168, JSR-286, WSRP 1 and 2, and leveraging eXo JCR JSR-170.[6] It integrates all the eXo modules.

Open source modules
1. 2. 3. 4. eXo Content - Web Content Management, Document Management System, Workflow eXo Collaboration - Collaboration apps (calendar, instant messaging, email client, etc.) eXo Knowledge - Knowledge apps (Forum, FAQ, Answers, etc.) eXo Social - Enterprise social networking using Activity Streams, Google Gadgets and OpenSocial

EXo Platform


Other open source projects
1. GateIn - Merge of JBoss Portal and eXo Portal created GateIn. The GateIn Portal project creates an enterprise portal and portal framework to build upon depending on the need. 2. eXo Java Content Repository (JCR) - eXo's implementation of the JSR-170 standard.
Technologies Used: • • • • • • • Java J2EE/JEE Bonita jBPM Hibernate Lucene Groovy Pico Container • • • • • • • • • • • • • • AJAX and JSON JSR-168 JSR-286 WSRP 1 WSRP 2 JSR-170 Google Gadgets OpenSocial Web Services (REST and SOAP using JSR-311 JAX-RS, JSR-181) iCalendar vCard RSS Content Management Protocol such as: WebDav Dublin Core [7] Standards:

[1] Charles Humble (Sep 24, 2010). "eXo Add Social Features to Version 3 of their Portal Platform" (http:/ / www. infoq. com/ news/ 2010/ 09/ exo3). InfoQ.com. . [2] "Portlet Blog: eXo platform is JSR 168" (http:/ / portlets. blogspot. com/ 2003/ 12/ exo-platform-is-jsr-168. html). December 24, 2003. . [3] "Ajaxian: "eXo platform goes from portal to enterprise WebOS"" (http:/ / ajaxian. com/ archives/ exo-platform-goes-from-portal-to-enterprise-webos). November 30, 2006. . [4] "The Nation: The Thais that bind social networks" (http:/ / www. nationmultimedia. com/ 2008/ 11/ 04/ technology/ technology_30087536. php). November 4, 2008. . [5] "ZDNet Asia: Firms, individuals have 'same' networking needs" (http:/ / www. zdnetasia. com/ news/ internet/ 0,39044908,62047681,00. htm). October 28, 2008. . [6] "The Server Side:eXo released new JCR, Portlet Container, Portal, ECM and CS" (http:/ / www. theserverside. com/ news/ thread. tss?thread_id=49918). July 1, 2008. . [7] http:/ / dublincore. org/

External links
• • • • http://www.exoplatform.com/ (http://www.exoplatform.com/) eXo Blog (http://blog.exoplatform.org) eXo Forum (http://forum.exoplatform.org) eXo Vimeo Channel (http://vimeo.com/channels/exo)

Exponent CMS


Exponent CMS
Exponent CMS

Developer(s) Stable release

OIC Group, Inc

[1] [2]

0.98 / November 3, 2010

Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Content management framework, Content management system, Community, ECM and Blog software GPL http:/ / exponentcms. org

Exponent CMS is a free, open source, open standards modular enterprise software framework and content management system (CMS) written in the programming language PHP. Exponent uses an intuitive and flexible content editing system that allows website content to be edited right on the page as it appears - without back-end administration. The default installation includes a complete set of modules for managing a typical website. Additional modules are developed by a community of open source developers and can be installed via a web browser. Exponent CMS can be installed in a Linux, Unix, Mac OS X or Windows environment, or any platform that supports the Apache web server and the PHP language (version 4.0.6+). Exponent CMS currently requires a MySQL (4.1+, 5+ Recommended) to store content and settings.

Exponent CMS was originally written and designed by James Hunt of OIC Group, Inc [1], starting in 2001. Minor contributions were made by other OIC members, Fred Dirkse, Greg Otte and Adam Kessler, but most of the original work was done by James. In 2005 James left the OIC Group. Not much besides bug fixes were done on Exponent from 2005 - 2006 as Fred tried to man the ship by himself. In 2006 Adam came back to OIC Group and together he and Fred started trying to revitalize the Exponent Project. The release of version 96.6 followed shortly there after. During the summer of 2007 OIC hired Phillip Ball who was an active member of the Exponent CMS Open Source community. With Phillip on board OIC was able to quickly get version 0.97 out the door that same summer. While trying to get the 0.97 release out the door Adam started planning out a new MVC framework for Exponent and Phillip was getting heavily involved with YUI Javascript Library. The two different research path converged in the fall of 2007 as together Adam and Phillip started on new version of Exponent CMS. Adam wrote the new Exponent Framework and Phillip went to work cleaning up and moderninzing the interface and trying to tightly integrate the YUI Javascript library. The result was Exponent 2 or Exponent MVC. Exponent 2 is tentatively planned for release in the summer of 2009.

Exponent CMS


Exponent 2.0 Preview Release
The Exponent 2.0 codeline has now become Open Source and available for download. This release of the code is targeted towards developers and community members wishing to get more involved in documentation and bug testing. Over the last month, us here at Online Innovative Creations have shifted our focus towards getting the systems and guidelines in place to allow for more community involvement in the development process. Although OIC is very pleased with how Exponent's new framework is shaping up, they don't feel it has the polish you'd expect from a beta release. OIC doesn't want to miss out on the valuable input and help we stand to gain from the community who's itching to get their hands on the code. You can download a copy of the current MVC codeline on http:/ / www. exponentframework. org. Be sure to check out the latest Developer Blog before you get started to know what to expect from on install. The core functionality of Exponent CMS and Exponent Framework is still managed by OIC Group with a community of open source developers making module, translation and theme contributions.

The Exponent CMS was designed from the ground up with designers in mind. As such, it is incredibly simple for someone with a little knowledge of html and css to create an Exponent CMS theme. Themes for Exponent CMS are written using html/xhtml and css. You just have to place a some hooks in your theme file to integrate Exponent CMS into your theme. That makes Exponent CMS highly flexible for designers. Any html based design can be easily converted into an Exponent theme. In Exponent CMS content and presentation have been separated. To accomplish this the Smarty template engine was used for creation of views. Views allow the same content to be displayed in different looks and customized to match a sites theme.

Translations for Exponent CMS's interface are available in 3 languages: English US (the default), Danish (Dansk) and German (Deutsch). The English source is managed by OIC Group, Inc. The Danish translation is managed by Elund Christensen, Jens Thomsen and Thomas B. Nielsen. The German translation is managed by Gerhard Starrermayr.

[1] http:/ / www. oicgroup. net/ [2] http:/ / www. exponentcms. org/ news/ exponent-cms-and-a-push-for-the-future

External links
• Exponent CMS website (http://exponentcms.org) • Exponent CMS Documentation website (http://docs.exponentcms.org) • Open Source CMS Exponent Demo (http://www.opensourcecms.com/index.php?option=com_content& task=view&id=475) • Exponent CMS review (http://www.openadvantage.org/articles/oadocument.2005-04-20.6914845708)

and membership management. ExSite Webware is LAMP-compatible. shtml [3] Latest download release http:/ / support. Community Edition is GPL http:/ / www.2 (http:/ / support. exsitewebware.2 Perl Linux/LAMP. There are numerous different CMS applications you can install into ExSite. UNIX ECM Enterprise Edition is open source with commercial support. e-mail accounts. report [2] generation. com/ downloads. and security. It does this in a way that allows any number of domains.7. e-commerce transactions. exsitewebware. com/ [1] / January 26. ExSite is a Content Management System (CMS) which includes CMS tools and plug-ins. meaning it runs on industry-standard Linux-Apache-MySQL-Perl web servers. it is compatible with a variety of database and high-performance solutions. There are simplified CMS applications for casual users. and advanced ones for professionals. databases. sites.Exsite Webware (software) 179 Exsite Webware (software) Logo_exsite. The CMS tools are web-based applications. so there is no one single "CMS" interface in ExSite. Unix. exsitewebware.png Original author(s) Exware Solutions Incorporated Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Written in Operating system Type License Website Exsite Webware November 2001 Enterprise Edition 3. and various specialized ones for dealing with specific types of content (such as photos). and an API that allows 3rd-party applications to run on it. and a GPL version is available for free download[3] . and users to share the same system. a fully supported commercial version can be licensed from Exware Solutions. and Windows IIS servers. utility programs for administering the system. input and output. it has a user interface. databases. ExSite allows for the installation of other web applications for doing things other than content management. for example. 2011 ExSite Webware manages website applications. a kernel that provides basic system services. html . users. Its templating and layout system allows for freedom of design and the free placing of elements. Windows. ExSite functions as an Operating System. Because it is built on standard open web technologies. html) [2] Exsite is an Operating System http:/ / linux. softpedia. References [1] Enterprise Edition 3. It is also used on OS-X. com/ index. com/ get/ Internet/ HTTP-WWW-/ Exsite-Webware-36470. content. ExSite is dual-licensed.7. applications. ExSite uses an extensible plug-in architecture to allow the incorporation of new features and services. Like a conventional operating system. OS-X.

5. Tools within FileDirector assist in achieving compliance to various regulations which organizations must adhere to. which allows it to be maintained and retrieved.net programming language it allows for scalable enterprise wide connectivity and can support up to 128 servers with upwards of 5000 users. Compliance Some industries have strict rules governing how their documents are handled. in a unified structure. FileDirector is a content management system that incorporates document management [1] records management [2] and business process management [3] in a single application. Tools like retention period control. and can be configured to store documents under specific categories. FileDirector gives organizations the ability to manage all of their data.5.[5] . Capture FileDirector has capture capabilities [4] built into the standard Client software. filedirector. Based on Microsoft . with its support for ISIS. Scan Profiles can be created. This can mean that the files stored within FileDirector must be shown to be compliant with these rules. revision control and audit trail mean that documents are stored in such a way that they can be audited and tracked if required by any governing bodies. which hold the settings for the image scanner attached.FileDirector 180 FileDirector Developed by Spielberg Solutions. FileDirector is a product of the Spielberg group of document management software applications. enabling a user to send documents directly from a Multifunction printer Device or Photocopier to FileDirector. com History First released in 2006 and now on version 2. FileDirector supports many input devices.0 / January 2011 Operating system Microsoft Windows Type License Website Document Management System Concurrent or Named Licensing http:/ / www. TWAIN and its integration with ecopy ShareScan. FileDirector assists organizations to be more efficient and environmentally sustainable. FileDirector Developer(s) Stable release Spielberg Solutions 2.

com) The FileDirector Blog (http://www. In Germany it is distributed by Spielberg Solutions themselves. In France it is distributed by ScanFile France. the USA.blogspot. aspx. Australia and Hong Kong by a number of different information management organizations.com) Canadian Software Website (http://www. com/ article/ 220939/ The_Seven_Deadly_Sins_of_Records_Retention [6] Scanning is Green: And It Makes Good Business Sense According to Hybrid Document Systems Inc. In Canada it is distributed by MES Hybrid Document Systems.FileDirector 181 Target Audience The target user is the small to mid-size businesses needing long-term archiving and searching capability of documents.asp) • • • • • • • .filedirector.falcondocumentmanagement. jsp?content=20071121_144505_1_cnw_cnw) External links Software Website (http://www.activedatasystems.com) Worldwide References Website (http://www. (http:/ / www.filedirector. France. It is also designed to assist in reducing the ecological footprint of organizations by promoting the usage of less paper.com/software/filedirector. Canada.filedirectorworldwide. In Brasil it is distributed by DocSystem Corporation.[6] Worldwide FileDirector is sold and supported in the UK.filedirector. com/ markets/ cnw/ article. csoonline. In South Africa it is distributed by Canon OEP. Germany.html) • USA Software Website (http://www. FileDirector is a competitor to more common and mainstream document storage programs such as Adobe PDF files or Microsoft Sharepoint and offers a storage structure and searchable database on the 400+ different file types it stores.csgdms. canadianbusiness. org/ What-Is-Document-Imaging.co. cfm [3] http:/ / www.htm) UK Sales and Support of FileDirector (http://www. arma.com/SW_FileDirector_Main. org/ What-is-Document-Management-Systems-DMS. aspx [4] http:/ / www. aiim. In the UK it is sold by a network of dealerships.com) UK FileDirector Sales and Support (http://www. References [1] http:/ / www. org/ What-is-BPM-Business-Process-Management. [2] http:/ / www. aspx [5] http:/ / www.docsystemcorp.ca) Brazilian Software Website (http://www. org/ erecords/ index.uk/ document-management/software/filedirector-document-management. South Africa. aiim. Brazil. aiim. In the USA it is distributed by Active Data Systems.

The product was designed from a clean sheet of paper based on years of experience with other 3rd party solutions. was formed in January of 2005 to create an advanced Integrated Document Management (IDM) software product.FileHold 182 FileHold FileHold Systems Inc. FileHold continues to develop the product with the addition of new features and enhancement and to stay current with the Microsoft platform offerings. Features include web access[4] . Jacek Lipowski. Document Workflow software manufacturing. Canada Key people Products Services Website Larry Oliver. In August of 2007 FileHold released FileHold Express: a light software product for small user groups that require a feature rich and robust document management solution. mark up and annotations[10] . Cameron Siguenza Headquarters Burnaby.Tom Newton Document Management software. search[5] . in June 2006. Document Management. Paperless Office 2005 Larry Oliver. Customers may easily upgrade from FileHold Express to FileHold Enterprise that supports thousands of users and millions of documents. FileHold announced the release of FileHold’06 software that allowed companies and governments of any size to create a secure library for critical corporate documents and records and manage those documents throughout their lifecycle. Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Private Software. Jacek Lipowski. is a company that manufactures. It was built on Microsoft’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which allows the software to scale to support thousands of users. BC. Scanning. tagging[7] . FileHold released its first product in 2006 and has in excess of 8. Records Management Software. Records Management[13] features allow records to be converted to archives.000 users of it’s software. put into legal hold. FileHold Express is an entry point for companies who intend to start small but add more users and documents over time. secure user rights[9] . scanning. installing and support [1] FileHold Systems Inc. CTO Cameron Siguenza. History FileHold Systems Inc.[2] FileHold integrates with existing applications and enriches Microsoft SharePoint deployments[3] . Kevin McArthur. redaction[11] . version control[6] . or be scheduled for final disposition. OCR and indexing[12] . Document Scanning integration. installs and supports document management software for all market segments. millions of files and an infinite number of documents. workflow[8] . FileHold’06 was designed and developed from the ground up based on years of customer experience in the document management domain. After 18 months of development. FileHold Express ships complete with: • A web browser client that allows users to work with their documents from anywhere in the world • A rich desktop application to streamline mass additions of documents and metadata to the library • Tight integration with Microsoft Office applications .

• Newsweek (http://www. com/ features/ standard/ search) [6] Document Management Version Control (http:/ / www.bstormweb.com/sites/all/files/file-uploads/ August_2008_TechnoLawyer_Review_of_FileHold.FileHold • Sophisticated search capabilities and a platform for compliant workflow. com/ Software-Vendors/ FileHold-Systems/ ) [3] Integration of the Document Management Software as a Microsoft SharePoint Web Part (http:/ / www. filehold. com/ features/ standard/ remote-administration) [5] Searching for Information in the Paperless Office (http:/ / www. com/ features/ optional/ redaction) [12] Document Scanning with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Indexing (http:/ / www. filehold. .html) product focus.filehold.filehold. filehold.com/) • Microsoft SharePoint review (http://www.com/sites/all/files/file-uploads/DM_Magazine_Review. thesoftwarenetwork. filehold.pdf) independant review • RIMA Foundation (http://www. filehold.org/rimguide/march2011/product_focus. com/ features/ standard/ metadata) [8] Document Management Workflow (http:/ / www. filehold. com/ [2] The Software Network (http:/ / www.com/component/content/article/ 70-document-management/369-FileHold-Document-Management-with-SharePoint-Integration.rimaw.sharepointreviews. com/ sites/ all/ files/ file-uploads/ SharePoint_and_Integration_with_Content_Management_Platforms.filehold. pdf) [4] Remote Document Management Administration via Web Browser (http:/ / www. filehold.com/sites/all/files/file-uploads/ SharePoint_and_Integration_with_Content_Management_Platforms_0. com/ features/ standard/ version-control) [7] Classification and Metadata Tagging of Documents and Records (http:/ / www. • The "FileScan Bridge" that turns space consuming paper documents into a structured electronic library. com/ features/ standard/ records-management) [14] CTS Companies (http:/ / www.com/fileholdprofile.[14] 183 References [1] http:/ / www.filehold. php?option=com_content& view=article& id=20& Itemid=24) External Links • Official Website (http://www.com/resources/reviews/chasing-paper) review of document management systems. com/ features/ standard/ ocr-indexing) [13] Records Management Software System (http:/ / www. com/ features/ optional/ workflow) [9] Document Management Software System Security (http:/ / www. com/ features/ standard/ system-security) [10] Document Viewers in the Document Management System (http:/ / www. filehold. • A review of FileHold by TechnoLawyer (http://www.html) of the integration into the document management software • Review of FileHold in Brainstorm magazine (http://www. cts-unitel. filehold.pdf) review of FileHold. filehold. filehold. com/ index.html) • An independent consultanting company's (http://www. and records management policies. filehold.pdf) • DM Magazine (http://www. com/ features/ optional/ viewers) [11] Redaction in the Document Management Software Viewer (http:/ / www.filehold.

com/ wtg/ flagship_docs/ blob/ master/ app/ models/ revision. Several other open source tools[2] are used to extract text from uploaded documents for indexing needs. 2009. Groupware. Additionally. with the right privileges. rb#L48). com/ wtg/ flagship_docs [2] "Text Extraction Code" (http:/ / github. Retrieved 2010-03-04.Flagship Docs 184 Flagship Docs Flagship Docs Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Written in RPI Web Tech Group February 2. which requires a login.com/wtg/flagship_docs) • Bug Tracker (http://webtech.com/wtg/flagship_docs [1] Flagship Docs is a document management system designed to serve as a web-accessible central repository for an organization's document distribution needs.rpi. Github. References [1] http:/ / github. and uses Ferret heavily for document indexing and searching.0 Ruby on Rails Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Document Management System.union.com/projects/45860-flagship-docs/) . December 16. . Flagship Docs includes a permission system to limit what documents are publicly available. 2010 2. Flagship tracks document revisions. searching all the text that could be extracted from documents in the system. and which are accessible only by the owner. providing any user the ability to download a previous version of a document or. Further reading • The Flagship Sets Sail! (http://webtech. Content Management Systems. Flagship Docs is written in Ruby on Rails. AJAX enabled live search is available from every page.edu/blog/2010/02/02/the-flagship-sets-sail/) External links • Flagship Docs Source Code (http://github. upload a new revision.lighthouseapp. Open Source MIT license github.

This will turn the "Free Flash CMS" engine into a unique content management system which allows you to manage your website fast and easy without having any specific knowledge or software[10] . is a free and open source Flash CMS used to assemble multimedia content and publish it online or on the desktop[1] . • Development oriented. And last but not least. set of classes. which is also the official maintainer of AMFPHP. the designer friendly publishing platform. animations and actions. animation and navigation within the flash. Users can start with a blank sheet and add media. • Target Business. • Advanced Level. which is also free. is an open source CMS engine.Flash CMS 185 Flash CMS A Flash Content Management System (Flash CMS) is a Content Management System specifically designed to create and manage Adobe Flash Content. Predefined templates where users can use custom images and texts to generate slideshows. main purpose is to help people add flash content to their MySpace and Facebook sites. A Flash CMS can be a standalone product or it could be an add on to an existing Content Management System. And Silex is also a very active community[5] federated by a non profit organization: Silex Labs. main focus is integration with or replacement of traditional Content Management System Available Flash CMS Solutions Open Source (free) Solutions Silex Silex. but it is a very powerful site "reader". There are different levels of Flash CMS and different targets • Simple Level or site builders. and "Fancy Plus" desktop based application. This engine can empower any Flash site and provides huge layout customization abilities. Output generated by a Flash CMS should require the Flash Player. • Target Consumer or widgets generators. movies. Oof and Flog[6] . The main purpose of a Flash CMS is to generate Flash content within a browser environment. a skin system and much more[9] . To qualify as a Flash CMS an application must be able to manage text. images. To take full advantage of the "Free Flash CMS". gallery layouts. sound. seo capabilities. set of Flash components or frameworks .e. you can use "Fancy Flash CMS Core". with simple yet powerful actions interpreter[3] [4] . As of verion 1. different types of content.i. All editing must be done in a way that no programming skills are needed to use the application. which means that it has no editing functionality. .6. it has a very easy to use drag and drop editor[2] . many themes and plugins are given for free on the Silex Labs exchange platform [7][8] Links • Silex Flash CMS • license: gpl fancyCMS This CMS real name is "Free Flash CMS" and it is maintained by FancyCMS. which is free for private non-commercial use. A Flash CMS is not a Flash based application that generates HTML pages.

management system and flexible development framework[18] . for user generated content. and . images and SWFs and all of the changes can be applied at runtime. Links • Rainbow Live Official Forum [15] Moto CMS Moto CMS (formerly FlashMoto CMS) is an advanced Flash CMS (Flash content management system) that allows users to update text. Glu is an adobe solution partner[19] .MODERATION.MEDIA ENCODING.DELIVERY. . Rainbow also incorporates with swfAddress to allow automatically generated Google-friendly sitemaps in XML format as well a simplified HTML/PHP version of the site data that contains the relevant content. This solution is very different from the WYSIWYG approach. and rapid development. GLU’s Rich Media Management System (”RMMS”) is a web-based administration interface which features: MANAGEMENT. Moto CMS also offers a collection of Flash templates with the built-in content management system. and it the delivery part is very innovative. and publishing in real-time. image editing. Links • MotoCMS • Moto CMS Templates [17] GLU Rich media community. . MotoCMS enables users to update their websites with a friendly WYSIWYG environment and provides a set of tools and built-in components for video and image galleries creation. flexibility. capabilities for rich media projects. • Rainbow Live Official Website [14] . of content to end-users.Flash CMS Links • Fancy CMS [11] Flaber • Flaber [12] (not active any more) 186 Proprietary Solutions Rainbow Live Rainbow Live is a simple Flash CMS developed by Code and Visual [13] with a focus on ease of implementation. These Flash designs are complete websites that are search engine friendly and allows deep linking. images and links entered into the XML structure. Rainbow allows the user to add CMS functionality to XML based swf files instantly to allow end users to edit the site content. video and MP3 player embedment and custom modules and widgets integration.[16] . This functionality allows search engines and devices without Flash enabled to have full access to the content of the site.

codeandvisual. com/ fancyplus-desktop-flash-cms/ ) [11] http:/ / fancycms. org/ silex/ forum_en/ ) [6] Silex page on OSFlash (http:/ / osflash. cms) [2] online demo of the WYSIWYG editor of Silex (http:/ / demos. org/ the-blog/ en/ 2010/ 03/ silex-exchange-plateform/ ) [9] FancyCMS OS engine home (http:/ / fancycms. silexlabs. topflashcms. So it is straight forward to convert any Flash website into Flashblok enabled website. This CMS is no templates based and there are no restrictions on graphics design. codeandvisual. org/ silex/ help/ ) [5] Silex forums in English (http:/ / community. com/ free-flash-cms/ [12] http:/ / www. html) [17] http:/ / templates. motocms. com/ rainbow [15] http:/ / www. mosite. images. It is very innovative in the integration with Flash. silexlabs. etc. org/ [22] http:/ / forum. org/ . com/ providers/ fuzzle-cms-brings-flash-sites-to-the-masses/ [21] http:/ / www. Flashbloks Flashblocks is a Flash CMS for actionscript 1. codeandvisual. com/ free-flash-cms/ ) [10] FancyPlus freeware home (http:/ / fancycms. org/ silex/ aide/ ) [4] Silex documentation in English (http:/ / community. cms. Mosite Is a Free Flash Content Management System that use an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. net/ wiki/ doku. com [18] http:/ / flashcms. org/ silex/ ) [3] Silex documentation in French (http:/ / community. working directly online SaaS. silexlabs. by dropping Flash authoring components on the text fields. silexlabs. has an automated search engine optimization support and plenty of tools for rich media content creation[20] . silexlabs. topflashcms. fr/ flash-website/ dynamic-flash/ liste. actionscript. The system provides tools for easy design integration. org/ resources/ articles/ 1014/ 1/ FlashMoto-CMS/ Page1. com [14] http:/ / www. The Mosite Flex platform allow users to create flash contents and embed it in HTML pages or entire Flash websites with high definition effects. com/ flash-cms-news/ ddx-wins-the-adobe-solution-partner-recognition-award/ [20] http:/ / www. silexlabs.Flash CMS Fuzzle CMS Fuzzle CMS obtains a visual content management feature that allows users to change website content by visual blocks moving on site pages and ensures site creation in WYSIWYG mode. org/ ?/ silex/ flash. org/ [8] Blog post about Silex Labs exchange platform (http:/ / www. Links • Mosite official website [21] • Mosite official support forum [22] 187 References [1] Silex official website (http:/ / projects. com/ forums/ [16] (http:/ / www. video. mosite. cubeforge. cms [19] http:/ / www. php/ projects/ flaber/ index [13] http:/ / www. 2 & 3. flash/ glu/ description. You make your website in Flash and then define what part are dynamically editable online. silexlabs. org/ silex) [7] http:/ / exchange.

mosite.com/) • Fuzzle CMS official website (http://fuzzle-cms.com/) • Mosite Free CMS official website (http://www.fr/flash-website/ dynamic-flash/) • A multiple-parameter comparison of visually editable Flash CMS (http://compareflashcms.com/) • Flashblocks official website (http://flashblocks.org/) .com/Methodology) • Glu official website (http://www.gluplatform.Flash CMS 188 External links • (fr only) Collaborative website which lists and compares all the Flash CMS (http://flashcms.

and began offering LDS publications on computer floppy disks. In the terminology of this software nodes are folios and collections of folios are infobases. Genealogy 1987 Headquarters Provo.1 was released in June 1991. Folio was co-founded by Paul Allen's brother Curt Allen. Folio Corporation was founded in 1987 by Curt Allen. Inc. and his brother-in-law Brad Pelo. and on digital CD-ROMs for use on desktop computers.1 as follows: "a document indexing and retrieval package for DOS text mode. "hyperlinks". including new types of hypertext links. within a single document and across several documents.2. an infobase application that stored and retrieved electronic mail messages [6] on a Novell LAN. Utah. This was the company's first DOS program. History The first product.[3] In March 1990. group.Folio Corporation 189 Folio Corporation Folio Corporation Type Industry Founded Private Family history. was shipped in September 1988 as part of Novell NetWare.[2] NFolio allowed users to view information received from multiple sources. and continually update text information. and create personal "infobase" (information database) that could be shared and easily used by others. Folio Views 2. and by his brother-in-law Brad Pelo. Brad Pelo Historical books. NFolio 1. NFolio also allowed fast indexing using a feature that automatically indexed every word in an infobase. Folio continued to spread as part of Novell's NetWare. and animation. annotate. add personal notes to that information. Users typing "help" at any DOS prompt on a Novell network were presented with the online NetWare manuals in Folio Infobase format. graphics. Success came in 1988 when Novell agreed to provide a read-only [1] version of Folio's software with every NetWare operating system that Novell shipped.3 with a new feature named Folio Legal Views that allowed creation [4] and indexing of legal dispositions and other legal documents. Allen was in mechanical engineering and Pelo was in public policy. In July 1990. due to . Folio released Folio Views 2. Folio released Folio Views 1.. and quickly gained recognition in helping other companies to publish content on local area networks. two graduates of BYU. religious books.0. created Infobases. sounds. With the release of version 2 of NFolio in March 1989. having worked at Folio Corporation since that company's founding in 1987. During the 1986 summer break. and links to external applications. They chose to use Folio Views as their infobase indexing and presentation technology that Allen was familiar with. edit.0 with 100 new features.[7] The Electronic Labyrinth described Folio Views 2. In March 1991.[5] It was in 1990 that Paul Allen and Dan Taggart. using what was called DepoPrep. An infobase consists of the original text plus full text indexing. Included was Folio Views Personal Edition that allowed users to search. Over the years. United States Key people Products Curt Allen. link and output information on their personal computers. compress. The total file size is about half that of the original text. NFolio was renamed to Folio Views 1. they began working on a computer program that would index. Allen and Pelo were both students at BYU. Folio released MailBag. and genealogy on CD-ROMS. Using Folio technology seemed a natural way to offer LDS publications as a business venture. to an estimated 25 million desktops.

Folio's Web Retriever later became known Folio SiteDirector." Folio added that they had as their customer base. The market leader was Lotus Notes. Folio Builder was previously called the Infobase Production Kit. and cross-linking multimedia databases "never seemed to gel" with its parent company's LexisNexis database. medical. FrameMaker. increasing the use of Folio products as part of Novell's NetWare Directory Services. then NextPage NXT. WordPerfect. Folio Builder indexed and compiled ASCII. replacing the latest version of Folio Bound Views.[9] Folio's rapid rise was seen in an October 1995 news release about an expanded relationship between Folio Corporation and Novell. The Folio product line included Folio SiteDirector. Inc. The searching facility is powerful. including less than three years as part of Reed Elsevier Group. Folio Publisher. which had purchased LexisNexis in December 1994.Folio Corporation some clever file compression. principally on compact disks and magnetic media. PCX graphics. with annual revenues of $469. Folio's 's business of creating and retrieving. Mead Data Central. Folio Views is priced at $695. external programs. 2GB of text may be stored in all. and proximity criteria. Reference links may be made to other folios. all Folio DOS programs had been retired. A personal edition.2. provider of the LEXIS and NEXIS computer services. LivePublish and SecurePublish. Folio Views. and Folio flat files into an infobase and provides a developer with encryption. As its technology continued to improve. supporting Booleans. twice the number of a year before. an internet company based in Massachusetts. or audio files in RealSound format. Folio Builder was for building the infobases at the core of Folio 4.0. was well placed to compete. Sale To Open Market In March 1997.[6] LEXIS-NEXIS was sold to Reed Elsevier Group in December 1994.. Folio Builder. Included in the description of the sale was that Folio software was being used by more than 80 commercial publishers in creating and distributing electronic versions of thousands of popular printed works. Word. Folio Corporation released Folio Views 3.[1] When Folio Corporation announced a planned move to a new location in the RiverWoods Research and Business Park in north Provo. and security options. which has full functionality but cannot create new infobases.0. and Mead Data Central. Open Market intended to use Folio's technology to enter the electronic commerce market to sell products via the internet. pharmaceutical. In September 1996 Folio Corporation released Folio 4. 3. 190 Sale To Mead Data Central (LEXIS-NEXIS) On December 31. The runtime module allows read-only access. 1992. Folio stated that its "infobase publishing platform is rapidly becoming a standard for professional and business content providers in industries such as legal. An unlimited not-for-profit license is $1995.[11] .5 million."[8] As of 2000.0. Open Market was seeking to take advantage of the growing electronic commerce phenomena taking place on the World Wide Web. purchased Folio Corporation. the company stated that it had 104 employees. Folio Integrator. Text editing features include block operations and highlighting. is $295. Folio Corporation was sold to Open Market."[10] In June 1996 Folio released Web Retriever 2. and that they were "the world's leading provider of infobase software with its products installed on an estimated 30 million desktops. On-line help is available.11. wildcards. and insurance. Folio 4. In May 1993. Nodes may be grouped in clusters to facilitate organization and comparisons between groups. nearly 600 commercial publishers. tax. accounting. to import web content into infobase indexed documents. then Folio LivePublish. Product sales doubled with the release of Folio Views 3. The interface is based on a window paradigm and supports a mouse. compression. after less than five years as part of Mead Data Central and LexisNexis. Over forty file formats may be imported. Folio refers to this as "underhead" technology.

In a later bankruptcy court hearing. To test the software's function. Utah. Several companies that use Folio's products internally were adding SiteDirector to sell access to their private repositories on the Web. headquarters. At the same time. In fact. It was not really focused on the Web. SiteDirector serves up the infobase contents as HTML and lets you search the infobase. Open Market released LivePublish to replace the earlier Folio SiteDirector. stored in Folio's infobase file format. In February 1998. saying. The merger was to result in products that combined Open Market's server-based "back-end" transaction management and security technologies with Folio's server-based "front-end" information databases and search-retrieval software. "intranets". Massachusetts-based Open Market retained Folio's 190 employees at Folio's Provo. Folio product sales tallied only $3 million for the same quarter. a business solution designed to create Internet-based business-to-business catalogs by retrieving complex product information from databases. Network Computing magazine ranked Folio SiteDirector 3. one of the statements showed that "Folio was more designed for multimedia distribution. Open Market would combine Folio's document management software with its own e-commerce transaction management package (OM-Transact) to provide new products for companies selling information-based services. to 22 percent in 1998. multilinked. In mid 1998. It main competitor. Open Market's share of its market fell from 31 percent in 1997.Folio Corporation Folio was sold to Open Market for $45 million."[14] Newspapers were realizing that they had potential revenue in their archives.[12] In an industry-wide review of network-based internal search engines. editing those pages with the customized version of the HomeSite HTML page authoring software that Folio bundles with SiteDirector. SiteDirector's search engine lets users search all the text in a multi-gigabyte infobase file in less than a second. The SiteDirector server instantly converts infobase files to HTML format when a browser requests a Web page. SiteDirector assumes you've rendered the contents of your Web site as an infobase--Folio's term for its searchable.995) SiteDirector was developed as a way for companies to publish information previously available only in LAN-based versions of Folio's software. Open Market announced that Folio would make use of the new standards XML for content. Open Market licensed Folio technology to ITM Products for that company's new Fusion technology to bridge between Lotus Notes databases to Folio infobases."[17] Although still the number one seller of consumer e-commerce software. The special HTML tags let SiteDirector deliver specific infobase documents or elements when called for by the Web page. which used SiteDirector to sell access to their archives. word processor documents. Open Market found Folio's technology difficult to integrate into its own technology for ecommerce web sites and web content management. compressed repository of text and graphics. (The Fusion product sold for about $15. One of the users was the Salt Lake City Tribune. BroadVision was consistently gaining customers in the 191 . the testers "used Folio's supplied HTML templates (called SoftPages) to create HTML pages laced with infobase-specific HTML tags. Cambridge.)[16] "Open Market's first quarter 1999 revenue of $12. quite unlike the other search engines we tested. Open Market had purchased WayPoint. Making a conversion of that product over to the Web was actually going to be more costly than [initially thought]".2 was released by Open Market in October 1998."[13] "Infobase files store text. "Folio's siteDirector is a completely different approach to providing a searchable index of a Web site. and this review made comment about the specialized HTML tags used by Folio. Two weeks before. Folio was to operate as a division of Open Market under Folio president Bill Bennett. and multimedia data in a highly compressed format that includes a full index of the file's contents." This was in the days before the emphasis on more recent World Wide Web standards.1 number 8 of the 10 products it reviewed. and CD-ROM publishing. and XSL for style.000 for a 300-seat license. Folio 4.6 million for its e-commerce products grew 116 percent over the same period of the previous year. Products featuring the combined technologies were expected by the end of June 1997.[15] Folio had its roots in local area networks. (A SiteDirector license was priced at $4.

and make those documents readily available to all users on the network. Open Market started out badly by focusing on large complex systems for large companies such as AT&T and Time Warner.C. All of Open Market's Folio-related contracts. a co-founder of the original Folio Corporation.[18] Open Market struggled to integrate the Folio technology into its business model. 1999 marketing agreement. and together with a growing sense of reality among investors and businesses of high tech internet-related stocks. FutureTense failed to save Open Market as a company. The competition was focusing on smaller simple products aimed at individual businesses. and being able to respond to customer's rapid changing needs. one of the founders of WordPerfect. . The sale of Folio would allow Open Market to focus on its Internet commerce products. NextPage soon embarked on an expanding effort to leverage the benefits of Folio technology into what was variously called Peer-To-Peer Content Networking and eContent Platform. Utah. NextPage was led by Brad Pelo. building online shopping malls based on its $1 million software service contracts. Open Market was to receive guaranteed royalties of $14 million for the Folio products. In 2004 FutureTense. partnerships and licenses were transferred to NextPage. Pelo was head of business development for LEXIS/NEXIS.[20] For two years.Folio Corporation explosive $580 million e-commerce market. including Alan Ashton.[21] Open Market was quick to separate itself from Folio. which was known as ABSB L. Where Folio was well-suited to delivering large collections of reference material. Pelo formed NextPage along with three other private investors. rather than the document management technology that Folio was focused on. At the same time. known as an intranet. Pelo left Bookcraft in 1999 when the company was purchased by Deseret Management Corporation. Under the terms of the deal. The spin off was for a license and guaranteed license fee. owners of UpdateEngine. A description of Folio included its ability to index all sorts of documents on a company's internal network. he was president of publisher Bookcraft. and a switch in technologies in mid 1999 saw the Folio technology licensed back to Pelo and a group of Utah investors that included Alan Ashton of WordPerfect fame. A change in management at Open Market. using FutureTense technology which was better suited for the ecommerce business that Open Market had decided to focus on. In addition.com name. 1999. and associated Open Market technologies were part of FatWire Software Corporation. From 1993–1995. NextPage. would resell the Folio products exclusively for a three-year period. sales and support of Open Market's Folio product line.[19] NextPage registered itself with the State of Utah as a private company on June 8. NextPage registered the Folio. and another $14 million in license fees for its commerce tools. but was never able to fully recover. 192 Folio Licensed To NextPage In an agreement that took effect on July 1. Open Market had hoped that adding Folio to its product line for electronic publishers would bring success as those publishers migrated from CD-ROMs to web-based applications on the Internet. The spin-off to NextPage (ABSB) cut 90 employees from Open Market's payroll. Open Market took a different course. which were to combine order processing and secure payment collection. in the initial June 9. Wall Street investors responded to the announcement by Open Market's stock closing up 5 percent. an additional 25 percent in addition to 20 percent cut just before Folio was spun-off. NextPage and Open Market completed an agreement giving NextPage exclusive rights to the future development. Open Market ceased to sell Folio's products and instead licensed them to a new company known as NextPage. parent company of its competitor Deseret Book. the company was soon seeing serious decline in its fortunes.[22] Open Market had purchased at least two other content management providers. a Java-based content management solution. NextPage would also have non-exclusive rights to resell Open Market's non-Folio commerce products. 1999. nearly all of Open Market's 90 Folio employees were retained to work in the new company that was to be headquartered in Provo. and to distinguish its recent acquisition FutureTense. with a final sale to take place at the end of the three-year license period. marketing. under the name of ABSB. Inc. and absorb their technologies. either local or remote. and from 1995 to 1999. and they declared bankruptcy in March (or August) 2003.

NextPage's document management services. XML. NextPage moved its headquarters from Lehi to Draper. for times that a user is not connected to a network. With its upcoming release. Utah.S.0 was informally renamed as NextPage LivePublish 1. and GetSmart. with an option to purchase. creator of the Napster peer-to-peer network. PDF. HTML.. Included in the March 2001 sale was the building and facilities. of Cupertino.6 million. including Utah Governor Mike Leavitt. for the stated amount of $6. virtual repository. 2000.[34] Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) had been a VAR (Value Added Reseller) of Folio products since 1991. NextPage technology was promoted as eliminating traditional barriers of both internal and external networks by providing users single point access to information that may be located on several different local servers or remote servers located in other countries. 2004—NextPage.0. in a hearing about the future of the Internet. Open Market had licensed.[33] NextPage received $6 million in cash. (At its launch in January 2001. which NextPage had only leased from Open Market after the initial deal in 1999. UT on October 9. which indexed Word. and on the negative impact of Napster.000 for 250 users.[32] Sale To FAST September 1. NextPage released an upgrade to the NXT suite of products that allowed peer-to-peer collaboration over a customer's secure network. Inc. Their promotional literature stated that once these sources were linked together in a secure "Peer-to-Peer Content Network. and is eligible to receive performance-based payments up to a maximum of $9 million over four years.[25] NextPage CEO Brad Pelo give testimony before a committee of the U.[27] [28] Folio products would not be upgraded or improved.[30] Another upgrade in April 2002.[23] [24] By September 2000. LivePublish. moved into its new headquarters at Thanksgiving Point headquarters in October 2000. At the same time.0. just supported with bug fixes (as of mid 2008. by way local desktop computers or compact disks. 2000 on the advantages of NextPage's Folio server-based peer-to-peer document management. Incorporating netLens' PeerSpace technology would allow NextPage to connect its networks with users' mobile devices. Senate in Provo. attended by 300 guests.[35] . and in September 2000. In January 2000 NextPage purchased Texas-based Complete Data Systems. CA. All development activities would be pointed to NextPage LivePublish. now known as NextPage NXT. but with a new name: NextPage LivePublish 2. Also at the hearing was Shawn Fanning. had agreed to purchase the technology. The next release of LivePublish was in its 6. including NXT. but renamed to NextPage NXT 3. the company released its NXT 3 product line. the technology was being successfully marketed as NextPage's NXT. NextPage CEO Brad Pelo. allowed customers all of the advantages of their secure peer-to-peer secure network. a similar peer-to-peer technology that allowed users to share music across the internet." they became a single.0 was replaced by LivePublish 3.) 193 Sale To NextPage Folio was sold to NextPage on March 23. NXT 3 was priced at $85.x infobase formatted documents. announced that Fast Search & Transfer (FAST). and Folio 4. and in January 2001 NextPage announced that it would purchase netLens. Inc.7). NextPage was about to release NXT 3.0 version. Within less than two years. Folio LivePublish 5.[31] In April 2003. they were up to Folio 4.000. known as Project Chrome. the next generation of its Folio suite of products.[26] NextPage. was to remain with the company. An inauguration ceremony was held on October 16. Inc.0. Excel. and Alan Ashton. 2001. Folio. the Folio technology to NextPage in July 1999. product lines. a Norwegian-based leading developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies. called NextPage Solo. The price of the package for 250 users was stated as being $85.Folio Corporation NextPage continued to improve on the Folio technology.[29] In October 2001. NextPage LivePublish 2. PowerPoint. using the same technology. and the over 500 customers and partners of NextPage's publishing applications business unit.

0 Folio View 1. native XML. 2008.1 shortly before Microsoft acquired FAST. and security."[36] In 2007 FAST released Folio Views. business intelligence.5 NXT 2 NXT 3 NXT 4 Folio Views 4. Rocket Software is a software development firm that builds and services Enterprise Infrastructure products in the areas of database. Folio Corp. integration.11. Rocket Software releases Folio Views. 2 renamed . Folio Publisher.1 Folio View 3.0 Folio View 2.[39] On February 10.11.7. to this newer ProPublish format is not known.0 Folio View 3.[40] Folio Versions Version NFolio 1 Folio View 1.1 NXT 4. . The relationship of the old Folio format. and supported OLE and both 16-bit and 32-bit applications First DOS version Used with Novell's Netware NFolio Ver. Folio Builder. Folio Corp. 2009.4. Rocket Software is based in Newton.0 Folio View 4. but the news release showed that ProPublish included "Enhanced support for Folio and NXT content types. Folio Builder. storage. modernization and SOA.1.7.2 Folio View 4. Microsoft completed its acquisition of Fast Search & Transfer (FAST). terminal emulation and FTP. Folio Corp. Folio Corp. Y2K and W3C compliant Replaced Folio View 3. The first release of Folio to officially support Windows Vista and Windows 7 32/64-bit.2 Folio View 4. networks and telecom.[37] Sale To Rocket Software On December 2.11. Rocket Software [38] acquires Folio and NXT from Microsoft. and Folio Integrator version 4.Folio Corporation In January 2006. 2010.3 Folio View 2. Folio Publisher.7. MDC LexisNexis MDC LexisNexis MDC LexisNexis MDC LexisNexis Open Market Open Market NextPage NextPage NextPage NextPage Fast Search Fast Search Fast Search Last Folio Views release prior to Microsoft acquisition of Fast Last NXT release prior to Microsoft's acquisition of Fast Included LivePublish and LiveEnterprise. 194 Sale To Microsoft On April 25.6 Folio Views 4.1 Oct 1999 Oct 2000 June 2003 March 2005 First semester of 2007 June 2007 Sep 1996 Apr 1997 Oct 1998 Release Date Sep 1988 Mar 1989 Mar 1990 Jul 1990 Jun 1991 May 1993 Company Folio Corp.2 Included Builder and Publisher. and Folio Integrator 4. Massachusetts.1 Folio View 3.1 Folio View 4. FAST announced the release of ProPublish 4.2.

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"[7] In March 2010."[4] It is written in PHP and supports MySQL. rs.[22] Geeklog is the content management system used by notable web sites such as Groklaw and Mac OS X Hints which have been in continuous operation since 2003 and 2000.[15] [16] Geeklog is still under active development."[13] Geeklog is available to many webmasters since it is included with the well-known commercial web hosting software installer Fantastico[14] that is bundled with many web hosting plans. polls."[10] Geeklog is also "easily extensible via a modules API. Retrieved 2010-02-10. respectively. web links.[4] [5] [6] History Geeklog has historically focused on "performance. the Geeklog project slogan was changed to "The secure CMS. ."[12] As such. Press release. 196 Geeklog Geeklog Original author(s) Developer(s) Stable release [1] Jason Whittenburg Dirk Haun [1] 1. although installations of Geeklog via Fantastico may have support issues." in an effort to more accurately reflect the differentiating features compared to other content management systems.0 / June 12.[9] Geeklog (in a manner similar to Movable Type and pMachine) allows one to "set fine-grained permission levels for each individual user. "Rocket Software Introduces New Version of Folio Product" (http:/ / www. com/ news/ news_item/ 218). PostgreSQL."[4] Geeklog supports the Trackback and Pingback standards as well as content syndication by way of the automatic publication of RSS Feeds. as evidenced by its acceptance as a mentor organization into the Google Summer of Code[17] [18] for years 2007. calendar.[8] Other Geeklog features include "comments.8.[23] [24] [25] [26] . it is "one of the more popular choices for a Web-based Content Management System along with Wordpress and Drupal."[11] Many web hosting companies "automatically install open source blogging applications like Geeklog" "as part of their basic Web site packages. or Microsoft SQL Server as a database backend. privacy.[20] 2009. content syndication. 2011 Development status Active Operating system Platform Type License Website Cross-platform PHP Content Management System [1] GNU General Public License version 2 Official website [2][3] Geeklog is "Open-Source software that works as a Weblog. CMS or Web Portal.Folio Corporation [40] Rocket Software (2010-02-10).[21] and 2010. and security.[19] 2008. and more.

Retrieved 13 March 2010. . com/ gsoc/ program/ accepted_orgs/ google/ gsoc2010).1" (http:/ / www. geeklog. [17] Haun. Tim (2005). Retrieved 22 March 2010. pp. php/ Who_made_Geeklog?). php?showtopic=75735). "Geeklog 1. 10 April 2007. net/ index. Blogging . [21] "Google Summer of Code 2009 List all accepted organizations" (http:/ / socghop. ISBN 0596101198 [12] Kaufeld. net/ index. Retrieved 22 March 2010. Retrieved 13 March 2010. com/ article. O'Reilly Media. pp. geeklog. . php?showtopic=84690). .Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content. . appspot. 03 October 2008. appspot. net/ article. macosxhints. http:/ / http:/ / www. geeklog. . net Bradley. php/ summer-of-code-2010). com/ site_report?url=http:/ / www.Why Groklaw?" (http:/ / www. John.7.geeklog. geeklog.. 131 Dong. Retrieved 12 March 2010. google. Retrieved 20 March 2010. Retrieved 22 March 2010. . 7. Retrieved 22 March 2010. groklaw. [23] "Groklaw . Retrieved 11 January 2010. Dirk (18 March 2010). Dirk (7 March 2010). [26] "Site report for www. com). Javvin Technologies Inc. com/ site_report?url=http:/ / www. Scot (2003).geeklog. [22] "Google Summer of Code 2010 List all accepted organizations" (http:/ / socghop. Michael (September 2005). 201. 1). geeklog.geeklog. . Retrieved 22 March 2010.4. geeklog. The Advanced Internet Searcher's Handbook 3rd edition. macosxhints. 31 December 2006. com/ soc/ 2007/ ). netcraft. google. ISBN 0764579061 [13] Feng. net/ forum/ viewtopic. 211 "Geeklog 1. 4 November 2000. php/ geeklog-1. "Put Weblogs to Work". com/ gsoc/ program/ accepted_orgs/ google/ gsoc2009). Retrieved 10 May 2010. . ISBN 0735712999 Haun. php/ new-slogan). Jielin. pp. geeklog. HWM Magazine: pp. New Riders. "Blogged". php/ Geeklog_Features).com" (http:/ / toolbar. . 98 [14] "Scripts being installed by Fantastico De Luxe" (http:/ / www. Developing eBay Business Tools for Dummies. [15] "Fantastico Upgrade Broke My Site" (http:/ / www. [9] "Geeklog Features" (http:/ / wiki. 9 May 2010. . Phil (2004). pp. geeklog. groklaw. Retrieved 22 March 2010. [24] "Site report for www. Retrieved 22 March 2010. [16] "Geeklog does not even work with cPanel and Fantastico" (http:/ / www. For Dummies. php). . Biz (2002). eds (2007). Retrieved 13 March 2010. net/ staticpages/ index. Retrieved 23 March 2010. [19] "Google Summer of Code 2007" (http:/ / code. Retrieved 13 March 2010. Inc. php/ geeklog-1. net). Dong.groklaw. 279. net/ article. 4. 2005. Harvey. net/ article. com/ fantastico_scripts. . Macworld: the Macintosh magazine 9 [11] Open Source for the Enterprise: managing risks. netenberg. net/ index. netcraft. [20] "Google Summer of Code 2008" (http:/ / code.Geeklog 197 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] "Who made Geeklog?" (http:/ / wiki. reaping rewards. pp.macosxhints. com/ soc/ 2008/ ). External links • Official site (http://www. geeklog. . net/ forum/ viewtopic. Stone. geeklog.net" (http:/ / toolbar. .net) • Official documentation (http://www.. 321. php/ Google_Summer_of_Code). Jielin. Network Dictionary. . "Google Summer of Code 2010" (http:/ / www. [10] Hacker. [18] "Google Summer of Code" (http:/ / wiki. net/ article. Retrieved 22 March 2010. .0" (http:/ / www. 24 February 2010.net) • Official wiki (http://wiki. Retrieved 3 March 2010. . php?page=20031004190519196). "A new slogan (and other news)" (http:/ / www. [25] "Welcome to Mac OS X Hints!" (http:/ / www.net/docs/english/) . php?story=20001104202602532). . Facet. 0).

ICBM. MapBuilder GeoRSS Mapserver or Google Maps RSS for maps update not yet Mapstraction Mapstraction or Google Maps Syndication formats GeoRSS. A GeoCMS can have a map of registered users allowing to build communities geographically. Yahoo Mapstraction Maps. The help of wiki for describing geographical layers present a simple way to solve the problem of geographical metadata. SMS. Google Maps) Google Maps Module User location sources Manual. Similarly Mapserver is also a powerful building block for creating GeoCMS.. GeoCMS List • • • • • • • Django Drupal Midgard CMS Plone Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware WordPress Zikula GeoCMS comparison Drupal √ Multiple √ In/about/at Midgard √ See specific plugin See specific plugin See specific plugin See specific plugin Plone Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware √ 1 √ 1 WordPress √ Multiple Zikula Ability to store locations Number of locations per content item Maps on content items Google Maps. blogs. Longitude position to be displayed on an online interactive map. numerous users have used online maps to illustrate their web pages. by looking at users location.. GeoNames) √ (Mapstraction) √ (Mapstraction. In addition the online maps link to informational pages (wiki pages essentially) on the data represented. KML Geocoding √ (Mapstraction. images..Geospatial Content Management System 198 Geospatial Content Management System A Geospatial Content Management System (GeoCMS) is a Content Management System where objects (users.. Google Maps is in itself not a GeoCMS but is a powerful building block. Perl. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware was the first CMS to become a GeoCMS in early 2003. articles.) can have a Latitude. Java. Yahoo. KML GeoRSS. it is now becoming popular on various other CMS especially since the publication of the Mapserver API in 2002 to many scripting languages: PHP. Instamapper. KML GeoRSS. Python. Since the advent of Google Maps and the publication of its API. Plazes. See GeoRSS. specific Fire Eagle plugin customized maps .

This is traditionally performed with specialised translation tools. CMS excels at process management while ignoring business management and translation tools. Translators or revisers receive comments from the customer's in-country reviewers to verify and implement any corrections. Translators and revisers work either online or offline and their queries and comments are tracked through the system. these solutions are also known as Globalization Management Systems (GMS) or Global Content Management Systems (GCMS). which are strongholds of TMS. but with a multilingual twist[4] : the localization workflow is automated. human resources can be redeployed to more productive and strategic tasks. and linguistic technology to aid the translator. depending on each offering[3] : • Business management: Project management. Content is automatically extracted from the CMS and packaged for transmission to the TMS. file manipulation may be needed for later analysis and translation. Linguistic technology generally includes at least translation memory and terminology database. Naming Although Translation Management Systems (TMS) seems to be the currently favoured term in the localization industry. time to market is decreased and translation quality improves. Content connectors. Resource management. thus reducing management and overhead costs and time for everyone involved. While a translator performs translation. A typical TMS workflow goes through the following steps: Change detection of updated or new materials is a must either with standard off-the-shelf CMSs or with the use of custom-developed connectors in the case of proprietary systems. They work with Content Management Systems (CMS) as separate. localization costs are reduced. After the documents are approved. Every participant in the workflow receives a notification where there is new work to be done. the TM is automatically updated for later reuse. Customer review and markup.[5] Translation memory is a database of all previously translated sentences. and a unique number is assigned to every project and every task for traceability. Collaboration. some systems also integrate machine translation technology.Globalization management system 199 Globalization management system A Globalization Management System or GMS automates transactions to reduce the time and money employed by manpower performing repetitive. Financial management. the cooperation between headquarters and national branches increases thanks to more thorough reporting. Features & Benefits The measurable benefits of using a TMS are similar to those found in a CMS. non-productive labour.[1] A GMS generally includes at least two types of technology: process management technology to automate the flow of work. In some cases. • Language management: Integrated translation memory. but linked programs or as simple add-ons that can answer specific multilingual requirements. This category is traditionally the domain of specialised project management tools.[2] Overview A TMS typically connects to a CMS to manage foreign language content. It tends to address the following categories in different degrees. Thus. Webtop translation tools. the translated materials are returned into their CMS for publishing and productivity and efficiency metrics are available through reports. finally. This category is traditionally related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools. • Process management: Workflow. Finally. he or she is automatically prompted with similar sentences from the memory . Project managers customise workflows to match their business needs.

and sell their offering with no strings attached. However. offering also language services. separating their language and their technology services in different degrees. Software solutions • Translations. becoming the biggest translation technology provider.[9] Of course. the LSP Moravia Worldwide [10] announced in 2007 a partnership with TMS developer Idiom Worldserver to remain independent and still provide added value to their customers. while still having language services as part of their activities. On the other hand. a combined option of technology solution and language services in one package is bound to be more cost effective.com GlobalLink Product Suite http://www.[11] Similarly.Globalization management system that were previously translated. For instance. software developer-only companies attract content producers. A machine translation system is a program that uses natural language processing technology to automatically translate a text from one language to another.[8] Content producers with preferred or previous language service agreements to third LSPs may prefer to maintain their independence and purchase software licences only. the two above possibilities are only extremes and the market requires more flexible solutions. LSPs may prefer to contact technology vendors who are not part of the competition. 200 Future Future trends in TMSs include[6] : • interoperation with more CMS offerings: content managers should be able to order translations within their own environment • tie in with text authoring environments: for existing multilingual content leverage against new writing • incorporation of business management functions: to preview the localization cost and timeframe • integration with enterprise systems: general ledger applications and sales force automation tools Target Markets and Licensing TMS vendors target two main buyers when marketing and selling their products.html • Across Language Server [13] • • • • • • • GlobalSight Ontram Translation Management System Pootle Sajan GCMS [14] SDL TMS [15] Straker Enterprise Translation Portal [16] Merrill Brink iTrac TMS [17] . Many LSPs got nervous when SDL bought Trados in 2005. A terminology database is a glossary that contains specific words and phrases and their context-appropriate translations. software developers can also be Language Service Providers (LSPs).com/products. Lionbridge and thebigword [7] are examples of this captive solution. Similarly. Sajan [12] offers different licences to their solution. meaning that buyers must use the TMS developer's language services in order to take advantage of their platform.translations. The latter is commonly referred to as a captive solution. On the one hand. so they offer their language services over their custom-made technological offering for easier customer integration.

asp). "Globalization Management Systems Building a Better Business Case)" (http:/ / www. asp). com [13] http:/ / www. . 2007. 33435& ts=S0250& p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.Globalization management system 201 References [1] SDL. com/ [15] http:/ / www.2. Multilingual (September 2007): 36. "Translation management systems and subcategories". com/ en/ globalization-knowledge-centre/ whitepapers/ Globalization_Management_Systems_Building_a_Better_Business_Case. thebigword. ro78ttn6. clientsidenews. merrillbrink. ClientSide News Magazine 7 (6): 18–20. ksqvgbcab. 2007. . "Translation management systems and subcategories". Retrieved 2010-04-18. com/ itrac. 0. jsp?t=8mtygbcab. gala-global. asp [16] http:/ / www. com/ en/ products/ translation-management/ tms. "GALA Report: SDL-TRADOS Merger Survey Results)" (http:/ / www. 2007. "What's next for TMS". asp). moraviaworldwide.0. sajan. Kirti (2007). net/ tn. sdl. strakertranslations. [2] Common Sense Advisory. aspx [14] http:/ / www. org/ . "Statistical machine translation and translation memory: An integration made in heaven!" (https:/ / webmailcluster. org/ articles/ gala-report-sdl-trados-merger-survey-results). [7] http:/ / www. net/ en/ index. SCM GPLv3 http:/ / www. zip). [5] Vashee. Mac OS X. Retrieved 2010-04-18. org/ articles/ how-tms-developers-pitch-their-wares-lsps-0). . . CRM. gala-global. com/ en/ globalization-knowledge-centre/ whitepapers/ Globalization_Management_Systems_Building_a_Better_Business_Case. . Multilingual (March 2007): 83–86. sajan. net/ xml/ deref?link=http:/ / rs6. across. com [11] GALA. com [8] SDL. December 26. [10] http:/ / www. "How TMS Developers Pitch Their Wares to LSPs)" (http:/ / www. cfm [17] http:/ / www. Multilingual (March 2007): 83–86. "Globalization Management Systems Building a Better Business Case)" (http:/ / www. [3] Common Sense Advisory. 2005. Retrieved 2010-04-18. htm GNU Enterprise GNU Enterprise (GNUe) Stable release GNU Enterprise Reports 0. com/ en/ globalization-knowledge-centre/ whitepapers/ Globalization_Management_Systems_Building_a_Better_Business_Case. Retrieved 2010-04-18. [9] GALA. [6] Common Sense Advisory. com/ straker/ products/ enterprise-translation-portal/ en/ enterprise-translation-portal_home. sdl. Retrieved 2010-04-18. gnuenterprise. perfora. Unix. "Globalization Management Systems Building a Better Business Case)" (http:/ / www. [4] SDL. 2009 Development status Active[1] Written in Operating system Available in Type License Website Python Linux. 2007. com%2Fdownloads%2FCSNV7I6. [12] http:/ / www. . sdl. Windows available in 3 languages ERP. sdl.

The GNUe platform boasts an open architecture and easy maintenance. to implement a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.6. Translations Greek. 2009 Reports Stable release 0. . non-ASCII character sets. GNUe supports multi-currency processing (including euro support).6. Hungarian. 2009 GNU Enterprise (GNUe) is a meta-project started in 1996[2] and can be regarded as a sub-project of the GNU Project. 2009 Navigator Stable release 0. and most popular database systems. French) ERP Packages GNUe is also a set of packages written using the tools. which provide a development framework for enterprise information technology professionals to write or customize data-aware applications and deploy them effectively across large or small organizations.). German. It gives users a modular system and freedom from being stuck with a single-source vendor.3 / October 16. 2009 Common Library Stable release 0. such as a data-aware user forms interface. GNUe is itself comprises several sub-projects: Developer Tools Firstly. 2007 Forms Stable release 0. GNUe's goal is to create free "enterprise-class data-aware applications" (enterprise resource planners etc. GNUe is a set of tools.5.GNU Enterprise 202 Application Server Stable release 0. Packages include: • • • • • • human resources accounting customer relationship management project management supply chain e-commerce GNUe can handle the needs of any business.9 / July 12. Spanish (Partial: Dutch.3 / November 20.0 / December 26. large or small. a reporting system and an application server.1.0 / December 26. GNUe supports multi-language interfaces.2.

GNUe is a Free Software project (released under the GNU General Public License) with a corps of volunteer developers around the world working on GNUe projects. php) External links • GNU Enterprise home page (http://www. cgi/ trunk/ ?root=gnue) [2] Community History (http:/ / www.gnuenterprise. This provides the added benefits of easy internationalization of applications.org/) • (http://www. The project is working to provide a worldwide GNUe community. org/ cgi-bin/ viewcvs.GNU Enterprise Note: Packages are not as far along in the development cycle as the tools. References [1] Trunk (http:/ / www.org/community/history. org/ community/ history.php) . It is designed to collect Enterprise software for the GNU system in a single location (much like the GNOME project collects Desktop software). gnuenterprise. gnuenterprise. allowing everyone who is involved in the project access to other talented business information technology professionals.gnuenterprise. 203 The Community A general community of support and resources for developers writing applications using the GNUe Tools (whether part of the 'official' GNUe Packages or not). Most are still in the planning stages.

New features can be developed and added to existing system as separate components. Developers work in an integrated development environment (IDE). Solaris). MSSQL Unix-like (AIX. JSR 170 / 283. Software overview System requirements Database Operating system Application server any Java EE 1. Oracle. JSP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Content management system Proprietary [1] GX WebManager Community Edition is a proprietary content management system with which developers get access to a web content management system (WCMS) platform including a software development kit (SDK). demo text. XML.[5] Selected features • • • • • Strict separation of layout and design A search engine optimization module which generates URLs that are both human and machine-readable Integrated full text search Integrated caching for a more stable frontend Connection to an Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server with integrated authentification . including a (including a database in this case MySQL). Webservices. XSLT. 2010 Java.GX WebManager Community Edition 204 GX WebManager Community Edition GX WebManager Community Edition Developer(s) Stable release Written in GX 9.4 compatible AS MySQL. JavaScript.) which allows developers to install the full package. Linux.[2] The software contains an example website with content (images. The included application programming interfaces (APIs) allows to configure and extend the functionalities of websites. XML. Windows 2000.2 / December 29. and XML. The platform itself is based on open standards and technologies like SOAP. 2003. HP-UX. XP Programming language Java (Java EE). JSP The software became well known[4] when it was one of the first to adapt the Java Standard JSR 170. XSLT. [3] based on Java standards (OSGi).13. Spring MVC and Eclipse. JavaScript. BPEL. etc. FreeBSD and all BSDs.

com/ news/ thread.GX WebManager Community Edition Advantages • • • • The frontend can handle all languages The software is community supported Forum. com/ Software/ GXWebManager-Community-Edition-FAQ. Bugs are reported centrally which makes it easy to track issues and prevent duplicate reporting. tss?thread_id=49386) [4] Google Trends in comparison to Typo3 Drupal and GX (http:/ / www. org/ en/ jsr/ detail?id=170) [6] GX Developer Web (http:/ / www. de/ trends?q=joomla.com (http:/ / www. com [2] The Nashvill Business Journal (http:/ / triad. bizjournals. References [1] http:/ / www.drupal.TheServerSide. gxdeveloperweb.com) . theserverside. google. Wiki and Jira are available Web Component Bundle (WCB) support 205 Disadvantages • A functionality for editing images inside the system is not available • The Community Edition in the backend is only available in English and Dutch • Currently it is "personal use"[6] (a product key can be requested) Web component bundle Developers can build new functionality in the form of a web component bundles (WCBs) and integrate it into their systems as a separate component. htm) External links Official website (http://http://www. gxdeveloperweb.typo3. These WCB's can then be shared and made available to other Developers on a website. com/ nashville/ prnewswire/ press_releases/ national/ Netherlands/ 2008/ 04/ 21/ UKM007) [3] Article on www.gxdeveloperweb.GX& ctab=0& geo=all& date=all& sort=0) [5] JSR 170: Content Repository (http:/ / jcp. Jira support Jira is an issue tracking system which is available to community members.

Nginx English.7. localized in four languages Weblog publishing software Apache License 2. Lighttpd.[3] Features • • • • • • • Modular. however.1 / May 12.com/blog2[7] Support for static content ("pages") Plugin support Tag support WordPress importer • • • • . or the server's filesystem Atom Publishing Protocol support Multiple users (authors) supported Multiple sites on one installation supported (such as blog1.0 habariproject.example.com and blog2. SQLite and PostgreSQL for the database backend.example.com) (note. which means "(what's the) news". like Flickr.Habari 206 Habari Habari Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Habari Community April 3.com/blog1 and http://example. 2011 Development status Active Platform Available in Type License Website PHP on Apache. object-oriented core for easy extensibility[4] Supports multiple database backends[5] Uses prepared statements throughout to protect against SQL injection attacks Media silos to directly access various ways of media storage.[2] It gets its name from the Swahili greeting habari. 2007 0. Viddler [6].org [1] Habari (pronounced /həˈbɑri/) is a free and open source blog engine written in PHP and currently supports MySQL. that Habari does not yet support multiple blogs on one domain such as http://example.

2 0. 2007 August 4. 2011.2 Date April 3.10/5.6.3 . 2008 Release notes [17] • October 18. Made Blueprint and jQuery available to themes.3. such as PHP 5. 2008 Release notes [14] • • • [15] • • [16] • • • 0.Habari 207 History The Habari project was started in October 2006[8] to develop a modern blogging platform.5. 2009 October 16. Addition of Stacks. 2007 Links Release post Release post [10] [11] • • • • • • Notable changes Initial developer release.5 0.1 March 23. Improvement of the plugins' code validation. Addition of plugins' code validation. New administration area layout and colors. 2008 July 27. Initial support of media silos: Flickr. Version 0. 2007. version 0. Addition of event logging. version 0.4. Addition of Cron. and version 0. Addition of FormUI.5 on July 27. Introduction of the user manual. Habari was a finalist in the 2008 SourceForge Community Choice Awards in the category of Best New Project.1 followed on May 12. The first "developer release" was released on April 3.2 0. 2011. 2009 Release post [18] • Release notes Release notes Release notes Release notes [19] • • [20] • • [21] • [22] • • 0.6 September 19. Initial implementation of ACL.6. and object-oriented programming. 2008. version 0.2 followed on August 4.1 0.[9] Release history This table contains the release history of Habari. 2009. New administrative interface. 2007 Release post [13] February 22.4 on February 22. 2007 Release notes [12] • • • • 0.3 November 5.6 on April 6. UTF-8 support.1 0.5.6. Full SQLite support. Viddler. Security fix Security fix Access control Private posts Updated PostgreSQL support for access control Minor fixes Security fix Security fix PHP 5.3 0. such as the Atom Publishing Protocol. PostgreSQL support. 2009 May workaround 0. The focus is on utilizing current technology. Addition of caching.7 on April 1. Colour Red Green Blue Meaning Release no longer supported Release still supported Future release Version number 0. 2009 May 11. 2008 April 6.3 on November 5.1 0. and the support of modern standards. 2008 Release notes Release notes 0. Addition of session saving on expiration.4 November 25. version 0. Habari 0. PHP Data Objects.

org/ en/ Releases/ 0. habariproject.about page (http:/ / groups. apache. 6. org/ en/ habari-0-2-developer-review [12] http:/ / wiki. 6.3. such as the decision that a new version should be released. 2010 Release notes [23] • • Security fix PHP 5.The Apache Software Foundation (http:/ / www. habariproject. org/ en/ Releases/ 0. 1 [28] How the ASF works . The decision-making process always involves the community. 4 [24] http:/ / wiki. in a meritocratic process inspired by the Apache Software Foundation.Features page (http:/ / wiki. net/ 2007/ 01/ 09/ 29/ whats-up) [5] Habari Project Wiki .7 0.Translation of "habari" (http:/ / www. org/ en/ Releases/ 0. com [7] Comparison of Habari to WPmu (http:/ / habariproject. 6. habariproject.7. 4 [15] http:/ / wiki. 5 [17] http:/ / wiki. org/ en/ habari-0-3-3-released [14] http:/ / wiki. habariproject. org/ en/ Releases/ 0. org/ en/ Installation#Before_You_Install) [3] Kamusi Project . org/ en/ Releases/ 0. org/ [2] Habari Project Wiki .5 0. 6 [26] http:/ / wiki. org/ en/ Release_0.[28] Permission to commit code is handled liberally. habariproject.6. html#meritocracy) [29] Habari Project Wiki . org/ en/ Releases/ 0. habariproject.Before You Install (http:/ / wiki. 7. 3 [23] http:/ / wiki. org/ en/ Releases/ 0. habariproject.[29] This ensures that different opinions are heard and discussion is not stifled. org/ en/ Releases/ 0. org/ forums/ comments. 2010 April 1. 2 [22] http:/ / wiki.1 May 12. com/ group/ habari-dev/ about) [9] SourceForge Community Choice Awards .net . kamusiproject. net/ community/ cca08-finalists) [10] http:/ / habariproject. 6 [20] http:/ / wiki. habariproject. and in most cases decisions are made by community consensus. habariproject. 1 [18] http:/ / www. org/ en/ habari-version-0-5-2 [19] http:/ / wiki. 2011 Release notes Development model Habari is developed by the Habari community.4 February 19.12/5.Cabal page (http:/ / wiki. 7 [27] http:/ / wiki. 2011 Release notes Release notes [25] • • [26] • • • • [27] • 0. 3 [13] http:/ / habariproject. 4. habariproject. org/ en/ habari-0-1-dr [11] http:/ / habariproject. 6. org/ en/ Features) [6] http:/ / www.6. 6.6 November 17.Finalist listing (http:/ / sourceforge. org/ en/ Releases/ 0.1 workaround Security fix Security fix Bug fix Security fix Areas & Blocks Taxonomy Better comment spam protection Bug fix 208 0. habariproject. google. org/ en/ Cabal) . org/ en/ lookup/ sw?Word=habari& utm_source=self& utm_medium=link& utm_campaign=linktoSwahili) [4] asymptomatic. Some decisions.Habari 0. with new contributors easily getting access to their own branches in the main source code repository. php?DiscussionID=19& page=1#Item_0)) [8] Habari Project Mailing List . References [1] http:/ / www. are finalized by a vote amongst the Habari committers. habariproject. org/ en/ Releases/ 0. 1 [21] http:/ / wiki. 6. org/ en/ Release_0. habariproject.2. 1 [16] http:/ / wiki. org/ en/ Releases/ 0. 2010 Release notes [24] • December 4. habariproject. 5. viddler. habariproject. org/ en/ Releases/ 0. habariproject. 5 [25] http:/ / wiki.Release Announcement (http:/ / asymptomatic.6. habariproject. habariproject. org/ foundation/ how-it-works. habariproject.

com (http://www.com/archives/2009/04/06/habari-06-released/) Smashing Magazine: 10 Weblog Engines Reviewed (http://www.net/projects/5534/)]] Announcement at chrisjdavis. WordPress head developer] BloggingPro: Habari 0.com/2008/08/29/ 10-weblog-engines-reviewed/) Honorable Mention Article about Habari on linux.habariproject.com/archives/2007/01/08/ habari-a-new-blogging-tool/) Mention by [[Matt Mullenweg (http://ma.org/changes-around-sillyness) BloggingPro: Habari.habariproject.bloggingpro.org (http://chrisjdavis.6 Released (http://www.smashingmagazine.linux.com/feature/146441) .org/en/Main_Page) (Information.org/) Habari Wiki (http://wiki.habariproject. A New Blogging Tool (http://www.tt/2007/01/habari/)].org/) Habari at [[Ohloh (http://www. Support) Habari Demo (http://demo.ohloh.bloggingpro.Habari 209 External links • • • • • • • • • • Official website (http://www. Documentation.

user management system.[7] Compared with the original UseModWiki. Habitat contains a full implementation of a wiki engine. It is derived from UseModWiki by Qianqian Fang. or installed on a public website to serve a group of users. It supports a number of advanced features. The entire wiki is only 140kB (compressed) and can function with a single script. many new features were added to Habitat. database backend. Monte Carlo eXtreme (MCX). hierarchical wiki pages. video or gesture). who had also founded the collaborative font development project WenQuanYi. such as database backends (Sqlite or MySQL). easy-to-install and highly customizable content management system designed for personal users or on-line communities. collaborative and intuitive programming models. Example projects using this engine include WenQuanYi. hierarchical wiki page namespace. graphics and multimedia data (such as voice. as it is written by high-level scripting language and manipulates human understandable text information.[4] and multi-modal brain function imaging wiki [5].[1] original author of open-source Chinese font project WenQuanYi. Description Habitat is a light-weight. and can use flat-files or Sqlite database as the backend. It even contains a built-in CGI web server. safe. by Qianqian Fang [6]. Habitat is a demonstration of the basic principles for HUC. . Habitat was derived from UseModWiki 1.0.Habitat (software) 210 Habitat (software) Habitat Developer(s) Initial release Written in Qianqian Fang 2010 Perl Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Wiki GNU General Public License http:/ / wenq. org/ habitat/ Habitat is an extremely compact content management system. Habitat can be launched from a local computer user account.[3] iso2mesh. Users can quickly build their own websites or information archive using by creating. object-oriented structure and interfaces for plug-ins. object-oriented wiki and programmable interfaces. The overall goal of HUC is to promote open. page embedding. It provides an efficient collaborative platform for an online community to develop software or resources. and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. editing and managing wiki pages from a browser interface. such as the user management system. fast. A bigger picture Habitat is a sub-project of the Human Understandable Computing[8] (HUC) project.[2] Habitat is written in perl language. multi-language support. The focus of the project is to develop software tools that are written in non-obscured scripting languages and driven by human understandable text. Habitat is a free software.

net) https:/ / orbit. org/ en/ ) Human Understandable Computing (http:/ / huc. harvard. edu/ wiki/ index. harvard. cgi http:/ / nmr. mgh. htm) Monte Carlo eXtreme website (http:/ / mcx. nmr. mgh. mgh. net/ article/ d0ecad69-4a33-414f-8f88-d98241e6bb63. sf. net) . sf. edu/ ~fangq/ ) Taking a ride with wiki (Chinese report) (http:/ / qkzz. edu/ ~fangq/ WenQuanYi (http:/ / wenq. sf.Habitat (software) 211 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] Qianqian Fang (http:/ / nmr. harvard. net) iso2mesh website (http:/ / iso2mesh.

2 V3 baseline. The base package functionality can be delivered through either a rich client. HP Software Division division from initial technology developed by TOWER Software (acquired by HP) Stable release 7. HP released TRIM Version 7. and Oracle Corporation. Nevertheless.[7] HP describes TRIM 7 as "transparent. The HP TRIM for SharePoint modules include one for archiving and one for records management.[2] HP TRIM is an enterprise records management system designed to help businesses capture. Other base modules include: • • • • • Content Indexing WebDrawer for read-only access from the Internet Document Caching Transmittal/Communications for compiling a mail registry Document Assembly . Privacy and FOI records. meaning [9] the software meets mandatory functional requirements for use in the United States federal government. manage. HP TRIM 7 allows records management and automatic records retention for all SharePoint content. certified. HP TRIM base package modules include the HP TRIM Web Client. CA. IBM. web client or with the HP TRIM for SharePoint module.[3] [4] [5] Other vendors in records management and retention include Autonomy.[8] HP TRIM is licensed as a base system with additional optional modules.HP TRIM Records Management System 212 HP TRIM Records Management System HP TRIM Enterprise Records Management System Developer(s) Hewlett-Packard. EMC Corporation.0 Type License Website Records Management tools Proprietary HP TRIM Software Homepage [1] HP TRIM is an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) marketed by the HP Software Division and based on technology from Hewlett-Packard's 2008 acquisition of TOWER Software. policy based records management and archiving for Microsoft SharePoint environments on a single platform". TRIM is an acronym meaning Total Records and Information Management. Functionality HP TRIM 7 integrates with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010. employees may also find it useful in terms of their own productivity. Open Text.[6] The HP TRIM product forms part of the HP Information Management Software portfolio. entire SharePoint sites and MS Office content. Users can access HP TRIM functionality via Microsoft SharePoint. and secure business information in order to meet governance and regulatory compliance obligations. HP TRIM Product Family HP TRIM 7 Base Package In February 2010. a browser interface that complies with US 508 Accessibility Guidelines and is verified to US DoD 5015.

HP TRIM Records Management System Another base module. ( VERS. HP offers a number of optional modules. 4 (Privacy and Freedom of Information Acts) • Major US and international standards. The Directory Synchronization model maps HP TRIM users from any LDAP directory (such as Novell eDirectory). such that content can be read and understood in the future. setting agendas. The LabelLink Xtension integrates with ColorBar Gold for printing of special color-coded file labels. Kofax Xtension permits images to be captured into HP TRIM directly from the Kofax Ascent Capture high-end scanning software. ISO 15489 • the US Department of Defense Security Standard DoD 5015. 3 (classified records).0 • the HP TRIM for SharePoint Archive module lets administrators set lifetime management policies for SharePoint and automatically archive entire sites with the ability to restore content when required. minute taking and action tracking • the HP TRIM for Sharepoint Records Management module provides lifecycle records management of all SharePoint content including Web 2. Annotate/Redaction. records and preserves content regardless of the system that created it.[10] ) Standards compliance HP TRIM complies with: • the international standard for records management. The Guest Gateway module allows for a "Guest User" account with security and access restrictions and logs of all guest-user actions. allows TIFF images to be annotated with an ability to redact or blank out sensitive information. 213 Optional modules In addition to the base TRIM package.2 Chapters 2 (mandatory requirements).[11] [12] • the International Organization for Standardization ISO_standards 15489-1:2001 Records Management—Part 1: General • ISO/TR 15489-2:2001 Records Management—Part 2: Guidelines • AS 4390-1996 Records Management • ISO 2788:1986 Guidelines for the establishment and development of monolingual thesauri • The National Archives (TNA) of the United Kingdom TNA 2002 • Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) Australia . HP TRIM software is compliant with all specifications of the VERS standard. They include: • the HP TRIM Rendering module provides a fully automated process for storing both an original document and its renditions to a record • the HP TRIM Web Content Management module manages website content and structure using a web browser • the HP TRIM Space Management module defines a storage hierarchy model to organize content • the HP TRIM Meeting Manager module automates the process of setting up and scheduling meetings. a special digital records format. • a module for SAP AG records management lets both SAP and non-SAP users review information • the HP TRIM VERS Rendition module allows electronic records to be stored in Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) format.

Government Computer News. au/ publicsector/ rk/ AS4390. Victoria. aspx) (accessed 5 May 2011) [5] Annual Report 2006. au [20] http:/ / www. gov. Archives and Records Management Services.02-STD (http:/ / www. prov. vic. au/ information_about/ university_record_keeping3/ trim_access TRIM Access. 2009) [17] International Organization for Standardization [18] National Archives of Australia [19] Australian Standard AS 4390-1996. pdf) [3] http:/ / archives. parliament. hp. naa. hp. records. pdf/ ) [12] Joint Interoperability Test Command Product Register. Feb. gov. (http:/ / www. wa. nsw. hp. com/ articles/ 2005/ 08/ 11/ new-records-management-system-for-nmci. disa. Records Management [20] Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) [21] • • • • • • References [1] http:/ / h71028. Retrieved 2010-02-14. html/ ) [9] REGISTER DoD 5015. mil/ whs/ directives/ corres/ pdf/ 501502std. mil/ recmgt/ standards. aiim. www7.02-STD. html?jumpid=re_r10784_uk/ en/ large/ tsg/ imdh-ot-li-xx-imsw/ chev/ [14] http:/ / sharepoint2010. version 3. aspx/ [15] http:/ / jitc. fhu. com/ s/ article/ 9154759/ HP_app_preserves_SharePoint_for_the_ages) [7] HP Newsroom: HP Helps Organizations Reduce Business Risk with Transparent Records Management. fhu. com/ Pages/ default. gov. au/ vers/ vers/ default. au/ vers/ standard/ ) [11] DoD 5015. html/ PRODUCT) [10] VERS Standard (http:/ / www. htm . 2/9/2009. microsoft. 2010 (http:/ / www. The University of Western Australia. 2007] (accessed 5 May 2011) [4] New records management system for NMCI. edu. Western Australian Government. gov. com/ promo/ imhub/ index. computerworld. pdf) (accessed 5 May 2011) [6] HP Trim preserves SharePoint for the ages: IDG. net/ media_files/ irol/ 71/ 71087/ HP_10K2008_Filed. Australia). gov. hp. html/ [16] http:/ / www. (http:/ / h71028. mil/ recmgt/ register. (http:/ / jitc. 6 December. cbronline. dated April 2007 (http:/ / jitc. disa. org [19] http:/ / www. 8. org/ Research/ State-of-ECM-Enterprise-Content-Management-2009. htm [21] http:/ / www. com/ enterprise/ us/ en/ software/ information-management-trim. Retrieved 2010-02-14. nsf/ displaypaper/ 3712553a109b5fa47b867ec2c82572ad000727ab/ $file/ swan+ tafe+ ar+ 2005-6. Swan TAFE. Public Record Office Victoria. dtic. page 22 (http:/ / www. html/ ) [8] HP TRIM product page. 11 August 2005 (http:/ / gcn. com/ enterprise/ w1/ en/ software/ information-management-trim. Retrieved 2010-02-14. Electronic Records and Online Access. aspx/ State [18] http:/ / www. html/ ) [13] http:/ / h41112. In D-Lib Magazine Volume 8 Number 3 (March 2002). com/ news/ hp_unveils_new_version_of_records_management_software_100208/ [17] http:/ / www. disa. www4. html [2] 2008 Hewlett-Packard Form 10-K (http:/ / media. www7. uwa. prov. [ISSN 1082-9873] CBR Online: HP unveils new version of records management software [16] of the ECM Industry 2009 (AIIM Industry Watch. fhu. vic.HP TRIM Records Management System 214 External links • • • • • HP TRIM Software Homepage [1] HP Information Management Digital Hub [13] Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Site 2009 Microsoft Corporation [14] Joint Interoperability Test Command Product Register [15] "Introducing the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS)" Justine Heazlewood (Manager. iso. au/ publications/ tabledpapers. corporate-ir. mil/ recmgt/ register. com/ hpinfo/ newsroom/ press/ 2010/ 100208a.

hylOs allows the authoring. which implements this approach and allows the graphical creation and composition of elearning objects. hylOs is based on the development of the Media Information Repository (MIR) in 1999. Content access no longer follows a single predefined path. The core component for content creation is an MS-Word-like WYSIWYG XML editor. Background Since hypermedia systems have been introduced to teaching and learning environments. animation. Linear instructional designs such as those found in books or scripts are now complemented by interconnected knowledge networks. In the field of educational content management the concept of atomic. IEEE LOM eLearning Objects. which is used to create different kinds of content and metadata. which allows the strict separation of content. i.) if applicable as well as their decoration with metadata and structures. hylOs has one editor. etc. The hylOs presentation layer operates under an extensive understanding of the eLO semantic: Following the LOM attributes the learner can adapt individually the frontend to complexity levels.. contexts. instructional composition and dynamic presentation of eLearning content based on standard objects.the hypermedia learning Object system is a Content Management System for elearning material. FHTW Berlin and link-lab [1]. self-consistent content units became standardised 2002 as IEEE LOM eLearning objects (eLOs). semantic density and other specifications. self-consistent presentation of a self-contained subject matter in multiple types (slides. History The prototype of the hylOs system was presented at the international workshop for blended learning in Villach in 2002. hylOs is one of the first systems. structure. however there is no literature demonstrating that reuse actually happens with learning objects. A basis for reusable learning objects was established. Various access paths admit the usage of suitable didactic models. logic and appearance based on XML technology. In addition presented hyperlinks can be chosen according to freely definable semantic decorated 'link contexts'. To relax this comparatively complex process hylOs was developed. The company spin-off started 2006. the authoring and use of learning material has undergone a shift in paradigm. associative rules driven by individual inquiries.e. long text. hylOs is an outcome of the cooperation of HAW Hamburg.Hylos 215 Hylos hylOs . Authoring eLearning objects (eLOs) needs the aggregated. but multiple. Additional features of hylOs • • • • • • Management of bibliography and glossary Bibtex import and export Mathematical formulas with Mathml multi-user system Classification of paragraphs Embedding of arbitrary multimedia objects .

of Comp. Landow: The rhetoric of hypermedia: some rules for authors. Troncy. pdf [3] http:/ / www. net [2] http:/ / image. G. A. V. Hildebrand. Workshop on Semantic Web Annotations for Multimedia (SWAMM). D. 39-64. R. Intern. Van Ossenbruggen. T. Stamou. In: Journ. External links • link-lab Homepage [1] • hylOs project web page [3] References [1] http:/ / www. S. 1989.Hylos 216 Bibliography • G. Nr. Lange. link-lab. Schmidt: Reasoning about eLearning Multimedia Objects [2]. 1. in Higher Education. C. ntua. 2006. 1. • M. Tzouvaras (Hrsg.P. org .): Proc. Engelhardt. Bd. hylos. of WWW 2006. In: J. gr/ swamm2006/ resources/ paper06.

The UK/Ireland office is located in Bournemouth. analysis. It was founded in 1987 as Micrografx and acquired by Corel Corporation in 2001. and systems with corporate goals and strategies. Software & Programming 1987 Headquarters Tualatin. a division of Corel Type Industry Founded Inc. was integrated into the Corel portfolio. iGrafx) Ed Maddock (Vice President. More than 1 million licences have been shipped worldwide. resources.igrafx. It is considered one of the global market leaders in its field. Engineering) Bill Keenan (Vice President. iGrafx® IDEF0®: Add-on environment for iGrafx product family for creating IDEF0 diagrams • .iGrafx 217 iGrafx iGrafx. iGrafx® Enterprise Modeler® for SAP®: All the functionality in iGrafx Enterprise Modeler® plus analysis and reporting capabilities highlighting the impact of SAP to the business as well as an SAP-specific user interface for working with the SAP process landscape. the former Micrografx graphics product line. Dorset. iGrafx today is an independent business unit of Corel with its main headquarters in Tualatin.[3] The main product line provides helps businesses with process improvement. modeling and diagramming software iGrafx® Process™: Process analysis. Operations) Armin Trautner (Managing Director EMEA) www. lean. compliance as well as IT service management and enterprise architecture. simulation and optimization. iGrafx® Process Central®: Server software for centrally managing all process-related information iGrafx® Enterprise Central® & iGrafx Enterprise Modeler®: Enterprise modeling solution for aligning company processes. including Micrografx Picture Publisher and Micrografx Designer. near Munich. iGrafx® Process™ for SAP®: All of the functionality in iGrafx® Process for Enterprise Modeling™ plus extensions for the SAP environment. Oregon and the European and Middle East headquarters in Karlsfeld.[4] Current products • • • • • • • • iGrafx® FlowCharter®: Process mapping.com [2] Website iGrafx a vendor of software for business process modeling. quality and risk management. modeling and simulation software iGrafx® Process™ for Six Sigma: Process analysis and simulation software for Six Sigma professionals iGrafx® Process™ for Enterprise Modeling™: All of the functionality in iGrafx® Process™ and iGrafx® Process™ for Six Sigma plus extensions for complete enterprise modeling. OR. USA Key people [1] Ken Carraher (President. Having been acquired by Corel. six sigma.

uk/ aboutus/ ). ASP and project realization. The products of Infopark focus on the interaction with customers and employees over the Internet. Micrografx Picture Publisher . Micrografx ABC FlowCharter. 8th. igrafx. Company history • • • • • • • 2007 Full service provider for portal and customer relationship management 2005 Annual Internet Congress iico. igrafx. Shareholders 79% of the shares are held by the founders. Process mapping.uk (UK Website) • http://www. References • iGrafx. 2008 http:/ / www. aspx?vendor=20). Infopark also offers services. professional technical illustration software. Intranet and Extranet. igrafx. modeling and diagramming software. igrafx. 2008 http:/ / www. com/ bpm6/ WebPages/ VendorDetail.igrafx.igrafx. uk/ aboutus/ mgtteam. private limited company 1997 First version of a content management software named NPS (Network Productivity System) 1994 Founded by Stefan Krause and Bernd Völcker in Berlin .co. Picture Publisher and Simply 3D. enabled reading out reference models from SAP Micrografx Graphics Suite . in 1994. Micrografx Enterprise Charter. gartner. For example: training. 21% by investment trusts. 8th. 8th. Infopark is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).A photo editor. In addition to software products. Germany.com (US Website) Infopark Infopark AG Infopark AG was founded in Berlin. URL date Dec.Combination of Designer. 2008 Gartner Agenda Builder (http:/ / agendabuilder. co. com/ aboutus/ External links • http://www. com/ About iGrafx (http:/ / www. URL date Dec. URL date Dec. Flowcharter.iGrafx 218 Past products • • • • • Micrografx Designer.com [2] • About iGrafx [5] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] iGrafx Management (http:/ / www. today known as Corel Designer. The Company is specialized in web-based information systems. including portal and knowledge management 1999 Participation of private investment trusts. htm).de hosted for the first time by Infopark 2004 "NPS" was renamed as "Infopark CMS Fiona" 2001 Expansion of business activities. co.

IonPanel was a strictly open source. with help from other developers. an application capable to producing dynamic websites responding to user input and allowing the website author to quickly create and modify content on that website without the use of conventional tools. IonPanel was later developed as a website engine. The first release was in August 2002. free application. manage and publish content without specialist-knowledge. Intranet and Extranet presences. based upon the v76 Content Management System. Development has since been discontinued. Criticisms • not open source • less strong outside Germany Customers SES Astra Air Liquide German Bundestag State Government of Luxembourg IonPanel IonPanel was a website management system written using PHP and MySQL. Employees can efficiently create. IonPanel initially began as a small PHP application designed to store and publish news on a website. . Instead a new from-scratch design was developed.27 were prototypes. and IonPanel soon attracted a loyal following. and influences from both SACMS and GF-admin.Infopark 219 CMS The Infopark Content Management System (Infopark CMS Fiona) has been specifically developed for large Internet. but the code was rewritten and replaced by early 2002. IonPanel 0.23 and 0.

Austria Southlake. Italy and Germany. which is sold today also by IBM under the label InfoPrint Designer 1991 Restructuring of the business under a Swiss Group Holding to facilitate international growth 1991 Incorporation of US headquarters in Dallas. com Employees Website ISIS Papyrus is a Swiss-based commercial software development group that sells its products in 42 countries either directly or through business partners. Texas 1992 Opening of the newly built office building in Ma. ISIS Papyrus specializes in standard software products for consolidated customer communication and process optimization solutions for enterprise organizations in the financial. Pucher as an IBM Business Partner for S/370 in Austria 1990 Introduction of OverView AFP Designer for graphical forms design. business correspondence. History 1988 ISIS Information Systems GmbH founded by Annemarie and Max J.000 enterprise and government customers worldwide who are using their solutions for process improvement. Software development is performed in Austria. Texas. utility. document capture and archiving. 14 subsidiaries and three development centers ISIS Papyrus supports more than 2. Founder & Chief Architect 270 (January 2009) http:/ / www. insurance and public sectors. Enzersdorf. Pucher . healthcare. Founder & CEO [1] Max J.ISIS Papyrus 220 ISIS Papyrus ISIS Papyrus Type Industry Private company Software Headquarters Maria Enzersdorf. With 16 worldwide offices. e-mail. Postscript and IPDS 1996 Introduction of Papyrus PrintPool for document output management . multi-channel output. United States Singapore Key people Annemarie Pucher. isis-papyrus. telecommunications. Austria 1993 Incorporation of Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore 1994 Introduction of Papyrus Designer and DocEXEC for dynamically paginating business documents such as invoices and policies 1995 Introduction of Papyrus Print Server to transform AFP printstreams to different printers such as PCL3/4/5.

ISIS Papyrus
1998 Introduction of the Papyrus WebArchive as a standalone product 1998 Incorporation of ISIS Papyrus Italy SRL for software development in Ivrea 1999 Acquisition of Improx AG, a provider of document capture, imaging and OCR technology 2001 Introduction of the Papyrus Platform using the Papyrus Objects architecture for integration, content and process management with the WebRepository 2001 Opening of the newly built office for the US headquarters in Southlake, Texas 2002 Acquisition of ÖDAF GmbH, a German software company with its TEXID product line 2003 Introduction of the Papyrus WebPortal for the Papyrus Platform 2003 Opening of the fully restored Villa Solaro as office building in Ivrea, Italy 2004 Integration of Papyrus WebArchive into the Papyrus Platform 2005 Introduction of an integrated single-sign-on technology for the Papyrus Platform with SmartCard and fingerprint user authentication 2006 Introduction of the User-Trained Agent (UTA), a patented functionality of Papyrus that uses transductive training to enable Complex Event Processing (CEP) 2007 Announcement of Papyrus Platform V7 with Activity Recorder, Natural Language Rules and Papyrus EYE GUI technology, a Rich Internet Application using Flash, Ajax or iPhone 2007 Opening of the fully restored Watership Barn as office building in Kingsclere, UK 2008 20th anniversary 2008 Annemarie Pucher nominated finalist [2] for Stevie Lifetime Achievement Award for Women in Business 2009 Max Pucher receives Lifetime Achievement Award [3] from Xplor International 2010 Roberto Anzola, Manager R&D, elected to the Board of Directors of the AFP Consortium 2010 Annemarie Pucher receives "Women of Distinction" honors from OutputLinks


Group Structure
ISIS Holding AG, Zug, Switzerland (1991, Privately held parent company) ISIS Papyrus Software AG, Zug Switzerland (1991) ISIS Information Systems GmbH, Ma. Enzersdorf, Austria (1988) ISIS Marketing Service GmbH (1991) ISIS Papyrus America, Inc., Southlake, TX (1992) ISIS Papyrus Deutschland GmbH, Düsseldorf, BRD (2002) ISIS Papyrus Asia Pacific Ltd., Singapore (1993) ISIS Papyrus UK Ltd., Kingsclere (1997)

ISIS Papyrus ISIS Papyrus Italy SRL, Ivrea (1998) ISIS Papyrus France S.A., Paris (2005) ISIS Toth SL, Madrid, Spain (1997, Joint venture) ISIS Papyrus Netherlands SA, (2008) ISIS Papyrus Nordics ApS, Denmark (2009)


Common Applications
Most common applications implemented with Papyrus: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • High volume billing for utilities, telecoms, mail order business, insurance Account and investment statements, client reporting for bank customers Insurance policies and claims processing Document scanning, capture and extraction for bank transfer slips Inbound invoice processing Content management Mortgage selling and customer care New customer sign-on in banking Correspondence template creation Underwriting Employee on-boarding Policy management Grant management Wealth management Loan application Virtual patient record Revenue cycle management Adaptive case management

ISIS Papyrus Business Concepts
According to interviews with the principals on the World Business Review with Caspar Weinberger [4], the ISIS Papyrus Group has a strong customer focus. Also recently, Chief Architect Max J. Pucher stated in an article in the Fort Worth Business Press [5] that quality rather than cost reduction must be the management focus at all times to ensure customer loyalty. In an interview in the German BIT magazine Annemarie Pucher said that revenue is not a business target but rather achieving a balanced triangle between customers, employees and owners. ISIS Papyrus only delivers standard software. It never customizes this software for a particular client. Enhancements are always part of the standard product delivery. ISIS Papyrus does also not offer any APIs (application programming interfaces) because they create a rigid structure with the customer and are not portable between operating system platforms. All modules are developed in C++ operating system independent source code and do not use platform specific libraries such as MS-MFC or similar. Therefore all modules are identical on all platforms.[6] ISIS Papyrus has a degressive pricing model for multiple copies rather than offering arbitrary discounts from the list price. All customers receive those same discounts. ISIS Papyrus offers a maintenance agreement that protects the investment into the software. Software under maintenance can be traded in for new products or switched to other operating systems for the difference in list price. The maintenance does in most cases include ALL software upgrades AND version changes. The maintenance also includes the support of the Project Quality Assurance, a team that supports the customers in the implementation and early production phase.[7]

ISIS Papyrus ISIS Papyrus has a professional certification program [8] for its consultants and its business partners resulting in a large international group of consultants that perform customer projects.[9]


Technology & Innovation
One of the most important innovations of ISIS Papyrus was the mandatory use of an electronic document format for document management rather than driving the printers directly. The ISIS concept is to make the application program independent of the printer hardware. In 1994 that step was a true innovation. Lacking any other well documented format ISIS used the IBM AFP datastream format that is still in widespread use for high volume applications. The most important benefit of using such a format was the standardization of all document resources such as fonts, images and forms and therefore the ability to chose the print destination and print technology only at time of print. Till today other vendors generate only one print stream at a time and thus supply no electronic original that could be post-processed and archived. PDF has partly taken the role of the electronic original since it has been standardized as PDF/A. PDF is still not well suited for very high-volume applications. The key difference to other DOM (Document Output Management) vendors is the script-based formatting language defined in the fully graphical Papyrus Designer. Formatting throughput is up to 50 million pages per hour. Approximately 50% of all documents supplied with issued American Credit Cards are formatted with the Papyrus formatting engine at the largest service organizations [10]. In 1997 ISIS started to provide the Papyrus Client, a user interactive front-end for letter generation that is fully compatible to the DocEXEC formatting engine. It became immediately apparent that providing users with interactive document capabilities requires to control the related document process. Customers developed their own user interfaces or integrated the Papyrus Client into workflow scenarios with a huge effort. ISIS decided to provide an extremely flexible application front-end to reduce the development effort and provide tightly integrated change management for content and process applications. This architecture was named Papyrus Objects. To manage this application environment a central facility was needed which was named Papyrus WebRepository. While the Papyrus Objects architecture was initially provided as a front-end workflow mechanism, over the years it turned into a powerful platform because of customer needs. The first large installations were done in 2001. The applications capabilities were marketed into the document management arena as 'The Document Switchboard'. With the addition of a rules engine, data federation adapters, the WebPortal and full versioning the system is now referred to as 'The Papyrus Platform' for content and process management. In 1999 ISIS Papyrus acquired the Document Capture specialist Improx AG, whose Machine Learning Document Classification technology was then integrated into the Papyrus Platform, making ISIS the very first vendor to propose an Inbound-Process-Outbound ECM (Enterprise Content Management) scenario in 2001. The backbone of the ISIS Papyrus Platform is a distributed object-relational database which is configured automatically by object definitions in WebRepository. Through its patented object-oriented Enterprise Service Bus bus it communicates with all servers and PCs in a network independently of the operating system. It enables versioned changes of object definitions throughout the system from a single point. The ISIS Papyrus Platform enables in the terms of Forrester Research dynamic business applications.[11] Studies have shown that this architecture saves huge amounts of maintenance costs in typical enterprise applications [12] by reducing application development time, change management, business agility and empowers non-technical users to adapt business processes and content as needed without involving IT experts. Other studies have recognized the rich features of the ISIS Papyrus solutions for specific applications such as the Automated Document Factory[13] and TransPromo,[14] respectively. At the same time authors have acknowledged the importance of the integrated flexible workflow capabilities of ISIS Papyrus.[15] In 2010 ISIS Papyrus became a foundational sponsor of OASIS - the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. They are a member of the OASIS Technical Committee for CMIS, which is fully

ISIS Papyrus implemented in the underlying technology of Papyrus.[16] 2010 saw also the release of the first application for iPhone/iPod and iPad.


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External links
• ISIS Papyrus Homepage (http://www.isis-papyrus.com) • Welcome to the Real World! (http://isismjpucher.wordpress.com/), politically incorrect thoughts on IT by Max J. Pucher, founder and Chief Architect of ISIS Papyrus • ISIS Papyrus Platform Architecture (http://isispapyrus.wordpress.com/) The Chief Architect’s News Blog • The ISIS Times Online (http://isis-times.com/) • Die ISIS Times Online (German Edition) (http://isistimesgerman.wordpress.com/) • Adaptive Case Management (http://www.adaptive-case-management.com/)

jadu. The company is [1] based in the UK.NET.0. Jadu's Head of Design and User Interface Lee Pilmore was the designer responsible for Lichfield District Council[5] becoming the first UK Local Authority to win a Webby Award Official Honoree status[6] and The City of Edinburgh Council website.[3] With this new framework under . which was awarded a top 4-star rating as "the best Local Government Website in Scotland"[7] by SOCITM. Jadu CMS (or any other PHP based applications) and the front end web templates are compiled down to two DLLs. . The system was first developed for the Department of Trade and Industry (now Department of Energy and Climate Change) for the UK consultation portal for Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy. Jadu have funded and are supporting the development of Phalanger. the system was deployed at the beginning of the first acceptance and adoption of open source platforms within Government. In 2008. an environmental portal managed by geological and oceanographic specialists Geotek. Jadu as a company has a cross platform approach. Jadu CMS can be extended in C# or any other . Jadu launched a . with an operating company focused on professional services and support in the USA.bringing together two fiercely competitive programming disciplines together making PHP interoperable with the . net Jadu is a software company based in the United Kingdom and United States and a proprietary web content management system of the same name.0 and .NET compliant binary of the Jadu CMS supporting IIS. preferring to develop its software to be agnostic in terms of operating platform and development framework. search and publishing.NET framework.NET support as well as other upgrades to PHP support in .[4] . see Prunus salicina. used for non-technical management of web based content. Type Industry Founded Private limited company by shares Software 1999 Headquarters Leicester Products Website Content Management System http:/ / www.NET 2. data and electronic documents.NET framework. including leading the development of VisualStudio.NET 3. In 2001 the system was redeveloped in PHP and MySQL and a Version 2 was deployed for UK Government and Local Authorities.Jadu 225 Jadu For the plum.0 framework using the Phalanger which compiles PHP to CLR (Microsoft's Common Language Runtime) effectively [2] enabling any PHP application to run natively under the . and using XForms. Company history The company was founded by Suraj Kika and Richard Chamberlain in 1999. The software developed for the Offshore-SEA website. Using the Phalanger compiler.NET compiled language using Visual Studio. MS SQL and the . then became Jadu Content Management Engine Version 1 — and was implemented for scientific organisations in the UK as a means to publish complex electronic documents generated in MS Word and PDF formats.NET 2. Jadu also develops other web applications related to document management. Jadu Limited. Based on the e-GIF standards.

Jadu's design for Kettering Borough Council (designed by Lee Pilmore) was nominated a finalist for the CSS category in the SXSW (South by South West) awards . which includes Semantic Web frameworks and a public API called 'MyJadu API'.Jadu In 2007. Jadu Rupa for Google Search Appliance (Enterprise Search) In 2005. Jadu in collaboration with some of its customers. Jadu launched the 1. The new version upgrade also introduced the concept of social 'directories' enabling structured data records to be either mass imported into the system and/or submitted by users of sites run by the Jadu CMS.NET Framework. Jadu CMS. called Jadu Rupa for Google Search Appliance[18] which integrates with Active Directory and LDAP. directories. is a suite of non-technical web based content management application which covers publishing. Jadu launched Manchester City Council's website using the Jadu CMS. The Jadu Twitter client provides content management with drafts and workflow approval for corporate tweets.for "pushing the boundaries of CSS coding technology. which won the BT Online Excellence award as the Best Local Government website in Britain. The plugin makes election result data available as RDFa. executives from Jadu were invited to a private round table discussion with UK Prime Minister.[12] In April 2009. released an Election Results plugin for the Jadu CMS to its government user base to promote the use of Opendata in government. Jadu announced a social media module for the Jadu CMS which provides integration to the Twitter micro-blogging social network. as a GEP partner and delivered Google Search Appliance systems into various UK Government organisations. Linux and Solaris. HR. productivity and workflow.8 version upgrade to the Jadu CMS (named 'Clearwater' by the company). David Cameron[10] to consult with Jadu over barriers to business growth in the UK[11] 226 Products Jadu CMS The company's core product.[16] [17] Jadu also developed a software authentication system and user interface for the Google Search Appliance. . search.[9] In January 2011. The Google Mini and Google Search Appliance are the default search products integrated with the Jadu CMS.[15] Jadu Content Management itself is a proprietary system. Jadu Rupa provides a management user interface within the Jadu CMS framework. bringing together top-notch design and content with standards compliant and accessible code"[8] In 2008. Jadu joined Google Inc. e-payments. Its architecture is cross platform and runs in Windows and the . retail store management and e-forms.[13] [14] In April 2010. In December 2008.

. . VNU. com/ business/ employment/ news_release. 2011-01-07. [15] "Local authorities adopt ‘open data’ standards for election result data" (http:/ / www. gov. php). [4] Muncaster. PublicTechnology. Recently.Jadu 227 Jadu Galaxies (CMS deployment system) In 2006. Phil (2008-11-28). uk/ 2008/ 12/ php-and-net-a-t. .a third way?" (http:/ / blog. [11] "Prime Minister consults with Jadu over barriers to business growth in the UK" (http:/ / www.NET closer together" (http:/ / www. [9] "Manchester City Council: Delivering 'best local council web site in Britain'" (http:/ / www. cmswire. Benny (2008) " Jadu gets PHP and .[22] Manchester City Council[23] and the Edinburgh City Council. online product management and integration to back office systems[25] Directgov. php). who having signed a 3 year agreement with Jadu to deliver the Jadu CMS and Galaxies deployment system as well as the Jadu. . uk) [6] "Lichfield District Council wins Webby Awards Official Honoree status" (http:/ / www. 2006-05-02. Jadu developed the Jadu Galaxies content management system.[20] Also notable are The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Phil (2009-04-15). net/ modules. [8] "SXSW Web Awards Finalists" (http:/ / 2007. com/ vnunet/ news/ 2231564/ php-net-step-closer). . com/ interactive/ web_awards/ finalists/ ). uk/ strategy-and-policy-/ 3010199/ Local-authorities-adopt- open-data-standards-for-election-result-data). com/ vnunet/ news/ 2240379/ jadu-rolls-twitter-module).Net . "Jadu CMS Gets More Social With Twitter Integration" (http:/ / www. Geoff (2009-04-16).[21] Other users of note include The Alzheimer's Society. City of Edinburgh Council. 2 December 2008. [13] Muncaster. co. Notable users Jadu's customers tend to be substantially sized organisations. Information World Review. . 2010-07-30. cmswire. CMS Wire. publictechnology. starting with the Leeds University Library.[19] Jadu XForms Professional (Forms deployment system) Jadu XForms Professional provides a non-technical framework for complex forms development. "Jadu rolls out Twitter module" (http:/ / www. VNU.[24] Socitm (Society of Information Technology Management). php). . 2010-04-29.NET product across their organisations global websites. CMS Wire. [10] "Cameron seated at table speaking to Jadu executives" (http:/ / www. 2007-03-30. . UK government's digital service for people in England and Wales announced that it was using the Jadu XForms Professional online forms system to implement accessible online forms within the Directgov website. vnunet. com/ cms/ web-cms/ jadu-cms-gets-more-social-with-twitter-integration-004370. lichfielddc. com/ shotlist/ ITN/ 2011/ 01/ 05/ R05011109/ ?v=1& a=0). Jason (2008-12-16). uk/ news/ article/ 393/ edinburgh_ranked_best_in_scotland_for_council_website). 2008-03-07. 2011-01-05.NET system across the University. accessibility and functionality. itnsource. retrieved 7 December 2009 [3] Muncaster. com/ cms/ web-cms/ jadu-heads-to-the-us-with-its-transactional-web-cms-008196. who are also implementing the Jadu. cmswire. . Jadu announced the University of Leeds (one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom). [14] Spick.[26] References [1] "Jadu Heads to the US With Its Transactional Web CMS" (http:/ / www. uk/ 608829/ jadu-gets-php-and-net-talking)". co. it-director. an organisation which tests and benchmarks Local Government websites for usability.com. Phil (2008-12-14). XForms Professional connects to back office systems (such as CRM) and e-payments systems to enable accessible transactional forms. net/ modules. online forms system. co. iwr. edinburgh. selected Jadu to implement their website. ITPRO. . iwr. [2] Har-Even. php?op=modload& name=News& file=article& sid=4896).net. PublicTechnology. . sxsw. com/ cms/ web-cms/ jadu-updates-web-cms-with-social-computing-003677. .net. gov. html). Information World Review. . [12] Harris. itpro. "Jadu Updates Web CMS with Social Computing" (http:/ / www. "PHP and . "Jadu brings PHP and . php?op=modload& name=News& file=article& sid=14598). vnunet. publictechnology. ITN News. .NET talking (http:/ / www. CMS Wire. sxsw. 2011-03-01. php?rel=22326). [5] Lichfield District Council (http:/ / www. [7] "Edinburgh ranked best in Scotland for Council website" (http:/ / www.

org.net) . co. it-analysis. 2007-11-13. publictechnology. alzheimers. com/ Articles/ 2008/ 01/ 29/ 229112/ royal-institution-of-chartered-surveyors-deploys-content-managment. Computer Weekly. computerweekly. PublicTechnology. htm). Kim (2006-03-10). . co. 2009-10-14. iwr. IT Analysis. com/ Articles/ 2007/ 09/ 20/ 226908/ manchester-council-launches-high-accessibility-web-2. .com. silicon. [23] Savvas. "Manchester council launches ‘high accessibility’ Web 2. publictechnology. [25] "SOCITM selects Jadu as web transformation partner" (http:/ / www. . com) [20] Best. . computerweekly.jadu. com/ applications/ 0. "New CMS Leeds to uni's grassroots takeover" (http:/ / software.00. [22] "Charity launches new and improved dementia website" (http:/ / www. uk/ rupa) [19] Jadu Galaxies (http:/ / www. [18] Jadu Rupa for Google Search Appliance (http:/ / www.39024653. . uk/ information-world-review/ news/ 2151715/ councils-roll-google-mini-back). uk/ site/ scripts/ press_article. 228 External links • Official UK company website (http://www. Warwick (2008-01-29). 2006-02-07. Alzheimers' Society.Jadu [16] Thomas. 2011-02-18.Net. Jo (2009-01-19). htm). [17] "Google enterprise search installed for 12 councils in under 4 months" (http:/ / www. php?articleID=174). net/ modules. [26] "Directgov website to use web form solutions to boost online services" (http:/ / www. net/ content/ 21577). .39380102. Computer Weekly. 0. Information World Review. . php?op=modload& name=News& file=article& sid=4407). Antony (2007-09-20). [24] "City of Edinburgh Council partners with Jadu for 'world class' customer experience delivery" (http:/ / www. "Councils roll out Google Mini on back of Jadu CMS" (http:/ / www. "Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors deploys content management system" (http:/ / www. iwr. jadu. jadugalaxies.0 website" (http:/ / www. htm). . Information World Review. Silicon. [21] Ashford. . 2008-09-17.net. uk/ news-and-reference/ 3010745/ Directgov-website-to-use-web-form-solutions-to-boost-online-services). php?rel=7573). co. PublicTechnology. com/ business/ innovation/ news_release.

9 / July 1. jCore is a multi site web content management system build especially for webmasters (using the well known LAMP environment) who have to maintain multiple websites for their clients and they would like to keep the source codes up to date and easily fix bugs for all clients at once. no programming skills are required for basic website installation and administration. From the start it has been made public under the GPL license. net jCore is a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. jCore Server . It is still a project in its early stage but should support most of a normal website needs and with third party modules (coming soon) this should get even a wider audience Core modules jCore includes support for modules. Community and Blog software GNU General Public License version 2+ http:/ / jcore. just copy the files in a public place where all your client sites can access it and that's it. In multi site setup you don't even have to install jCore server. It can run on any computing platform that supports both a web server capable of running PHP version 5.1+ (including Apache. It can be used as a back-end system for many different types of websites. 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Type License Website PHP Cross-platform Content management framework. the core modules (which can be enabled by the administrator to extend the functionality of the core website) include together with the system features: . Content management system. Although jCore offers a sophisticated programming interface for developers. This way when you upgrade to a new version you just overwrite the old jCore server files with the new ones and all your client sites are already "upgraded". Think of jCore server as the software library for your site/program and jCore client as the website that you show to the public. ranging from small personal blogs to large corporate sites. Lighttpd) and a database (such as MySQL) to store content and settings. and jCore Client . just like you would build a program by using a library. History jCore has been started as a personal project by Istvan Petres who wanted a system that can support multiple clients with one core system to update. jCore has two main systems.which holds all the libraries and modules you can build on.JCore 229 JCore Original author(s) Initial release Stable release Istvan Petres July 2009 0.which is the stripped version of the core system without any libraries as it uses the ones from the core.

"www.0 Layout Multilanguage Support • Dynamic Forms • Multi-site support • Brute Force Protection and Password Trading Protection User profiles • • SEO Friendly Links (for example.example.com/products" rather than "www.example.Partial Classes Newsletter • • • • • • • Content Management • • • • Various access control restrictions Content Codes Template Manager Shopping Items with • multiple CC Processors Photo Gallery Video Gallery Polls (voting) .com/?menuid=1") Multi-level menu system File Sharing • Multi-user content • creation and editing RSS Feed and Feed • Aggregator API .JCore 230 • Dynamic Web 2.

and was renamed SBS in March 2009. wikis.5 or better) is installed. or "Social Business Software" (formerly known as Clearspace) is a commercial Java EE-based Enterprise 2.3 or better recommended) Microsoft SQL Server (2005 or better recommended) • Environment • Jive recommends a server with at least 4GB of RAM and a dualcore 2 GHz processor. blogs.Jive SBS 231 Jive SBS Jive SBS Developer(s) Stable release Jive Software 5. and integration with the Spring framework. From a user perspective. Solaris • Application Servers Jive ships with its own embedded Apache HTTPD and Tomcat servers as part of the install package.SBS users have reported successful deployment in both shared environments and multiple machine clusters. Other features include RSS capability.2. It is not possible to deploy the application onto other appservers • Databases • • • • MySQL (4.[3] Jive SBS integrates the functionality of online communities. JAX-WS web service interoperability.com [2] Jive SBS.0 collaboration and knowledge management tool produced by Jive Software. personal user profiles. . etc) can later be retrieved through use of a common search interface. social networking. • SBS easily integrates with an LDAP repository or Active Directory. It was first released as "Clearspace" in 2006. discussion forums. It does not require a dedicated server .1 or better recommended) Oracle (10. The product is a pure-Java server-side web application and will run on any platform where Java (JDK 1.0 or better recommended) Postgres (8. Jive SBS Server Requirements • Operating Systems • Linux. input is fairly format-agnostic as collaborative content placed into any system (blog. email integration. a reputation and reward system for participation. documentation.jivesoftware. and IM under one unified user interface. wiki. microblogging.0 [1] Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Knowledge management Proprietary www. • For optimal deployment with a large community Jive recommends: • dedicated cache and document conversion servers be used • The application and database servers be hosted separately.

archiving. US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM). The records maintained within this archive are available for Action Officers (AOs) on the Joint Staff to conduct research as a part of processing current business actions on the staff.Jive SBS 232 References [1] https:/ / community. jivesoftware.com/article2/0. all the staff's directorates. the Director (DJS). Information Management Division has approximately thirty personnel divided into two branches: the Records. US Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM). US European Command (USEUCOM). Virginia (USA). Additionally. this branch is charged by the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer[3] with records management oversight responsibility for the offices of the Top Five. . com/ collaboration/ ?p=388). The other division is called Actions Division (AD) which manages the daily workflow of the staff. and NATO document management. the Assistant to the Chairman. and content management.00. They are also available for the Joint Staff History Office to prepare official historical accounts of the actions of the Joint Staff. but all other personnel are civilians. Official records of the Joint Staff and combatant commands are managed in accordance with . with oversight of the Records Management Program (RMP) of all combatant commands. US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM).com/news/showArticle. Records.[1] Mission: To support the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by providing information management services that include Joint Staff and Combatant Command records management policy and oversight.wikimatrix. • Infoworld (http://www.pcmag. although the actual record copy of all actions is maintained as a paper file. forms. Research and Content Branch This branch maintains the corporate archive of record of the top five general officers of the Joint Staff: The Chairman (CJCS).org/show/Clearspace) Joint Staff Information Management Division (United States) The Joint Staff Information Management Division (IMD) is one of two divisions which make up the Joint Staff Secretariat (SJS) of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff currently located in the Pentagon in Arlington. The division also has a military officer as a deputy with the rank of O-5. US Special Operations Command (USSOCCOM).com/products) • WikiMatrix Description of Clearspace (http://www.2704. and the new US Africa Command (USAFRICOM) which achieved full fledged Unified Combatant Command status in October 2008. US Pacific Command (USPACOM). com/ blogs/ jivespace/ 2011/ 06/ 30/ release-day-jive-500 [2] http:/ / www.informationweek. The division chief position is held by a Department of Defense civil servant of GS-15 pay grade.jivesoftware.jhtml?articleID=199900363) • PCMagazine (http://www. and. directives. mandatory and automatic declassification and security reviews. US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM).asp) External links • Jive products page (http://www. zdnet." The VDJS is dual hatted as the Director of Management of the Joint Staff. the Vice Chairman (VCJCS).[4] These commands include: US Central Command (USCENTCOM). com/ products [3] "All that Jive: Putting the 'social' into business software" (http:/ / blogs. They are referred to collectively as the "Top Five. jivesoftware. staff action research. and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request processing. and the Declassification Branch (DB). The SJS falls within the Joint Staff's Directorate of Management (DOM)[2] headed by an officer of 2-star flag rank. An electronic searchable archive of these actions is maintained within internal staff electronic servers for AO convenience. Research and Content Branch (RRCB). a mix of federal and contract workers. and Vice Director (VDJS). on behalf of the CJCS.2107158.

jcs.mil/) CJCS Directives Electronic Library (http://www. in effect. dtic. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Joint Staff Action Processing Instruction (http:/ / www.archives. pdf) [7] Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual 5760.html) • Information Security Oversight Office • Public Interest Declassification Board • Military of the United States Portal . defenselink.[8] It also maintains an official repository of NATO documents for staff reference.Joint Staff Information Management Division (United States) internally developed policy[5] and procedures[6] using a disposition schedule [7] which has been approved by the Archivist of the United States--which makes it law. 233 Declassification Branch This branch processes Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and conducts declassification review of Joint Staff records as part of the Automatic Declassification requirements mandated by Executive Order 12958 as amended.01 Volume II . mil/ whs/ directives/ corres/ pdf/ 501502p. mil/ pubs/ foi/ dfoipo/ ) Additional information • • • • • Official Joint Chiefs of Staff Home Page (United States) (http://www. pdf) [8] Joint Staff Manual . at which time NARA assumes physical and legal custody of those records which have been deemed permanent. dtic. Records are managed by the Joint Staff or originating combatant command's records officer throughout their lifecycle until the disposition schedule calls for them to be accessioned to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).gov/) Legal Basis for Federal Records Management (hosted by NARA) (http://www.htm) Official Department of Defense Web Site (United States) (http://www. dtic. as well as Security Reviews of scholarly works with potential Joint Staff classified equities written by DOD members for publication or for educational purposes. html) Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (http:/ / www. The branch conducts Mandatory Declassification Reviews (MDRs) when required outside of FOIA. mil/ cjcs_directives/ cdata/ unlimit/ 5760_01. and J-Directorate Directives (http:/ / www. Members of the public who wish access to Joint Staff records must make their requests via the DOD's Freedom of Information Office. pdf) Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual 5760.gov/about/laws/ fed-agencies.01 (http:/ / www. mil/ cjcs_directives/ jdata/ unlimit/ i571101. mil/ cjcs_directives/ cdata/ unlimit/ m576001v2.mil/cjcs_directives/index. dtic.01 Volume I .archives. dtic. pdf) Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 5760. Finally. the Records.defenselink. Joint Staff. The Declassification Branch is also bound to protect classified information to protect the security interests of the country and its citizens both at home and abroad.2 (http:/ / www. the RRC Branch maintains the system of directives for the Joint Staff. dod. jcs. mil/ cjcs_directives/ jdata/ unlimit/ j570101. pdf) Joint Staff Directorate of Management (http:/ / www.mil/) Official National Archives and Records Administration Web Site (United States) (http://www. shtml) Department of Defense Directive 5015. mil/ cio-nii/ index. whether they be civilian or military.Formats and Procedures for Development of CJCS.Procedures (http:/ / www.[9] This group of government and contract civilians works to insure the public has access to Joint Staff unclassified information as an informed (and supportive) polity is critical for successful democratic government.dtic. Research and Content Branch is responsible for Enterprise Content Management policy for the Joint Staff.Disposition Schedule (http:/ / www. pdf) [9] Department of Defense Freedom of Information Office (http:/ / www. mil/ cjcs_directives/ cdata/ unlimit/ m576001v1. mil/ dom/ index. dtic. Also.

Spanish GPL v2 [2] Journalness is an content management system. tar?use_mirror=easynews [2] http:/ / journalness.net/) . 0.Journalness 234 Journalness Journalness Journalness v4.[3] References [1] http:/ / downloads. designed for bloggers and journalists. sourceforge. net/ [3] http:/ / journalness.1. net/ External links • Official Website (http://journalness.1 screenshot Original author(s) Initial release Stable release Drew Withers. sourceforge.1.1 / October 23. 2008 Development status Inactive Written in Operating system Available in License Website PHP. JavaScript Cross-platform English. Todd West [1] February 7. 2004 4. net/ journalness/ journalness-1.sourceforge. sourceforge.

Firefox 3+. JavaScript and ActionScript and uses SQLite as a database. Retrieved 2011-07-16. Jumbo was accepted on the website opensourcecms. php?scriptid=547& name=Jumbo).com/scripts/details.php?scriptid=547&name=Jumbo) . Opera 8+) Flash player References [1] "Sourceforge Jumbo Project Page" (http:/ / sourceforge. modset.Jumbo Website Manager 235 Jumbo Website Manager Jumbo Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Modset June 2011 1. net/ docsinstallationguide. Jumbo falls into the content management system and website builder categories as it possesses key features which can be observed in both types of systems.1. 2011 Development status Active Operating system Size Type License Website Cross-platform 7. 2011. .0 or higher SQLite Up-to-date JavaScript and Cookies enabled browser (Internet Explorer 8+.net/projects/jumbo/) • Jumbo on opensourceCMS (http://php. net/ projects/ jumbo/ ). net/ Jumbo Website Manager is an open source web application that allows the creation and management of small to medium websites. On July 18. .[2] Jumbo was written in PHP.3 / July 17. [2] "Jumbo OpensourceCMS Page" (http:/ / php.net. php). Retrieved 2011-07-28. System Requirements Jumbo is designed to run on a web host. .4 MB (archived) Content management system GNU General Public License http:/ / modset. com/ scripts/ details. [3] "Jumbo Installation Documentation Page" (http:/ / modset. modset. External links • Official Jumbo Website (http://modset.net/) • Official Jumbo project page on Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.com under the CMS/Portals category.opensourcecms. Retrieved 2011-07-16. Chrome. modset. opensourcecms.net. The latest version requires:[3] : • • • • • At least 10 MB of webspace PHP 5.[1] Jumbo focuses on usability by allowing end-users to edit the content of their website without having to go through control panels.net.

including relational databases.Jumper 2.9 / November 15.1. flat file databases. Enterprise bookmarking GNU General Public License jumpernetworks. A stable version of Jumper (version 2.0 Original author(s) Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Steve Perry Jumper Networks 2009 March 26 2.[2] . Inc. Users tag. medical imaging. either inside or outside the firewall. It was publicly announced on 29 September 2008. or data.[3] Jumper is Enterprise 2. and capture the collective knowledge about that content.0 236 Jumper 2.0 Jumper 2. and any network file system.com [1] Jumper 2.[4] It is an interactive.0. is an open source web application script for collaborative search and knowledge management powered by a shared enterprise bookmarking engine that was developed by Jumper Networks.0. mySQL English (many other language versions are available) Collaborative search engine. content management systems.0 software that empowers users to compile and share collaborative bookmarks by crowdsourcing their knowledge. Apache.0. Javascript. . and rate structured data and unstructured data sources.1) was publicly released under the GNU General Public License and was made available on Sourceforge on 26 March 2009 as a free software download. experience and insights using knowledge tags. user-submitted recommendation engine which uses peer and social-networking principles to reference any information located in distributed storage devices.1. media. link. 2010 Development status Active Platform Available in Type License Website PHP.

The software represents a fundamentally new approach to searching structured and semi-structured data using a Web 2. Google Chrome. The tag profile captures knowledge about this resource using social tagging. In addition. media.[7] . Apple Safari.[5] Jumper 2. The full tag profile is returned with the search results. Jumper 2. data. viewers can rate the value. Jumper can.0 lets you search and share high-value content. Jumper can be integrated with LDAP for user and group management. easily be configured to support Oracle database. media. Access to Jumper can be open to the public or controlled by requiring log-in to view some or all of the tag profiles. The ‘tag profile’ is a reference to an information resource located in a remote storage device. Users can purchase installation and support contracts under commercial. or data regardless of format or location.0 runs on any industry standard web server such as Apache. educational. or Zeus Web Servers. expand upon the description. With certain privileges a user can add a comment to the tag profile. including Windows Internet Explorer. Microsoft Internet Information Services.0 is free software under the GPLv2 license. Mozilla Firefox.Jumper 2. media. and Opera.0 via any industry standard browser. or nonprofit licenses. The tag profiles are stored in an interactive knowledge base and search engine.0 is enterprise web-infrastructure for tagging and linking information resources. or people Reference data in any distributed storage system Create true Global Namespaces Build Faceted classification systems User published data profiling Hyperdata linking of distributed data Group-based permissions Object level access controls User and user role management Descriptive tag (metadata) Jumper 2. or link the profile to another information resource. accuracy or completeness of the tag profile. IBM DB2. or data across remote locations using knowledge tags to capture knowledge about the information in distributed storage. Much like a card in a card catalog it is a central reference point to collect and discover information associated with and about distributed information resources.0 front-end where user-created tag profiles bookmark quality information resources. It collects these tags in a tag profile. .0 is a web application written in PHP and Javascript. however.0 237 Features • • • • • • • • • • Search any content. Jumper by default supports storing of the tag profile and associated knowledge tags within MySQL. add new knowledge. and user-created reviews sort out the worthy resources from the inadequate[6] Jumper 2. By clicking on a search result users can view the full tag profile. They can also choose to create a new tag profile that references content. and Microsoft SQL Server as the back-end database. The Search Engine in Jumper is the first thing users see when they access the Jumper Intranet portal. Users access Jumper 2. user contributed experiences add real-world knowledge about the information resources. In addition. Jumper 2.

Jumper 2. 17 April 2009. jini. It was originally developed by Steve Perry from his work as a data integration consultant. jumpernetworks.[8] The software was first presented at the 6th annual JCM Sessions. cfm?articleid=869844)..0 Released under the GPL" (http:/ / www.pdf "Jumper Networks Press Release for Jumper 2.0_Platform. html) [7] Jumper 2. [5] "Jumper 2.[11] Jumper 2. amazines. The Jumper Open Source Project is a community effort.0 News. jumpernetworks. html#resources). led by Jumper Networks. Jumper Networks. not just web pages provides keyword and description tags also provides expanded knowledge tags knowledge tags can be customized to meet specific requirements tag terms can be aligned with corporate taxonomies or data dictionary a tag term is highlighted if it exists in the dictionary – user can click through to read the term group based permissions and easy integration with LDAP Disadvantages What are the differences in Jumper: Jumper is not a typical social networking tool. devoted to building and maintaining the open source version of Jumper[12] . 24 October 2006.0_Platform. • • • • • • • • leverages bookmarking to create a user-submitted index engine allows users to tag any data. jumpernetworks. no blogs or wikis History Jumper was originally created as a project for the Sun Microsystems Jini Community. Inc. John Udell. 6 March 2009. .0 is open source software that was originally developed on Sourceforge. pdf). com/ product. [9] . . [10] "Jini" (http:/ / www. NEWS-Jumper_Networks_Releases_Jumper_2.. com/ developerworks/ wireless/ library/ wi-jini. Sun Microsystems. com/ ). Web 2. Inc. .pdf.0 licensing information (http:/ / www. jumpernetworks. IBM Corporation.[9] Project Jump created a name server storing persistent names for data objects using a system of "natural language addressing" based on descriptive metrics. Jumper Networks. 26 March 2009. Inc. Amazines (Darren Waters). http:/ / www.0 238 Advantages What are the Jumper advantages: Jumper is a specialized Enterprise Social Search tool.. [3] "Jumper Networks Press Release Jumper 2. Inc. [4] "Jumper Product Page" (http:/ / www. jumpernetworks. . 1 July 2002. com/ article_detail.0 Tags the Enterprise" (http:/ / www. jumpernetworks. 3 April 2009. com/ NEWS-Jumper_2. 29 September 2008. ibm.0" (http:/ / www.. com/ article_detail. Notes [1] http:/ / www. com/ [2] NEWS-Jumper_Networks_Releases_Jumper_2. cfm/ 838252?articleid=838252). • • • • • • it does not deploy a tool bar in your web browser users do not share web page bookmarks from their browser bookmark tags are not standard but can be customized bookmarks more than web pages it does not provide user profiles or ask an expert features there are no discussion groups.0 product information (http:/ / www. 0_Released_as_Open-Source. org/ wiki/ 6th_JCM_Sessions.0 Engines: Jumper Networks" (https:/ / www. amazines. [6] Jumper 2. Jumper Networks. com/ license. html) [8] "Enterprise 2. . html). . which have since been adopted by JXTA [10] . com/ product.

html). 8 January 2009.0 Developers Group – new (http://groups.0 product website (http://www. com/ databases-articles/ silo-busters-715794.Jumper 2.com/) Jumper 2.blogspot.jumpernetworks.com/group/jumper-20?lnk=srg&pli=1/) Jumper 2. . Karen Voler.net/projects/jumper/) Jumper 2. net/ projects/ jumper) 239 External links • • • • Jumper 2. Data Storage Magazine.0 a new kind of knowledgebase (http:/ / sourceforge. [12] Sourceforge – Jumper 2.0 open source community website (http://sourceforge.com/) . articlesbase.0 Official blog (http://jumper2-0.google.0 [11] "Silo Busters" (http:/ / www.

German. French.0 community sites. E-commerce Proprietary. 2010 C# ASP. Free Edition www. Spanish.kentico. . [2] Kentico is being used by more than 4000 Web sites in 83 countries. WCMS.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. Polish CMS. on-line stores. Slovak.NET English. Czech.5 / June 7.com [1] Type License Website Kentico CMS is a content management system (CMS) for building web sites. intranets and Web 2. [3] Kentico CMS utilizes ASP. Dutch.Kentico CMS 240 Kentico CMS Kentico CMS Administration interface of Kentico CMS. Original author(s) Developer(s) Stable release Written in Platform Available in Kentico Software Kentico Software 5. Italian.

Czech Republic. it was named the fastest growing young technology company in the Deloitte FAST 50 Rising Stars contest in the Czech Republic with three-year growth of 553 %. E-commerce Networking [9] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • On-line forms Blogs [10] Friends Groups Message boards Notifications [11] Content rating Tagging and categories Media libraries [12] Booking system Content staging E-commerce [13] Event calendar File import Forums Google maps integration Image gallery Knowledge Base and FAQs News and RSS feeds Newsletters Polls Private messaging Reporting RSS Feeds User Contributions (Wiki) Web Analytics Web Farm Synchronization [8] and Social . In 2008. [5] Later the US office was started too [6] . [7] Modules The functionality of Kentico CMS covers three main areas: Content management.Kentico CMS 241 History Kentico CMS is developed by Kentico Software. The company was founded in 2004 by Petr Palas [4] and based in Brno.

ca/ r42-blog/ February-2009/ Kentico-4-0-brings-many-new-features) [12] The Gilbane Group (http:/ / gilbane. com/ news/ 2009/ 02/ kentico_cms_40_combines_content_management_and_social_networking.5 [16] WYSIWYG editor included Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web standards: XHTML. (http:/ / www.NET standard controls and custom controls Supports Visual Studio . kentico. net/ net/ search/ display/ category938.NET Content Management Applications and Tools (http:/ / www.NET and ASP. devasp.cid%3D229209.NET CMS with E-Commerce (http:/ / www. html) [16] DevASP.softpedia.Net ASP. UNICODE and RTL support Flexible design and navigation (drop-down. com/ company. aspx?mid=1492019) [5] Contact Kentico Software (http:/ / www.listingId=1140) [3] PR-inside (http:/ / www.org (http:/ / www. org/ matrix/ cms-matrix?func=viewDetail.com (http:/ / webscripts. aspx) [6] Lupa (http:/ / www. informationweek. InformationWeek (http:/ / www.1002. cz/ tiskove-zpravy/ brnenske-kentico-software-otevira-pobocku-v-usa/ ) [7] Deloitte FAST 50 Rising Stars (http:/ / www.NET versions 2. html) [17] http:/ / www. econtentmag. com/ kentico-cms-4-0-combines-content-management-and-social-networking-r1063399. com/ script/ Content-Management/ Kentico-CMS-29118. cmsmatrix. com/ cms-asp-net-features. aspx .Kentico CMS 242 Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Content management system with workflow. htm) [4] CodeProject: Who's Who at The Code Project. com/ script/ Membership/ Profiles. E-commerce Site) 100+ web parts More features [17] References [1] http:/ / www. codeproject. versioning and permissions Full C# source code available [14] Ajax support Open API Membership and Secured areas Multilingual. vclcomponents. html) [11] r42 (http:/ / www. html) [8] SeaCoastOnline (http:/ / www. r42. deloitte. seacoastonline. WAI Ready-to-use website templates (Corporate Site. html) [13] Kentico Combines . kentico. UL list menu. lupa. pr-inside. aspx?ArticleID=49476& CategoryID=5) [14] Kentico at VCLComponents (http:/ / www.cmsmatrix. tabs) [15] Integration of ASP. com/ cms/ web-cms/ kentico-cms-40-marries-social-networking-and-content-management-003982.00. com/ blog/ main/ archives/ 2009/ 02/ kenticos_latest. com/ ASP_NET/ CMS_Software/ Kentico_CMS-info. com/ dtt/ article/ 0. php) [10] Peter Hagopian. table or CSS layout. kentico. softpedia. cmswire. com/ [2] CMS Matrix . com/ articles/ 20090216-BIZ-902160314) [9] CMSWire (http:/ / www. tree.0 and 3. com/ Articles/ ArticleReader. html) [15] Kentico at webscripts.

Whatever S. is an Enterprise 2. Knowledge Plaza is used as the reference tool for the "Social KM" part of the Enterprise Social Software landscape [3] in USEO's analysis of the market. The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.knowledgeplaza.0 and knowledge management tool which provides a balance between social bookmarking.Knowledge Plaza 243 Knowledge Plaza Knowledge Plaza Developer(s) Whatever SA [1] Initial release 2009 Available in Type Website English. Knowledge Plaza won the prize for the most innovative Knowledge Management tool at the I-expo / KM Forum conference in Paris. Spanish Web application www. It was initially designed as an information management tool for knowledge workers and is often used for collaborative research projects. Spain. has offices in Paris (France) and partners in Italy. Knowledge Plaza receives the "Belgian Start-up of the year" Award from Belgian's leading ICT Magazine Datanews. Knowledge Plaza and Whatever won the Prix Lionel Van den Bossche 2008 award given each year to a Belgian innovative enterprise. information brokerage.A. book references and wikis – as underlined by the comparison of enterprise bookmarking platforms.[6] • In 2008. contacts.[4] • In October 2010. French. e-mails. document management. wikis and an internal social network. Feature set: • • • • • • • • [8] Combined full-text social search and faceted navigation Bookmarklet for adding/sharing/organizing websites Pipelines for adding/sharing/organizing emails and their attachments Workspaces and communities for various security/visibility settings Collaborative content creation (wiki pages) Full export and summary of information packages Custom e-mail digests and alerts Custom vertical search engines based on shared bookmarks . etc. Their analysis concludes that Knowledge Plaza strikes a balance between a traditional Document management system and more community-orientated environments such as Jive SBS.[7] Features Knowledge Plaza appears to be the first Enterprise bookmarking tool that applies such a collective classification mechanism to all information formats: not only websites (like Delicious). Knowledge Plaza was nominated KMWorld Promise Award 2010 finalist. The vendor's company.[5] • In June 2010. is based in Louvain-la-Neuve Science Park (Belgium). also referred to as KP. market intelligence.net [2] Knowledge Plaza. Awards • In May 2011. but also documents. [1].

Retrieved 2010-01-26. Data News Magazine. Thomas Vander Wal.[9] 244 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] http:/ / www. http:/ / www. N133596). "Le Prix Lionel Van den Bossche 2008 pour l’entrepreneuriat attribué à la start-up Whatever (Louvain-la-Neuve)" (http:/ / www. net/ tour "Optimize tagging UI for people search" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved 2010-12-01. . personalinfocloud. be/ pressitem. php/ 2010/ 10/ knowledge-plaza-selected-as-a-kmworld-award-finalist/ ). com http:/ / www. net/ adebuche/ useo-etude-rse-tome2-v1-100126). Retrieved 2009-01-24.whatever-company. Fondation Roi Baudhuin.Knowledge Plaza • Tag management abilities that mix a company-defined taxonomy and user-generated folksonomy. com/ index. slideshare. datanews. knowledgeplaza. "Knowledge Plaza selected as a KMWorld Award 2010 finalist" (http:/ / blog.knowledgeplaza. "Data News Awards for Excellence 2011" (http:/ / acties. aspx?id=238898& LangType=2060). Retrieved 2010-06-15. "I-Expo et KM/Forum : la veille et la connaissance à l’heure des choix" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ i-expo-et-km-forum-la-veille-et-la-connaissance-a-l-heure-des-choix. kbs-frb. whatever-company. Retrieved 2010-06-15. net "Useo Etude Rse Tome2 V1" (http:/ / www. rnews. Useo. whatever-company. usinenouvelle. be/ itmakessense/ brandnew/ index. . Retrieved 2011-06-01. External links • Knowledge Plaza product page (http://www.com) .net/product) • Company blog page (http://blog. com/ 2009/ 01/ optimizing-tagging-ui-for-people-search. . . knowledgeplaza. Whatever Company. jsp). html). UsineNouvelle. KP's approach was described by Thomas Vander Wal as "working wonderfully". .

a cross-platform desktop explorer tool also allows access to the online repository from Windows. South Africa. A multi-platform installer provides end-users with a one-click install of both the underlying LAMP or WAMP stack and the application itself. such as checking documents in and out for editing.com [1] Website KnowledgeTree is a provider of online document management software.Proprietary Commercial Edition . Mac and Linux clients. the product provides the full range of document management functions. Additionally. document alerts and version control — are designed to help organizations manage business processes around documents in addition to enabling file sharing among teams.Proprietary Community Edition . AJAX enabled Operating system Cross-platform Type License Cloud Applications. KnowledgeTree announced on May 25. KnowledgeTree is a US company with headquarters in Raleigh. access control through roles and permissions and an intuitive structure for viewing documents. Generally. The company also has an office in Cape Town. The service is available on a subscription basis. North Carolina. version control. The product makes use of the cloud computing platform from Amazon EC2. PHP.GPLv3 www. In addition to the web-based interface (which supports HTML5 drag and drop). There is also a free. open source community edition [2] that is written in PHP and uses the Apache Web Server and MySQL database management system.KnowledgeTree 245 KnowledgeTree KnowledgeTree Screenshot Developer(s) Written in KnowledgeTree Inc. ECM. Open Source SaaS Edition . KnowledgeTree’s features — including workflow. FolderSync [6] allows users to synchronize selected local folders with the Cloud-based document . KnowledgeTree offers integration with the Microsoft Office suite of applications so that users can access documents stored in the KnowledgeTree repository through the familiar Microsoft interface. 2011 [5] two new tools that support mobile access for document management. Content Management Systems.knowledgetree. Features A complete list of features [3] is available on the KnowledgeTree web site [4]. Document Management System.

org [12] http:/ / forums. knowledgetree. KnowledgeTree also announced an app that allows users to access. knowledgetree. REST and SOAP interfaces make it easy for KnowledgeTree to be integrated with other applications. com/ the-open-source-50/ the-open-source-50-a-to-z-2010-edition [10] http:/ / blogs. knowledgetree. thevarguy. knowledgetree. com/ interview-daniel-chalef-ceo-knowledgetree [9] http:/ / www. org . com/ collaboration/ knowledgetree-debuts-android-app-for-cloud-document-management/ [8] http:/ / www. knowledgetree. cmscritic. com/ knowledgetree-version-2-launch/ [7] http:/ / gigaom. olliancegroup. KnowledgeTree also includes workflow functionality along with notifications and alerts that allow reminders to be sent to users for document actions. knowledgetree. knowledgetree. com/ community-download [3] http:/ / www. com/ features [4] http:/ / www. com/ press/ 2011/ 05/ 2/ knowledgetree-brings-mobility-business-document-management [6] http:/ / landing. It supports collaboration around documents using email and a familiar discussion "feed". com [2] http:/ / www. 246 References • Interview with CEO Daniel Chalef in CMS Critic [8] • KnowledgeTree Chosen by The VAR Guy [9] • Interview with CEO Daniel Chalef by Olliance Group [10] External links • KnowledgeTree Website [1] • Community Portal [11] • Community Forums [12] References [1] http:/ / www. view. com/ 2010/ 06/ 03/ olliance-ceo-interview-series-open-source-today-delivering-solutions-and-thought-leadership-daniel-chalef-ceo-knowledgetree/ [11] http:/ / www.KnowledgeTree management vault. and manage documents on Android devices [7]. knowledgetree. com/ [5] http:/ / www.

KnowledgeView has an office in Beirut. classification and enhancement of news and media content for media organizations such as newspapers and multimedia publishers. Rapid Archive KnowledgeView. provides strategic rich-media archiving for publishers. Roberto Minio.KnowledgeView 247 KnowledgeView Knowledge View ltd Type Industry Headquarters Private Newspaper publishing London. web. TV and radio. news management and editorial sharing systems. Outside the UK. MENA Ali al-Assam.co. Rapid Editor[4] : Rapid Editor is a unique easy to use Web-based authoring tool. United Kingdom Number of locations london (UK). Lebanon and being a leading Newspaper integrator providing Consultancy as well as technology. [3] RAPID Archive : Integrated with RAPID Browser. . Beirut (Lebanon) Area served Key people Products Website Europe. founded in 1995 to develop cross-media publishing. Its an Editorial sharing and archive solutions. mobile. Manal Moukaddem Rapid Browser. KnowledgeView is solidly funded by its parent company. especially designed for large publication groups wanting to share editorial content dynamically across existing editorial systems. Media Communication Group. Products RAPID Browser[2] : A News management systems and Newspaper editorials sharing system for automating acquisition.uk [1] KnowledgeView Ltd is a UK-based company with headquarters in London and offices in the Middle East. It allows journalists to multi-publish individual items or news packages to paper.

prnewswire.Offices (http:/ / www. html) . com/ Produits/ Knowledgeview/ pdf/ RapidBrowser_News.html?x=0&. com/ news-releases/ knowledgeview-launches-new-publish-live-solutions-for-online-newsrooms-at-wan-ifra-expo-63591567.net/wiki/editorial-system-overview-2006-knowledgeview) G20 businessmen in London (http://news.v=1) • KnowledgeView & ppi Media. ad-hoc-graphic.com/ articles/a1/news/2006/knowledgeview-launches-the-rapidpublishinfo-hosted-publishing-service/) • • • • Editorial system overview (http://www.stm#Al-Assam) Knowledgeview CEO (http://www.uk/2/hi/business/7962160.knowledgeview. London W14 8UD United Kingdom • Beirut (MENA headquarters) 02nd floor. php?newsid=18836) [7] KnowledgeView as partner for Dow Jones (http:/ / www. ifra-nt. journalist-association.com/2009/11/06/ ppi-media-and-knowledgeview-eye-arabian-market/) • KnowledgeView Launches the RAPIDPublish. uk/ solutions/ rapideditor) Publish Live Solutions (http:/ / www. Beirut Lebanon References http:/ / www.co.[5] • Oct 2008: KnowledgeView Releases Arabic-Language Support for the iPhone. "Sadat Hamra" bldg. knowledgeview. nsf/ 0/ 7B4E5050640E7F15C12571920047E73C?OpenDocument& 0& ) [8] KnowledgeView . uk/ Rapid Browser (http:/ / www. 66 Hammersmith Road Kensington. Hamra.yahoo. co. uk/ aboutus/ offices) [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] External links • KnowledgeView Consolidates the Publishing Practices Under One New Media Rooftop (http://finance.ad-hoc-graphic. pdf) Rapid Archive (http:/ / www. com/news/KnowledgeView-Consolidates-prnews-1735936233. co.[6] • June 2006: Dow Jones Newswires has appointed KnowledgeView as partner for new Arabic-language service for Middle East Media. com/ website/ news.bbc.info Hosted Publishing Service (http://quarkvsindesign.uk/aboutus/management) Rapid Browser & Rapid Archive (http://www.wordpress. uk/ solutions/ rapidarchive) Rapid Editor (http:/ / www.ifra. co. co.co.com/Produits/Knowledgeview/rapidbrowser. Eye Arabian Market (http://printoolz.[7] Offices • London (Global headquarter)[8] Kensington Centre. knowledgeview. eu/ archive/ news. html) [6] Arabic language support of iPhone (http:/ / www. knowledgeview.KnowledgeView 248 Announcements • Oct 2009: KnowledgeView Launches New Publish Live Solutions For Online Newsrooms. knowledgeview.

+5. MySQL and JavaScript with options for other databases and features an easy to use interface for clients and administrators to use. An example of the above in current production provides the current stats: . PHP. • Advanced page requirements are fulfilled with a reusable component system that allows shared object use across all pages underneath the integrated system Access control list. Using years of experience with hard to use proprietary tools.LaunchPadCMS 249 LaunchPadCMS LaunchPadCMS is an Open Source Content Management System designed principally for educational institutions with an interest in using Free/Open Source Software in providing their Web Communications and Marketing needs.2 GHz 4GB Ram 1000Mb/s network connection to a 100Mb/s Internet connection 3. Database Authentication and others.000 unique requests a day. Benefits • Central management of templating ensures brand consistency across all organization Websites • Consolidate Web applications into a single managed environment to drive down operational overhead • Empower content editors throughout the organization to manage and update their own content for faster changes with less overhead from IT • Provides simple editing environment for non-technical content editors Technical features • The system is written in C. • User and Group administration is completely integrated and can be tied in with more complex systems such as LDAP. • Setup is script driven and is similar to commonly used command line interface installation applications in use by administrators of all skillsets. LaunchPadCMS was at first a solution for the needs of a limited budget. • Cache system manages file system caching of common assets.4 million total unique requests over a current uptime of 365 days.8 million page requests over the same period. • Ability to add Domains and Sites without restarting server for continuous operation during peak periods. • Backend system management tools raise the ability of the system to keep itself alive and uptimes for both the database(s) and website(s) reach 500–600 days easily with no intervention from system administrators. With the marked success of the product in an education production environment the desire to share this with others arose to raise awareness of it and grow its possibility through expanded use. A typical system to provide a fully functional website consists of the following: • • • • • • • • • Computer with enough hardware to accommodate your needs. • Database tools move tables from disk based to memory based MySQL if resources support move. • Aliasing tools to work with name changes or spelling mistakes. +1. • System also supports the ability to add new hardware without the hardware and software setup downtime. Unix operating system Apache Web Server Network connection Intel Pentium 4 Xeon 3.

light . Brand origin Brand LiteDiary (lite.txt management interface. LiteDiary requires PHP5 and MySQL database server (more databases servers could be used with additional database drivers. CSS2 (HTML5 compatible) Using RSS for content delivery and comments following English.2. sitemap generator. According to developer reference information [2] LiteDiary involves ~0. LiteDiary is free of charge and can be downloaded from the official site.russian. Polish. automatic meta-tags generator Multi-user blogging Full UTF-8 support . Engine features • • • • • • • • • • • Its own library set.3 [195] / 13 april 2010 Development status Active Operating system Available in Type License Website Cross-platform English.LiteDiary 250 LiteDiary LiteDiary Developer(s) Stable release LiteDiary Dev. including special MySQL library and other classes Easy content management and it's categorization Its own simple visual text editor Using the Ajax technology for the most dynamic settings management and faster content processing Full compliance with W3C standarts — XHTML1. including robots.Team [1] 0.org [1] LiteDiary is a weblog-oriented content management system which could also be used to set up small wikis.LiteDiary. Ukrainian Weblog software Proprietary www.0 Strict.6Mb of RAM while processing each page. Russian. diary) — was chosen because of its low system requirements. eg. ukrainian and polish localization (more could be added with language pack system) Style and theme support [3] Built-in SEO tools. SQLite or PostgreSQL).

ua/ !posts/ 188)]: )] Creating a Theme @ LiteCodex (http:/ / codex. such as Lited[4] or uBlozi[5] . eu/ ) Ukrainian blog storage service "уБлозі" ([[Ukrainian language|Ukrainian (http:/ / www.international blog storage service (http:/ / www.litediary. org/ Comparing Wordpress and LiteDiary ([[Ukrainian language|Ukrainian (http:/ / www. litediary.org/) . litediary. com/ )]: )] Links • The official international site (http://www. org. org/ Creating_a_Theme) Lited . Its official site is also based on LiteDiary. lordproteus. lited.LiteDiary 251 Using LiteDiary LiteDiary still has "alpha" development status but it is already used commonly. ublozi. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www. There are also blog storage services based on LiteDiary.

com/ M-Files is a comprehensive electronic document management system. with many of the accolades due to M-Files' ease of use and familiar Windows interface. The company had previous experience with Windows software. support for scanners and email.1 was released to the public[5] . English. 2010 Operating system Windows(web based interface available for Linux and Macintosh users) Website http:/ / www. improved search capabilities. ERP. which featured professional capabilities such as fast search. In 2008. and changed its name to M-Files Corporation in 2011[2] ) struggled internally with document management needs. were developed. Later during the same year.M-Files 252 M-Files M-Files Developer(s) Stable release M-Files Corporation (M-Files Inc. M-Files can tie into almost any business environment and works with all Windows applications and most database systems. was announced. version management. M-Files indexing system used to tag each document makes it easy for workers to quickly find the document they’re looking for. a free version of M-Files. such as support for over 1. m-files.0 was also available in Finnish.[6] including tighter integration with Microsoft Office and AutoCAD. M-Files 1. an application programming interface API and a web interface. M-Files 5. a Finnish software company now called M-Files Corporation [1] (The company was formerly known as Motive Systems. In 2006. and support for massive document vaults. running on Windows platform. fast offline and remote use. The system can incorporate scanned hardcopy and existing electronic documents.0. German and Chinese. namely by developing a popular color plotting application known as M-Color[3] software for architects and engineers using AutoCAD. workflow and notifications.0 was released in 2010 and brought enhanced email management for Microsoft Outlook.0.000.0 was released with new features.) to better reflect its focus on the M-Files brand. As noted above. billing systems and more. . M-Files 2.2589.0 was introduced.000 documents as well as content-based search.6 / September 28.) 7. a Web interface and a flexible capability to connect to external databases and applications such as an existing CRM. History In the beginning of 21st century. M-Files Express. Between versions 3. the first version of the company's document management solution (DMS). M-Files 4. M-Files received positive reviews[4] in Finnish IT magazines. check-in / check-out. After a few years of development. licensed from dtSearch Corp. In 2009. secure user access permissions. French. was ready to be published in 2005.0. features such as workflow. M-Files is also available as a cloud-based service known as M-Files Cloud Vault that runs on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. M-Files 6. in May 2011 Motive Systems officially changed its name to M-Files Corporation (M-Files Inc. This version contained performance improvements. including CRM. M-Files 7. This most current version of the M-Files document management system adds automatic processing and organizing of Outlook emails.0 and 4. ERP or billing systems.

feature-limited version of M-Files[7] . automated custom workflows. a dedicated community forum was launched to provide peer to peer M-Files support for all M-Files users all around the world. The M-Files global partner network enables value-added resellers (VARs). This hosted. including the Dynamics ERP solutions such as Dynamics AX. has also released optional add-on products for M-Files. compatibility with email systems. Dynamics NAV and Dynamics SL. These include the M-Files Web SharePoint Part. including secure user access permissions with Active Directory support. the free. and automated processing of scanned paper documents. M-Files Cloud Vault is the cloud-based version of M-Files.[10] . M-Files augments these solutions. which enables companies to organize and manage company documents and information on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform.[8] Add-ons M-Files Inc. Engineering and Construction. allowing companies to manage documents. or other documents and information associated with objects or information managed via the Dynamics or Salesforce CRM systems. Dynamics CRM 2011 Online and Dynamics CRM 4. systems integrators. software-as-a-service version of M-Files eliminates the need to purchase and configure a server. and Real Estate.0. Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences (FDA 21 CFR Part 11). M-Files supports Salesforce CRM as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Dynamics GP. In the M-Files Community forum there are many on-going discussions regarding M-Files. M-Files Community Since the release of M-Files Express. M-Files smoothly interfaces with essentially any ERP system. Medical & Healthcare (HIPAA). automated version management and history. document check-in and check-out. In addition. information and processes related to the information managed in their ERP solution. M-Files OCR adds integrated scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to M-Files providing the ability to index and search the complete contents of scanned documents allowing full-text search.M-Files 253 Different versions There are two versions of on-premise version of M-Files: the first is M-Files Professional and the second is M-Files Express. which is designed add value to SharePoint installations by enabling various types of listings of data stored in M-Files on any SharePoint page or site. allowing companies to efficiently manage and track any customer-related documents. Again. Architectural. Legal Practices & Law Firms. M-Files and M-Files Cloud Vault can be customized to meet the regulatory and compliance demands in industries such as in Accounting & Financial Services (Sarbanes-Oxley and SAS 70). and provides all the advanced document management features of the on-premise version of M-Files. infrastructure and consulting services companies to add M-Files to their portfolio to help drive new license and subscription renewal revenue and additional opportunities related to M-Files professional services business. Manufacturing (ISO 9000/9001).[9] Another optional add-on is M-Files OCR.

com [7] Comparison of M-Files editions (http:/ / www. com). com/ eng/ sharepoint_web_part.pitchengine. asp). m-color. asp).tietokone. m-filescommunity.m-files.m-files. m-files. m-files. asp). php?topic=7.m-files.com M-Color web site (http:/ / www.com Review article of M-Files 1.g.m-files. www. com/ eng/ compare. www. com/ uutinen/ motive-systems-julkisti-mfiles-2.com [9] Sharepoint add-on page (http:/ / www. 0). • • • • AstraZeneca BSA LifeStructures InterOil United Nations Environment Programme References M-Files web site (http:/ / www.com [6] New Features in M-Files 5. These references include e. m-files. com/ pitch/ 145302/ ). com/ eng/ res/ NewFeaturesM-Files5_summary. www. www.com [11] List of M-Files references (http:/ / www.fi [5] Press release in Finnish IT blog Sektori (http:/ / sektori.0 in Finnish IT magazine Tietokone (http:/ / www. com/ index. m-files.m-filescommunity.m-files. pdf). htm).M-Files 254 Users A comprehensive reference listing is available at the M-Files web site[11] . com).com/) • M-Files Community Forum (http://www. fi/ lukusali/ artikkelit/ 2005tk09/ pika_mfiles.m-files. m-files.com [1] [2] [3] [4] External links • Official M-Files web site (http://www.m-filescommunity. www. www. www. www.0 (http:/ / www. com/ eng/ add_on.com [10] M-Files add-on page (http:/ / www.com [8] What is M-Files Community (http:/ / www.m-files. pitchengine. com/ references).com/) . m-files. www.m-color.com Press Release: Motive Systems Changes Name to M-Files (http:/ / www. sektori. 1/ 6924/ ). tietokone. www.

Magnolia had been downloaded more than 150. Content management system Enterprise Edition: proprietary EULA.[6] It is covered in the "Open Source Content Management in Java" report of Seth Gottlieb..4 / May 20.6 was released in July 2008 and focused on the ease of maintenance. magnolia-cms. a package manager to manage deployments. It also includes new features like a CMS-wide address [11] book.Magnolia (CMS) 255 Magnolia (CMS) Magnolia Developer(s) Stable release Magnolia International Ltd 4. Magnolia 2. in September 2006. In December 2008. It is based on JSR-170. Magnolia has been covered by the independent CMS Watch report. 2006.0.000 times. a JSR-168 connector and a WYSIWYG website designer[4] Since mid 2007 [5] .1 was released in June 2009.0. JSR-170 specification lead (JSR-170 is Magnolia's underlying technology standard).[10] Magnolia 4. Magnolia 1. robustness and performance [8] . based in Basel.0 was released November 15. Switzerland.4. By that time. marked the switch from a pure Open Source product to a layered product strategy with the introduction of Magnolia Enterprise Edition. Gartner included Magnolia into their "Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management" report. Community Edition: GPL http:/ / www. Magnolia released Magnolia 4. photos have been published on Flickr[15] and talks have been streamed live over the internet[16] . multiple themes. released on November 15. Magnolia released "Magnolia-on-Air". including forums and public user registration. In March 2009. The event attracted more than 80 attendees.[12] The inaugural Magnolia Conference was held in Basel. 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Type License Java Cross-platform Content management framework. The list of speakers included the Magnolia founders Pascal Mangold & Boris Kraft as well as David Nüscheler. com Website Magnolia is an Open-Source content management system (CMS) developed by Magnolia International Ltd. 2004 Obinary was renamed to Magnolia International Ltd. a content management system designed for broadcasters and large organizations to manage their broadcast content [9] . RSS generation and agregation.[13] Impressions of the event have been blogged about[14] . Switzerland on September 10 & 11 2009. 2003 by Obinary Ltd [2] with a focus on usability. [1] . The proprietary version extends the open source version by adding user authentication through LDAP.0 was released November 15. In August 2009.[3] Magnolia 3. It introduces user-generated content templates that provide new functionality. Content Here [7] Magnolia 3.

Renamed to Magnolia International Ltd. Retrieved 2009-09-14.0 Released" (http:/ / www. [16] "Technology track of Magnolia Conference to be streamed live" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved 2009-01-25. "Magnolia 2. com/ CMS/ Report/ ). net/ blog/ rah003/ archive/ 2009/ 09/ 10/ magnolia-conference). com/ cms/ open-source-cms/ obinary-releases-free-javabased-enterprise-cms-000086. HeiseMedia UK Ltd. com/ 4-1). [13] Nakano. php). J2EE Open-Source CMS" (http:/ / www.6 Ten Times Faster. php).magnolia-cms. . magnolia-cms. "Magnolia's new enterprise edition is more of a departmental tool" (http:/ / www. cmswire. LLC). Updates Web CMS" (http:/ / www. contenthere.com) . php). . "Open Source Content Management in Java" (http:/ / www. Content Here. [5] Boye. com/ releases/ 2006/ 09/ prweb439195. Retrieved 2009-01-25. tss?thread_id=53948). TRENDWATCH BLOG. [11] Initmarketing Staff (2009-06-25). "Magnolia Version 3. Janus (2007-07-14). "Obinary. "Magnolia Conference Program Finalized" (http:/ / www. [7] Gottlieb. Boris (2008-07-30). Retrieved 2009-01-25. Mark R. CMSWire (Simpler Media Group). com/ reprints/ oracle/ article91/ article91. . Retrieved 2009-01-25. cmswatch. [14] Haderka. [3] Kraft. . java. gartner. Includes New Enterprise Features" (http:/ / www. Gilbert (2009-96-14). Retrieved 2009-01-25. "Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management" (http:/ / mediaproducts. php). htm). Chelsi (2009-06-29). "Helping Broadcasters Bloom with Magnolia: a CMS for the Broadcasting Media" (http:/ / www. Flickr. [12] Mick MacComascaigh. com/ Trends/ 970-Magnolia's-new-enterprise-edition-is-more-of-a-departmental-tool). . CMSWire (Simpler Media Group). theserverside. Retrieved 2009-01-25. . html).). Retrieved 2009-03-24. . . 2003-11-20. cmswire. [8] Kraft. Angela (2006-11-15). 2009-09-07. PRWeb (Vocus PRW Holdings. com/ cms/ open-source-cms/ magnolia-turns-3-updates-web-cms-000901. Toby Bell. CMS Watch. Eileen (2008-12-09). Retrieved 2009-01-25. Seth. [10] Initmarketing Staff (2009-03-12). . com/ cms/ events/ magnolia-conference-program-finalized-004936.1 Released" (http:/ / www. [9] Mullan. EContent (Information Today Inc.0 Released. [2] Dunwoodie. prweb. flickr. cmswire. net/ products-page/ reports/ open-source-content-management-in-java). [6] "THE WEB CMS REPORT 2009" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-09-14." (http:/ / www. html). com/ home/ news/ press-releases/ magnolia-3-6-released. "Magnolia Conference" (http:/ / weblogs. Magnolia International Ltd. "Open Source CMS Magnolia 4. com/ cms/ open-source-cms/ magnolia-20-released-j2ee-opensource-cms-000475. java.. CMSWire. Gartner. Jan (2009-09-10). "Magnolia Turns 3. Creator of Leading Enterprise Content Management System "Magnolia". econtentmag. Retrieved 2009-03-24. com/ photos/ tags/ mconf/ ). Magnolia Ltd. htm). h-online. . CMS Watch. . CMS Watch. [15] "Magnolia Conference Photos" (http:/ / www. The Server Side. Retrieved 2009-01-25.Magnolia (CMS) 256 References [1] "Obinary Releases Free Java-based Enterprise CMS" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-09-14. External links • Magnolia Website (http://www. Retrieved 2009-01-25. [4] Natividad. com/ Articles/ News/ News-Feature/ Helping-Broadcasters-Bloom-with-Magnolia-a-CMS-for-the-Broadcasting-Media-51844. .. .net blog. Retrieved 2009-09-14. Boris (2006-09-19). com/ news/ thread. 2009-09-10. . "Open Source CMS Magnolia 4. cmswire. CMSWire (Simpler Media Group). com/ open/ Technology-track-of-Magnolia-Conference-to-be-streamed-live--/ news/ 114179). magnolia-cms. cmswatch. Retrieved 2009-09-14. Brice (2004-11-16). .

The company produces a range of content management systems. [2] "Mediasurface acquires a second CMS" (http:/ / www. [4] "To Gain Ground in Web CMS. a competing CMS vendor. Morello CMS powers high profile websites and intranets at organisations such as AEGON. cmswire. cmswatch. com/ cms/ enterprise-cms/ to-gain-ground-in-web-cms-mediasurface-moves-with-immediacy-001414. had headquarters in London Bridge till early 2001 when they moved offices and headquartered in Newbury. Mediasurface redeveloped and relaunched this CMS as Pepperio in May 2006. .Mediasurface 257 Mediasurface Mediasurface Plc is a UK based supplier of content management systems and associated services.[1] Mediasurface has international offices in the USA. . htm). [5] "Alterian completes strategic acquisition of Mediasurface" (http:/ / internetcommunications. 2006-05-16. cmswire. T-Mobile.com. Mediasurface Moves with Immediacy" (http:/ / www. UK Government Home Office. com/ content-management-packaged-small-biz). com/ new-market-content-management). and Australia. 2005-04-08. . UK Government Environment Agency and Prudential plc. Netherlands. In April 2005 Mediasurface acquired Silverbullet. UK Mediasurface floated on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange in August 2004.com. [3] "Content Management Packaged for Small Biz" (http:/ / www. com/ Trends/ 423-Mediasurface-acquires-a-second-CMS).mediasurface. Borealis. Founded in London. [4] In July 2008 Mediasurface was acquired by Alterian. . a marketing software vendor. for approximately £5.[5] References [1] "New Market for Content Management" (http:/ / www.6 million. [3] In June 2007 Mediasurface acquired Immediacy. tmcnet. php). cmswatch.[2] a small CMS vendor in Holland.com) . content-wire.com. . 2007-07-27. com/ topics/ broadband-mobile/ articles/ 33181-alterian-completes-strategic-acquisition-mediasurface. each designed to address the differing needs of organisations from large multinationals to small businesses. content-wire.com. content-wire. content-wire. Mediasurface's flagship product. 2004-08-25. External links • Official website (http://www. Citigroup.

org/) . It is noted for its collaborative editing and built-in geolocation features. org/ [2] http:/ / webification.[2] References [1] http:/ / www.1 / April 21. using the Django web framework.merengueproject. merengueproject.7.Merengue (software) 258 Merengue (software) Merengue (software) Stable release 0. com/ tag/ merengue-cms External links • Merengue project home page (http://www. 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Platform Type License Website Python Cross-platform Django Content management system LGPL [1] Merengue is a content management system written in Python.

As technology evolved the use of microfilm and microfiche declined and with the development of document management systems. Canada. Paperless Office 1971 Headquarters Markham. John decided to start a company of his own called Microfilm Equipment Services to cater for the needs of microfilming. microfilm. John D'Arcy was an expert in everything related to microfilm and microfiche including how to create. view. Scanning. Ontario. especially those of the financial industry and many of Canada's best known banks who relied on the technology for cheque clearing. An engineer of many years for Kodak micrographics. when the term information management meant only one thing in relation to documentation. Ontario Key people John D'Arcy . often overwhelming. amount of documentation an organization needs to retain by either Image scanning[1] or using microfilm. This can assist greatly in allowing an organization to reclaim office space or adhere to the legal retention period of a document.President Andrew D'Arcy . MES Hybrid Document Systems Type Industry Founded Private Software.Vice President of Sales & Marketing Document Management Records Management Document Scanning Microfilming Workflow Management www.ca [2] Products Website History MES was founded by John D'Arcy in 1971.MES Hybrid Document Systems 259 MES Hybrid Document Systems MES Hybrid Document Systems is an Information Management organization based in Markham. . store. The general process involves reducing and classifying the. The term "hybrid" used was used to highlight a combination of electronic document imaging and microfilm technology. from hard copies on paper to digital files. document imaging and the image scanner which are now more commonly in use for similar applications today. Document Management.mesltd. It was decided in 2006 that the Microfilm Equipment Services projected that of an older technology so the company name was changed to incorporate the Hybrid Document Systems addition.Vice President of Operations Kevin D'Arcy . The term Information Management can refer to a collection of different types of information and how to manage it in an electronic computer based system or in this case is used as a term to describe the management of any type of documentation. retrieve and manage it and is a recognized industry name across North America for his knowledge in the field.

MES Hybrid Document Systems are also the Canadian distributors for the FileDirector Document Management Solution. com/ cgi-bin/ detail?product_id=1252845 External links • Organization website (http://www. org http:/ / www. channel managers. moderators. reuters. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / adsabs. mesltd. com/ article/ pressRelease/ idUS149372+ 11-Feb-2009+ BW20090211 http:/ / www. 1617. edu/ abs/ 1992SPIE. Visual Studio .ca) Microsoft Content Management Server Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) is a Microsoft product intended for small to medium enterprises that require content management functionality on their web site. editors. techstreet. intranet or portal. and administrators • Integrates with Visual Studio . org http:/ / www.NET. template designers. MES also has expertise in assisting organizations work towards using the Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence Canadian Standard [6] .MES Hybrid Document Systems 260 Affiliations MES Hybrid Document Systems today are an organization which is aligned with many of the industry's governing bodies and are members of various organizations such as the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM)[3] and the Independent Information Management Dealer's Association (IIMDA)[4] of which Kevin D'Arcy (VP of Sales & Operations) is a board member [5] . aiim. harvard. iimda. ca/ http:/ / www. 180B http:/ / www.mesltd.NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 • Some out-of-the-box placeholders (which are essentially editable portions of a page) • Support for multi-language content through parallel channels and connected postings • Customizable workflow . MCMS 2002 Some of the features offered by this product: • Inline content-editing • Built-in security and role-based permissions model for authors. .

com/ gp/ lifean26 https:/ / www.Microsoft Content Management Server 261 The future of MCMS 2002 The web content management capabilities of MCMS 2002 have been integrated into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.com/b/stefan_gossner/archive/tags/mcms/ Literature • Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server [2] • Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development [3] • Enhancing Microsoft Content Management Server with ASP.microsoft.[1] External links • http://www.htm • http://blogs. Thereafter.com/download/4/2/5/4250f79a-c3a1-4003-9272-2404e92bb76a/MCMS+2002+ -+(complete)+FAQ.technet. com/ more-mcms/ book https:/ / www.NET [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / support.microsoft. and search has also been included. packtpub. com/ mcms/ book https:/ / www.mspx • http://download.com/cmserver/default. microsoft. com/ asp-mcms/ book . extended support continues until 8 April 2014. packtpub. New functionality such as Enterprise Content Management. Support Mainstream support ended 14 April 2009. Business Intelligence. packtpub.

Beyond basic page-editing. Serbian [2] (Latin). Bulgarian.Web interface Developer(s) Stable release Development status Operating system Platform Available in Microsoft Corporation 2011 / April 16. Greek. and third-party developed solutions. sells premium editions with additional integration and functionality. Ukrainian Content Management Systems MS-EULA [3] [1] Type License Website Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft. Slovak. Microsoft provides SharePoint at no cost. business intelligence tooling. Croatian. English. Basque. Norwegian (Bokmål). Hindi. Romanian. Swedish. process/information integration. Hebrew. Japanese. collaboration spaces. Catalan. Russian. SharePoint is designed to be highly scalable. Slovenian. German. It is designed as a centralized replacement for multiple web applications and supports various combinations of enterprise website requirements. Polish. Finnish. file-storing and custom design ('branding') capabilities. Latvian. Portuguese (Brazil). Dutch. Turkish. Czech. document management and file management. Spanish. and also provides SharePoint as a cloud computing solution as part of Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS) and Office 365. Korean. The product is also sold as a cloud solution by local third-party vendors. Chinese (Traditional).Microsoft SharePoint 262 Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 . enterprise search. extranets and websites. Italian. social networking tools. 2010 Active Windows Server 2008/Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server) amd64 Arabic. Chinese (Simplified). one . Thai. Lithuanian. Kazakh. Portuguese (Portugal). SharePoint's multi-purpose platform allows for managing and provisioning of intranet portals. Hungarian. Galician. SharePoint provides various methods for customization and configuration of web areas. Danish. Estonian. French. It is typically associated with web content management and document management systems. It is capable of supporting multiple organizations on a single 'server farm'. all of which have granular governance configurations. SharePoint can also be used as a web application development platform.

In addition to being a platform for digital record management systems that meet government and industry compliance standards. It is a tool that helps a company manage its data. Due to the complex nature and hardware requirements of SharePoint. reducing new staff on-boarding costs. web-facing access to people outside an organization. sites and web-parts Manage user permissions. Configuration and customization Web-based configuration SharePoint offers a 'fluent' ribbon user-interface that should be familiar to users of Microsoft Office. the web-based interface provides the ability to • • • • Copy. create. it is not typically considered for this purpose unless there is a scalability requirement or an integration with extranet/intranet facilities. delete. This has organizational benefits such as increased employee engagement. Internet sites SharePoint can be used to manage a public website. and information easier. centralizing process management. applications. and providing tacit knowledge capture. .e. pages. This interface provides page editing capability. SharePoint also provides the benefit of a central location for storing and working on documents. pages. or rename lists & libraries. Organizations often use functionality like this to integrate third parties into supply chains or business processes. which can significantly reduce emails and duplicated work in an organization. and view document/page version histories Manage definitions and properties of lists & libraries. pages and sites.[4] Enterprise content and document management SharePoint is often used to store and track electronic documents or images of paper documents. as well as the ability to add functionality to sites. Broadly. 263 Applications The most common uses of SharePoint include: Intranet portal A SharePoint intranet portal is a way to centralize access to enterprise information and applications on a corporate network. widgets/gadgets).Microsoft SharePoint of the more prevalent forms of configuration is the ability to install third-party customizations called 'web parts' (i. sites and web-parts Manipulate content in lists & libraries. It is usually also capable of keeping track of the different versions created by different users. Extranet sites SharePoint can be used to provide password-protected.

• 'Sand-boxed' solutions — uploaded by any end-user with permission to upload solutions through the web interface. An SA can be turned off. have their own application pools. and heavily governed by the farm infrastructure. Each web application must typically have at least one site collection. and . so depending on the SA — restarting an SA. and the Search Indexing service. In multi-tenant cloud environments. exist on one server. custom workflow actions) • 'Web Parts' (often called "portlets" in non-Microsoft products) that provide new functionality when added to a page • Pages/sites or page/site templates. • Service applications — It is possible to integrate directly into the SharePoint SOA bus • Use of REST/SOAP Web Service APIs • Use of the SharePoint 'Client Object Model' API (works in JavaScript. Each SA enabled on the farm typically has its own process that requires a certain amount of RAM to operate. and can be restarted independently in IIS. Web applications Web Applications are top-level containers for SharePoint content. SAs are designed to be as independent as possible. these are security-restricted. or they may be associated with the content database specified for the web application. A web application is associated with a set of access mappings or URLs which are defined in the SharePoint central management console.Microsoft SharePoint 264 Integration of custom add-ons Different types of third-party software customization can be made to the SharePoint farm: • Farm features and solutions — these are fully-customized code that need to be installed at a farm-level. SharePoint Server and SharePoint Enterprise contain more SAs than the SharePoint Foundation.NET) These customizations may be surfaced as • Application-to-application integration with SharePoint • Extensions to SP functionality (e.g. They have full trust on each server. and typically also has its own configuration database and Active Directory (AD) service account. Service applications Service Applications (SAs) provide granular pieces of functionality to other web and service applications in the farm. often in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) of each server. or misconfiguring an SA will typically not prevent the farm from operating. Silverlight. . Site collections may be associated with their own content databases. these are the only customizations that are typically allowed. WAs are typically independent of each-other. but are typically quite difficult to deploy. Site collections A site collection is used to provide a grouping of 'SharePoint Sites'. then automatically replicated into the IIS configuration of every server configured in the farm. Architecture The SharePoint platform is based on a n-tier service-oriented architecture (SOA). or be load-balanced across many servers in a farm. and are typically the interface through which a user interacts with SharePoint. experiencing an SA failure. Examples of service applications include the User Profile Sync service.

Microsoft SharePoint 265 Central Administration SharePoint Central Administration (the CA) is a web application that exists on a maximum of one server in the farm. sites typically inherit site-level settings from their parent sites. custom permissions.'Create Site' screen A SharePoint 2010 Team Site A SharePoint Site is a collection of pages. Sites SharePoint 2010 Enterprise . and those sites may contain further sub-sites. Products & features The SharePoint brand consists of a variety of products based on the SharePoint Foundation platform. Typically. workflows. lists. This application provides a centralized management interface for web & service applications in the SharePoint farm. In order to achieve a greater degree of maintainability. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Microsoft SharePoint Foundation is the platform for all products in the SharePoint family. Windows PowerShell is typically used on the CA server to reconfigure the farm. In the event of the failure of the CA. A site may contain sub-sites. and libraries configured for the purpose of achieving an express goal. sites need to be created from scratch. and have the capability to be configured or customized in a number of ways. . themes/branding. It contains all of the core functionality and architecture drawn on by the commercial versions of the package. but sites can also be created according to pre-defined templates that provide packaged functionality. Examples of Site templates in SharePoint include • • • • • Blog or MySite Collaboration (Team) Site Document Workspace Groupwork Site Meeting Workspace Sites have navigation.

A Library is a list where each item in the list refers to a file that is stored in SharePoint.NET Web-parts. SharePoint's Web-parts are now based on it. These sections are UI Widgets whose typical uses are • Displaying content defined in the web-part's settings (e. Web-parts Web-parts are sections that can be inserted into Pages in SharePoint sites. For instance. Microsoft produces a free product called Microsoft Search Server Express to complement SharePoint Foundation. but as of SharePoint 2010. . but because libraries contain files.g. A List can be thought of as a collection of pieces of information — all of which have the same properties. version history tracking. Typically. Lists have many features such as workflows. basic text search engine. they have extra features. and a description. third-party vendors often provide SharePoint web-parts for intranet sites. Search) Web-parts based on completely custom code can be built in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and uploaded by end-users to SharePoint as packaged. These include • • • • • • • • • Announcement Lists Blogs Contacts Discussion Boards Document Libraries External Content (BCS) lists Pages Surveys Tasks 266 Some of these pre-defined lists have additional integration.g. pages are Wiki Pages. enabling free-form editing based on the ribbon toolbar. Search SharePoint Foundation contains a limited. Pages SharePoint has two main types of pages: Wiki and Web-part pages. For example. Libraries have all the same behaviors as lists. Advanced features SharePoint Foundation has the following advanced features: • Ability to integrate with SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2. custom content or an iFrame) • Displaying items from Lists/Libraries (this can be customized in SharePoint Designer. Windows Explorer).Microsoft SharePoint Lists & libraries Lists and libraries are stored in SharePoint Sites. contacts lists can be synced directly with Microsoft Outlook. a name. Microsoft SharePoint comes with some pre-defined list and library definitions. where each item has a URL. It is possible to insert Web-parts into any page type. sandboxed feature. Due to the prevalence of SharePoint. you can have a list of links called "my links". SharePoint Web-parts were previously implemented separately from ASP. Some of these features depend on the version of SharePoint that is installed. item-level or list-level permission. using XSLT & CAML) • Providing Access to Features in the SharePoint platform (e. One of these is the ability to be opened and modified through a compatible WebDAV client (e.g. and many more features.

NET • A high degree of scalability. 267 Microsoft SharePoint Server Builds on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. cross-browser compatible versions of Excel. PowerPoint and One-note. SharePoint Server may be also be licensed through a cloud model.A free. Visio.Microsoft SharePoint • Ability to surface CRUD+Query operations on external SQL/SOAP/WCF services as SharePoint Lists.[5] Equivalent to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. It is possible to upgrade a SharePoint farm from Foundation to Server. Extra features in SharePoint Server include: • • • • • • • • Social Profiles. Silverlight. and Client-Object Models for JavaScript. The product is the equivalent to MOSS 2007 Enterprise. Dashboards. Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Built into SharePoint Server. Word. Social/Tagging features Audience Targeting Document Routing Records Compliance & Auditing Enterprise Wikis Advanced Search with Windows 7 integration Rich Media tools Enterprise Search Center SharePoint Server licencing includes a CAL (client access licence) component and a server fee.Search products that can be implemented on SharePoint Foundation (and subsequent extensions) • Microsoft Project Server . client-side customization and configuration tool for SharePoint. and Business Data surfacing PowerPivot PerformancePoint Microsoft Office Access.Web-based. Design) model.An extension to SharePoint Server providing integration with Microsoft Project • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace . A REST API. and Excel services SharePoint Enterprise Search extensions SharePoint Enterprise licencing includes a CAL component and a server fee that must be purchased in addition to SharePoint Server licensing. Microsoft Search Server. These integrate directly into SharePoint's document management functionality. online. • Microsoft Search Server Express. Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise features can be unlocked simply by providing an additional licence key.[6] .A client-side document management synchronization component included in Microsoft Office 2010 (Professional Plus edition and higher). through Business Connectivity Services.e. • Microsoft Office Web Apps . Extra features in SharePoint Enterprise include: • • • • • BI Integration. SharePoint Enterprise may be also be licensed through a cloud model. • A Simple Object Access Protocol API. • A Highly customizable 'branding' (i. Related products • Microsoft SharePoint Designer . and Microsoft FAST Enterprise Search . and .

Support for Internet Explorer 6 has not been tested. built on shared technology with Exchange and the “Digital Dashboard”.04+. and Webkit-based Apple Safari 4. featuring a Fluent Ribbon Business Connectivity Services .0 (free license) . and SharePoint Enterprise 2010 (commercial extension for Server) Changes in SharePoint Foundation 2010 Changes in end-user functionality added in the latest version of SharePoint include: • • • • • • • • "v4" User Interface. New central administration UI Replacement of "Shared Service Providers" with "Service Applications" jQuery & Silverlight Support. plus more theming flexibility New Client-side Object Model APIs for JavaScript.plus Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (commercial extension) • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 (free) . bottom-up collaboration. according to Microsoft. and .[8] System requirements Server hardware . Silverlight. targeted top-down portals.Microsoft SharePoint 2003 (commercial release) • Windows SharePoint Services 3. Mozilla Firefox 3.Microsoft SharePoint 268 History SharePoint evolved from projects codenamed "Office Server” and “Tahoe” during the Office XP development cycle. “Tahoe”.6+.[7] The versions are (in chronological order): • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 • Windows SharePoint Services 2. search and document management.NET applications Claims-based authentication Support for Windows PowerShell Sandboxed solutions Major Server-side or Developer changes include: • • • • • • • Additional changes exist in paid/advanced versions of SharePoint 2010.providing interfaces for interacting with business data New Governance and Workflow functionality Use of Wiki-pages rather than Web-part pages in default templates Social Profiles and Social Networking features Support for SharePoint Workspaces 2010 A re-developed client editor (SharePoint Designer) Multi-browser support: Internet Explorer 7+.plus Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (commercial extension for Foundation).0 (free license) . “Office Server” evolved out of the FrontPage and Office Server Extensions and “Team Pages”. It targeted simple.

Data Center. 5 October 2009. pa. typepad. com/ en-us/ product/ related-technologies/ Pages/ default. Microsoft Sharepoint website.04 (supported. SharePoint is the most popular high-level enterprise web application platform used today[12] References • http://bpm2010. aspx [6] "Product Information: Related technologies" (http:/ / sharepoint.foundare. html [5] http:/ / technet. Enterprise. In late 2008. com/ en-us/ library/ cc288751. microsoft. microsoft. aspx?PageType=4& ListId={72C1C85B-1D2D-4A4A-90DE-CA74A7808184}& pID=414 [3] http:/ / sharepoint. MSDN.6 (supported. Microsoft corporation. aspx). aspx). Retrieved 02 December 2010. microsoft. . with limitations) • Safari 4. four cores RAM • • 8 GB for developer or evaluation use At least 12 GB for production use in a single server or multiple server farm Hard disk 80 GB for system drive (varies for production environment depending upon the size on the application) Server Software Operating System • • • • • • Windows Server 2008 SP2 (64-bit) Standard. or Web Server Windows Server 2008 (64-bit) R2 Standard. aspx [11] "Gartner "SharePoint Related" Magic Quadrants Updated for 2008" (http:/ / blogs. . . Portals. com/ b/ sharepoint/ archive/ 2009/ 10/ 05/ sharepoint-history. au/ microsoft/ products/ sharepoint_whats_new.[11] By a wide margin.com Foundare WorkFlow [1] "Hardware and software requirements (SharePoint Foundation 2010)" (http:/ / technet. com/ en-us/ library/ ee554869. Data Center.Microsoft SharePoint 269 Processor 64-bit. com/ blog/ Pages/ BlogPost. [12] http:/ / www. the Gartner Group put SharePoint in the "leaders" quadrant in three of its Magic Quadrants (for Search. microsoft. aspx) Microsoft website [2] http:/ / sharepoint. microsoft. msdn. Retrieved 2009-02-03. and enterprise content management). msdn. [8] http:/ / www. com/ en-us/ library/ cc263526. com/ blog/ collaboration/ sharepoint-it-doesnt-kill-businesses-people-do/ 1952 . microsoft. microsoft. com/ modonovan/ archive/ 2008/ 10/ 07/ gartner-magic-quadrants-updated-for-2008-sharepoint-related. com [4] http:/ / cibasolutions. Microsoft Corporation. with limitations) Details of limitations are listed at Microsoft's SharePoint browser support planning guidelines [10]. htm [9] http:/ / msdn. Reception Evaluations of SharePoint by industry analysts have varied. com. com/ en-us/ library/ cc262342. aspx). or Web Server Windows 7 (64-bit) or Windows Vista (64-bit) (for test and development purposes only — requires package modification [9] ) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (64-bit) R2 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (64-bit) with Service Pack 1 and Cumulative Update 2 (Reporting Integration requires Cumulative Update 8) Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (64-bit) SP2 Database Server Client software Supported client browsers include • Internet Explorer 7 or higher (fully supported) • Mozilla Firefox 3. zdnet. Enterprise. [7] "Sharepoint History" (http:/ / blogs. com/ wic/ 2009/ 06/ 7-tips-for-writing-a-business-case-for-an-intranet-update. aspx [10] http:/ / technet.

com/ Slate/ InauguralAddress/ ) [8] How you (and Lincoln. html) [3] ABC News article about the Netroots Platform (http:/ / abcnews. com/ article/ pressRelease/ idUS224402+ 12-May-2009+ PRN20090512) . com/ Politics/ Story?id=5647918& page=1) [4] MixedInk goes public with its digg-like collaborative document creator (http:/ / www. typepad. the version of the text with the highest average rating is meant to reflect participants' shared viewpoint and is intended to be interpreted. blogspot. collaborative writing software enabling large groups of people to create text that expresses a collective opinion. aspx) [11] (http:/ / janeknight.aspx) • Microsoft SharePoint for Government (http://www. to draft a political platform. fcw.aspx) • SharePoint Buzz—SharePoint Community Resource (http://www. including The Associated Press[5] and Slate Magazine. The collaborative authoring process occurs during a fixed time period in which contributors write original. com/ 2009/ 01/ mixedink-write-democratically. editorial. slate.[1] [2] [3] MixedInk formally launched in January 2009. com/ AssociatedPress/ Sotomayor) [6] Mr. open letter or product review. go.Microsoft SharePoint 270 External links Official Resources • Microsoft SharePoint Official Site (http://sharepoint.net) • SharePoint Tutorials (http://www.com/category/SharePoint. a piece of which was subsequently included in the 2008 Democratic Party Platform. html) [13] SIIA's Education Division Recognizes 'Technology Standouts' During Its Prestigious Innovation Incubator Program (http:/ / www. com/ id/ 2207900/ ) [9] White House invitation to citizens to draft collective recommendations for the Open Government Directive (http:/ / www.etechplanet. political platform. MixedInk's platform attempts to combine elements of a wiki with a democratic rating system to ensure that the final text reflects participants' collective voice and cannot be hijacked by any individual editor.microsoft. reuters. including the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.com/en-us/Pages/default. FDR and JFK) can write this year's inaugural address (http:/ / www.[4] The tool has been since been used to gather community input by media organizations. com/ id/ 2209138/ ) [7] The People's Inaugural Address (http:/ / mixedink.aspx) Third-party Resources • SharePoint Magazine (http://sharepointmagazine.[11] [12] [13] though the company does not highlight this application on its website. html) [12] (http:/ / teachr20. edit others' submissions.com) Mixedink MixedInk is a startup that provides web-based. com/ 2009/ 01/ 06/ mixedink-goes-public-with-its-digg-like-collaborative-document-creator/ ) [5] Collective editorials for and against Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court confirmation (http:/ / mixedink. com/ 27bstroke6/ 2008/ 08/ democrats-2008. President.[9] [10] It has also been suggested that MixedInk's software would be useful in teaching writing skills. and rate different submissions on a 5-star scale. whitehouse. gov/ blog/ Open-Government-Directive-Phase-III-Drafting/ ) [10] White House tries hand at wiki-style policy development (http:/ / www. And Policy (http:/ / blog. Give this Speech (http:/ / www. com/ pick/ 2009/ 01/ mixedink.microsoft. com/ netrootsplatform) [2] Democrats’ 2008 Party Platform Recognizes Growing Role Of Internet In Shaping Life. MixedInk was first used publicly by a group of progressive online activists. such as a mission statement. techcrunch. the Netroots. At the end. complete versions of the text.[14] References [1] The Netroots Platform (http:/ / mixedink. remix segments of different versions together to create new ones. slate.com/industry/government/products/ Sharepoint2010/default.[6] [7] [8] as well as political and government offices.sharepointbuzz. wired. com/ Articles/ 2009/ 06/ 22/ Web-White-House-open-government. or promoted accordingly. published.

MMBase is written in Java.com/) MMBase MMBase is a Web Content Management System with strong multimedia features and advanced Web portal functionalities.mmbase. pdf) External links • MMBase website (http://www. com/ 2674991) 271 External links • MixedInk's website (http://www. and is used by major Dutch broadcasters. It was released as open source on April 3. org) [2] MMBase: An Open-source Content Management System (http:/ / researchweb.cmscontainer.mixedink. it is Open source software (Mozilla Public License) and uses open standards. The system can be used with all major operating systems. ibm. watson.[1] MMBase has a large installed base in The Netherlands. 2000. mmbase. national and local governments. the first version of the system was in use in 1997. com/ journal/ sj/ 442/ becking.org) • MMBase project on Ohloh (http://www.Mixedink [14] (http:/ / www.[2] The development of MMBase started in late 1996 at the Dutch broadcasting organisation VPRO.net/p/mmbase) • CMSContainer (http://www. web application servers and databases.ohloh. educational institutes. publishers. vimeo. CMSContainer is a JSR 168 compliant Enterprise Web Content Management System build upon MMBase with advanced portal functionalities. References [1] MMBase website (http:/ / www.org/) .

and news. Since.g. games. There are two approaches to adapting templates: multi-client and multi-site. aegismobile. Mobile content delivery has unique. MCMS technology initially focused on the business to consumer (B2C) mobile market place with ringtones. Location-based content delivery Location-based content delivery provides targeted content. apoorv. advertisements. maps. smart phones. small screen size. com/ Content-Management-Systems-Mobile-Embrace. directions. August 28.[3] Specialized templating system While traditional web content management systems handle templates for only a handful of web browsers. and templates are presented based on the device client used for viewing.com).g. Mobile content management systems may be discrete systems. sitename. mobile. wirelessweek. and comparatively weak device processors. References [1] Content Management for Wireless Networks. Posted by Apoorv. pdf) [2] Content Management Systems’ Mobile Embrace. such as mobile phones. php/ 2010/ 02/ 16/ apollo-mobile-cms/) . but incorporating mobile phone functionality makes greater exploitation of location-aware content delivery possible.sitename. modules or add-ons of larger content management systems capable of multi-channel content delivery.Blog. such as information. text-messaging. PCM. aspx) [3] Content Management for Mobile Delivery. mobile content management systems have also taken root in business to business (B2B) and business to employee (B2E) situations. 2008-2013 .Insight Research Report (http:/ / www. WirelessWeek. The multi-client approach makes it possible to see all versions of a site at the same domain (e.Mobile content management system 272 Mobile content management system A mobile content management system (MCMS) is a type of content management system (CMS) capable of storing and delivering content and services to mobile devices. mobile CMS templates must be adapted to the very wide range of target devices with different capacities and limitations. and other related content. Currently. May 26.com). The multi-site approach displays the mobile site on a targeted sub-domain (e. By Evan Koblentz. 2007 (http:/ / www. Content is stored in a raw format to which device-specific presentation styles can be applied. news.[2] Key features Multi-channel content delivery Multi-channel content delivery capabilities allow users to manage a central content repository while simultaneously delivering that content to desktop web browsers. or may exist as features. and PDAs. small storage capacity.[1] Demand for mobile content management increased as mobile devices became increasingly ubiquitous and sophisticated. 2008 (http:/ / www. specific constraints including widely variable device capacities. com/ blog/ index. to mobile devices based on current physical location. allowing companies to provide more timely information and functionality to business partners and mobile workforces in an increasingly efficient manner. com/ \ExecSummaries\content08ExecSum. Navigation systems are specialized systems. GPS (global positioning system) navigation systems offer the most popular location-based services. A 2008 estimate put global revenue for mobile content management at US$8 billion. info/ 2007/ 05/ 26/ content-management-for-mobile-delivery/ ) Multi Device Mobile CMS Info (http:/ / www. insight-corp. mobile phones and other devices. limited wireless bandwidth.

The main point is the teamwork on the new premium quality FlashMoto CMS Templates.0 application programming interface (API). as well as the website design and logo.com Developer(s) Demetrio Fortman Alex Timan Dmitriy Kuriksha Alexander Matienko 1.Page Flip Flash CMS Component that allows users to create a digital Flash Flip book with a WYSIWYG Editor and CMS integrated. among which are: control panel rebranding. etc. It provides a set of tools and built-in components for video and image galleries creation. video and MP3 player embedment and [2] custom modules and widgets integration.com. • In September 2009 FlashMoto signed an agreement with TemplateMonster according to which TemplateMonster is obliged to create a separate web templates category – Flash CMS templates. as well as improvements to the Media Library were made (the abilities to sort media files and organize them using folders. rotate. • In April 2010 FlashMoto signed an agreement with FlashMint company. 2010 MotoCMS released version 1. to resize. 2010 FlashMoto presented a new module . speed improvements.MotoCMS 273 MotoCMS MotoCMS. control panel interface updates. domain name to MotoCMS. crop images.com [1] Moto CMS (formerly FlashMoto CMS) is an advanced Flash CMS (Flash content management system) that allows users to update text.2 that includes a lot of new features and improvements.[3] • In July 2010 FlashMoto released version 1.Company rebranding. to select multiple elements at once. History • Founded in 2008 by Demetrio Fortman and originally named as FlashMoto. etc. images and SWFs directly on a live Flash website. under construction mode.[7] • On September 30.0 / November 2009 Stable release Operating system Cross-platform Type Website Website creation MotoCMS. to upload any types of files. 2010 .[4] • On July 15.Flash Video Gallery that allows users to embed video files and sort them according to the galleries.[5] • In September 2010 FlashMoto presented a new invention . Moto CMS enables users to update their websites with a friendly WYSIWYG environment and all of the changes can be applied at runtime. FlashMoto changed the company name to MotoCMS.[6] • On September 29.). website favicon.3 (a major release) that included the following innovations: Image Editor was added (that gives the ability to edit images directly within the control panel). to edit images directly within the control panel.[8] . These Flash CMS templates meet the FlashMoto requirements and can be easily customized via FlashMoto control panel. XML sitemap generator. the project launched in open beta in August 2009. mirror. • In November 2009 FlashMoto released a standalone version of Flash CMS with ActionScript 3.

Data is saved in external files but future version of Moto CMS will store data in database. Deep linking and well built architecture stimulate search engine indexation. It has a built-in gallery component for displaying a list of images and/or videos.[9] • On July 7. MotoCMS version 1. The Image Editor integrated allows to edit images in the media library directly within the control panel. Media Library Integration (YouTube) + Video Gallery. There is a media library where users can upload images. Image Slot. Info Module. The following page and pop-up properties are available: keywords. Under Construction Mode. video or SWF files & use them in any part of the website. and others.4 (a major release) that improved the system functionality and added some new tools to the system. etc. content saving process was optimized. Effect Slot. websites created with Moto CMS are indexable by search engines and every page has their own URLs and Meta data. XML Sitemap Generator. etc.[12] [13] Moto CMS has the XML-based templating system. SWF). YouTube Quality option. pdf. automatic content recovery on errors added.5 (a major release) that included the following innovations.MotoCMS • On April 12. Media Player. the Contact Form module was improved.[16] . The following slots are available: Shape Slot. tools and system improvements: an ability to create stretchable websites. Auto validation and correction of XML files. Rasterize Object Function.MotoCMS released version 1.[14] Moto CMS supports multiple languages providing users an opportunity to upload custom fonts. etc. Flash developers may develop their own modules as separate SWF applications and build them into website and control panel to improve Moto CMS functionality. Music Player. the new module News Widged was added. Its control panel allows users to incorporate modules without knowing Adobe Flash and to create the unlimited number of pages. The following functions are available within the control panel: Control Panel Rebranding. which includes modules and widgets that can be rearranged without editing FLA file. txt. new modules HTML Widget and Social Network Sharing Slot were added to the system. 2011 . Photo Gallery Preview. Favicon Settings. zip. etc. Coding might be necessary and should only be done by an advanced coder. Also. The library supports all types of files (doc. Rich Content Block. meta description.[15] Switching templates: Moto CMS allows the replacement of one template by another. Image Gallery.). Photo Gallery Lightbox. Moto CMS also allows users to define the Google Analytics details. The following modules and widgets are available: Rich Content Module.[10] 274 Features Moto CMS is an advanced and feature-rich [11] content management system based on ActionScript 3 and realized as Rich Internet Application (RIA) on Flex. Contact Form. and statistics of the website is tracked. Background Image. YouTube Player (works without JavaScript code). support for alt and title image attribute values. Images Pre-load Function (MP3 FLV. Property dependencies. 2011 . Advanced Catalog Module. Photo Gallery Thumbnail List. Website Preview. Read More Button. Simple Button Slot.4 included the following innovations: object manipulation in the control panel was improved. Similar to HTML websites. Menu Button.MotoCMS released version 1. “nofollow” and “noindex” attribute values. Effects Management Tools. placement attributes. There is the custom module Online Font Creator that allows users to upload any font on their Flash websites. etc. Close Button.

com/ content/ 2010/ 10/ moto-cms-version-13/ ) [9] (http:/ / www. flashmoto. html) (http:/ / www. flashmoto. However. motocms. com/ cms-for-flash-websites-flashmoto-cms/ ) (http:/ / 10steps. webresourcesdepot. org/ resources/ articles/ 1014/ 1/ FlashMoto-CMS/ Page1. motocms. com/ blog/ project-news/ flip-book-flash-cms-template/ ) [7] (http:/ / www.[17] References [1] http:/ / www. com/ content/ 2009/ 07/ flashmoto-cms-revolutionary-tool-flash-website-management) [12] (http:/ / www. users have criticized that Moto CMS is not easily crawlable by search engines. com/ blog/ project-news/ moto-flash-cms-version-1-5/ ) [11] (http:/ / cmsreport. motocms. com/ blog/ project-news/ moto-flash-cms-version-1-4-released/ ) [10] (http:/ / www. MotoCMS is developing a range of search engine optimization options for better search engine indexation.MotoCMS 275 Criticism Since it is built using a Flash platform. screen readers for the blind and etc. com/ blog/ project-news/ flash-video-gallery/ ) [6] (http:/ / www. it does not play well with assistive technologies. com/ blog/ project-news/ flash-cms-version-1-2-available/ ) [5] (http:/ / www. flashmoto. com [2] http:/ / www. e. com/ reviews/ flashmoto-new-flash-cms/ ) External links • Official website (http://www. html) (http:/ / www. 1888pressrelease. the big issue is some platforms do not support Flash plugin technology. pressabout. actionscript.motocms. com/ flashmoto-released-a-powerful-flash-cms-pr-164947. flash99good. motocms. sg/ articles/ inventions/ brilliant-invention-flashmoto/ ) (http:/ / www.g. com/ blog/ project-news/ flashmoto-enters-partnership-with-flashmint-com/ ) [4] (http:/ / www. com/ flashmoto-released-powerful-flash-27696/ ) [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] (http:/ / www. While the application appears to be a neat solution. For example it does not show up on the current crop of mobile smartphones.com) . com/ company/ flashmoto [3] (http:/ / www. flashmoto. com/ blog/ project-news/ important-news-flashmoto-is-changing-its-name-to-moto-cms/ ) [8] (http:/ / cmsreport. crunchbase.

[6] Features Movable Type has several notable features. user roles. 2011 Development status Active Platform Available in Perl.org [2] Type License Website Movable Type is a weblog publishing system developed by the company Six Apart.[5] The current version is 5. manage files. or a combination of the two techniques.[3] version 1. and supports storage of the weblog's content and associated data within MySQL natively.[7] The application supports static page generation (in which files for each page are updated whenever the content of the site is changed). such as the ability to host multiple weblogs and standalone content pages. dynamic page generation (in which pages are composited from the underlying data as the browser requests them). 2001. and can still be used via plug-ins.[4] On 12 December 2007. 2001.0 was publicly released on October 8. PostgreSQL and SQLite support was available prior to version 5. and trackback links. Movable Type optionally supports LDAP for user and group management and automatic blog provisioning. categories. tags. templates. PHP (for dynamic publishing) Dutch English French German Japanese Russian Spanish Blog publishing system [1] GNU General Public License and various other licenses movabletype. Movable Type was relicensed as free software under the GNU General Public License.[8] .12 / June 22.Movable Type 276 Movable Type Movable Type Original author(s) Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Ben Trott Six Apart 2001 October 8 5. It was publicly announced on September 3. Movable Type is written in Perl.12.

and enterprise database integration such as Oracle. November 19. Retrieved August 27. . movabletype. Movable Type 5 was released in Open Source and Pro versions in January 2010. Retrieved August 27.[12] Six Apart released a beta version of Movable Type 4 on June 5. [7] Hacker. a fork of the open-source Movable Type distribution.2. and unlimited blogs. With the release of Movable Type 3. . movabletype. html). purchased in 2005. In Movable Type 3. com/ blog/ 2001/ 10/ please-read-before-downloading. "Please Read Before Downloading" (http:/ / www. was announced in June 2009. [9] "Download" (http:/ / movabletype. 277 History Movable Type was originally named "Serge" after musician Serge Gainsbourg. org/ [3] "Welcome" (http:/ / www. com/ blog/ 2011/ 06/ movable-type-512-506-and-437-security-updates. blog cloning. 2011). [5] Dash.37 Security Updates" (http:/ / www. SAY Media announced that Infocom. Melody. movabletype. com/ blog/ 2001/ 09/ welcome. html#faq9). Scot (2003). 5. In addition to the free version.[18] [19] LiveJournal. TypePad. Six Apart. html). 2007). education. Six Apart. . The TrackBack feature was introduced in version 2. and has since been adopted by a number of other blog systems. the ability to create an unlimited number of weblogs at all licensing levels was restored. 2007 and re-launched movabletype. movabletype. html).[15] with several bug-fix and security updates appearing later in the year. 2007.2. and automated blog provisioning. 2001.12. html). com/ download/ pricing-faq. and Movable Type Enterprise?. Retrieved August 27. user roles. . Macworld 9.Movable Type Movable Type is free software under the GPLv2 license. Jun (June 22. While Movable Type is a system which needs to be installed on a user's own web server. Six Apart also maintained three other weblog publishing systems—TypePad. or nonprofit licenses.[9] Movable Type Enterprise also supports the Oracle database and Microsoft SQL Server. Six Apart. there were marked changes in Movable Type's licensing. had acquired Six Apart Japan and that as part of the transaction. Six Apart announced that it would be shutting down the Vox service at the end of that month. html). MySQL. was sold in 2007. most notably placing greater restrictions on its use without paying a licensing fee. Movable Type Pro.06. September 3. Vox. the product once again became completely free for personal users. 2009. "Movable Type 5. Retrieved August 27.[10] [11] This sparked criticism from some users of the software. movabletype.[13] [14] Movable Type 4's Enterprise version provides advanced features such as LDAP management. 2010. "Movable Type Open Source" (http:/ / www. Retrieved August 27. movabletype. 2010. . 2010.3.0 in 2004. 2011.com.[17] At various times. Shortly before being acquired by web advertising firm VideoEgg to form SAY Media in September 2010. Vox. html). 2010. Six Apart. org/ 2007/ 12/ movable_type_open_source. "Put Weblogs to Work: low-cost tools let you publish professional and personal sites instantly" (http:/ / www. With the release of version 3. author limits. [2] http:/ / movabletype.[20] In January 2011. com/ article/ 24901/ 2003/ 07/ putweblogstowork.movabletype.—lists the various versions of Movable Type and their costs . html). It is also available as part of Intel's SuiteTwo professional software offering of Web 2. com/ download/ purchase.org as a community site. as well as other consultants and volunteers. [6] Kaneko.[16] Its development is being guided by a non-profit group consisting of current and former Six Apart employees. and 4. and LiveJournal were all hosted weblog services.0 tools. [8] "Migrating to MySQL from SQLite or PostgreSQL" (http:/ / www. . [4] Trott. 2001).[21] References [1] "Licensing and Pricing FAQ" (http:/ / www. 2010. Anil (December 12. What's the difference between Movable Type. Infocom would assume responsibility for Movable Type. a Japanese IT company. leaving TypePad and Movable Type as the company's only blogging platforms. 2010. and LiveJournal. Six Apart. with some moving to the then-new open-source blogging tool WordPress. Retrieved August 27. Retrieved July 6. for purposes of developing an open-source version that was released under the GNU Public License on December 12. Retrieved August 27. 2010. Movable Type Enterprise remains based on Movable Type 4. www. . . org/ documentation/ mt5/ database/ migrate-sqlite-postgresql. macworld. which come with support contracts. users can purchase support or buy commercial. Mena (October 8.

webauthoringsoftware/ article. sixapart. 2004). com/ about/ press/ 2006/ 07/ six-apart-relea. . [18] "TypePad" (http:/ / www. [11] Heck. 2008. Mena (May 13.org/) • Movable Type developer wiki (http://wiki. [13] "Welcome to the Movable Type Open Source Project" (http:/ / www. . html). com/ article/ id. 2006. . 2007). [21] "Six Apart Japan to be acquired by Infocom and assume responsibility for Movable Type and Six Apart brand" (http:/ / www. com/ ). Press Center. 2010. InfoWorld. 2010. . [12] "Six Apart Releases Movable Type Enterprise and Movable Type 3. . 2010. 2010. pcworld.com/) • Movable Type open source community website (http://movabletype. "Six Apart Movable Type 4. [17] "Open Melody Software Group" (http:/ / openmelody. html). movabletype." [15] "Introducing Movable Type 5" (http:/ / www.1-c. org/ blog/ 2009/ 06/ introducing-melody). [16] "Introducing Melody" (http:/ / openmelody. sixapart. PC World. . June 22. 2009. typepad. vox. sixapart. Retrieved August 27.webauthoringsoftware/ article.134807-c. Retrieved August 27.org/) . Open Melody Software Group. vox. shtml). 2010. org/ about/ omsg). . Six Apart. Open Melody Software Group. com/ article/ id. PC World. Six Apart. Six Apart. 2010. org/ opensource/ ). com/ blog/ 2011/ 01/ sixapart-japan-to-be-acquired. pcworld. "Six Apart's Movable Type is widely recognized as the powerhouse of blogging tools because of its extensive management features and customizability. html). .movabletype. com). December 10. html). [20] "Vox is closing on September 30. Retrieved August 27. Six Apart. 2010. "Movable Type: Powerful Business Blog Tool" (http:/ / www. Retrieved August 27.3" (http:/ / www. html). 2010. . Six Apart News & Events (Six Apart).Movable Type [10] Trott. [19] "Vox" (http:/ / www. Don (July 19. movabletype. com/ corner/ archives/ 2004/ 05/ its_about_time. 2005). 2010" (http:/ / closing. Retrieved August 27. Mike (March 28. Retrieved August 27. Retrieved August 27. [14] Reisinger. com/ blog/ 2010/ 01/ introducing-movable-type-5-1.0 Beta" (http:/ / www. "It's About Time" (http:/ / www. July 12. . Retrieved August 27. . 278 External links • Movable Type commercial product website (http://movabletype. . com).120169-page.

Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Sourcefabric 2011 3. German.1 was released on 18 February 2011 as a security update to 3.[8] Newscoop has a user-generated manual hosted by FLOSS_Manuals.3 / 19 May 2011 Operating system Cross-platform Available in Arabic. a geolocation interface.Newscoop 279 Newscoop Newscoop Newscoop is a CMS designed for news organisations. Spanish.sourcefabric. Swedish Content management framework.[4] Newscoop 3.[9] . Dutch. Chinese. [3] History Newscoop 3.5. Community and Blog software GNU General Public License v3 newscoop. article editing and installation.5 was released on 31 January 2011 and featured multi-author management. Romanian. Serbian (Cyrillic). some of which to relate to improving security. The update addressed more than 60 bugs found in the previous version. It added a new plug-in that provides reCAPTCHA service support and improvements to the dashboard and article edit screen andsupport for uploading multiple files to the Media Archive. [5] Newscoop 3.5 and fixed an XSS vulnerability in the admin login page plus front end vulnerablities to Cross-Site Scripting attacks. On January 17th 2011. A new template called "The Journalist" was also included.[7] SoundCloud support. Korean.2 was released on 15 March 2011.3 was released on May 19th and fixed bugs relating to search.[2] formerly known as Campsite. article lists. Russian.org [1] Type License Website Newscoop is a free and open source multilingual content management system for news websites.[6] Newscoop 3. English. allowing users to edit.5.5. Content management system. Croatian. Sourcefabric announced the renaming of Campsite to Newscoop. was announced in May 2011. increased speed and a new interface tailored for journalists. Czech. Serbo-Croatian.5. upload and manage SoundCloud files. Portuguese.

[4] http:/ / www.org and West Africa Democracy Radio who launched a news platform that incorporated Newscoop on April 1st 2011. html).3 CMS Released for Journalists" (http:/ / www.5. sourcefabric. . org/ en/ community/ news/ 457/ Newscoop-35-out-today!. org). com/ Headlines/ new-open-source-organisation-dedicated-is-to-quality-journalism-63920-. tumblr. [7] "Newscoop 3. com/ post/ 5604546453/ sourcefabric-and-west-africa-democracy-radio-have). [9] http:/ / en. [3] "New open source organization is dedicated to quality journalism" (http:/ / www. . flossmanuals.Newscoop 280 Examples Sites using Newscoop include mdlf. . .[10] References [1] http:/ / newscoop. aspx). h-online. . sourcefabric. net/ newscoop3journalists_en/ [10] "West Africa Democracy Radio launches open source news platform. [8] "Sourcefabric and West Africa Democracy Radio have added SoundCloud support to Newscoop" (http:/ / soundcloud. cmscritic." (http:/ / sourcefabric. com/ open/ news/ item/ Newscoop-open-source-CMS-for-journalists-updated-1210470. org/ en/ community/ news/ 611/ West-Africa-Democracy-Radio-launches-open-source-news-platform). . com/ newscoop-3-5-3-cms-released-for-journalists/ ). sourcefabric. . htm [5] http:/ / sourcefabric. editorandpublisher. htm [6] "Newscoop open source CMS for journalists updated" (http:/ / www. org/ en/ products/ newscoop_release/ 510/ Newscoop-351-released!. org/ [2] "Newscoop homepage" (http:/ / newscoop.

Nuvvo has integrated e-commerce and a site where courses can be advertised. and integration possibilities for connecting with other software systems in an institution's IT ecosystem. vCard. VoIP (via Skype). LearnHub. It costs nothing to use. Nuvvo includes most of the end-user features found in these systems. RSS/Atom. Similar software systems Commonly. and ICalendar. in anticipation of its new iteration of learning environment. Inc.com [1] Nuvvo was an on-demand e-learning service designed for individual instructors which has since been shut down by its parent company Savvica. Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Course Management System Proprietary Nuvvo. e-learning systems are designed for institutions. Nuvvo is a website that incorporates Ajax. . Course Management System (CMS). but specifically lacks the administrative features required for organizing large hierarchies of users. These are usually called a Learning Management System (LMS). though it has some ads and gets a percentage if you charge students.Nuvvo 281 Nuvvo Nuvvo Nuvvo course screenshot with Camino Developer(s) Savvica Inc. not individual instructors. or Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).

quizzes and assignments. and launched in December 2005. As the service attracted more and more users. the conversations. media files. where students can keep track of their progress. scheduling tools. Green. with one letter repeated. and user administration. Instructors build test. with help from David Ritter and others. Savvica now focuses solely on improving and supporting Nuvvo. Nuvvo's chief architect. This fabricated word "Nuvvo" held important attributes at the time of its selection: • At five characters. the company gradually shifted its focus from enterprise learning software to the lighter. accentuates the peculiar spelling. true/false questions. Evaluation tools are another part of Nuvvo. and assignments with multiple choice questions. since very few words have consecutive 'v's. has said that Nuvvo—a more compact version of an enterprise LMS designed for individual instructors—was conceived while Savvica was building its Enterprise LMS and released as a sort of side project.icio. as are messages.Nuvvo 282 Origin of the name and logo The name "Nuvvo" is a play on the French word "nouveau". Background Nuvvo was created by Savvica Inc. Instructors can list their courses in Nuvvo's eLearning Market. course management. with tools for creating multimedia-enriched lessons. Nuvvo subtracts an 8% transaction fee and pays the instructor the rest. which is the masculine form of the English adjective "new". it's free and focused on user-generated content and community building.0 services. Features Nuvvo shares many characteristics with other Web 2. Unlike a traditional LMS setup. facilitating discussion and student interaction. . Its service is entirely web-based.us. The checkmarks are à-propos because of their association to classroom education. which allows instructors to charge for courses. which in using two checkmarks for the two 'v's. 37signals and others. Content authoring is featured. etc. Most question types are automatically graded and entered into Nuvvo's gradebook. "nuvvo" is short and easy to type • "nuvvo" is relatively language-agnostic One drawback of the name was that its easy to misspell in English. Following a similar commercial model to those services. an Ebay-like listing site where students browse courses and request enrollment. del. Instructors set a course price and students pay with their credit card upon joining the course. This problem was mitigated in the design of the Nuvvo logo. ASP service. and text curriculum are all integrated and on the same page. and follows the user-centered design principles made popular by Flickr.. a Toronto-based software company founded by John Philip Green. quizzes. Blogging is included. Nuvvo also features e-commerce.

March 30. 2006 John Green interview at The Web 2.0-style technologies.Hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Josh Owens. G4TechTV [9]. 2007 Call for Help. January 9. January 16. April 10. February 23. • • • • • • Ajax for a more responsive user interface RSS/Atom to syndicate course listings VoIP (via Skype) for synchronous communication vCard for importing from external address book applications ICalendar to integrate with external calendaring applications CSS for themes and user interface customization External links Official Nuvvo Sites • Official website [2] • Nuvvo Support [3] • Nuvvo Documentation Wiki [4] • Nuvvo Forums [5] • Nuvvo eLearning Market [6] • Nuvvo Blog [7] Press / Reviews • • • • • Globe & Mail [8] January 25. 2006 Founder interviews • • • • MarketingMonger [13]. January 15. 2006 Emob [16]. though it is being replace by DB2 & an xkoto GRIDIRON database load-balancer. 2006 (French) Return to Learning Technologies .Nuvvo 283 Technology Server-side Nuvvo is a Java EE web application that runs in the Apache Tomcat web container. The web application is composed of multiple tiers. February 27. 2006 TechCrunch [11]. The presentation tier uses the Struts MVC framework. 2006 LifeHacker [10]. The data tier uses MySQL.0 Show [14] . The logic tier relies heavily on the Hibernate O/R Mapping framework. 2006 Emily Chang [12]. 2006 Ed TechTalk [15]. Client-side Nuvvo uses many Web 2. January 6.

nuvvo. techcrunch. htm [14] http:/ / web20show. com/ [8] http:/ / www. nuvvo. com/ files/ EdTechTalk32-2006-01-15. com/ callforhelp/ shownotes/ 0348. php [11] http:/ / www. nuvvo. fr/ dotclear/ index. com/ forums [6] http:/ / market. callforhelptv. php?2006/ 01/ 09/ 285-interview-e-learning-nuvvo . mp3 [16] http:/ / www. com/ [4] http:/ / support. com/ 2006/ 01/ 16/ nuvvo-takes-on-open-source-moodle/ [12] http:/ / www. nuvvo. lifehacker. com/ servlet/ story/ LAC. com/ 2006/ 04/ marketingmonger_podcast_6_interview_with_john_and_malgosia_of_nuvvo_1. emilychang. com/ software/ education/ teach-and-learn-with-nuvvo-156558. com [2] http:/ / http:/ / nuvvo. theglobeandmail. TWINSIDER25/ TPStory/ ?query=nuvvo [9] http:/ / www. emob. edtechtalk. 20070125. marketingmonger. com/ go/ weblog/ comments/ two-web-20-apps-challenge-the-status-quo/ [13] http:/ / www.Nuvvo 284 References [1] http:/ / nuvvo. shtml?amberstips [10] http:/ / www. nuvvo. com/ [3] http:/ / support. com/ documentation [5] http:/ / support. com/ 2006/ 02/ episode-11-john-green/ [15] http:/ / www. com/ [7] http:/ / blog.

Canada. TSX: OTC [2] ) Tim Bray. In 1995. CEO Tom Jenkins. the company grew as organizations found they needed to index and search their existing and growing stores of electronic information. OpenText provided the search technology used by Yahoo! as part of its Web index. Its flagship offering is the OpenText ECM Suite supported by OpenText Content Services.Open Text Corporation 285 Open Text Corporation Open Text Corporation Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Public (NASDAQ: OTEX Computer software 1991 [1] . In 1994 OpenText began hosting its OpenText 4 search engine on the World Wide Web.450 (2011) www. which gave Yahoo! the capability of searching every word on every Web page. Ontario. It also co-developed with SAP ArchiveLink and the first standard ArchiveLink product for SAP. producer of Livelink. In that same year OpenText shipped its first Web-based product. OpenText is the largest Canadian-based software centric company. a web-based electronic document management system.opentext. It produces and distributes computer software applications designed to enable enterprise content management solutions for large corporate and government systems. having originated from a project at the University of Waterloo to create an electronic Oxford English Dictionary — an undertaking that required developing search technologies that could be used to quickly index and retrieve information. Chairman Content management solutions US$912 million (FY 2010) [3] [3] Products Revenue Net income Employees Website US$87. Latitude Web Server (later renamed Livelink Web Server). It is a publicly traded corporation. Ontario. With the growing importance of the Internet. OpenText purchased Odesta Systems. Oracle Corporation and SAP. In 1995. Canada Key people John Shackleton. OpenText employs approximately 4. competing directly with the AltaVista Web search engine.6 million (FY 2010) 4. Gaston Gonnet. which incorporated full-text indexing and string-search technology. The search technology developed for this project. . was recognized as being useful for other electronic applications. Frank Tompa Headquarters Waterloo.[6] History Open Text Corporation was incorporated in 1991.com [4] Open Text Corporation (TSX: OTC [2] NASDAQ: OTEX [1]) is a software company headquartered in [5] Waterloo. This suite provides extensive ECM functionality for managing content and integrating it with business systems from Microsoft.450 people worldwide.

[8] On July 21. document capture. 2011. These functions are connected through business process management tools to each other and to other business applications and processes. a provider of business communications solutions. The suite provides functions for team collaboration. 2010. • OpenText Enterprise Process Services: a set of business process services to help organizations to automate the use of business content.. wikis. OpenText announced that is had acquired StreamServe.Open Text Corporation In 1996 OpenText launched its initial public offering of 4. On March 8. and Enterprise Architecture (EA) software. The OpenText ECM Suite is based on a service-oriented architecture provided by OpenText Content Services. another ECM software company. OpenText announced the acquisition of London-based weComm. OpenText announced that it had acquired Vizible Corporation. records management. On February 2. email management and information lifecycle management. of process and case management solutions and document-centric BPM. OpenText ECM Suite The OpenText ECM Suite integrates multiple technologies for document management. for $310 million. digital asset management. the largest of which was its acquisition of IXOS in October 2003. Inc. 2011. for approximately USD $71 million. In 2004 OpenText acquired the digital asset management vendor Artesia Technologies. OpenText announced that it had acquired Global 360 [10] Holding Corporation. Other components include electronic discovery.[9] On February 22. 2008. software training and individual support packages. a provider of Business Process Management (BPM). On October 31. In September 2002 OpenText bought Centrinity and its FirstClass groupware for CA$19 million. a leading provider 286 Offerings OpenText is an independent software vendor which sells software licenses including support and maintenance. OpenText kimak Services include the following elements: • OpenText Enterprise Connect: provides customizable views of business content and makes it accessible through desktop applications. OpenText offers worldwide consulting services. and Captaris Document Technologies (CDT). Inc. 2009 OpenText Corporation completed its acquisition of Vignette Corporation. Business Process Analysis (BPA). . blogs. On April 1. 2010 OpenText Corporation completed the acquisition. for approximately USD $260 million.[11] [12] On July 13. media rich applications across more than 900 mobile devices and platforms. OpenText acquired Captaris. On October 27. OpenText completed several corporate acquisitions in 2002 and 2003.6 million shares raising $61 million. 2009. forums. By acquiring Hummingbird Ltd. OpenText added several more businesses to its portfolio. web content management. and real-time instant messaging and collaboration. 2010 OpenText announced it entered an agreement to buy Nstein Technologies for $35 million CDN. including Hummingbird Connectivity and RedDot Solutions Inc. in 2006.[7] On May 6. a mobile application pioneer that offers technology for deployment of high-quality. On April 8. OpenText announced that it had acquired Metastorm Inc. These services form the basis of a content management framework and take a repository-agnostic approach to ECM. the makers of a digital media interface solution. 2011. makers of the RightFax digital fax series of products. document imaging and digital faxing solutions. 2009 OpenText announced an agreement to acquire Vignette Corporation.

editing. Mobile Solutions OpenText offers an array of mobile capabilities for enterprises. corporate governance. access. and archiving of rich media assets. extranets and external websites.Open Text Corporation • OpenText Enterprise Library Services: provides a central repository to help with the enforcement and management of retention schedules. The company's MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Framework) allows customers to deliver apps on multiple types of devices. Horizontal Applications OpenText offers content management applications for specific industries and business functions. These solutions provide discovery. OpenText announced that it was selected by Siemens IT Solutions and Services as an essential technology component of the BBC's Digital Media Initiative (DMI) which includes the BBC iPlayer. 287 Applications for Microsoft.[13] Vertical. sharing. reuse. More than 2. distribution. Oracle and SAP.[14] Open Text offers applications for 15 industries and 12 business functions. SAP OpenText offers multiple applications that extend the functionality of major business applications through partnerships with Microsoft. In April 2008. The software can be adapted to work with an existing workflow or content can be accessed using standard browsers or desktop applications.600 companies are using OpenText Web products. Web Content Management OpenText offers a set of offerings to manage and optimize Web-based content in order to establish intranets. Digital Media Management OpenText digital media products provide organizations with a centralized management resource for digital media files and underlying metadata. and regulatory compliance policies. Competitors Some of OpenText's key competitors in the enterprise content management market include: • • • • • Sitecore > Sitecore IBM > FileNet EMC Corporation > Documentum Alfresco Software > Alfresco_(software) Newgen Software . This Web content management system is integrated with the OpenText ECM Suite. Oracle. These applications are built using OpenText ECM Suite technologies to address the requirements of a particular industry such as energy or pharmaceutical or particular business requirements such as human relations or accounts payable.

. OpenText Corporation. com/ 2/ global/ press-release-details.com/docm-1/ docm-mv-vl-090818-01) (Hyperion Research) . Retrieved 2009-07-28. Retrieved 2010-08-20. html?id=2553). html?id=2233). html). "2010 Q4 Form 10-K June 2010" (http:/ / mimage. Retrieved 2009-05-18.com (http://www. com/ alt_content/ binary/ ot/ investor/ 2010/ Q41010-Q. Retrieved 13 July 2011. branham300. Gartner. Retrieved 13 July 2011. pdf). [14] "Use CEVAs to Generate Value From Your Content" (http:/ / www. . php?year=2010& listing=4) [7] "Open Text acquires Vizible Corporation" (http:/ / news. External links • OpenText. microsoft. com [11] Christine. com/ 2011/ 07/ 13/ open-text-buys-texas-global-360-for-260m/ ). Dobby. quotemedia. financialpost. com/ 2011/ 04/ cantech-letter-interviews-john-shackleton-open-text/ [6] "Top 25 Canadian Software Companies" (http:/ / www. com/ DisplayDocument?doc_cd=137675). gartner. cantechletter. [4] http:/ / www. FINANCIAL POST. com/ ticker/ article. global360. aspx?Feed=PR& Date=20090408& ID=9770792& Symbol=OTEX) [8] "Vignette to become part of Open Text in $310M deal" (http:/ / www. php?qm_symbol=OTC [3] Open Text Investor Relations (2010-08-20). . [9] "Open Text Completes Vignette Acquisition" (http:/ / www. asp?symbol=OTEX& selected=OTEX [2] http:/ / tmx. com/ asp/ SummaryQuote. "Open Text buys Texas’ Global 360 for $260M" (http:/ / business. com/ index. [10] http:/ / www.com/) Official website • Vendor List: Document Management Systems for Legal Industry (http://www. opentext.opentext. Retrieved 2009-05-19. Open Text Press Release. moneycentral. bizjournals. [13] "Open Text and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server: The Road to Greater Productivity" (http:/ / download. IDC. 2009-05-06. [12] "OpenText Acquires Global 360" (http:/ / www. opentext. . .hgpresearch. Open Text. com/ 2/ global/ press-release-details. opentext. com/ austin/ stories/ 2009/ 05/ 04/ daily29. msn. nasdaq. opentext. com/ [5] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-05-09. com/ quote. . com/ download/ e/ 8/ 9/ e898f1fb-73a5-44f5-8317-d562f842660a/ IDCWP06Q_print_letter. . pdf).Open Text Corporation 288 References [1] http:/ / quotes.

.. Transport. artesys. Awards & Accreditations OPIDIS is D4E (Designed For EMC) and Documentum Best Platform Utilization in 2006. References [1] http:/ / www.artesys.com [1] Products Website OPIDIS is a technical electronic document management and imaging systems developed by ARTESYS International. Functionality OPIDIS provides: • Electronic storage. plants and procedures.OPIDIS 289 OPIDIS ARTESYS International Type Industry Founded Private company Technical Electronic Content Management 1989 Headquarters Rennes (France) Paris (France) Pau (France) Houston (Texas) Key people Daniel COQUELIN (CEO) Olivier DUPONT (CCO) JF JOUSSEAUME (CTO) OPIDIS SIROCO www. com . • Document retrieval and management. • Delivery and authorization of any technical documents specially PID (Process and instrumentation diagram). Energy. Clients OPIDIS is worldwide deployed in several sectors Oil and Gas. Pharmaceuticals. Defense. Chemicals.

the intended output of the Orchard project is three-fold: • Individual .NET MVC framework.1 / April 11.net/gallery) • Orchard: Microsoft's open-source CMS platform is (re)born (http://www. Its vision is to create shared components for building ASP. Orchard is delivered as part of the ASP.NET platform using the ASP. References [1] http:/ / www.zdnet. net Orchard is a free. and specific applications that leverage these components to meet the needs of end-users. and developers • A set of re-usable components that makes it easy to build such applications • A vibrant community to help define these applications and extensions Project Status Orchard is currently available as a V1 release.search-results-rivers) . and more.Orchard Project 290 Orchard Project Orchard Initial release Stable release January 2011 1. a dynamic content type system.com/blog/microsoft/ microsoft-delivers-version-10-of-its-open-source-cms-platform/8430?tag=content. As per Orchard's codeplex [1] page[2] . Although most of the primary developers work for Microsoft. it is not an officially supported Microsoft product. scripters. ease of customization. codeplex.NET-based applications that appeal to end-users .NET Open Source Gallery under the Outercurve Foundation.NET ASP. codeplex. 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Type License Website ASP. scripters. It is licensed under a New BSD license.com/tools/cms/ orchard) • Microsoft delivers version 1.zdnet.NET MVC Windows Content management framework. com External links • Orchard Themes and Modules Gallery (http://orchardproject. com [2] http:/ / orchard. Content management system.com/blog/microsoft/ orchard-microsofts-open-source-cms-platform-is-reborn/4506) • Why You Should Pay Attention to the Development of Orchard CMS (http://webmasterformat. and instead falls upon the auspices of the OuterCurve Foundation. The project includes an extensibility model for both modules and themes. community-focused content management system written in ASP. open source. which is approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).0 of its open-source CMS platform (http://www. and developers. Community and Blog software New BSD License http:/ / orchardproject.NET applications and extensions.

NET technology. It integrates with Microsoft Office. standalone scanners and multifunctional devices. Cadac Organice Transmit Cadac Organice Workbox [3] can be used to build productive serial and parallel state workflows to automate business processes. With Cadac Organice Scan [5] incoming correspondence and other hardcopy documents can be scanned and stored into the SharePoint document environment. Cadac Group won the Microsoft Regional Winning Customer Award for Cadac Organice Explorer. making it easy to use for everyone. even if they do not have access to the native application. Microsoft Outlook and various CAD applications. Documents can be published in their native format or in PDF.Organice 291 Organice Organice is a software suite for Engineering Document Management and Document Control and is entirely based on Microsoft SharePoint and . and the United States. including AutoCAD. Workflows can be executed automatically or manually and users get visual feedback on the status and history of the workflow. a subsidiary of the Cadac Group. developed by Bentley Systems and Meridian by BlueCielo. Cadac Organice Publish [4] can publish documents that are stored in SharePoint. so that they can easily be opened.[8] In [2] the meantime. Revit and MicroStation. Cadac Organice is distributed worldwide through a network of qualified partners in the Benelux. Through an integrated viewer. Hummingbird and FileNet in the Document management system industry.[6] [7] On the 22nd of August 2005 at the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Minneapolis. Organice is being developed by Cadac Organice. distributes multiple documents efficiently to multiple recipients at once and offers management information to document controllers who need to keep track of transmittals. • • • • • Cadac Organice Explorer Cadac Organice Transmit Cadac Organice Workbox Cadac Organice Publish Cadac Organice Scan Cadac Organice Explorer [1] provides all the fundamental document management functionality. . users can open. . In general Cadac Group has to compete with solutions like Documentum. A distribution matrix specifies exactly which recipient needs to receive which documents. and how many. Bricscad. Cadac Organice Scan can be used in combination with any scanning device. including small format and wide format scanners. viewed and annotated by others without the native application. Middle East and Africa). a Smart Client for SharePoint providing engineering document management functionality and integrating SharePoint with CAD applications.[9] In the engineering industry the biggest competitors of Cadac Organice are ProjectWise. EMEA (Europe. The user interface has an MS Outlook look and feel. view and redline all documents. The Cadac Organice Product Suite comprises the following modules. Asia and Australia. Cadac Organice has evolved from product to product suite. and a distribution tracking list in SharePoint keeps track of who received what and when.

organice.Organice 292 References [1] "Cadac Organice Explorer. aspx) [3] "Cadac Organice Workbox automates business processes with productive SharePoint workflows" (http:/ / www. aspx) [2] "Cadac Organice Transmit distributes multiple SharePoint documents to multiple recipients using transmittals" (http:/ / www.cadac. aspx) [6] Cadac Organice BV rapporteert sterke groei (http:/ / www. com/ en/ products/ organice-publish/ Pages/ default. aspx) [4] "Cadac Organice Publish publishes and converts SharePoint documents to other libraries and internal or external sites" (http:/ / www. com/ en/ products/ organice-explorer/ Pages/ default.com) . nl/ _payment/ order/ 686629544/ inp/ 2005/ 09/ 20/ R191. com/ en/ products/ organice-scan/ Pages/ default. avepoint. com/ en/ products/ organice-transmit/ Pages/ default. nl/ cadac-organice-bv-rapporteert-sterke-groei. com/ news/ 2009/ 05/ 04/ avepoint-and-cadac-organice-forge-partnership/ ) AvePoint (4 May 2009) [8] Cadac Group wint tijdens Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference de Regional Winning Customer Award (http:/ / www. organice.com) • Official website Cadac Group (http://www.products (http:/ / www. dmscentraal. organice. com/ EN/ Products/ Pages/ Default. organice. organice. htm) Nieuwsbank (14 September 2005) [9] Official Organice website . smart client for SharePoint providing engineering document management functionality" (http:/ / www. com/ en/ products/ organice-workbox/ Pages/ default. nieuwsbank. aspx) External links • Official website Organice (http://www. html) DMS Centraal (27 January 2009) [7] AvePoint and Cadac Organice Forge Partnership (http:/ / www. organice. organice. aspx) [5] "Cadac Organice Scan stores scanned documents into SharePoint" (http:/ / www.

John Wisdom 2.x (register globals off) • MySQL 3.x. oscmax.JM Ivler.0 is based on osCommerce 2. 2010 2. Wholesale.3x or 2. but has not been tested). 2011 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Webshop GNU General Public License http:/ / www. • It requires: • a web server • PHP 4. Key features • • • • • • • • • • Unlimited Products and Categories Gift Vouchers/Coupons Download/Virtual Product support Secure/Stable code base Web Based admin Panel Supports PayPal.0.5 Release Candidate 1 / July 4.PG Marshall. or add your own groups) Compatible with most other mods available for osCommerce.Mark Fleeson.2 RC2a.25 / March 15. USPS and Fed X shipping Unlimited product Specials Separate customer groups (Retail. Real time credit card processing Supports UPS. either Apache or IIS (and can run on others. osCMax v2. It is available as free software under the GNU General Public License.osCMax 293 osCMax osCMax Developer(s) Stable release Preview release Written in Michael Sasek. com/ osCMax is an e-commerce/shopping cart web application derived from the popular osCommerce project but extended and rewritten by a team of developers. It can be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed.53x and up • Apache 1.E Jonsen. . Requirements • osCMax is a web base application that runs on a webserver. AuthorizeNet.

3 New Attribute Manager v4b Printable Catalog v3. Shipping) WYSIWYG FCKeditor 2.1b + bugfixes Shipping Per Product Separate Pricing Per Customer v4. Netscape) Category Box Bullet Graphics Dynamic Mo Pics 3.82 + fixes Country/State dropdown 1.2: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Basic Template Structure 1.1 Step By Step Manual Order entry v1.6 MS3 Tax Class Site Map 2.1 Quantity Tracking Pro v4.02 Define Mainpage Max + admin controls Define Static Content Pages + admin controls(Conditions.0 All Products Page 2.5f Credit/Gift Voucher/Coupons 5.4 Page Performance Parse time v1.13 + all patches Admin With Access Levels 2.osCMax 294 Additional features osCMax v2.1.1 Page Cache v1.4b Customer Loyalty Discount v1.76b OSC-Affiliate 2.4f Wishlist v2.2b Purchase Without Account .0fc osCMax (supports Internet Explorer.5 Ultimate SEO Urls v2.2 + SPPC mod Edit Orders 1.3 Coolmenu/DHTML menu Admin Categories Search by model number v1. Privacy.10 (all customer info pages) Recover Cart Sales 1.2.0 Down For Maintenance 1.3 Batch Print Center v3 Sales/Tax Reportig v2.1 Category Box Enhancement Specials On Main Page by Default Column Product Listing + admin toggle and controls Dynamic Meta Tag Generator X-Sell 1.59 Categories Descriptions Easy Populate 2.1 Download Controller v5.1. Mozilla.0 .2 Infobox Admin v2.0 Article Manager 1. Firefox.0 has the following contributions already installed and ready to use.2 LoginBox 5. beyond the feature set included in standard osCommerce 2.5 MS2 Cache Class v1.

itwebexperts. http://php.com (http://www. Free-Carts. http://www. http:// www. ShowMe Guides osCMAX User Manual.php • Free-Carts. pp. Kerry. OsCMax. 11–14 ISBN 1-4421-2052-5. IT Web Experts .oscdox.opensourcecms. Zen Cart. php?scriptid=410&name=osCmax • Practical Ecommerce Online Magazine.com/ articles/1845-Cart-of-the-Week-osCMax • WebExperts. Victoria. • Community. CRE Loaded and osCMax. osCMax Wiki Documentation.oscmax. Cart of the Week article. http://www.free-carts. http://wiki.com review and rating 4.com/oscommerce_zencart_xcart_comparison.com/scripts/details.practicalecommerce.com.osCMax • Friendly Admin Panel v2 295 References Notes • Watson.comparison of OsCommerce.com/) . BC Canada: On Demand Manuals.com/oscmax/ External links • oscmax.5/5. X-Cart.com/ • OpenSourceCMS Listing and Demo at OpensourceCMS site.

0 has been released on March 31st 2011 and is a major re-write of the program to incorporate an object-oriented backend. and includes a number of social networking tools.2 was met with another stable release. Version 2. a template system to allow easy layout changes. 2011 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Webshop GNU General Public License http:/ / www.000 'live' websites using the program. com/ osCommerce (“open source Commerce”) is an e-commerce and online store-management software program.osCommerce 296 osCommerce osCommerce Developer(s) Stable release Written in Harald Ponce de Leon 3. as it was branded. It is available as free software under the GNU General Public License.3. In November 2010 the development of osCommerce v2. History osCommerce was started in March 2000 in Germany by project founder and leader Harald Ponce de Leon as The Exchange Project. takes advantage of the benefits of Tableless web design. . It can be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed. As of August 2008 the osCommerce site says that there are over 14. oscommerce.[3] Version 3. and inclusion of an administration-area username and password definition during installation. given the inclusion of osCommerce in hosting panel application installers such as Fantastico (web hosting) [2] and its dependency on osCommerce users linking their sites into the osCommerce Live Stores listings.0 / March 31.[1] This number is almost certainly conservative.

com) [6] Batavi . The osCommerce Technical Manual.org/Computers/Programming/Languages/PHP/Scripts/E-Commerce/ osCommerce//) at the Open Directory Project . "osCommerce Online Merchant v2. BC Canada: On Demand Manuals. oscommerce. com/ about/ news. Vadym . Retrieved 20 March 2011. osCommerce Webmaster's Guide to Selling Online. zencart. it has spawned a number of forks including Zen Cart. osCommerce is one of the earliest PHP based Open Source shopping cart software distributions.[4] As such.[5] and Batavi [6] Criticisms Customization via add-on or custom code means that installation of additional add-ons may require manual rather than automated installation. com/ about/ copyright) [5] Zen Cart .oscommerce. External links • osCommerce official site (http://www. com/ fantastico/ ) [3] Ponce de Leon. . org) . References [1] Shops OsCommerce (http:/ / shops. com/ ) [2] Fantastico cPanel Hosting (http:/ / cpanel-host.value chain ecommerce Notes • Watson.osCommerce 297 Branches Distributed under the GNU General Public License. 11–14 ISBN 1-4120-3733-6. 2 ISBN 1-8471-9202-5.free shopping cart software (http:/ / www.com/) • OsCommerce (http://www.value chain ecommerce (http:/ / www. batavi. • Gurevych. Kerry. p. pp. osCommerce Development Blog. oscommerce. UK: Packt Publishing.134). [4] osCommerce: Copyright Policy (http:/ / www. oscommerce. Birmingham. Victoria.dmoz. Harald.3" (http:/ / www.

References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www. remediation and validation of PDF content to ensure accessibility for people that use assistive technology such as screen readers for users who are blind. (The ISO standard ISO 32000-1:2008 is equivalent to Adobe's PDF 1. com . As of February 2011. PDF/UA is a "Draft International Standard": ISO/DIS 14289-1 [1] . meeting-minutes and public-access documents pertaining to PDF/UA and the other PDF International Standards. The mission of PDF/UA is to develop technical and other standards for the authoring. org/ iso/ iso_catalogue/ catalogue_ics/ catalogue_detail_ics. microsoft.Owis 298 Owis Product Overview OWIS is web based Enterprise content management system and collaboration suite developed by Orka [1]. com/ pdfua http:/ / www.7 and PDF/UA is based on it. com http:/ / www. operated by AIIM [3]. org http:/ / www. duff-johnson. Basic features include: • • • • • Workflow management Document management Knowledge base Calendaring WEB Administration References [1] http:/ / www. htm?ics1=35& ics2=240& ics3=30& csnumber=54564 http:/ / pdf.Document management applications -. com PDF/UA PDF/UA (PDF/Universal Accessibility) is a Standards Committee formed by AIIM.S. aiim.Electronic document file format enhancement for accessibility -. Committee for ISO/DIS 14289-1 is chaired by Duff Johnson [5]. The U.Part 1: Use of ISO 32000-1 (PDF/UA-1). editme. The International Committee for ISO/DIS 14289-1 Project Leader is Cherie Ekholm of Microsoft [4]. contains agendas.) The PDF/UA wiki [2]. orka-global. iso.

1 Version Description Version Notes This is the version number currently in use to denote the development version Release expected soon Notes [1] Pennd . pennd. adobe. pdf http:/ / aicc. SCORM 1. aicc. as the content is processed. org/ http:/ / aicc. The PENS server could be a learning management (LMS) or content management server (CMS) system. pdf http:/ / pens. org/ docs/ tech/ cmi010v1a.2 and SCORM 2004. htm http:/ / www.the simple CMS (http:/ / www. alphaindigo.Package Exchange Notification Services [2] AGR011 . A PENS compatible server then collects and processes the package. com/ products/ captivate/ productinfo/ features/ static_tour/ integrate/ . which can use existing content packaging formats. uk PENS (software) PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services) is a content update notification protocol standard created by the AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee). Finally. org/ docs/ AGRs/ agr011v1. External links • • • • • Official website [1] CMI010 . a content system notifies the server that a package is available for collection. Pennd is still in the Software release life cycle Beta at the moment but is intended to be released on a public beta some time soon[1] . com) [2] http:/ / www.Pennd 299 Pennd Pennd is a Content management system written in Php and using mysql and created by UK designers alphaindigo[1] (Alphaindigo Website)[2]. Version notes Version Number 0. com/ pages/ supporters.CBT Package Exchange Notification [3] Organizations Supporting PENS [4] Captivate [5] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www. lmstesting. co. The content system can be an authoring tool or a content management system. the server can automatically inform the developer or other systems of workflow progress or report any problems via messages which can be sent by HTTP or email. Using PENS. such as AICC course interchange files.

Chief Financial Officer Brent Flanders.000 in cash. Content Management.Perceptive Software 300 Perceptive Software Perceptive Software Industry Founded Software. among others. On May 21. South Africa and Singapore. Perceptive Software announced that it had agreed to be purchased by Lexmark International for $280. It remains a stand-alone software business within Lexmark. a stand-alone business within Lexmark International. health care. Document management. M. Vice President. Australia. document imaging. with international offices in Marlow (near London). Vice President. Kansas Key people Scott Coons. Perceptive Software publishes the online magazine InContext [7]. Document imaging 1995 Headquarters Shawnee. ImageNow is an enterprise content management suite that includes document management. deployed at more than 2. . Anderson Cancer Center. Citigroup.500 organizations across 30+ countries.perceptivesoftware. trends and solutions related to enterprise content management. Technical Services Patrick Kearney.D. Notable customers include California Institute of Technology. transforming what once was a tech start-up to an organization that was recognized by Gartner as the fastest growing ECM vendor worldwide and one of the 10 largest global providers. financial services and public sector industries[5]. devoted to coverage of news. the Perceptive Software Founder's Club [4]. and the market's demand for the solution has fueled the company's growth. Executive Vice President. Kansas. Chief Technology Officer ImageNow 600 www. Perceptive Software's customer base draws heavily from the higher education. Dick's Sporting Goods and Avis Europe[6]. workflow. In 2007. In 1995 Perceptive Software began developing the ImageNow suite. The acquisition was finalized on June 7. President and CEO Cary DeCamp. e-forms and records and information management functionality. and retains its headquarters in Shawnee. is a software development firm headquartered in Shawnee.000. Perceptive Software began a partnership with Kansas City's Sprint Center to host the venue's VIP lounge.com [1] Products Employees Website Perceptive Software. ImageNow [2]. PepsiCo International. Vice President of Information Technology Darren Knipp. Kansas. 2010. Its flagship product. Marketing and Communications Eric Bur. a suburb of Kansas City. Enterprise Content Management. The company’s patented LearnMode technology is designed to non-programmatically integrate with an organization's departmental or enterprise-wide business application. is an enterprise content management (ECM) software suite. Vice President. The company has been employee-voted one of Kansas City's Best Places to Work by the Kansas City Business Journal [3] five times. 2010. Professional Services Marjorie Adair. Corporate Finance Lynne Wilson.

com/elp/ 20080102/) Nov."A New Page" (http://www. bizjournals.Perceptive Software 301 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] http:/ / www. 2007 "Greentree Gazette" .aspx) Aug."End the Paper(less) Chase" (http://campustechnology. asp?sprintcenter=112& urlkeyword=Founders_Club http:/ / www.com/features/ 2007_september/0907_document_management_lifting.aspx?art=264) • • • • • • • • • . com/ default. 2008 Kansas City Business Journal .html) Aug.com/articles/52406/) Sept. Big Expense: How to Control Imaging Costs" (http://www. 8."Lexmark International buys Perceptive Software for $280M" (http://www. 2007 Health Management Technology . 1."Streamlining Admissions: Opening the Front Door" (http://www. 2010 Kansas City Business Journal ."Enterprise Content Management -. perceptivesoftware.com/ article/189600/Little_Printers_Big_Expense_How_to_Control_Imaging_Costs?page=3&) Feb.com/issues/2008_51/ insurance_technology_carrier_vendor_relationships_beta_testing10933-1."People power: Perceptive Software finds key to happy clients: Hire right employees" (http://www. bizjournals.Going paperless can save more than trees" (http:/ /www. com • June 4.bizjournals. 2008 Tech Decisions for Insurance . 28. com/ products/ index."Perceptive's awareness delivers steady growth" (http://www. com/kansascity/blog/2010/04/kansas_city_business_journals_2010_champions_of_business.bizjournals. 2008 Insurance Networking News ."Document Management: Putting Together the Pieces" (http://www. 2007 Campus Technology . 2008 CIO .aspx?articleid=1047) Feb."Perceptive Software's New ImageNow 6. 2010 Campus Technology ."Testing the Carrier/Vendor Relationship" (http://www. 2010 engergyBiz .healthmgttech. insurancenetworking. 2008 Kansas City Business Journal .com/issues/20070801/15524-1. html) • May 28.com/cms/TD/Monthly Issues/Issues/2008/10/Departments/Business Solutions/bus solutions?searchfor=imagenow) Aug.htm) • May 21. html http:/ / www./Feb. 2008 Electric Light & Power (Page 44) .html) April 1.tmcnet. 2008 University Business ."Change and constancy: Perceptive Software will have a new owner but the same old goal: growth" (http://kansascity. com/ success http:/ / www.com/kansascity/stories/2010/05/17/daily49. 2008 University Business . psi http:/ / www.com/viewarticle."2010 Champions of Business" (http://kansascity. 1.html) Jan. com/ search/ results."12 Steps to a Better Bursar's Office" (http://www. imagenow.com/kansascity/stories/2010/06/07/focus9. 2010 Kansas City Business Journal .com/kansascity/stories/2008/05/19/focus14.bizjournals. incontextmag. 1.com/ ViewArticle."Document Management" (http://www. universitybusiness.5 Further Improves Document Management" (http://voip-solutions.html) • April 30.com/utilitybusiness/riskandoperations/articles/2270/ • • • • Enterprise-Content-Management-Going-paperless-can-save-more-than-trees/) Jan.universitybusiness. html?type=articles& N=4294902209+ 8201& No=0& M=recs_per_page:20& L=enable:1 http:/ / www.energycentral."Are you prepared for the 2007 hurricane season?" (http://greentreegazette.com/topics/business-continuity/articles/ 86740-perceptive-softwares-new-imagenow-65-further-improves-document.com/articles/2010/ 01/01/end-the-paper.bizjournals.aspx?sc_lang=en) Oct. sprintcenter. perceptivesoftware. 2010 Kansas City Business Journal .html) • April 15. ingramsonline. 2010 TMCNet . com/executivebriefing/load.aspx?articleid=1110) July 1."Lifting the Burden" (http://www. 2007* "Health Data Management" . com/ http:/ / www.tech-decisions."Image and Integrate" (http://campustechnology.com/kansascity/stories/2008/02/11/story5.html) May 16.elp-digital. com/ August_2006/ foba2006/ FOBprofiles.cio."Little Printers. healthdatamanagement.

fortherecordmag. healthcareitnews. 2007 For The Record .shtml) • June 2007 University Business ."101 Smart Revenue Generators (and Money-saving Ideas)" (http://www."Document Management Across Campus" (http://www."With Perceptive Software.universitybusiness.com/ftr_coverstory."Workflow Solutions" (http://www.universitybusiness. 2006 Campus Technology . • • • • • asp?id=19676&p=5) Nov.H."101 Best Practices" (http://www. healthcareitnews.bta."It's Electric" (http://www. greentreegazette.com/story. jhtml?articleID=194300207) Nov. 2006 School CIO .cms?id=5610) 302 . the customer comes first" (http://www. 2007 Healthcare IT News ."8 Tips for Going Paperless" (http://schoolcio.com/viewarticle.E. 2006 University Business .com/article.tech-decisions."Document imaging saves time at Kansas State University" (http://www.asp?id=19486) Oct. 2006 Healthcare IT News . 2007 T.aspx?articleid=623) • Dec.healthcare-informatics.com/showArticle.com/ME2/ dirmod.com/the/ newsletters/smartclassroom/archives/?aid=20211) • Jan.asp?sid=&nm=&type=Publishing&mod=Publications::Article& mid=8F3A7027421841978F18BE895F87F791&tier=4&id=D97AA98FD96F466C82A508B6C973C799) • March 2007 University Business ."Documented Improvements" (http://www.com/cms/ td/Monthly Issues/Issues/2007/05/Departments/Business Solutions/May07BusSol) • April 2007 Healthcare Informatics . 2006 Greentree Gazette ."Document Imaging >> The Road to Paperless" (http://campustechnology.com/story.com/story. com/ViewArticle.com/viewarticle. universitybusiness.cms?id=6234) • Dec.aspx?articleid=800) • May 2007 Tech Decisions for Insurance ."Proficient practice workflow starts at registration" (http://www."Citizens Memorial shows rural facilities can be tech-savvy" (http://www. aspx?articleid=701) • Feb.cms?id=5549) Oct."Document Management at Blue Valley USD" (http://www. com/article. cfm?pageID=2184) • Aug."Gone to Pieces" (http://www.campustechnology.Perceptive Software • Aug.thejournal. Journal . 2007 "Office Technology" ."Go With the Flow" (http://www. healthcareitnews. 2006 Healthcare IT News .org/i4a/pages/Index.aspx?art=13) Nov. 2006 Campus Technology .com/getting/load.

PG Real Estate Solution 303 PG Real Estate Solution PG Real Estate Solution is commercial web-based real estate listing software developed by Pilot Group. It's used for creating realty classifieds websites. pro/ realestate/ . classifieds engine and template management system. Written in PHP. realtysoft. PG Real Estate Solution includes built-in CMS. External links • PG Real Estate Solution Website [1] References [1] http:/ / www.

/) is an open source content management system and publishing platform for managing the content of websites and web applications. they get you there and what not. “ It's something you've seen over the past few years with the publishing platforms out there. But a lot of times. and clients kept saying they really liked it and [3] [4] it was really easy and simple to use. Phire CMS is licensed under the New BSD Licence. 2010 addressing security and adding a few small upgrades.org [2] Phire CMS (pronounced /'fa?r. one would do "A".1 was released on January 9. including an easier installation process and support for 12 languages. Jax JavaScript Library [6].Phire CMS 304 Phire CMS Phire CMS Developer(s) Stable Release Written in Nick Sagona 1. "E". and uses the JavaScript library. but offers a handful of additional features built directly into the application. the naming convention for the project code names is influenced by the Marvel Universe. particularly the X-Men set of characters. I felt like a lot of those features could be more tightly integrated under a single system. and obviously.[8] An update to Phire. 2011 and contains a host of new features and updates. and "F" pretty well. 2010 and October 2010. would be obviously.and it was these buckets of features that you would sit and figure out which CMS or publishing platform would fit your client's particular needs at that time. Moc10 PHP Library [5]. Expression Engine and a little bit of MODx. I started building these little custom CMS's for clients that handled some things. and that's how I started down the road to building Phire.1. to enhance the overall user interface and user experience. "B" and "C" pretty well. and the official release of the stable version 1.2 PHP [1] Operating System Cross-platform Type License Website Content Management System New BSD License www. Although the name "Phire" has no direct connection. "D" an "F" well . Phire is heavily influenced by what has become a standard set of expected features available in other CMS projects. Phire CMS v1. You look at them. 2010. another one would do "D".0. The project started under the code name Phoenix. ” The core of Phire CMS is specifically built on top of the object-oriented PHP library. is written using the MySQL database and the PHP programming language.[7] Releases Official coding and development of Phire began in the beginning of January.0 was released on November 1. In some cases. Beta-testing occurred between August. History The Phire CMS project started in 2009 by developer Nick Sagona and was born out of a collection of custom-built content management systems that had been developed by Nick to meet specific client needs. and this one over here would do "A". The project code names do not always have to .1. was released on November 22. like the ones we've used the most. 2010. WordPress. v1. such as multiple site management and mobile access and presentation.phirecms. but was changed to Phire before the official release.

plus some security enhancements.0 or above. language support. Pyro 9 January 2011 18 May 2011 7 July 2011 Features Phire CMS has many features that are built in. System administrators can allow or disallow users to work on others' content. SEO-friendly URLs and meta-content management. Spam filter and CAPTCHA built-in for site input interactions.0. Update of Phire CMS to add a small set of new features. Phire does not support PHP 4. Multiple user access levels. Mobile system access and alternate mobile presentation for content is built-in. the programming language in which the project is written. released as Phoenix First official release of Phire CMS. Robust file and image settings. Open authoring.[9] Phire also takes a more aggressive stance on it's support of PHP. Built-in sections to group and order content and assets together for display as needed. Version Code Name Phoenix Release Date Notes 305 0. It also requires MySQL 5. Microsoft IIS or any web server platform that supports URL rewrites.themes to quickly apply different designs and plugins to extend the application's overall functionality.6 or above and is fully compatible with PHP 5.1 1. nested sections and more "blog-like" features.1 1. Language support for 12 languages. such as an easier installation process.1.9 1.3.0 1. but it also provides a platform for the application to be extended via its API. Update of Phire CMS to add a number of new features.) • Support for extensions . Built-in support for popular WYSIWYG editors. including registration. Extensive site member control. Uses Apache. System administrators can assign different users to different sites. First update of Phire CMS to address security vulnerabilities plus a small number of UI upgrades. . Sections can be nested as well.0 1.2 1 August 2010 1 November 2010 22 November 2010 Beta stage release of the CMS. login and member session management.2. Vimeo and Viddler. Windows or Mac OS based servers.Phire CMS relate to some element of fire or flame. • Integration and support for the popular video engine sites (YouTube. including image sizing and batch image uploads. The "Ph" in Phire itself is more of a play on the "PH" of PHP.1. Page caching for performance.0. Site content syndication feed. Update of Phire CMS to add and improve features regarding archive. • Built-in external feed integration. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Installs on Linux/Unix. as it requires PHP 5.1. Multiple site management is built-in. blogging and recent content listing and management.

com [7] "Open Source Content Management System : Development : API Docs" (http:/ / www. [9] "Generated Documentation" (http:/ / dev. Phire CMS embraces further development and input from the community and supports anyone who wishes to contribute to core code base or to the extensions repository. [11] http:/ / dev. • Official Phire CMS Website (http://www.org) • Official Phire CMS IRC Channel (irc://freenode/phirecms) • Open Source CMS (http://php.com/phirecms) .0.1.opensourcecms.com. phirecms. but is slated for a launch date before the end of 2010. phirecms. the core code base is available for anonymous checkout via Subversion at http:/ / dev. Retrieved 2011-06-03. Phire CMS v1.opensourceCMS" (http:/ / php. com/ 2010/ 11/ 22/ lptv-episode-57-lela-cloud-lionel-milton-george-mauer-nick-sagano/ ). George Mauer. Launchpadnola.phirecms. Retrieved 2011-06-03. phirecms. Phire CMS. [8] "Phire CMS version 1. org/ [12] http:/ / dev. New Orleans Tech. References [1] http:/ / nicksagona.org) • Official Phire CMS Forum (http://forum.com. . According to Secunia. .1 release. "NOLA Media Firm Launches New Content Management System: PhireCMS" (http:/ / neworleanstech. [10] "Phire CMS Multiple Vulnerabilities .0 had 25 scripts with a maximum rating of "Less Critical" in the areas of cross-site scripting and manipulation of data. php?scriptid=462& name=Phire CMS).[10] A total of 36 scripts were patched for security for the Phire CMS v1. Lionel Milton.Advisories . Development & Community Being open source. com/ scripts/ details.phirecms.php?scriptid=462&name=Phire CMS) • Phire CMS Video Tutorials (http://www. phirecms. Nick Sagano" (http:/ / launchpadnola.opensourcecms.com/scripts/details. (2010-11-16). jaxjslibrary. 2010-11-22. Secunia. com/ advisories/ 42233/ ). org/ [3] Christopher Boudy. moc10phplibrary.youtube.org/api-docs/ [13]. com/ [2] http:/ / www. Php. Dev. phirecms.org. org/ svn/ [12] and the API docs are available at http://dev. opensourcecms. phirecms. Retrieved 2011-06-03. . . [5] http:/ / www. org/ development/ api-docs). org/ api-docs/ ). Retrieved 2011-06-03. the Phire Developer Center [11] has not officially launched. Retrieved 2011-06-03.phirecms.Community" (http:/ / secunia. net/ 2010/ 11/ nola-media-firm-launches-new-content-management-system-phirecms/ ).1 Demo . Sr. org/ svn/ [13] http:/ / dev. . com [6] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-06-03.com. . However. 2011-05-18.phirecms.Phire CMS 306 Vulnerabilities A handful of security issues were discovered in the first official release of Phire CMS. [4] "LPTV Episode 57 – Lela Cloud. org/ api-docs/ External links The following external links provide additional resources and information related to Phire CMS and the community. phirecms. In the meantime.

. This also helps non-technical users in modifying the front end appearance of a website.Software developers and web designers should easily access and use the built-in server controls to develop a website rich in content and customize it accordingly when required. Elements of a PHP Content Management System Convenient interface. SEO tool kit.The aim of a Web CMS is to manage and simplify the content and documents related to web application by non-technical content developers. organizing and managing of content of a website. Web CMS. audio/video files. Component CMS-A Component CMS is used for building publications from re-usable parts of content.PHP Content Management System should be convenient in usage for technical as well as non-technical users. It focuses on managing structured content for documents that are meant to be sent to Enterprise and Web CMS. Built-in server controls.A CMS should also include an extensive SEO tool kit to let web browsers easily find your website on various search engines.PHP content management system 307 PHP content management system A PHP Content Management System is a computer application that allows creation. spreadsheet and word processor documents. There are particularly three types of PHP Content Management System Enterprise CMS. publishing. editing. The system is usually built on the intranet for storage and retrieval of information from a large volume of content with ease.An enterprise CMS manages the unstructured content of an organization. The type of file on which a PHP Content Management System is built may be images. or any form of Web content. It focuses on managing the documents pertaining to organizational processes of a company.

As of 2006. PHP-Fusion includes features common in many other CMS packages.PHP-Fusion 308 PHP-Fusion PHP-Fusion The official PHP-Fusion web site Original author(s) Nick Jones Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Written in Operating system Type License Website Nick Jones & The Development Team 2003 7. version 7 is licensed under the Affero General Public License.03 / June 20. PHP-Fusion is supported in about a dozen languages besides English.02. It uses a MySQL database to store a web site's content and comes with a simple but comprehensive administration system. Version 6 is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License however. Italy [3]. There are official support forums in Denmark [2]. Hungary [4] and 16 more sites.co. 2011 PHP Cross-platform Content management system AGPL php-fusion. †04-01-2011) in PHP. .uk [1] PHP-Fusion is a light-weight open-source content management system (CMS) written and developed by Nick Jones (also known as Digitanium.

There are a lot of infusions available. It sporadically triggers PHP Notices because of untidy/outdated coding style.01. Version 7 In early 2008. theme. PHP-Fusion also offers to create themes and use them on their web site. It relies on register_globals (and emulates this behavior when this setting is disabled). without much hard work. installed. There are two files. These infusions can be easily uploaded. which mostly alter core code.19 and fully stable. and panels.PHP-Fusion 309 Features PHP-Fusion has the following major features: • • • • • • • • • • • News Articles Forums Photogallery Web Links Downloads Polls Shoutbox PM Search Themes PHP-Fusion offers users the opportunity to expand the standard packages with so-called "infusions". Version 6 The most used version of the CMS is version 6 which is currently in v6. Code of PHP-Fusion 6 is a mix of PHP.php and styles. Some features of PHP-Fusion are: • • • • • • • • • • • • New BBCode system (commonly used in phpBB) Admin extensions Spam protection New forums layout Groups as forum moderators Improved forum administration tools XHTML compliance New theme engine Double hashed logins Improved overall security Smiley management Modular Search . These are both also widely available. mySQL and HTML in each file. and managed. a reasonable amount has also been checked to work with PHP-Fusion and may thus be found in the official PHP-Fusion Mods Database. and checked and posted in the PHP-Fusion Mods Database.css. there are mods. which appear on either one of the side bars. PHP-Fusion 7 was released to the public. Next to infusions. in which most of the theme can be defined and altered.

at the moment. phpfusion. ru/ . alaviweb. pl/ [15] http:/ / www. com/ [10] http:/ / www. lt/ [13] http:/ / www. co. co. phpfusion-fr. com/ [12] http:/ / www. hu/ [5] http:/ / www. php-fusion. com/ [6] http:/ / www. dk/ [3] http:/ / www.cc) Sweden [18] Turkey [19] External links • • • • • • • RIP Nick Jones 1973 . phpfusion-nederlands. phpfusion-br. php-fusion. 20 support sites. php-fusion. com/ [8] http:/ / www. info/ [7] http:/ / www. uk/ [2] http:/ / www. cz/ [9] http:/ / www.uni. ro/ [16] http:/ / netck. it/ [4] http:/ / www. php-fusion. phpfusion-ar. phpfusion. php-fusion. phpfusion.2011 [20] Official development website [21] Official Mod/Infusion distribution site [22] Official Theme distribution website [23] PHP-Fusion Demo at OpenSourceCMS [24] A collection of PHP-Fusion related downloads [25] Unofficial Hebrew support site for PHP-Fusion [26] References [1] http:/ / www. com/ [14] http:/ / www. phpfusion-no. fusion.PHP-Fusion 310 Support sites There. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Arabia [5] Belgium [6] Brazil [7] Denmark [2] Czech Republic [8] France [9] Germany [10] Hungary [4] Iran [11] Italy [3] Lithuania [12] Netherlands [6] Norway [13] Poland [14] Romania [15] Russia [16] Slovakia [17] Spain (Provisional URL: php-fusion. de/ [11] http:/ / www. phpfusion-support.

PHP-Fusion [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] http:/ / www. uk http:/ / themes. opensourcecms. html http:/ / php-fusion. php-fusion. us/ articles/ read-rip-nick-jones-1973-2011_49. de/ infusions/ pro_download_panel/ download. co. uk http:/ / mods. php?option=com_content& task=view& id=464 http:/ / basti2web. se/ http:/ / www. phpfusionturkiye. videosweb. co. php?catid=8 http:/ / thenoam. com/ index. php-fusion. php-fusion. com/ fusion/ 311 . co. com/ http:/ / www. uk http:/ / www. phpfusion. sk/ http:/ / www.

There are no uploads—it stores links to files on other servers Encyclopedia—Manages phrases/words and definitions FAQ—Manages Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Feedback—Communicate to the webmaster.6. mSQL. Private Messaging and others. Features of PHP-Nuke is a content management system allowing webmasters to create community-based portals (websites). Calendar. javascript/HTML. Modules can be added to the PHP-Nuke system allowing additional features such as an Internet forum. Supports images/links. • Journal—Maintain public and/or private notes • Members List—Displays site members . Versions after 7. The system is controlled using a web-based user interface.[1] PHP-Nuke requires a web server which supports the PHP extension (such as the Apache HTTP Server). It is based on bb2nuke.PHP-Nuke 312 PHP-Nuke PHP-Nuke Original author(s) Francisco Burzi Stable release Written in Operating system Type License Website 8. Sybase or InterBase).1 / May 22. Burzi no longer owns the PHP-Nuke site. and Flash Avantgo—Provides mobile versions of the last 10 news articles Content—Manages the main content "pages" Downloads—Manages file downloads. Registered users can then comment on these articles. ODBC. PHP-Nuke was originally a fork of the Thatware news portal system. and the purchaser of the software has the right to freely distribute the source code of the product. It is an online form.5 require a license fee. News Feed. org PHP-Nuke is a web-based automated news publishing and content management system based on PHP and MySQL originally authored by Franscisco Burzi. ADABAS. PHP-Nuke includes the following standard modules: • • • • • • • • Advertising—Manages ads on the page layout (theme). which is a PHP-Nuke port of the popular open-source phpBB discussion board. but provides feedback via email. 2009 PHP Cross-platform Content management system GNU General Public License http:/ / www. As of version 5. allowing users and editors to post news items (user-submitted news items are selected by editors) or other types of articles. PHP-Nuke was originally released under the GNU General Public License as free software. The site is maintained through an administration interface. as well as an SQL database (such as MySQL. the display of a copyright message on webpages is required in accordance with the GPL section 2(c). phpnuke. Forums—Manages discussion forums for the site. PostgreSQL. This is permitted under the GNU GPL (providing the source code is included). FAQ's .

add-ons. and XHTML 1.1. • Submit News—Allow visitors to submit news. custom modifications. edit. PHP-Nuke supports many languages and its look and feel can be customized using the Themes system. • Search—Allows users to search your site. but the submission is stored in the administrator control panel. etc.5 with Coppermine Photo Gallery included LGNuke [5] — 7. and modifications pre-installed Clean Nuke [7] based on PHP-Nuke 7. etc. custom modifications. .0 • PragmaMx • XOOPS — PHP-Nuke and myPHPNuke • PNC [8] — PHP-Nuke with vWar and SQuery included.[2] [3] • PHP-Nuke may have issues with some search engine indexes. Customized for gaming and clan community • Mega-Nuke [9] — 7. Email notification is sent. Until a new release is made it is strongly recommended to avoid this software.0 with AJAX included. Nuke-Evolution [6] — Many security fixes. 313 Issues Currently as it stands there are numerous vulnerabilities that affect all versions of PHP-Nuke. PHP-Nuke does not use simple URLs or unique titles for pages.6..0 Transitional compliance • phpWebSite — • Postnuke — 5.35. custom modifications and add-ons • NPDS (Net Portal Dynamic System) — 4. with many security fixes. • Stories (News) Archives—Provides access to older news articles. • Surveys (Polls)—Create visitor surveys • Top—Displays the most-visited articles. The administrator defines the topics and assigns topics to content. • Recommend Us—Send an email message recommending the site to others. but major changes requires knowledge of PHP.4.6 and web 2. Members can prevent messages from other members.6/WL Nuke 1. including SQL injection via unchecked PHP code. and/or post the article without rekeying. including their preferred theme. • RavenNuke CMS — 7. Administrator can delete.6 . the number of news articles to display on their home page.1 is a special version for simple content website.PHP-Nuke • News—Manages news stories. including the latest release 8. including future-dated news to be released at a specific date and time. with many security fixes. downloads. • Private Messages—Allows members to send private messages to others on the site.. • Topics—Displays news by topic. • Several security holes have been discovered in PHP-Nuke. • Web Links—Manages a hierarchical directory of links to selected websites • Your Account—Manages members "profile" information. Forks Notable forks include: • • • • Dragonfly CMS [4] — based on PHP-Nuke 6. HTML and CSS. including page views. • Statistics—Displays summary and detailed site statistics. Each article can be assigned to a single category.

however current versions must be purchased and can then be distributed for free.x http:/ / secunia. org/ http:/ / www. php?name=News& file=article& sid=6966) Secunia Vulnerability Report for PHP-Nuke 7. org/ modules. com/ product/ 2385/ ?task=advisories Secunia Vulnerability Report for PHP-Nuke 8. com/ http:/ / www.dmoz. lgnuke. matteoiammarrone. com/ cleanuke http:/ / phpnuke-clan.PHP-Nuke 314 License PHP-Nuke is distributed for free and licensed under the GNU/GPL license.org/Computers/Programming/Languages/PHP/Scripts/Content_Management/ PHP-Nuke/) at the Open Directory Project . nuke-evolution. cpgnuke. com http:/ / www. net/ http:/ / mega-nuke.x http:/ / secunia. com External links • PHP-Nuke (http://www. Notes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] (http:/ / phpnuke. com/ product/ 13524/ ?task=advisories http:/ / www.

1 / January 15. has been abandoned (as of 2008-07-18. Most have features supporting document content management (See: Web content management system. as phpSlash. Thatware.net since 2000-08-29. The idea behind these software packages is to provide webmasters with flexible template-driven websites that are easy to update. 0. However.2 (the code that runs the popular slashdot web site) to PHP version 3 and PHPlib. which is also the case convention used in the domain name registration for the project community phpSlash.1.org. Discontinued Written in 0. net/ projects/ phpslash/ [2] About PHPSlash (http:/ / sourceforge. Related programs Similar programs and projects include PHP-Nuke. 2006 under the GPL.8. However. It was originally a port from the Perl code of Slash-0.net/projects/phpslash/) • PHPSlash information and provider list (http://www. (See Web template system.com/Index/index_html/phpSlash/ index. the project documentation uses the capitalized "PHP" convention PHPSlash.) Name The project is generally referred to as PHPSlash.) However. 2006 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Content management system GNU General Public License [1] PHPSlash is a content management system system written in PHP.8. the SourceForge project itself is named using a lower-case "php". The project has been hosted on SourceForge. PHPslash. php?docid=720& group_id=10566) on SourceForge.org. PHPweblog. Sips. a now obsolete system for extending HTML templating to the PHP language. and NewsPro.1. Slash. References and external links [1] http:/ / sourceforge. was [2] released on January 15.PHPSlash 315 PHPSlash PHPSlash.1.net • phpSlash project home on SourceForge (http://sourceforge.) which allows non-technical authors to conveniently edit webpage content—not unlike Wikipedia.html) .opensourcexperts. after development the PHPSlash code was changed into an entirely new system of PHP weblog coding. The current version of the software. net/ docman/ display_doc. The companion domain / project community site.

2011 phpWarmSky releases version 0. wiki and lots more. phpWarmSky provides a complete website Content Management System which includes an article manager. Gallery Project. phpWarmSky uses the control panel to manage content and administer the system. • February 6. phpWarmSky is a customizable and has modules. and bulletin boards are not feature-rich as such web programs as Word Press. or modified by the phpWarmSky administrator. phpWarmSky website is powered by phpWarmSky and acts as a demo for some of the features found in the phpWarmSky cms. phpwarmsky. menu manager. web pages. General users without given permissions have no access to the administrative features.11. it is only available for download as a RAR archive[3] . updated. There is also a live demo used for feature testing. Unusually.11. com/ phpWarmSky is a Content Management System (cms) that you can download from its website and install on your server.1 / February 6. bannerbox. . 2011 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Content management system GNU General Public License http:/ / www. phpWarmSky user can also select themes and HTML templates. As of 21 July 2011 phpWarmSky appears to have been downloaded 555 times[2] .phpWarmSky 316 phpWarmSky phpWarmSky Stable release Written in 0. bulletin board.11. calendar. open source software and is licensed under the LGPL and GNU GPL. 2011 phpWarmSky was founded from phpWebsite [1] version 0. phpWarmSky is free. Administrators and users who have been given the appropriate permissions can configure the features of a phpWarmSky website. phpWarmSky modules such as photo galleries.11. Each module can be installed. Timeline of phpWarmSky history • January 5. It was written for the Apache HTTP Server. frequently asked questions. or phpBB. Versions 0.1 Features of phpWarmSky phpWarmSky is programmed using the PHP scripting language and utilizes PEAR libraries.1 require a MySQL database.

phpwarmsky. appstate. Those themes are implemented using CSS and template files. phpwarmsky. php. com/ index. php?module=documents& JAS_DocumentManager_op=viewDocument& JAS_Document_id=1) (http:/ / www. net/ http:/ / www. php?module=phpwsbb& PHPWSBB_MAN_OP=list) http:/ / www. modules and themes are not programmed by third party.phpWarmSky 317 Community phpWarmSky has an extremely small community with just 2 users[4] participating in the official forum. phpwarmsky. Development Tools These features enable administrators and users who have been given the appropriate permissions to develop modules for phpWarmSky. edu/ (http:/ / www. php?module=phpwsbb& PHPWSBB_MAN_OP=list . Users can choose from several themes. External links General • Official phpWarmSky Home Page [5] • PHP [6] • MySQL [7] Community • phpWarmSky Bulletin Forums [8] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / phpwebsite. phpwarmsky. Third Party Tools With phpWarmSky. com/ index. com/ index. php?module=documents& JAS_DocumentManager_op=viewDocument& JAS_Document_id=1) (http:/ / www. com/ http:/ / www. phpwarmsky. com http:/ / www. mysql. com/ index.

References and external links [1] http:/ / sourceforge. story importing / exporting. user-friendly administration interface. phpWebLog was released under the GPL software license.com. the more prominent being Geeklog and KorWebLog.linux-mag. multiple themes and language support. net/ projects/ phpweblog/ • phpWebLog project home on SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpweblog/) • Article about phpWebLog from TechRepublic (http://articles. integrated content management system.Phpweblog 318 Phpweblog phpWebLog Original author(s) Jason Hines Discontinued Written in Operating system Type License Website 0. and more. threaded comments system. Some of its features include moderated story submissions. History phpWebLog was originally started in 1998 as a way to serve dynamic content for a small music review site called "The Friends of Incentive". phpWeblog was one of the first open-source blogging systems and was the basis for a few forks. expandable links manager. html) • Review of phpWeblog on Linux Magazine (http://www.net/projects/phpweblog/) • phpWebLog project home on FreshMeat (http://freshmeat.com/5100-10878_11-1061961.3 / October 31.techrepublic.5. 2001 PHP Cross-platform Content management system GNU General Public License [1] phpWebLog is a blog and content management system system written in PHP.com/id/609) .

PhpWebSite 0. PhpWebSite extends the customization to the user with selectable themes and HTML templates. A name change to beanie CMS will take place with this version. PhpWebSite 1. released in May 2010. It is considered Free and Open Source Software and is released under the LGPL. Although PhpWebSite modules cover functions like blogging. PhpWebSite is a content management system (CMS) which is often used by community groups and education users. 2003. developed phpWebSite to make it easier for staff to build and update their web sites. PhpWebSite is a customizable.9.x supports PostgreSQL as well. Since many modules focus on university users. a department at Appalachian State. 2005.6.3 / June 17. It was written to run under the Apache HTTP Server. PhpWebSite 1.10. but development on this series has ceased. ESS also wished to standardize the Student Development web presence and make sure it complied with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).7.x. Development is underway for PhpWebsite 2.x require a MySQL database.0 has been available since November 2006.2. Electronic Student Services (ESS). updated. The final release in this series was 0. The current version is 1. themes.x implemented broad changes to Phpnuke.8.phpWebSite 319 phpWebSite phpWebSite Stable release Written in 1.10. Gallery Project. the content . and allow multiple installs to run off a single hub of code. modular package. The first edition 1. but new default modules. A complete rewrite of the phpWebSite began in March 2002.0. The developers released the rewrite as phpWebsite 0. and bulletin boards. 2009 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Content management system GNU General Public License [1] phpWebSite is a Content Management System provided by Electronic Student Services at Appalachian State University. they often are not as feature-rich as dedicated web programs such as Word Press.10. including the ability to install modules. each component can be installed. An unreleased version . which was not compatible with php5. or modified by the phpWebSite administrator. its focus is serving Appalachian State University. It contained the same core as 0. ESS focuses on the core library files in order to ease internal module development.7. Although offered to the public. increase modularity. 0. Background of phpWebSite PhpWebSite began with the release of version 0.0. photo galleries.0 on January 29.0 was released on November 24. or phpBB. features and bug fixes.7.9.11 fixed compatibility issues. Features of phpWebSite PhpWebSite is programmed using the PHP scripting language and utilizes PHP Extension and Application Repository (or PEAR) libraries. The goals were to remove all Phpnuke code.x (codename:Fallout) began development in 2003 with the core and core modules rewritten again for new functionality and ease-of-use issues. 2001 as a fork of Phpnuke. Versions 0.x.x to 0.0 stable on February 2.0.

display. There are a number of themes to choose from and these can be previewed online [2]. email. Additional themes can be created by the phpWebSite administrator for branding or customizing the look of their website. phpWebsite utilizes a control panel approach to manage content and administer the system. data interchange. installing is nearly automatic. Commercial themes exist for purchase and commercial theme design services are also available. including internal messaging.appstate. These modules include tools across all major component categories and are constantly being updated and extended by the developer community. files. Permissions are granular meaning general content contributors have no access to the administrative functions. and more. In addition. images. and more. structure. This requires familiarity with CSS and templates. A large proportion of the themes are free to download and use. There is some work to be done prior to installing. Development Tools These features enable administrators (and users who have been given the appropriate permissions) to develop modules for phpWebSite. and maintain online-accessible content including text.edu/ [1]. Third Party Tools A large number of third party modules exist for phpWebSite.phpWebSite modules suffer in complexity. most commonly used is MySQL. Content Organization Tools and Navigation Aids These features enable administrators and users to organize. These themes are implemented using CSS and template files. Configuration Tools and Administration Tools These features enable administrators (and users who have been given the appropriate permissions) to configure and administer all aspects of a phpWebSite site. These tools extend the capabilities of phpWebSite and because it uses an object-oriented framework the modules work together to build a customized CMS. For more information. Communication Tools These features enable administrators and users to communicate with each other (and the outside world) by means of numerous media. Once you get past that initial screen. documents. links. see the Features page at http://phpwebsite. but phpWebsite does checks for you to determine if your version of PHP meets the minimum requirements and whether certain features are enabled/disabled. For more information. 320 Major Components phpWebSite provides components in these general categories: Content Creation and Management Tools These features enable administrators and users to create. an extensive listing of third party modules [3] can be found on the official phpWebSite web site. and present content in a manageable way. phpWebSite allows each user to choose from several different pre-defined visual styles/themes/skins. phpWebsite requires a backend database. .

kiesler. appstate. com [13] http:/ / phpwebsite-comm. html [12] http:/ / phpwebsitemanual. php?module=pagemaster& PAGE_user_op=view_page& PAGE_id=52& MMN_position=68:2:66 [4] http:/ / phpwebsite. info/ [8] http:/ / ezine. com/ php_website. net/ projects/ phpwebsite [6] http:/ / modules. appstate.phpWebSite 321 External links General • • • • • • • • • Official phpWebSite Home Page [4] SourceForge phpWebSite Project Page [5] Kiesler phpWebSite Themes Catwalk [2] Kiesler phpWebSite Modules Catwalk [6] phpWebSite Directory / Search [7] Draft ezine about phpWebSite 1. pdf [11] http:/ / www. appstate. at/ article174. phpwsforums. dc4db. php?module=webpage& id=53 [2] http:/ / themes. appstate. edu/ index. kiesler. at/ [3] http:/ / phpwebsite. edu [5] http:/ / sourceforge.0 HTML Version [8] Official phpWebSite Manual HTML Version [9] Official phpWebSite Manual PDF Version [10] Comparing TYPO3 with phpWebSite [11] Documentation Community • phpWebSite User Community Website [12] • phpWebSite Community Wiki [13] • phpWebSite Support Forums [14] References [1] http:/ / phpwebsite. net/ wiki/ [14] http:/ / www. edu/ man/ html/ [10] http:/ / phpwebsitemanual. com . kiesler. edu/ index. net/ [9] http:/ / phpwebsite. at/ [7] http:/ / phpws. sourceforge.0.

Pixie CMS was first released in May 2008 as part of the May 1st Reboot [2] . site maker". co. Version 1. On November 11.9 MB (archived) Content management system GNU General Public License http:/ / www. in the category of Most Promising Open Source CMS [4] .0.04 was released on March 21. System requirements Pixie requires webspace (space on the Internet) with the server-side scripting language PHP and a MySQL database.2) MySQL 4. uk/ Pixie is an open source web application that allows the creation and management of small websites. 2009 Pixie was awarded the runner up prize in the Packt Publishing Open Source Content Management System Awards. Pixie is primarily known for its ease of use. simple.1 or higher JavaScript enabled browser . more available languages and the latest version of jQuery [3] . getpixie. with a new WYSIWYG editor. Pixie falls into the software category of a Content management system (CMS).0 or higher (recommended PHP 5.3. simple installation and unique interface.04 is the largest upgrade to date. Version 1. Pixie is based on the server side script language PHP and uses a MySQL database for data storage. however it is marketed as a "small. History Written by Scott Evans. Pixie is free of charge and released under the GNU General Public License. 2010 [1] Development status Active Written in Operating system Size Type License Website PHP Cross-platform 1.4 / March 21. The specific requirements the latest version are: • • • • At least 5 MB of webspace PHP 4. In early January of 2011.Pixie (CMS) 322 Pixie (CMS) Pixie Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Scott Evans / toggle May 2008 1. Pixie CMS and its website was sold [5] to Lucid Crew of Austin Texas. 2010.

Retrieved 2011-01-11.uk. toggle.Pixie (CMS) 323 Target Market The target market consists of: • • • • Individuals with a wish to create their own homepage.opensourcecms. co. Clubs and groups. lucidcrew. however this doesn't stop Pixie from having plenty of powerful and useful features. co. com/ ).support for other languages • • • • Search engine optimization & Clean URLs Database backups File manager Microformats • • • Protection against comment spam WYSIWYG HTML editors for the admin area RSS feeds for your blog • • • User privileges Valid XHTML output Setting of time zones.co. External links • Official Pixie CMS Site (http://www. "Pixie wins runner up prize" (http:/ / www.co.co. Organizations and Schools. Retrieved 2009-11-12. Small and medium-sized companies.google. Features The Pixie project always strives for ease of use.com. time and date format Notes [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. Features • • • • Simple intuitive interface Three step installer CSS themes Multilingual . getpixie. language determination. .04" (http:/ / www.uk. .php?scriptid=253& name=Pixie) • Pixie Support Forums (http://groups.uk) • Pixie demo on OpenSourceCMS (http://php. . com/ most-promising-open-source-cms-finalists). [5] "Lucid Crew" (http:/ / lucidcrew. uk/ blog/ permalink/ pixie-goes-forth/ ). Retrieved 2010-03-21.com. "Pixie 1. packtpub.getpixie. uk/ blog/ permalink/ pixie-v104/ ).com/group/pixie-cms) . packtpub. getpixie. com/ "Pixie goes forth" (http:/ / www. getpixie. . Retrieved 2009-11-12.com/scripts/details. uk. getpixie.

Virginia with offices across the United States.com [1] Plateau Systems is a provider of Talent Management Systems headquartered in Arlington.Plateau Talent Management Suite 324 Plateau Talent Management Suite Plateau Systems Industry Founded Talent Management 1996 Headquarters Arlington. Europe and Asia Pacific. VA. analyze and manage organizational talent. [3] Products Plateau Systems’s major offering is the Plateau Talent Management Suite (TMS). Chairman and CEO. Plateau acquired Nuvosoft.plateau. systems usually used by Human Resources departments for the management and delivery of learning and training across organizations. History Plateau Systems was founded in 1996 by Paul Sparta. In early 2000. Product Strategy – both of whom still serve as Plateau executives. and performance of the Talent Management Suite . Plateau's customers include some of the major global organizations and government agencies such as General Electric. • Plateau Analytics. Plateau Systems delivered an integrated J2EE-based talent management platform. 2011 it was announced that Plateau would be acquired by SuccessFactors for $145 million in cash plus $145 million in stock. which comprises • • • • Learning Management Performance Management Career & Succession Planning Compensation Management Additional products: • Plateau Talent Gateway combines social networking and collaboration technology with content management and user management functionality. monitors the adoption. iContent 350 www. effectiveness. Plateau Systems developed one of the industry’s first Learning Management Systems (LMS). USA Key people Products Employees Website Paul Sparta Talent Management Suite. and Brad Cooper. The company provides SaaS solutions that allow organizations to develop. Senior Vice President. a provider of Web-based compensation management software and integrated Nuvosoft’s functionality into its talent management platform. In 2007. a business intelligence system.the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Capital One Services.[2] On April 26. Bank of America. one of the key factors that affect workforce productivity and operating performance. which allowed organizations to link learning and training with employee performance to measure whether employee goals were aligned with corporate objectives.

Plateau Talent Management Suite • iContent.Senior Vice President. Product Engineering Larry Thomas .Senior Vice President. and Vendor Profile” [11] • Consistently recognized by Bersin & Associates as a Leader for LMS Customer Satisfaction • Plateau Systems was recognized as one of Virginia's 2008 Fastest Growing Companies in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Program. manages the testing.President and COO Ed Cohen . for fifth straight year [12] .Chief Financial Officer Brad Cooper . Product Management and Alliances Sunil Chandran .Chairman & CEO Brian F. Murphy .[5] • Plateau Systems positioned as a Major Player in IDC’s 2009 Integrated Talent Management MarketScape report [6] • Leader in Gartner’s 2008 “Magic Quadrant for Corporate Learning Systems” for fifth consecutive year [7] • Leader for the second consecutive year in the “Forrester Wave: Enterprise Learning Management Suites. Q1 2008” report [8] • Leader in the “Forrester Wave: Integrated Performance and Compensation Solutions. Quality Assurance & Corporate Security Awards • Plateau Systems debuted in the “Visionary” sector of Gartner’s 2009 “Employee Performance Management (EPM) Software Magic Quadrant” [4] • Customers and industry analysts recognized Plateau Systems as a customer satisfaction leader and for its continued leadership. Marketing Joe Herman .Chief Technology Officer Shelly Heiden .Senior Vice President.X. Implementation Experiences.Senior Vice President. Product Strategy Jeff Kristick . Q3 2007” report [9] • Plateau Systems was recognized as a Talent management Market-Leader in Bersin’s 2008 Essentials of Performance Management Practices” report [10] • Plateau Systems was recognized for customer satisfaction and vision in Bersin & Associates' 2008 “Talent Management Suites: Market Realities. a content management system and Content-as-a-Service solution.Executive Vice President Global Operations Stephen Blodgett . deployment and security for all online content These enterprise-class applications can be deployed independently or together as an integrated multi-tenant SaaS solution. vision and technology innovation.Senior Vice President. 325 Management team • • • • • • • • • • Paul Sparta . validation.

2011-04-26. 2008-10-14. IDC. Retrieved 2010-06-01. . . 08. Bersin & Associates. bersin. www. com/ Lib/ Rs/ Details. 10. 2008-01-11. com/ files/ DCEO.com. com/ [2] Adler. Retrieved 2010-06-01. forrester. Gartner. Bersin & Associates. bizjournals. 2009-09-08. Retrieved 2010-06-01. [11] "Talent Management Suites: Market Realities.plateau. successfactors. Forrester Research. Retrieved 2010-06-01. gartner. Gartner. com/ DisplayDocument?id=710307). . [12] "Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Program" (http:/ / www. bersin. Retrieved 2011-04-26. Retrieved 2010-06-01. com/ documents/ gartner-reports/ magic-quadrant-performance-management-2009). Retrieved 2010-06-01. 2008-10-01. idc. [9] "The Forrester Wave™: Integrated Performance And Compensation Solutions. aspx?docid=10336624& id=). Q3 2007" (http:/ / www. [10] "The Essential Guide to Employee Performance Management Systems: Part 2" (http:/ / www. Q1 2008" (http:/ / www. [7] "Magic Quadrant for Corporate Learning Systems" (http:/ / www. [5] "Plateau Systems: Evolution of an Enterprise Talent Management Software Company" (http:/ / www. "Plateau Systems buys Nuvosoft" (http:/ / washington. Retrieved 2010-06-01. 2009-01-07. Forrester Research. bersin. . and Vendor Profiles" (http:/ / www. aspx?docid=103311440& title=Plateau-Systems-Evolution-of-an-Enterprise-Talent-Management-Software-Company& id=).com/) .plateau. 2008-02-12. plateau. pdf). [4] "Magic Quadrant for Employee Performance Management Software" (https:/ / www. .Plateau Talent Management Suite 326 References [1] http:/ / www. com/ Store/ Details. jsp?pid=23571113& containerId=prUS21612409). kenexa.com (http://www. 2008-06-30. ._q3/ q/ id/ 42218/ t/ 2). . aspx?docid=10337750). . com/ press-releases/ 1554901/ ). External links • Plateau Systems Official Website: www._integrated_performance_and_compensation_solutions. Neil (2007-02-21). Bersin & Associates. [8] "Forrester Wave: Enterprise Learning Management Suites. SuccessFactors._q1_2008/ q/ id/ 37146/ t/ 2?src=53282pdf). . com/ Lib/ Rs/ Details. Washington Business journal. Retrieved 2010-06-01. Implementation Experiences. 2009-02-03. Retrieved 2010-06-01. com/ rb/ Research/ wave& trade.smartceo. . . com/ getdoc. html)._enterprise_learning_management_suites. 2007-08-17. Retrieved 2010-06-01. com/ washington/ stories/ 2007/ 02/ 19/ daily25. [6] "New IDC MarketScape Provides First Definitive Assessment of Worldwide Integrated Talent Management Vendors" (http:/ / www. smartceo. [3] "Press Releases" (http:/ / www. com/ rb/ Research/ wave& trade. forrester.

org/matrix/cms-matrix/platformic (http://www.xconomy.php • http://msa-roundtable.com/blog/?p=12 • http://www.com/Articles/ArticleReader.xconomy.platformic 327 platformic Platformic URL Commercial? Type of site Platformic.org/matrix/cms-matrix/platformic/ ) • http://news.com/s/prweb/20100120/bs_prweb/prweb3466304/) • www.. SaaS [1] Available language(s) English Owner Launched Platformic Inc.yahoo.php • http://www.com/cms/web-development/ mixing-design-and-content-in-an-online-web-development-model-004958. 2007 Platformic is an online web development environment and content management platform that allows users to create and edit websites via an online tool set such as video and photo editing tools and WYSIWYG based text editors.aspx?ArticleID=53728 • http://www. com/ References • http://www.html External links • Platformic.cmsmatrix. platformic.econtentmag.cmswire.networkworld. It is produced by Platformic Inc. Claudio Canive and Mark Underhill.com (http://www.com yes Webmaster services.com (http://news.com/) • www.com/newsletters/web/2010/021510web1.platformic.yahoo.com/cms/web-cms/ platformic-web-cms-offers-integrated-social-media-modules-006006. Notes [1] http:/ / www.com/san-diego/2009/11/10/ san-diego s-platformic-expands-its-web-development-platform-for-broadcasters/) .com (http://www.cmswire. It is comparable to Clickability and Crownpeak.cmsmatrix. a company founded in 2007 by two San Diego natives.

It includes a fully built website and includes a web content management system that allows for modifiable Web content. Plover is hosted product. Brant-Interactive LLC is involved in the insurance broker industry and attends various industry-related events[6] such as Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia. Technology Plover is built with Python on top of the Plone (software) framework.[7] They are listed on the ISHCC[8] .Plover Website Builder 328 Plover Website Builder Plover Website Builder Developer(s) Brant-Interactive LLC Written in Type License Website Python CMS proprietary [2] [1] Plover Website Builder is software that creates custom websites built exclusively for insurance brokers. Inc. Brant-Interactive LLC offers support via email tickets as well as a Web forum hosted on their website[5] . which was founded in 2011. Features • • • • • • • • • • Browser-based editing for both Windows and Mac WYSIWYG HTML editing Ability to upload and manage all file types Management of multiple sites Search engine friendly. human-readable URLs Integration with Google Analytics Calendar feature Forums feature Forms feature Various template options . It is developed by Brant-Interactive LLC[3] . Plover is currently used by insurance brokers. History Plover is developed by Brant-Interactive LLC[4] . Plover provides WYSIWYG editing capabilities using TinyMCE.

brant-interactive. ishcc.com/) . com/ http:/ / www. com/ events http:/ / www. com/ support http:/ / www. com http:/ / www.Plover Website Builder 329 References http:/ / www. iiaba. com/ plover http:/ / www. com http:/ / www. org/ MA/ Weymouth/ brant-interactive-llc [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Example Customers Anderson Green Insurance Agency (http://andersongreen. brant-interactive. brant-interactive. brant-interactive. brant-interactive. net/ VA/ 06_EventsConferences/ 02_AnnualConvention/ NAV_ECAnnualConvention?ContentPreference=VA& ActiveState=VA& ActiveTab=NA& ContentLevel1=EVTCONF& ContentLevel2=ECCONV [8] http:/ / www. brant-interactive.

also known as pluck-cms.Pluck (software) 330 Pluck (software) pluck pluck administration center Developer(s) Stable release Preview release Written in Type License Website Pluck development team 4.[2] it doesn't include as many features as other content management systems. which allows developers to integrate custom functionality into the system.4 / October 3.7 beta RC / July 30. 2011 PHP Content Management System GNU General Public License http:/ / www. [1] . is an open source content management system. and. org/ Pluck. 2010 4. does not use a database to store its data. unlike most content management systems. It allows for easy webpage creation for users with little or no programming experience.[1] Features Because pluck aims to be as simple as possible. pluck-cms. Pluck also includes a flexible module system. Pluck has the following features[2] : • • • • Simple page creation Theming system Module support Trashcan It also includes 3 default modules: • Albums • Blog • Contact form More functionality can be added through the module system.6. written in the PHP scripting language.

[3] CMSsystem login page Version Number Name Release date Notable changes • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Code-cleanup New administration look Language system TinyMCE integration [4] 4. It was a "one man project".0 CMSsystem 11 April 2007 4.2 pluck 26 May 2007 4. Version 2 and 3 where released in 2005 and 2006. Lithuanian and Hebrew languages added Security enhancements and many small bug fixes 4.2 was the first version with the name pluck. Norwegian. Spanish.Pluck (software) 331 History The first version of pluck was released in 2005 under the name CMSsystem. Swedish and Russian languages added Bug fixes Blog module Right-to-left language support Catalan.6 4.7 22 December 2007 9 November 2008 no estimated date published .4 8 September 2007 4. Portuguese.1 3 May 2007 Stats implemented Support for Windows-servers German. and also the first version released under the GNU General Public License.3 7 July 2007 4. and Brazilian languages added Theme support Switched to Tango icons Danish language added Photoalbum and e-mail form Theme-installer French. and the code wasn't released under an open source license. Hungarian.5 4. though the exact dates are unknown.[3] 4.

org/docs) Support forum (http://www.pluck-cms. pluck-cms.org/forum) video tutorials (http://start2be. pluck-cms. php http:/ / www. pluck currently (as of July 2009) has 0 unpatched security advisories (out of 5 total). php?file=kop11. pluck-cms.org/) Documentation (http://www.pluck-cms.Pluck (software) 332 Vulnerabilities According to Secunia. pluck-cms. php http:/ / secunia. org/ forum/ viewtopic. org/ docs/ dev:modules http:/ / www.com/learn_pluck_cms_free/) .[5] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www. com/ advisories/ product/ 19306/ External links • • • • Official website (http://www. org/ ?file=kop3. php?pid=2101#p2101 http:/ / www. org/ index.pluck-cms.

these are normally provided free of charge by independent developers. Over 40 languages are available to varying degrees. It supports payment gateways such as Google checkout.PrestaShop 333 PrestaShop PrestaShop Stable release Preview release Written in 1. answered questions are available on the official forum.4.prestashop.0 (alpha1 version) / July 6.2. Unix or Windows installed operating system PHP 5.2 (invalid date timezone) (*) Incompatibility issues with the following PHP 5 versions prevent PrestaShop from working correctly: .0. The software makes extensive use of AJAX in the admin panel. with only English and French having full support in all release versions. is used by several thousands of shops worldwide. The PrestaShop group was founded in Paris. while module blocks can be easily added to the store to provide extra functionality. The software. PrestaShop is available under the Open Software License and officially launched in August 2007 for small to medium-sized businesses. IIS 6 or later PHP 5 or later MySQL 5 or later Linux.9 (image management/upload broken) PHP < 5. France. While official support is not provided.1 (authentication is impossible) PHP 5.2. 2011 1.0 / July 28.[2] Technical requirements The merchant must have a domain name and a web server which these features: • • • • • • • • Apache web server 1. Further payment modules are offered commercially. 3 www. 2011 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Webshop OSL Ver.com [1] PrestaShop is an e-commerce solution which is free for the basic kernel and open source. The makers of PrestaShop have an official marketplace for priced modules and themes entitled PrestaShop Addons. paypal or payments pro via APIs.4.3 or later.6 (authentication is impossible under 64bit servers) PHP 5. which is based on the Smarty template engine.5.2.

country.PrestaShop 334 General feature list Front Office: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Special deals (price reductions. zones. gift vouchers) Featured products on homepage Top sellers on homepage New items on homepage 'Free shipping' offers Cross-selling (Accessories) Product image zoom Order out-of-stock items Customer subscription & user accounts Unlimited payment methods Payment by bank wire Google™ Checkout module Cash-On-Delivery (COD) Preconfigured for Paypal™ Multiple-recipient contact form Product tagging & tag cloud Search Merchandise return (RMAs) & credit slips Package tracking Offer gift-wrapping & recycled packaging PDF customer invoice Shopping Cart recall Sale of services & virtual goods Custom Favicon RSS feed Newsletter opt-in 'Pick up in-store' option Customized product (text and images) Wishlist Loyal customer program Affiliate program Sponsor-a-friend benefit program Customer product reviews Unlimited categories & subcategories Full-featured WYSIWYG text editor Unlimited product attribute combinations Unlimited product specs Unlimited images with automatic resizing & file optimization Unlimited currencies Unlimited tax settings Unlimited carriers & destinations Tax by state. both. or no taxes Digressive pricing (Quantity discounts) Back Office: .

PrestaShop 1. Danish. French. Finnish.4.3 was released on June 16.4 Final was released on March 18. Bulgarian. Lithuanian. Catalan. Romanian. PrestaShop 1. Hebrew.4. PrestaShop 1. PrestaShop 1. 2008. Greek. Polish. . 2009. Hungarian. 2011. Indonesian.1 was released on April 21. bringing more than 65 new features to merchants & developers. Portuguese-Brasilian. PrestaShop 1.1 was released on December 19. English. 2011 (for tests only).5. Latvia. Czech.CSV files SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption Visitors online Content Management System (CMS) Reports Customer groups 335 Languages PrestaShop is now translated into 38 languages: Arabic. German. PrestaShop 1. 2011 (for tests only). Russian. Iranian.0 was released on July 31. Simplified Chinese.2 was released on July 29. 2008. PrestaShop 1. Turkish. PrestaShop 1.4.2 was released on May 30. Dutch. Thaï. 2011.4 RC5 was released on February 23. Galician. Estonian. Norwegian. 2011. PrestaShop 1. Georgian. Swedish.4 b5 was released on January 19.0 was released on July 6.PrestaShop • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Real-time currency exchange rates Inventory management SMS/Text-message alerts Add/delete function modules Bar codes Contextual help Attribute Combo Generator Delivery status notification e-mails (customizable) Unlimited languages & dialects Import/export language translations 13 default language translations Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly URLs / Permalinks 100% modifiable graphic themes Back Office users & permissions (ACL ) Maintenance Mode Minimum order amount Newsletter contact export Alias search Bulk lister/import . Releases PrestaShop 1. 2011 (for tests only). Spanish. Ukrainian and Vietnamese. PrestaShop 1. Slovak. Portuguese. Traditional Chinese. Argentina. 2011.3 was released on December 29. 2010. Italian.

In a house rented by Greene.prestashop. Computer Lib contains Nelson's thoughts on topics which angered him. In 1974. Computer Lib/Dream Machines is written in a non-sequential fashion: it is a compilation of Nelson's thoughts about computing. com/ [2] PrestaShop Modules & PrestaShop themes (http:/ / addons. prestashop.prestashop-id. in which the reader could choose his or her own path through an electronic document. printed back to back. while Dream Machines discusses his hopes for the potential of computers to assist the arts. calling the new idea "zippered lists".prestashop. In 1967. History During his first year as a graduate student at Harvard. they hashed out their ideas for Xanadu. These zippered lists would allow compound documents to be formed from pieces of other documents.net/ Creating-Simple-PrestaShop-Payment-Module. but at the end of the summer the group went their separate ways. to Swarthmore. Mark S. Pennsylvania. he named his project Xanadu. which allowed any part of a file to be referenced.htm/) Project Xanadu Project Xanadu was the first hypertext project. Nelson led the latest group of his followers. Though he did not complete this implementation. with the advent of computer networking.PrestaShop 336 References [1] http:/ / www. and displaying the differences between these versions. to be flipped between. in no particular order. The World Wide Web (another imitation of paper) trivialises our original hypertext model with one-way ever-breaking links and no management of version or contents. Cal Daniels completed the first demonstration version of the Xanadu software on a computer Nelson had rented for the purpose. Miller and Gregory created an addressing system based on transfinite numbers which they called tumblers.com/) Official Marketplace (http://addons. while working for Harcourt. among other topics. Roger Gregory. Administrators of Project Xanadu have declared it an improvement over the World Wide Web.techietips. In 1983. in honour of the poem "Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. almost to the point of bankruptcy. Nelson wanted to facilitate nonsequential writing.Prestashop Indonesia Community (http://www.[2] The first attempt at implementation began in 1960. Nelson met John Walker. In the summer of 1979. On top of this basic idea. a concept named transclusion. founder of Autodesk. The group continued their work.com/) Komunitas Prestashop Indonesia . but it was not until 1998 that an implementation was released. and this was incomplete.com/) Building a Prestashop Payment Module Tutorial (http://www. It contains two books."[1] Wired magazine called it the "longest-running vaporware story in the history of the computer industry". Nelson refined his thoughts about Xanadu into a centralised source of information. In 1972. com/ ) PrestaShop Addons External links • • • • Official Prestashop Website (http://www. calling it a "docuverse". founded in 1960 by Ted Nelson. Miller and Stuart Greene. Ted Nelson published his ideas in his 1974 book Computer Lib/Dream Machines and the 1981 Literary Machines. Brace. prestashop. with mission statement: "Today's popular software simulates paper. Ted Nelson began implementing the system which contained the basic outline of what would become Project Xanadu: a word processor capable of storing multiple versions. He built upon this idea in a paper to the ACM in 1965. however. a mockup of the system proved sufficient to inspire interest in others. at The Hackers Conference a conference originally for the people mentioned in Steven Levy's . though Nelson soon ran out of money.

Every document is automatically moved to physical storage appropriate to its frequency of access from any given location. but that they were losing. Then a newer group of programmers. This effectively split the group into two factions. 13. Every user is uniquely and securely identified. create and store documents. Every document can contain links of any type including virtual copies ("transclusions") to any other document in the system accessible to its owner. Charles S. The 1995 Wired Magazine article "The Curse of Xanadu. completed a version of the software. Tim Berners-Lee was developing the World Wide Web. Every document is uniquely and securely identified. 9. in 1990 the first known corporate prediction market was used at Xanadu. [3] In 1998. 7. including virtual copies ("transclusions") of all or part of the document. retrieve. Every transaction is secure and auditable only by the parties to that transaction. Every Xanadu server is uniquely and securely identified. 6. Nelson released the source code to Xanadu as Project Udanax. the group. Permission to link to a document is explicitly granted by the act of publication. which became the Xanadu Operating Company. Every Xanadu server can be operated independently or in a network. 8. in the hope that the techniques and algorithms used could help to overturn some software patents.0 [4]. At around this time. 12. Smith. used the problems with this software as justification to rewrite the software in Smalltalk. Every user can search. 337 Original 17 rules 1. Every document is automatically stored redundantly to maintain availability even in case of a disaster. Every document can have secure access controls. this version of Xanadu was successfully demonstrated at The Hackers Conference and generated considerable interest. The Xanadu client-server communication protocol is an openly published standard. 10. According to economist Robin Hanson. 11. Autodesk divested the Xanadu group. 4. which struggled due to internal conflicts and lack of investment. Nelson's team grew defensive in the supposed rivalry that was emerging. the founder of a company called Memex (named after a hypertext system proposed by Vannevar Bush). and the then-unpaid programmers left. Every document can contain a royalty mechanism at any desired degree of granularity to ensure payment on any portion accessed. 5. though the software did not work the way they wanted. but contention largely faded as the Web dominated Xanadu. 17. Employees and consultants used it for example to bet on the cold fusion controversy at the time. However. led by Gregory. stored and retrieved without user knowledge of where it is physically stored. though Memex soon faced financial difficulties. taking the computers with them (the programmers were eventually paid). While at Autodesk. Third-party software development and integration is encouraged. Project Xanadu released XanaduSpace 1. retrieval and publishing of documents. 15. Every document can consist of any number of parts each of which may be of any data type. hired many of the Xanadu programmers and licensed the Xanadu technology." provoked a harsh rebuttal from Nelson. 16. 14. Every Xanadu service provider can charge their users at any rate they choose for the storage. When the Web began to see large growth that Xanadu did not. Links are visible and can be followed from all endpoints. and the decision to rewrite put a deadline imposed by Autodesk out of the team's reach. In 2007. hired from Xerox PARC. 3. written in the C programming language. Every document can be rapidly searched. and the group started working on Xanadu with Autodesk's financial backing.Project Xanadu Hackers. In August 1992. 2.[5] .

wired. 06/ xanadu_pr. googlepages. ISBN 978-0-262-01447-2. BIX online news report from the West Coast Computer Faire.com/) Xanadu Australia (http://xanadu. wired.web.com/) Links to Xanadu projects (http://www.com.archive.com/wired/archive/3." by Jeff Merron. com/ wired/ archive/ 3. com. WIRED 3 (6). including one from Ted Nelson (http://www.edu. 1988 .udanax.edu. Project Xanadu (http://www. au/ general/ faq. net/ [5] Xanadu FAQ: What requirements do Xanadu systems aim to meet? (http:/ / xanadu. [3] Reagle. Good faith collaboration : the culture of Wikipedia. Cambridge.org/links.html) • Published comments on that Wired article. 2002-04-12 by Andrew Pam References • The Magical Place of Literary Memory: Xanadu (http://www.au/screeningthepast).au/) – an active site The open-source release of the Xanadu codebase (http://www.html) The Xanadu Cyberarcheology Project (http://www.latrobe. com/ ) [2] Gary Wolf (June 1995).: MIT Press.com/"xanaduproductsduenextyear").org/20090413174805/http://calliq. July 2005 by Belinda Barnet • The Curse of Xanadu.au/screeningthepast/firstrelease/ fr_18/BBfr18a.com.Project Xanadu 338 Footnotes [1] Project homepage (http:/ / xanadu.latrobe.wired. [4] http:/ / xanarama.09/rants.abora.net/) Web replacement projects (http://hyperworlds.com/wired/ archive/3.06/ xanadu.org/) " Xanadu Products Due Next Year (http://replay. html).sunless-sea. .xanadu.au/ ararat) External links • • • • • • • Official website (http://http://xanadu. "The Curse of Xanadu" (http:/ / www.html) • Errors in "The Curse of Xanadu" by Theodor Holm Nelson. html#2). Joseph Michael (2010).html) in Screening the Past (http://www. Mass. Wired feature on Nelson and Xanadu (http://www.

and Office documents. find.991 / 2/15/2011 Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 International http:/ / www. com/ ProjectWise is a suite of software from Bentley Systems aimed at helping "manage. bentley.ProjectWise 339 ProjectWise ProjectWise Bentley ProjectWise V8 XM Edition Developer(s) Stable release Operating system Platform Available in Website Bentley Systems 8. project data.09. ."[1] Content management tools • • • • ProjectWise Integration Server ProjectWise StartPoint Bentley Geospatial Management Project Wise Caching Server Content publishing tools • ProjectWise InterPlot • ProjectWise Publishing Server • ProjectWise Web Server Design review tools • ProjectWise Navigator • Bentley Redline • Bentley View Lifecycle management tools • ProjectWise Lifecycle Server Noted features include real-time collaboration as well as desktop or online deployment.11. and share CAD and geospatial content.

. DGN Indexing SharePoint Web Parts.443+) 08. bentley.xx.11. June 2008.11. May 2003.11.11. Dependency Services.com . May 2001. Auto-login to integrated Apps Windows 7. Full Text Search. Retrieved 2008-06-05. AutoCAD 2010.09. Revit Integration Navigator WebPart.07.107+) 08. Preview Pane.com/forums/147/ShowForum. Windows Extensions.bentley. January 2004.xx (08. Projects.07. Document Creation Wizards. Web View Server. November 2010. Components. updated Web Explorer Lite. December 1998.xx.xx 08.01. Navigator Markups SharePoint 2010. PDx Dynamic Review.07.xx (08. Quick Search Bar. doc) at Microsoft.ProjectWise 340 Version history Official name version release date of release comments TeamMate TeamMate 96 ProjectWise ProjectWise ProjectWise ProjectWise V8 ProjectWise 2004 ProjectWise V8 XM ProjectWise V8i ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 1) ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 2) ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 3) 95 96 02. Workspace Profiles.com/presspass/events/sharepointconference/docs/bentley.11. Granular Administration. May 2006.991) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1995.xx 08.09.xx.xx.xx.01.microsoft. June 1996. Managed Workspaces Delta File Transfer.xx.xx 08.07.11. Distribution System New WEL.02.11.xx 08. July 2011. ProjectWise i-model Composer.xx 03.com/en-US/Products/projectwise+project+team+collaboration/ ) at Bentley • ProjectWise Forums (http://communities.xx 08. November 2009. December 2000. com/ en-us/ products/ projectwise integration server/ ). Web Explorer Lite Audit Trail. Thumbnails. External links • ProjectWise home page (http://www.09.xx (08.xx 03.aspx) at BE Communities by Bentley • Microsoft Press Release (http://www.01. AutoCAD & Revit 32/64 bit support. Performance enhancements for high latency networks References [1] "ProjectWise Integration Server" (http:/ / www.bentley.xx. Spatial Navigation. February Document Level Security DWG Redlining.05.

Andreas Tollwé. The site administrator can adjust custom field support. org/ extend/ plugins/ pushit/ [2] http:/ / www. e-mail and social bookmarks like Facebook. References [1] http:/ / wordpress. This means that you can verify your blog visitors and send them their password in a text message (SMS). As a bonus. You can try Pushit as an end user. or apply to the beta program as a content provider. 2009 Cross-platform wordpress. Buddypress Blog publishing system GNU General Public License version 3 [1] Stable release Operating system Platform Type License Website Pushit is a free plugin for WordPress capable of sending a blog post to a friend via SMS or e-mail. Wordpress MU. se . Pushit adds post recommendations via SMS.org. Andreas Remfeldt. The software works with almost all operators worldwide. After this date. comments. The mobile version is a small publishing system within Wordpress. Nadja Drazdova. Jonas Enqvist. where you also can find the official FAQ.3 / April 30. Vadim Voituk. user login. search and other features. Andreas Karma 0. Twitter and Bloggy. Pushit also gives you a print function and a set of related RSS links for a particular post. Pushit will be available under the GPL v3 licence from wordpress.Pushit 341 Pushit Pushit Developer(s) Roman Pixell. The third major feature is the compact mobile viewport for your web site. Features Pushit adds support for registration with cell phones. mobilstart. Konstantin Maximchik. The first public beta is scheduled for 30th of April 2009. but requires registration at Mobilstart [2] Releases Pushit is currently in closed beta period.

Text and image export text export for PDFs (including scanned PDFs) BibTeX export to allow researchers using LaTeX to format their lists of references in a consistent manner. Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rich PDF viewer supporting annotating. a citation manager and a mind map brainstorming tool. annotations and information on the internet. A brainstorming tool allowing you to incorporate your ideas. Optical character recognition (OCR) of PDF documents to support text searching of scanned PDFs. The tagging of text annotations and the associated annotation report features enables Qualitative research and Grounded theory methodologies against your PDF documents and scans. tagging.5 application targeting the Windows XP. autoTags and aiTags. . It integrates with BibTeX to allow researchers using LaTeX to format their lists of references in a consistent manner.NET 3. PDF documents. Researchers can store their PDF documents. It uses Microsoft's ClickOnce technology to automatically upgrade users' installations of Qiqqa to the latest version. Import your PDFs and metadata from other reference managers. It also plugs into Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 reference management system. Integration with Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 reference management systems. It combines PDF reference management tools. Vista and Windows 7 platforms. Filtering and reporting against your tags. e. annotations. Automatic extraction of paper metadata and integration with GoogleScholar to automatically build the rest of your citation metadata. metadata and annotations across multiple computers and to a private online Web Library.com [1] Qiqqa (pronounced "Quicker") is a freeware reference management software[2] [3] for researchers that allows researchers to work with thousands of PDFs[4] .qiqqa. tags and comments in their online Web Library using the internet cloud. A full-text search across your entire PDF library.g. Sync your documents. Qiqqa is a . using LyX. notes and searching. Integration with web browsers to support searching of the internet for new PDFs to add to your document library.Qiqqa 342 Qiqqa Qiqqa Initial release Stable release April 2010 Qiqqa / July 2010 Operating system Microsoft Windows Available in Type License Website English Reference management software Proprietary www.

blogspot.com/) . "CUE finalist Qiqqa picks up pace" (http:/ / www. businessweekly. [6] Laura James (2010-06-19). uk/ software/ qiqqa-provides-researchers-with-fast-track-to-success. External links • Official website (http://http://www. Qiqqa is increasingly being noticed by universities research skills courses[7] [8] . qiqqa. com/ 2010/ 10/ 25/ will-qiqqa-make-me-smarta/ ). com/ 2010/ 06/ wealth-of-reference-management. [3] Lautaro Vargas.qiqqa. doc). The several releases since have seen the inclusion of the Web Library. Retrieved 2011-02-26. . wordpress. Retrieved 2011-02-22. University of Cambridge (2011-02-18). and has been incorporated into several References [1] http:/ / www. [4] Julie Swierczek. "Printable guide to reference management software" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-02-18. McKillop Library. The first version offered PDF management and brainstorming capabilities. wordpress. [8] Information management toolkit (2010-10-10). html). wordpress. [7] Cambridge University Library. Retrieved 2011-02-23. UK. [5] Joanna Dawson (2010-10-25). . com/ 2011/ 02/ 11/ drowning-in-information-part-ii-2). lib. "Qiqqa provides researchers with fast track to success" (http:/ / www. and the use of natural language processing (NLP) techniques to guide the researcher in their reading. based in Cambridge. . Retrieved 2011-06-07. Retrieved 2010-07-01. Salve Regina University (2011-02-11). html). com/ [2] Business Weekly (2011-06-07). co. "Drowning in information" (http:/ / mckillopcataloger. uk/ courses/ Documentation/ refs_MT10. co. "Will Qiqqa make me Smarta?" (http:/ / joannadawson. Cambridge Business Media (2010-12-15). "PDF management" (http:/ / infotoolkit. cabume. [5] and their libraries [6] . . com/ category/ pdf-management/ ). Retrieved 2010-12-15. integration with BibTeX and other reference managers. .Qiqqa 343 History The development of Qiqqa. began in December 2009 and was first released as a public alpha in April 2010. uk/ the-killer50/ ones-to-watch/ 12025-cue-finalist-qiqqa-picks-up-pace). OCR. . ac. "The Arcadia Project:A Wealth of Reference Management" (http:/ / arcadiaproject. cam. .

RavenNuke 344 RavenNuke RavenNuke Developer(s) Stable release Gaylen Fraley and RN Team 2. improved email handling. 2005.10. site / legal documents. integrated light box and tool tip functions. It allows webmasters to automatically generate and override HEAD section tags (title.0 / October 12. reviews.net.00 included over 10. An extensive security system (NukeSentinel)[8] is built in for additional protection. customizable error document handling.[4] The March. History RavenNuke CMS began in November. and other pre-installed add-ons. polls/surveys. fixes. support for friendly URLs. advanced newsletter.[2] [3] The initial drivers of RavenNuke were the lack of support provided by the author of PHP-Nuke and the implementation of fees to gain access to the latest versions of PHP-Nuke. the ability to display RSS and ATOM feeds. and 17 W3C-compliant themes. release of RavenNuke 2. RavenNuke allows webmasters to create a dynamic community-based portal. news flashes. polls. extensive group access permissions. and calendar events.000 changes. RSS feeds. description and . with automated content.com. an event calendar. The system includes features such as page caching to improve performance. 2009 Development status Active Written in Operating system Size Type License Website PHP Cross-platform 7. RavenNuke is free software. the ability generate feeds in RSS and ATOM formats for most content types at multiple levels. website searching. Starting with version 1. and language internationalization.[5] Features RavenNuke includes the basic Content Management / Portal functionality of PHP-Nuke but without the recognized and unfixed security concerns of the code upon which it is based. tweaks. allowing users and editors to post a wide variety of data such as news articles. RavenNuke is the result of a fork of PHP-Nuke. It is written in the PHP programming language and uses the MySQL database system to store information. forum posts.0 MB (archived) Content management system GNU General Public License RavenNuke [1] RavenNuke is a content management system platform for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. printable versions of pages. blogs. and add-ons and marked RavenNuke CMS' introduction as a fork.0. 2007.40. as a distribution of PHP-Nuke that included the Nuke Patched security improvements and fixes from NukeFixes. the display of a copyright message on web pages is required in accordance with the GPL license section 2(c) and approved by the Free Software Foundation as explained on the accompanying documentation.0. Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. the NukeSentinel security add-on from NukeScripts.[6] [7] RavenNuke also includes advanced user management.

10. com/ article4962. us/ advisory-72. ravenphpscripts. . com/ article-293--0-0. ravenphpscripts. html) . [6] Secunia Vulnerability Report for PHP-Nuke 7. [5] "RavenNuke(tm) v2. waraxe. Retrieved 2009-10-12. html).ravennuke. send HTML newsletters.01.30. com/ article1738. html). .1 compliant pages. and includes fully CSS-driven themes to simplify customization. 345 Criticism • Multiple vulnerabilities were reported in RavenNuke 2. html). which is compatible with thousands of available add-ons and themes for PHP-Nuke. .Multiple Vulnerabilities in RavenNuke 2. de [10] "[waraxe-2009-SA#072 (http:/ / www.00. com/ postt12839. but were resolved in RavenNuke 2. 2005-11-28. html). "FB's New Release And Continued Lack Of Support Policy" (http:/ / www.com) .[10] References http:/ / www. RavenNuke is compatible with all modern browsers and generates XHTML 1. 2007-03-10. 4thdimension. Retrieved 2009-10-12. com/ product/ 2385/ ?task=advisories [7] Secunia Vulnerability Report for PHP-Nuke 8. nukescripts. ravenphpscripts. The look and feel can be customized using a theme system.x http:/ / secunia.x http:/ / secunia. and track site usage.RavenNuke keywords) used by search engines.com) • RavenNuke Demonstration Site (http://www.[9] RavenNuke can support multiple languages simultaneously. php [9] WarpSpeed .PHP-Nuke Addons http:/ / warpspeed. com/ product/ 13524/ ?task=advisories [8] NukeSentinel Description http:/ / www. net/ nukesentinel. com/ "RavenNuke76 Package Released" (http:/ / www. 2004-03-13.3. .00 to be released this weekend!" (http:/ / www.0 Transitional and CSS 2. 2005-11-24. Retrieved 2009-10-12. ravenphpscripts.0"]. Retrieved 2009-10-12. 2009-02-16. . Additional third party modules may be added to RavenNuke.ravenphpscripts.30. nukecops. "RavenNuke76 Package Released" (http:/ / www. [1] [2] [3] [4] External links • RavenNuke Support (http://www.

'semi-current' or 'inactive' records. Records Management is the storage preservation and retrieval of information in the shortest possible time. and e-mail. often stored in basements or offsite. retrieval). databases. The ISO 15489: 2001 standard defines records management as "The field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation. The practice of records management may involve: • Planning the information needs of an organization • Identifying information requiring capture • Creating. maintenance (use. and disposal. including their organization and disposal • Developing a records storage plan. a record can be defined as "evidence of an event".from the point of creation right through until their eventual disposal. is the practice of maintaining the records of an organization from the time they are created up to their eventual disposal. office documents. context and structure sufficient to provide evidence of the activity. . balancing the requirements of business confidentiality. Put simply. A record can be either a tangible object or digital information: for example. conduct or completion of an institutional or individual activity and that comprises content. storage. promoting.02-STD defines Records Management as "The planning. and is usually applied according to the value of the records rather than their physical format. This may include classifying. in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business". regardless of media. and storing records • Coordinating access to records internally and outside of the organization. 'records management' was sometimes used to refer only to the management of records which were no longer in everyday use but still needed to be kept . The International Council on Archives (ICA) Committee on Electronic Records defines a record as "a recorded information produced or received in the initiation. and destruction (or in some cases. directing. which includes the short and long-term housing of physical records and digital information • Identifying. training." The key word in these definitions is evidence. classifying. The United States Department of Defense standard DoD 5015. and maintained as evidence and information by an organization or person. storing. including creation. approving. including the processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records". Definitions of records management In the past. application data. birth certificates. controlling. data privacy. and enforcing policies and practices regarding records. maintenance. use and disposition of records. archival preservation) of records.Records management 346 Records management Records management. or RM. Records management is primarily concerned with the evidence of an organization's activities. and public access. receipt. More modern usage tends to refer to the entire 'lifecycle' of records . medical x-rays.(MUDD) Records management is very important for the use of storing document this topic was thought in Office Administration. organizing. The ISO defines records as "information created. securing." Practicing records management A Records Manager is someone who is responsible for records management in an organization. received. and other managerial activities involving the life cycle of information.

such as an electronic records management application. the item may require both disaster-proofing and public access. some military vessels were designed to take into account the weight of their operating procedures on paper as part of their ballast equation (modern record-keeping technologies have transferred much of that information to electronic storage).Records management • Executing a retention policy on the disposal of records which are no longer required for operational reasons. earthquakes and conflict. Identifying records If an item is presented as a legal record. in some circumstances. or radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) to track movement of the records. and that any damage. This is usually a matter of filing and retrieval. according to organizational policies. some organisations employ file rooms with specialized environmental controls including temperature and humidity. These can also be used for periodic auditing to identify unauthorized movement of the record. In extreme cases. ISO 15489:2001 states that records management includes: • setting policies and standards. However. Storing records Records must be stored in such a way that they are accessible and safeguarded against environmental damage. However. but requires that special care be taken in the creation and retention of the records of an organization. and other regulations this may involve either their destruction or permanent preservation in an archive. This level of authentication is rare. more careful handling is required. historically. Such a system may be paper based (such as index cards as used in a library). or missing content is documented. many organizations operate their own off-site records centers or contract with commercial records centers. • assigning responsibilities and authorities. many modern records environments use a computerized system involving bar code scanners. A typical paper document may be stored in a filing cabinet in an office. or may be a computer system. Records must be identified and authenticated. Disposal of records . 347 Managing physical records Managing physical records involves different disciplines and may draw on a variety of forms of expertise. Forensic experts may need to examine a document or artifact to determine that it is not a forgery. and ongoing management of records throughout their lifecycle. • providing a range of services relating to the management and use of records. Often this is handled by simple written recording procedures. items may be subjected to a microscope. flood. Circulating records Tracking the record while it is away from the normal storage area is referred to as circulation. • establishing and promulgating procedures and guidelines. it needs to be authenticated. classification. such as the original. x-ray. Civil engineers may need to be consulted to determine that the file room can effectively withstand the weight of shelves and file cabinets filled with paper. Records management principles and automated records management systems aid in the capture. statutory requirements. alteration. In addition to on-site storage of records. signed US Constitution. Vital records may need to be stored in a disaster-resistant safe or vault to protect against fire. implementing and administering specialized systems for managing records. and • integrating records management into business systems and processes. radiocarbon dating or chemical analysis. • designing. In extreme cases.

or private individual.[5] funded by the European Commission.Records management Disposal of records does not always mean destruction. and more recently records-related mishaps at Morgan Stanley. regulation. Most of the 1990s has seen discussions between records managers and IT managers.[6] Particular concerns exist about the ability to access and read electronic records over time. context and structure of records is preserved and protected when the records do not have a physical existence. paper shredding or incineration. starting with a records retention schedule and policies and procedures that have been approved at the highest level. and healthcare entities have a strong historical records management discipline. PNG.[1] the National Archives of England & Wales[2] and the European Commission. inactive. museum. Development of MoReq was initiated by the DLM Forum. . In addition. as it is now focused on compliance and risk. retention period requirements. long-term storage and access to permanent electronic records. While government. leaving the records unreadable. and the emphasis has expanded to include the legal aspects. Archives New Zealand is also setting up a digital archive. The Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) located in Melbourne. It is more difficult to ensure that the content. There is substantial confusion about what constitutes acceptable digital records for the IRS. Australia published the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) which includes a standard for the preservation. retention scheduling and disposal. The subject is discussed in Publication 583 and Bulletin 1997-13. For example. Electronic Tax Records Electronic Tax Records are computer-based/non-paper versions of records required by tax agencies like the Internal Revenue Service. or PDF format scanned copy of a purchase receipt for a deducted expense item. statute. An inventory of the records disposed of should be maintained. Commercially available products can manage records through all processes active. and the records should be disposed of with care to avoid inadvertent disclosure of information. general record-keeping of corporate records has been poorly standardized and implemented.[3] whose MoReq (Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records) specification has been translated into at least twelve languages[4] and is used beyond the borders of Europe. including certification that they have been destroyed. and related issues. A considerable amount of research is being undertaken to address this. but not in specific detail. Destruction of records ought to be authorized by law. legal. Statutes such as the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act have created new concerns among corporate "compliance officers" that result in more standardization of records management practices within an organization. have renewed interest in corporate records compliance. A digital archive has been established by PROV to enable the general public to access permanent records. litigation preparedness. Most organizations use processes including pulverization. It can also include transfer to a historical archive. 348 Managing electronic records The general principles of records management apply to records in any format. Some also utilizes RFID technology for the tracking of the physical file. under the heading of digital preservation. since the rapid pace of change in technology can make the software used to create the records obsolete. archival. or operating procedure. The VERS standard has been adopted by all Victorian Government departments. Digital records (almost always referred to as electronic records) raise specific issues. The process needs to be well-documented. Businesses and individuals wishing to convert their paper records into scanned copies may be at risk if they do so. it is unclear if an IRS auditor would accept a JPEG. Functional requirements for computer systems to manage electronic records have been produced by the US Department of Defense. records management has increased interest among corporations due to new compliance regulations and statutes. Records should never simply be discarded as refuse. as the concept is relatively new. Current issues in records management As of 2005. scandals such as the Enron/Andersen scandal.

facebook and twitter. Steve Bailey. Related topics of current note include information lifecycle management and enterprise content management. we allowed ourselves to be so enchanted by the tune being played that we were led. vendor-led profession. In my opinion. and an MSc in Business Information Management and Library and Information Management with a specialist stream in records management. As such.Master of Archives and Records Management [7] degree program. But make no mistake about it. One well known RM thinker. offered by the San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science. has stated: "As far as the average user is concerned. and identity theft have become issues of interest for records managers.Records management Privacy. principles. [8] The Australian National University offer a 6 week e-learning course worldwide. its no wonder that so few users accept them – as one person once said to me “making me use an EDRMS is like asking a plasterer to use a hammer! "And now. Publicised events have demonstrated that records management is in fact the responsibility of all individuals within an organization and the corporate entity. In addittion. non-degreed. The role of the records manager to aid in the protection of an organization's records has often grown to include attention to these concerns. data protection. An issue that has been very controversial among records managers has been the uncritical adoption of Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS). The most significant issue is implementing the required changes to individual and corporate culture to derive the benefits to internal and external stakeholders. For the best part of a decade we have allowed others to do the thinking for us and have come to rely on EDRMS as our intellectual-crutch. Another is the Archives and Records Management specialization offered by the University of Michigan School of Information as part of their MSI (Masters of Science in Information) degree. RMS Conference. without question or debate. the EDRMS is something they didn’t want. Furthermore. such as wikis. ARMA. there are professional organizations such as the Records Management Association of Australasia (RMAA) and the Institute of Certified Records Managers which provides a separate. Additional educational opportunities in the form of a certificate program are also available from AIIM International. wherever the technology took us. on traditional records management practice. and from the Records Management Society in Great Britain and Ireland. . professional certification for practitioners. Edinburgh 22 April 2007) Another issue of great interest to records managers is the impact of social media. the Certified Records Manager designation or CRM. it is time to turn our eyes to the records management profession itself. we have come within a whisker of allowing our blind obsession with EDRMS to turn us into an intellectually-sterile. Like children following the Pied Piper. finally. and concepts. 349 Education and certification Many colleges and universities offer degree programs in library and information sciences which cover records management. a Graduate Diploma. Wayne State University in Detroit offers an on-line Records and Information Management graduate level certification program. don’t like and can’t use. the blame for this rests squarely with us. Education and training courses and workshops on scientific and technical records full lifecycle management and the Quality Electronic Records Practices Standards (Q-ERPS) are available from the Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association (CENSA). in Electronic Document and Records Management[9] . Columbia University offers its Masters of Science in Information & Digital Resource Management (IDRM). Records management is often seen as an unnecessary or low priority administrative task that can be performed at the lowest levels within an organization." ( RMS Debate: The case against EDRMS Has EDRMS been a success? The case for the prosecution. The University of South Australia offers a Graduate Certificate. The need to ensure that certain information about individuals is not retained has brought greater focus to records retention schedules and records destruction. A recent addition to records management education in the United States is the MARA .

was published in February 2008.[13] It ran a program to evaluate products against the 2002 requirements.[14] Although not a formal standard. known as MoReq2. ERM systems commonly provide specialized security and auditing functionality tailored to the needs of records managers. The National Archives 2002 requirements remain current. In some cases. and was developed at the instigation of the DLM Forum. a software compliance testing regime was agreed at the DLM Forum conference in Toulouse in December 2008. they also offer storage for records maintained in electronic formats.[25] [17] [18] [19] Commercial records centers Commercial records centers are facilities which provide services for the storage for paper records for organizations. writes detailed and summary final reports on 5015.[22] and the associated Guidelines for Implementing the Functional Specifications for Electronic Records Management Systems Software." the Model Requirements for Electronic Records and Document Management in 2001. as exposure drafts in February 2006.S.[15] [16] This was funded by the Commission’s IDA program. Commercial records centers provide high density storage for paper records and some offer climate controlled storage for sensitive non-paper and critical (vital) paper media. A major update of MoReq. on this occasion by its IDABC program (the successor to IDA).2 as an "adequate and appropriate basis for addressing the basic challenges of managing records in the automated environment that increasingly characterizes the creation and use of records. The term is distinguished from imaging and document management systems that specialize in paper capture and document management respectively. Department of Defense standard 5015. they have been taken up with enthusiasm by many parts of the wider public sector in the UK and in other parts of the world.[20] This too was initiated by the DLM Forum and funded by the European Commission.[24] issued under the authority of Section 27 of the Public Records Act 2005."[10] [11] Records Management Vendors can be certified as compliant with the DoD 5015.2-STD after verification from the Joint Interoperability Test Command which builds test case procedures. however.[12] The National Archives in the UK has published two sets of functional requirements to promote the development of the electronic records management software market (1999 and 2002). There is a trade organization for commercial records centers (PRISM International).[23] Archives New Zealand published a 'discretionary best practice' Electronic Recordkeeping Systems Standard (Standard 5) in June 2005. it is widely regarded and referred to as a standard. not all service providers are members. While these requirements were initially formulated in collaboration with central government. . The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has endorsed the U.Records management 350 Electronic records management systems An Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRM) is a computer program (or set of programs) used to track and store records.[21] A software testing framework and an XML schema accompany MoReq2. The National Archives of Australia (NAA) published the Functional Specifications for Electronic Records Management Systems Software (ERMS). The testing program has now closed. and performs on-site inspection of software.2-certified products. The National Archives is no longer accepting applications for testing. The European Commission has published "MoReq.

mil/ recmgt/ register.org/cgi-bin/portals/archives/page. edu/ degrees/ rimcertificate. blogspot. disa. nz/ gpacts/ public/ text/ 2005/ an/ 040. co. eimagazine. gov. html 5015. html [20] http:/ / www. gov. gov/ records_management/ policy_and_guidance/ automated_recordkeeping_requirements.com/Feature/127-RM-101) by Priscilla Emery • Research Report discussing the process of building a Records Management System (http://ecommons. cornwell.org.uk/resources) from the Records Management Society • UNESCO Archives Portal (http://www. europa. edu/arp/275) in public agencies by Dustin McLemore. nz/ files/ file/ standards/ s5. Archives New Zealand (June 2005) (http:/ / continuum. uk/ electronicrecords/ function.Records management 351 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] DoD 5015. edu/ mara/ http:/ / slis. eu/ ) European Commission (http:/ / ec. au/ courses/ COMP7420/ ) [10] http:/ / www. MPA • Information guides and resources (http://www. com/ 2005/ 03/ hidden-hand-of-malvine-project.2 (http:/ / jitc. archives.2-STD [12] http:/ / jitc. php COMP7420: Electronic Document and Records Management. disa. uk/ electronicrecords/ function. cornwell. com/ xq/ asp/ sid. 0/ articleid. gov. nationalarchives. mil/ recmgt/ standards.d=1) . html [13] http:/ / www. fhu. html [17] The Hidden Hand of the Malvine Project (http:/ / thesocietyofqualifiedarchivists. eneclann. html [11] http:/ / jitc. fhu. eu [21] http:/ / ec. wayne. co. naa. knowledge-basket. smals. uk/ moreqdocs/ moreq. europa.txstate. be/ fr/ 71-RCH. mil/ recmgt/ standards. au/ records-management/ publications/ ERMS-specs. aspx) [23] (http:/ / www. au/ records-management/ publications/ ERMS-guidelines.unesco-ci. edu. html) DLM Forum (http:/ / dlmforum. disa. archives. from February 2011 (http:/ / cs. co. gov. pdf) (http:/ / www.rms-gb. uk/ moreq. govt.html. html) External links • Why Records Management? (http://cmswatch. eu/ idabc/ en/ chapter/ 3 [22] (http:/ / www. moreq2.col1 [16] http:/ / www. pdf/ ) [25] Public Records Act 2005 (http:/ / gpacts. htm) MoREQ (http:/ / www. htm [14] http:/ / ec. com/ p/ articles/ mi_qa3937/ is_200303/ ai_n9184315/ pg_5?tag=artBody. europa. fhu. eu/ idabc/ en/ document/ 2303/ 5644 [15] http:/ / findarticles. htm) [19] http:/ / inventarisoss. eu/ transparency/ archival_policy/ index_en. FFE698DA-7E67-4C87-AC3C-2DB84445C8A6/ qx/ display. anu. html) (http:/ / www. Australian National University. nationalarchives. htm) http:/ / slisweb. naa. ie/ Records_Management/ legislation_standards. html) [18] Negotiating the RM standards maze (http:/ / www. sjsu. aspx) [24] Electronic Recordkeeping Systems Standard (Standard 5). Tom Worthington.cgi?g=Resources/ Education_and_Training/Institutions/Europe/United_Kingdom/index.

20060804. ning. Company history 1993 . theglobeandmail. In 2009 RedDot (now the OpenText Web Solutions Group) made the Telerik RadEditor available alongside the existing RedDot editor for CMS 9[6] . The integrations for CKeditor and Ephox EditLive! are still available[7] . 14 January 2009.Niels Metger and Anke Metger found legal entity under the name INFOTIP in Oldenburg.[1] Content authoring The red dots on the authoring interface indicated sections of editable content for each web page[2] . 17 July 2001. . RedDot-CMS-Users@googlegroups. [6] "OpenText CMS 9" (http:/ / cuwebd. Canada takes over RedDot's parent company Hummingbird Ltd. com/ reddot-cms-users@googlegroups.0 Chosen "Design" Category Winner By Internet World Editors Award winner 2001" (http:/ / websolutions. com/ servlet/ story/ RTGAM. Retrieved 5 April 2009. com/ c/ a/ Web-Design/ RedDot-Upgrades-Web-Content-Management-Software/ ).. publish. Retrieved 5 April 2009. opentext. 2005 . InfoOffice is renamed RedDot Solutions.0 is released worldwide" (http:/ / websolutions. . 12 July 2001. htm).com. wr-hummingbird05/ BNStory/ Technology/ home). OpenText press release archive. opentext. In response to customers' attempts to work around the limitations of the RedDot editor by installing other editors [4] RedDot announced that they had developed an integration layer to allow the use of CKeditor and Ephox EditLive! as alternative editors[5] . Retrieved 6 April 2009. opentext. University Web Developers <uwebd />. com/ msg00581. RedDot CMS is a windows based server application to allow Web content management in a multi-user environment with many content contributors.Hummingbird Ltd. RedDot's software aims to help companies to manage many business challenges revolving around managing content as well as helping with regulatory compliance and industry specific requirements. htm). Retrieved 5 April 2009. hence the name RedDot for the product. up till then. Most other WCM vendors had moved to open source alternatives or licensed an Online rich-text editor from commercial vendors such as Ephox and Ektron. . html).Open Text Corporation from Waterloo. Publish. Patrick (27 March 2007). Retrieved 5 April 2009. com/ company_press_releases_2001_cms_intranet_extranet. Adam (17 November 2008). Complementary to the CMS or as a standalone product LiveServer allows to aggregate disparate document resources via connectors and serve them up as Web pages. privately owned RedDot Solutions from its founder Niels Metger. Retrieved 2006-08-05. "RedDot gripes" (http:/ / www.The development of the content management system under the name InfoOffice started. [7] "OpenText Technology Partners" (http:/ / websolutions. By 2006 RedDot was one of the few WCM vendors left that continued to develop the content authoring interface in house. mail-archive.InfoOffice becomes RedDot Solutions. OpenText press release archive. OpenText Web Solutions Group. Retrieved 5 April 2009. "Hummingbird okays Open Text bid" (http:/ / www. . . References [1] Avery.com. 1995 . Its core product. is a business unit of Open Text Corporation and is referred to as the Web Solutions Group of Open Text. [4] Boyle. "RedDot Upgrades Web Content Management Software" (http:/ / www. [3] "RedDot Professional 4. 2000 . bought the. . com/ company_articles_archive_2001_reddot_ebusiness_strategy. htm). [2] "RedDot Professional 4. . This easy to use feature was popular with customers and won awards[3] in 2001 for its usability. [5] Hoffman. founded in 1993.The company expands its activities from Europe to North America. . 2001 . com/ technology_partners. Simon (2006-08-04).RedDot 352 RedDot RedDot. 2006 . com/ group/ reddotcmsusers/ forum/ topics/ opentext-cms-9). Globe and Mail.

opentext.com/group/RedDot-CMS-Users) Unofficial RedDot Wiki (http://reddot.The evolving online community for RedDot users (http://www.google.info/) RedDot USA Web & Enterprise Content Management Systems (http://websolutions.wikia.By developers.com/) .reddotcmsblog. for developers (http://www.RedDot 353 External links • • • • • • Solution Exchange .com/wiki/Main_Page) RedDot CMS Blog .com/) RedDot UK Web & Enterprise Content Management Systems (http://websolutions.solutionexchange.opentext.com/uk/) RedDot Google Group (http://groups.

Document management 1998 Headquarters Brisbane. Redmap has 3 times won the Queensland exporter of the year award [1] in 2003. Products According to the Redmap web site the company offers the following products. Peter Ramensky. 2004 and 2005 for its international sales of ManagePoint. Over the last few years Redmap has also licensed some of its document processing technology in the form of the Re-Rite [3] product. It started by making document imaging and document management software for the financial services and transport industries in Australia. History Redmap began in 1998. In 2006 Redmap opened offices in North America and Asia. redmap. collaborative enterprise content management system. Redmap manufactures software and systems for enterprise content management. Document Storage Device The document storage device (DSD) is an appliance based enterprise content management platform. Australia and there are offices in North America. electronic document management. Redmap also won the Austrade Australian Exporter of the Year award ( ICT Section) in 2004[2] . It has the following capabilities: • Document Versioning • Meta Data Filing • Document Level Security . ManagePoint A secure and scalable enterprise content management solution. Australia Products ManagePoint CapturePoint CaptureMail Document Storage Device 60 http:/ / www. and Asia. founded by Earl Woolley. a secure. It also entered the email archiving market when it launched CaptureMail. Afshin Baktashi and Kurt Carlsen. produced for Toshiba EID [4] which is shipped worldwide with their multi-function printers.Redmap 354 Redmap Redmap Type Industry Founded Private Software. and email archiving. It is headquartered in Brisbane. The focus was initially about providing solutions to small and medium enterprise market. The solution is delivired on a NAS based server and delivers a unified enterprise content system in one device. In 2003 Redmap expanded its offering and launched ManagePoint. com Employees Website Redmap is a software development company founded in 1998.

com. auto-rotation) Rule processing and data validation 355 CaptureMail A compliance focused email archiving solution. com . au/ Toshiba_Main. html). cropping. toshiba. au/ releases/ 2004/ a18_04. despeckle. html). . com.Redmap • Retention Management • Web based access • Secure storage CapturePoint A document imaging platform capable of high-volume scanning and image processing. gov. "2004 Export Winners" (http:/ / www. External links • Official website [5] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] "State Honour Roll" (http:/ / www. rerite. htm http:/ / www. trademinister. line removal. au http:/ / http:/ / www. . au/ awards/ 297. export. gov. redmap. eid. qld. http:/ / www. It has the following capabilities: • • • • • Barcode recognition Hand print recognition Zone and full page OCR Image Enhancement (deskew.

2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Platform Available in Type License Website Ruby Cross-platform Ruby on Rails Dansk. Português. Resolve Digital May 2009 1. Español.exactly 2 years after it was first released as open source software. David Jones.0.[2] Refinery differs from similar products by targeting a non-technical end user and allowing the developer to create a flexible website rapidly by staying as close as possible to the conventions of the Ruby on Rails framework[3] . Norwegian Bokmål. refinerycms.0. com/ Refinery CMS. Italiano. Refinery supports Rails 3. English.Refinery CMS 356 Refinery CMS Refinery CMS Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Philip Arndt. . Steven Heidel. Français. Deutsch. Nederlands. Slovenian Content management system MIT License [1] http:/ / www.0. Version 1. 2011 . often shortened to Refinery.0 was released[4] on the 28th of May.0 / May 28. is an open source content management system written in Ruby as a Ruby on Rails web application with jQuery used as the JavaScript library.

Refinery CMS 357 History Refinery started as a closed sourced project at Resolve Digital [5] in 2004[6] and went on to be released as open source software under the MIT License on the 28th May 2009 [7] . Retrieved 2010-07-08. Event occurs at 09:58. com/ resolve/ refinerycms/ wiki/ Engines).Github" (https:/ / github. Retrieved 2010-07-08. . . Retrieved 2010-07-12. com [6] Patrick Morrow (2009-06-04). md). . tv/ via-website/ media/ rubyshow/ 2010/ podcast_104. mp3). [8] Dan Benjamin and Jason Seifer. [10] "Contributors to resolve/refinery . Archived from the original (http:/ / 5by5. com/ resolve/ refinerycms/ commit/ feed8f4d9084354497538def0d6f7aa13d829fa8). Event occurs at 01:54.Github" (https:/ / github. Retrieved 2010-05-28. Features • • • • • • • Engine architecture WYSIWYG content editing Localisation (currently supports 26 languages [13] ) Page management Image and File management Contact form and inquiry management Search engine optimization (SEO) External links • • • • • • • • Official website Official Code Repository [15] Refinery CMS Guides [16] Official Demo [17] Official Google Group [18] Official IRC Channel [19] Rails Magazine: An Overview of Refinery . html). com/ resolve/ refinerycms/ contributors). [4] "Refinery CMS 1. com/ blog/ refinery-cms-supports-rails-3)] 3"]. .Content Management" (http:/ / www. Since then it has gained popularity[8] and is now the most popular Ruby on Rails CMS [9] with more than 150 contributors [10] and an active community extending the application with engines [11] and themes [12] . Retrieved 2010-12-19. [9] "The Ruby Toolbox . The Ruby Show: Episode 104: Something New (http:/ / downloads. Retrieved 2010-07-12. 2010 (http:/ / ruby5. com/ resolve/ refinerycms/ wiki/ Themes). "Refinery CMS now Supports [[Ruby on Rails (http:/ / refinerycms. . [7] David Jones (2009-05-28).July 6. com/ episodes/ 93-episode-91-july-6-2010). com/ resolve/ refinerycms). . [12] "Themes . [5] http:/ / resolvedigital. . . Retrieved 2010-07-08. Retrieved 2010-12-19. com/ resolve/ refinerycms [16] http:/ / refinerycms. (2010-01-21) (in english) (MP3). com/ guides [17] http:/ / demo. "First checkin . . com/ admin . "RefineryCMS Goes Public" (http:/ / blog. Retrieved 2010-11-17. [14] http:/ / refinerycms. Retrieved 2010-11-18. [2] David Jones (2010-08-29). Retrieved 2010-11-17. [11] "Engines . . com/ categories/ content_management_systems. (2010-07-06) (in english) (Flash). [13] Gregg Pollack and Nathaniel Bibler. . com/ 2009/ 06/ 04/ refinerycms-goes-public/ ).public release begins" (http:/ / github.refinerycms .Github" (https:/ / github. com/ resolve/ refinerycms/ blob/ master/ license. tv/ rubyshow/ 104) on 2010-01-21.0 Released" (http:/ / refinerycms. envylabs. com/ [15] http:/ / github. resolvedigital.refinerycms . 5by5. . [3] "resolve's refinerycms at master" (https:/ / github.a Rails CMS [20] Finalists in the New Zealand Open Source Awards 2010 [21] [14] References [1] "Licence" (http:/ / github. refinerycms. Retrieved 2010-11-17. ruby-toolbox. Episode #91 . com/ blog/ refinery-cms-1-0-0-released).

57MB (uncompressed) Content management system GNU General Public License v. UBB code Cross-platform 927 KB (compressed) 2. com/ issues/ 7 http:/ / www.com [3] RenovatioCMS (Renovatio CMS) is a free and open source CMS (Content Management System). google. nzherald. co. RenovatioCMS Menu management tool . cfm?c_id=5& objectid=10683183 358 RenovatioCMS RenovatioCMS Developer(s) Stable release RenovatioCMS [1] [2] / July 20.Refinery CMS [18] [19] [20] [21] http:/ / groups. nz/ technology/ news/ article. It has been released under the GNU General Public License. 2011 RVVersion_001. SQL. headers and page details.3 www. without requiring a lot of technical knowledge. JavaScript.renovatiocms. often web-applications that allow users to easily publish documents and articles on-line (content management). com/ group/ refinery-cms irc:/ / irc. This allows the author to write a simple article in plain text. also receives menus. freenode. CSS. Content management systems are software applications. One of the main properties of web content management systems is the conversion of plain text to enriched web pages using skins or templates. while the visitor that reads the article. HTML.100 Development status Active Written in Operating system Size Type License Website PHP. net/ refinerycms http:/ / railsmagazine. background images.

but also HTML. while at the same time it delivers the conveniences that make using a CMS worthwhile. often a secure version of the CodeEditor is included that restricts users to using UBB code. PHP. but who also value user-friendliness (doctoral students. The idea is that once a user has mastered a programming language like HTML or UBB code. WYSIWYG becomes unnecessary and would result in less efficient code than WYSIWYM[5] . . The core system is considered to consists only of the apparatus that evaluates documents and shows web-pages to the user[4] . The omission of WYSIWYG appears to be a principal matter. RenovatioCMS uses a web-based CodeEditor that lets the user edit HTML or PHP directly. When a page is being visited. as the developers are explicitly trying to pursue a WYSIWYM approach. In forum systems. SQL. This gives the user the same flexibility as when designing a new web-system from scratch. The result is transferred to the skin. a CodeEditor (RVCodeEditor) and a skin. JavaScript construct and sends it to the visitor. but they are not considered to be part of the CMS itself. programmers). This is referred to as a WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) approach. The skin then moulds the combined data into an HTML. The generated output is stored in a buffer and combined with other data like the menu structure or the account properties. A WYSIWYM approach No WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) like editor is included. are documents as well.php file. CSS and JavaScript are allowed. The enriched output of HTML or UBB code is available during editing using pop-ups. The documents shape the actual contents of a website. while the output of PHP code is only available after saving. the document involved is retrieved from the database and evaluated as if it where an ordinary *. The included management tools used for language. a menu and login system. comparable to code editing software like Notepad++ or HTMLKit. CSS. menu or document management. They are stored in a database and can be edited using the built-in document management tool (that contains the CodeEditor). some management tools. Instead.RenovatioCMS 359 Target group RenovatioCMS is specifically designed for users who possess some programming skills or possess the eagerness to attain these skills. The input (document) of a new RenovatioCMS page may consist of plain text. RenovatioCMS RVCodeEditor How RenovatioCMS works Basically. RenovatioCMS consists of nothing more than a collection of documents.

External links • Official website (http://http://www. CSS and JavaScript.net/projects/renovatiocms/) • RenovatioCMS at PHPKode (http://www.An innovative view" (http:/ / www.J. References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. [5] de Vries. Furthermore the included management tools are consistently using techniques like AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). Retrieved 2010-10-29. Retrieved 2010-10-29. com http:/ / www.com/projects/item/renovatiocms/) • RenovatioCMS at Facebook (http://www. com/ ?RVGET_document=Vision). "RenovatioCMS .phpkode.renovatiocms. renovatiocms. renovatiocms.About RenovatioCMS" (http:/ / www.J.facebook. (2010-10-29). "RenovatioCMS . SJAX (Synchronous JavaScript And XML) and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). D. The client side (the software that runs within the browser) uses HTML. com/ de Vries. (2010-10-29). D. renovatiocms.com/pages/RenovatioCMS/191986810849644) . com/ ?RVGET_document=About). . . com/ ?RVGET_document=CMS http:/ / www.com/) • RenovatioCMS at Sourceforge (http://sourceforge. renovatiocms.RenovatioCMS 360 System requirements RenovatioCMS is developed for Apache web-servers that support SQL and PHP (LAMP or WAMP servers). renovatiocms.

job scheduling software. founder. based in the Netherlands and headed by CEO Tijl Vuyk.com Redwood Software. is a developer of business process automation. Type Industry Founded Private Software & Programming 1993 [1]  Netherlands Headquarters Houten. Redwood Software has a major OEM agreement with SAP AG: Redwood's scheduling software.[4] Solutions • • • • • Business Process Automation Job Scheduling Document Process Automation Report Distribution Solutions for SAP Customers • SAP Central Process Scheduling • Report2Web for SAP solutions .Report2Web 361 Report2Web Redwood Software. CEO • • 150 Cronacle aka SAP Central Process Scheduling Report2Web [2] [3] Employees Website redwood. Inc. and report distribution. Cronacle. Redwood Software has helped to promote the development of using predictable and un-predictable events (typically business events) to determine the right time to execute IT workload in order to allow a more flexible approach to automation. Key people Products Tijl Vuyk. Inc. is sold by SAP AG as "SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood" and is part of every SAP NetWeaver installation. report management software. president. The company is involved in the definition of the JSR236 and JSR237 Java and Java EE technology specifications for timers and work management in Java applications.

Locations Redwood Software. Windows. Users can quickly identify and view needed information. Linux. Cronacle and Report2Web. This software enables full automation and document lifecycle management from publishing to delivery.com/solutions/business/job-scheduling/) SAP Job Scheduling (http://www. It was developed by Redwood Software in 1993 and is based on the use of business events to drive IT workload rather than more traditional time date based scheduling.com/irj/sdn/nw-scheduling/) Cronacle (http://www. redwood.redwood.com/products/cronacle/) . event-driven Business Process Automation (BPA) and job scheduling software that uses an event-driven approach to centralize process automation across a distributed environment. References [1] [2] [3] [4] About us (http:/ / www. epx?PressID=4134). redwood.sap. multi-channel routing and distribution. "SAP Enhances SAP NetWeaver with Ability to Manage.com/solutions/business/sap-central-process-scheduling/) SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood (http://sdn. Press release. info/ guide. Report2Web stores and displays document output produced by SAP and non SAP applications in a web-based repository. Cronacle Cronacle is an event-Driven Business Process Automation and job scheduling program. It is a web-based document process automation solution that facilitates the automated publishing and delivery of business information. com/ en/ about-redwood) "Redwood Software" (http:/ / ebusiness. storage. Java applications. and OpenVMS. Switzerland. data warehouse and SAP applications. Retrieved 2007-09-01. custom applications. ebusiness. Report2Web combines information management capabilities with contextual search and navigation. and advanced manipulation of output data formats. php3?societe=13859) (in fr). Cronacle integrates business applications. External links • • • • • Official website (http://http://www. retrieval and viewing.redwood. Report2Web Report2Web is a document management software solution provided by Redwood Software. Monitor and Execute All Business Processes through a Central Platform" (http:/ / www.info.com) Redwood Job Scheduling (http://www. http:/ / www. . Java. . com/ about/ press/ press. sap. Retrieved 2007-12-11.redwood. is a global organization with offices in: • • • • • • Germany Netherlands United States United Kingdom Australia. com/ SAP AG (2005-03-02). Inc.Report2Web 362 Products Redwood Software has two major products. The software is a real-time.redwood. Cronacle is a software solution for the management of job scheduling and process automation across distributed operating system environments such as Unix.

Saepio is the marketing technology platform for organizations such as Audi. Missouri Key people John Thomson. Enterprise Content Management. President and CEO Kent Galley. US-based provider of marketing technology and services for corporations with distributed marketing networks. Missouri.redwood. Vice President of Marketing Dynamic Content Engine Marketing Asset Manager approximately 50 www. McDonald’s and YMCA.Report2Web • Report2Web (http://www. Vice President of Software Engineering Rick Macartney. Director of Business Development Craig Ferril. Document management. Chief Financial Officer Jason Reid. H&R Block.saepio. Vice President of Client Services Stephen Tucker.com [1] Products Employees Website Saepio is a privately-held. Content Management. in Kansas City. Document imaging 2001 Headquarters Kansas City. Saepio's main office is located on the Country Club Plaza. Founded in 2001. . Saepio’s enterprise marketing management technology is built with a marketing asset management-based architecture that automates marketing processes and helps franchise-based and distributed marketers utilize corporate collateral for local campaigns. Inc Type Industry Founded Privately held company Software.com/products/report2web/) 363 Saepio Saepio Technologies.

saepio.Saepio 364 Products Saepio Dynamic Content Engine .com/). Unica and SAS. com/ • June 22.html) • January 6.saepio.org. Forrester Research. company web site. 2010 News Blaze .com/)."Saepio Helps Woodcraft Branch Out to Local Consumers" (http://newsblaze. . Accenture.com/news/ entertainment/1698947/saepio_technologies_success_model_delivers_quick_roi_and_fast_implementation/ index.A software that allows customers to create template layouts for marketing collateral that distributed marketers around the world can version for local relevancy."Finer focus on its market puts Saepio on a clear growth path" (http://kansascity. but also includes adds digital asset management. saepio. MarketSphere Consulting (http://www. by Saepio Technologies.com/ story/2010062206010200045. SilverPop.bizjournals. DAM .marketsphere.html) • June 2.com/id/15840232?video=980751902)) • September 5. Saepio Marketing Asset Manager – Provides the functionality of dynamic collateral customization."Saepio Technologies' Success Model Delivers Quick ROI and Fast Implementation for Companies Deploying Marketing Asset Management Technology" (http://www.emm101.com (http://www. References [1] http:/ / www.pnw/topstory."Saepio Technologies Featured in Mike on America CNBC Segment" (http:// digitalassetmanagement.uk/2009/02/03/saepio-technologies-featured-in-mike-on-america-cnbc-segment/) ( video (http://www. marketing automation and a self-creating storefront with e-commerce abilities.html) External links • www. 2008 Kansas City Business Journal .cnbc.com/kansascity/stories/2008/09/08/story6.redorbit.com (http://www. 2009 PRNewswire . • www.emm101.com/). 2009.

. that brings archiving. North America. Business Process Management/Workflow Management. document management and workflow functionality together in one system. Electronic Signature. Great Britain 2004 Foundation of SAPERION (Schweiz) AG 2008 Entering Gartner's Magic Quadrant for ECM .saperion.com [1] Founded in 1985 in Berlin Germany. Navision. email and Records Management. Document Management. IBM Notes. COLD. Singapore. 1989 First archiving project (European Patent Office) 2000 Foundation of SAPERION Inc.Saperion 365 Saperion SAPERION AG Type Industry Founded Private (AG) ECM Software 1985 Headquarters Berlin. BaaN and others allow to store and retrieve documents to and from SAPERION within these user interfaces.. Boston and SAPERION PTE Ltd. Archiving. SAP R/3. CFO www. CEO and Andreas Kunze. SAPERION AG has been developing software solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Imaging. 2002 Foundation of SAPERION Ltd. SAPERION’s software platform offers the following Enterprise Content Management features: Capturing (Scanning & OCR). Germany Key people Website Herbert Loerch.. Interfaces to Microsoft Office. History 1985 Foundation of the company. SAPERION has subsidiaries in Great Britain. Outlook and MOSS. 2001 Conversion to a stock company. Switzerland and Singapore. Along with the European headquarters in Berlin and additional competence centers in Germany.

com/ platform/ netweaver/ pdf/ SAP_NetWeaver_Partner_Solution.certified for SAP NetWeaver Interface[2] Assements Listed in Gardner's Magic Quadrant 2008[3] Trivia The name Saperion is also a species of Arthropods in the Kingdom Animalia.ru/) . Phylum Arthropoda are the largest phylum of animals and include the insects.saperion.net/Files/Marktuebersicht_neu. gartner.project-consult. arachnids. • ECM vendors (http://www.0 or JSR 170 as well • SAPERIONvelocity .Saperion 366 ECM Product Summary • SAPERION ECM Edition • SAPERION Workflow Edition • SAPERION Content Repository . and others.cmswatch.pdf) categorized list including Saperion (in PDF format) (ECM product classification covering Europe) • Saperion in Russia (http://saperion. The earlier logo was derived from the fossil from such a crustaceans. sap. References [1] http:/ / www.com/ECM/Vendors/Saperion) -.com) • Information at CMS Watch (http://www. saperion. crustaceans.Information about Saperion from independent analyst firm.Application Server based solution for handling electronic records using JCR 1. com/ [2] http:/ / www. pdf [3] http:/ / mediaproducts. html External links • Saperion Homepage (http://www.offering the standard interface Content repository API for Java named JCR 1.0 conform repositories • SAP Integration . com/ reprints/ daysoftware/ 160668.

subscription products. The Django framework was chosen as a foundation because it provides a number of useful. packing slips. and shipping labels full store product searching Google analytics integration Google adwords support Google base feeds newsletter support recently viewed items wishlists . It was initially designed as a Python based project in order to avoid some of the perceived common pitfalls and shortcomings of similar PHP based projects.com [1] Satchmo is an open source online store management system using the Django web application framework. It is freely available under the BSD License Features Satchmo has a large list of features thanks in part to its Django underpinnings. custom products.satchmoproject. Satchmo also supports several different product types including downloadable products.Satchmo (online store) 367 Satchmo (online store) Satchmo Developer(s) Chris Moffitt Stable release 0.9. robust. as well as the ability to leverage Django's power internationalization framework. and SQLite.1 / May 24. and gift certificates. 2010 Written in Type License Website Python Online store management system BSD License www. It is highly flexible being able to use any database system that Django supports including MySQL. PostgreSQL. Some important features listed on their website include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • multiple payment models flexible shipping options unlimited number of images per product automatic thumbnail image generation inventory tracking tax tables customer accounts user comments and ratings for products flexible discount codes included translations for seven languages date and currency formatting based on locale encryption of credit card information caching a suite of included unit testing generation of PDF invoices. tested features.

the Smarty template engine. com http:/ / www. It supports PostgreSQL. com/ group/ satchmo-users http:/ / www. google.5. satchmoproject. . It is available under a BSD license. com/ http:/ / groups. and SQLite database backends. com Serendipity (software) Serendipity Serendipity's official blog Developer(s) Stable release Type License Website Serendipity Developer Team 1. MySQL. satchmoproject. djangoproject. friendfeed.Satchmo (online store) 368 External links • • • • Official Satchmo webpage [2] Satchmo newsgroup/mailing list [3] Satchmo collaboration on FriendFeed [4] Django Project home page [5] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www. com/ rooms/ satchmo http:/ / www.4 / 27 August 2010 content management system BSD license Serendipity [1] Serendipity is a PHP based blog and web-based content management system. and a plugin architecture for user contributed modifications.

PostgreSQL. etc. Users can install more than 120 plugins. nested categories. Moveable Type. MySQLi) Shared installations can power multiple blogs from just one codebase Native import from earlier blog applications (WordPress. configurable permission/usergroup system Threaded comments. powerful media database Multiple authors. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • WYSIWYG and HTML editing Built-in. instantly enhancing their blogs' functionality.Serendipity (software) 369 Features Serendipity's plugin architecture allows users to easily modify both the appearance of the blog and its features. post to multiple categories Multiple languages (internationalization) Online plugin and template repository for easy plug-and-play installation Easy drag-and-drop sidebar plugins organization Category-based sub-blogs Static Pages Podcasting RSS planet/aggregator Robust spam blocking Tag support One-click upgrading from any version Can be embedded into your existing web pages Standards-compliant templating through Smarty Remote blogging via XML-RPC BSD-style licensing Multiple Database support (SQLite.) Search engine-friendly permalink structure TrackBack and Pingback Book Publishing Serendipity Author Garvin Hicking Original title (if not in English) Serendipity Individuelle Weblogs für Einsteiger und Profis Language Subject(s) Genre(s) German Serendipity Weblog Software Weblog Software . Textpattern. bblog. MySQL. Serendipity's SPARTACUS plugin automatically checks the central repository for plugins/templates upgrades and new functionality whenever a user checks the list.

linux. dissociatedpress. July 17. com/ index. html [3] http:/ / www.net [6] Review and Demo at opensourcecms. php?/ archives/ 218-Bulletproof-Serendipity-Template-Framework.com [8] CMS Matrix Review [9] Serendipity Tips: Agregated blogging with Serendipity [10] References [1] http:/ / www.com [5] Review at dissociatedpress. com/ freephpscript/ freescripts1074 [6] http:/ / www.0.net [4] Review at ScriptDungeon. 2006 [3]. php?/ archives/ 290-Automated-Aggregated-Blogging-with-Serendipity-Weblog. org/ [2] http:/ / www. dashken. html [5] http:/ / www. 2007 [2].listingId=1kvjAYlJaLqNS_DYdfyJxQ [10] http:/ / atpeaz. References • • • • • • • • • A Brief Look At The New Bulletproof Serendipity Template Framework. net/ 2006/ 07/ 18/ serendipity-now/ [7] http:/ / www. net/ index. cmsmatrix.Individuelle Weblogs für Einsteiger und Profis. opensourcecms. Review at Gscripts. Linux. net/ free-php-scripts/ Blogs/ Serendipity/ recommend. New kid on the blog: A look at Serendipity 1.com. placidthoughts.com [7] Review at needforcontent. com/ feature/ 55370 [4] http:/ / gscripts. com/ index. com/ serendipity-review [9] http:/ / www. s9y. php?option=com_content& task=view& id=205& Itemid=1& show=1& start=12 [8] http:/ / needforcontent. html . org/ matrix/ cms-matrix?func=viewDetail. scriptdungeon. October 30.Serendipity (software) Publisher Released ISBN OpenSourcePress 2008 978-3-937514-54-3 370 The first book about Serendipity was published in German by OpenSourcePress: Serendipity .

org [1] Silex is a CMS.6 Carbon / September 2010 Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Flash CMS GPL Silex on osflash. The organization became the official maintainer of AMFPHP. Silex source code officially released as open source[5] • In 2008. Silex was among the 100 first Open Source projects on SourceForge. classified in the Flash CMS (Flash content management system) family. a mature communautary project[14] .French National institute for research in computer science and control.[6] [7] • In 2009. Silex was project of the month on SourceForge[8] .Silex Flash CMS 371 Silex Flash CMS Silex Developer(s) Stable release Alexandre Hoyau.[2] History • Founded in 2003 by Alexandre Hoyau. Apple is interested in Flash capacity to compete with their Quicktime plug-in. Silex v1 is released. The program was presented Silex at several French [9] [10] . Macromedia has just been acquired by Adobe. deployment support. Les Trophées du Libre • In 2010.[3] • In 2005. The program at this time was mainly used for freelancers small projects. the version v0-6 is presented at the WWDC2005 in Cupertino California[4] . Wikiplaza [12] conference: Futur en Seine . The project is oriented towarda video and cross media.[13] . and development of open source software projects related to SILEX and Open Source Flash. . Pas sage en Seine[11] . Pol Goasdoué. founders 1. Pol Goasdoué and Pierre Teissière. Key features are an WYSIWYG environment to edit a publication and a manager application to manage permissions and multiple publications settings. the team members formalized their cooperation by creating a non profit organization for promotion. • In 2006. • In 2007. Apple’s main partner. Pierre Teissière. the program was presented in several conferences at La Villette and won a challenge organized by Dauphine high school with INRIA .

propos/ histoire/ presentation [4] http:/ / www. net/ project/ stats/ ?group_id=192954& ugn=silex& type=& mode=alltime [7] http:/ / www. com/ 1194/ silex-the-june-sourceforge-potm. source. It is mainly because Flash is not standard and therefore is not readable on some platforms. wikipedia. org/ ?/ open. and it does not play well with assistive technologies. html [5] http:/ / sourceforge. can be installed locally. org/ wiki/ SILEX-RIA [3] http:/ / silex-ria. com/ latest/ web-roundups-7-free-flash-cms/ [16] http:/ / www. net/ blog/ potm-200906/ [9] http:/ / www. html [15] http:/ / www. deep linking enabled suitable for prototyping web based. org/ the-blog/ fr/ 2009/ 06/ stat-is-stuck/ [8] http:/ / sourceforge. org/ the-blog/ en/ a-propos/ [14] http:/ / amfphp. sourceforge. thetechlabs. org/ silex/ [2] http:/ / fr. which would change all this[16] . silexlabs. net/ projects/ silex/ files/ [6] http:/ / sourceforge.org/silex/) . on a web server or as a portable app multilingual contexts management free templates and plugins Criticism Since it is associated with the Flash platform. org/ the-blog/ fr/ 2009/ 06/ 423/ [12] http:/ / www. The team said that the next version will also output HTML5. flash. silexlabs. org/ the-blog/ en/ 2010/ 07/ annonce-de-silex-v1-6/ External links • Official website (http://osflash. org/ the-blog/ fr/ 2009/ 05/ silex-on-the-scene/ [10] http:/ / www. net/ about. org/ the-blog/ fr/ 2009/ 06/ soisson-pour-les-nuls/ [11] http:/ / www. silexlabs. including ActionScript 2 and javascript. flex888. silexlabs. This is because it is a mix of several technologies. silexlabs. silexlabs. silexlabs. And also it has a heavy framework inspired by traditional CMS. which are known to be slow. Silex has always had performances problems. org/ the-blog/ fr/ 2009/ 06/ the-sunday-workshop-inside-wikiplaza/ [13] http:/ / www. cms/ silex/ a. Silex is not well accepted by the open source fanatics. References [1] http:/ / osflash.Silex Flash CMS 372 Features Functionalities[15] : • • • • • • • WYSIWYG environment to edit a publication with drag and drop manager application for permissions and publications settings search engine friendly.

Sitecore Digital Marketing System http:/ / www.NET objects and Sitecore CMS can leverage either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database for its database storage. References Sitecore. gartner. 2009 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management[5] . portal and marketing automation software. . aspx).net) . . though MS SQL Server is the most popular. United Kingdom. "Cloud Deployment with Sitecore" (http:/ / www. net). Sitecore. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] External links • Official website (http://http://www. . Sitecore also allows deployment via Microsoft Azure. com/ technology/ media-products/ reprints/ oracle/ article91/ article91. asp?eid=13799). . html)..Sitecore 373 Sitecore Sitecore Type Industry Founded Private Software Denmark (2001) Headquarters Copenhagen. com/ RHE/ 2011/ top100. webaward. "2009 WebAward" (http:/ / www. sitecore. Content can be stored as XML or . htm). sitecore. com/ Articles/ Editorial/ Feature/ 2009-2010-EContent-100-List-57989. Canada. Sitecore has received industry recognition including Red Herring Europe Top 100 [3] . and EContent Magazine’s Top 100 Companies that Matter Most[6] . . "Red Herring Top 100 Europe" (http:/ / www. and United States. Sitecore's software is built on Microsoft . 2010-09-01 "Sitecore SDN" (http:/ / sdn. econtentmag.[1] The Sitecore Share Source library[2] allows developers to distribute source code in its community. net Sitecore is a web content management system software company that provides enterprise website.sitecore. Sitecore Foundry. Denmark Key people Products Website Michael Seifert. Retrieved 2010-02-24.NET 3. The company was founded in 2001 and has offices in Australia. html). Sweden. Sitecore Intranet Portal. net/ Products/ Sitecore-CMS/ Architecture. CEO Sitecore CMS. herring100. [6] "EContent Magazine Top 100 Companies" (http:/ / www. Netherlands.. Retrieved 2010-09-02. Denmark. Retrieved 2010-02-24. "2009 Gartner Maqic Quadrant" (http:/ / www. intranet. Web Marketing Association WebAward 2009[4] .5. sitecore. Japan. Germany. org/ winner. Retrieved 2010-02-24.

NET-based web content management system that is used for the construction and management of commercial websites. Sitefinity evolved in functionality and was continuously extended based on feedback and suggestions from customers and partners. These externally pluggable applications can vary in complexity from custom . 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Type License Website C# ASP. Overview Sitefinity CMS is an ASP. templates. Web Application Framework. . The product was rebranded in 2005 as Sitefinity. the manufacturer of Sitefinity.NET / Microsoft Windows / SQL Server Content management framework.0. community portals. Sitefinity's most recent version is 4. including Master Pages.Sitefinity 374 Sitefinity Sitefinity Original author(s) Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Telerik Telerik 2004 4. Community and Blog software Proprietary www. providing a comprehensive development platform. was awarded Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe Partner of the Year in the ISV category for the development of [3] [4] Sitefinity . unlimited page layout freedom and the ability to integrate custom external applications.NET. The product's architecture leverages the . intranets. It is written in C#. a vendor of developer tools and components for . standard and user controls.1098 / January 14. Telerik. released in January of 2011 .sitefinity. Sitefinity has been designed for both the developer and the end user.0.com [1] Sitefinity is a web content management system developed by Telerik. Content management system.NET development patterns.NET controls to complete web applications. themes and CSS. It also supports an array of database systems. History The Telerik Sitefinity web content management system was first launched in September 2002 as the RadDesigner control[2] . etc.

.0 Content Management Solution" (http:/ / www. com/ ) on 2002-09-28. Retrieved 2010-09-07.July 11-15. WinForms and WPF controls and components. as well as .NET MVC. chevronaustralia. quakeroats. com/ view/ en_BG/ bg/ press-room/ bg-press-releases-en/ 06bd8c9b4eb25210VgnVCM100000ba42f00aRCRD. from Financial and Government Services to Communications. Retrieved 2011-01-17. "Highlights" (http:/ / www. References [1] http:/ / www. then a relatively new platform from Microsoft. ca/ en/ Default. Silverlight. com/ home. . polls.Worldwide Partner Conference . Telerik. sitefinity. . . com/ Regional/ Details/ CEE). The company was founded in 2002 and in the beginning specialized in making UI components for ASP. . Retrieved 2010-07-08. events. Microsoft. . sitefinity. htm). com/ news-and-events/ news/ telerik-unveils-powerful-sitefinity-4-0-content-management-solution. . Telerik was ranked the 61st fastest growing company in Europe. [5] Sitefinity. ASP. Sitefinity [6] Sitefinity. com/ [2] "Telerik" (http:/ / web. sitefinity. 2010" (http:/ / digitalwpc. and Entertainment. search) Telerik products integration – Built-in RadControls for ASP. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. deloitte. archive. com/ websitelist/ Sitefinity). Code Analysis. forums.NET AJAX. [8] http:/ / www.500 of the world's highest-trafficked websites[7] across various industries. aspx). Quaker Oats [9]. wiki. the Middle East. yvr. aspx [9] http:/ / www.NET ORM. com/ web-content-management-for-marketers/ highlights. com/ ). telerik. Telerik.NET CMS. and the Vancouver Airport [10].NET Reporting. Retrieved 2010-07-08. builtwith. Retail.NET support Support for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 XHTML and WAI compliance Microsoft Word-like editor Multi-lingual content Many built-in applications and out of the box functions (blogs.NET AJAX and Silverlight Media Player Role-based security Recent version updates have seen the product focus on Analytics[5] and Usability[6] .NET. aspx). com/ home. About the vendor Telerik is a vendor of ASP. aspx). org/ web/ 20020928134251/ http:/ / www.Sitefinity 375 Features Here are some of the features available in Sitefinity: • • • • • • • • • Fully documented API Native . BuiltWith. telerik. and Africa in the Deloitte Technology 2009 Technology Fast 500TM EMEA ranking[11] . Deloitte. "Web Analytics" (http:/ / www. aspx [11] "Technology Fast 500TM" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-07-08. com/ web-content-management-for-marketers/ web-analytics. aspx [10] http:/ / www. [4] "Telerik Unveils Powerful Sitefinity 4. Among Sitefinity's customers are organizations like Chevron Australia [8]. lists. Customers Sitefinity powers over 1. Sitefinity [7] "BuiltWith Trends: Sitefinity" (http:/ / trends. . [3] "WPC 2010 . TFS and Web Application Testing tools. sitefinity.

sitefinitywatch.mallsoft.com/sitefinity) • http://www.rfpconnect.com/telerik/product/sitefinity (http://www.com/sitefinity (http://www.php) • http://www.rfpconnect.com/understanding-sitefinity-sitefinity-for-web-designers-part-1/) • http://www.com/) • http://www.com/news/topic/sitefinity) • http://www.com (http://www.com/ (http://www.mallsoft.cmswire.com.com.com/sitefinity (http://facebook.aspx) • http://www.cmswire.com/cms/web-cms/sharepoint-dotnetnuke-and-sitefinity-win-best-cms-awards (http:// www.org/) • http://twitter. antoniowells.com/cms/web-cms/sharepoint-dotnetnuke-and-sitefinity-win-best-cms-awards-004730.com/telerik/product/ sitefinity) • www.cmsmatrix.com/sitefinity) • http://www.getstarted.getstarted.cmswire.org (http://www.com/news/topic/sitefinity (http://www.antoniowells.com/gabesumner (http://twitter.com/gabesumner) • http://facebook.au/Technology/ SiteFinity.com/understanding-sitefinity-sitefinity-for-web-designers-part-1/ (http://www.sitefinity-hosting.cmsmatrix.cmswire.Sitefinity 376 External links • http://www.au/Technology/SiteFinity/ (http://www.sitefinity-hosting.com/) .sitefinitywatch.

Scotland Key people Campbell Grant. the company started to develop a set of software tools to provide complete control over website management which lead to the launch of Sitekit CMS v1. and website accessibility compliance. Sitekit CMS version 7 was released. Sales and Marketing Director Ian Stewart.[4] In the same year Sitekit CMS 9.[5] The latest version Sitekit CMS 9. e-business and multimedia solutions and earned itself a reputation for customer service and quality work. producing award winning websites for commercial and public sector customers in Scotland including Calmac.[6] .Sitekit 377 Sitekit Sitekit Type Industry Founded Private Software Scotland (1989) Headquarters Isle of Skye. In 2010 Sitekit Solutions Ltd reported a record year of growth. the company began to focus on Internet. CTO & Research Director Dan Moulin. in 2000 at CeBIT in Hanover. Managing director Chris Eckl. sitekit. Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board.[2] By 1994. this version focused on neutral natural Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In November 2006. Production Director Sitekit CMS 9. designed to give editors a more familiar editing environment and make the software more application like.[1] History Sitekit CMS was developed by Sitekit Solutions Ltd originally founded in 1989 by Campbell Grant to specialise in computer control systems in the energy sector.NET platform.3. ensuring that Sitekit CMS works on the latest Microsoft platform and providing access to more hosting options.3 (June 2011) Sitekit Labs Sitekit Health Ltd http:/ / www.0 passed Microsoft’s applications testing whilst renewing a Gold-status Partnership with Microsoft. usability.[3] In 1999. In 2009 Sitekit CMS v9 was launched which introduced a ribbon style editing interface and more advanced editing features. a software vendor producing non-technical web based tools on the . was released in June 2011. net Products Subsidiaries Website Sitekit CMS is a web content management system developed by Sitekit Solutions Ltd.

ia-centre. co. This is benefitted through Sitekit Solution Ltd’s experience of commercializing innovative software concepts. pressport. org. This includes Sitekit CMS powered websites for national organisations such as the UK NHS[9] and multinationals such as Tyco/ADT. com/ members/ details/ 180/ sitekit-solutions-ltd). bbc. uk/ Article. netsitekit. co. 2009-05-11 [11] "Firm to build centre of online innovation" (http:/ / www. uk/ 2009/ 01/ why-use-sitekit-content-management-system-cms/ ). 2008-05-29 [3] "Sitekit Solutions Ltd" (http:/ / www.NET and embodies Sitekit's focus on interoperability and scalability while maintaining usability for non-technical users [7] [8] • • • • • Natural search engine optimisation Compliance to international public accessibility standards Software development kit enabling integration into third party systems such as booking and reservation Latest advances in software usability Publish website in multiple languages Customers Earlier versions of Sitekit CMS had notable users in the transport and local government industries. htm). html). Netsite. business partner network. 2008-05-19 [4] "Sitekit reports a record year of growth. co. Creative Partners. 2011-06-01 [7] "Ten Reasons why I like Sitekit Content Management System" (http:/ / blog. aspx/ 1680266). microsoft. htm). uk/ pressrelease/ Record-year-for-Sitekit-9777. Pressport. generateuk. 2009-01-06 [2] "Burning ideas in tech 'hot house'" (http:/ / news. and established market position in the healthcare sector. Generate UK. Press & Journal. Today more than 300 private and public sector organizations websites are powered by Sitekit CMS. pressandjournal. BBC News. 2010-03-01 [9] "North drive to capitalise on overseas trade opportunities" (http:/ / www.Sitekit 378 Features The most recent version of Sitekit CMS. Sitekit. co. ScotlandIS. sitekit. Generate UK. 2010-05-03 [5] "Microsoft Solutions Directory" (https:/ / solutionfinder. 2010-08-04 [10] "Sitekit CMS" (http:/ / www. co. creative-partners. Version 9 is built on Microsoft. pressandjournal. 3. Press & Journal. pdf). scotlandis. 2008-06-16 [12] "Valuing Intellectual Assets in Software Companies in the Highlands and Islands" (http:/ / www. [11] The Lab collaborates with researchers in web science and intelligent web with a focus on applications in E-health and Telemedicine. uk/ Article." (http:/ / www. uk/ 1/ hi/ scotland/ highlands_and_islands/ 7350302. 2010-03-01 [8] "Sitekit CMS" (http:/ / www.[10] Sitekit Labs Sitekit Labs was launched on 12th June 2008 and the opening was performed by videolink from Boston. Massachussets by Mike Grandinetti of MIT Sloan School of Management. uk/ sitekit-cms. stm). co. Intellectual Asset Centre . [12] References [1] "Why use Sitekit Content Management System (CMS)?" (http:/ / blog. generateuk. com/ Solutions/ SolutionsDirectory. aspx/ 691381?UserKey=). net/ Products/ Sitekit-CMS/ release-notes/ version-9. aspx?location=b41e734b6a9847cbae0833dcdb3aa2de& keywords=CMS). Microsoft. uk/ global/ open_file.3 June 2011" (http:/ / www. 2011-07-04 [6] "Sitekit CMS Release Notes Version 9. co. cfm?uuidFile=7535E55D-A56D-A3DB-920AD82FD8252640& intFileID=829& szSourceType=RESOURCES& intDownload=1/ Sitekit Labs. uk/ 2010/ 03/ ten-reasons-why-i-like-sitekit-content-management-system/ ). co. aspx). uk/ Sitekit CMS/ sitekit.

members. One could make listings free but charge for links to the websites.most or all of the set-up may be done using only the configuration interface. the very popular open source content management system.net (http://www.Sigsiu. manufacturers.sitekit. It is best suited for low to medium-level traffic web-sites. It has built-in integration with Google Maps (API key from Google is required) and it has additional plug-ins available just for Sobi2. It can be used strictly as a web directory or as a directory to physical locations.9. Sobi2 on the other hand has many features that make it stand out from other directory components. and you have a working directory on your Joomla web site. You have the option to decide all of this when you set up and manage the component. and with that flexibility comes some complexity.The Directory Component for Joomla (by Ken McDonald) Sobi2 (Sigsiu Online Business Index 2) is an open source directory component for Joomla!. Sobi2 is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database environment for storage.net) SOBI2 Sobi2 Developer(s) Stable release Written in Sigrid Suski and Radek Suski 2. Add your data. The Joomla! 1. it is limited.[2] [3] Sobi2 works in Joomla! 1. 2011 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Directory GNU General Public License www. Using Sobi2 a Joomla user can have a fully functioning directory of contacts.sitekit.[4] Sobi2 . [1] This is an extremely powerful component that could be used more many functions and is frequently updated. Sobi2 is an add-on to Joomla that makes it possible to run and manage a directory in a Joomla website. distributors. The flexibility is a powerful feature which enables users to use Sobi2 in many different ways as you will . like golf courses. or whatever very quickly with little or no "coding" .5 FTP-Layer won't be supported. The core Joomla system offers a link component. products.4 stable / July 13. locations. Sobi2 is also designed to be very flexible.5 native mode without the legacy plug-in enabled.NET [1] Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 (also known as Sobi2) is an open source web directory component and content construction kit (CCK) for the Joomla! content management system (CMS).Sitekit 379 External links • http://www. There is also the option of making certain features of the listing paid for or free.

To earn money with the directory. Each entry has a link to its detailed description (Details View). select lists (drop down lists). edit and delete categories within the directory. This was necessary because the table structure of SOBI1 was not suited for the features "sub-categories". In an overview (Category View) all entries of the directory will be shown in such called V-Cards (similar to small business cards). "one entry in multi-categories" and "user definable fields". check box groups.[4] Clear Overview by Classification into Categories For a better lucidity of the directory. It has been built up new from the bottom. As many categories as the administrator of the website likes can be created with an unlimited nesting depth. With the Category Manager it is possible to create. For that a Category Manager is available. it is easily definable in the Fields Manager for which information the author of an entry has to pay a fee. For a simple directory it is also possible to assign all entries automatically to a pre-defined category. Content Construction using Sobi2 Fields Manager All fields which are necessary for a directory can be created easily using the Fields Manager. It is definable which fields should be shown in which view with a simple click in the Fields Manager. Sobi2 is built up almost object oriented. check boxes. A text input field can be defined to be used for an URL address. An entry can be assigned to one or more categories. and so on. During installation. but still runs under PHP4 and MySQL4. as no one talks about CCK for the content management system Joomla! Sigsiu.NET developed a Content Construction Kit for Joomla!. a link to an image or to a video/audio file. Sobi2 could already be used for every kind of directory. Thus. There are several field types to choose from like text input fields. text areas (w/o WYSIWYG editor). an email address. the entries within Sobi2 are divided into categories. They can be deleted or easily extended by any number of own fields.[6] Features Sobi2 is an add-on to Joomla! that makes it possible to run and manage a directory in your Joomla! website.[5] 380 History Already in 2006. Sobi2 creates by default several custom fields for a business directory. Sobi2 has been designed as the follower of the SOBI (or SOBI1) component but it is not based on SOBI. each category can contain sub categories which can contain sub categories as well.SOBI2 see on the webs sites listed in this publication. Also the amount of the fee is freely selectable. That means. Sobi2 uses a relational database structure. Therefore it is also possible that a field isn’t shown in any of the views. Designed as a business directory (online business index). simple text fields or a calendar field.[4] . Sobi2 shows the data in two views. According to this setting the entered data will be shown in the views with the necessary syntactical format. the category selection by the user isn’t necessary. For text input fields there are additional settings available.

[4] Simple Email Generation Sobi2 sends out emails on occurrence of different events like adding. This is meaningful especially for directories with advertisements. It is adjustable if only the author of the entry and/or also the administrator will get an email. This form contains the self-defined fields. At a defined period prior to expiration. the author of an entry can upload up to two images for each entry. edit or delete an entry. By the use of an additional link the author can renew his entry. At this. Thereby it is possible to divide the input data into tabs. Sobi2 has the possibility to associate the entries with an expiration date. Sobi2 can be configured in this way. This is useful especially for a lot of fields. The content of the emails can be defined separately for each event in the administration panel of Sobi2. which will be called from front-end of your site. or the expiration date of an entry is defined individually. it can be renewed by the author himself.[4] . Either a fixed period for which the entries will be published (e. A previously defined signature will be added at the end of each email. The Joomla! user group which will get the administrator emails is freely selectable. The layout of this form can be changed by the usage of the built-in template engine. Additionally the author of an entry can define the expiration date by himself using a calendar field. For that different placeholders are available. If an entry is expired. These image can be shown either in the V-Cards of the overview (Category View) and/or in the detailed view of the entry. editing or renewing entries by the author or also if an entry is approved by the administrator. the images will be reduced to a pre-defined size.g.[4] Simple Adding and Editing of Entries Sobi2 provides an entry form. Sending out an email can be set up separately for each event.[4] Publishing an entry only for a certain period Especially for directories with paid entries. a message visible only to the author of the entry will be shown. These images will be shown in the detailed view as small thumbnails and on click they will be shown enlarged with lightbox effect. For the administrator of the site there is an Entry Manager in the administration panel of Sobi2 available.SOBI2 381 Presentation of Images in the Directory According to the configuration of Sobi2. 90 days) can be set up. With this Entry Manager it is possible to easily create. but also to keep the directory up to date. only registered users of a site can add entries to the directory. This plugin allows the users to upload an additional unlimited number of images to their entries. Also a selection of several groups is possible. It is also configurable that adding entries is allowed for guests too. Additionally the Sobi2 Gallery plugin can be installed.

• Fast SigsiuTree script to show the categories in a tree view in administrator panel and entry form. Sobi2 has different views for front-end. . It is also possible to create an own template for the add entry form.[9] Extensive diagnosis systems integrated Sobi2 has a debug mode to log occurring problems in a file. To detect if a server meets the requirements for Sobi2. The meta keywords entered for the entries. The main view of Sobi2 typically consists of the presentation of the main categories. Using tags is recommended for a good indexing in search engines. All templates are editable comfortably in the Sobi2 administration panel. With some HTML skills and using the so called template commands. • Multilevel category structure with unlimited nesting depth and convenient category manager. using an editor with syntax highlighting.9.SOBI2 382 Different Views for Presentation of Categories and Entries As a complex Joomla! component. colours or fonts only by changing the CSS file. a built-in system check is available. An alpha index is available to show entries and categories (or only entries) starting with a certain letter in V-Card view. • Extensive configuration possibilities via administrator settings and/or registry editor for ease of use of the configuration file in Sobi2 administration panel. The debug level is adjustable. • Individual entry form styling in front-end to add and/or edit entries by authors. the most popular or recently edited entries or only the entries of a specific user.g. All tags of an entry can be shown in the detailed view as links to lists with all entries with the same tagged word. Therefore also a template installer has been implemented. All functions of Sobi2 at a glance • CCK with different field types and convenient custom fields manager. own views can be created easily. The CSS file can be edited comfortably in the Sobi2 administration panel. For advanced adaptations there are separate templates available for the V-Card view and for the detailed view. It is possible now to select individual templates for each category. can be used as tags. E. Additionally the entries within those main categories or all entries in the directory can be shown in V-Card view. Additionally to the category views there are other views available which will show V-cards of entries. • Built-in image upload with automatically resize of the images to pre-set values. Sobi2 has its own style sheet file (CSS). Change specifically margins. • Different views available to show the content of the directory. it is possible to show the newest/latest. • Dynamical page title generation with a lot of configuration settings (SEO).[4] Adaption of Sobi2 / Templates Sobi2 can be used „out of the box”. The template parser is helpful in finding syntactical errors while developing an own template.[4][7] The description of possibilities of this template engine can be found on the official homepage in the article Template Commands[8] Since version RC 2. using an editor with syntax highlighting. The alpha index is configurable and the letters can be arranged. Nearly almost all elements of Sobi2 are addressable by CSS classes (or IDs) and therefore configurable. But Sobi2 can also be adapted individually to the site. This adoption take place in different levels. the Sobi2 template system was extended significantly.

[4] 383 Multiple instances of Sobi2 The Sobi2 Development Team provides also a special bash script called "Sobi2 Cloning Tool[10] ". • Integration of Paypal and/or display of account data at the end of a paid entry. • Built-in template system for creating own templates of V-Card view. . • A language manager to install different Sobi2 languages is also part of the Sobi2 administration panel. Routers available in Internet can be integrated into Sobi2. Various settings for meta data generation for the different Sobi2 views (SEO). Joomla! and Sobi2 plugins are available to extend the possibilities of Sobi2. • Built-in multi state cache system for fast retrieving of data (reduction of data base queries). 2008-01-31. Comfortable creation of email templates in administrator panel using place holders for different data. 2008-11-10. Additional configuration parameters available to generate RSS feeds of newest or most popular entries or for random selection. html). • Integration to a router possible (way search function). • Extensive diagnosis systems like error logging or version checker. [5] "50 Sobi2 Joomla Web Sites by Ken McDonald" (http:/ / www. 2007-12-28. • Extended and widely configurable search function with built-in category search. • Send out of emails for various events.[1] Languages Many language packages [17] are available for Sobi2. It allows to install multiple instances of Sobi2. php?option=com_mtree& task=listcats& cat_id=1856& Itemid=35) [3] "Joomla Directory Component Sobi2 in LGR Webmaster Blog" (http:/ / www. This Sobi2 clone (and all add-ons for it) has been created with this script.SOBI2 • Entry dependent meta data (keywords and description). detailed view and entry form. ca/ blog/ 2008/ 01/ joomla-directory-component-sobi-2. lgr. [4] "Creating portal with Joomla and Sobi2 in mycmsblog. • Via Sobi2 plugin interface and plugin manager of Sobi2 administration panel you can develop your own functionality for Sobi2 and integrate it easily. net/ 50-sobi2-sites/ ). • RSS feeds for the whole directory and for each category view.com" (http:/ / www. com/ index. org/ index. There are plugins available to add an image or media gallery or to use Sobi2as a download directory. Various languages are available for Sobi2. . . sigsiu. net/ [2] additional plug-ins available just for Sobi2 (http:/ / extensions. php?option=com_mojo& Itemid=27& p=4). • Integration of Google Maps directly in detailed view. By default Google Maps will be used. .[13] Plugin Interface Sobi2 plugins enhance the functionality of Sobi2. They make it possible for you to create and run a complete rating and review directory where people can submit listings.[4] Some of the plugins[14] to Sobi2 include a Review & Rating Plugin[15] and Gallery Plugin[16] . mycmsblog. Even if you don’t run the Community builder component Sobi2 can allow people to build entire web pages about their listing. The official Sobi2 demo site[11] uses a clone called com_extensions (similar to Joomla Extensions Directory[12] ). submit reviews and upload photos. joomla. sigsiu. References [1] http:/ / www. • Different modules. It is simple script to clone Sobi2 and all possible add-ons.

and was incorporated into NetWare 4. html) [16] Gallery Plugin (http:/ / www.sigsiu. net/ addons/ review__rating_plugin. net/ sobi2.co. net/ download/ plugins/ ) [15] Review & Rating Plugin (http:/ / www.website-ideas. it was purchased by WordPerfect in 1994[1] . joomla. due to its "Y2K" non-compliance. SoftSolutions was subsequently terminated as a product. html). org/ ) [13] "Cloning Tool description at Joomla Extensions Directory" (http:/ / extensions. com/ 672/ 72iugrp. informationweek. but its features were incorporated into Novell's GroupWise product[3] . 2008-10-21.uk (http://www. sigsiu. sigsiu. which was used primarily by law firms. net/ download/ tools/ cloning_tool. 2008-10-05. com/ p/ articles/ mi_m3311/ is_n15_v29/ ai_16127336/ / ) [3] Novell Updates GroupWise (http:/ / www. uk/2008/05/12/building-a-website-directory-using-sobi2-and-joomla/) • Sobi2 Description in Sparksarts (http://www.joomla. sigsiu. html) [9] "News about new version release" (http:/ / www.sparksarts. html) [11] official Sobi2 demo site (http:/ / joomla. sigsiu. [10] Sobi2 Cloning Tool (http:/ / www.com/content/view/178/253/) • • • • SoftSolutions SoftSolutions was a very early document management system (or DMS). 9. sigsiu.listcats/cat_id.35/) • Building A Website Directory Using Sobi2 And Joomla! in website-ideas. net/ addons/ featured_listings_plugin.35/ ).1770/Itemid. which was subsequently purchased by Novell in 1995[2] .1. [8] Template Commands (http:/ / www. sigsiu. html).CHM.sourceforge.sigsiu. net/ ) [12] Joomla Extensions Directory (http:/ / extensions. 0_has_been_released.6565/ Itemid. 2009-09-01. [14] plugins (http:/ / www.net/joomladocs/ 50-SOBI2-Joomla-Web-Sites. . com/ p/ articles/ mi_m3311/ is_n15_v29/ ai_16127336/ / ) [2] The Novell/WordPerfect Merger (http:/ / findarticles. While the system was in (relatively) wide use. SoftSolutions is one of many products which caused near apocalyptic fears at the end of the 20th century. . [7] "Article "Use of Templates" on the official homepage" (http:/ / www.sigsiu.SOBI2 [6] "Component description on the official homepage" (http:/ / www. joomla. htm. html). html) [17] http:/ / www.net/) Community Forum (http://www. sigsiu. sigsiu. 2007-10-03.net/) 50 Sobi2 Joomla Web Sites as CHM Version (http://downloads. References [1] Novell also gains SoftSolutions Document Management in Word Perfect Deal (http:/ / findarticles.2008-11-10. net/ latest_news/ sobi2_rc_2.net/forum) official Sobi2 demo site (http://joomla. net/ template_commands. net/ use_of_templates.co. sigsiu.zip) • Sobi2 in Joomla! Extensions Directory (http://extensions.jsessionid=HXC2OGEQ4SWLFQE1GHRSKH4ATMY32JVN/ / ) .viewlink/ link_id. .com_mtree/ task. sigsiu.org/component/option. org/ component/ option. .com_mtree/ task. net/ download/ language_packages/ 384 External links Official homepage (http://www.

co. The applications require the core software to provide basic functionality and cannot be installed as standalone tools. Features SORCE’s architecture is that of a core framework with a number of applications. customer relationship management systems. Extranet or Enterprise portal. The core functionality consists of: • • • • • • • • • Content Management and Administration Security and Authentication Intranet wide Search Integration Document Management Contacts Directory Expenses Management Event Manager HR Management Standard applications include: .Sorce intranet 385 Sorce intranet SORCE Intranet Developer(s) Stable release Written in SORCE Limited 9. uk/ SORCE is a browser based tool which contains a suite of applications that can be used as an Intranet. The framework contains its own application development environment for the creation and modification of these applications.NET Operating system Microsoft Windows Available in Type License Website Multilingual Intranet Commercial http:/ / www. SORCE is installed on a Microsoft Windows Server (IIS) and a Microsoft Server database platform. or even phone systems[1] . sorce. Integration is also a key feature. It is written using the asp.0 ASP.NET framework. the SORCE Intranet offering can integrate with internal software and systems such as SAP.

com/ Issues/ 1157-December-2009.Sorce intranet 386 Organisations using SORCE Intranet Organisations using SORCE cover a wide range of sectors from finance to manufacturing. • SORCE have also been listed on the 2009-2010 EContent magazines EContent 100[4] A "list of the 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry[5] " References [1] "EContentMag. htm). Examples include: • Manchester United • Virgin • Travelodge Awards • SORCE Intranet was voted "Document Management/Collaboration Product" and "Intranet Design Software" for the 2009 Intranet Journal product of the year awards. -51648. .com: Issue: December 2009" (http:/ / www. Ltd" (http:/ / www. intranetjournal.co. econtentmag. Retrieved 2010-02-25. not for profit organisations such as charities and housing associations as well as local authorities and other public sector agencies[2] . co. uk/ 66/ articles/ 533699. com/ Articles/ ArticleReader. com/ Articles/ Editorial/ Feature/ InFocus-SORCE2c-Ltd. econtentmag. Intranet Journal. [2] "Journalism. EContent Magazine. Retrieved 2010-02-25. This was the second year of winning the "Intranet Design Software" award[3] . Retrieved 2010-02-25. . aspx?ArticleID=57989& PageNum=4).uk press release discussing the markets SORCE operate in" (http:/ / www.com: InFocus: SORCE. Retrieved 2010-02-25. EContent Magazine. [5] "EContentMag. . journalism. Retrieved 2010-02-25. econtentmag. php). . htm). com/ articles/ 200902/ ij_02_25_09c. . [3] "Intranet Journal Announces Product of the Year Winners" (http:/ / www. [4] "2009-2010 EContent 100 List" (http:/ / www. SORCE. html). . EContent Magazine.

MySQL. There may be hundreds or even thousands of these classes.Spider (portal) 387 Spider (portal) Strathclyde Personal Interactive Development and Educational Resource (SPIDER) is a virtual learning environment used by the University of Strathclyde to provide an online platform for class material. PHP). Development Timeline The development of SPIDER is documented from its creation in 1998. chemistry content in the chemistry cluster and so on. 2009: Over 20.[2] • • • • • • • • • • • • 1998 SPIDER: Approximately 120 students. 15. quiz builder. CSS reworked in combination with the core rewrite to allow for "SPIDER-mobile" Benefits of SPIDER clusters The SPIDER system is organised into clusters. 2003 SPIDER III: SPIDER system modified to allow for faculty wide use. SPIDER's cluster system provides an extra level of hierarchy that allows for devolved administration by allocating each class to a department within a cluster. which allows administration and management of classes and content to be handled by different departments. but have no control over those in other clusters. delivering 1400+ classes for over 160 degree programmes. with each cluster having its own administrator.300 staff. The availability of clusters is one of SPIDER's unique features. 10. a single layer of classes controlled by tutors. This type of coding became a flaw to development as hand scripting HTML became very time consuming. It allows for much finer control and better organisation of content than typical VLEs which have a very flat structure. with over 7. The following bullet points give the main development from previous versions. 2005 SPIDER V Start of session 05-06 sees over 10. 1999 SPIDER 1A: Move to dynamic. using "clusters" to allow different departments/ groups of departments to control own content. 2010: core of SPIDER re-written to improve database. 2007: Classes climb to over 1000 in 11 clusters. For example. .500 users logging per month.000 alumni). 2002 SPIDER II/III: Improved content management system. 2001 SPIDER II: Caters for around 550 students. support and more. 2006: Around 900 classes from dozens of degrees use SPIDER to support their teaching. Originally in 1998 SPIDER was a "static" website and was coded in HTML.[1] History SPIDER began in 1998 as a web project to convert a single course module into an interactive web environment. Administrators within the cluster then have complete control of their own classes and content.8 million visits for the year.000 registered users.000 students. At the same time student users are able to view classes and content across cluster boundaries. 2004: Authentication and integration with central university systems (LDAP/ADS. but there is no unit or department structure to allow for sensible grouping of classes and their control. new content creation tools. Apache. sub-administrators and editors in charge of management and control of their own classes and materials. database backed system (Linux. data handling and form management. all pharmacy related content is in the pharmacy cluster. Each cluster represents a degree or a series of related degrees.000 users (1. PEGASUS). 2008: SPIDER has over 26.

exam & quiz results and many other tools are 'session aware' so that the user is presented with the active data or can choose to view archived data. strath.science. uk/ help/ index. Similarly staff can view session by session archives of the class as it was in previous sessions.strath. For example.ac. many of SPIDER's tools have the flexibility to operate at both the class and degree/ programme/ unit level.Spider (portal) As a result of this cluster being available. However. This would allow a year co-ordinator to see all a student's results across all their classes without having to own or be a tutor in every single class that the student is taking [3] 388 sessions and archiving SPIDER makes use of an academic session to establish which content is current and which is archived.strath. External links • University of Strathclyde (http://www. a mathematics class taken by chemists and pharmacists) the news will be seen by anyone in any cluster who has the code set in their news filter. Retrieved 2011-06-02. php/ Cluster).uk/) .so if a Pharmacy lecturer were to post news for year 1 pharmacy students.science.uk. science. group membership. Spider.ac. Retrieved 2011-06-02.uk/) • SPIDER development/ demo site (http://spider-dev.uk/) • SPIDER at Strathclyde (http://spider.uk. uk/ help/ index. . php/ Timeline). science. This enables students who are viewing their previous classes for revision or resitting classes to see exactly the content and activities that were available at the time they took the class.ac. The session preserves the data in these tools as it was at the time the activity took place.Spider-help" (http:/ / spider. strath. 2010-06-01.science. ac.strath.pharmacy. ac. ac. class content.science.uk.g. [3] "Cluster .strath. Class lists. 2010-12-20. This news will only be seen by students in the matching cluster .ac. . [2] "Timeline . Retrieved 2011-06-02.strath. Spider. Spider.ac. In addition the user object exists within a cluster. staff users on SPIDER are able to target news items at several classes in their cluster or even at year level. uk/ spider/ about. if the target is a class code (e. science.Spider-help" (http:/ / spider. php). . 2008-10-23. References [1] "SPIDER :: About" (http:/ / spider.strath. strath.ac. this wont be seen by chemistry or physics students. allowing suitably authorised users to view all the data corresponding to a user in their cluster.

Squiz Matrix (née MySource Matrix). Squiz's product development focuses primarily on MySource Matrix. Melbourne.[3] Prior to MySource Matrix Squiz developed. Canberra. MySource Matrix. Wellington. London and Szczecin (Poland). New South Wales. MySource Classic was a page-based tool for building and managing online projects including websites and intranets.[2] In 2007 Squiz re-licensed its MySource Matrix tool under the GNU General Public License as open source software in response to criticism of their original licence.[1] Business model The founders predicted that content management systems (CMS) would become ubiquitous for the running of websites of any significant size. Australia Area served Products Owner(s) Website Sydney Canberra Melbourne Hobart Brisbane Wellington London Poland Online publishing and web content management Privately owned by its founders http:/ / squiz. com. Hobart. MySource Matrix is written in PHP and uses the PostgreSQL or Oracle databases.[9] . and services for the implementation and support of CMS systems would be increasingly in demand. The business model Squiz adopted was to develop an enterprise level open source CMS system.[7] In November 2010. The company produces the enterprise content management system (CMS). launched and supported MySource Classic under a general open source licence.Squiz 389 Squiz Squiz Type Industry Founded Open source software services Software 1998 Headquarters Sydney. Squiz released the "Squiz Suite"[8] consisting of: • • • • Squiz Matrix the rebranded enterprise content management system MySource Matrix Squiz CMS Squiz Analytics a web analytics supported by Google Analytics and allowing A/B testing Squiz Search powered by the Funnelback search engine Squiz has offices in Sydney (head office). Application warranties are also provided by Squiz. au/ Squiz is an open source software services company. [5] and has continued to reinvest its profits in research and development and thus drive the In July 2009 Squiz acquired the search company Funnelback[6] Funnelback was an Australian search firm spun off from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).[4] Squiz has grown rapidly product development. founded in Sydney. Australia in 1998. Brisbane. and offer fee based services and support for that system. with support from the MySource Matrix developer community via the MySource Matrix web site.

au/ squiz-buys-funnelback-339297217. Retrieved 15 February 2011. StoryServer-based often use a distinctive page address style in which the filename consists of several numbers separated by commas. Chris (August 28. Note that V7 is not StoryServer—it provides much of the same functionality. au/ news_and_events/ media-releases-and-articles/ squiz-acquires-funnelback). com. com.1245. and was thus quite useful to the newly formed Web publishing world. "Squiz bows to GPL pressure" (http:/ / www.com/foo/0. The Australian. net/ ). . Retrieved 2010-02-15. "Squiz buys Funnelback" (http:/ / www. uk/ services/ support). Retrieved 15 April 2011. com/ cms/ web-cms/ squiz-joins-others-in-olympia-adds-2-cents-to-web-20-discourse-000917.au. StoryServer StoryServer was the name the company Vignette gave to CNET's web publishing application "PRISM" when they bought it. com/ cms/ web-cms/ open-source-web-cms-maker-squiz-makes-a-move-to-web-engagement-008377.Squiz 390 References [1] Jenkins. Vignette changed the name of the product to "V5". cmswire. mozilla:en-GB:official& client=firefox-a). . This gained StoryServer a degree of scalability that most products were incapable of matching. cmswire. an Australian search firm spun off from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). . [2] "Squiz Support and SLAs" (http:/ / www. com/ press-releases/ 3431-squiz-announces-global-revenues-of-15m-stakes-claim-for-new-high-growth-supported-open-source-cms-arena). [7] Renai LeMay (July 3. com. . Econsultancy. and has named each subsequent version in the same manner. . google. V5 and V6 added support for templates that used Java and ASP rather than just tcl. There is no migration path from StoryServer to V7. and thus produce these pages as fast as the underlying hardware and Web server software could send them to the network. After StoryServer version 4. The templates were defined in the Tcl language. au/ search?q=squiz+ software& ie=utf-8& oe=utf-8& aq=t& rls=org.com.html'. [6] "Squiz acquires Funnelback" (http:/ / www. ZDNet. 2007). php) [5] "2008 revenue announcement" (http:/ / econsultancy. htm?omnRef=http:/ / www. "Open Source Web CMS Maker Squiz Makes a Move to Web Engagement" (http:/ / www. php)." [4] CMS Wire. Retrieved 28 July 2010. . 2010). zdnet." [8] David Roe (Aug 19. CMSWire. An example URL of this form would be 'http://example. nearly two years after facing criticism that the software's previous licence wasn't "open" enough. [9] "Squiz web site" (http:/ / squiz. . au/ squiz-bows-to-gpl-pressure-339273081. .00. com. 2009). theaustralian. co. zdnet. It used a document publishing model to move templates through various workflow stages. . ”Squiz article” (http:/ / www. Squiz. "Content management company Squiz has acquired Funnelback.net. htm). Retrieved 2010-02-15.. The defining attribute of StoryServer was the caching system which allowed access to pre-generated pages to completely bypass the content generation system. 2009-07-03. [3] Renai LeMay (16 Jan 07). net. using extensions that made StoryServer's internal state and database available. Retrieved 28 July 2010. but has been totally rewritten in Java and is very different. squiz. au/ australian-it/ squiz-win-opens-door-for-more/ story-e6frgamo-1111114279594). "Local software vendor Squiz has re-licensed its MySource Matrix tool under the popular GNU General Public License (GPL). "Squiz win opens door for more" (http:/ / www. squiz. Retrieved 15 February 2010.

.2 / July 29. com/ Subtext is a blog publishing system written in C# on ASP. 2010. All data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.[2] Features • • • • • • • • • • XHTML and CSS compliant Search engine-friendly permalink structure via friendly URLs TrackBack and Pingback Hosts multiple blogs on a single installation MetaWeblog API support Skinnable Really Simple Discovery BlogML support OpenID support Tag support History Subtext was announced on May 4.2. 2006. It is distributed under the BSD License.NET / Microsoft SQL Server Blog software. released on June 6. Subtext is the blog engine used by MySpace for its Chinese site. but the first release (Subtext Nautilus Edition) wasn't announced until March 2. Photo Gallery BSD [1] http:/ / subtextproject.1.NET.Text went on to be packaged within the Telligent Community product (formerly known as Community Server by Telligent Systems.5.Text blogging engine written by Scott Watermasysk. The latest release of Subtext is 2.Subtext (software) 391 Subtext (software) Subtext Developer(s) Subtext Project Team Stable release 2. .[5] Subtext is hosted on Google Code and is led by Phil Haack [6] .[4] Subtext was founded as a fork of the BSD Licensed . 2005[3] . 2009 Platform Type License Website ASP.

5 .9 .0 .com (http://subtextproject.Official Subtext Project Website . External links • SubtextProject.1 . 2007 Subtext 1. aspx) [4] Subtext 1. com/ archive/ 2007/ 10/ 29/ subtext-powers-myspace-china-blogs.5 .9. .July 29.4 .NET MVC?" (http:/ / www.5.0 . com/ archive/ 2006/ 03/ 02/ Subtext1. 2006 Subtext 1. Retrieved 2010-06-02.9. [6] Swaine.1.June 7.February 12.May 12. pragprog. 2009 Subtext 2. 2008 Subtext 2. aspx [2] Avery. 0NautilusEditionReleased.October 26. com/ Home/ License/ tabid/ 110/ Default. 2008 Subtext 2.December 14. 2006 Subtext 1.9. . O'Reilly.3 .TEXT For Your Blogging Pleasure (http:/ / haacked. 2006 Subtext 1. Retrieved 2008-09-02.9. A Fork Of .2 . 2006 Subtext 1. Holmes. "MySpace China Blogs Powered By Subtext" (http:/ / haacked.August 10. aspx) [5] Haack.November 27.August 31.0 Nautilus Edition Released (http:/ / haacked.0. com/ magazines/ 2010-06/ why-aspnet-mvc). Windows Developer Power Tools: Turbocharge Windows Development with More than 140 Free and Open Source Tools. com/ archive/ 2005/ 05/ 04/ 2953. James.2 . aspx). Jim (2007). [3] Announcing Subtext.March 4.0 .June 6. 2006 Subtext 1. "Why ASP. 2007 Subtext 2.Subtext (software) 392 Releases • • • • • • • • • • • Subtext 1. 2010 References [1] http:/ / subtextproject. ISBN 0-59652-754-3. Phil (2007-10-29).com/) . Michael.

x installation. and is part of the TangoCMS Project[2] . Content management system GNU/GPL 2 http:/ / tangocms. 2010 PHP Cross-platform PHP/MySQL Content management framework. One of the top priorities for the project is to stick to standards and best coding practices. using semantically correct mark-up[3] . TangoCMS allows the owner/administrator of the website to create and manage content with no previous programming knowledge. . Original author(s) Alex Cartwright [1] Stable release Written in Operating system Platform Type License Website 2.TangoCMS 393 TangoCMS TangoCMS AdminCP of a default TangoCMS 2. including customizing the entire layout. user management and other administrative tasks.3.6. such as making sure all mark-up complies to the World Wide Web Consortium HTML standards.1 Dodo / November 29. org TangoCMS is a modular PHP content management system released free of charge under the GNU/GPL 2 license.

6 'Osprey' Delayed (http:/ / tangocms.org) • Launchpad for TangoCMS (https://launchpad. During the end of 2006 and start of 2007. as modules can be disabled and enabled easily through the AdminCP. Alex Cartwright. 1.6 (http:/ / tangocms. This framework.TangoCMS 394 History TangoCMS and the TangoCMS Project started back in early 2006 when the founder. views and models for the Zula Framework. uk About TangoCMS (http:/ / tangocms. org/ features) 1. powers TangoCMS and has overcome the issues in the previous code base. Alex then took the existing code and continued to work on it. now called the Zula Framework (released under the GNU/LGPL 2.tangocms. Over time. it was obvious the limitations of the code base had been reached. dubbed Osprey. if you have knowledge of PHP5 OOP and a basic understanding of the MVC structure. org/ article/ view/ server_issues_push_back_106_release) First public release of TangoCMS. Modules are simply a group of controllers. was released on the 14th of December. This is when the direction changed to become a small Content Management System for the purpose of Alex's Computer Graphics Portfolio. org/ about) TangoCMS Features (http:/ / tangocms. began creating the AdminCP (Control Panel) for a browser based game with a friend. Modules The default modules distributed by TangoCMS are what work together to form an actual Content Management System within the TangoCMS Project.0.1 "Panda" series) which implement features such as[6] : • • • • • Articles/Blog Entries Media (Image. Due to the inherent modular nature of a MVC framework. TangoCMS offers 17 modules by default. and so development started on a completely new MVC framework. giving developers a solid structure and framework to build on. which slowly evolved into a generic AdminCP.6. allowing new controllers (Modules) to provide additional features easily. org/ features) External links • TangoCMS website (http://tangocms. development had slowed down and eventually stopped during the first few months.1 license). The first full release of TangoCMS to the public was released after a 5 day delay[4] . 1. co. this means the actual feature set of TangoCMS can be fine-tuned to specific needs. 2007[5] . org/ article/ view/ introducing_106_osprey) TangoCMS Features (http:/ / tangocms.0. New modules can be created easily.0.net/tangocms) . (as of the 2. Video and Audio) Galleries Polls RSS Feeds Update Notifier Notes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / 3dteapot. 3D Teapot [1].org) • Official Manual (http://manual.

U. Deloitte and IBM) as well as development and technology partners (including Adobe. IBM (via FileNet acquisition). Virgin Mobile. EMC. Samsung. SAP AG and Sun Microsystems) around its products. the BT Group. WorkSite.com [3] Products Revenue Employees Website Interwoven is a line of Content Management Systems and related products. USA and founded in 1995. which is designed for creating complex intranet and Internet web applications. Xerox Corporation (DocuShare). California. Tesco.200 organizations among its customers. Other products include OpenDeploy and LiveSite. Grant Thornton. IXOS. EMC (via Documentum acquisition). Hummingbird). and searches documents including email messages. It claims to have created a network of system integration and marketing partners (including Accenture. supplemented with acquisitions of Vignette. FedEx. LexisNexis. Royal Dutch Shell. Hilton Hotels. Avaya. Cisco. it was acquired on March 17. RedDot. RBRO Solutions. indexes. Delta Air Lines. the open source ECM and WCM platform Alfresco. Their document management system. American Hospital Association. Key people Joe Cowan. Products and customers The company produces a content management system called TeamSite. FatWire with its FatWire Content Server solution. Interwoven claims to have over 4. Microsoft. an industry where Interwoven has significant market share and a vertical product for financial services.000 developers and over 300 partners enrich and extend Interwoven's offerings.S. stores. President John Calonico. Competitors Some of Interwoven's competitors in the content management (CMS) domain include SDL Tridion with its R5 product suite. including Airbus. MasterCard. Open Text Corporation (Livelink. 750 www.TeamSite 395 TeamSite TeamSite Type Industry Founded Public (NASDAQ: IWOV Software Sunnyvale (1995) [1] ) Headquarters San Jose. Previously a stand-alone company headquartered in San Jose. organizes. Squiz with its MySource Matrix enterprise open source wCMS. California. and White & Case.7 million USD (2007) Ca. CFO Rafiq Mohammadi. Citi. the Macquarie Group. Hong Kong Trade and Development Council. Qantas Airways. CEO and Director Max Carnecchia. A community of over 20. A substantial percentage of the company's revenue comes from their vertical solutions for document management for law firms. Oracle Corporation (Oracle Content Management (via Stellent . HSBC. DLA Piper. The Interwoven product line is now known as Autonomy Interwoven. 2009 by Autonomy. Microsoft.interwoven. CTO [2] $225.

in order to compete for talented people with other startup companies in Silicon Valley.com. and a premium of 36. Following the close. a new revolving credit facility from Barclays and a portion of Interwoven and Autonomy's cash reserves. Microsoft (SharePoint). 2009. 2009. it is proposed that Interwoven stockholders will receive $16. According to Interwoven's website:[16] Today. . representing a premium of 36. and later went on to found Encentuate.20 in cash for each outstanding Interwoven share. assuming close in Q2'09. Peng was previously co-founder of Match. based on the allegation that the official prospectus filed with the SEC contained false and misleading statements as it did not disclose connections between the underwriters and other investors and customers of Interwoven.TeamSite acquisition)). Though a minority of engineers elected to take the car over the equivalent sum in cash.000 customers.8% to the closing share price of $11.[8] On October 8. Day Software Day Software (bought by Adobe Systems on July 28.[4] [5] In its private startup phase the company was backed by Foundation Capital. Interwoven will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Autonomy. the move generated a large amount of publicity. The acquisition was finalized on March 17.[13] [14] [15] Sale to Autonomy On 22 January 2009. 2010). it promised to pay for a 2-year lease on a new BMW Z3 sports car to the first 20 new engineers coming to Interwoven and staying with the company for at least a year.00 per share with Credit Suisse First Boston as the lead underwriter of the offering. Post-closing Autonomy expects to have a cash balance of at least $75 million.000 employees and 20. 396 Foundation to initial public offering The company was founded in 1995 in California by Singaporean entrepreneur Peng Tsin Ong.[7] Accel Partners and other venture capital co-investors including Internet entrepreneur Gary Kremen. and Broadvision. who was also Interwoven's first CEO and chairman.[12] This was less expensive than the going rate for recruiting fees in Silicon Valley at that time. funded by an underwritten placing of ordinary shares (the "Placing"). The combined company will have more than 2. Interwoven announced that it will be acquired by Autonomy Corporation.[9] In November 2001 the IPO and a follow-on public offering were challenged in a class-action lawsuit.84 on January 21.2% to the average closing share price over the 30 days through January 21. 1999 Interwoven went public on NASDAQ at $17.[10] [11] Dot-com boom In the years of the dot-com bubble the company made news by offering huge hiring incentives. At one point in early 2000. Interwoven entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Autonomy.[6] Draper Fisher Jurvetson. According to Autonomy's announcement:[17] Under the terms of the Acquisition Agreement. the clear leader in enterprise search and the front runner in Meaning-Based Computing. 2009 Aggregate consideration of approximately $775 million (assuming exercise of all vested in-the-money Interwoven share options).

edu/ news-archive/ 2003/ 20030326_Headline07_Murti. (http:/ / www.hoovers. com/ aboutus/ executives. com/ news/ articles/ vcj_010102. Retrieved 5 July 2007.com/) (stale link) • GearUp 2008 Conference Podcast (http://www.04: Must Read (http:/ / www. shtml) [5] Encentuate : Team (http:/ / www.TeamSite 397 Notes and references http:/ / quotes. interwoven. asp?symbol=IWOV http:/ / www. html) [14] From Z3's to Charity Donations (http:/ / www. com/ articles/ 2000/ 05/ campbell.net/media_files/irol/11/115270/ corp_pro_5_07. com/ asp/ SummaryQuote. wired.com/interwoven/--ID__59680--/ free-co-factsheet. com/ products http:/ / www. interwoven. html) [1] [2] [3] [4] • "Interwoven Official Corporate Factsheet" (http://media.xhtml?cm_ven=PAID&cm_cat=BUS&cm_pla=CO1&cm_ite=Interwoven_Inc). 15cover1. com/ network/ draper_fisher_jurvetson. com/ components/ pagenext. Com) [9] Press Releases .Company website • Intersections by Interwoven -. html) [10] Interwoven. drapertriangle. External links • http://www. com Innovation Magazine Article with Encentuate Founder (http:/ / www. com/ innovation/ volumes/ v6n3/ coverstory3. en. php) [8] K R E M E N (http:/ / www. com/ technology/ software-services-applications-markup/ 6438245-1. Inc. edu/ 1021/ IWOV01/ ) [11] Court Denies Interwoven Motion To Dismiss Securities Suit . iw. php?inc=061500/ 6. html) [16] Interwoven Announces Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Autonomy (http:/ / interwoven. com/ content/ News/ Releases/ 2009/ 0122. allbusiness. fastcompany. autonomy. . • "Hoover's Company Overview Interwoven Inc." (http://www. Retrieved 27 June 2007. interwoven.interwoven. encentuate. html) [7] Draper Network | Draper Fisher Jurvetson (http:/ / www.Press Releases (http:/ / www. php) [6] Foundation Capital (http:/ / www. jsp) [17] Autonomy Corporation Plc announces agreement to acquire Interwoven.Corporate Podcast (http://www.corporate-ir. htm) [12] Wired 8. com/ news/ press/ 1999/ 991008ipopr.03/26/2003 (http:/ / securities. kremen.com/. Inc. nasdaq. stanford.podworx. html) [15] Don Campbell (http:/ / www.com/GearUp) . foundationcapital.InterwovenPodcast.Interwoven . html?pg=5) [13] (http:/ / www.pdf) (PDF). jsp?topic=NEWS::RELEASES& dcr=components/ autonomy.Securities Class Action (http:/ / securities. com/ wired/ archive/ 8. 04/ mustread. com/ magazine. innovationmagazine. stanford.

photo galleries.NET. Wiki. Social Networking http:/ / telligent.NET / Microsoft SQL Server Collaborative software. Jason Alexander. and Rob Howard) joined together as Telligent Systems and along with several other software developers created Community Server 1. and . forums. forums. media galleries. and capabilities. Telligent Community is built with ASP. Forum Software. Community Server was one of the first integrated community platforms that brought together blogs. and Microsoft SQL Server. 2010.6 which was released on October 4. in the fall of 2004. C#. com Telligent Community is a community and collaboration software platform developed by Telligent Systems and was first released in 2004. Community Server. Additional applications from third parties using the API's and REST stack can be installed or integrated with the platform. Between 2004 and 2009 Community Server steadily grew in scope.Text blog engine.NET team.NET projects: the ASP.Telligent Community 398 Telligent Community Telligent Community A group on Telligent Community web site Developer(s) Telligent Systems Stable release Telligent Community 5.NET Forums. Blog publishing system. nGallery photo gallery. The product used to be named Community Server before being rebranded as part of the 5. . and wikis. who was previously part of Microsoft's ASP. Telligent introduced its first product.6 / October 4. Originally branded as Community Server Evolution this was later renamed Telligent Enterprise [2]. Telligent Community is built on the Telligent Evolution platform.0.0 release. Community Server was based on the merger of three then-widely-used open source ASP. The current version is Telligent Community 5. In 2008 Telligent Systems released a second version of Community Server that targeted as an Enterprise Social Software platform used to create and manage internal employee communities and intranets. 2010 Platform Type Website ASP. features. wikis.[1] History Telligent was founded by Rob Howard in 2004. It is available as downloadable software that can be installed on a web server or via hosting providers. with a variety of core applications running on top of it such as blogs. user profiles and more. The people behind those projects (Scott Watermasysk.

Professional Community Server Themes. and other files Content mirroring (feed resyndication) to enable content syndication and republishing Integrated search across all applications Activity streams with user and group status messages and replies Widgets that can customized and dragged to different locations on the page Integrated tagging support throughout all applications User profiles with support for adding favorites. Community Server Evolution became known as Telligent Enterprise and the underlying platform that both run on is now referred to as Telligent Evolution. which was later renamed Harvest. 2009 at the Enterprise 2. Anand (2006). Social Fingerprints. scheduled jobs. Community Server Quickly: A Concise and Practical Guide to Installation. Packt. ISBN 0-47010-828-2. Wrox Press. personal feeds. and Jim Martin (2007). Community Server became known as Telligent Community. José Lema. Wrox Press. ISBN 1-84719-087-1. and provides social analytics including sentiment analysis. ISBN 0-47018-208-3. support for plug-in modules. 399 Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Forums system which can integrate with email discussion lists and news servers Publishing system that manages single and multi-user blogs Wikis with the ability to link a forum thread and a wiki page Media Galleries for publishing photos. videos. Wyatt L. • Preul. Benjamin Tiedt (2007). Keyvan Nayyeri. and spam rules Automatic TrackBacks and Pingbacks WYSIWYG HTML editing Control panel with consistent tools for community management Single sign-on authentication modules available for forms authentication. public APIs. • Press Release for Community Server Hosted Edition Beta [6] . cookies. LDAP. and buzz analysis on social networking sites such as Twitter. Administration. and Windows Live ID Further reading • Preul. • Narayanaswamy. and conversations and comments Search engine-friendly permalink structure Extensible with a REST web service stack. Professional Community Server [5]. Active Directory. Wyatt L.Telligent Community Telligent also announced a new Enterprise Reporting platform at its first Community Server Developers Conference in 2008. widgets. The Social Analytics suite was renamed Telligent Analytics.[3] Telligent rebranded all of its products on June 23. and Customization.0 conference when it launched its new Evolution platform [4] product suite. It was the one of the first analytics suites for enterprise collaboration software.

com/ products/ telligent-enterprise/ [3] http:/ / www. cmswire. com/ newsroom/ press-releases/ telligent-announces-telligent-community-5-0-and-telligent-enterprise-2-0-and-previews-new-analytics-application/ [2] http:/ / telligent. com/ community/ . com [6] http:/ / www. professionalcommunityserver. com/ cms/ enterprise-20/ telligent-updates-and-rebrands-community-solutions-new-analytics-solution-004889.Telligent Community 400 External links • Official Telligent Community product site [7] • Telligent Online Community Groups [8] References [1] http:/ / telligent. com/ products/ telligent_community/ [8] http:/ / telligent. com/ ViewPressRel. webwire. php [4] http:/ / telligent. com/ products/ [5] http:/ / www. asp?aId=19967 [7] http:/ / telligent.

.irishtimes. Ireland. Ireland Products Website Content Management System http:/ / www. terminalfour. companies with multilingual content and the financial services sector. According to Tintori. encouraging collaboration between users in developing applications.ie/businesspost/2008/08/31/story35448. released in June 2010. The company also provides online services. com TerminalFour is a developer and provider of internet content management systems.com/newspaper/finance/2008/0523/1211461644814. such as eForms. This enabled the company to enter the UK market at a time when many technology companies were struggling due to the collapse of the dotcom bubble. As well as educational institutions.000 investment from the Davy BES fund in 2002. Links • http://www.tcm. Company history TerminalFour was founded in 1996 by then-Dublin City University student Piero Tintori. this product particularly appeals to educational institutions as it runs on an Open Platform.0. Type Industry Founded Private limited company Software 1996 Headquarters Dublin. The current version is Site Manager 7. TerminalFour also targets public sector bodies.TerminalFour 401 TerminalFour TERMINALFOUR Solutions Limited. based in Dublin.asp Activities The company's principal product is Site Manager.html • http://archives. The company competed principally in the Irish market for several years until receiving a €320.

NET. eHarmony. ThoughtFarmer is designed to be a turnkey solution to reduce implementation time. Japanese.5 added a Microsoft Exchange integration[9] feature that supported archiving of e-mail distribution lists on the intranet.[14] As of June 3. and tree-view navigation. Chinese. search. tagging. ThoughtFarmer is recommended for Microsoft environments that can take advantage of its single sign-on with Windows Authentication. ThoughtFarmer progressed through several iterations and was developed into product that has been adopted by organizations around the world including MEC[8] . Guardian Media Group. [1] 4. Korean. 2010 ASP. commenting. Penn State University. and RSS feeds.0 / December 8. Spanish. and WATG.5 are English.0 ThoughtFarmer version 3.0[4] [5] . 2009. recent activity tracker. BC. organizational chart. ThoughtFarmer is collaborative enterprise 2. ThoughtFarmer appeared in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Social Software in 2008 and has appeared in Forrester analyst reports on social software and enterprise 2. integration [3] with Microsoft Exchange. inspired by Wikipedia[7] . The goal of the project was to replace the existing static intranet with a site that would "turn every user into a contributor". Since then. French. document management. Version 3.NET Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Intranet Knowledge management Blog Wiki Proprietary http:/ / www. Early versions ThoughtFarmer was originally created in 2005 as an intranet solution for Intrawest Placemaking. calendars.[12] [13] Version 3. and an employee directory[11] . ThoughtFarmer. the latest supported languages for ThoughtFarmer 3. a division of Intrawest[6] .[3] .0 software built on ASP. Electronic Arts. for on-premise use behind the firewall[3] . as well as an improved employee directory with filters. com/ ThoughtFarmer is a commercial social intranet software[2] product developed by OpenRoad Communications Ltd.ThoughtFarmer 402 ThoughtFarmer ThoughtFarmer Developer(s) Stable release Written in OpenRoad Communications Ltd. news feed on the home page. Canada.5 ThoughtFarmer 3. Multilingual support with a localized interface and automatic translation features were also added. and synchronization with Active Directory . discussion forums. rich-text editor. wiki-style content editing and revision control.0 saw the addition of blogs. in Vancouver. Microsoft integration. and Dutch.[9] [10] Early versions of ThoughtFarmer included features such as profiles.

0 . meet document management (December 8. 2008)" (http:/ / www. [17] System requirements According to the ThoughtFarmer home page. 2010. 2009)" (http:/ / www. thoughtfarmer.Seven Steps to Selecting a High Value Enterprise Wiki (December 17.Intrawest Wiki Intranet Case Study (August 17. Version 3.7211.Harvest Good Ideas with ThoughtFarmer (August 3. 2009)" (http:/ / www. .0 (July 1. com/ Research/ Document/ Excerpt/ 0. 2009)" (http:/ / www.0 offers improved attachment editing.6: Relevant Home Pages. html). .0 was released on Dec 8. 2009)" (http:/ / www. [17] "ThoughtFarmer 4. 2010.6 ThoughtFarmer 3. [9] "ReadWrite Enterprise .47563. com/ products/ new37/ ). [10] "ThoughtFarmer Client Page (August 17. [8] "ThoughtFarmer powers Mountain Equipment Co-op intranet" (http:/ / www.ThoughtFarmer Record (August 17. html). com/ products/ requirements/ ). 2009)" (http:/ / www.7 ThoughtFarmer 3.Collaboration Through Wikis at Hicks Morley (January 29.com . thoughtfarmer. thoughtfarmer. basic server requirements[18] are as follows: • Windows Server 2003 or 2008 • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008 References [1] "ThoughtFarmer 4. 2010)" (http:/ / www. readwriteweb.00. and this is the latest stable version. [2] "CMSWire.7: New features just for IT managers" (http:/ / www. com/ clients/ ). Version 3. 2008)" (http:/ / www. 2009)" (http:/ / www. htm). thoughtfarmer. a new API. com/ products/ new40/ ). multi-file uploading. 2009)" (http:/ / www. llrx.com . [16] "ThoughtFarmer 3. html). [14] "Intranet Journal . . [13] "Workplace Magazine . .ThoughtFarmer 403 Version 3. 2010)" (http:/ / www. 0-Multilingual-now-available. . com/ thoughtfarmer- -intranet-20. com/ enterprise/ 2009/ 06/ thoughtfarmer-cultivating-social-intranet-software. canada. [3] "WikiMatrix . . . 2010. net/ cases2/ index.ThoughtFarmer Intranet 3. theappgap. techvibes. [11] "LLRX. 2006)" (http:/ / www. wiki at Intrawest (October 31. meet document management (December 8. [18] "ThoughtFarmer System Requirements Page (August 17.0 ThoughtFarmer 4. . com/ DisplayDocument?id=789812).ThoughtFarmer. vidi. com/ articles/ 200908/ ij_08_03_09a. workplace-mag. Easier Searching and Customizable Groups" (http:/ / www. .6 saw the introduction of three new enhancements: Personalized Home Pages. . Cultivating Social Intranet Software (June 3. thoughtfarmer. intranetjournal.Intranet 2. thoughtfarmer.7 introduced forms based authentication. .ThoughtFarmer -. wikimatrix. and a feature to convert Microsoft Word documents into HTML pages. html?id=7562656b-0d0a-4b7a-8287-ec10bd062de4). com/ cms/ enterprise-20/ social-intranet-software-to-get-your-company-collaborating-004722. cmswire.0: Social Intranet. .Magic Quadrant for Social Software (October 31. com/ vancouversun/ news/ business/ story.0: Social Intranet. forrester. [7] "Socialtext Cases 2.It's veni. and improved pasting from Microsoft Word. .6 was released on January 13. Search Filters and customizable Groups. php). php). 2009)" (http:/ / www.0 also introduced integration between ThoughtFarmer and Microsoft SharePoint 2010. 2008)" (http:/ / www. cgi?intrawest_wiki_intranet).7 was released on June 1. gartner.0 Multilingual now available (August 17. . com/ HR-Mall/ HR-Mall/ HR-Software/ ThoughtFarmer-Intranet-3. intranet analytics. com/ products/ new40/ ). com/ blog/ thoughtfarmer-powers-mountain-equipment-co-op-intranet). 2009)" (http:/ / www. . [15] "ThoughtFarmer 3.Social Intranet Software to Get Your Company Collaborating (June 1. . com/ features/ lawfirmwikis. [4] "Gartner . socialtext. com/ products/ new36/ ). Version 4. Version 4. . . [6] "Vancouver Sun . [15] Version 3. . [12] "the app gap . org/ show/ ThoughtFarmer). [5] "Forrester . [16] Version 4. html).

Tinderbox is used for a wide variety of tasks: • • • • • • • As a personal web publishing system. exploring. in addition to knowledge management. It can help you analyze and understand them. It is made by Eastgate Systems.thoughtfarmer.. and ideas.wikimatrix. And Tinderbox helps you share ideas through Web journals and web logs. ". Outliner. arranging. Mac OS X Type License Website Content Management.2 / 2010-02-12 Operating system Mac OS."[5] It also offers much of the functionality of outliner and spatial hypertext/mindmapper tools.org/show/ThoughtFarmer) Tinderbox (application software) Tinderbox Developer(s) Stable release Eastgate Systems 5.ThoughtFarmer 404 External links • Officialwebsite (http://www. plans. with good support for blog creation and management [6] Personal information management [7] Outlining and Mindmapping [8] Concept mapping Notetaking [9] Plot and story construction and writing [10] Creating hypertexts .. and publishing data.stores and organizes your notes."[4] Its functions as summarized on its product page include. database and agent(persistent search) tools.0.com/) • WikiMatrix Description of ThoughtFarmer (http://www.[2] [3] MacWorld described it as " a remarkable tool for storing. Personal information manager Proprietary [1] [1] Tinderbox is a personal Content management system developed for Macintosh now for Mac OS X.

stores. SitePoint. com/ Notes/ TinderboxPrototypes.boxesandarrows. html) [10] YouTube . NotesAboutNotes. September 1. About This Particular Outliner. com/ Tinderbox/ [2] Tinderbox 1. Gordon Meyer.sitepoint. The Wall Street Journal.html?page=1475801). 2001.co.Tinderbox (application software) 405 References [1] http:/ / www. com/ doc/ 1G1-107525662. highbeam. Sean Carton. . Proceedings of the fourteenth ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia. • . wsj.atpm. 2007 (http:/ / www. Hypertext". New York. May 18. 2004 February 27.uk/technology/2003/oct/16/shopping.Deep Tinderbox (http://www. Ted Goranson . ACM. macworld. eastgate. 2003. html). 2003.com/0100524/stories/2002/04/07/ TinderEngelRevist. eastgate. 2004 June 21. 2003 October 16. com/ watch?v=-djSAmKbMQY) External links • .weblogs.com/showPage. com/ article/ SB106632803395183400.com/10. [4] Minifinders: Multimedia to Organization Software (http:/ / www.guardian. org/ citation. "Composites. Wet Behind the Years. com/ ) and Tinderbox Prototypes (http:/ / notesaboutnotes. com/ 2004/ 05/ reviews/ minifinders8/ ).shtml).The Best IA Tool You Never Heard Of (http://www. .2: multipurpose app sparks. 2002 October 7. youtube. (http:/ / www. pp. (http:/ / portal.10/atpo. October 16. -Innovation Extreme Makeover (http://www. [3] Hurrah For Great Mac Software (http:/ / online. 122-123. eastgate. Construction.Giles Foden (http://www. acm.clickz. MacWorld.Review by Nathan Matias (http://www. com/ Tinderbox/ Flint/ ) [7] Mark Bernstein. MacWorld.Plotting With Tinderbox (http:/ / www.html). ClickZ. The • • • • Guardian. com/ Tinderbox/ ) [6] Flint (http:/ / www.com/view/innovation_extreme_makeover). Boxes and Arrows. [5] Eastgate Tinderbox product page. html?mod=googlewsj) by Jeremy Wagstaff.computingandthenet). cfm?id=900077) [8] See the Tinderbox manual [9] Notes about Notes (http:/ / www. Robert Ouellette. and shares ideas. 2003 May 29.com/article/review-Tinderbox). 2004. August 16. -Tinderboxing Engelbart Revisited (http://radio.

Moderation allows for typical publish and reject operations for comments. is the first implementation of micro-blogging on an enterprise social software product.0 shipped in 1999. announced November 2008. and the concept of a global page name space from which names can be applied to any wiki project space. Traction Software's Live Blog Micro-Messaging plug-in[4] . and a journaling model which records time stamped label changes as well as wiki style content history. Releases and Features The initial 1. and search views. Traction TeamPage is known for features including permission filtered bi-directional linking. The original Live Blog interface can be deployed as an . but also makes it possible for authorized users to work in and fully experience the Draft version of the wiki or flip to the Published version to compare. [3] Traction TeamPage Release 4.0 shipped in June 2008 with support for moderation.5[2] in March 2005. paragraph level addressability and inline comment threads. e-mail newsletter.0 social software product developed by Traction Software Inc of Providence Rhode Island.2 / May 10. with Traction release 1.2 shipped in December 2006 with support for widgets. and an optional FAST Search module providing automatic entity extraction and drill-down navigation as well as integrated attachment search. Page Name management is the first to introduce page name history. TeamPage is one of the first products in the enterprise blog and wiki market.7. The platform includes a sophisticated permission model that aggregates multiple weblog/wiki spaces into Front Page. it became the first blog/wiki type product with integrated WebDAV. export to PDF or WordML briefing books. With TeamPage Release 3. 2011 Java Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Blog Wiki proprietary [1] Traction TeamPage is a proprietary enterprise 2. and a wiki-style edit history views with a roll-back option. Traction TeamPage Release 3.Traction TeamPage 406 Traction TeamPage Traction TeamPage Traction Software logo Developer(s) Stable release Written in Traction Software 5. collaborative editing and permission based project workspaces. mobile skins.0 Release of Traction TeamPage shipped in December 1999 and included features for web based journaling. the ability to alias page names across wiki projects. page name history and management and user profile pages. Traction TeamPage is a collaborative hypertext platform built to support working communication within and between groups and is modeled on Douglas Engelbart's On-Line System (the first hypertext journaling system) and influenced by the work of other hypertext pioneers including Andy van Dam's Hypertext Editing System and Ted Nelson's Xanadu.

TeamPage Microsoft Outlook Social Connector. 407 Analyst and Reviewer Statements In July 2002. adding activity dashboards. One click can add a task tag to any Traction page. Paula Gregorowicz claims "TeamPage 4. in an InfoWorld test center review of Traction TeamPage Release 2. comment. status post or paragraph. incorporation of profile information into search. shipped in November 2009. present in each space and in a server Front Page wide roll-up which could display status posts from all users or those you are following. related documents and discussion centered on any project or milestone. integrated microblogging in each space. actions. TeamPage is one of seven social software products reviewed by Clay Shirky in Esther Dyson's May 2003 edition of Release 1. edit. they are in fact powerful hypertext systems that exploit blog. Subscription features allow for easy subscription (via Jabber or Email) to a space.2 also introduced drag-and-drop file upload and image insertion for Web browsers supporting the new HTML5 standard.8. Traction TeamPage Release 5.Traction TeamPage interface to a single workspace or across the server. extensible user profiles. Reporter Ron Miller summarized this as: "Using the project metaphor as the basis for understanding information in the corporate social stream." Burton Group Analyst Peter O'Kelly wrote: "Although Traction's products are marketed as 'enterprise weblog' offerings. author. tagging.0 offers some breakthroughs to this challenge via its moderation model which is likely to impact the face of enterprise intranet architecture. and other social networking extensions. in reference to the challenge of balancing unstructured collaboration with the need for moderation and audit controls."[10] TeamPage 5. with automatic rollup of actions by person. and search activity. as well as a KMWorld magazine trend setting product in 2005 and 2006[14] . drawn from the flow of collaborative work. Activity dashboards show consolidated status.0." . date. comment. Traction TeamPage has been recognized as InfoWorld's 2007 Technology of the Year award winner: Best Enterprise Wiki[12] (see review[13] ). It leveraged all the linking.2[9] shipped 10 May 2011.1[7] shipped 14 Dec 2010 with action tracking integrated as part of Traction's social software platform.1 also incorporates Attivio with Advanced Japanese Linguistics for Japanese language content analysis and faceted navigation as well as international search over mixed Latin. Projects can be used to collect a set of tasks and milestones to organize activities by date or common goal."[18] In an October 2008 Intranet Journal Review[19] . milestone or project. introduced the ability to reply to comment on subscription notifications. threading and permission controls available throughout the rest of the product. Middle Eastern and Asian language content[8] Traction TeamPage Release 5. Cyrillic.2[5] . added Table of Contents navigation from root articles for each space down to their child articles. Release 5. brought subscription features into the interface.0[6] shipped in June 2010 with Traction's "Proteus" user interface based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT) technology along with integrated Twitter-like asymmetric follower model. the idea is to give you a hook on which to hang the information. Jon Udell of InfoWorld wrote "(Traction) can be best described as an enterprise Weblog system. a user. and bundled the Metrics plug-in into the installed software. In TeamPage Release 5. a document or a tag. Traction TeamPage Release 5. Attivio replaced FAST Search as the provider of optional Traction TeamPage advanced search capabilities. Metrics reports provide over view and detail on user read."[11] This is the first use of the term "Enterprise Weblog" in the press. activity streams. tag.0 (TeamPage subtitle "Weblogs Grow Up")[15] and one of nine blogging platforms evaluated in depth by Forrester Research's 2006 Blogging Wave report[16] .and wiki-related advances to maximize simplicity but also do so on a scale that addresses elaborate hypertext application scenarios that would overwhelm wiki alternatives. the Live Blog interface was evolved into a pervasive capability. Traction TeamPage is also reviewed in Fuld & Company's 2006 Competitive Intelligence Software Report[17] In a March 2005 report titled "Blogs Wikis & Beyond. Traction TeamPage Release 4.

[24] . infoworld. Traction TeamPage customer Borlaug Global Rust Initiative[29] won a 2010 Forrester Groundswell award[30] for social impact of its use of collaboration technology to organize. a law enforcement agency funded by the US Department of Justice and the State of California[36] . a public In-Q-Tel customer agreement represents the first significant enterprise site license of a blogging platform. kmworld. The study includes quotes and data from Traction TeamPage customers Alcoa Fastening Systems and Ensign Bickford. infoworld. tractionsoftware. not the program management office. com/ traction/ permalink/ Press592) [7] TeamPage 5.0 world as every task is treated as an object for comments. the US Department of Defense CIO office funded a Rapid Acquisition Incentive-Net Centricity (RAI-NC) pilot program. com/ traction/ permalink/ Press86) [3] TeamPage 4. Corante published the first detailed case study of an enterprise blog deployment[28] . tractionsoftware. Other public Traction TeamPage customers include: Alcoa[31] [21] . May 2003 (http:/ / www. Dark Blogs Case Study 01 .Traction TeamPage A December 2010 [20] AppGap review of Traction TeamPage 5. References [1] http:/ / www. Marine Corps.A European Pharmaceutical Group.1 wrote: "This is the action tracking part of project management for the regular employee. com/ traction/ permalink/ Press693) [9] TeamPage 5.1 Press Release (http:/ / traction. The case study. and the New York City Police. US Air Force. SITA. tractionsoftware.[25] [26] [27] In 2005.5 Press Release (http:/ / traction. The study involved funding to add the WebDAV extension to the Traction platform and to support the following Liberty Project participants: Traction Software. Ipsen Pharmaceutical[34] .2 Press Release (http:/ / traction. edventure. tractionsoftware.1 Japanese Launch (http:/ / traction. com/ Traction_Software_TeamPage/ product_66312. (http:/ / www. com [2] TeamPage 3. RSS. com/ traction/ permalink/ Press769) [10] TeamPage 5. Ensign Bickford[21] . com/ article/ 02/ 07/ 12/ 020715aptraction_1. titled the "Liberty Project. cfm?Counter=3066273) . com/ slideshow/ 2007/ 01/ 27-2007_technology-4. com/ story/ teampage-52-adds-dashboard-and-project-tracking/ 2011-05-16) [11] InfoWorld July 2002 Test Center Product Review.0 Press Release (http:/ / traction. com/ traction/ permalink/ Press329) [5] TeamPage 4.[23] In-Q-Tel (the venture arm of the US Central Intelligence Agency) invested in Traction Software starting in May 2000. May 16. publicize and manage international research to combat a new crop disease that has the potential to devastate the world’s food supplies. includes an independent Deloitte case study of Traction TeamPage customer Alcoa Fastening Systems. published February 2011." to study the business case for using weblogs for net-centric project communication and information management. conduct. and made searchable to those with the proper permissions. Naval Underwater Warfare Center. com/ traction/ permalink/ Press453) [6] TeamPage 5. the Western States Information Network. com/ Articles/ ReadArticle. html) [13] Traction TeamPage 2007 InfoWorld review (http:/ / www. In 2003. com/ release1/ abstracts. Defense Acquisition University.0 Press Release (http:/ / traction.2 adds dashboard and project tracking | Ron Miller. com/ traction/ permalink/ Press634) [8] Traction TeamPage 5.2 Press Release (http:/ / traction. html?view=0& curNodeId=0) [14] KMWorld Trend Setting Products 2006 (http:/ / www. The Office of Naval Research. tractionsoftware. Enel (energy)[33] . tractionsoftware. It brings this activity into the enterprise 2. 408 Funding and Customers In June 2002. Deloitte's press release[22] and study cite "a 61 percent reduction in time required for compliance activities" attributed to use of Traction TeamPage. tractionsoftware. describes a CIO led effort to deploy Traction TeamPage for a Competitive Intelligence function which spanned the organization. Kuka Systems[32] . Ford Motor Company. html) [12] InfoWorld 2007 Technology of the Year award winner: Best Enterprise Wiki (http:/ / www. infoworld. fiercecontentmanagement. the Army Night Vision Lab. com/ traction/ permalink/ Public1433) [4] Live Blog Press Release (http:/ / traction." A free Deloitte Center for the Edge study [21] on measurable business value of social software. tractionsoftware. 2011 (http:/ / www. Lucent[35] . tractionsoftware. Fierce Content Management. aspx?ArticleID=18052) [15] Social Software: A New Generation of Tools. In 2010.

com/ Content/ doc. Burton Group. prnewswire. com/ charleneli/ 2006/ 06/ forresters_blog. com/ traction/ permalink/ Public71) [24] In-Q-Tel's Traction Software Portfolio Company Page. March 2005 (http:/ / www. forrester. aspx?cid=11) [19] IntranetJournal review (http:/ / www. An overview and opportunity analysis written by participants from the US Navy and US Defense Acquisition University (http:/ / www. April 2006 (http:/ / lighthouseseminars. washingtontechnology. com/ traction-team-page-5-1-moves-forward-with-project-management-capabilities-2. com/ personal/ publications/ enterprise_weblogging) [36] Washington Technology "Tech Success: Weblogs Help Justice Take a Bite out of Crime" by Joab Jackson. html) [18] Blogs. June 2006 (http:/ / blogs. html) [32] Collaborative Problem Solving at Kuka (http:/ / www.0 and Observable Work: Recap and Speaker Notes (http:/ / nextthingsnext. intelligententerprise. org/ technology-portfolio/ traction_software. March-April 2005. dau. July 2003. May 2004 (http:/ / www. html) 409 External links • Traction Software product website and blog (http://www. fuld. Dec 2005 (http:/ / www. "Weblog Technology for Acquisition Program Management. pdf) [27] "Weblogs Weave a New Communication Hub". com/ online/ vol1_no1/ 24041-1. org/ signal/ articles/ anmviewer.A European Pharmaceutical Group (http:/ / strange. html) [26] Defense AT&L Magazine. com/ news/ 18_8/ emerging-tech/ 21220-1. com/ articles/ 200810/ pij_10_24_08a.The missing link in social software: Measurable business performance improvements (http:/ / www. iqt. html) [35] Michael Angeles' May 2005 presentation to the American Society for Information Science and Technology (New Jersey Chapter) (http:/ / urlgreyhot. Wikis and Beyond: New Alternatives for Collaboration and Communication. burtongroup. com/ Products/ ISR2006/ HomePage. (http:/ / www. Peter O'Kelly.1 Moves Forward with Project Management Capabilities (http:/ / www. html) [20] Traction Team Page 5. asp?a=130) [28] Corante . kmworld. Government Computer News. com/ news-releases/ new-deloitte-point-of-view-addresses-business-value-of-social-software-116725074." by McVay and Brown. (http:/ / traction.com/) .tractionsoftware. com/ 2005/ 06/ 13/ dark-blogs-case-study-01-a-european-pharmaceutical-group) [29] Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (http:/ / www. gcn. theappgap. html) [25] Navy Team Evaluates Weblogs. html) [23] June 2002 Press Release describing In-Q-Tel's expansion to an enterprise license. deloitte. Signal Magazine. com/ showArticle. mil/ pubs/ dam/ 03_04_2005/ bro-ma05. com/ Articles/ News/ KM-In-Practice/ Collaborative-problem-solving-at-KUKA--53813. html) [21] Social Software for Business Performance . tractionsoftware. com/ us/ socialsoftware) [22] New Deloitte Point of View Addresses Business Value of Social Software (http:/ / m. Intelligent Enterprise. com/ nate_elliott/ 10-11-19-winners_of_the_2010_forrester_groundswell_awards_consumer_international) [31] Enterprise 2. com/ 2010/ 07/ enterprise-20-and-observable-work-recap. corante. com/ gilbane_sf_06/ presentations.Dark Blogs Case Study 01 . blogspot. jhtml?articleID=174900837) [34] The Business Case for Enterprise Blogs and Wiki's. globalrust. aspx) [33] Analysis: A "Green" Utility Chooses Blogging for Business. intranetjournal. html) [17] Fuld Intelligence Software Report 2006/2007 (http:/ / www. afcea.Traction TeamPage [16] Forrester's Blogging Platform Wave Evaluation. Nov 2003 (http:/ / www. (http:/ / www. org) [30] Winners Of The 2010 Forrester Groundswell Awards (Consumer International) (http:/ / blogs. forrester.

Modules and functional coverage The official modules provide a coverage of the following functional fields: • • • • • • Accounting and analytic accounting Sale management Purchase management Inventory management Timesheet and project management Calendar management . this version came with a major rewriting of some parts of the kernel and the main modules. ERP. CRM. In contrast to their parent project and other open-source business software. The Tryton platform is organised around a three-tiers architecture: The Tryton client.g. the Tryton founders avoided creating a partner network which tends to generate opposition and duality between the partners and the community of volunteers. The release process is organised around series. A new series appears every six months and new versions in older release are introduced when bugfixes are available[6] . goddess of the sea) and Python. A Comparison with Open ERP can be seen here). Accounting GPLv3 http:/ / www. A series is a set of releases with the same two first numbers (e.Tryton 410 Tryton Tryton Stable release Written in 2. and Amphitrite. org/ Tryton is a three-tier high-level general purpose computer application platform on top of which is built a business solution (or ERP) through a set of so-called Tryton modules. The first version was published in November 2008[2] [3] [4] . The name Tryton refers to Triton. Tryton's origin is a fork of the version 4. tryton. They followed the PostgreSQL example where the project is driven by a federation of companies[5] . 2011 Python Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Business software. a mythological Greek god (son of Poseidon. The platform along with the official modules is licenced under the GPLv3[1] .2 of TinyERP (which was later called OpenERP.0 or 1. the implementation language. the Tryton server and the DBMS (mainly PostgreSQL). 1.2) that shares the same API and the same database scheme. god of the sea.0 / April 29.

0 version (http:/ / news. tryton. However it is not linked to any particular functional field hence constituting a general purpose framework: • Data persistence: ensured by accessor objects called Models [8]. net/ Articles/ 307653/ ) Tryton . 2/ trytond/ doc/ models. org/ 2009/ 05/ tryton-100-release-announcement_11. Migration is ensured from series to series (releases inside the same series doesn't require migration). • Historical data: Data historization may be enabled on any business model allowing for example to get the list of all the past value of the cost price of any product. org/ ) Release announcement for the 1. • Report Engine: The report engine is based on relatorio [9] that uses ODT files as templates and generate ODT or PDF reports. org/ en/ [10] [11] . tryton. Both are available on Linux. they allow easy creation. tryton. • Support for XML-RPC protocols. • Database independence is allowed since the 1. org/ w/ index. • Support for DAV protocols: WebDAV. com/ p/ tryton/ wiki/ ReleaseGeneral) [7] Tryton Download (http:/ / www. tryton. migration and access to records. org/ wiki/ Tryton?oldid=http:/ / en. Spanish and Italian.A New Kid On The Open source ERP Block (http:/ / opensourceerpguru. org/ 1. this article uses content from "Tryton" . etc. which speeds up custom developments.2 series and is used in the 1. but not under the GFDL.0 released (http:/ / lwn. google. French. html) [8] http:/ / doc. MacOS and Windows[7] . html) Tryton ERP 1. the client use GTK+ as graphical toolkit. • User Management: The kernel comes with the base features of user management: user groups. org/ [10] http:/ / en. • Internationalisation: Tryton is currently available in English. [1] [2] [3] [4] Tryton presentation (http:/ / www.Tryton 411 Technical features The client and the server applications are written in Python. A standalone version including client and server exists and is named Neso. tryton. All relevant terms must be followed. CalDAV and CardDAV. org/ services. This automation is possible because the migration process is taken into account and tested continually within the development. • Built-in automatic migration mechanism: it allows to update the underlying database scheme without any human manipulation. openhex. html) [6] Tryton release process (http:/ / code. com/ 2008/ 11/ 23/ tryton-a-new-kid-on-the-open-source-erp-block/ ) [5] Companies supporting officially Tryton (http:/ / www.4 series for the SQLite backend. • Advanced modularity: The modularity allows to provide a layered approach of the business concepts along with a great flexibility. It also allows to dynamically access historized record at any time in the past: for instance the customer information on each open invoice will be the ones of the day the invoice was opened. which is licensed in a way that permits reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. References As of this edit . German. wikipedia. This allow out-of-the-box document management and synchronizations of calendars and contacts. The kernel provides the technical foundations needed by most business applications. New translations can be added directly from the client interface.0 Unported License. php?title=Tryton& oldid=307564095 [11] http:/ / www. access rules by models and records. wikipedia. html [9] http:/ / relatorio. • Workflow Engine: allows to activate a workflow on any business model. tryton. org/ downloads.

computerworlduk.2 (http://softlibre.ethz.ch/) • Comparison of Open-Source ERP Systems in german computer magazine (http://www.cfm?entryid=1548& blogid=14) • Tryton (http://boran.Tryton 412 External links • Tryton Website (http://www.de/NEWS/Erste-Release-von-Tryton-ERP) • Subproject Tryton D-A-CH (German language) (http://tryton.tryton.linux-magazin.com/node/30) • Liberación de Tryton 1.com/article.pl?sid=09/04/21/1210240) • Erstes Release von Tryton ERP (http://www.com/community/blogs/index.de/open/ Quelloffene-Kuer-Open-Source-ERP-Systeme-im-Vergleich--/artikel/144555)IX (magazine) .barrapunto.org/) • Time to Try Tryton ? (http://www.heise.origo.

Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • News Forums Articles Gallery Downloads Bug Tracker Polls RSS Cache Plugins User Profiles WYSIWYG Editor Graphical Installer .0.0 beta 1 Active PHP / MySQL Cross-platform CMS software GPLv3 ZextCMS.com [1] Zext is an open source content management system (CMS) tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system.User:Tuxwire/ZextCMS 413 User:Tuxwire/ZextCMS ZextCMS Developer(s) Initial release Preview release Development status Written in Operating system Type License Website Matthew Javelet 2011 1.

com/ Zext/ http:/ / twitter. com/ #!/ zextcms . org/ https:/ / github. com/ http:/ / zext.User:Tuxwire/ZextCMS 414 External links • • • • Official Website [1] Development Website [2] GitHub Repository [3] Twitter News [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / zextcms.

TYPO3 can run on Apache or IIS on top of Linux. It uses PHP 5. Oracle.5 / January 26. functions and modules. FreeBSD. Mac OS X and OS/2. with JavaScript. with a modern CPU and at least 256 MB RAM. There is no browser restriction for displaying user–oriented content generated by TYPO3.4 backend Developer(s) Stable release TYPO3 Association 4. and others.x) tree's team leader is Oliver Hader. It can run on several web servers. The Backend can be displayed in any modern browser on any OS. Features Delivered with a base set of interfaces. . 2011 Operating system Cross-platform Platform Type License Website PHP Content management system GNU General Public License typo3. Most of them have been written by third-party developers and are available for free. TYPO3's huge functionality spectrum is implemented by extensions.[2] It is now developed by two teams. or TER[3] . Microsoft Windows. The maintenance (version 4. on top of many operating systems. The system can be run on any web server. History TYPO3 was initially authored by Kasper Skårhøj in 1997. It is released under the GNU General Public License.TYPO3 415 TYPO3 TYPO3 TYPO3 4. PostgreSQL. such as Apache or IIS.org [1] TYPO3 is a free and open source web content management system. Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. The development (version 5.2 or newer and any relational database supported by the TYPO3 DBAL including MySQL. among them Linux.x) tree's team leader is Robert Lemke. More than 5000 extensions are available for TYPO3 for download under the GNU General Public License from a repository called the TYPO3 Extension Repository. A web based backend is used by authors and site administrators to manage content for the web site.

The Frontend displays the web content.value = Hello. For example.10 > In this example a TypoScript object "page. to create output based on one or more HTML templates. mount points (that insert a part of the page tree at the mount point). TYPO3 can use several user authentication methods (such as RSA shared keys or OpenID) by installing extensions to the main system.10" was created and immediately removed. The most fundamental type is "page". and more. video. When TYPO3 parses TypoScript. . table. The Backend is responsible for administration and manipulating content. such as shortcuts (that show content from another page). Standard types include: text. TypoScript can instruct the system to fetch data from the database. process this data and generate web content. external URL. it is purely declarative.org [1] • the wiki: wiki.10 = TEXT page. Lists also have a Usenet interface and are readable with a newsreader. These types can be extended through plugins. Developers may find information at various places.10. image.org [4] • the mailing lists: lists. TypoScript The basic syntax is: [objectpath]. lists. Every element that can appear to the user belongs to a certain page.value = Hello. text with image. that means.10 = TEXT page. There are special page types. TYPO3 is almost completely pluggable and extensible.typo3. such as "automaketemplate" or "TemplaVoila".10. Usually TypoScript is used in conjunction with one of the available template engines. TYPO3 defines various basic types of content data. TYPO3 consists of two parts: the visitor-visible Frontend and the administrative Backend.org [5].[attribute] Operators include: • • • • = assigns a value < copies an object =< inserts a reference to an object > deletes an object [operator] [value] Examples: page. Pages are hierarchical. The system uses a special configuration language called "TypoScript". it will remove object declaration of "page. The following code will trigger no action in TYPO3 while it will would cause item creation and removal in proper programming languages: page. etc. world! page.10" before actually processing created objects. such as: • the official developer's resource: typo3.typo3. TYPO3 is a complex framework with a focus on high flexibility. world! It must be noted that TypoScript is not a programming language. HTML.TYPO3 416 Design Conceptually. but a configuration language.

The History of TYPO3. org/ licenses/ ) [11] YUI CLA (http:/ / developer. the TYPO3 Association asks all contributors of ideas. 0. a Corporate CLA (CCLA) is available for contributing intellectual property via the corporation. typo3. an alternative page module. that may have been assigned as part of an employment agreement. org/ about/ licenses/ ) [7] TYPO3 Contributor License Agreement (http:/ / typo3. pdf) [8] (http:/ / association. the ability to create flexible content elements and an API. and OpenCms[12] . A nice explanation of why a CLA is a good idea can be found at OSS Watch[13] Further reading • Rene Fritz. Signing such an agreement is not necessary (but recommended) for contributions to the version 4 branch of TYPO3[6] . com/ History. YUI[11] . 1268. org/ [2] "The History of TYPO3" (http:/ / typo3. unlimited permission to use and distribute the contribution in any way. com/ community/ contribute) [10] Apache Foundation CLA (http:/ / www. It is used by Zend Framework[9] . org/ fileadmin/ association/ cla/ T3A_CLA_Individual_v1. typo3. pdf) [9] Zend Framework CLA (http:/ / framework. ac. to cover any of their contributions which are not owned by the corporation signing the CCLA. It includes a graphical mapping tool for creating templates. org/ [6] TYPO3 Licences (http:/ / typo3. code. Note that a Corporate CLA does not remove the need for every developer to sign their own CLA as an individual. opencms. 0. typo3. or documentation to the TYPO3 projects (including FLOW3) to complete. article 3[8] ).ISBN 978-1847198488 • Dmitry Dulepov – TYPO3 Extension Development (Paperback) – ISBN 978-1847192127 References [1] http:/ / typo3. org/ extensions/ ) [4] http:/ / wiki. For a corporation that has assigned employees to work on a TYPO3 project. html).TYPO3 417 TemplaVoila TemplaVoila is a popular third-party template engine extension for TYPO3. Daniel Hinderink. zend. . New content element types can be created without programming. org/ [5] http:/ / lists. while making it possible to enforce a strict corporate design and allowing editors to work with content more intuitively.TYPO3 4. html) [13] OSS Watch on CLAs (http:/ / www. In a nutshell the CLA[7] gives the TYPO3 Association non-exclusive. org/ uploads/ media/ TYPO3-Association-Bylaws_2010_01. yahoo.3 Multimedia Cookbook (Paperback) . org/ de/ development/ contribute/ cla. CLA for TYPO3 version 5 Starting with TYPO3 version 5. Without a signed CLA on file. The requirement to sign a CLA is common. apache. oss-watch. and submit an individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA). uk/ resources/ cla. Werner Altmann – TYPO3: Enterprise Content Management (Paperback) – ISBN 1-904811-41-8 • Michael Peacock – Building Websites with TYPO3 (Paperback) – ISBN 1-847191-11-8 • Dan Osipov . as long as it remains free (since the TYPO3 Association is bound to public benefit by its statutes. Retrieved 2011-04-11. TemplaVoila is more comfortable for maintaining web pages than TYPO3's standard TypoScript-based templating. no (non-trivial) contributions can be accepted. xml) . sign. com/ yui/ community/ ) [12] OpenCms CLA (http:/ / www. [3] TYPO3 Extension Repository (http:/ / typo3. Apache[10] .

org/#c134) .org/) • Marketing Homepage (http://typo3.com/) • TYPO3 Forge .SVN Repository.org/) • TYPO3 Wiki (http://wiki.TYPO3 418 External links • Main Website (http://typo3. Bugtracker.typo3-test.org/) • 51 TYPO3 sites which you may not have known were TYPO3 based (http://blogue.2) .ca/2008/10/22/ 51-typo3-sites-which-you-may-not-have-known-were-typo3-based/) • TYPO3 Videos for Editors (http://typo3.supplemented by a TYPO3 test web site (http://www.infoglobe. Documentation and Wiki for TYPO3 Core and Extensions (http:// forge.typo3.typo3.org/documentation/videos/tutorials-v4/) (Series of 22 TYPO3 video tutorials to version 4.

or to use an alternate currency. It can be used to sell shippable goods. recurring memberships. downloadable products.4 on Drupal 6. J. and enable complex interactions with Drupal through various add-on contributions.0 release came out 16 months later in October 2009 and was largely a migration effort to the newest version of Drupal. As with Drupal. or customizable goods. It can be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed.Ubercart 419 Ubercart Ubercart Developer(s) Stable release Written in Ryan Szrama. 2010 PHP Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Webshop GNU General Public License http:/ / www. Lyle Mantooth & community 2. it can be set up to run in multiple languages. discount coupons. ubercart.0 release on 4 June 2008.4 / August 11. software license codes. . Development of Ubercart began in 2006 and reached its 1.9 on Drupal 5 and 2. Ubercart is fully integrated with Drupal. The 2. affiliate programs. such as multi-seller stores. event tickets. meaning you can fully integrate your store with the rest of your web site or community. org/ Ubercart is an e-commerce and web-based store management software program. The current stable releases of Ubercart are 1. It is available as free software under the GNU General Public License. available as a plug-in module for the Drupal CMF. Numerous payment gateways and shipping options are available.

x • CMS Drupal 6 for Ubercart 2. ubercart. org/ site?sort=desc& order=User+ Ranking http:/ / www. usingdrupal. org http:/ / www.Ubercart 420 Requirements • CMS Drupal 5 for Ubercart 1. org http:/ / livetest. ubercart.x External links • • • • • Project website [1] Demo-site [2] Directory of sites running Ubercart [3] Using Drupal . com http:/ / drupal. org/ project/ ubercart . ubercart.O'Reilly book with a chapter on Ubercart [4] Ubercart-Page at Drupal [5] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www.

Russian. uCoz is among the top sites for Russian-speaking users according to Alexa Internet[5] . . Latvian. Hungarian.uCoz 421 uCoz uCoz Headquarters Moscow. e. Ukrainian. there are more than one million websites created in uCoz systems[4] . webforum etc. uCoz is also available in Spanish. French. Spanish. which consisted in previous work over such services as poll and free guestbooks. and Georgian languages.com [2] 69 (Russia) [3] 854 (Global) Web Services Required 1 million English. History Initially the basis of the service development was formed by the combined experience of several developers. or separately.g.ucoz. Arabic. Russia Owner Employees Slogan Website Alexa rank uCoz Media [1] 50+ | www. Swedish. French. Arabic. partially in Hebrew. after almost a year of development. uCoz announced the Russian version of the system. On June 2007. as a blog platform. As of July 10. Romanian 2005 Type of site Registration Users Available in Launched uCoz is a free web hosting with built-in content management system. and on August — the German version. 2005. Ukrainian. as well as professional CMS script (WoCatalog Pro). At the moment. Swedish. Hungarian. German. The modules of uCoz CMS can be used together to build a fully-featured website. the English version of the system was officially announced. 2010. Romanian. On October 29.

At this moment uCoz offers the following modules: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Users Forums (Bulletin Board) E-shop Site News Blog (Web Journal) Publisher (Article Catalog) File Catalog Site Catalog Mini Chat Ad Board Photo Albums Online games Polls Guestbook FAQ Service E-mail Forms Page Editor Statistics (Hit Counter) . • Third level domains in 21 zones • Possibility to attach any domain to the website • Unrestricted МХ record creating/editing and subdomain creation the attached domain • FTP access. • WYSIWYG editor • Visual block builder • Mobile version of the website • Project & Templates backup • RSS import/export • API • A lightbox • Rewrite engine • Global authorization — uID (uNet) Modules uCoz CMS platform includes modules that can be used to create a fully customized site. forums. Depositfiles hosting service account can be attached to the website if needed to upload larger files. The disk size increases as the number of visitors on the website and the age of the website increases. etc. online shopping. The modules can be used unanimously as well as separately to create a blog.uCoz 422 At a Glance Main Features • 246 website design templates to choose from • Possibility to create custom design/template or modify any pre-installed • 400 MB disk space.

and RSS Global blocks Quick substitution of template fragments User Awards Recommend a friend Custom pack of smileys Maximum security settings Users' and Admins' action logs Free limited technical support Paid services • • • • • • • Removal of the system copyright Removal of uCoz advertising banner Increasing the available disk space up to 10 gigabytes Possibility to hide uCoz Statistics (in case of using the Statistics module) Ppossibility to attach files to letters sending via E-mail forms Possibility to use PHP SMS-services Free Ads Disk Space (400 Mb +) Bonus messages to Technical Support (per month) Max. file size for uploading via FTP Hidden statistics counter Attach files in contact forms Inactive sites removal Free second-level domain when paying for a year E-Shop module activation Ads in Control Panel uCoz copyrights Yes +0 0 Basic No Business No Advanced No Premium No +2500 Mb 2 135 Mb Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No +800 Mb +1500 Mb +2500 Mb 1 2 90 Mb Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes 2 135 Mb Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes 15 Mb 60 Mb No No Yes N/A No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes .uCoz 423 Other Free Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Informers Banners rotator Substitution of any system phrase Banner and Copyright appearance customizations Automatic navigation builder Subscription via PM. email.

ru/ about/ archive/ premia-2008/ laureates/ ) (in Russian). com/ Open Web Awards 2009: The Winners (http:/ / mashable. "Sites Rating.com Site Info" (http:/ / www. aspx?spid=14751 External links • uCoz (http://www. com/ ). . com/ team) http:/ / www. Retrieved July 10. TOP 100" (http:/ / top. http:/ / www. premiaruneta. Retrieved 2009-03-28. Premia Runeta. alexa. 2009. ucoz. ucoz. ucoz. . com/ "Ucoz. 2008. . webhostdir. Awards • • • • • Open Web Awards 2009 winner in the nomination Best Site for Publishers[8] Runet Prize 2008 – People's Ten[9] Runet Prize 2009 – Technologies and Innovations[10] Content Management Award Winners 2009 [11] Web Host Directory September 2008 – Best for Ecommerce [11] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] "uCoz Team" (http:/ / www. premiaruneta. uCoz has SaaS features — closed source code.ucoz. 2011. ucoz. com). com/ search/ profile. Static HTML pages can be used but are not recommended – there are some limitations [7] on their usage and uploading.com/) . unavailability of running of server-side scripts and databases (all this is possible within Web 3. [11] http:/ / www. com/ siteinfo/ ucoz.0 PaaS concept).uCoz 424 Peculiarities Being a SaaS system. alexa. com/ topsites/ countries/ RU http:/ / www. com/ main/ ?a=about http:/ / faq. ucoz. com/ 2009/ 12/ 16/ open-web-awards-2009-50-winners/ ) "Runet Award 2008" (http:/ / www.com/) • uCoz Templates (http://ucoztemplates. Premia Runeta. ru/ laureates/ ) (in Russian). Alexa Internet. Retrieved 2009-11-25. which is balanced out by a great number of built-in system capabilities [6]. [10] "Runet Award 2009" (http:/ / www.

External links • UltraCSDB Home Page [1] References [1] http:/ / www. Fault Isolation/Information. and Maintenance schedules. These services can be used in a mixed setup. UltraCSDB has full management and workflow for publication modules. thousands of customers and millions views per day.UltraCSDB 425 UltraCSDB UltraCSDB is an integrated enterprise CMS for ASD S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200 and other aerospace and defense industry standard. Procedural. viewers are automatically redirected to other edge or core servers. It offers support for all major streaming delivery services and web servers. Many APIs are offered for deep integration with asset management. IETP-X. Users can upload assets. UltraCSDB can handle all types of S1000D data modules (Descriptive. Viewers are redirected to these servers. UltraCSDB provides comprehensive support for the management. and publishing of S1000D & iSpec 2200 projects. set up live streams and see realtime statistics. In the case of unavailability. data module coding systems. content management. The flexibility and automation level of VDO-X allows a small staff to operate a CDN that handles thousands of delivery servers. com/ csdb. transcoding. htm VDO-X VDO-X (Or Video Exchange) is software to set up and manage a Content Delivery Network. webxsystems. . UltraCSDB is intended to be Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application and as such requires minimum installation efforts. business rules (BREX). Process and Wiring Data). VDO-X offers full self-provisioning for each user. Additional schemas. stylesheets. workflow. The software is focused at large size media assets and large volume delivery. Illustrated Parts Data (IPD). digital assets. portal and billing systems. manage assets. In addition to the built-in tools for authoring with Schematron quality assurance. VDO-X automatically senses the popularity of assets in specific regions of the CDN and automatically copies assets to edge servers near these regions. This type of CMS is known as “ Common Source Database (CSDB)”. Crew/operators. UltraCSDB provides the necessary APIs to enable the integration of any third party authoring tool such as Epic editor or XMetal editor. numbering systems can be supported. Overview VDO-X is professional web-based management software to deploy and manage a Content Delivery Network.

Internet Information Server and Apache. specific and expensive hardware. Icecast. specific DNS servers. and no dependency on networks. overflow or edge servers Cluster physicals servers into logical delivery farms and edges Set up networks via manual IP addresses or GeoIP range Link edge nodes and networks together for geographical optimization Set up commercial hosting packages Create account holders. VDO-X supports Flash Media Server. SMIL. QuickTime Streaming Server. Metafile URL generation for many playlist types is supported. The result is more flexibility. fallback. QTL. ASX. Flash. including MOV. hand out a product. Windows Media Services. And compared to plain caching/proxying. Many media clients including QuickTime. and give them access to specific servers Migrate servers and accounts on the fly VDO-X allows the operator to: • Monitor the load and availability of each node in the CDN • View actual file transmission and checks between the nodes • Manage traffic from and to the nodes VDO-X allows the account holder to: • • • • • • • • Upload streaming media assets for VOD delivery Upload any digital asset for file delivery Set up mountpoints for live streams Manage assets and mountpoints View realtime delivery statistics for all the assets Force distribute assets and relays to specific nodes Generate embed codes and URL's for many media clients View in-depth usage statistics Standards VDO-X is built around the latest web standards. VDO-X copies assets only to those servers that are connected to specific regions where the assets are popular. Regular CDN's use a mix of network layer routing solutions. and even on multiple IP networks without the need for depending on or changing the network infrastructure or its components. specific delivery hardware and specific storage solutions. RAM. Next Generation CDN mechanisms VDO-X is a software based solution versus network layer solution. It also saves a lot of storage on edge servers/clusters/PoPs. This is done instantly. 3GPP are supported. XSPF. Dynamic asset replication versus static asset replication Instead of copying every asset to each server. XML and SOAP. XML and WML. This requires specific network network components. DNS or BGP redirection tweaks and caching/proxying mechanisms to build a CDN. Wowza Media Server. the VDO-X asset replication is controlled and .VDO-X 426 Basic functions VDO-X allows the administrator to: • • • • • • • Set up streaming media and web servers as core. Windows Media. It can be rolled out in any IP network. API's are open. Logs are written in W3C format so they can be analyzed by many third party tools. VDO-X on the other hand is a software suite that runs on any generic web server. Silverlight. including RSS. This saves copying time so assets are live within a few minutes.

load and traffic reporting tools. The core technologies were developed before other CDN solutions came to market and the approach is different from other solutions so it is unique IP that is protected by Dutch and International laws. assets status. Other CDN's have static relays and changes can take days to become effective. All delivery servers in the VDO-X CDN can deliver any file and stream type so you can maximize resources utilization. A preview of this release is available at the company website. In summer 2008 the European Champions League. 427 History Jet Stream BV. Extensive reporting VDO-X shows load and availability of every server. Like point 3. In 2002 Jet Stream also launched the StreamZilla media delivery service. protocols and formats. etcetera. Realtime reports are available for the CDN operator (CDN overview). plus web acceleration support Traditional CDN's offer web file acceleration and offer limited or less integrated streaming support. which is a popular CDN in Europe. the worlds largest internet hub. accounts popularity. This project is adopted by all the ISPs and broadcasters in the Netherlands. monitoring and log processing tools for their increasing number of large webcast projects. self service web interface VDO-X offers a full-featured yet user friendly web interface for managing their CDN account. In 2008 Jet Stream has integrated its content delivery management tools into an integrated web-based management environment. These tools were further developed into separate commercial products. Dynamic user redirection versus static user redirection VDO-X can immediately redirect an end user to any server in its distributed cloud based on the availability of servers and the IP origin of the end user. User friendly.VDO-X manageable. Jet Stream has handed over the project to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. This CDN with A+ status for global performance uses a European-wide network to distribute the content globally and is setting up edge servers to increase the performance and capacity in remote regions. with over 1 billion delivered views in six months and fast growing. Dynamic server-network range matching versus static server-network matching VDO-X lets you match any edge delivery server to any global ISP network or IP network range. Matching is a matter of a click. Integrated support for all streaming services. and the web interface enables generic and integrated management features for all popular delivery technologies. for each content user (account overview) and for each asset. ISPs are implementing the protocol to offload streaming capacity to their own networks. The CDN operator also has in-depth uptime. StreamZilla is powered by XL Media Server and VDO-X. Most CDN's started with web acceleration and bolted on streaming support afterwards. alongside an integrated media delivery framework server with support for all major streaming protocols. This is N-to-N: you can match multiple networks to multiple servers. and is instant. the developers of VDO-X started webcasting in 1994 and developed redirection. this is static with other CDN's and changes can take up to two days. . Content users have in-depth historical reports. the Tour de France and the Olympics were broadcast using the Open CDN approach. called VDO-X CDN 2008 Suite and is making the software available to the market. The AMS-IX Video Working Group is working towards an open CDN protocol. Unique IP VDO-X was developed in-house by lack of existing CDN technologies. requests from networks. In 2002 Jet Stream launched a project called VDO-X to start an open CDN in the Netherlands.

VDO-X 2008 is currently tested by a large number of network operators. Network owners are reluctant to outsource their content delivery to third party CDN operators: they pay a lot to distribute while their own infrastructure is unused. vdo-x.VDO-X 428 Market VDO-X is used by many Dutch and Belgian broadcasters. anyone with a IP network can upgrade their network to become a full-featured Content Delivery Network. VDO-X is also used for a new nation-wide CDN in Russia. hosting providers and network operators. and a growing number of European network owners. internet access providers. net . External links • VDO-X website [1] References [1] http:/ / www. hosting providers and CDN's from all continents. Using VDO-X. carriers.

retrieval.versionone. DbBACS-IP. the remaining sales are direct. management. DbCapture. the company's Managing Director is Julian Buck whilst in the USA. DbMail. delivery and authorisation of business documents such as invoices.v1documentmanagement. . This 'paperless office' technology is integrated into all major ERP and accounting systems History Version One Ltd was established in 1989 by Derek McGain. In the UK. Version One (with a turnover of £5 million) was acquired by COA Solutions now Advanced Business Solutions[5] for an undisclosed sum but Version One continues to operate as a separate entity.[6] Operation Version One Ltd is based in Wilmslow in Cheshire with re-sellers worldwide. St Petersburg. FL. Prior to joining Version One. Key people Products Parent Website Julian Buck (Managing Director UK)Lynne Munns (General Manager USA) [2] DbArchive. DbAuthorise.Version One Ltd 429 Version One Ltd Version One Ltd Industry Founded Founder(s) Electronic Document Management 1989 [1] Derek McGain Headquarters Cheshire. DbForm Advanced Computer Software group plc (April 2007-Present) www. purchase orders and statements. it is Lynne Munns[7] who has been with Version One over five years. Over 90% of Version One’s sales are via its channel of software authors and re-sellers. These systems enable the electronic storage. DbChequeprint. Lynne was the MD of Datel Computing Ltd.com [4] Version One Ltd is an author of electronic document management and imaging systems.uk [3] www. A few years later Tony Bray joined Derek as a fellow director. DbFax. In early 2007. In October 2006 Version One launched its carbon neutral initiative to reduce and offset the company's carbon emissions.co. UK.

V1 Document Management are headquartered in St Petersburg. DbMail. The British Library. purchase order approval. Florida Awards & Accreditations Version One's Awards include: • Business Software Satisfaction Awards 2010 Winner .Enterprise Paperless Office & BASDA Green Software Provider of the Year [9] • Green Apple Awards 2008 . private and not for profit sectors. Aer Lingus. electronic form design and automated payments. DbArchive. DbChequeprint. DbFax. V1 Document Management was rebranded to blue away from Version One's original burgundy colors. V1 Document Management In July 2009 Version One's American operation was rebranded "V1 Document Management". Clients include Virgin Trains. DbCapture. document imaging. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. automated document delivery.[8] This was primarily to differentiate the organization from another software company in the United States called VersionOne who sell project management tools. American Clients include Dean Healthcare and US Airways. DbAuthorise. H+H UK Ltd and Johnston Publishing Products Version One's product suite consists of 8 core products. These products provide purchase invoice automation.Version One Ltd 430 Clients Version One's software is widely used in the public. DbBACS-IP and DbForm.Green Champion Winner [10] • Document Manager (DM) Awards 2008 Winner [11] • Accountancy Age Award 2008 Finalist [12] • Business Software Satisfaction Awards 2008 Shortlisted[13] • Green Hero Award 2008 Winner[14] • National Business Awards Regional Finalist 2008 • Business Software Satisfaction Awards 2007 Winner[15] • Document Manager Awards 2007 Winner Version One is a member of BASDA[16] and is signed up to BASDA's Green Charter (Launched 2008) and the European Software Association . Specsavers Opticians. It continues to be led by Lynne Munns at the present time and sells the same product line. The new logo continues to contain the Version One tick from its parent company.

asp) [13] Business Software Satisfaction Awards 2008 (http:/ / www. uk/ winners.v1documentmanagement. co.html) . co. trainingzone. versionone.uk/) Version One's Document Management Blog (http://www. co.co. uk http:/ / www. newsguide. uk/ company/ ) Version One Document Management Products (http:/ / www. co. uk/ past_awards. com COA Solutions News Acquires Version One (http:/ / www. uk/ ) [12] Accountancy Age Award 2008 Enterprise Software Package Finalist (http:/ / www.versionone. html) [14] Green Hero Award Winner 2008 (http:/ / www.com/) Example of a reseller website (http://e-cocoon. dmawards. uk/ channel_document_image_management/ document_management_is_one_of_the_few_constants_in_a_rapidly_changing_erp_landscape. php) Article showing that Version One is to remain an independent entity (https:/ / secure1. accountancyageawards. co. org/ ) [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] External links • • • • • Version One UK website (http://www.com/version-one/) FSN White paper (http://www. co. versionone. uk/ products/ ) http:/ / www. softwaresatisfaction. php?news_id=125053) [15] Business Software Satisfaction Awards 2007 (http:/ / www. com/ news/ coa-acquire-version-one-document-management. info/ ) [11] DM Awards Email product of the year 2008 (http:/ / www. co.co. uk/ 2010-winners Business Software Sarisfaction Award Winners 2010 [10] The Green Organisation (http:/ / www.com) V1 Document Management website (http://www. basda. coasolutions. softwaresatisfaction. uk/ cgi-bin/ item. cgi?id=166773) FSN "Document management is one of the few constants in a rapidly changing ERP landscape" Articles written by Lynne Munns (http:/ / www. crm2day. co.uk/channel_document_image_management/ purchase_to_pay_automation_is_booming_in_recession. us/ technology/ computer/ V1-Document-Management-Launches-into-America/ ) [9] http:/ / www. v1documentmanagement. htm) [8] Article discussing the launch of V1 Document Management (http:/ / www. html) [16] BASDA Members List (http:/ / www. fsn. softwaresatisfaction. com/ Shortlist2008. co.Version One Ltd 431 References Version One Company History (http:/ / www.fsn. com/ content/ t6_librarynews_1.documentmanagementblog. versionone. thegreenorganisation.

Garber and Webber had previously worked with John Thornton of Austin Ventures when they were employed at DAZEL Corporation. History In November 1995 Ross Garber and Neil Webber started Vignette with the goal of making web publishing easier and more personalized. Disney. Vignette partnered with CNET. and also with Bob Davoli at Sigma Partners. which wanted a third party to .vignette. Wachovia. which had developed an internal technology called PRISM that allowed for very large scale database-driven web site creation and delivery. Fox NewsDigital. Sigma Partners Headquarters Austin. content-rich sites on the World Wide Web run Vignette. Vignette provided the technical platform for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Web site. collaboration.[7] The company's seed round investors were Austin Ventures and Sigma Partners.NET. Martha Stewart. Vignette also provides integration solutions for ERP. the JSR 286 specification is implemented. During the initial StoryBuilder development cycle. was called StoryBuilder. Chief Executive Officer about 670 (2008) www. CRM and legacy systems. 2009 Open Text Corporation announced they would buy Vignette for $310 million. Texas (registered) Key people Employees Website Mike Aviles. when Davoli was CEO of Epoch Systems and Garber and Webber were early employees in the 1990s. collaboration. Sites running versions of Vignette software prior to V7 are generally easy to identify by the format of their story URLs. that offers a suite of content management. edit and track content through workflows and publish this content through Web or portal sites.[4] Overview Vignette's Platform consists of several suites of products allowing non-technical business users to create. portal. NASA credited Vignette Portal as a "key tool the team uses in-house to keep the content organized."[5] Vignette is widely recognized for its ability to handle large. which was announced but never shipped. CNET. Recently.S. MetLife and BSkyB. and records management software. and records management 1995. Texas.com [1] Vignette Corporation (NASDAQ: VIGN [2]) is a company headquartered in Austin. portal. This product. which are mostly numeric strings with several commas as separators. document management.Vignette Corporation 432 Vignette Corporation Vignette Corporation Type Industry Founded Subsidiary of OpenText content management.[6] The Vignette platforms provide support for Java EE and . document management. 2009 Open Text Corporation completed its acquisition of Vignette Corporation. For the former. Vignette's first product development effort was focused on large-scale content management workflow processes. Many large. patents. including UnitedHealth Group. The company holds more than 40 U. On May 6. highly customized Web sites.[3] On July 21. National Geographic.

Websphere and SunOne application servers. Weblogic. . 433 In the news • Vignette Named One of America's Most Trustworthy Companies in 2007[13] • Vignette Named One of the 40 Fastest-Growing Software Companies [14] • Vignette reports 30% decrease in revenue since 2007 [15] Products Vignette Content Management Vignette Content Management helps organizations create and manage content for enterprise Internet.[12] On May 6. In June 1998. and the company managed to sign up 130 customers by 1998. It is designed for Web content creators. extranet or intranet applications. Vignette has been a participant of JSR 286 and WSRP 2. which shipped in January 1997. and Garber became Chairman of the Board. It provides industry-specific workflows.[8] enterprise portal software vendor Epicentric for $32M in 2002. also invested $500. idea management. These products help organizations add social computing applications such as blogs.[3] On July 21. which Vignette acquired in 2003. content types and tools. an Australian-based provider of enterprise document and records management solutions. ratings and forums to their Web sites. StoryServer is widely considered the first Web content management system. and Webber retired in early 2000. Vignette Media is a specialized content management system for telco. Vignette Portal Vignette Portal is integrated tightly with Vignette Content Management. Current versions of Vignette Portal support these standards for portlets. Vignette's IDE and API offered a convenient alternative to conventional CGI/vi/Perl web development. 2009.[9] CMS vendor Intraspect for $20M in 2003. including e-business application vendor OnDisplay for $1. Vignette Content Management's predecessor. and shipped in September 1997. 1999. a SaaS-based Web video publishing company in 2008. Vignette's IPO took place on February 19. decided to spin the technology off to Vignette.[11] and Vidavee.4B in 2000. Garber left the company later in 1999. In October the company demonstrated a solution template with additional functionality that includes photo and video sharing.[4] . Vignette Community Released in 2008.[10] Tower Technology. for a 33% stake in Vignette. Vignette Portal supports deployment on Tomcat. media and entertainment companies who need a digital publishing platform. and became one of the ten most successful "dot-com" IPOs of the year. Vignette rapidly commercialized the technology into a product called StoryServer.Vignette Corporation commercialize the product. In the 1990s. Garber hired Greg Peters to succeed him as Chief Executive Officer.000. Vignette's Social Media products include Vignette Community Applications and Vignette Community Services. member profiles and social recommendations. The Portal is built upon the Epicentric Foundation Server. contributors and administrators in IT and marketing departments. in 2004 for $125M. Open Text Corporation announced they would buy Vignette for $310 million.0 standards bodies. The company made several acquisitions over the years. wikis. The StoryBuilder technology was later merged into the StoryServer product. 2009 Open Text Corporation completed its acquisition of Vignette Corporation.

[16] The latest release of Vignette Recommendations (7. Vignette Records Manager and Case Manager Resulting from the acquisition of Tower. Vignette offers IDM and VRD document management and record storage software. A few banks use Vignette's software to store over a billion records. Vignette is experiencing a downward trajectory. The new product also includes a customizable Flash-based media player that allows users to tag and share any segment of a video. • Complicated interface. Q2 2007)[17] [18] . Gross profit is down and net income are negative (Q2 2008 vs.0 Technology by UK-based Incisive Media at its inaugural Web 2. manage and deliver video.Vignette Corporation 434 Vignette Video Released in 2008 following the acquisition and integration of Vidavee. Case Manager is a new product aimed at human-centric processes where a full BPM deployment would be overkill. Acquisitions • • • • • • • • • Random Noise (1998) Diffusion (1998) Engine 5 (2000) DataSage (2000) OnDisplay (2000) Epicentric (2002) Intraspect (2003) Tower Technology (2004) Vidavee (2008) . Steep learning curve[22] [23] .000[19] [20] [21] .000 in Q2 of 2008. Awful workflow.1) includes several enhancements to the Baynote engine including skins. compared to a net gain of $4 million in Q2 of 2007[17] [18] . Newer offerings (i.0 Innovation Awards presentation in London. especially the new RIA user interface available in Vignette Media [24]. the company has no debt and about $150 million in cash. The company reported a loss of a little over $863. Vignette launched a dozen products in 2008 and needs to prove the value of these products by producing license revenue[17] [18] . • Very expensive: Traditionally Vignette has been aiming at the high-end of the market with the typical deployment costing over $250.e. transcode. Vignette Video is a hosted video management solution that provides capabilities to upload. Counter-productive tool for employees. Latest versions of the product aim at fixing most of these problems. Recommendations uses the wisdom of the crowd to help organizations recommend new products or content. Video. a recommendations console for online marketers and gatget/widget publishing functionality. Vignette Recommendations Vignette Recommendations was announced in January 2008 as part of an OEM agreement with Baynote. Criticisms • Financial difficulty. Vignette Video Services can be integrated into any website (does not require Vignette Content Management) and is sold as a service. Recommendations and Social) are priced well under $100. Vignette Recommendations was named Best Web 2. such as loan origination or insurance claim management.000. However. Vignette's Video technology includes a dozen patents for advanced functionality like video tags and heat maps.

opentext. cmswatch. gov/ netacgi/ nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2& Sect2=HITOFF& p=1& u=/ netahtml/ PTO/ search-bool. org/ vignette-cmportalsolution/ vignette-cms-whos-using-it?pn=3).com . org/ vignette-cmportalsolution/ vignette-cms-whos-using-it?pn=3). cmsmatrix. com/ Trends/ 1324-Interwoven-prospers-as-Vignette-continues-to-bleed). . Ajax. html). 2008-07-31. vignette. Spencer E. and Usability" (http:/ / www. [18] "Vignette's Year on Year Income Falls 73. com/ archives/ 2000/ b3684031. . 2000). com/ article2/ 0. bizjournals. 2008-07-25. cmsmatrix.com/vignettecorp) ." (http:/ / www. com/ cms/ enterprise-cms/ vignettes-year-on-year-income-falls-735-002937. [22] "cmswatch. com/ news/ crm/ EpZuluZyEltXzkCTDr. . org/ vignette-cmportalsolution/ vignette-cms-whos-using-it?pn=2). pcmag.Vignette Corporation 435 References [1] http:/ / www.friendfeed. Business Week. crm2day. com/ 2100-3513_22-5076873. businessweek.twitter. html). html& r=0& f=S& l=50& TERM1="vignette+ corporation"& FIELD1=& co1=AND& TERM2=& FIELD2=& d=PTXT) [7] Ante. infoworld. [21] "Too expensive. cmswire. 2008-07-31. 2007-11-02. com/ asp/ SummaryQuote. Retrieved 2011-07-09. 2008-07-28. (2000-06-05). com/ articles/ hn/ xml/ 00/ 05/ 22/ 000522hnvignette.2817. cmswire.com/vignettecorp) • Vignette Friend Feed Account (http://www. cio.vignette. zdnet. cmswire. Retrieved 2009-05-06. . [5] CIO Magazine article (http:/ / www. Retrieved July 25. . 2005-09-15. 2011. Retrieved 2009-07-28. uspto. . [19] "Expensive: over $250. . InfoWorld. 2002-09-17. "Vignette to acquire OnDisplay" (http:/ / web. com/ p/ articles/ mi_m0EIN/ is_/ ai_n18769448) [14] BNET Business Network (http:/ / findarticles. [4] "Open Text Completes Vignette Acquisition" (http:/ / www. [9] Internet News Article (http:/ / www. "Making the Web Go: Sites hum with Vignette's software. com/ Feature/ 169-Vignette-Demo). html) [11] CRMToday Article (http:/ / www. archive.S. arc. com/ cms/ enterpr