6 July 2011 Independent Police Conduct Authority Complaint relaunched

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: David Reynolds and Hayden Nicol ref# IPCA: 10-0128/njh : Wed, 6 Jul 2011 00:19:00 -0400 : IPCA (K Irvine) : Simon Kaiwai <simon@kiwicando.com> : IPCA <enquiries@ipca.govt.nz>

To whom it may concern, I was previously advised by the IPCA that no investigation would be launched while the case against me was active. Please be advised that the case against Simon-Eru:Kaiwai has been dismissed. As such I have released video footage of the 24 Nov 2009 incident which includes an admission that the Police officers were trespassing without a court order and assaulted me. Over 30,000 people have witnessed David Reynolds admission. I renew my complaint ref# IPCA: 10-0128/njh. It now falls upon you to prove your claim of independence. Please advise of your actions and the present status of the David Reynolds and Hayden Nicol in the New Zealand Police force. Regards, Simon-eru:Kaiwai

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