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Cambodia Overview (Cambodia Capital) June 2011

Cambodia Overview (Cambodia Capital) June 2011

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Published by: James Willard on Aug 19, 2011
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Phnom Penh fully covered by PPWSA

The capital city has reliable and clean water provided by the Phnom Penh
Water Supply Authority (PPWSA). The state-owned enterprise has gone from
supplying water just 10 hours a day with high levels of non-revenue water 15
years ago to 24 hours/day supply and nearly 100% revenue recovery currently.
The company has also been noted globally as a model to emulate for other
developing markets. PPWSA is also one of the three SEOs planned to be listed
on the Stock Exchange of Cambodia.

Clean rural water supply still remains an issue

While water supply in Phnom Penh has been a great success story, there is still
dramatic need for improvement in the provision of clean water supply in the
rural areas. The World Health Organisation/UNICEF estimates that overall
water supply coverage was 64% in urban areas in Cambodia and just 35% in
rural areas, while urban sanitation coverage was 53%, but in rural areas a very
low 8%. Provincial areas generally have good access to surface river water, but
there is still limited availability of safe, clean piped or well water.

National policy developed, foreign donors providing funding

A National Policy on Water Supply and Sanitation was issued in 2004 by the
Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy and the Ministry of Rural Development
(with the latter responsible for the provision of rural drinking water), which
targets universal access to safe water and sanitation for Cambodians by 2025.
Several projects targeting improved rural sanitation and water supply are being
undertaken, with funding from the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Japan
International Cooperation Agency, and others.

Overview of the Cambodian Economy

June 2011

Cambodia Capital Research


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