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Vmsizing Memoria de Solaris

Vmsizing Memoria de Solaris

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Published by: Enrique Castillo Bernal on Aug 19, 2011
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Thevmstat paging counters provide us with some insight as to how busy VM
system is, and if there are any memory resource issues.

The first thing to look for in the paging counters is the scan rate. The scan rate
is the number of pages per second that the pageout scanner is scanning. If the
scan rate is consistently zero, then the pageout scanner is not running, and
there must be greater thanlotsfree free memory. If the scan rate is zero, then
there is no memory shortage.

A non-zero scan rate does not always mean there is cause for concern.
Remember that as reads and writes occur, pages are taken from the free list and
eventually the amount of free memory will fall below lotsfree. In this case, the
pageout scanner will be invoked to free up memory, hence a non-zero scan

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