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Door-knocking Scripts and Strategies (for short sale listings) / Cell 909-973-4011

Thanks for being on the call this morning. Im Jacob Swodeck, and Ill be your trainer and coach for this teleconference. This call should take about 30 minutes. Please, please have a pen in hand. This call is not being recorded, and it is up to you to focus, and take great notesquickly. The Short Sale Inner Circle Coaching Company (, the nations only one-on-one and group coaching short sale coaching program, brings this teleconference to you today. SSIC is a high-impact, results-driven coaching program, and its guaranteed to drastically improve your real estate production with more closed short sales or your money back. Well hear a little more about SSIC later on the call. For now, lets get into some door-knocking scripts and strategies! Firstly, I want everyone to think about something. This morning, more than 6.5 million mortgages are 30+ days late in the U.S. There are more people struggling with their mortgage today than ever in history! There is no shortage of short sale opportunities in our areas! There are some obstacles though. Such as: People want to stay in their house for free for 2 years People are no longer as afraid of the big bad NOD People (as crazy as it sounds) still believe in the myth of the loan mod savior People think Realtors only care about one thingmaking money People often dont even want to consider short selling until they have been denied a loan mod at least twice, and/or they have received a N.OT.S. Most people are uninformed about the short sale process (taxes, deficiency, credit, timeline, etc.)

With the DNC (do not call) lists and direct mail being saturated with junk, many times the best path to your potential customers is their front porch. Strategy: Schedule your door-knocking! Start small once or twice a week for 1 hour (you may want a partner) Eventually, youll want to set personal goals such as not stopping until youve had 20 conversations. Prepare your materials Depending on whether you are canvassing a farm area or going to NOD or NOTS doors direct, having materials to leave behind is always a good idea. That way: if they arent home, you have a small chance that theyll see your material, and if they are home, they have something to

remember you by. (for my SSIC coaching clients, we will help you with your handout content) Tip: If you are working NODs, I recommend late term NODs (5-6 months late). I also recommend using (Sean OToole) its the most accurate, and they have a new mapping feature and it costs $49 a month. Share the cost with a partner or your office. When working defaults, I recommend dressing business casual. You dont want to look like the bank or the IRS. SMILE!!!! As unimportant as it may seem, it is mandatory. You must exude confidence, calm, and hope. When you get to the door, 2 firm knocks, then turn your back and slowly start to walk away. If nobody answers, 2 more firm knocks, wait 20 seconds or so with your back turned, then leave your materials at the door and walk away. Now for some simple lead-in scripts. These 5 lead-in scripts were compiled from my personal experience, as well as from some of my top-agent colleagues who have great success at the door! These are only a few of the many scripts Ive compiled and perfected 1. Just dropping off some info I thought you would find interesting... This script works best with farm area canvassing. Be diligent to prepare worthwhile materials that your prospect will appreciate, value, and hold on to. Hi, Im ____________________ with _____________________________. I just wanted to quickly introduce myself to you as the area pre-foreclosure specialist in ______________________. Ive just put together some information about our area that I thought you might find very interesting (Hand the material to them and wait a few seconds. If they do not comment or ask a question, make mention of the material youve providedlike, Its a newsletter about this area, some great coupons for you to use, some recently sold homes with prices, and an article about a new law that affects almost everyone in this neighborhood. That should get a response.) 2. Buyers for your house This script works great in an area where you or a colleague of yours already has a listing in the neighborhood with an offer/s (or activity). Door-knock 1-200 surrounding homes and say the following Hi, Im ____________________ with _____________________________. I (or my company) have a home for sale, it is a short sale, close by with an abundance of buyers for it (probably due to the amazingly low interest rates). Do you have any interest at all, or know of anyone around here that has any interest at all in selling his or her home now or in the near future? (If they say no, or not really, you should say, Oh you must be one of the lucky ones who has paid your house off already, or paid all-cash up front? - Smiling That should open them up to possibly discussing their loan situation if

there is one. If they say, No, I have 2 loans like everyone else around here, Id respond by saying, Well Im glad everything is fine with your home. Most people Im talking to are trying to either modify their loan or somehow avoid foreclosure. That is what I specialize in. Then see if you can get a response again 3. The Invitation When you, or a colleague of yours has a good short sale listing in a marketable area, schedule an open house (even if youre not an open house kind-of-an-agent) It is like setting up shop in the middle of your farm. Its great name branding/exposure, plus it is a great excuse to knock on a bunch of doorsto invite them to your open house event! When going out, have a flyer with the open house information, and more importantly, information about yourself! Hi, Im _________________________ with _____________________________. Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to quickly invite you to my open house event Im holding at __________________(hand them flyer) this weekend. It is a short sale, which is what I specialize in, and it is priced to move quickly. Please feel free to let anyone you know that may want to move in to this area about this event, and also, please consider telling anyone you know who may be struggling with their mortgage about my services and me. I have a high success rate and plenty of experience with distressed properties. (See if that gets a response. If not, resort to asking them, Do you know anyone who wants to move into this great area, or who may need to talk about selling?) 4. Loan mod support This approach requires some, or lots of savvy. You must understand HAMP, the loan mod process, how loss mitigation works, and be willing to do a little leg-work. These are clients whom you will have EARNED their business. As I mentioned earlier, many people want to try to save their home under the premise that the Obama plan will save them by giving them a huge principle reduction, and a 1% interest rate for life. #not So, if you cant beat em, join em. Help people attempt to save their homes. Be an advocate, a liaison to the bank. If you earn their trust, you can later become their voice of reason, and eventually their listing agent. Hi, Im _______________________ with ___________________________. Your home is in my professional territory and I am committed to helping every defaulted homeowner in my area save their home, and avoid foreclosure at no cost to them. No gimmicks, no strings attached. Do you have a plan in place to save your home? Wait for an answer. If it is, yes, we are trying for a loan mod, your response should be, That is good to hear. So many of your neighbors are simply doing nothing to Break: The next 2 scripts are centered around late-term NOD leads (5-6 months after NOD is filed).

save their home. How are things going with your lender if you dont mind me asking? No matter what their answer is, you can always say, Yeah that sounds about right. A service I offer for free is to gain 3rd party authorization from you to speak with your lender, and contact them to get answers on the progress of your loan mod. Many times, it is just sitting on someones desk while the foreclosure clock is ticking. Would you like me to get in there and see what I can find out? Many times they (your lender) will shoot straight with a Realtor. And I know the process, and their lingo. I can usually find out where you really stand pretty quickly. If they say no to your initial question, you should know how to answer that oneWell, do you want to stay in this property with such a negative equity position in a down turning market, or have you considered short selling and getting a fresh start in 2 years? From there, you take them down the path of the wisdom of a short sale (especially after the passing of SB 458 in California) 5. Got time for some good news? This is a straight forward, Mike Ferry-like, strong eye contact approach that works well, when you begin to understand that it truly is a numbers game. Your handout needs to be timely, and to the point! Hi, Im _____________________ with ____________________________. Is now a good time to quickly tell you about the 2 most recent advances in foreclosure and short sales that benefit millions of homeowners, including yourself? If they say no, quickly respond by saying, thank you for your honest, please read the literature I have prepared some time soon. Based on your situation, it is critical information. My cell phone number is on the literature as well. I would love to have a conversation with you about your true options sometime. That may provoke a response that opens the door for conversation. If their answer is yes, then you should quickly say, great! Well, firstly, Gov. Brown just signed SB 458 on July 15th which completely protects homeowners from ever being collected upon after a short sale on the shortage or deficiency. This is huge news for you! And secondly, the U.S. Treasury recently launched a program called HAFA ( the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative) that pays homeowners several thousand dollars in relocation assistance to short sale their primary residence. These two facts alone have made short selling a home a much better option than it was in the past! What is stopping you from short selling this property? Then you can take it from there. Its basic objection overcoming conversation To get more scripts, and to see your real estate business explode join today!