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The Dilemmas' of Europe

The Dilemmas' of Europe

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Published by: tpitikaris on Aug 19, 2011
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The Dilemmas of Europe TheodorosPitikarisBAB,BSc,MSc

The majority of radio and TV programs, in Greece today, are expressing a big question, about the special treaty, demanded by Finland in order the Country to Participate to Hellenic Rescue Package. The disappointment is translucent, Hellenic opposition and Economist has the opinion that what was agreed on 21st of July is invalid and void. The uncertainty about Markets and economic prospects had narrowed the potentials of established mechanisms to help Northern Countries Economies to recover. The meeting between Angela Merkel and Nikola Sarkozy did not provide the solutions, or norms that most of the people expected. They announced their decision for a proper coordination of Eurozone economic and financial policies and the impulse of Tobin-Like taxation, and that is a development. They main problem is that nobody has a magic want, that will relief Global Economy from overreactions, and Western World is not in position to give a proper answer to dumping policies that China and other Asian countries apply on their production Scheme. The austerity measures, will slow down the decay of the Old World but without investments in Research, innovation, immigration control, consistency of societies , and Food safety (CAP) I am afraid that we will end up with semi-democratically states, dependedon the BRICcountries wills

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