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Published by Mohit Garg
ALM 11.0 Business Process Testing Guide
ALM 11.0 Business Process Testing Guide

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Published by: Mohit Garg on Aug 19, 2011
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Keyword-driven business components and scripted components are both
part of Business Process Testing. Both types of components are
maintainable, reusable modules that perform a specific task when testing
your application.

Scripted component steps can contain programming logic and can be edited
only in the applications in which they were created, such as
QuickTestProfessional or Service Test. They cannot be modified by the
subject matter expert in ALM, but you can include these scripted
components in any business process tests.

In the Automation sub-tab, you can launch the component in the testing
tool in which it was automated.

You create scripted components in QuickTestProfessional and Service Test:

➤For more information on creating and editing scripted components in

QuickTestProfessional, see the HPQuickTest Professional for Business
Process Testing User Guide

➤For more information on creating and editing scripted components in

Service Test, see the HP Service Test User Guide and HP Software Self-solve
knowledge base article KM1016396

Note: Most of the information, examples, and images in this guide focus
specifically on working with keyword-driven business components.
However, much of the information also applies to scripted components.

Chapter 1 • Introducing Business Process Testing


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