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Progress of Work1-Ca1

Progress of Work1-Ca1

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Published by: vijayan m g on Aug 19, 2011
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Name: VIJAYAN M G Roll no: 10MJ17 Project title: PLM for Mechatronics Product.

   Design. Mechatronics. Collaboration. Integration.

Alain [1] explains a project of PROSTEP AG dealing with the improvement of interoperability in Mechatronic product development.[CAMAT]. Sellgren [2] gave a brief introduction and a better understanding of the technology Mechatronics. Heming Zhang [3] proposed a solution which can support the integration of distributed simulation models at run-time involving a computational infrastructure and a high level modeling approach. Qing Shen [4] utilized virtual reality technique and new interaction techniques to build a creative and efficient cooperative assembly environment for Mechatronic prototype design.

Sustainability has challenged mechatronics to transform into a closed-loop, cradle-to-cradle design approach. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a process of managing the entire engineering lifecycle of a product, along with the software tools to synchronize information. Just as in mechatronics, this lifecycle is now viewed as one that stretches from conception, through design and manufacture, to service, disposal, and recycling. Just as a key element in mechatronics is human-centered design, PLM is becoming more human-centered, in addition to being informationcentered. New technology implies new types of errors, faults, and error modes, as well as completely new and unforeseen types of emergent behavior. So there should be a thought to reduce the complexity of manufacturing the Mechatronic product.

[1] Dr.Alain Biahmou, Dr.Arnulf Frohlich, Dr.Josip Stijepandic ³Improving Interoperability in Mechatronic Product Developmet´- International conference on PLM. [2] Ulf Sellgren, Martin Torngren, Diana Malvius, Matthias Biehl ³PLM for Mechatronics Integration´- International conference on PLM. [3] Niklas Adamsson ³Model-Based Development of Mechatronic Systems ± Reducing the Gaps Between Competencies? Proceedings of the TMCE (2004). [4] Heming Zhang, Hongwei Wang, David chen, Gregory Zacharewicz ³A Model-driven approach to Multidisciplinary Collaborative Simulation for Virtual Product Development´ [5] Qing Shen*, Ju¨rgen Gausemeier, Jochen Bauch, Rafael Radkowski ³A cooperative virtual prototyping system for mechatronic solution elements based assembly´

And there is no single product data management system for document and data management. Java etc.. managing the product lifecycle is difficult and updating of the product structure is difficult. tables.4. 7. So single software can be designed with different modules for multidisciplinary product design.  To update the bill of materials (BOM) in the data base automatically if any changes were made the design.  To store the MATLAB results (graphs. figures) in the appropriate folder where the product Meta-data is stored.  To create a program to integrate the two software¶s..) for designing and stimulation of the Mechatronics product. 6. (ii) (iii) (iv) 5. So customization of product structure can be done with aid of languages. FEASIBILITY STUDY  The software PRO-Engineer 5. PROBLEM DEFINITION These are the current problems faces in designing the Mechatronic product in PLM enterprises: (i) There is no single system design environment (now-a-days different disciplines use different software¶s for designing purposes) for designing Mechatronics products. . Customization of design software like PRO-Engineer to integrate with other software using languages (like C++.) for designing and stimulation of the Mechatronics product. OBJECTIVE To customize the design software PRO-Engineer to integrate with other software like MATLAB / SimuLink using languages (like C++.  Based on the journals study the project is feasible. SCOPE OF THE PROJECT  The project mainly used for integrating the two different software¶s with different disciplines.. Different databases can be integrated so that the data redundancy can be reduced and retrieval of data becomes easier. If there is any change in the Mechatronics product. FUTURE WORK  To reflect the changes in Product structure from its CAD model automatically by customizing the Pro-E and MATLAB environment.0 and MATLAB is available in our college. the project is feasible..  To retrieve the design easily from the database.  The project is mainly applicable for Designing Mechatronic product. Java etc. 8.

 Pro-Engineer Wild fire 5.6 .9. Software Packages needed  Windows 2000 Operating system.0  MATLAB 2007  JDK 1.6  JRE 1. PROPOSED METHODOLOGY 10.

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