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Week 9 Capstone (Reflection)

Week 9 Capstone (Reflection)

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Published by: Alegna72 on Aug 19, 2011
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Week 9 Capstone: Reflection

Write a 200- to 300-word reflection, describing how you can use the business writing techniques you learned in future courses and in your career.

Reflection Communication is a two-way street as there is a listener or reader and a talker or writer. To communicate in person is different from communicating in writing as the absence of body language and eye contact in writing makes it more difficult to grasp the tone. Oftentimes business writing is a reflection of the company; therefore, it is beneficial to follow the steps in business writing. By identifying the purpose of the writing, and the audience as well as the audience knowledge, makes ensuring the proper tone easier. At my job written communication to internal and external customers is written every day. Usually the correspondence to tenants will be shorter and include less detail than a document for headquarters. This class reinforces the understanding that communication serves different purposes and audiences. For example a memo to internal staff is appropriate. Whereas, a memo to headquarters is not appropriate as a memo is a tool for internal communication. An assignment that stands out to me is the difference in academic and business writing. In academic writing the purpose of writing is to convey knowledge of a subject. Therefore, the writing is written in third person and not first person. In business writings the purpose is usually to convey information so writing in first person is acceptable. In the end this class will help strengthen my business and academic writing as my job entails producing written communication daily. In addition learning the steps in writing will help when submitting written assignments in class. Therefore, the business writing techniques in the class is beneficial to me personally and professionally.

Earned Points Possible Points 30 30 . You earned 30/30.Assignment Capstone CheckPoint: Reflection Submitted on time Instructor's Comments (Sat 08/06/2011 11:41 AM MST): The purpose of the reflections assignment was to express what you have learned in this class and how you plan on using what you learned in the future. You did a good job stating what you have learned and provided examples that were well thought out. You stayed within the word requirement for the assignment.

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