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The Truth Behind The Conspiracy

Yacuwb Abdullah Muhammad aka Jacob York aka Jake and "Big Poppa" of the Junior Mafia, executive producer of Pornography hip-hop star Lil Kim aka "Lil Mama, the Queen B"- Jacob plays a very important role in the conspiracy to bring down Malachi York. He is the second most important witness on salary by the government yet he was not in court. Jacob is a paid informant for the FBI. According to his own sister's statement in court during the trial it was blocked from public but on the transcript. It is common knowledge among family and friends of both Jacob and Malachi York that Jacob hates his father with a passion. As a young boy growing up in the community, Jacob was what most people would call a "spoiled" child, getting in trouble and doing the things that most children do. As a teenager, Jacob would use the fact that he was Malachi York's son to his advantage in the community. At that time, Malachi York was the pastor but he retired in 1988 A.D., after which new leadership took over, namely Nathaniel Washington. To date, Malachi York has written well over 400 books covering many topics including religion, science, freemasonry, business and more. In all that Mr. York has written, it's well documented that he promotes religious tolerance, self esteem, obeying the laws of the land, education, and good character among other topics. The children and teenagers in the community were raised by their parents to be upright, mannerable, graceful, trilingual and respectful. They were taught not to drink any alcoholic beverages, to smoke any tobacco, to use any kinds of drugs. They were taught to avoid hip hop music. They learned classical dance and ballet. You would say that they were raised to be nerds. But there is always that one or two who reach out into the world of the unknown and bring back evil such as pornography, hard core rap, guns, the hip hop mentality, sloppy dress, dropping out of school, using drugs, and changing girls into hoochie mamas. This is what Jake did, this is the kind of person he is. He led lot of kids out of community like a pied piper now they are running the street. They are not street kids, they really don't understand the street world. Jake is the one who it made it easy for Sills and them to manipulate them into his conspiracy. Jacob went outside of the community and wanted to pursue a career in music. Not just any music or like his father Malachi York who is also a musician who produced and promoted wholesome groups with messages in their music. No... Jacob went for the hardcore pornographic hip hop.

Jacob York is responsible for the career of Lil' Kim, whose first album was called "Hardcore". If you look on the back of the album you will see Executive Producer - Jacob York. Keep in mind that Jacob's legal name is Yacuwb Abdullah Muhammad, yet he insists on using the name "York" like his father. This is because Malachi York is well known in the music industry and was very instrumental with many hit songs that we all love to this day. Lil Kim's song titles include: "Drugs" "Big Momma Thang" "Queen B**" and more; all with x rated explicit lyrics. Lil' Kim was recently brought up on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. She is accused of lying to the grand jury involving a shooting incident. Does this sound familiar? Of course it does. One of the prosecution's witness for the trial against Malachi York testified in court that she lied to the grand jury and this can be found in the transcripts coming out of her own mouth when asked a question about the 302, which is a statement for the government and she got caught in the lie and said ( ). Jacob is the one responsible for altering the NBA logo to depict a young man holding a gun. That's a tough guy role so why are you hiding Mr. Tough Guy? Why are you letting the same system that you spoke about control your mind and our destiny? Step up to the plate like a man. After the NBA logo was altered for the Rap Artist Cameron, Jacob was sued by the NBA. Jacob is also responsible for Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s first album entitled "Conspiracy" (how ironic). If you take a look at these rap groups that Jacob financed and supported and listen to the lyrics of their songs, its no surprise how he can come up with elaberate pornographic stories and child molestation. Jacob hated his father for not being there to support his efforts in his music career. Mr. York is against the exploitation of young men & women and degrading music; thus he would not support such a thing. Jacob also believes that his father is somehow responsible for his mother's death (may God rest her soul). Jacob's mother died of a Brain Aneurism which runs in her family. Her father and her older brother both died of Brain Aneurisms. Malachi York and Jacob Yorks mother had been separated for over 25 years. They did not even see each other, nor come in contact with each other. Mr. York heard about her death, and called Jacob York. It was at that time that Jacob York called his father names, cursed at him, threatened to kill him, and accused him of being responsible for her death. Mr. York understood that Jacob must have been very upset regarding the death of his mother. Mr. York covered all the expenses for the funeral out of his care and concern. This was ignored and Jake continues to hate his father. Jacob went on to live the fast life of money, sex, drugs, and criminal activity. Jacob is the one guilty of all of the crimes that his father Malachi York is being accused of. Jacob is known as a child molester. There is an FBI report where a female who identified herself as "BUD" told the FBI that Jacob molested her child. This was never investigated by the FBI. Jacob traveled across state lines with minors and adults from Georgia to Florida

with the intent to engage in sexual acts and to encourage minors to have sex with others. Farah Muhammad, who had just turned 17 at the time, is the victim of Jacob York's advances and fondling. She comes forward and tells her story and is willing to testify. Jacob recruited disgruntled ex-members of the community in order to come up with the plot involving child molestation to bring Malachi York down. He chose child molestation because he stated that child molestation is easy to charge someone with and the hardest to defend. Jake stated that it would be believable because he knew that there were women and children living on the land. Thus he started his campaign to recruit ex-female members that eventually moved in with him which he had sexual relationships with. Jacob purchased a house in Stone Mountain Georgia along with Barbara Noel, (the mother of Nicole Lopez, Amanda and David Noel) where they all lived. It was at this house where they all conspired and plotted the false testimony of molestation. (address)A conspiracy network was set up by Jacob where all of the females would call each other to match up stories and add to the overall plot. Jacob sponsored a trip to South Beach Florida where he invited several disgruntled ex-members under the disguise of a reunion trip. The agents told Jake to sponsor a trip to South Beach Florida and they paid for it. Once down in Florida, Jacob was told to bring up casual conversation of child molestation and money and how much money they could get if they would say they were molested by Mr. York and to discuss the conspiracy against his father. Some of the women and men that Jake initially tried to recruit and even took on the South Beach trip did not go along with the conspiracy. Others were coerced and even threatened by Jake to go along with the plot. Here are their stories. Read very closely and you will see without question that Malachi York was set up. It was all a plot, a conspiracy. Malachi York is innocent of all charges. Hello, My name is Habibah Washington and today Im here to put on record, the truth behind all of the lies brought up in the case against Malachi York. Im going to start off by saying that Im not being forced, threatened, coerced or pressured to do this tape. I am also going to state that, as you can tell, Im not under any kind of influence to alcohol or drugs. I want to begin with all of the events that led up to the final verdict in the case against Malachi. I want to start off with how it started, where it started, when and the reason why. I left the community in February of 2001. I moved from Georgia and I went to New York and moved with my family. In about March of 2001, I was contacted by Jacob. Jacob is the son of Malachi York; hes also an ex-member. Jacob contacted me and our conversation was basically about the good times that we had in the community, what we went through, how we grew up, just making up for old times. Two months after that,

Jacob called me. This was in May. Jacob called me about a trip to Florida, a trip where some of the girls and boys, ex members that were going to go down to Florida, just to hang out, have fun, whatever. I agreed to go on the trip. I told Jake Ill come on the trip. I left from New York, went to Georgia, we all met up at Jacobs house. It was me, Jacob, Nicole Lopez, Nuh Rashid, Aiys, Istiyr, probably some other girls and boys, I dont remember. Before we actually went down to Florida I had a conversation with Jacob outside of his house and Jacob brought up some feelings that he had about his father. Jacob was really upset with his father. He stated that he hated his father, that he felt that his father doesnt need to be alive, that he shouldnt even be given life. He felt that his father needs to just rot in jail. Jacob wanted all of us to, all of us meaning me, Nicole, Karima, he was talking to a couple of people, different people that left the community. He wanted us to bring a case against his father. Jacob told me that some of the girls and boys that left the community had went to the government about different things that was going on in the community, meaning child molestation. Before I left the community, I was the main person in charge of the finances, as well as in charge of anything that went on in the community. The living, eating, anything financial, anything that happened regarding any of the members in the community, I dealt with that, so I was basically in charge. Jacob told me that the FBI knew who I was and that they were told about certain things that Ive done in the community and some of those things I could be incriminated for. Jacob told me that if I dont go to the FBI first then they would come after me, they would incarcerate me, they would take my children away from me because there are things that they were told about me that could incriminate me. When Jacob first talked to me about that, I was not interested in bringing out any charges against his father. I didnt see any reason. I didnt believe that anything was going on, I didnt believe that anything was wrong, we wasnt doing any criminal acts. Jacob brought up the fact that I had a son by his father at 17 years old. I told Jacob that my son with his father never came about because I was forced to have sex with his father. Yes I was seventeen years old and yes I did agree to have a child with his father at that age. I understood my age, I understood his age, I didnt see anything wrong with it, I consented to it, so I told Jacob that thats the way that I felt. I didnt feel that anything wrong happened. That we both agreed to it. I felt that I was an adult, it was my decision and I went with it. But Jacob proceeded to say that there were some things that some of the other ex members had went to the government with and that I should really talk to them and see whats up and see how I can clear my name so that Im not prosecuted for any of those things. We all went to Florida after that conversation and during our trip to Florida we had several conversations in the car with Jacob. It was some other boys that were there and Jacob started talking about going on the land and taking some of the kids, just kidnapping some of the children off the land. He

was talking about my sister, my sister was still there, my younger sister Islah was still there and he wanted us to just go up there and just take her and take some of the other little girls and boys off the land because he didnt feel that they should be living on the land with his father. But we had all agreed that that was not going to happen. None of us was interested in going up on the land and kidnapping anybody, so Jacob said, well then, we can just do it the legal way. He started bringing up different things in the community like how we grew up, how we lived. He brought up the fact that he was in love with Nicole and he felt that because Nicole liked his father that it was a betrayal and that his father was the one responsible for it. Jacob thought that his dad was responsible for his mothers death and his brothers death and he really, really felt that he needed to take revenge on his father and he was not able to do it, but we were able to do it because we were there longer and we were closer to his dad than he was. So Jacob had a conversation with me and Karima and Nicole Lopez. Nicole Lopez had a lot of disgruntled issues with Jacobs dad, because for one, she was kicked out and she felt that it was wrong that she was kicked out because she didnt have anywhere to go. She didnt know anybody and after all the years that she lived in the community, Malachi kicked her out, and she had nowhere to go. So she was kind of mad about that. Everybody started venting in the car about different things that we didnt like. It didnt have nothing to do with child molestation, it had nothing to do with any criminal acts, it was just different things, normal things that you dont like about growing up or, you know, we might have had a argument with Malachi here and there and we brought up the situation. Jacob kind of fed off of that anger and he convinced all of us that we should take that anger and we should go to the government with a story about his father. We all went down to Florida and we had fun, we did our thing, on the trip back from Florida, we were driving in Jacobs car again. It was myself, Karima, Nicole, Farah, Nuh Rashid and some other driver I dont remember his name, and Jacob brought up the conversation again, how he thinks that we should really go to the government with a story about his father. Anything that we didnt like in the community we should go because his father needed to be in jail. His father did not do good things, he was not happy with his father and he really felt that a case should be brought up against his father. He really felt that his father should be put away for life. He did not deserve to live. That conversation subsided and we finally made it back to Georgia from Florida and Jacob had a conversation with me again and he told me that there were certain children that did go to the FBI about different things with myself and that it was no way I would be able to prove that it didnt happen. The only way I can make any good of it is to go to the FBI with a story, seek immunity and just go from there. I still told Jacob that I was not interested in doing that and there was nothing that Id witnessed or nothing that Id known that was going on, but Jacob believed that because the FBI knew who I was and because they were told things about me that it was best that I go to them and talk to them and see whats up. At that point I was afraid, I mean nobody really messes with the FBI. So I went to the FBI the following day. They called Jacob up first. I sat in the car. Jacob talked with them, I dont know what the conversation was about because I wasnt in the room and I wasnt told what the conversation was about, but Jacob went up there and he talked to them, and then about an hour later they called me up. I stated my name, I stated who I was, they asked me about different children and they called out different names like Amala and

Krystal, and I told them I know those children. Whatever name they called if I knew the person I told them I knew the person. They asked me to state my life, the reasons why I left and the reason why I was there. I told them about life in the community, growing up, why we left. I was questioned about the money situation because I did deal with the financial situation, I told them how we ran our finances, I ran off different people that I knew that was there, different people that I knew that had left and why they left. They asked me about certain children, they asked me about certain stories that they were told and I told them that yeah, I went along the story, I told them that, yes, I did do these things. I felt that I had to tell them yes because I was told that they already knew and there no way for me to deny anything that didnt happen or anything that did happen, I had to tell them what I felt that they know because I felt that, like Jacob told me, they already knew the story and there was no way that I could say that didnt happen, I would have to prosecute myself, to make whatever was said against his father, make it more real, make it sound more believable, if we all prosecuted ourselves then whatever we say about Malachi would be believable. That interview ended by them asking me about different people that I knew that would want to talk, different members that I knew that would want to assist them in the case. The only names that I knew were other members that I knew that were disgruntled. Like Nicole had her own issues with Malachi, Karima had her own issues with Malachi, Sakina also, Amala, Krystal different people that I knew that had issues against him, I gave them those names. So after that, they started calling different people. Everybody kind of got involved. Everybody called everybody and thats how the case kind of started. The question next would be, why did I go ahead with the story? Why did I never take it back? Why didnt I ever just tell the truth at that time? I felt really pressured to go along with the story. I felt that I had to go along with the story. We all kind of called each other. And was backing up each others story. If Nicole did an interview with the FBI then she would call us and we would back up her story. If Nicole spoke to them then she would call us so in case they called me, then I could back up whatever Nicole was saying and thats kind of how we did it, we all just called each other and said yeah, I did this, I said this and then we can back each other up and that would make the story sound more real, make it sound more believable. If we all back each other up, it can sound more believable. I was afraid that my initial interview that I had given, a statement, I was afraid that if I was to take that back, I did not know if I was going to be prosecuted, its not like I had an attorney to represent me, I did not have my personal attorney to explain to me what the steps were, what the charges were, what immunity really meant. What I believed immunity to mean was that I would be protected, anything that I would state on the witness stand that could be used against me, anything that I would say that could be used against me, I would be protected from that, thats what I understood my immunity to mean. It was never explained in detail what the agreement was about, what the immunity was about, that was the jest of what I understood it was about. So at the time, I went thought with the story because I was afraid for my life, I was afraid that they could take

me to jail, that I could be incarcerated, that my children would be taken away from me, and it was different times during the two year process that I spoke to different FBI agents. I spoke to Joan, I spoke to Jalaine, I spoke to Tracy from the sheriffs department and there was a couple occasions where they did remind me that you know Habibah you could be incriminated for certain things you are about to say as well. So being reminded of that, I felt compelled to go just go ahead with the story, I didnt want to change my story at the time, I didnt want to break the agreement because I was told that by breaking the agreement meant that I would be incarcerated and I would be prosecuted because I had given statements already. And like I said, I wasnt represented by a personal attorney. The prosecution had an attorney that represented all the witnesses and all of the victims. I was not represented by a personal attorney. So, I really didnt know my rights, I really didnt know the laws, I didnt know what I could do, what I cant do, so I felt compelled to just go ahead with the story that everybody else was telling. Why I want to come out with the truth now? Its really, really important for me to come out with the truth now because I dont sleep at night knowing that two people are spending their lives in jail as I speak because of statements that a bunch of ex disgruntled members came out with. The whole trial against Malachi was personal. It was on personal anger reasons. We all had our own issues why we were angry with him and Jacob told us that we could come out with a story, we could eventually file for a class action lawsuit, we could all sue him for millions of dollars and get money from it and we could even go to making movies and we could even go to making books and stuff like that. So everybody fed off of that idea. Prior to Jacob telling us about the civil suit, he showed us video documentary on Charles Manson, on the Heavens Gate dude, different leaders that kind of ran cults and Jacob showed us this documentary. He showed it to me, showed it to Nicole, he basically showed it to everybody that left the community-the girls. And he wanted us to look at this documentary and compare it to his father. The way that we lived, the fact that, yes we did live with the children with the children, the parents with the parents, the brothers together, the mothers together. He wanted us to compare everything that they've been through with us so that we can put in our minds that no we didnt live a normal life, yes we were a cult so he showed all of us that documentary so that we can sort of compare the two so that before we even start testifying, we could understand that yes we were a cult. He wanted that to be in our minds. So that we could go with that type of mind frame as opposed to we were normal, we just all have our own issues, were mad, but its all good. No, he wanted us to believe that, listen, this is the documentary on this cult and this is what we lived, and he wanted us to compare that so that we could have that type of mind frame. In other words, it added on to the anger that wow, this how we grew up or this is what it is. Anyways, like I was saying, I feel totally guilty for bringing this case against Malachi. I dont feel that its right that he is in jail right now because all of us were angry and we all got together and agreed to this case. And we went ahead with it and now hes facing life in jail for it. Its not right, its not fair for anybody to be prosecuted because of somebody

elses personal reasons. I dont think that he should be incarcerated because of that. If we all did have issues against him then thats human nature but nobody should be sent to jail because of a bunch of lies. And what was said on that stand was a bunch of lies. Like I said, we all called each other up we all backed each others story up. We all kind of, okay you said this to this person and I said that to that person, okay thats fine. Jacob went to each and every one of us and tried to make it personal between each and every one of us. With me it was like you was in charge, you had control of a lot of things and so anybody could say this about you and it would be believable because you was in charge. There was no denying that I was in charge, I was in charge. So I felt that I had to go along with the story because I couldnt prove anything that anybody would say against me, I couldnt prove it, he told me that once they told the FBI something, that the FBI is looking into you, they start looking into me. There was no way that I could prove that what anybody said about me was wasnt the truth or wasnt a lie, there was no way, so I felt compelled to just go ahead with the story. As far as Nicole is concerned, Jacob appealed to her because Nicole was in love with one of the younger boys. And so Jacob knew that if they found out that about Nicole Nicole would be so afraid that she could be prosecuted with that, she would also be compelled to tell a story about his father because she didnt want to be incriminated for whatever feeling she had. So different people had different reasons. Jacob made everything personal between all of us. So we all had personal reasons for being pressured, or feeling that we had to go through with the story. Like I was saying, like Nicole Harden, the whole situation with the RICO charges. I know that I previously stated that Malachi York never told us not to structure any money and he also never told us not to sign or not to report when we made over $10,000 dollars. He never told us not to ever file that report. In court, I was told Nicole Harden told the FBI that he did tell us not to sign that document, I would have known if he would have said that because I was in charge of the money, I was the person that was in charge of the financial office. If anything was told about finances it would have definitely have came through me. But I do believe that Nicole felt compelled to go ahead with that story because, for one, Nicole Harden is the one who did refuse to sign those documents and shes also the one who always gave the tellers a problem and a hard time whenever it came to those type of transactions. So I believe thats the reason why Nicole did say that yes , he said that. But hes never said that to me, hes never said that to anybody else that Ive known, and like I said, I was the one in charge of the finances. And I would have known anything that he wouldve said as far as the finances goes. Back to the reason why I feel that it is important to tell the truth now, like I said, I could have told the truth before, but I was afraid. I felt that I was pressured to just go ahead with the story. I was being reminded how I was doing the right thing, that this is a good thing that Im doing. I was doing the right thing and as well, I did have to remind myself that I could be incriminated. So, I felt that, okay, if you tell me a hundred times that its the right thing to do, if thats what all of the agents are telling me, then it is the right thing to do. I didnt feel that it was the right thing to do, but I was being told it was the right thing to do. I felt really, really pressured. I know you can say that why dont I feel pressured now; Its not that I dont feel pressured now, I just feel that the truth has to come out. Theres no way that any person in their right mind can go ahead and live the

rest of their life knowing that they sent somebody to jail for life on lies. There is just no way. And there is no way I can live the rest of my life knowing that Malachi is going to spend the rest of his life in jail, knowing that Kathy is in jail now because of charges that we brought up against her. Every time I look at my children, I think about her children. I think about the fact that her children doesnt have her and its not right, its just not right. Im also going to talk about the money situation. Yes, I was in charge of the finances, and a lot of the financial decisions that were made, were by me, at the time that I was in charge. When I wasnt in charge, when it was Kathy that was in charge, the financial decisions were made by her. Malachi did not make financial decisions. We collected the money, we separated the money. When I was in charge, I was in charge of where the money went, how the money was handled, how it was separated. He never sat us down and told us to avoid the FBI or avoid the IRS or do anything illegal with his money. As a matter of fact, he was very, very serious about handling his finances in a legal way. So anything that happened with the finances when I was in charge, it was my decision to decide what happened with the finances, where it went and how it was handled. And the same goes for anybody else who was in charge prior to me or after me. Thats how it was done. I didnt really understand the structure charges and I believe that I expressed that to the U.S. attorney and I also expressed that to FBI Jalaine that I really didnt understand the structure charges and they explained to me that anytime you try to avoid filing that report then thats a serious charge and, like I stated previously and I believe I stated this on my testimony on the stand, that Malachi never told us not to file those reports. He never told us to deny any of the tellers any information. If we did deposit over $10,000 dollars and if we were investigated, he never told us not to follow through. He never told us not to talk to anyone about it. So thats how I feel about the money structure charges. I just want to repeat that the charges brought up against Malachi were all lies. We did back each others story up. I cant really speak for why other people did it. I know that a lot of them had their own personal anger issues with Malachi. I want to state that nobody that left the community left because they were molested. That was never a reason why anybody left because they were molested or because he was doing things to them that they did not agree to. Nobody left because he was doing any criminal acts. Nobody had any problem with that. That was never the reason for anyone to leave child or adult. That was never the reason for anybody to leave. Everybody left because they wanted to leave. Because they got fed up. I left because I wanted a new life; it just wasnt for me anymore. Some people did get kicked out but it was never because of any child molestation issues. Nobody ever left because they felt that they were molested. There was no child that ever, ever made a statement that I want to leave because Malachis molesting me. That never took place. That never happened. Like I said, the charges were all personal charges, it was all because of personal reasons. Jacob had at different points in time, questioned us about well about this boy or what about this girl, what do you think hes going to say? What do you think shes going to

say? Did you ever see anything happening with this girl? And I would always tell Jacob Ive never seen anything happen with this boy or this girl but Jacob forced us, he really, really wanted us to say, okay this happened with this boy, this happened with this girl, well if you are going to say it then you might as well tell them. So he questioned all of us about different people, and like I said, everybody had their own personal reasons, everybody had their reason for feeling that they had to tell the story. For me, it was because I was in charge, and I felt pressured, I felt compelled that anything that anybody told the FBI about me, it would be so hard for me to try to prove that it was a lie or prove that it was not the truth and like I said, I was never represented by my own personal attorney, I didnt really know my rights, I dont really understand the law. I wasnt really told or I would say I was not really informed about everything that was going on. I know there was charges brought up against Malachi, I knew that we had to testify, I knew what we had to say. That was it, I did not understand that I could just get another attorney and speak to another attorney about not going through. There was so many times where I wanted to pull back my statement, when I wanted to just not go through with it but I didnt have the support, I didnt have the backup, I didnt feel that I had the protection, you know, yes I was afraid of going to jail, I was afraid of having my children taken away from me, I know that its not right to be afraid for myself and think that it was right okay, I can protect myself and he still go to jail I know that that is not right. I know that it was a selfish thought and thats why Im here now, to tell the truth, to tell it how it was. In conclusion, its really, really time for the truth to come out. This is going on two years or, I think it actually has been two years. So many people have suffered. Malachis suffering day by day because of this, and its really, really not fair, I really, really believe that somebody had to come out with the truth and like I said, everyday I think about him suffering. Everyday, I think about how wrong it is. What weve all done, how wrong it is. Everyday I think about what happened to all of the lives of those children. So this is why Im putting my statement on record because its the right thing to do. And like I said, I want the truth to come out, I cant be afraid anymore. I cant feel pressured anymore. I cant say that, you know, I cant go on with the rest of my life knowing that Im hiding the truth, Im holding the truth. I think its time for it to come out. It has to come out, you know, we have to bring out the truth behind all these lies that was put out. We have to do the right thing. And Im here because I want to do the right thing. Because I really want to do the right thing. Thats it.

My name is Farah Muhammad, I have a story to tell. I was there when Jake York and others conspired against Dr. Malachi Z. York. I was born on January 22, 1984. I am 19 years old. I want the truth to be known. In the summer of the year 2000 Tamara Habiyba Foreman, Nichole Adah Lopez, Arlene Kariymah Hamilton, Sarah Shababa, Qamra Muhammad, and I lived at my fathers house in Stone Mountain,

Georgia. Istiyr Cole also frequently visited our home during this time. While at my fathers home Adah who was 23 years old at the time, was in a sexual relationship with my 15 year old brother Kuwsh Muhammad-Martinez. On one occasion I walked in the bathroom at my fathers home late at night and saw them having sex. All of the young ladies with the exception of Qamra and Tamara Habiyba Forman moved from our house to Jacobs ( known as Jacob York) house in Stone Mountain, Georgia in the winter of 2000 where Barbara Noel was also residing. In the spring of 2001 I was at Istiyrs apartment and witnessed Lemuel LaRoche, Bruce Baith Smith Jr., and Ahmed Smith approach Istiyr and her sister Deena Cole about saying that they were molested by Malachi York and to say that they had seen others being molested by Malachi York. They said no because they were never molested by Malachi York and that they never saw anyone being molested. I started hanging out at Jacobs house when the girls moved to his house. On several occasions I witnessed Jacob talk about how he hated his father and blamed his father for the death of his mother. He was also angry at his father for not giving him money for his record company. In May of 2001 while at Jacobs house Jacob invited me on a trip to South Beach, Florida. I agreed to go and got permission from my father because my brother Kuwsh and Istiyr were also going. On May 25, 2001 I arrived at Jacobs house to go on the trip. Kariyma, Malachi Yorks son Iys, Rasheed Williams, Nuh LaRoche, Jamin Ish James, Ishs sister Aiydah, Kuwsh, Habiybah Washington, Adah, Jacobs friends Arthur and Yusuf, and one of Jacobs recording groups the 404 Soldiers were present to go on the trip. Arthur and Jamin rented two vans for the trip. We left Jacobs house at 1 AM and arrived in Florida at 10 AM and checked into the Sheraton Hotel. Lemuel, Hakim, Adah, and Atiyah arrived at the hotel later on that night at approximately 10 PM and shared our rooms. Rokiya Herbert arrived on the 27th of May. On several occasions while in Florida Jacob would talk about his father Malachi York. I witnessed him saying that he was going to bring his father down on child molestation charges because it was easy to get someone convicted with that.. Jacob even asked me to go along with his story. I said no because it didnt make sense because I never lived around his father. Jacob would also often say What happens in Florida stays in Florida. While in Florida there were a lot of pictures being taken and sexual activity going on. I was 17 years old at the time. Jacob would also buy me drinks and get me drunk. While I was drunk he would fondle me and try to get me to have sex with him and his friends. At this point I was ready to leave. I was no longer having fun. On May 28, 2001 we check out at 11 oclock and headed back to Georgia. I traveled in one of the vans with Jacob, Habiyba, Kariyma, Adah, and Rasheed. While we were traveling I witnessed Jacob and Rasheed talking about going to the land in Eatonton to take some of the children. But then Habiyba convinced Jacob that it was not a good idea. Jacob then said we will just go to the FBI. I also witnessed Jacob telling Habiyba she needed to go to the FBI as well with a story of child molestation so she wouldnt get in trouble. Then Habiyba said that she wouldnt get in trouble because nothing happened. Jacob and Habiyba were going back and forth arguing. Their conversation ended with Jacob saying they would talk

about it later. We arrived at Jacobss house at Jacobss house at 2 AM. It was late so we stayed at Jacobs house. I left early the next morning. In the month of May after the arrest of Malachi York my sister Qamra called me from her home in Philadelphia and asked me to connect a three way call on my cell phone that I later found out to be the Atlanta FBI office. She asked for a female agent whose name I know only to begin with a J. The agent was not available so she left a message. I found out later that my sister Qamra who was in communication with Jacob was involved in the case against Malachi York.

My name is Leah Mabry. I am 24 years of age. I am making these statements of my own free will. No one has threatened or coerced me to make it. Nor have I been offered anything of value in return for making this statement. I am prepared to tell my story to anyone that will listen in order to tell the truth and let it be known During the month of May 2001 A.D., Jacob York told me to go to the F.B.I. and tell them that I had been molested by Dr. Malachi. York. Jacob told me that he was already working with the FBI and everything was already set up to bring Dr. York down. Jacob told me that he was on the payroll of the FBI and that I could get in on it and make some real money working with him. He told me that he needed more people to go along with it to make it more believable. He said that I would be good for it because I was close to Dr. York, our father. Jacob also tried to convince me to share an apartment with Nicole Lopez and talk to her about going to the FBI. Also in May of 2001 A.D., Jacob invited me on a trip to Florida that he planned for Memorial Day weekend. He told me that a lot of people that I knew were going on the trip. He named Habibah Abigail Washington, Arlene Karima Hamilton, Istyr Cole, Tatiana Atiyah Thomas, Nicole Lopez, and Farah Muhammad. Jake told me to come along with them and maybe I would change my mind. I didnt go on the trip and I stopped communicating with Jacob. He told me to choose his world or Dr. Yorks world. I chose Dr. Yorks world, the world of the truth. In May of 2002 A.D., I learned that Dr. York and his wife Kathy Johnson York were arrested on child molestation charges. I was shocked at first but then I knew how it came about from my conversations with Jacob. In January 2004 A.D. at the trial of Dr. Malachi York, I was a defense witness willing to testify to the facts about the conspiracy to bring Dr. York down. My testimony was

blocked by Judge C. Ashley Royal. I was called into the courtroom to give my testimony to Judge Royal without the jurors present. Judge Royal then told me that 90% of my testimony would not be allowed in the court. I was not allowed to talk about the conversations between Jacob and myself. My testimony was very limited. My father, Dr. Malachi York is innocent of all charges. I have personally witnessed the conspiracy that was set up by Jacob York. I was approached by Jacob himself. I did not go along with the plot and I cut off all ties to Jacob. I am willing to give my testimony in court. Malachi York should be acquitted of the charges against him and released immediately. Thats my story.

I am Damon Pryor, and I am writing this for the sole purpose of conveying the facts that have been witnessed by myself, concerning the premeditated plot and scheme to character assassinate, demise and attempt to ruin the life of Dr. Malachi Z. York. Jacob York, also known as Yacoub Muhammad, has repeatedly throughout the years since I have known him, since around 1991 A.D., constantly slandered and ridiculed Dr. Malachi Z. York for personal emotional reasons based on nothing but jealousy, hate, obsession for power, money and influence. This vendetta has climaxed over the last decade and has caused Dr. Malachi Z. York much pain. Fortunately, I was in certain places and witnessed and heard affiliates to support his claims and back his lying attempts. Jacob York and I were practically inseparable, being so close in age and having a lot of the same interests. He often confided in me about his personal problems that I would in turn help him with and vice versa. We often talked about family and friends. He would often express disdain for Dr. Malachi Z. York and would refer to him as, That Man. He would never claim him as his father and he would deny being his son. He would ask certain students of Dr. Malachi Z. York, if they still followed that fool. Yet, he would use Dr. Yorks name when it came to business ventures. Leaning on the York name is a strong foundation in the music industry, and Jacob would only claim his connection when it was profitable. Therefore, Jacobs actions showed hypocrisy, because Jacob claimed that Dr. York was Crazy. Furthermore, it was known that Jacob would use his status as Dr. Yorks son to gain the most control over the females to do what he wanted. Most of the young girls would oblige simply because they knew he was Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks son. So manipulation on his behalf was nothing new. Most of the young girls would prefer being with one of Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks sons for publicity and popularity. In our community, that was a status quo and Jacob York used it to the best of his ability. In order to understand how these current events unfolded, I will give you a brief synopsis about the history of our community. I was there, so I know how those young girls think and how they were easily manipulated into doing things that they wouldnt necessarily do under normal circumstances. This

makes it clear, and this is a classic example of the same type of event that has happened in this present day case against Dr. Malachi Z. York. Since our teacher, Dr. Malachi Z. York, has been teaching, the children in the organization have been well-protected. A lot of us were NOT exposed to things in the world like drugs, crime, poverty and other ills the world has to offer. The females were raised and taught to be virtuous women and respectful young ladies. A lot of them were nave to various experiences in society. So it was easy to lure a young, nave female with the promises of money, clothes, nice homes and cars. You could practically take control of a young womans mind in her hopes that she would receive any of those things. Jacob knew this, and he still does; all of us knew it. If you were a selfish individual, you could ruin a young womans life by having false motives. And Jacob was selfish. He would, after much time, brag about how much money he had. How much he paid for this item or how much he spent at various places. In 1995 A.D., Lil Kim had a concert in Atlanta and a friend and I were asked by Jacob to chauffeur Lil Kim around and take her sight seeing. We were not particularly interested, but we did it as a favor. It was a two-day event. I was there, but I wasnt involved in the events. The behavior I witnessed was animalistic as well as dangerous. A rap group called Junior Mafia (Lil Kims affiliates), that Jacob York had under his management, threw a Hotel Party. Various prostitutes from Atlanta, Georgia were invited to the party and Jacob York videotaped all that took place at this party. What I witnessed was his overwhelming sex obsession involving male and female sexual encounters, group sex, explicit dancing, getting high and loud music in the back ground. All paid for under the expense of Jacob York. He is known for this type of behavior by anyone that knows him personally. Orchestrating these types of outings, endangering the lives of people in society by having high-risk prostitutes perform sexual favors on his so-called staff as favorable pay without the aid of protection from all of these sexually transmitted diseases. Putting all those people lives at risk for what: Money, Fame and Power. In November of 2001 A.D., it was told to me that Jacob York was helping the Feds (F.B.I.) out in a case against Dr. Malachi Z. York. Jacob often told me that he hated Dr. Malachi Z. York because he felt as though he was responsible for his mothers death. Also, because he felt as though Dr. Malachi Z. York had enough money to give him to help him out with his music career and he never did. He was jealous of Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks positive influence on peoples lives and in all his jealousy he envied Dr. Malachi Z. York. This is a personal vendetta with false malicious intent and it will be exposed. Jacob called my job at Flava Hair Salon in November of 2001 A.D., and asked a favor. I told him to meet me at the house on Covington Hwy. in Decatur, Georgia. When he arrived, I invited him in. Jacob wanted me to alter Government documents that belonged to Nations Bank of America. He wanted these Bank Statements that were from his account reprinted with falsified ending balances and falsified deposits. Five pages of Bank Statements falsifying, forging of Government Documents is a Felony. Conspiracy to commit forgery in the first, second and third degree is a Felony. He gave me the papers and I told him that I would get back with him.

During the visit, Jacob starts a conversation about sports, music and his reasons for the documents. He stated that he needed to get approved for the loan for a house he needed. He said he was getting a bigger house because he had a lot of girls that were moving with him and he needed more room. He went on to say, There would be a lot of girls moving off of the land in Eatonton. Most of the girls he bragged about having sex with and talked about a lot of their sexual performances and bodies. He also had pictures of the girls, namely: Abigail (Habiba) Washington, Nicole Lopez, Arlene (Kariyma) Hamilton, and Istiyr Cole. He bragged about the South Beach trip that they took in May earlier that year in 2001 A.D. He said that he had everything in order for the case. It was puzzling to me at first, but he made it clear that they were all conspiring with the Federal Government and plotting to Bring down Dr. Malachi Z. York, with allegations of child molestation. He also said, A lot of the girls wanted to be with him and that they were tired of that Egiptian ?@?#. Jacob said, Dr. Malachi Z. York was crazy and he was going down because of all the shit he had done to him. I stopped him in his tracks. I told him that I was done with him and he left. Two days later, he came to my shop, and got a hair cut and asked if I could do the paperwork. I told him, No, I wasnt into that anymore. He never asked for the documents back so I kept them. Unbeknowing to me, they have come in handy in this case to help prove to the world that the very man that started a lot of the false accusations and coerced a lot of these young females into lying for money, and becoming a victim of greed, is guilty of the very crimes. And if not more, that he is accusing his very own father of. In Conclusion, NONE of these accusations or statements made by any of these so-called witnesses were based on facts. It is based on feelings of emotional hang-ups, jealousies, envies, greed and will, and should not stand up in any court of law that abides by truth and justice. And this is what I would have testified to during the trial of Dr. Malachi Z. York. However, my testimony was BLOCKED by Judge C. Ashley Royal. I was told to testify without the jury being present, and after Judge C. Ashley Royal heard my testimony, he said that I could not testify. The Judge might have been able to block the jurors from hearing my story, but he cant block the public from hearing the truth about the conspiracy against Dr. Malachi Z. York. With all this said, I stand by my words in honesty, in hopes that these facts be brought forth to relieve this innocent man of the trials that self-centered, malicious, power-hungry, greedy people- have conjured up to try to destroy a man who is highly positive and influential to all people.

There is overwhelming evidence which proves Malachi York's innocence and Jacob York's guilt:

1. Jacob told Damon Pryor of his plans to bring Malchi York down and asked for bank statements to be forged in order to secure a house for female ex-members that he was having sex with. Damon Pryor's testimony was blocked by Judge C. Ashley Royal.

2. Jacob contacted his sister Leah Mabry and told her that she should go to the FBI and tell them that she was molested by Malachi York. Jacob also told her that he needs more people so the story will be more believable. Leah was personally told by Jacob that he was on the payroll of the FBI and that she should go along with the story to make some real money with him.

3. Farah Muhammad was an eyewitness to the conversations of all the conspirators and their plans of bringing Malachi York down. Farah went on the South Beach trip where stories were corroberated and made up. False testimony was made up against Malachi York. Farah was also a victim of Jacob's sexual advances.

4. Hakim Black an ex-boyfriend of Atiyah Thomas also eye witnessed conversations between Jacob and other conspirators to bring down Malachi York. Hakim personally saw Adah Lopez along with other female co-conspirators go online and email threats to Mr. York. He also witnessed online discussions between Jacob and the females speaking with reporters in New York.

5. Luqmaan Rogers, Malachi York's 15 year old son, was also an eyewitness to the conspiracy. He witnessed the LaRoche family, the Eddington family, and the Noel familiy all coming together with Jacob York to bring down his father. Luqmaan was personally told by David Noel that his mother, Barbra Noel, pressured and forced him to say that he was molested by Malachi York. David stated that he was not molested, but he said he was because he didnt want to disappoint or loose his mother.

6. Habibah Washington, the prosecutions key witness, has come forward and exposed the whole plot set up by Jacob York. Habibah has done a video and written affidavits recanting her false testimony against Malachi York and also giving full details on the entire conspiracy. She tells how Jacob coerced and threatened her into going to the FBI. She states how the plan was carried out, how their stories were corroberated or made to match each other, and who was involved.

When will it all stop? When will the public step up and demand justice? Does such a thing exist? We are only the first and you better believe we aren't the last. They are coming after all Black Leadership be they, ministers, actors, boxers, singers, activist, etc you name it. Stand up and support the TRUTH. Malachi York is innocent of all charges against him. Jacob York is the real criminal. Along with child molestation and money fraud, Jacob is also involved with Drugs, pornography and he runs a corrupt record company. Again - Where is Jacob now?!?!? Where is the Justice?? Does it even exist??