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Service Manual

Model #: VIZIO VX42L HDTV10A / VW42L HDTV10A
V, Inc 320A Kalmus Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626 TEL : +714-668-0588 FAX :+714-668-9099



Table of Contents
CONTENTS Sections 1. Features 2. Specifications 3. On Screen Display 4. Factory Preset Timings 5. Pin Assignment 6. Main Board I/O Connections 7. Theory of Circuit Operation 8. Waveforms 9. Trouble Shooting 10. Block Diagram 11. Spare parts list 12. Complete Parts List 1-1 2-1 3-1 4-1 5-1 6-1 7-1 8-1 9-1 10-1 11-1 12-1 PAGE

Appendix 1. Main Board Circuit Diagram 2. Main Board PCB Layout 3. Assembly Explosion Drawing Block Diagram

VIZIO VX42L/VW42L HDTV10A Service Manual


Service Manual

IBM and IBM products are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. Macintosh and Power Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. VINC and VINC products are registered trademarks of V, Inc. VESA, EDID, DPMS and DDC are registered trademarks of Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). Energy Star is a registered trademark of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). No part of this document may be copied, reproduced or transmitted by any means for any purpose without prior written permission from VINC. FCC INFORMATION This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits of a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy, and if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that the interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause unacceptable interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures -- reorient or relocate the receiving antenna; increase the separation between equipment and receiver; or connect the into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. FCC WARNING To assure continued FCC compliance, the user must use a grounded power supply cord and the provided shielded video interface cable with bonded ferrite cores. Also, any unauthorized changes or modifications to Amtrak products will void the user’s authority to operate this device. Thus VINC Will not be held responsible for the product and its safety. CE CERTIFICATION This device complies with the requirements of the EEC directive 89/336/EEC with regard to “Electromagnetic compatibility.” SAFETY CAUTION Use a power cable that is properly grounded. Always use the AC cords as follows – USA (UL); Canada (CSA); Germany (VDE); Switzerland (SEV); Britain (BASEC/BS); Japan (Electric Appliance Control Act); or an AC cord that meets the local safety standards.

VIZIO VX42L/VW42L HDTV10A Service Manual

Power saving to reduce consumption power too less than 3W 9. sound setting. SG-0211 .Chapter 1 1. sharpness. 2. aspect and gamma or reset all setting. backlight). CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 1-1 File No.e. contrast. color. HDMI and TV out 5. 4. TV channel program. Smoothing function enables display of smooth texts and graphics even if image withresolution lower than 1366x768 is magnified 7. 3. On Screen Display: user can define display mode (i. Features Built in TV channel selector for TV viewing Simulatnueous display of PC and TV images Connectable to PC’s analog RGB port Built in S-video. PIP. brightness. composite video. Built in auto adjust function for automatic adjument of screen display 6. HDTV. Picture In Picture (PIP) funtion to show TV or VCR images 8.

681mm x RGB Pixel Format: 1366 horiz.308mm) diagonal Outline Dimension: 983 mm (H) x 576 mm (V) x 51 mm (D) (Typ.02 inches (1067. S-Video.0 WXGA TFT LCD Size: 42.Chapter 2 Specification 1.CR : 800(Min. By 768 vert. White: 500 cd/m2 (Typ) Display Operating Mode: normally Black Surface Treatment: Hard Coating (3H) . RCAX3 (component). Right: 89°typ. RCAX2 (AUDIO in). Headphone. RCAX3 (composite).Anti-glare treatment of the front polarizer. 3.227mm x 0. HDMIX2. Pixels RGB strip arrangement Contrast ratio: 1. RCAX2 (AUDIO in). 3rows). Top: 89°typ. D-SUB15PIN (MINI. POWER SUPPLY Power Consumption: 280W MAX Power OFF: to less than 3W MAX CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 2-1 File No.) 1000(Typ) Luminance. Bottom: 89°typ.) Pixel Pitch: 0. OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS Viewing Angle (CR>10) Left: 89°typ.02inch Display Size: 42. 2. Tuner 5. SG-0211 .Input Connectors RJ11. SIGNAL (Refer to the Timing Chart) Sync Signal (1) Type: TMDS (2) Input Voltage Level: 90~240 Vac. LCD CHARACTERISTICS Type: 42. 50/ 60 Hz 4.

(4) You should adopt radiation structure to satisfy the temperature specification.14. (5) Acetic acid type and chlorine type materials for the cover case are not desirable because the former generates corrosive gas of attacking the polarizer at high temperature and the latter causes circuit break by electro-chemical reaction. Net: 36. (2) You should consider the mounting structure so that uneven force (ex. WEIGHT (Physical weight) a.5kgs Precaution Please pay attention to the followings when you use this TFT LCD module. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 2-2 File No. ENVIRONMENT 7-1. MOUNTING PRECAUTIONS (1) You must mount a module using holes arranged in four corners or four sides.000 feet (4267. SG-0211 . (3) Please attach the surface transparent protective plate to the surface in order to protect the polarizer.2m)(Non-Operating) 8. Twisted stress) is not applied to the module. Operating Altitude: 0 . And the case on which a module is mounted should have sufficient strength so that external force is not transmitted directly to the module.0+/-0. 9-1.Speaker Output 10W (max) X2 7.0mm Height: 694. Transparent protective plate should have sufficient strength in order to the resist external force.5kgs b.6.0mm 9. DIMENSIONS (Physical dimension) Width: 1028 mm. Gross: 43+/-0. Depth: 99. Operating Temperature: 5c~35c (Ambient) 7-2. Operating Humidity: Ta= 35 °C. 90%RH (Non-condensing) 7-3.

And after fading condensation. It should be lower than following voltage : V=±200mV(Over and under shoot voltage) (2) Response time depends on the temperature. (In lower temperature. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 2-3 File No. 9-2.) (3) Brightness depends on the temperature. System manufacturers shall do sufficient suppression to the electromagnetic interference. please wipe gently with absorbent cotton or other soft materials like chamois soaks with petroleum benzene. Normal-hexane is recommended for cleaning the adhesives used to attach front / rear polarizers. remnant image is likely to occur.) (7) When the surface becomes dusty. And please do not rub with dust clothes with chemical treatment. (8) Wipe off saliva or water drops as soon as possible. push or rub the exposed polarizes with glass. smear or spot will occur. (5) When fixed patterns are displayed for a long time. it becomes lower. response time (required time that brightness is stable after turned on) becomes longer.(Some cosmetics are detrimental to the polarizer.(6) Do not touch. OPERATING PRECAUTIONS (1) The spike noise causes the mis-operation of circuits. (4) Be careful for condensation at sudden temperature change. Grounding and shielding methods may be important to minimize the interference. toluene and alcohol because they cause chemical damage to the polarizer. (9) Do not open the case because inside circuits do not have sufficient strength. Do not use acetone. SG-0211 . it becomes longer. (6) Module has high frequency circuits. Do not touch the surface of polarizer for bare hand or greasy cloth. tweezers or anything harder than HB pencil lead. Condensation makes damage to polarizer or electrical contacted parts. Their long time contact with polarizer causes deformations and color fading. (In lower temperature.)And in lower temperature.

This should be peeled off slowly and carefully by people who are electrically grounded and with well ion-blown equipment or in such a condition. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 2-4 File No. SG-0211 . (2) When the module with protection film attached is stored for a long time. etc. sometimes there remains a very small amount of glue still on the bezel after the protection film is peeled off.9-3. When the protection film is peeled off. please wipe them off with absorbent cotton waste or other soft material like chamois soaked with normal-hexane. (3) You can remove the glue easily. When the glue remains on the bezel surface or its vestige is recognized. static electricity is generated between the film and polarizer. HANDLING PRECAUTIONS FOR PROTECTION (1) The protection film is attached to the bezel with a small masking tape.

SG-0211 . There are the structures. Customers could operate it only by few buttons. TV Source CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-1 File No. There is the introduction of the OSD. Main unit button MENU CH ▲ CH ▼ VOL + VOL Input OK ↑ ↓ ← → [MENU] “MENU” button could star the OSD which could adjust the performance and set up the setting between the different input sources.Chapter 3 On Screen Display On Screen Display (OSD) is a friendly interface providing the function adjusting in our system.

Volume (0~100. Contrast (0~100. Picture Mode (Standard/Movie /Game / Custom) b. Picture:(Bold: Default) a. 50) d. Treble (0~100. 25) b. 50) f. SG-0211 . Audio:(Bold: Default) a. Color Temperature (Cool/Normal/Warm/Custom) B. 50) e. 0) e. Brightness (0~100. 50) c. Speakers (ON/OFF) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-2 File No. Tint (hue) (-32~32. 90) c. Backlight (0~100. 50) d. 4) h. Bass (0~100. Color (saturation)(0~100. Sharpness (0~7. Surround (ON/OFF) f. 0) g. Balance (-50~50.A.

Tuner Mode (Cable/Air) b. SG-0211 . Digital Audio Out (PCM/Dolby Digital/OFF) e. Auto Search c. TV:(Bold: Default) a.C. Time Zone (Eastern/Indiana/Central/Mountain/Arizona/Pacific/Alaska/Hawaii) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-3 File No. Skip Channel d.

Size (Large/Small/Medium) 3. Analog CC (OFF/CC1~4/TT1~4) d.D. Digital CC Style 1. Font Color (White/Green/Blue/Red/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta/Black) 4. Rest All Setting (OK/Cancel) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-4 File No. Background Opacity (Solid/Translucent/Transparent) 7. Window Color (White/Green/Blue/Red/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta/Black) 8. Setup:(Bold: Default) a. Sleep Timer (OFF/30Min/60Min/90Min/120Min) c. Window Opacity (Solid/Translucent/Transparent) g. Font Opacity (Solid/Translucent/Transparent) 5. Language (English/ Français / Espaňol) b. SG-0211 . Digital CC (OFF/CC1~4/Service1~6) e. Background Color (White/Green/Blue/Red/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta/Black) 6. Caption Style (As Broadcaster/Custom) 2.

Access Code Edit CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-5 File No. TV Rating c. SG-0211 .E. Move Rating d. Block Unrated TV (NO/Yes) e. Parental:(Bold: Default) Password (Default => 0000) a. Cannel Block b.

65) h. 127) g.RGB Mode A. H-Position (0~100. 90) c. Brightness (0~100. Picture Adjust:(Bold: Default) a. Contrast (0~100. 17) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-6 File No. Auto Adjust b. H-Size (0~255. 50) d. SG-0211 . Color Temperature (6500/9300/Custom) f. 49) i. Backlight (0~100. 50) e. Fine Tune (0~31. V-Position (0~100.

Balance (-50~50. Audio:(Bold: Default) a. 0) e. 50) c. Bass (0~100. Speakers (ON/OFF) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-7 File No. 50) d. Treble (0~100. SG-0211 . Volume (0~100. Surround (ON/OFF) f.B. 25) b.

Digital CC (OFF/CC1~4/Service1~6) e. Sleep Timer (OFF/30Min/60Min/90Min/120Min) c. SG-0211 . Background Color (White/Green/Blue/Red/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta/Black) 6. Caption Style (As Broadcaster/Custom) 2. Analog CC (OFF/CC1~4/TT1~4) d. Window Color (White/Green/Blue/Red/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta/Black) 8. Font Color (White/Green/Blue/Red/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta/Black) 4. Size (Large/Small/Medium) 3.D. Background Opacity (Solid/Translucent/Transparent) 7. Digital CC Style 1. Font Opacity (Solid/Translucent/Transparent) 5. Window Opacity (Solid/Translucent/Transparent) g. Setup:(Bold: Default) a. Rest All Setting (OK/Cancel) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-8 File No. Language (English/ Français / Espaňol) b.

Sharpness (0~7. 50) e. 90) c. 50) d. Contrast (0~100. Picture Mode (Standard/Movie /Game / Custom) b. SG-0211 . Brightness (0~100. Color Temperature (Cool/Normal/Warm/Custom) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-9 File No. 0) g. Backlight (0~100.AV / COMPONENT MODE A. Tint (hue) (-32~32. Picture:(Bold: Default) a. 50) f. Color (saturation)(0~100. 4) h.

50) d. Speakers (ON/OFF) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-10 File No. Bass (0~100. Treble (0~100. SG-0211 . 0) e.B. 25) b. Surround (ON/OFF) f. 50) c. Audio:(Bold: Default) a. Balance (-50~50. Volume (0~100.

Analog CC (OFF/CC1~4/TT1~4) d.C. Window Color (White/Green/Blue/Red/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta/Black) 8. Digital CC Style 1. Sleep Timer (OFF/30Min/60Min/90Min/120Min) c. Caption Style (As Broadcaster/Custom) 2. Language (English/ Français / Espaňol) b. Font Color (White/Green/Blue/Red/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta/Black) 4. Font Opacity (Solid/Translucent/Transparent) 5. Size (Large/Small/Medium) 3. SG-0211 . Background Color (White/Green/Blue/Red/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta/Black) 6. Background Opacity (Solid/Translucent/Transparent) 7. Rest All Setting (OK/Cancel) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-11 File No. Setup:(Bold: Default) a. Digital CC (OFF/CC1~4/Service1~6) e. Window Opacity (Solid/Translucent/Transparent) g.

Access Code Edit CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-12 File No. Cannel Block b. Parental:(Bold: Default) Password (Default => 0000) a. TV Rating c. SG-0211 . Move Rating d.D. Block Unrated TV (NO/Yes) e.

0) g.HDMI MODE A. 50) f. Color Temperature (Cool/Normal/Warm/Custom) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-13 File No. Color (saturation)(0~100. 4) h. Brightness (0~100. 50) d. Picture:(Bold: Default) a. 90) c. Contrast (0~100. Backlight (0~100. SG-0211 . Picture Mode (Standard/Movie /Game / Custom) b. Sharpness (0~7. 50) e. Tint (hue) (-32~32.

Treble (0~100. 50) c. SG-0211 . Bass (0~100.B. Audio:(Bold: Default) a. 25) b. 0) e. Surround (ON/OFF) f. Speakers (ON/OFF) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-14 File No. 50) d. Balance (-50~50. Volume (0~100.

Analog CC (OFF/CC1~4/TT1~4) d.C. Sleep Timer (OFF/30Min/60Min/90Min/120Min) c. Rest All Setting (OK/Cancel) CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-15 File No. Digital CC Style g. Language (English/ Français / Espaňol) b. SG-0211 . Digital CC (OFF/CC1~4/Service1~6) e. Setup:(Bold: Default) a.

Component2: Color difference (YPbPr) video signals. Note: The list of PIP provides the choices of different sources on sub-screen. AV2: Composite (AV) signal C. The list includes items as below: A. E.[INPUT] “INPUT” could supply an interface providing a list. Component1. RGB: Video Graphics Array (VGA) or D-sub video signals. AV1. SG-0211 . HDMI2: High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) multimedia signals. HDMI1. D. The list shows input sources and provides the choices of different sources. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 3-16 File No. TV: Analog TV or digital TV B. [INFO] “INFO” button could show an information bar which displays the information about the input signal on our LCD TV.

3. Check video cable 2. Is the timing supported? 3. Check sync input 4. 2.Check J1 PIN 13 (5V) 2.Is inverter ok? 3.3V) working ok? Yes N0 LED is lighting? It is in power saving 1. Check P3 D-sub Input correct 5. Check analog input route Yes END CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 9-1 File No. Is panel ok? 4. Check J1 +5V (F2) & +12V (F1) 3. Check VGASOG rout if analog (SOG) (C88) Yes N0 Is backlight on? 1. 4. SG-0211 . LED is lighted (Orange) Is Power board output +5V(F2)? Is J1 connector good? Is DC-DC OK? Is U8 pin2 (3.Is Power Board ok? Yes Yes N0 U11has no data out? It means data to LVDS 1.Chapter 9 Trouble shooting MONITOR DISPLAY NOTHING (PC MODE) Start N0 1. Is J7 connecting OK? 2.

Check Tuner &U4 (IF TV mode) 4.Is panel working ok? END CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 9-2 File No. 2. Check P11&J4 signal 2. COMPOSITE VIDEO1. Check DVD player Yes N0 U4 input correct? 1.Check U4 power Yes 1.Check U4 clock (27MHz)(X1) 3.(TV.Check LVDS LINE 2. Check U4 POWER +3. SG-0211 .3V Yes N0 LVDS output correct? 1. Check signal between P2 and U4 (IF AV1/AV2 mode) 3.Chcak J5 Connect is good? 2. Check video 2. S-VIDEO) IS NOT DISPLAY CORRECTLY Start N0 Input signal good? 1. Check J4 (IF S-Video) 5.

(COMPONENT1. Check video 2.Is J7 connected good? 2. Check host’s setting Yes N0 P4 input correct? 1. Check X1 Clock (27MHZ) Yes N0 Is LVDS output correct ? 1. Check system power 12V& 5v Yes N0 U11 input correct? 1. Is panel working ok? END CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 9-3 File No.8v Yes 1 . Check U4 power 3.25v&1. Check signal from P1 2. Check signal between U4&P1 2.3V&1. SG-0211 . Check U4 2. 2) IS NOT DISPLAY CORRECTLY Start N0 Input signal good? 1.

Is J2 connected good? 2. Check U19 clock 27MHZ Yes 1. Check video 2. SG-0211 . Check the pin 6 of U23 & U25 Yes Yes N0 U31 input correct? 1. Check p6&p7 connect 2. Check U11 power 2 Check between signal U19 and U11 3.(HDMI) IS NOT DISPLAY CORRECTLY Start N0 Input signal good? 1.Is panel working ok? END CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 9-4 File No. Check host’s setting Yes N0 U11 no data out ? 1. Check the pin18 & 19 of P6 & P7 3.

U4 & U33 Yes N0 U6 pin 2 The voltage is about +1. Is J1 connection good 2.3.Check J1 Connect 2.11. F2 & connection J1 3. Check OPWRSB (R20) 3. Check power board 2. Check F1 2. Check U3 pin1 (+12V) & U3 pin2 (+5V) END CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 9-5 File No. SG-0211 . Check power board 4. Check U1 pin1&2 or pin 3&4. Check U8 pin1 (+5V) & pin2 (+3. Check F2 & U1 2. Yes N0 U2.2V while power switch on 1. Check F2 & U1 2.6V while power switch on 1. Check U5 Yes N0 U10 pin2 The voltage is about +2. Check F2 & U1 2. Yes N0 U1 pin 5 6 7 8 The voltage is about +5V while power switch on 1.5 The voltage is about + 12V while power switch on 1. Check F1.12 The voltage is about + 5V 1. Check F2 & U1 2. Check power cable.4.Check U10 U3 pin1 & pin2 The voltage is about +12V to +5V(for Tuner)while power switch on 1.3V) Yes N0 J1 PIN 2. U4 & U33 pin2 The voltage is about +3.3V? 3. Check J1 Pin1 is up to about 3. should have -1V more.8V 1. Check U6 Yes N0 U5 pin2 The voltage is about +1. Check U2.TROUBLE OF DC-DC CONVERTER Start N0 J1 PIN10.3V 1.

Check U21 Voltage 4. Check signal (U25 to P7) 4.Check signal (U21 to P3) 3.TROUBLE OF EDID READING Start N0 Is Analog DDC OK? Support DDC1/2B 1. Is protocol compliant? Yes N0 Is HDMI DDC OK? Support DDC1/2B 1. Analog cable ok? 2. Check signal (U23 to P6) 3. Analog cable ok? 2 . Is protocol compliant? Yes END CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT COPY Page 9-6 File No. SG-0211 .

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