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Gujarat and Karnataka, which have grown as fast as Asia's tiger economies during the past 10 years. It also has Bihar, with a population size of Germany's and a living standard at par with Burundi's. While inequalities magnified inter-state competition intensified. seemed to have been

Development of Bihar has been a matter of concern since independence. Low Human Development Indices. Problem areas are:Stagnant Economic Growth Persistent Poverty Complex Social Stratification Very poor infrastructure

Public investment postulated to go up from Rs 21,000 cr in 10th Plan to over Rs 58,000 crores in 11th Plan Share of private investment in total investment postulated to go up from the present 59 % to 65 % - 10,08,000 cr. State intends to attract large share of private investment and FDI Strategy would be through Infrastructure Development as well as Investments in Social Services (Education, Health and Nutrition)

Utilisation of idle capital assets. Efficient use of existing potential. Direct investment Government. from Central

Initiatives in areas of strategic importance e.g., Infrastructure such as Road, Bridges, Power, Increased Agricultural Productivity, Water Management including Flood Control & Interlinking of Rivers. Policy Initiatives for increased Investment. Private

80% 27.00% Agriculture 35.56% 9.00% 30.16% ♦ Investment flow is bleak –Only 0.00% 50.00% 0.8% Bihar 60.00% 10.07% India 53.00% 20.BIHAR INDUSTRY:A RELATIVE ANALYSIS Study by CRISIL pointed out that420 370 320 270 220 170 120 70 Manufacturing growth – Bihar / India 2004-05 1993-94 ♦ Sector has grown at 1993-94 1994-95 1998-99 1999-00 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 2001-02 2002-03 national avg.00% 40.4% (Rs 7682 Cr) of proposed investments in India are planned in Bihar (Recent IEM Data) Sector shares in economy – Bihar / India 55.28% 19. of 7.38% in past 5 years Vs .14% Industry Bihar India 2000-01 Services 2003-04 2004-05 0.

Access to market. Out migration of skilled and un-skilled labours. .STRENGTHENING OF INDUSTRY SECTOR Value Addition Potential Food Processing Leather Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Textile Downstream petrochemicals engineering.

Poor infrastructure – Government has already initiated steps to remove impediments. Inflexibility of labour laws.INVESTMENT CLIMATE Major impediments to investment Absence of long term policies. non implementation/ reversal of policy and approach of contract. They are:Creation of enabling environment. administrative reforms. legislative action. . Improvement in public delivery system.

2006 New Policy Initiatives for Entertainment. Technical . Tea Processing and Sugar Sectors .2006. Policy for establishing higher Institutions in Private Sector . Amendment of Sugarcane Act 1985 to provide for other products from sugarcane apart from sugar. New Industrial Policy -2006 Price Preference Policy.RECENT POLICY INITIATIVES Bihar Single Window Clearance Act-2006 Bihar Infrastructure Development Enabling Act 2006.2006.

. 2006 Provides for speedy processing clearance and certificate. Provides for environment investors’ friendly Under the Act. Section 5 provides for State Investment Promotion Board as an Empowered Committee.BIHAR SINGLE WINDOW CLEARANCE ACT. of For promotion of all-round development of the State and the Industrial Development.


Total proposals cleared 2. Proposals consist of Industrial Units Technical Institutions Others Total 89 Rs.STATUS OF CLEARANCE GIVEN BY THE BOARD 1. Direct employment possibilities in the proposals cleared 4.49 6 crore 85790 65 18 6 89 .36323. Investment involved 3.

Power Projects 6.Mini Steel Plant 3 3 2 1 1 1 1 .Handloom Park 8.Tractor Projects 10.Out of the above:1.Expansion of existing Sugar Mills (7 + 2) 9 & addition of Ethanol Plant Proposals 4.Mega Projects 21 14 3.Cement Plants 5.Jute Mill 7.New Sugar Mills 2.Textile Park 9.

M/s Birla Corporation Ltd. Would arrange own land at Barh. Barh M/s Century Ply Wood has allotted land at Kahalgaon been M/s Ambuja Cement has been arranged own land at Pandarak. . – Pandarak Birla Corporation Ltd.. M/s Century Plywood – Kahalgaon M/s Ambuja Cements Ltd.CEMENT PLANTS 3 proposals have been cleared.

. M/s Century Plywood 2 X 250 MW (Kahalgaon) 3. Infrastructure 1215 MW (Banka) The allotment of coal block is yet to be done by Govt.S.POWER PROJECTS Proposals received from 1. M/s Vikas Metals & Power Ltd. M/s J. 2 X 250 MW (Begusarai) 2.A. of India.

.JUTE MILL M/s Bengali Jute Twine Ltd is establishing unit in Begusarai at an estimated cost of Rs 8. Civil work has start. Land is yet to be identified by the proposers. M/s Rameshwar Jute Mill is going to establish a jute mill in Kishanganj. Land has already been allotted.00 crore.

TEXTILE PARK /HANDLOOM PARK Handloom Park at an estimated cost of Rs. Biharsharif and 5 other places. Land has been identified. Land has been identified. Bhagalpur at an est4imated cost of 120 cr. Special Purpose Vehicle has been formed. Is under implementation. 25 cr. Special Purpose Vehicle has been constituted at Bhagalpur for this purpose. is being established at Bhagalpur. . Textile Park at Kahalgaon.

HIGHER TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS 18 proposals have been cleared. and Communication Institutes Entrepreneurs Training Institute. Hospital. which include 3 Medical college cum Super Speciality Colleges. Management Engineering Institutes. .

7243.SMALL SCALE & TINY SECTOR Total registered units in the year 200607 SSI units Tiny units Total Investment Total Employment 22 3419 Rs.07 (4697.31)* 16578 (15732)* .

. Ltd. but only M/s P & M Infrastructure Pvt. Another mill at Saharsa by the same company will come up shortly. have laid the foundation at Guruwalia.SUGAR MILLS 21 proposals were cleared. Rest have delayed the implementation on account of fall in sugar price.

Civil works likely to start from August. Land has been identified and farmers are transferring the land voluntarily. Ltd. is sanctioning up a sugar mill at Patna. .M/s Suprabhatam Sugar Industries Pvt. Naubatpur.

.PROJECTS UNDER FOOD PROCESSING Total project cost Total period Rs. In the first phase. Air Cargo Complex. Rural Agri Business Centre/Primary Processing Centre.1. Quality Assurance Centre with R & D facilities and development of rice mills cluster will be taken up. Integrated Food Zone.670 crore 5 years IL&FS appointed as Project Management Agency.

HANDLOOM PROJECTS Total Project cost around Rs.68 crore Project duration – 2 years IL&FS appointed as a Project Management Agency. .

Designing and product .HANDLOOM PROJECTS Salient features of the project Textile Park Handloom Park Privatisation of 3 cooperative spinning mills and dyeing and processing plants. Up gradation of training institutions.

Rohtas and Buxor. Munger. Jamui.ETHANOL PLANTS 4 Ethanol plants from Maize at Hajipur. Bhagalpur. . The total investment is around 4. Begusarai.00 billion USD. 10 plants for Ethanol from Sugarcane juice at Araria. Khagaria and Bhagalpur. Katihar. The firms has signed up the non disclosure and other legal agreements. Nalanda Aurangabad.

ICAR would give consultancy for sugarcane cultivation. M/s Fleck from Austria is the coordinator for supply of Plant & Machinery from Europe Commitment charges to suppliers of plant & machinery already sent. Mukherjee & Associates. The team would be positioned at the end of August and civil work likely to start in September. Pune has been appointed as Engineering Consultant. .Financial closure with Malaysian and other investors has been achieved.

64 million bovine hides per annum. Acute shortage of trained manpower in footwear industry.INITIATIVES IN LEATHER SECTOR Bihar is a major producer of good quality hides and skins. Square shaped goat hide is world famous for its quality. Produces 2. Bihar ranks 3rd in production of hides and skins in the country. .

A meeting is fixed on 21. approached Ministry of Commerce. Govt.07. Report on potential of leather industry in Bihar has been prepared by CLRI. Institute in Bihar.INITIAVES IN LEATHER SECTOR State Govt.2007 at Kanpur with leather industry Association. . CLRI is also making project report for establishment of CETP at Muzaffarpur. of India for establishment of Footwear Design & Dev.

the Only 8 out of 17 units are viable for revival. sale of assets for other industrial purposes is to be suggested. In other cases. Cabinet approval is being taken.REVIVAL OF THE CLOSED UNITS OF THE SUGAR CORPORATION LTD. . SBI Caps have submitted diagnostic study report.

. Agreement for supply of fly ash on long term basis to the proposed cement units are yet to be signed by NTPC with the Investors.T.CEMENT PLANTS There are three proposals cleared by the State Investment Promotion Board.T. (ii) M/s Ambuja Cements at Pandarak near Barh 1 M. (iii) M/s Birla Cement Plant at Barh 1 M. (i) M/s Century Plywood at Kahalgaon 1 M.T.

PRIVATISATION OF THE BIHAR SUGAR CORPORATION 15 Sugar Mills and 2 Distilleries closed for more than 10 years. Revival of 8 units for setting up sugar complex and disposal of the remaining for other industrial purposes are being taken up. . Diagnostic Study Report by SBI Capital Market has been submitted.



ROADS The State has 3629 Kms of National Highways 3232 Kms of State Highways 7714 Kms of Major District Roads In three years the State will have Road Infrastructure which will rival the best in the country .INFRASTRUCTURE .

laned .1608 Kms under NHDP.INFRASTRUCTURE – ROADS National Highways 2123 Kms being 4. 245 Kms under Buddhist Circuit Project & 270 Kms on BOT basis (MAP) .

Major District Roads: . . 2000 Kms being taken up this year. 162 Kms being 4-laned on BOT basis.7714 Kms 4500 Kms taken up in 06-07 for widening and strengthening – in various stages of completion.INFRASTRUCTURE – ROADS State Highways All State Highways being 2-laned– 2035 Km under RSVY & 927 Km with assistance from ADB.

This financial year outlay is 922 Crores for roads alone.INFRASTRUCTURE – ROADS Quantum Jump As against an average outlay of 40-50 Crores per year for roads under Plan outlay for 06-07 was 600 Crores. 1000 Crores. This does not include the allocation for State Highways under which the expected expenditure during this year is approx. .



GOAL To Raise the Infrastructure and Services in Health Sector to Indian Public Health Standard .

as per the IPHS 38 101 533 Existing No.STRENGTHENING HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE Sl. No. 1 2 3 Name of the Health Facilities District Hospital Sub Divisional Hospital PHC to be converted in CHC APHC No. to be created 11 79 533 Work Already taken up 11 20 201 331 per year for 3 years 751 1553 per year for 3 years Plan 25 22 4 1544 1236 308 5 HSC 16580 8815 7765 .

Emergency services General Medicine General Surgery O&G services Paediatrics & Neonatology Casualty Critical Care (ICU) Anesthesia Ophthalmology ENT Skin & VD/ RTI/STI Orthopaedics Radiology & Ultrasonography Radiotherapy Dental care Public Health Management Diagnostic and Para Clinical Services: Laboratory services Imaging services CT Scan services Sonography ECG EEG Echocardiogram Pathology Blood Bank Physiotherapy Dental Technology Drugs and Pharmacy Ancillary and Support Services: Medico-legal/postmortem Ambulance services Dietary services Laundry services Security services Waste management Counseling Services Warehousing/Central Store Maintenance and repair Electric & Water Supply AC &Heating Transport Communication Medical Social Work Nursing Services Sterilization Disinfection Horticulture Lift and vertical transport Refrigeration .Healthcare Services in the District Hospitals OPD Services Indoor Services.

07 March. 06 March. 06 Dec. 06 Sep. 06 Jan. 06 Feb.. 06 April. 06 June. of Patients Visited per Govt. 07 June. 06 Nov. 07 Feb..... 07 May.. 06 July. 06 August.. 07 April.Numbers 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 500 0 Jan. 07 39 653 1018 1101 1306 1547 2758 3063 2685 2454 2638 2565 2243 2224 2257 2120 2784 3508 No.. Hospital per Month Months . 06 Oct. 06 May.


20. Mukhyamantri Samgra Vidyalaya Vikash Karykram : Not add a classroom. kitchen shed etc.000 school teachers appointed through Panchayati Raj Instituions (PRI) 15 000 New Schools: learning centers abolished and 15000 new schools established – building const going on. major renovations. games including children’s .RECENT MAJOR INITIATIVES New teacher recruitment policy and rules: no contract or para-teachers – over 1. make a school-Integrated development of school: provision of boundary walls.

RECENT MAJOR INITIATIVES Free uniform and bicycles: All girls of 6-8 to get free uniform and of class 9-10 bicyclesenhance girls’ participation and reduce gender gaps Mid-day Meals: State share for cooking meals increased from Rs. being given to mothers’ committees and SHG under overall VSS supervision Teachers grievances and disengagement from non-teaching activities: A series of steps to enhance teacher’s morale and enhance teaching time . 1. 0.64 to Rs.00.

Campus established. BIT Extn.Establishment of new Institutions in HE: Chankya National Law University. University of Nalanda . New Institutions coming up: National level management institute on the IIM pattern. Aryabahtta Professional University.


justice delivery system at door steps to function . Promotion of participation of the general masses through a mandatory quorum system for Gram Sabha meetings.ACHIEVEMENTS Enactment of Bihar Panchayat Raj Act. cheap and accessible. Ppromotion of accountability and supervision in the functioning of the PRIs through ‘Social Audit’ and formation of Vigilance Committees. Grant of ‘Public Servant’ status to enhance the accountability of the elected PRI representatives. Gram Katchhary – Speedy. 2006 Empowerment of women and other disadvantaged sections of the society through affirmative action.

30.031 are women.06 held by SEC Of the 2. 20 line departments have been completed.. Incident free General Panchyat Election.53.260 elected representatives of PRIs. . 1. 29 subjects. Successful conduct of election to DPCs by SEC 50% reservation for women and nomination of members of SC.Achievements……. ST & OBC (in case of non-representation) in DPCs Devolution and Decentralization Activity Mapping.

Framing of Rules A number of rules have been framed since the enactment of Bihar Panchayat Raj Act.Achievements……. 2006 for functioning of the PRIs. the smooth ..

. new Financial Management System and MIS To enable service delivery through CSC kiosks. easy.Installation of E-governance. transparent and equalising transfer system of funds Linkage of bank accounts of PRIs through core banking system. creation of MIS & application of Plan plus for Planning A project based on ‘PRIYASOFT’ for accounting has been submitted to GOI for approval. Simple. creation of Panchayat Portal for easy transfer and access to data.


. Revenue based franchise system already introduced in 158 feeders in rural and urban areas.POWER REFORMS Negotiations on with NTPC to hand over distribution of Patna and Bhagalpur towns. in the next five years. 65 crores per month (2005-06) to Rs. Bring down AT&C by 3% p.a. Improved resource mobilization. 85 crores (2006-07). NTPC to start due diligence soon. Rs. Revenue increased upto 200% in many feeders. Revenue collection increased from Rs. > 100 crores in last 3 months.

Setting up of new power plant under joint venture with NTPC at Nabinagar (3x660 MW). NPC to expedite the work Coal blocks/linkages needed for the new projects .CAPACITY ADDITION IN GENERATION Current installed capacity of 587 MW insufficient Expansion of Barauni and Kanti Thermal Power Stations by adding 500 MW each. Nuclear Power Corporation team visited Rajauli for setting up of a Nuclear Power Plant of 1000 MW. New Hydro Power plant proposed at Dagmara(126MW) Shell company under joint venture with IL&FS to develop new sites at Katihar and Pirpainti (to be handed over through competitive bidding).

Rural Works Department .

35 km under State Plan and 1256 km under PMGSY (including NEAs part) . Achievement during 2006-07 Completed 1251.Rural Works Department Vision To provide all weather rural road connectivity to all habitations by construction of remaining 33525 km of link routes and upgradation of 4227 km of through routes requiring about 15000 cr and maintenance of total constructed roads requiring 400 Crore per Year (on average basis for routine maintenance).

Strengthening of BRRDA . Outsourcing of Process Management with . Dedicated PIUs for implementation of Bharat Nirman Yojana. Strengthening Mechanism of Quality Control Updation of Core Network.Initiatives undertaken Mukhya Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana for providing connectivity to 500-999 population.

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