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Teaching at Primary Schools

Teaching at Primary Schools

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Published by Renato Ganoza
Best practices for teaching teaching at primary schools for the first time.
Best practices for teaching teaching at primary schools for the first time.

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Published by: Renato Ganoza on Aug 20, 2011
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Primary School Lessons / Events: Best Practices Before class: Leave early to allow for traffic.

Assume you won’t be able to find a taxi. o Always collect receipts from taxis. You may be reimbursed for travel costs. Don’t smoke in the school itself (even if other teachers or students are lighting up.) Smoke outside school gates. Keep moving. You will be mobbed if you stand in any one spot for too long. o Don’t hand out signatures or gifts unless you want tears and blood. o The best way to mitigate the cries of “老外!” is to teach students your name. o Report inappropriate behavior (punches or curses) to a local teacher. Make nice with the class teacher. He or she can be invaluable in helping control unruly students. Clearly explain your lesson to your assistant before class begins. Prepare a totem that you can turn to if things get out of control. Mine is tea. Exercise your voice. Talk loudly. If you go from nothing to yelling too often you will lose your voice.

In class: -

Keep the pace fast. Split the class into groups and rewards groups with stars or smiles. Favor drills, chants, and other activities where the entire class can participate. Don’t let any one or two students dominate speech for too long. Try to get every student to talk at least once. Use visual cues and body language whenever possible. Don’t strain your voice.

After class: Remind students of your name. “I’m Renato from EF.” Give some face to any EF students you recognize. Hand them an extra balloon or prize in front of their friends.

Renato Ganoza for EF Zhengzhou, 2011

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