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Teaching WHLC

Teaching WHLC

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Published by Renato Ganoza
Our time at WHLC could have gone much more smoothly.
Our time at WHLC could have gone much more smoothly.

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Published by: Renato Ganoza on Aug 20, 2011
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Teaching at WHLC

This is a short cheat-sheet for new teachers or assistants. They’ll never be quiet. There are sixty to seventy students per class – you’ll never have total silence. Rather than losing your voice (and sanity) yelling and pleading with the children to listen, sit still and be silent, try to find natural ways to grab and hold their attention – and work this into your lesson plans. You can: - Draw or write something on the board. - Present an object to the class. - Give stars, stickers or points to groups, pairs, or teams with exceptional behavior. Don’t get upset. It doesn’t help. Don’t yell, cry, or hit or strike things. Students may laugh or provoke you. If a student or class really upsets you, calmly ask your assistant or foreign teacher to lead the class for a few minutes while you go outside to collect yourself. Prepare simple lessons. Focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, songs and chants. Distribute the workload.
5 min 10 m 5 min 15 m 5 min

TA calls roll. FT introduces vocabulary. TA teaches chant. FT leads vocabulary review game. TA reviews chant.

FT prepares board and cards. TA prepares chant. FT prepares game or activity. TA awards stickers for correct answers. FT awards stickers to good students.

Renato Ganoza for English First Zhengzhou, 2008

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