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Marketing Suggestions

Marketing Suggestions

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Published by Renato Ganoza
Some of these suggestions have actually worked out.
Some of these suggestions have actually worked out.

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Published by: Renato Ganoza on Aug 20, 2011
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Marketing Marketing and sales are a critical part of our school.

It doesn’t matter how good our teaching team is if we cannot fill the classrooms with students for them. I have the following goals for our marketing team: 1. 2. 3. 4. Personal Mastery Doubling our conversion rate Dominate Google and Baidu search results. We must be proactive with this. Harness new forms of marketing and advertising. We should lead the market – not copy others copying others.

I have compiled a list of marketing ideas from our staff. I would like everyone to adopt a pet project and plan next steps. A. English Corners We need to make a list of public schools in Zhengzhou. We call them and ask their English departments whether or not they have English Corners. If they do we can attend their English Corners to help promote our school. If they do not we can offer to host one for them as a special one-time event. They must allow us to advertise. This is not hard to do. Chris has arranged English Corners before at 中州大学 – and that was for fun. B. Weekly Debates We could hold weekly debates at our school. Our teachers could serve as a panel of judges and we could publish a list of topics for students to prepare. This is not a class. We will not teach debate skills. This is for students to practice debating. C. Host an “English Chat Room” on QQ We advertise that our foreign teachers will be on QQ at a certain time on a certain date to talk to students and answer questions about English learning and teaching. D. We host a drawing and art competition – “What does EF mean to you?” Students will be able to draw or paint anything and submit it to our school. We will display all the submissions and give prizes to the best contributions. E. We post on a Chinese BBS message board with a high Google and Baidu page ranking. I tried this once on a China Daily forum and the response was lukewarm – but the results are still there. And they’ll stay. F. We ask our parents to join our e-mail mailing list. Each week we can e-mail them useful English websites and tips. We need exactly one writer to accomplish this. It would also give us more communication with the parents and a chance to spread documents (like those we use in the Parents Meetings). Parents could also forward them to friends and family. G. We must encourage cross-promotions with other companies and businesses. EF is a well-known brand in China. EF centers in other cities regularly engage in cross-promotions with other businesses: restaurants and coffee shops and training centers. Gymnasiums. Travel agencies. “Traveling? Need some English?” We’ve done this before ourselves with birthday parties at McDonalds. Why don’t we take our students to Papa John’s? We can guarantee them business in exchange for discounts and a place to stay and eat. We could agree to terms today.

H. We plan a series of short training clips to upload to Tudou. We can use the videos of games and activities for teacher training and also promotion. Parents can have a good look at our teachers under the best possible conditions – conditions we can control. I. We host a game show night. We could find online versions of popular American game shows and publish a list.

I’ve tried Jeopardy! in class with good results many times. J. We pitch cooperation ideas with Henan TV station. They have asked about learning English and filming on-location. We could offer to host a foreign teacher competition in Zhengzhou. They could even film our Outlook Round 3 2010.

If we host a competition schools and teachers are able to promote their skills. They earn valuable exposure. Henan TV gets amazingly watchable TV – foreigners teaching English! As hosts we would obviously benefit the most of anyone. K. We could visit schools in Zhengzhou on a new Cultured City Scholarship Program. Our teachers visit schools and give students free English placement tests. Exceptional students may win “scholarships” – special discount prices for Outlook training. All students will be invited to attend a free demo class or Life Club. This could be an ongoing thing. We could constantly be scanning the schools for their best and brightest – and offering them awards and prizes and incentives for studying at our school. We need to impart the message that good students go to EF Zhengzhou – the best school in Zhengzhou. I’d like for everyone to choose one project to be responsible for. Write an action plan for that document.

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